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By Daisy

Ridiculous and more ridiculous..
With all the cast standing 3 metres away from each other, B&B writers continue to stretch the storyline.
We must suspend all reason and believe that withThomas in hospital after kissing Hope’s dopleganger dummy, Forresters would leave her…ooops I means “it” (see how convincing it is) hanging around the office for Thomas to find when he comes back.

Anyone else might think that coming face to face with his plastic girlfriend might cause a relapse, or a major case of shame. 
Carter is some kind of fortune teller. After running into Paris, sniffing around his office, with no reason or references, he looked into his crystal ball, and was able to tell Ridge how well equipped she was for a major role on the Forrester team.
Well why not? Zoe went from stalking her boyfriend all the way from London,and no modelling or fashion experience at all, to top model and advisor at board meetings. 
Paris didn’t get my memo at the start of the season (I did want to put one out), saying “Stay away from the Jungle Print fashion. It’s a bad a idea”.
But don’t worry, she combined it beautifully with jodhpurs, fluro and wet look boots. Yup. That was hard to believe too. I think the clothes they are wearing since covid are coming from Sally Spectra’s. She might have her face on an LA milk carton, but she’s still designing.

Anyhow, back to Paris, why wouldn’t she be perfect, with her father and sister kidnappers. And Zende, ask the girl who looks like her clothes were selected by a two year old, to provide you with fashion feedback.
Newly chubby (soon it will be easy to tell her apart from her clone) Hope is pricking Liam’s warped conscience by continuing to praise him for all his wonderfulness.
Yes, Dave, we need Katy or Pam back to do some timely sniffing around an open door. Anyway Hope is just perky and thrilled that she, Liam and Steffy are all getting along so splendidly. 

Carter kisses Zoe, but that was really a dummy. So everyone is kissing dummies now. Zoe is getting her karma finally, for baby kidnapping. Her flossy sister in the jungle trekking outfit has her sights on, and her claws out for Zende.
Carter tells Ridge, “The Buckingham girls are real go-getters”. Yeah, and Paris is going to be cutting her sister’s grass really soon. Her secret lust lawn. And I will leave you with that image.

Byeeeeee for now. 



  1. I accidentally tuned in to Days of Our Lives rather than B&B to hear someone say, “You may not what it hear this but I think my Mom has been turned into Princess Gina.”
    Nope, nope, noppity nope.
    Give me the realism of B&B any day. 🤣

    • “You may not want to hear this but….
      Thomas kissed a mannequin”
      Steffy’s baby Phoebe is really your dead baby, Beth”.
      Your mother has been sleeping with your husband and is pregnant with your aunty”.
      Your dad’s ex-wife is now your mother-in-law..no wait… now your mum’s ex-husband’s and your brother’s grandfather’s wife”.

  2. Zoe and Carter are on the verge of their first spat and it’s over social climbing Paris. Zoe tries to get Carter to renege on pushing Paris up the Forrester food chain. Too late, because Ridge has been suckered by Carter’s recommendation and offered Paris a job. Passion and drive are what Forrester Creations want. Even if it comes from a clan of baby stealers. carter’s screwing up his new job.

    Dr Indispensable is tightening his nuptial noose around Steffy and lapping up all the compliments for saving the roach. Steffy reminds us that there’s nothing more important than family (except divorce and adultery)

    Flo and Wyatt make a forgettable appearance. Flo meets Dr Indispensable.

    Liam wears a sweater that has been spray painted on and he wears more inquisition beating around the bush from Hope , who can tell something’s on Liam’s mind. The mannequin is mentioned. We go to the curtain with Liam bleating “There’s something I have to tell you” ( I guess a phone will ring or someone will barge in)

  3. Paris “has dedicated her whole life to helping others”.
    She’s just out of school. She hadn’t had time to be Mother Theresa, Mahatma Ghandi or Fred Hollows.

    I want so much to give Zoe some counselling. She should have been telling Carter off for making decisions that affect her without asking. I’d be asking, “Is this how you plan to be married?”

