Is Pete Evans going to be on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here?

It’s hard to believe Channel 10 would stoop so low, but rumours are swirling that Pete Evans has been cast on I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here.

The new season is being filmed in Queensland this year instead of Africa, due to Covid restrictions.

Will you boycott the show if conspiracy theorist Pete is cast?

You can



  1. No. I’m not one who boycotts shows just because there’s someone on it I don’t like. There’s been someone I don’t like on every season. Celebrity Apprentice is the same. If i didn’t watch shows with someone in it I didn’t like I’d not watch anything.

    • Thanks, best news of the day so far.

      Pete Evans is insane. Con artist. Trump supporter. Food Quack. Etc,etc.

      Do I need to draw a diagram?

  2. Ch 10 just wanted controversy. In the first place they shouldn’t have sign up Pete Evans. One moment they got rid of staff who are controversial but signed up Pete Evans for his controversy.

    Now they have to back down but Pete still get paid about $200K. Really bad judgement from Ch 10.

  3. So they’ve been advertising a celebrity chef & now they’ve dumped Pete Evans. Do they have a back up celebrity chef to replace him?

  4. I am a boycotter of some people: Michael Jackson, Rolf Harris, generally pedos.
    I think I would have watched Pete. Firstly, he’s only a small part of the show, secondly, he would have to eat eyeballs and get dropped from great heights and thirdly, it would have been interesting to hear him justify his many flat earther theories to a bunch of loud celebrities. I don’t fancy his chances. And I am disappointed not to see that.

    • From what I’m hearing, we’ll never see Pete Evans again. He’s totally over cooked his goose.

      When you’re asking thousands of dollars for a piece of crap that “cures” Covid…. you’re not a famous personality…. you’re a criminal.

      It would have been entertaining to see his lunacy challenged, when it’s happened previously, his eyes glaze over and what’s left of his brain shuts down. If I was producing this show , Pete would be made to eat some of the shit he talks.

    • My question would be, “If COVID doesn’t exist, how does that machine treat COVID?”.
      Pass that one by me again.
      No, really. I want to see how shameless he can be.

    • I’m not surprised at the MAGAt (although why Australians would want to make America great again – assuming it ever was- is beyond me), but I am surprised at the Nazi reference. I didn’t think that that was an Australian thing. I’m guessing that I live in some sort of bubble.

  5. It’s been pissing down rain on the Gold Coast for the last 3 days. They just showed Murwillumbah flooding on the news. Wonder if they had to be evacuated. Will have been a miserable few days for our poor celebrities.

    • My dog is in the wardrobe waiting for the thunderstorm. He’s usually pretty chill so I suspect it’s a bad one.
      I’m assuming that they have planned for everything except fire and flood.

  6. The lovely Pete Vans has been at it again, making headlines telling Sydneysiders not to get tested for Covid.
    The sensible side of my brain says that we shouldn’t give him any oxygen because he’s just a sad, sad nut case but my evil side just wants to make fun of him.

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