Plate of Origin quarter finals

What! Quarter finals of POO already?

The blurb for Monday: The competition steps up a notch, launching into the fast and furious quarter-finals as the eight remaining teams learn that half of them will be eliminated in a succession of quick-fire, head-to-head matches.

Tuesday: The quarter finals fast-and-furious round continues, with the last four teams left to cook battling for the final two places in the semi-final.

Do you think it will be renewed for a second season? They must be paying the judges a fair whack?

POO screens 7.30pm on Seven.



  1. Tonight they have 45 mins to produce a chicken dish of their choice. Team Vietnam is doing chicken vermicelli wraps. Lebanon does chicken shawarma and hummus.

  2. I like the guys on Team Vietnam, and the food they’ve put up before. I could almost smell their chicken on the hibachi.

    Team Lebanon…meh. Just because they prepped 5kg of chicken doesn’t mean they have to cook all of that in one little fry pan. Unless there is a rule that they have to cook everything, but that seems stupid. They are pretty much stewing their chicken.

    • Viet boys make smarter choices under pressure. I was surprised Team Lebanon did not make some kind of flatbread to go with their dish. So Lebanon is out.
      Next is Greece’s souvlaki V India’s briyani

  3. Tonight they have to cook with beef, in 45 mins.
    Team China makes spicy beef skewers and they are tasty but their pickled cabbage is a bit meh. Cameroon is a disaster in the kitchen but their spiced beef, plantain and onion sauce dish wins by one point.
    Next is France V Italy.

  4. Bwahaha! Team France’s secret ingredient is Maggi seasoning sauce.
    Reminds of the time Mr Mutton Chops used bottled Lemon Squeeze on MKR

  5. I’m happy that Cameroon had that win. I haven’t eaten red meat in years, but their meat looked appetising to me. And I’m glad that the woman cooking the beef relied on her experience instead of caving to Gary’s “oooh, wrong cut of meat” naysaying.

    Gary did say something interesting, that Australians are getting used to not having to chew. You rarely see chicken pieces on the bone anymore, and chicken skin has gone the way of the dodo. Pork chops no longer have the rind on, and the fat is trimmed to a really thin little line. I have two very good local butchers and even their meat is trimmed and cleaned to a ridiculous degree. I know how to chew, how to gnaw a bone, and I like the flavour that is there when bones and skin are left on.

  6. Weren’t the French guys a picture of poor losers? They didn’t smile, didn’t thank anyone, didn’t say they had a good time – just left.

  7. PoO runs for three hours tonight; they’ve run together the semi-final and the final.

    Three hour length is pushing their luck a bit. I think I’ll be checking in during ads on other shows. I hope I don’t miss anything very exciting on PoO.

    • They must have seen their ratings and decided to pull the bandaid off real fast.
      I think it was a good idea badly done. Let’s hope we have better luck with the kiddies cooking show.

      • That’s what I figured, that they are running the last two episodes together because ratings are poor.

        I didn’t dislike the show, but it never caught my interest to the extent that I’d make sure to sit down and watch an entire ep so I wouldn’t miss anything. I will note that most of the contestants were likable, aside from the French guys, who were snotty and arrogant, and the Indian couple, who were a shade less arrogant but still full of themselves.

        Kiddos MasterChef has a chance. I saw a promo last night that had a precocious child on it. But I won’t pre-judge on one snippet shown. Well, not much.

  8. I’m watching the first hour, don’t know yet who has gone through to the final. But I am appreciating the attitudes of the Vietnamese and Cameroon teams. The Vietnam guys are enjoying themselves, laughing about their Bunnings tomato sauce, and generally having a good time. The Cameroon team are matter-of-fact about their food, admit that there is no way to make their dish look pretty, but are happy with the dish and proud to present it. Props to both teams, whatever happens.

      • You probably know already, team Greece won over team Vietnam. Team Greece had barely registered with me, so I know nothing about them

        I was watching other shows and forgot to turn back to PoO until the last few minutes. The Vietnamese guys were gracious in defeat, and win my award for class.

        • I only dipped in and out but last week the Greeks made a fab-looking souvlaki. One problem with the show is the best cooks don’t make the edit as much because they win immunity. Viet boys seemed lovely – and talented.

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