What’s happening on The Amazing Race Australia week 2

The Amazing Race Australia is a week into its new season and the ratings figures aren’t great.

Will it pick up more viewers as the novelty of golf show Holey Moley wears off?

Tonight (Sun) at 7.30pm on Ten: The teams take on new heights when they touch down in Townsville, where one teammate must conquer all fears and abseil down a 100-metre cliff face to capture the clue.

Monday: They might be in a tropical island paradise but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows as the teams’ endurance is put to the test in an epic challenge of strength and resilience on a barge off the shore.

Tues: Like castaways left at sea, the teams are left with only a simple treasure map and a cryptic message in a bottle to guide them towards the finish line at the sixth pit stop of the competition.

The Amazing Race Australia airs on Channel 10

(Note: If you want to post about winners and are in an early timezone, that’s fine, but please tag the start of your comment with SPOILER. And if you are not in an early timezone and want to remain unspoilt, stop reading this right now and go make a cuppa.)



  1. Wow.

    Huge mistakes were made with the U-turn, tonight.

    Typically, the U-turn is one of my least favourite elements of the game. But it’s not something that’s come out of nowhere, it’s been a feature of the Race for quite some time.

    The first problem with the married parents using it to U-turn the power couple? You don’t use the U-turn when you’re at the front of the pack. There are still at least 10 teams behind them (and, honestly, it feels like there’s between 20 to 30 teams still racing. That’s what happens when you start off with a gigantic cast). If you have every single team behind you? You have zero reason to slow any of the other teams down. You’re miles ahead of everybody. It’s a waste of time.

    Second mistake. You only get to use a U-turn once. So, if there are other U-turns in future episodes (which there might be), the married parents won’t be able to use it. Why waste it now, unnecessarily, when 4 legs in the future, you might be in danger of being eliminated and really needing a U-turn to delay another team? It was just a waste. The worst thing is, they’ve guaranteed bad feelings from the U-turned team, who might just retaliate at some point in the future … and the Power Couple seem like the type of people to hold a grudge.

    And let’s be honest. The Power Couple are hopeless. Absolutely useless at this game. They are in danger of knocking themselves out, constantly. Why even bother trying to take them out?

    Further more, the wife’s reasoning (to the camera) was, well, the Power Couple were coming 4th, so they were probably going to survive and still finish the leg.

    So … what exactly was the point? You’ve burned your U-turn unnecessarily, against a worthless team (who are gonna crash and burn, on their own), to gain absolutely no advantage, or even affect the Race in any way whatsoever?

    That was a baffling moment.

    • Now if, as I suspect, the reasoning was, “this team is really irritating, nobody likes them and we just want them to leave”? Okay. That’s fine. In fact, that makes for great drama! Sefa and Jess (who, I think, are my favourite team. They’re both so freaking funny) pretty much said that, that’d be the reason if they’d U-turned the power couple. So if that was the reason, the married couple should’ve just said so, because every other reason they gave? Makes no sense.

    • I totally agree with all your points Windsong, until I realised that the first team to the Uturn mat, HAD to uturn someone, at least that’s how I understood Beau when he explained it.
      That however doesn’t excuse them Uturning a team so close behind them, I assume they weren’t that keen on using it, so better of pissing off a team that everyone hates, but might still have a chance to stay in rather than causing the demise of a lower placed team.
      The amount of producer manipulation of team placing is staggering me and getting very annoying fast.
      A team gets to skip a leg, but then punished by setting of 10th place in the next leg?
      All a team that came second last in a previous leg, skip the lines in the next leg?
      Not to mention all the bunching of the teams at least twice per leg. It’s taking the actual racing part out of it.

      • They did the exact same thing with the last season. Taking all the race elements out of a race is a great path to boredom.

        And with a poorly-structured Race, look out for the Cowboys and the Sihks to romp it home … which means the producers will try and get rid of them, at some point. Mark my words, it’ll happen.

    • Why on earth was a rule placed on the u-turn that whoever arrived first was required to do it? Once again punishment for being first. Deb actually said it “worst time to come first”. Shane and Deb and the green boys discussed the options on the bus and agreed on the choice. They should have stepped back and let the green boys go first. Imagine the conversation “You go first..no, no, you go first…no, I insist…” – ridiculous.

      I don’t think the decision was at all strategic, and was never intended to be. Basically they like everyone else, didn’t want to be the means of eliminating anyone else. and it is pretty clear that the Drippy Couple are not popular so they just chose the safest option. Which, as you say, defeats the purpose of the u-turn. I did enjoy the sledging at the grass-cutting, though. Hope that doesn’t come back to bite them.

  2. Tonight is 2nd ep I’ve seen.
    Dolor(es) is a whiny brat and I loved that he was u-turned haha. He thinks he’s bees knees. I love Jess for re-christening him.

  3. In general, I thought this was one of the better episodes so far. It flowed better in the edit, and the challenges were good, even if a bit easy compared to the US ones. The radio one was done properly, showing several attempts by each team, and giving the viewer a proper sense of time, compared to the pizza teams.

