When is Married at First Sight back on TV – and will anyone be watching MAFS?

Married at First Sight is back on TV soon but has the show done its dash? Are we over MAFS? Is true love deader than extensions the show’s contestants pretend is their real hair?

Who else had the urge to grab teacher Alana’s straps and hoick them up on her shoulders? Picture: Nine

The show – about two strangers getting “married” and then having to endure torturous dinners with strangers while having wine thrown at them – has promised it is getting back to the love business, but we’ve heard that before. And it led to a woman cleaning the toilet with her fake husband’s toothbrush and then letting him use it. Soooo romantic.

MAFS returns to Nine on February 22. Will you be watching?



  1. Is no one watching this year? I wasn’t going to but lack of better options had me watching Wednesday’s ep and it wasn’t actually that bad. Definitely a few tossers and a few needy ladies but that’s par for the course

    • I started watching. It’s sometimes hard to want to watch initially, but then you get into it.
      I’m away for 10 nights as of today so whether I watch next week or not, I don’t know.

      This batch so far seem better than the last two years. But the LIPS.

  2. Mr Juz has watched more than me! It’s about his only reality TV. He usually drops out after a few weeks. I tuned in for a bit when that girl was weighing hummus. Lots of douche guys this season it seems

  3. I wasn’t going to watch either but then ….
    Gogglebox got me to tune in. Their comments were my comments.
    I did like some of the people. I think some of them are matched up wrong but isn’t that always the way.
    I really hope that the girl who has never dated before gets her happily ever after. How incredibly brave she is.
    And I hope the guy he doesn’t like girls with no boobs gets tossed really quickly.
    Apart from that, I’m all good to go. This season may bring me back.

  4. I won’t have recording during the week (Siesta Park) but I will try and watch. It seems RAR has shunted my Law & Order so it’s Married I guess.

  5. I love these two people (Bel and Pat). I really hope they work out. They are adorable.
    And the camera man deserves a pay rise. The scene where she is walking out of the building with the wind blowing gently, in slow motion, was delightful.
    I have now switched to Death in Paradise. Always a goody.

    • I saw that bit – her hair was glorious. I tuned out soon after but I read James Weir’s recap saying their honeymoon suite had a toilet in the bedroom. Whhhhhyyy!? That is not how to bring people closer together

  6. And I missed the name of the next two but I like them as well.
    They seem like, generally, nice couples this season. Maybe they have learnt that too much drama is a turn off to the viewing audience.
    Now. Let’s wait for the producers to stuff this all up.

  7. I hope producers learned that we want to see people we like and “normal” people we can relate to, not TV monstrosities.

    • I just wanna see people who know what a “bungalow” or a “kiwi fruit” is……

      Sadly, that’s a bridge too far for this show.

      I’ve been watching. Yea verily there was a toilet in the bedroom but some of these people treat each other like sh..

      Just getting to know the “couples”. Bring on the dinner “party”. No respect at all for the “sexperts”. Even I know that matching a millionaire with a K mart shopping wage slave won’t fly for long. It’s kinda cruel, in my opinion.

      I mean you’re dateless for twelve years and then get intimate with an obvious maggot, who trashes your looks in the cold aftermath.. Duh.

  8. The tasks the couple’s are being given are setting them up to crush one another.
    That guy with the long hair needs a new look….unless he wants to look like Auntie Jack.

    • I am often perplexed by what people view as “a good look”. Like, what image is he trying to project? I am different? I am intellectual? I am an artist? I am a doofus. Yes. That’s it. Absolutely. The last on that list.

  9. You can now see that the producers have finally got their grubby hands on this show. It was too much for them that most of the couples were genuinely nice people who were looking for a partner.
    So they introduced one of the most offensive games I have ever seen played out in public. It is not possible for even the nicest person to emerge from this with dignity and ego intact.
    I can hear the adults in the audience turning off the tellies with a loud harrumph, and the 14 to 16 year old girls tuning back in.
    Good job, well done.