    Flubber will have to get a surfboard out or hit the gym and lay off pizza in bed because Flo memorized the image of Finn’s naked chest. While Flo drooled and gawked, and Flubber got nervous and awkward, Finn chose to remain shirtless. He has a chest “that has been painted on”. Flo kept saying how lucky, lucky, lucky Steffy was (while thinking that Finn and Flo and a nice ring to it).

    Oh and btw, does everyone in LA have a key to Steffy’s place?

    • What I’ve seen of the Buckinghams, they dedicate their lives to helping themselves, be it stealing babies or covering it up.

  4. Uh oh. Steffy’s pregnant. Is it Liam’s or Dr.Doom’s? Check out Liam’s face when Steffy tells him.

    Skeletor bullies Paris to renege on the cushy job. It’s not working.

    Hope accepts marriage counselling from the roach. He lays it on thick and mentions the mannequin. Inexplicably. she’s drawn to the roach.

  5. More hilarity as Liam processes the news. He pulls a face like he’s run into a supermarket to panic buy toilet paper…..and they’re sold out. Secret time, cos Steffy has n’t told Dr.Doona Donor yet.

    Hope and the roach discuss mannequin night. Meantime freaking out Liam blames everything on the “damn mannequin”

    Zoe wants Paris out of LA and secretly she’s mad as hell that Paris pursues dull as dishwater Zende. Zoe thinks Paris is a gold digger.

  6. Hope bonds more with the roach as she divulges that Liam saw the roach you guessed it…kissing a mannequin. We go to the curtain with a pitiful scene between Liam and Steffy. Steffy hopes that it’s Finn’s baby, so does “every baby is a blessing” back pedalling Liam, but we know what to expect. That mannequin acheived all this.

  7. Thanks for the excellent “visuals” Dave. I can see it all.
    I am in Perth arm and will watch when I get home. In the meantime, your recap “nailed it”. 🤣

  8. Well the secret’s out about Liam and Steffy’s night of debauchery. I gave it two week’s max but the writers have tortured the viewers for an extra week where going to the curtain, Liam has been on the verge of confessing to Saint Hope.

    It didn’t happen overnight , but it did happen. What tragic footage.

    Last night ‘s episode Liam and Hope played twenty questions about kiss the mannequin night until Hope asks Liam where he slept that night. Hope dissolves into a quivering mess when she sees what her precious love rat of a husband got up to. He could have just gone to Bikini’s got trashed and be put to bed upstairs by the helpful barman……but no he literally took comfort in Steffy…..and got her pregnant. Wait til Hope gets wind of that.

    Paris has planned to leave LA , since she refused Carter’s plum job at Forrester Creations. Zende’s having none of it. Paris needs to change that hideous houndstooth dress. This is a haute couture operation.

    I have missed other crucial goings on because I’ve been catching only the last five minutes or so , which has been a series of Groundhog Days with Liam trying to tell Steffy his “big secret”. Brain surgery aside, this could be an opportunity for the “changed” , “cured” roach.

  9. Thanks, Dave.
    Paris was annoying me with her tricks to throw Zoe under the bus, playing the innocent victim. And the two idiots fell for it, but I’ve got her number. Total manipulation of two donkeys.

    Zoe needs to hurry up and get the ring off it, citing Carter’s control. Making decisions on her behalf without asking. And even when she tells him that she doesn’t want Paris there, he keeps pushing and poking.
    Just listen Carter. She doesn’t want Paris there. End of.
    Yes, Spectra fashions abound at B&B ATM. And what weird trakkie has Thomas been wearing? With his white bandana, he looks like a back-up dancer for Olivia Newton John’s “Let Get Physical”. Stephie’s cardy makes her look like a bag lady. It’s the colour of a half cooked sausage. Hope’ s outfit is passable except for the half master pants, which I am personally not a fan of, and Woolif HATES. But Paris takes the ugly prize in fluro hound’s tooth.

