1. Alas, the DM was wrong.
    Thanks to News.com.au we don’t actually need to watch the finale. Thus wrapping up one of the most tedious seasons of the Block.
    We just hope we are now not bombarded with one of the most obnoxious couples’ faces for the next twelve months.

  2. Except for J&T’ it was relatively even, so great result for everyone.
    Suspect J&T’s agent had contact wirh the eventual buyer early on, explains hype around how well they were expected to do

  3. I am so confused. Who is this dude that bought three of the houses and what sought of strategy is it to place a bid that is nearly 800k more than the last bid? Haven’t Jimmy and Tan had a good run all through this- over a million dollars in winnings, getting the judges vote on some wins they shouldn’t (that gravel garden was horrendous) and getting more votes for a dining room that didn’t have a dining table than other teams that did have a dining table. And I was a fan in the beginning but something doesn’t feel right.

  4. Those homes went for a lot more than I expected but with 3 of them Danny overpaid, IMO. Obviously he can afford it.
    Nice that he donates the homes to charities.
    The home that had the least appeal to me won. Surprised how much was paid for that faux Palm Springs pad.
    Auction was boring and Scotty’s comment about the contestants now being dead to him was unnecessary.

  5. Wait, wait, what? This guy pays millions for overhyped, over-styled properties and then donates them to a charity?
    I have questions. So many.
    So let’s start as if this was normal. Which charities? Sounds like a good guy.
    And then, would he get more bang for his buck if he bought a row of cheap terraces, halfway homes, a woman’s refuge, maintenance on indigenous housing, and I could go on.
    Lord, if I had this much money to throw around, I could really put my money to good use.
    My guess is his brain has taken a break from reality.
    I’m not a fan of Scotty but I’m guessing that he’s over this as much as we are. This show needs to be rested for a year or two.

  6. I was thinking if Danny was a buyers advocate (like Nicole or Frank), I would not want to be his client as he could of got some of those homes slightly cheaper than what he paid. His huge overbids just reinforced the ridiculous house prices in major cities.

  7. He bought Mitch and Marks property last year which Anthony Callea and Tim Campell now live in.
    I can’t believe how much Jimmy and Tam’s went for or any of them for that matter. Industrial size kitchens ready to feed 100 but communal living areas would be lucky to seat 8.
    I have no idea on the costs or engineering of this but they would be better creating under ground car parks / garages for them all, giving them bigger backyard and living space.

  8. Fuck The Block.

    A celebration of greed and white trash. Typical Ch 9. Shame.

    Oh, warm the cockles of my bleeding heart. Mr Philanthropist giving the over praised hovels to charity. Rolf Harris and Jimmy savile worked for charity, too. Just sayin’. They even got MBE’s for it. Charity my hat. Publicity stunt.

    Was one tiny bit of lip servivce given to the original owners of the land these contemporary shitholes were built on ?

    Do I care care if you haven’t seen your fuckin’ kids for seven weeks? If you weren’t child abusers , you wouldn’t apply for this building bilge caper. Shit parenting is what it is. Am I supposed to feel anything but contempt for these neglectful turds?

    Of course, Maz, your work allowed me to follow this toxic blight on Australian culture without suffering too much.. Thank you very much.

  9. House 1 Harry & Tash
    Reserve $3,350,000. Sold for $4,000,000 ($650,000 profit)

    House 2 Sarah & George
    Reserve $3,350,000. Sold for $4,000,002 ($650,002 profit)

    House 3 Daniel & Jade
    Reserve, $3,340,000. Sold for $3,800,000 ($460,000 profit)

    House 4 Luke & Jasmin
    Reserve $3,350,000, sold for $3,856,00 ($506,000 profit)

    House 5 Jimmy & Tam
    Reserve $3,290,000. Sold for $4,256,000 ($966,000 profit, PLUS $100,000 prize money

    I missed the start of the show, so I am just now realising how unrealistic Jimmy and Tam’s reserve was. The final evidence of the winner’s edit. $360K below most of the others – if they had had the same, their profit would have been $606K, well behind houses 1 and 2. I think George and Sarah were robbed, then, as they should have had a much lower reserve than Harry and Tash.

  10. The auction was a farce (as most are, anyway – my least favourite episode every season). I began to suspect that “Danny” was a plant, and obviously well-in with the producers as they brought him in on the final scenes as if he was one of the gang. The girl who was sucked in by his tactics in House 5 will get a rude shock when she finds out what the place is really worth. The other advocates were much smarter when they realised what the game was.

    Despite that, I have enjoyed this season. I liked most of the contestants, and the ones I didn’t like were okay, not terrible. I like individual houses, but I wish they hadn’t bothered with the “era” thing, as it was just a hook to get viewers at the start. As someone said, all the houses were ruined as historical homes so why bother. I like that the contestants were quite savvy about how to be on the show, and didn’t allow themselves to be type-cast or pursue conflict. There were lots of little aspects that have always damaged the show – overediting, repetition, pretending that timing is genuine, manipulated judging. But I am so used to that now, and the FF button is my friend which helps.

    I hope all the contestants use their money wisely and have good memories of their however number of minutes of fame.

  11. Hope you have all asked Santa for one of these

    Gave me a fright as I left Mitre 10 today. Heaps in stock so not flying off the shelves

  12. Won’t the next season be scandalous? Angry neighbours. A heritage home trashed. The buyers’ advocate be paid well over the odds for her home.
    These are the homes we think will be ruined next season:
    https://www.realestate.com.au/property/4-bronte-ct-hampton-vic-3188 $2,072,500
    https://www.realestate.com.au/property/8-bronte-ct-hampton-vic-3188 $3,025,000 (Nicole’s home)
    https://www.realestate.com.au/property/10-bronte-ct-hampton-vic-3188 $2,000,000

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