    • Wasn’t that, “rate everyone on their looks” exercise just awful. And the whole, “You have to have honesty” that went with it.

      More like, “You have to be cruel and insensitive”. And that silly girl couldn’t see why her partner would still be offended by her ‘placating’ words, “But I wouldn’t act on it”. It suggests there is ‘something’ on which to act.

    • I suppose a half decent contestant could refuse to take part in these appalling tasks. What’s to lose? A few instagram followers? These are docile sheep searching for love with not much chance at connecting with reality.

      Most of these guys broke their necks to tell the gels they were beautiful at the weddings. Then before long, it’s “your tits aren’t big enough”

      The producers are fuckin’ stupid, not to mention negligent. because there are accounts of suicides after people have been asked to participate in these kinds of games, where people are rated, compared and valued.

  10. This show seems to have sunk to new lows, if that is at all possible. I don’t know why I am surprised, after all, that’s what it’s all about, and yet here I am again, expecting something different.
    Sam has picked a particularly bad week to gaslight his “wife”, given the rising tide of stories in he media. That’s the one and only bit that’s not his fault.
    Everything else is her fault, he has been nothing but kind to her, and how dare she say these things about him and then cry. And, of course, in case you missed it, he wants to stay for another week because … no, I missed the answer to this one. I just shrug.
    The optics are not good.

    • Sam’s reason for writing “stay” was he “didn’t realise things were that bad”

      He’s in more denial than Christian Porter.

      Even the moron DJ Bryce, who announced that he wouldn’t hit on his wife in a bar found Sam’s work that of a “dickhead”. Pots and kettles on testosterone.

  11. These people are the dregs of humanity. Ditto the producers of this bilge.

    Coco, Cam, Bryce, Sam, Millionaire Wanker. The gates of life have closed on these fools.

    What an awful train wreck. The “dinner party” was nothing………a celebration of dishonesty and violence. This viewer was wishing these ingrates would get Covid.

  12. Anyone else watching this? I’ve got suckered in… guy Cam stayed last week, his wife wanted to leave, just to connect with another chic, Coco, who gave the wife the headsup about their connection. Brain spinning, fucking losers. They’ve all left tonight. Mama mia

  13. Mr Juz has been suckered in (he won’t watch MChef or Survivor) so I have seen more than I planned to. Some real dud blokes this year. And the experts have finally started to call out some of the toxic masculinity – wonders will never cease.

  14. I am not watching but I am reading. I love the reads.
    I have noticed a lessening of tolerance for violence – at least three seasons too late, but welcome nevertheless.
    I wonder if this show can survive pandemic viewing and all the responses to the rape and assault allegations? Part of me hopes not. I did think for a nanosecond that this season was going to be more about actual relationships but then misogyny re-entered the room.
    Interestingly, Cam has said subsequently said that he didn’t realise that his behaviour was so cringeworthy. I love enlightenment.

  15. I’m still watching. Bad as this show is, it was streaks ahead of the rubbish Milat show on Ch 7.

    Yes, the producers scraped the bottom of the barrel for males and with the Unchristian Porter saga , protest marches today et al, the repulsive behaviour on this show is being held up to the light more.

    Anyway , fresh meat tonight. New couples , searching for violence. We’re learning via Bryce, that aggression can bring couples closer together.

  16. Although Jamie is presenting as a little stuck up and conceited, I can’t blame her for her issues with that guy. Her comments are quite rude.

    But he would be also off my list for having boogs in his eyes, lack of hygiene, and poor grammar. It doesn’t mean I would be superior, just that it would turn me off.

    Funnily enough, I was just telling a friend yesterday, that if I was single, top of my criteria in a man would be:
    Kindness – essential
    Sense of humour (can laugh)
    Intelligent conversation

    Also I would be turned off by Tatt’s, nose rings and weirdly shaved heads.

    • It seemed a deliberate ploy by the producers to cast such a mismatched couple. She could do with some manners, though. More odious behaviour tonight from the old schoolers, although Jake and Pat called out poor behaviour, so yay.
      I reckon this was the first time in 30 years I had heard the word “frigid” spoken aloud. Ick!

