I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here – what happens this week in the Australian ‘jungle’

I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here is drawing to a close on our TV screens, with camp mates starting to go home at a rapid pace.

Mel Buttle left early due to her snake phobia and Jack Vidgen was ejected, crash test dummy style, into a swimming pool last week.

From today (Sunday) one celebrity will get the boot each night.

The following Sunday the winner will be crowned, so I guess the live voting must start on Thursday evening after the final boot.

I’m a Celebrity airs on Channel 10.

It is rumoured there will be a final five – who do you think will make it to the end?



    • Julia seems to have gone into lots of grannies’ homes to find fabric for her dresses. Scarlett O’Hara may have done ok by using curtains for a dress, but Julia should have thought of other options than soft furnishings.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Good outcome. I am happy for Abbie to stay. And I watched late enough that I was able to fast forward all of Julia and Chris. 😁

    • It looks like they are all from the same designer who was forced to raid the bargain basement at Spotlight because of budget cuts.
      They are not a good look.
      Unless it is incredibly hot and then all is forgiven.

  1. Is that the way it usually works, with a whole bunch of celebs getting eliminated in a short time? I can’t remember.

    I’d like to see Ash the sleaze, the woman who clings to him like a limpet, and Toni, who thinks she is the most put-upon, eliminated. Symon and his mate will probably go this week; they haven’t contributed much entertainment value since their late entry to the camp.

    Final five…I don’t care a hell of a lot. Colin, Jess, and three others is my guess.

  2. I am glad that they are getting it all over and done with quickly.
    It has deteriorated into an incredibly boring season.
    There seems to be a lack of trials, particularly physical trials.
    And counting mice, cane toads and eyeballs? Seriously. Fftt.
    I don’t care who goes, who stays or who wins. Jess is still fun. Colin is nicer than expected … bit of thinking music here … nope. That’s it.

  3. I’m not going to miss complaining Petit Fleur.
    I don’t watch JM or Chris because they are too stupid. Yep, it was curtains for Julia.
    I reckon this show has between 5 and 15 minutes worth of viewing a night.

    Kudos to Grant Denier tonight. That was sheer terror. I have never seen an IAC camper that scared and go through with the trial.

    • I think they underestimated how tiny Pettifleur is. Another foot or so and she would have hit that backboard.
      And just a reminder that it may not be a good idea to fling Grant, given how bad his back is and he probably doesn’t weigh that much either.

  4. Been a bit too busy to keep up with the posts, so I just enjoyed reading back on all your messages – great fun. We’ve been dipping in and out of the show, mainly because we prefer the cricket and skip over during the ads etc.

    There’s quite a few celebs who don’t interest me. I was glad to see the back of Petti-what’s-her-name. I have always loved Colin, and in fact have been surprised to see him being a little “naughtier” than I expected considering his happy family life. I suspect he went in with the intention (and agreement) to ham it up as much as he wanted, just for the fun of it.

    Dipper is a football hero of mine from childhood, so enough said. Travis Varcoe seems nice but a little overwhelmed. The big (pleasant) surprise has been Jess. I didn’t watch her season of the Block, but she is fantastic on this – chirpy, entertaining, funny, yet kind and respectful, No wonder she has a radio slot now. I also love Toni who I vaguely remember from her past TV life, but in this show is so normal and average, she makes it easy to relate to. Grant has been funny too (esp in the tok toki), although I can see that sometimes he might irritate. I feel like he has looked at the cast, seen how unentertaining many would be, and decided he needed to try to bring people out in a sort of TV-host style.

    Otherwise, the rest are pretty much filler for me. I would have like more eliminations by now. The location has been good, and I like the change in the camp – more hilly and seemingly less protected. Always like Chris and Julia, but if there is one who gets a bit tiring for me, it is Chris. Sometimes he is so wooden.

    I don’t like food trials, so like others I would prefer more physical trials, and I used to like the excursions out of the camp to find the treasure chest. I haven’t seen any of those.

    I’d like Jess to win, even though I love Colin.

    Do you reckon the early January start has worked? They certainly have had clear air on the schedule (except for the cricket).