    I look forward today to see Liam have to pack his bags. I suppose he will run crying to Steffy…again. And Hope has Thomas’s shoulder. 😭😭😭

  10. Just watching the encore.
    Liam wants “explain”. He knows he “has no excuse but there are reasons”.
    Let ME explain. Until the Thomas Clown Affair, Liam had only had a day bed at Steffy’s. He’d been wanting to double dip for months (years).

    I see why past women dropped Carter. I want to kick sand in his face myself. He’s a cloying control freak.

    Finn “can live with just a kiss”, but not a rumpy pumpy chaser.

    Now we are back to Liam, blaming “that kiss”, and he needed something familiar. And there was nothing more familiar than Steffy.

    But Liam will, “never betray our vows again”. He means for the 10th time.

  11. Liam’s pitch could have been better. He brought no flowers or chocolates for starters. Then the “familiarity” concept~ the whole family , his brother , his father is “familiar” with Steffy. Steffy is what Dr.Phil calls a “soft place to fall” for Liam.

    Liam ~ “has no excuse but there are reasons”. That old chestnut. The reason is the damn mannequin. Last time Vinnie’s pills caused him to commit adultery. This time mannequin + 2 Scotches + “familiarity” = doghouse. There’ll be no Vegan takeaways delivered to your seedy hotel room this time, Liam. Your vows weren’t worth a pie.

    Hope is set to run into the arms of the active wear packing roach.

    It’s hard for me to recall any of Carter’s previous love interests. That he’ll smother Zoe is on the cards.

    Thanks daisy. I had a phone call that ruined a lot of my viewing pleasure yesterday…..from someone who knew I’m “unavailable” from 4.30 til 5.

  12. Paris does get a job at Forrester and with Donna as her cheer squad, pisses Zoe right off. Zende really twisted Paris’s arm to take the job. The clash of houndstooth and polka dot is too much. Change clothes girls and take a shower.

    Liam is still begging forgiveness from Saint Hope, who still gushes tears. Hope tells Liam that he loves two women. He almost has a light bulb moment. Hope is broken that Liam thought she would cheat. That damn mannequin. Hope looks about to throw up.

    Steffy tells Dr .Finn about the sordid night with Liam. Finn is crept out by Liam’s portrait. They confess love for each other. Let’s move forward from the wreckage.

  13. Dr Finn moving forward???? Well I hope he (and Hope) insisted the cosy, couple portrait gets put in Eric’s portrait storage shed.

  14. Liam appears to be winning, because Hope says she loves him and will try to forgive him…..for their children. Liam was ahead but we go to the curtain with him gibbering…..on the verge of telling Hope that Steffy is pregnant. Too much, too soon, Liam. He promises to make it all up to Hope. Yeah.

    Paternity test dramas on the horizon again. We’ve been there before. I wager it’ll be Finn’s. Or Bill’s , or Wyatt’s …or Liam’s.

    Maybe there will be a phone call or barge in to save Liam from digging himself deeper. This will take time to heal , counsels Hope.

    The portrait is going to stay, daisy. Just to torture Dr. Finn as they try to fix the moral mess.

    • Oh no. Liam’s footnote. Hope will have to forgive him for Beth’s other sister’s sake. Now there will be 4 messed up cousins. I can just see them getting together in school holidays; “And who is your dad?”

  15. Douglas’s dad is Thomas, his birth mother is Caroline (who was once married to Uncle Rick then Grandad Ridge) who is now dead. His curro mum is Hope, soon.yo marry his dad. Kelly is straight forward. Her mum is Steffy, her dad is Liam. Beth’s birth mum is Hope but she was kidnapped and named Phoebe for a year, until she was returned to Hope. Liam remained her dad through both incarnations.
    New baby X has yet to have her paternity test.

    • It’ll be twins. Different father for each. The paternity test results will be left lying around for prying eyes of Katie. We know how it rolls. Best keep it from the tabloids in LA.

        • It makes perfect sense to have multiple births to multiple fathers at once on this show. It does encourage baby stealing and shady adoption practices, however. Remember Catalina. “Beth is alive!” I don’t want to be Groundhog bait again.