    But I was very annoyed by the draw-a-place-out-of-the-hat for the Sikh friends. No transparency at all. How do we know that there were any discs above 9th place in the bag? They should never have been sat out, and then penalised by not coming back at the top. I think it would have been fairer to start them together with the other winners.

    BTW, I dislike the moniker “Super Sikhs”. Firstly, would any other pair be identified by their religion? Would we have the two Muslims, or the two Catholics? Secondly, how did they know they would be “super”? It is fine if the fanbase decide to call a team “super” after several successful legs, but the producers should not be manufacturing descriptors. Same with the “power” couple, although that refers to their alleged high-powered jobs.

    WS, I really like Sefa and Jess too. There are a lot of teams in the middle at the moment, not getting much airtime, but I think the young couple are good value too. But at the moment Shane and Deb are my favs, as I can’t believe that two “limpy” people keep beating all the young and fit ones. I think they are very smart and efficient at challenges.

    Even though I liked Malaan and Tina, I was saying to DH that they really must eliminate on this leg (and for a few to come). There are just too many teams, and I think that makes the bunching events more necessary. With less teams they can let them spread a bit more.

    • I didn’t watch all of the episode (visitors) but, up until they arrived, I was enjoying it. I liked the climb down the cliff with an obstacle in the middle. I liked how each team approached it. After the event, it felt too easy but who was to know. It could have been more problematic. Maybe the producers will learn for next time.
      I don’t have a problem with Sikhs being called Sikhs. Not that I know a lot about that particular religion but I think it’s different than being Catholic.
      There’s been a lovely couple of shows on the ABC about a group that helped during the fires (I think) or maybe it was during the lockdown. I would have to google.
      One of their concerns, particularly after 9/11, was being thought of as Muslims. Not that they had a problem with Muslims (I hasten to ad) but it’s like thinking a Japanese person in the same as a Chinese person just because they are both Asian (my analogy, not theirs). Or for us, making it clear to an Italian that we were Australians, not American.
      Correct me if I’m wrong but I think that they said they believe in equality for everyone, freedom of religion for everyone, service to the community, and anyone can attend their services.
      My takeaway was that a better parallel would be a Buddhist, and Buddhists like being called Buddhists. It’s more of a lifestyle. I am certain that the name would have been cleared with them before the show started and I am sure they saw it as an opportunity to enlighten more Australians.
      I feel like I am “mansplaining”. It’s more that I am taking what was said on one or two shows and extrapolating it over another. Still, go with me, and my apologies if I have it all wrong. I like the religion and the Sikhs I have met and I am happy if they get any publicity that brings more understanding.

      • Thanks, Bobi, I like hearing your thoughts. I did get the impression that the men didn’t mind the choice of label as well. I suppose the producers have to come up with something to help viewers distinguish between teams. This just seemed a little odd to me.

        • I am pleased that I was understood.
          I was very rambly but I thought that, if I could sketch it out, it would make it easier to pin point if there was something inherently wrong or right.
          I am of an age that still doesn’t understand why I can’t say that some of my friends are * name the group*. Why can’t I? They are. My grandkids are so embarrassed.

  4. I watched the TAR (US) repeat on Saturday and it was the one where they first did the head-to-head races. What a failure of an idea that was. The second team to arrive was nearly eliminated.

    I am a bit reluctant to keep watching that season as I think it is won by my least favourite team. But it is the season with Henry and Evan who are one of my all-time fav teams.

  5. I missed the first few minutes, and had the exact same thoughts as Erin. When did the show become “Survivor”?

    And, while eating challenges are part and parcel for TAR, was the first challenge here really just about eating breakfast? Really, guys?

    Anyway, the team dynamics continue to be interesting. Apparently nobody else much likes the Power Couple either (Jess got the line of the episode, when Dolores pointed out how his girlfriend was more resilient than him, and Jess responded, “Any woman is more resilient than you, bro.” Damn. In an episode with a fire-breathing challenge, that was one hell of a burn).

    I also liked how, again, the Cowboys excel at the physical stuff, but fall apart anywhere else (was anyone expecting them to struggle that much at an eating challenge?).

    Pity about the dad having to quit the Race because of his dodgy knee … but I don’t think we can blame the challenge for that. TAR is, inherently, a physically-challenging endeavour. If it wasn’t that task, it would’ve been a different one, soon enough.

    Sefa and Jess continue to be my favourite team. Jess has a real biting sense of humour, which I like, because Sefa is just a fun guy (who looks like he’s having the time of his life), and they play off each other really well. Plus, Sefa’s quite attractive. I’m hoping he sticks around.

    I don’t mind the Sikhs, and I don’t mind the name, either. I think I’d have more of a problem if the show just referred to them as “The Indian guys”. But there have been plenty of American teams who’s backgrounds (as pastors or Mormons or whatever) has been mentioned on-camera, and used to define them. I honestly don’t have an issue with it, here. Plus, the Sikh boys are just so freaking good at whatever they do. They’re smart, strong, and they work well together.

    Also, props to the cheerleader girls. I think we’ve underestimated them, but they’ve been consistently at the top of the pack, in all the last episodes. And they managed a win, tonight. I think they’re gonna be a dark-horse, going forward (it took 17 seasons for an all-female team to win the American version, just to note).