  5. I have tuned in late and only been able to get a glimpse of what Julia is wearing. I think I like it. I know it’s black, and my mother was always at me to wear less black, but I think the simplicity of it appeals to me.
    It’s been stinking hot here and I have a fly loose in the house so I am off on a mission. I will be back to see the elimination. We can only hope that it’s Ash. What idiot thought he would make a good Bachelor. Fire that person.

    • Oh yes I read that about the Bachelor. I think they need to read the twitter comments. No one likes him. Everyone thinks he is ugly & a sleaze.

  6. Caught the fly, made a cocoa, popped in to see if we were there yet and noticed that Julia has changed into a dressed styled on something my Barbie doll used to wear. It okay. I don’t mind it.
    And as an aside, Ash and Abbie together make my flesh crawl.

    • You made a cocoa when it’s stinking hot? Is it a comfort drink? I didn’t see Julia in a black dress, but also tuned in late and skipped the pranking bit and the heads in tv bit. I don’t enjoy watching people dry heave.

      I don’t mind the pink/purple dress, at least it fits properly. She must like that cut of dress.

    • I assume you mean the length of toilet paper trial. How many times did you yell
      “centimetres, not millimetres!” at the tv?

    • Yes, I was yelling at the tv. Obviously it was not a mistake that I would make 🤣🤣🤣.
      And I was charmed by the fact every one knew something – wingspan, arm length, feet – and then put it into practice.

      • I’ve always used from the tip of my nose to the end of my middle finger with arm outstretched sideways as being close to one metre. Last night I measured it, and it’s way off one metre.

        I must be a short-armed freak. My faith in all my little measuring tricks is shattered.

        • Nose to tip of middle finger is about a yard. My grandmother taught me that. That’s how you measure cloth.
          Don’t ask me how many yards are in a metre. I think it’s more.
          So maybe you are not short-armed but more confused.

          • Oh, of course. You’re right, Bobi. Thanks. I’m so used to metrics that that is the rough measurement for a yard never entered my mind.

            I still come up a bit short, but not as much as a t-rex.

  7. I am surprised (aren’t we all?) at how nice and how much fun Colin is. I will return to watching cooking shows now…if he is in them, but no one is going to believe his gruff chef persona. ❤️

    • Except he made a short joke at Grant’s expense which I find puerile, lazy and shallow – what great thing did he do to be tall? Nothing so just shoot up will ya Colin.
      There is something about him that grates – as though he didn’t do any maturing from the age he started as a kitchen hand. Not a fan.

  8. Tonight … drumroll … Julia is wearing a red version of the green dress.
    I am off to watch Pie in the Sky.
    I will be back.

  9. Surely they’re going to have to start getting rid of multiple people? There are still so many. And we haven’t seen the heavy rain they had just before Christmas. It rained for 4 days & Murwillumbah flooded. I was hoping to see them get flooded out.

    • There are 10 celebs and three more episodes.
      From memory there are normally three at the end. Is that right? Make it four and they can do 3 over the next two nights.
      That’s a bit of overkill. Why didn’t they just do it faster earlier.

    • I saw some rain during one of the filler bits. I’m wondering now whether it rained after the event. I was hoping to see how they coped with the heavy rain as well.

  10. From a promo I just saw, it looks as though it’s a guy who is eliminated tonight.

    I really don’t like that fling-through-the-air elimination. It looks so dangerous for people’s necks and backs, makes me wince every time.

  11. Argh, I’ve had enough of Toni and her whining, self-centred, drama queen bit.

    She’s not the only one missing family and creature comforts. I wish she would just shut the hell up.

  12. I was skipping a lot tonight because I couldn’t pre record (at mum’s house). I just can’t watch JM and Chris. How the hell does anyone think that’s comedy. It’s not one teeny, tiny bit funny. But it’s a whole lot of awkwardly stupid.

    I never watch ‘letters from home’ or ‘visits from loved ones’.
    Ditto on the flinging. They need to stop that before someone is badly hurt.

  13. Julia is wearing a dressing gown. My mother had a dressing gown just like this when I was young. I used to love cuddling her because it was so slippery. Nylon was a thing back then.

      • When the like buttons are re-introduced, I will like this comment.
        I have just switched channels to The Dish.
        Australia has made some fabulous films, haven’t we? See me take credit there? I am a great sideline encourager.