  16. Hideous Hound’s Tooth versus Putrid Polka Dot again as Zoe tries to clobber Paris out of the plum Forrester job, away from Zende and into another town. They ‘re both after the vapid piece of meat Zende is. These girls would need deodorant by now.

    Simpering Liam plays 20 questions with Hope till she realizes Liam ‘s going to blurt that Steffy’s pregnant. Hope’s getting really shitty now. Liam rolls into damage control but it’s too late.

    Steffy and Finn are doing better in their plan to “move forward”. A snag is hit when paternity is raised but Dr Finn is handling this mess a lot better than Hope and Liam. He’s not at forgiveness stage yet , but that’s his goal. He’s even up for raising Liam’s bastard child. What a guy.

    Paternity test, betrayal of vows, Hope says they can’t move on from that and she begins to howl and sob. “How can we move past this if you’re the father ?” gibbers Hope. Liam is roasted for “losing faith” in Hope. That damn mannequin.

    Liam emotes his default just soiled my trousers look as we go to the curtain.

  17. What a family mish-mash. Hope, run to mad Thomas. Liam will always be dipping his dip stick all over LA.

    Dr Mercy needs to lay out a few conditions, number one being, “No more visits from Liam where he walks in as though he owns the place”.

    Hope cried like she was having stomach cramps.

    Polka dot and Hound’s tooth slugged it out. Hound’s tooth is getting suss about Zoe’s reaction.

  18. We are still experiencing the fallout from Steffy and Liam’s dirty deed. This has been going for a few days. Liam’s bright idea to tell Hope about the sex and pregnancy has meant facing a blast furnace of criticism from Hope. Also he’s copped it from Dr House Calls , who warns Liam that his days of just dropping in on Steffy and hanging out in front of the portrait, folding diapers are done. What a hypocrite. Finn drops in on whover he wants without warning.

    Steffy told Dr House Calls and now he’s grilling Steffy, asking her who she wants to be the father of the unborn child. Well yesterday Steffy told the dumbass doctor she loved him, so why the grilling? He looks kind of young to be with Steffy. More punk than physician.

    The roach can’t believe his ears as he eavesrops on Liam crawling up Hope’s arse with never again promises and cursing the damn mannequin for his predicament. Consider the roach fully briefed on what happened and why. He walks in and tells the crushed Hope he heard everything, that ajar door does it every time. He’s moving in again on Hope quicker than you can say “subdural haematoma”.


  19. Things are moving slowly as we regurgitate mannequin night. Everyone knows about it now. Wyatt even mocks that the roach was humping a mannequin, but Liam doesn’t see the humour. Wyatt offers Liam a place to crash and scolds him for eating meat. The damn mannequin made him quit being a vegan.

    The roach is hammering his new empathic image to his prey Hope, who is just as stupid as ever and nibbling at the roaches bait. The new, post surgery roach preaches forgiveness and moving forward.

    Steffy tells Dr House Calls that she loves him. He’s suckered by it. Steffy’s anxious to get the paternity test results. Not long ago, she was a junkie.

    Zoe is all over Zende like a cheap suit. Even Ridge can see it. Zende’s asked to meet her, probably to tell her to quit stalking him. He doesn’t want to cut his friend comatose Carter ‘s lunch. There are no friends on this show.

    Who’ll tamper with the paternity test results? Will they just be left laying around like last time? Will any work be done at FC? When will Katie find out? Brooke is suspicious.

  20. Thanks, Dave. I haven’t seen it this week. It sure is a mucky mess. Comatose Carter should have married the equally unemotive Nicole. Even together they couldn’t have lit a match.

  21. Gosh, I haven’t caught an episode in weeks. I can’t even imagine how the Forrester relationship roundabout has gone in all that missing time.

  22. Comatose Carter tries to enthuse Zoe with setting a wedding date. Zoe would love to do that……with Zende. Paris meantime circles designer whizz Zende like a vulture with a social climbing agenda .