      • Especially “frigid” employed as a noun makes it even more out there.

        Not rooting someone staraight away on this show …you’re a frigid

        Just shows that you can be a really dumb unit and still own a prestige car dealership. Drives Lamborghini, but sadly illiterate. Expensive watch but his talk is cheap. Fail. Get in yer Lamborghini…. and run over Bryce…..do us all a favour.

  17. Jo and James. She is accusing him of being rude and disrespectful, while she’s losing her shit yelling and swearing at him that he thinks he’s king fucking dick, he is rude, disrespectful, twists everything back on her, treats her like shit and doesn’t care about her – ‘just because it’s so frustrating’. Pot.kettle.black.
    Bryce, who is a angry egotistical knob, was pulled up for swearing at the women, rightly so, because it’s abusive. Not abusive when Jo does it to James though it seems. The ‘experts’ are basically condoning her behaviour.

      • She showed tonight how screwed up she is. And he just keeps proving it.
        And the ‘experts’ have no accountability and keep their professional credentials…

  18. I’m still watching. My jaw’s been broken by hitting the floor so many times.

    Surprised Bryce hasn’t had his jaw broken.

    Anyways, this celebration of madness is rating above everything else bar Nine news. People suffer for that.

  19. Did I miss something along the way?
    For someone studying psychology, he sure knows how to deal with his issues. “I’m tired”.
    He had the energy to slag his “wife” off to that weasel and took no accountability for it.

    And the guy he blabbed to is a weasel. I can tell by his face. Have I seen the weasel in something else?

    • Viewers of B&B have Advanced Diplomas in Weasels.

      Totally on the same page about the two weasels identified above. One has off putting Dracula fangs.

      I guess Bryce is the alpha weasel. I’m guessing he and his brainwashed puppet wife roll their swags tonight , just to get away from the Sasshole critiques.

      • I think you’re right, Dave; weasel teeth. And weasel character.

        Did the producers make him write such a nasty letter? “You think the world revolves around you”. Those are spiteful words for a 13year old girls’ catfight. She should have done another iced-water on the head. It might have woken him up. Poor tired thing.

        • It was very high school. What grown man would write like that! Meanwhile, Chris the hot “Queensland haircut” dude has been arrested for drug trafficking

          • Schappelle Corby will be on Dancing With The Stars, so a career in reality tv is not over for Queensland haircut yet……the haircut was a real attention grabber, to viewer and police alike. His wife was right, he wasn’t clean.

  20. Not MAFS news but putting this here to show that, occasionally, this type of show results in something rather incredible: a baby from a Bachie in Paradise couple

  21. I’m not intending to be nasty but don’t those two lady sexperts look like witches, especially the blonde one. When she smiles, it looks like a snarl and I can envision the two of them in witches costumes.

  22. I am not watching but still reading.
    I just don’t understand.
    I particularly don’t see what Bryce thinks he’s going to gain out of all of this. A new job as a shock jock? Instagram followers? Lots of new “friends” every time he walks into a bar? I just don’t get the thinking because – just no.
    I have nothing.
    And, if we are going on with the absolutely perplexed me, I don’t understand the MAFS producer thinking. In the current environment, I would be heavily editing Bryce out. It can’t be going down well in more rational circles. Ch 9 are doing zilch to enhance their own reputation and there have to be people who go to sleep at night curled up in shame. I am assuming that the money makes it all worthwhile.
    Okay. I have something. No answers. Just a feeling of despair.

    • I was saying a similar thing to Woolif last night. With the goal posts for mens’ and everyone’s behaviour rapidly shifting from what is funny and normal to what is obnoxious or unacceptable to what is now illegal or going to cost you your job and any chance of future work in your field, producers of MAFS and shows based on hook-ups might want to think about coming into the crosshairs of of some angry group or groups.

      Here’s one potential complaint;
      “I felt pressured to have sex when I didn’t really want to”.

      They are treading on potentially dangerous ground.