        • Watching a guy having a boil on his arse squeezed was the turning point for me. Surely there are medics on hand to do the dirty work here. I always suspected Colin couldn’t find his own arse with a map.

          • After eating turkey testicles, squeezing bum pimples might be doable…but not my cup of tea.

    • Did you mean that green and black…thing…that looks as though the designer started to make a jungle camo dress but got bored before he added in the other colours?

      Tonight was very much scraping the bottom of the barrel for things to do. That non-commitment ceremony between Ash and Abbie was so stupid. That she cared what he thought of her kiss was just sad. That was all I could cope with. Yuk.

      • Green and black? I thought it was pink. My eyes …. 👀
        I was mostly out tonight.
        I saw bits around the non-commitment ceremony. Talk about not reading the room. How many people, including Ash, are telling Abbie that he’s just not into her. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩
        And on a completely unrelated matter, Ash is a very unattractive man and becoming more so as time goes on. Please let him be gone tonight,

    • IJulia wore icky pink gift wrapping paper.

      Julia M and Chris are so bad. How is Aaaaa Uuuuu. Funny?
      Their comedy stink like fish eyeballs, turkey testicles and pigs blood with emu vomit.

  14. Julia’s dress is quite nice. It suits her.
    She did momentarily change into a frumpy Little House on The Prairie thing but it was only 1 minute of screen time.
    Still, her hair is awful. I wonder if it’s like that because of the rain? Wet day frizzle?

    • The Christmas tree tinsel dress? The cut of it does suit her, but it looks hot to wear. It makes me itch to look at it.

    • 🤣 That’s what I was thinking when I first saw it but I couldn’t put a name to it.
      It is a good cur for her.

  15. Oh piss off! That stupid little girl who can’t keep her hand off Ash’s thigh is still there? Ptooey.

    I feel for Dippa. He obviously thought he aced the 100 second trial, but no. He, aside from that minor skirmish with Grant, was nice, and supportive of his camp mates.

    If sleazy Ash or dumb Abby win, I will be yelling and aiming punches at the tv. Stupid show and stupid me for watching it and giving a crap at the end.

    • Neither Ash nor Abbie will win. Ash has got to be the most hated guy on television since that guy from the Bachelor, and half the population won’t vote for a pretty girl (no judgement on Abbie but that’s just an Australian thing). Travis is too quiet. He’s seems a nice guy but there’s very little coming through the screen. Toni started out okay but has become whiny and irritating. So that leaves Colin, Jess and Grant. I don’t have a feel for how they are viewed ‘out there’ but I would be happy with any of those choices. I think they have done well on the show. Colin has been the surprise package. I always liked Jess. I suppose that Grant has also been a surprise. He is genuinely, naturally funny.

      • Yep. Australia likes a fat girl but doesn’t like a pretty girl. They relate to the fat girl and resent and stereotype the pretty girl.

        That aside, I think that Jess and Grant might be the top two on Sunday.

        Has anyone else had the thought that we only have channel 10’s word for who is closest and who is farthest?

        • I wondered but then I thought that their option would have been to keep Dipper.
          I’m not such a fan of Dipper. I think there’s a facade there that didn’t come down very often (if at all). On second thoughts, maybe they did engineer his exit.

        • Yes, with all the fuss and flirting with the fake researcher there is no actual data being revealed. And a couple of times they haven’t even said the scores, or how many critters were in the box. It seems to me that they have a fair idea of who will be popular at the end, and have carefully avoided putting them in the bottom three. Also, I believe they milked the “Ash in every elimination” thing after he was in two, and then made sure he wasn’t “ejected”.

          Cynic here? You bet. But then I was always sceptical in previous seasons that the ones chosen for challenges actually reflected the voting.

          I have often wondered if the lack of transparency is a deliberate ploy to create suspicion in people like us, and hence, over long discussions about it on forums!

  16. Like all these competiton shows, there are those that should win, and those that do, and rarely are they related.

    Either Jess or Colin are my picks, with Grant also an option. But I think there is a whole world of tech-savvy voters, who don’t have any problem with paying to vote on a tv show, who would lean towards youth and trashy, pretend romance (I suppose I mean MAFS viewers). That demographic may also shun anyone who hasn’t been a “celebrity” in the past two years ie anyone older than thirty.