    I just noticed how much the nerd guy (of the nerd-and-princess team) looks so much like Clark Kent. I doubt that was a coincidence.

    • Mad props to the Cowboys for annihilating the fire-breathing challenge, though. These guys do run hot and cold, but when they’re in the zone, they’re bloody competent.

      • Last thought … the dancing exes tend to be a little more hysterical and over-the-top when it comes to, well, doing *anything*. So I’m not too sad that they got hit with the “sabotage” pass. If they leave next episode, well, no huge loss. Their wild histrionics are maybe better suited to the ballet studio.

        Non-eliminated teams have been hit with a penalty, for years and years now. Still not sure about this “salvage” and “sabotage” thing, and I don’t know about this First Class Pass, either. It kinda feels like, okay, one team is sitting out this episode, so we have a lot less to do re: filming and editting.

    • The fire-breathing challenge was a well-designed one. Interesting and unique, hard enough that some teams struggle but not so hard that it seemed impossible. Neither overly physical nor overly academic. It shuffled the pack very well, and those are the best sort.

  6. Yeah I felt like I was watching Survivor with that hanging on a beam challenge too. That weet bix eating challenge looked horrible. No way could I eat 20 weet bix. I would have just taken the penalty. Probably wouldn’t have been much longer than some of them took to eat them. That fire challenge looked bloody dangerous. I wouldn’t have liked putting that fuel in my mouth either. I don’t like the sabotage/advantage thing either. I’d probably take pity on the team that came last & give them the advantage.

  7. I’ve seen that weetbix challenge done on other shows (Big Brother maybe?), its much harder than it looks.
    Getting very frustrated with the sabotage and salvage pass, and teams getting to skip legs.

  8. This race is definitely a bit lackluster, but you know. At least we’re still getting beautiful shots of the scenery. A good season of TAR won’t skimp on showing off the world.

    Although I am a bit sick of Queensland. Tomorrow, though, we’re headed into the NT … with the teams, once again, being chaperoned between locations. Really, guys? This is not how the show works.

    Anyway. By this point, we’re starting to see a clear gap in the teams, as the strong teams clump at the front of the pack, and the trailing teams just kind of make up the numbers at the back. No issues. That’s normally how the Race nuts out. Occasionally, a Race will surprise you, but the Australian version is playing the show safe and conservative, so we’re seeing familiar patterns.

    The Sikhs are just destroying everything in front of them, though a mix of physical fitness, patience under stress and fantastic team-works.

    Mad props to Skye and her (very handsome) brother, who are fit and young and work well together.

    I’ve been increasingly impressed with Sefa and Jess for a few episodes, now. They were coming last, tonight … until they smashed out the underwater coral challenge (something even the cowboys failed. More on them, below) and ended up 2nd place. Sefa has this lovely sense of humour, but, he’s fit and strong, and built like a tank. And Jess just has this great determination to her, I think she’s brilliant.

    Also props to the cheerleaders (who sat out tonight, thanks to their first place, last night) who are also strong and capable, and working well together.

    The cowboys are such an interesting subversion. They really do run hot and cold. When they’re in their element, best team on the field … but when they fail, they utterly crumble and just sort of barely survive.

    I’m not hugely surprised that the Philipines father and daughter were eliminated, tonight. That was a matter of time (and it was good that the “sabotage” wasn’t an insta-kill again. The dancers survived, even with the hindrance).

    It’s extraordinary that Dolores and his girlfriend are still here. They only thing they have going for them is their physical fitness. That’s it. They’re useless at everything else. It’s just, the less-fit teams are being knocked-out, one-by-one, behind them. And once they lose that buffer of less-fit teams, then they’re done.

  9. I can’t remember if on the US show has a challenge ever been full? That scuba diving looked pretty scary. It’s not surprising everybody picked the other one. Usually it’s pretty half & half. I couldn’t understand why that guy who couldn’t swim let go of the one thing keeping him afloat. I was yelling at the TV don’t let go.

    • Oh, that happens all the time. A lot of detours will be, “limited spaces available”, so most of them are a first-come, first-served sort of a deal.

    • I think it was logical at the turtle challenge as there was a limited number of tanks to clean and turtles to feed. But I can’t understand why you would stand and wait. The only reason I can think of is that the cowboys scared them silly with exaggerated fear.

      So proud of Jess with the coral challenge. Says she can’t swim (although those saying that all seem to be able to treat water at least) and still just pushed the fear down and got on with it.

  10. I thought I’d made a very clever comment here the other day but not so. I think I am drifting off with the fairies.
    I have lost Channel 10 and can’t watch. I could download the app but, idk, tennis?
    I appreciate the full commentary, WS. It fills in the gaps for me.
    It’s probably not such a big deal. This show doesn’t really become interesting until most of the weaker (but fun) teams are gone. Hopefully by then, I’ll have fixed my problem.

  11. So sad to lose Deb and Shane. Any chance of coming back? They brought back the first eliminated team unecessarily, they could match Deb up with one of the other eliminated people and create a new team. They did that on The Block.

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