    Smoldering Cleavage ,in one of her lowest cut animal print tops ever flatters Zoe about how lucky she is and how Carter is so hot and successful. Zoe is obsessed wth Zende, however. Carter is dead to her. Can’t say I blame her. More of that hot Cleavage, writers.

    Steffy gets frustarated at the doctor’s because they all ahve to wait eight weeks until a paternity test can be done. Liam, Hope and Dr Finn are summoned to a Kumbaya meeting at Steffy’s . No tea and biscuits are served . Talk about an uncomfortable gathering. Liam pulls his soiled pants look once again and this Dr Finn is a pretty shabby actor…… and dumbass doctor.

    Liam finds out that the roach overheard his entire what happened after the mannequin spiel to Hope. Just what he needed. He tries to crawl up Hope’s arse but she hints it’ll take years to forgive him, if at all.

    Curtain. We’ll be tortured til the p[aternity test is done.

  23. Ridge calls Zende into his office. They bond over being talented tortured artist /designer types, then Ridge tells Zende to reject Zoe’s advances and not chop out his friend Comatose Carter. Carter deserves happiness after years of writing up divorces, paternity suits, annulments and being a celebrant in L.A. Old dog Ridge can see Zoe’s like a hyena on heat for Zende. Ridge reminds Zende he’s a Forrester, ie he’ll root anything that moves, no cutting Carter’s lunch.

    Paris is dressed as the Sunrise Cash Cow again, but she’s on to Zoe and flat out accuses her of stringing both Carter and Zende along. No wonder Zoe wanted her to leave town. The facial contortions Zoe pulls to convey her guilt are worth the price of admission. It’s not clear what Zoe’s agenda is with these blokes, but Paris has seen it all before.

    Bill delivers the emotional abuse to Katie. He wants her to let him move back home (since Steffy and Brooke are temporarily unavailable). Wardrobe have given Katie a tight skirt (stolen from Cleavage) , hair tints and colouring and massive shoulder pads to thwart Bill’s insincerity , but pretty soon she’s in tears and setting herself up for being cheated on again. Little Will needs a father, even if it’s a shithouse one like Bill.

    A day without the damn mannequin being mentioned. Curtain.

  24. Carter’s looking for his fiance Zoe, excited because this is the night to set the wedding date. Well. Zoe is doing her best to seduce Zende over at Eric’s place. She needs to bang Zende before she can commit to Carter. Zende looks more honourable than Zoe in this situation. Zoe is no oil painting and she ain’t thinkin’ right.

    Ridge interrogates Paris about Zoe and Zende and asks if Zoe is playing his friend Carter. Paris doesn’t give much away and asks Paris to find her own way out. Ridge gets that Carter is about to be cuckolded.

    The Rasper overhears Zoe’s seduction act of Zende from the door and figures out who is the spider and who is the fly. He’ll have to sugar coat this to tell Carter.

    Flo tells Bill that she’d have Bill back if it was her on the receiving end of the hogwash Bill told Katie. Katie goes to Cleavage for sister guidance and it looks like stupid Katie will take philandering Bill back.

    Ridge barges in on Zoe trying to get Zende into the sack. I don’t like Zoe’s hope for the future. Curtain. We’re killing time until the paternity test results come in.

  25. Thanks, Dave. I’ve been watching from the wings. Covid prevented Zoe from climbing all over Zende and having him on the kitchen bench top . This is where barechested Thomas made late night sandwiches with cousin Ivy. But nobody kissed any mannequins today because Ridge walked in. Zende had a look of, “It wasn’t me”.
    I was making a tossed salad while watching and I was inspired by Flo’s outfit to put more mint, lettuce and tomato.
    Kate goes to the baby stealer, wearing my mum’s favourite floral teatowel (the sort grandma’s won’t ruin on dishes but use as a nice doily) for relationship advice.

  26. Carter is higher than Joe Cocker because Zoe has finally set a wedding date. She’s all in now because Zende has dumped her, Carter doesn’t know this, but his old mate the Rasper comes to rain on Carter’s parade. Ridge heard Zoe hitting on Zende and decides to blab. This is bad news for Zoe. Carter’s not so high after Ridge briefs him.