    So, even though the worthies are obvious to us, we may be surprised. If the voting is real, of course. Which raises the question, if channel 10 was picking a winner of most value to them, who would they choose?

    • Our final three are still my final pick on value.
      Ash has done his dash 🤣🤣.
      Colin has obviously done them a favour, stepping in for that nobody, and I bet they owe him. Plus, of course, he turned out to be really likeable. There’s a cooking show in it for him.
      Grant has always been their go-to guy. Now I know why.
      I’m not sure about Jess. Everyone likes her but what would you do with her? Happy to see her again somewhere but it beats me where. Nope. Not a thought in my head.

  17. And Ash has been eliminated first. Colour me surprised.
    I’m off to watch Say Yes to the Dress.
    I may, or may not, come back.

  18. Toni looks shocked to be voted out. I wanted the Fass for the win. Thankfully Ash came in approptiately 7th place – after 10 rigged as much as they could to keep him in.

    • Thank god the Fass stepped in for Chef Who Shall Not Be Named
      I guess no surprise on the winner given social media reach.


  19. Aah, came here to find our the result, forgetting that all are respectful of the time difference across the country. I will just have to google.

    • Now the word is out, can I just say, public voting is totally pointless now in the age of “followers” and “influencers”. The results are so skewed by undeserved popularity.

      This season was worse than most because the public did not have the chance to get rid of people during the show and so the final seven contained people, like the winner, who probably wouldn’t have made it.

      We will forgive, just like so much is forgiven in the covid year, but they had better make some significant changes to make things fairer next season. Some viewers will bail after this result anyway.

      • I cannot believe she is the winner – what did she do as an entertainer: wear a thong and lust after a sleaze.

        This show is the snake pits

    • Discuss away. Daisy and I are in the latest time zone. I’ve seen the result and I doubt Daisy is worried about spoilers. I’m going to go wash my hair and then pfaff around until Graham Norton comes on.

      Abbie winning sucks. But it could have been worse from my perspective – it could have been Toni.

      • Oh I hate spoilers but I sensibly stay off social media when I am still to watch.
        Given the blahdy blah blah Survivor type rehash of a show and clips that I have already watched, I was happy to go straight to spoiler tonight. As it happens, I was scrolling through my FB and saw Windsong was p**sed that Abbie won so that little pussycat was out of the bag.

        Here’s my view of the last 7;

        I didn’t care who won. I wasn’t invested, but
        The footy player was my bottom one because he was so boring I still can’t recall his name.
        Toni was boring so she was my 6th.
        I didn’t see the stuff about Ash, so I didn’t get roles up about his stupid flirting. He wasn’t kidding when he said he just tried to get camera time.
        If you can forget Family Feud Grant, then Jungle Grant was okay.
        I didn’t mind Abbie. She was pretty typical of modern culture for youngish girls. But worthy winner?

        I enjoyed Colin (funny that Bolders- first time for everything), but Jess was probably the overall all-rounder for Aussie appeal (you would think).

        Anyhow, I didn’t have money on it and there was no one U loved it hated. This mob still didn’t have any bullies or bitchy ones so that was good.

  20. Seems I made an intelligent choice to watch MAFS. (Not really)

    Abbie didn’t deserve the win, she spent too much time hanging off that perverted wanker of a male, Ash.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      And she stole Dipper’s towel.

      Wait what? Was made on?

      I am still in shock that we just dodged lock down by crossing the border to The Great Southern just as the news broke. I won’t want to go back.

      • Oops, sorry Daisy, that I assumed you didn’t care about spoilers.

        You will want to go home sometime, your puppies need you :). And I think we just demonstrated that nowhere is completely safe yet.

        At least it should be cooler where you are vacationing. It’s going to be another stinking hot week here.

        • My kids (the doglets) love staying with my daughter and her family…and their “cousin” Albie, the border Collie. It’s their holiday home, and they are well loved there, although I think Albie gets his nose out of joint a tiny bit. Also..they have chooks.

          And yeah, it wasn’t very hot here. Warm, but not hot.

          As for spoilers I avoid them, but I never have minded people on RTV or ttv discussing shows as they air.

