The Shark’s bizarre Holey Moley mini golf TV show starts soon on Seven in Australia

Holey Moley, the bizarre new mini golf show hosted by Sonia Kruger, starts on Monday.

(Sonia is Seven’s answer to Grant Denyer these days – if it’s a reality show she is the only host considered.)

Greg “The Shark” Norman and Matt “The Package” Shirvington are also involved.

Will you be watching?

It gives me It’s a Knockout/Japanese game show vibes. Maybe kids will love it but I hear the commentators go big on the double entendres, so it may be too smutty.

If you watch it, let me know what age viewers should be.

Holey Moley Australia premieres on Monday, February 1 at 7.30pm on Channel 7



  1. I want to watch, but was a bit put off at the American host in gales of laughter over ancient toilet humour eg uranus. I had heard that he was the star of the other version – the reason people watch – but he will have to be a lot better than we have seen on the ads.

  2. Most of the jokes are dad jokes. There has been nothing smutty. And they are not all by the American guy. Shervo seems to b able to hold his own
    Okay, there were sniggers at Uranus but it was clean fun and I can imagine the kids laughing along.
    I was amused by someone in the crowd holding up a sign that said, “Don’t embarrass us”.

  3. Bored now. It’s repetitive.
    And I have just noticed that there is still another hour to go.
    Who in their right mind thought that this stuff warranted an hour an a half.
    Every. Week.

  4. It got interesting for a moment and then the ads kicked in. There are more ads than actual content. No wonder it goes on for so long. I can give them one big hint for turning the show into a half an hour exercise.
    Dicko turned up for 5 minutes. He was mildly amusing. I can’t see him keeping it up.
    I’m done. Maybe I don’t have the concentration span. Maybe I’m just not that interested in golf.
    And for those who want to know and couldn’t be bothered, it bears no relationship to those Japanese shows. In hindsight, I don’t know why I thought it would.

  5. I kept flicking channels but always landed on an ad. And then when I finally caught the show, Joe Dolce was singing Shaddupaya Face and I had to flick to TAR. And when I returned a young woman in a tiny skirt hit the winning shot.

  6. It’s okay for mindless viewing. No smut – I just picked up one innuendo that only adults would get.

    There’s not enough golf challenge for me. It is a bit Wipeout with the final section being an easy putt. Not impressed by dressing all the women contenders like Gold-Coast meter maids, even the older one last night in a very low cut top. Men are all chosen for novelty factor.

  7. Has anyone seen the Netflix show Floor is Lava? It’s an obstacle course (no golf) game show that the whole family can enjoy. And some aspects of it are a bit escape roomy (and I love escape rooms)

    • There’s a funny, OTT one for kids (we adults like it) on the ABC, The Crystal Maze. It is as corny as, but all the challenges are like mini-Escape rooms.

      • That’s the one. I had forgotten.
        I love The Crystal Maze. Everything about it is delightful: it is shouty, silly, clever and moves ahead at a rapid rate of knots. H-M could learn a lot from this one.

        • Funny, I was surfing late night ABC comedy and landed on this show which had the host from The Crystal Maze, and “Pauline” from Doc Martin. So exciting. Took a while to realise that this show was probably earlier than the shows where I saw these favourite actors!

  8. Ratings for Holey Moley are in steep decline.
    They have gone from being ranked third, to sixth and then eleventh.
    A bit predictable but I am sure they will play it out until the end. Some people love it.

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