1. I don’t yet know who won, but am enjoying watching the cooking this time. The Indian team’s chicken and their halva have my mouth watering.

    Why are some people given subtitles, even though they are understandable without them? That annoys me. I was only listening, and when I turned to watch, saw the two women (not cooking tonight, don’t know the team) were subtitled while they were speaking. That wasn’t necessary and I think it’s rude and unkind.

      • I thought the same thing, too. Just seemed wrong and rude that there were sometimes subtitles for the Venezuelans. Had no difficulty understand either of them.

  2. The use of subtitles for the Venezuelan team is haphazard. They are subtitling a sentence here and there, needlessly, but when the women speak Spanish, there is no translation. I know it’s a minor point, but it’s spoiling my enjoyment of the show.

  3. Von, no longer an issue as they have been eliminated. The losing teams from the head to heads had to bake savoury pies. Venezuela gets the worst critique and it’s obvious they are going. Vietnam’s pho pie gets rave reviews and they are safe, as are India for a samosa pie. France and Straya have to cook again, this time a sweet tart. France’s lemon meringue is a hit whereas the Cherry Ripe tart has runny ganache and lumpy gelatine bits. So it’s see ya later, Straya.
    Next week seems to be an all teams chicken challenge.

    • Thanks, Juz, although your comment was a little bit too early for me over here :).

      Australia’s pie did look dry and not very appetizing, so not surprised they get eliminated. I’m sorry to see Venezuela go, because I like those two. My two teams to barrack for now are Vietnam and Cameroon.

  4. It’s moving a bit too quickly for me to keep up with all the pies tonight. But the teams that are using chicken seem to be using chicken breasts. I’d think boneless chicken legs or thighs would give better flavour. But I don’t make pies because I’m hopeless at making pastry, and don’t try any more.

  5. I’ve tried this show now, two or three times. It is just not my cup of tea.
    I’m finding it ridiculously slow and forced faux drama-ish. Ffs, the number of times they harp on the time when we all know they will make it. When have they ever not.
    It seems to me that the producers are confused. They are trying to incorporate elements from other successful cooking shows (let’s not mention MC here) but don’t really understand the bits that make people tune in. Remember the days when we used to talk about the positive messages that came out of MC and Chefs’ Line? So long ago.
    But mostly I think it is missing any charm. For some reason, I keep thinking that I am watching a really bad version of The Big Family Cooking Showdown. And now I have gone back to watching reruns.

    • You have absolutely nailed it, Bobi. Like you, I really tried to watch it, but just found it far too loud and shouty, full of cringing racial stereotypes, faux drama and really forced dialogue and fake gushing. I agree that it lacks the charm of the shows it is trying (and failing) to emulate. The setting is gorgeous, the production is slick and professional, everyone looks dressed to kill, but somehow it is just missing some key ingredient.

      And please… the Australian team! I may have been away from home too long, but it seemed to me that they dialed up the ocker factor and it was like going to an expat get together where everyone channels The Man from Snowy River (and I beat a hasty retreat). And they are laying on the “bad guys” edit a bit thick with the French and Indian teams. It’s far too manipulating, calculated and off putting.

      The show reminds me a bit of the feeling I got watching of the new version of All Creatures Great and Small currently being shown here – it’s also a lavishly produced, beautifully filmed series, but totally lacks the chemistry and absolute charm of the original.

  6. Damn I really wanted the Indian & French teams to go. I find them really arrogant. They were supposed to make something from their culture but lemon merignue pie is Aussie as. A shame about the Aussies cherry ripe pie as it looked really yummy & would have been way nicer than boring lemon meringue. I’ve had that happen with gelatin not setting many times. It’s so annoying.

    • Maybe I misunderstood your comment but it is a tarte au citron which is indeed a very French recipe. So it is definitely from their culture. 🙂

      • I didn’t see all of it but the Aussies used bought pastry, right? So that’s a no. They only had to make short crust so not too tricky. Instead of going fancy with gel they should have used real cherries.

    • I adored the books. Discovered them late and devoured them in one hit.
      Luckily, the tv series lived up to the books. Unusual, I know but the British can do that.
      Americans certainly know how to destroy a story in one self-absorbed, narcissistic hit. There is something really rotten at the core of their culture but that is a discussion for another place.
      All Creatures was a story filled with humour and hope and happiness. I wish I could rediscover it again.

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