      And how is this? My cute grand daughter and her friends are 14, not lesbians (I asked) but are anti-boys. 😳

      • Complaint no 2- ” I didn’t want to have sex, so some dork called me “frigid” on national tv”

        Bottom feeding Bryce has been living and working in Canberra, he’s learned some toxic ways there. He looks ….an acts like a Muppet. I’d love to see him exposed to the lie detector he said he’d take. The thing would explode.

        The show’s very wrong…..but it’s winning the ratings.

        • How can it possibly be winning?
          Is it the fun of watching a train wreck? Or maybe finishing what we have all started? I get both those.
          Or is there seriously no other alternative?
          I have been streaming a lot lately. I do watch Snog, Marry, Avoid. I know, I know, and yet it is strangely addictive.

        • In light of Queensland Chris, Mr Nice Guy, being arrested, it is now abundantly clear to me that the Producers discovered he was on Bail whilst filming.
          They then quickly came up with the faux “fight” scenario so he could make his exit and to save face.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they re-shot scenes between him and Jaimie to make things appear worse than what they were.

  23. Bec is a bully boss. The group have been mauling Bryce like ants on a caterpillar.
    The am grapevine says Bryce and Melissa are still together while Bec actually already had a boyfriend all along.

  24. The ads for tomorrow night are on.
    I despair at the thinking of these men. They seem to be oblivious.
    I am assuming that they are either only-children or they went to a single sex (boys) school.
    Of course I am going to tune in. I wouldn’t miss this train wreck for anything.

    • Mr Juz just spent 10 days away for work (first time on a plane in a year) and he spent the weekend bingeing MAFS to catch up.

  25. I watched this show right up until Bryce started to tearily say that he felt “the click” on the weekend. My timing was perfect. Mid word and with a f**k off, I was out of there.
    What is wrong with this man?
    It’s like he sees a big hole and he thinks it’s a good idea to not only make it bigger but shittier. He will have to appear on IMAC to have any chance of redeeming his reputation.

    • It was just ick. Feels like a lost cause at this stage, knowing they are together now.
      Good on Brett and Booka for having the grace and sense for bowing out when they did, unlike some people hanging on for Insta likes

  26. Bryce is right up there in the pantheon of toxic, repulsive reality tv contestants.

    He’s basically comitted two assaults in his search for love. Then there’s the verballing of others. Everybody knew him as the coward of the county. I think the next show for him to appear on is Under Investigation, right?

    Channel Nine shamelessly milk their train wreck by leaving Bryce’s and his sex puppet’s “interviews” until the very end.

    Wishing la dolce vita to Bryce and Moolissa.

    • I can only hope that she is watching all of this back and getting some clarity.
      Sadly, probably not.
      I am guessing that what she probably needs is therapy so that she can learn how to get some self-respect.
      I am ever the optimist.

      • The “gay BFF” Jason – who was on Big Brother years ago – has said they are no longer friends. At least he did not know the present thing was true, but the women certainly did

  27. I’m now starting to think that the problem is Melissa.
    Watch me move into victim blaming.
    Seriously, what more does she need to hear? She has been told by EVeRyBoDY week after week. She has all the evidence except an actual video of Bryce having sex with his current girlfriend whilst making jokes at Melissa’s expense to get a high, ffs.
    And even the I’m sure she would find some excuse to say it’s all lies. She’s a victim looking for an abuser.

  28. Georgia’s mother rocks.
    Is it too much to hope that there are men (here’s looking at you Liam and Bryce) who will learn something from watching this show? And I don’t mean as a master class in manipulation and gaslighting.

    • Were I in Bryce’s shoes, first thing I’d be doing is hiring a bodyguard…….or two.

      His nose is such a big target.

      He may have a future advertising runners.

      • Bryce won’t be getting rhinoplasty but. He’d want to ditch the Muppet hairdo, as well.

        Noses grow with age so just imagine the humongous hooter Melissa will be gazing at in their sixties. They’ll need to build an extra room to house it.

        No Idea will be right onto these weirdos.