          • I’m sure your doggos are well looked after when you are away. If we lived closer to each other, I would ask to be dog walker. One of my neighbours recently got a puppy. When she first brought him outside, I almost threw myself at her asking if I could hold the little dog. Just missing my old boy.

  21. I think that Ash’s strategy backfired enormously. He may have been going for airtime on the basis that any publicity is good publicity, without thinking, because he’s as dumb as batsh*t.
    He’s lost the Bachelor gig, got thrown off first (probably only scoring votes from his Mum) and good luck getting any comedy bookings. He just wasn’t funny and he’s not going to get any laughs making fun of Abbie. He’ll have to go back to making porn.
    Australians are surprisingly puritanical. We don’t mind a bit of tongue in cheek but we don’t like outright manipulation. It’s treating us, the viewing public, as stupid and it’s cruel to the women involved.
    My guess is that he will disappear completely, only to pop up every now and then when the court case on some drug taking, drunken brawling, or his latest pyramid scheme hits the news. And it will barely work as click-bait.

    • In some ways it worked, when you hear people say how boring Travis was. Travis did not play up to the camera, and therefore the camera ignored him. We really don’t know what he was like because we weren’t shown. Ash ended up pretty universally disliked, so maybe he showed the wrong behaviour, but making yourself noticeable has to be a valid tactic if you want to win. The others all had times when they overacted in some way, to attract camera time.

    • He actually was in Court today. Was sexting with someone & took a screenshot of her without her permission. Definitely no Bachelor for him now.

  22. I slept like a baby knowing I didn’t care who won, but there were some angries on IAC FB, snarling at Abbie’s win.
    Yes, Bobi, we are too nice. 😁

    But hey, would we be boring? I’d be saying things like, “Get your stinky socks off my bunk”, and “Oh shut up, Julia”.

  23. Because I had four choices of possible winner (Jess, Colin, Grant or Toni), I didn’t feel as invested. Any of those would have been fine with me. But I am going to enjoy saying “I told you so” (see comment 21) about the voting process and how it skews to the one who can manipulate kids through social media into believing they are worth the voting price.

    One comment I saw summed it up a bit for me, when a fairly incensed Gran could not believe that such a poor role model for young girls is displayed as someone her daughters or granddaughters should emulate. For me, Abbie displayed some of the most dismaying myths that young women are fed by modern society. Not her fault that she ends up with such double standards and little self-respect, she is a product of the hollywood/social media vision of womanhood. Bit sad, really.

  24. Of the top 7, ash was never going to win, Travis didn’t get enough air time for people to remember to vote for him. Abbie fans are prepared to actually vote and fans of the rest (Colin, Jess, Toni and grant) aren’t invested enough to spend money voting, so in the end I’m actually not surprised.
    I wonder how much airtime Abbie would have got had she not hooked up with Ash.
    I’m sure they were trying to set up a grant win, he narrated majority of the episodes.

  25. I was hoping for a Grant/Toni final 2. Was shocked when Toni got voted out. Thought it would be Grant for sure. Having watched Abbie on the Bachelor, where she was a total bitch, then on this show it was like it was two different women. I couldn’t believe how different she was. She got on with everyone & opened up & was very friendly. I guess when she’s not competing with a bunch of women for a bloke she could be more relaxed & easy going.

    • I hate to use this phrase because it’s not an excuse, but I’m going to.
      We forget how young she is. She is 23 now. What did that make her when she was on the Bachelor. 21?
      And she was right royally screwed over on the Bachelor. That idiot, who thought he was gods-gift, led her down the garden path and then some.
      I mostly like Abbie. She is assertive and smarter than they think. That’s good role modelling.
      I just wish she didn’t see a man as a prize. That’s not.
      I was brought up to believe that I was worth something. If a man I was interested in showed any interest in someone else then that was the end of him. I’m no-one’s second choice. I hope that winning Queen of the Jungle makes her re-evaluate things.
      Watching her and Ash was just creepy. I know she is a responsible adult but I blame him. Firstly, there’s the age difference. The guy is nearly 40. He’s a middle age man. Eeeew. Secondly, he made it clear to everyone else that he just wasn’t in to her but he couldn’t tell her? A decent guy would have just used his words. He was manipulative.

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