    Zende still looks interested in Zoe. He’s hitting on Paris, however.

    Brooke’s intuition (and thirteen marriages) about relationships means she drags every last morsel out of Hope about mannequin night. Let’s relive it. Liam was “devastated” that Hope was cheating on him, so he went and slept with Steffy. It was dark , so he couldn’t tell his wife from a mannequin. Bring on the paternity test so we can organize our families’ lives around that.

    Steffy hurries off to the paternity test hoping Finn is the father of her innocent unborn. There’s a 99% chance the paternity test will be right……so let’s expect a screw up. Liam walks into Hope’s , tail between his legs. The conversation is stilted.

    Curtain. Highlights of episode~ Zoe’s awful dress. Cleavage’s outfit.

  27. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Higher than Joe Cocker.
    Zoe is secretly trying to get Carter to dump her by wearing a game of Twister.
    Hope comforts herself by finding her baby onesie still fits. I can’t recall exactly what Brooke was wearing but it was hideous. Wardrobe person must have covid because she’s lost her sense of taste.
    Liam once again is over at Steffy’s. Never mind Hope. He was summonsed. And not because there was a result but just because Steffy wanted to tell the baby daddies to behave. Liam starts behaving by offering to drive Steffy to be tested. The guy has learned nothing about going home to his own wife. His marriage is hanging by an thread.
    Now I am less looking forward to who is the baby daddy and how long before Thomas and Hope marry, but what ugly hot mess of a pizza they will be wearing tomorrow.

    • The Joe Cocker gag comes via football commentator Rex Hunt. Seen Joe three times and he sure was high.

      Aren’t the outfits something? I didn’t miss Hope’s onesie.

  28. Carter dumps Zoe. He explodes in a rae display of life.force.The engagement’s off, thanks to Ridge the dobber. Zoe clutches every possible straw to try and win Carter back….and like an idiot, he starts to listen to the liar dressed in her Twister dress for three days straight. Carter needs a gas mask.

    Brooke is over at Steffy’s, delivering a hypocritical lecture and putting her two bob’s worth in for precious,pious martyr Hope. Brooke wrote the book on infidelity. Don’t stress Steffy, ‘cos she’s nurturing an innocent baby It ain’t no mannequin in her womb. . Supermum.

    Vinnie offers the roach some drugs. Thomas is hatching something alright.

    Eternity and paternity. These words go together well. We are tortured yet again. Curtain.

    • Great review, Dave. And not a bad episode considering they can’t go near each other.

      Carter was going to put left hand red dot, but ended up putting left foot blue dot….or did he? Carter accuses Zoe of playing a different game; Monopoly, and Carter is Park Lane. Zoe is going for Mayfair.
      Or is it Cluedo? Miss Scarlet in the dressing room with Colonel Peacock.

      Brooke is still wearing her At Vinnie score. As is Steffy.
      Thomas decides to share about his sister’s infidelity fallout with their dealer. Good choice.

      I will start a new thread tonight.

  29. Liam makes yet another speech about how nothing he can say can undo what he did. Another speech about not making speeches.

    Thomas refrains from telling the self-righteous little rooster about people in glass houses.
    Steffy was dressed like Frau Rottenmeier. Hope drew the long straw in wardrobe. Douglas designed the clothes for Zoe, Paris and Brooke and Beth sewed them.
    We didn’t see Carter. He was still trying to uncross his eyes from yesterday.

    • I think Cleavage could make a move on crestfallen Carter, leaving Zoe hangingin the breeze. Nice shot. Carter lost it and had a tear rolling down his cheek, for rotten Zoe.

    • We’ll need it to process the paternity outcome and all the brouhaha. I think the unlucky baby will be Finn’s…..but the roach may tamper with evidence to infer otherwise. There’s been no fashion show for some time and no investigation into Emma’s death. Il Giordinos obviously Covid closed. Just everyone meddling in everyone else’s lives, whilst in awful clothing.

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