  29. The person I can’t stand, even more than horrible Bec, izzzh Alana. My God, that girl just does not take responsibility, not really, szhhho sssshhhhe keepzh repeating her Zzhhame horrible behaviour all the while thinking that she is super hot. She almost fell over on her face tonight under the weight of her eyelashes. And Jason is REALLY dumb to call her intelligent.
    Her introduction at the start of the season, that she “just can’t help it” if all the boy students find her hot, pits her in the Mary Letourneau group.

    • Don’t omit Liam .Liam is even faker than those he dispises. If he’s had fifty sexual partners , I can only assume that forty nine of them were corpses.

  30. Patrick is a donk.

    If people can say ‘flog’, I can make up ‘donk’.

    I always tell my grandkids to be the person who makes up the word.
    Afterall that’s how they all start, and smiley face which btw was invented by every 4year old in the world.

    • On account of his fangs, I’ve been calling Patrick “Dracula” for ther whole show. Pity Belinda if she gets a love bite from him, she’ll want a transfusion.

      Yes, Patrick, Jason, Jake, Cam should be on the shite list, too.

    • Which one is Liam. And did you see the shoes that rubber spiles on top? He wouldn’t need a doormat. He could just rub one foot on top of the other.

      • Liam , the gormless bisexual, who rounded on Ms Pink at the dinner party.

        Liam’s total vocab is ” I don’t do fake people”

        He’s had fifty sexual partners. He must have done some fake ones.

        I don’t believe his claim, either. he has the charisma of a rock.

        • Then he ghosted Ms Pink at last night’s shambolic gathering. ‘Cos he doesn’t do fake people.

          Ms Pink told him some inconvenient truths. So he doesn’t do fake people.

          The sexperts reckoned he was rude to ghost her. What a revelaton.

          • Ms Pink is the lovely, if deluded Georgia. I forgot her name. Sorry.

            She is definitely not fake and saw she was being gaslighted by the one who doesn’t do fake people. The confrontation unleashed Liam’s inner ba$tard.

          • Mr Ugly ghosted Miss Pretty for telling him he was a prick as part of her wedding vows.
            “You’re a dick, flog of a donk, but I love you”. She got the first bit right.

        • Oh yeah. Nah.
          He’s gross. He has a pudding face and pudding lips. He’s a Pudd. Georgia is pretty, should tone up. A girl that young oughtn’t have the arms and body of my Grandmother, but that’s doable. She should get some exercise fast. She could go to Chloe’s Pilates classes, or Melinda’s circus classes.

  31. Google flog and I didn’t get what these fools were gibbering about. The hip sexpert did, but set up.
    flog (flɒɡ)
    vb, flogs, flogging or flogged
    1. (tr) to beat harshly, esp with a whip, strap, etc
    2. (tr) slang Brit to sell
    3. (Nautical Terms) (intr) (of a sail) to flap noisily in the wind
    4. (intr) to make progress by painful work
    5. NZ to steal
    6. flog a dead horse chiefly
    a. to harp on some long discarded subject
    b. to pursue the solution of a problem long realized to be insoluble
    7. flog to death to persuade a person so persistently of the value of (an idea or venture) that he or she loses interest in it
    [C17: probably from Latin flagellāre; see flagellant]
    ˈflogger n
    ˈflogging n

    • Well I can see how they would get glog. “Give it a good flogging”. Or “I’m flogging a dead horse”.

      Or even from the nautical term. “It’s flogging noisily in the wind”. Now my mind is realizing how that could happen.

  32. There is a video doing the rounds of a smashed Jason saying homophobic stuff about Liam while Georgia and Johnny cackle in the background. Apparently it was filmed before final vows. Liam says it was discussed at length at the dinner party but nothing made the cut – and those involved refused to apologise. He says this explains while he was seemingly so upset out of the blue

  33. There’s no IQ test for MAFS (and if there were it wouldn’t be for a high range target). If they were successful, they would already have jobs they couldn’t leave.

    If they were tools in the shed, they wouldn’t be the sharp ones.

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