Whatโ€™s happening on The Bold and the Beautiful?

By Daisy

I promised you I would squeeze milk from a bull’s bosom and get you a litter of pigs from a boar. Here’s a post garnered from a meal of cold leftovers of soap.
The current lay of the land has everyone playing “dress in the dark” and appearing in clothes that are spectacular only in their hideousness.
Liam is now the father of only two children, one by Steffy and one by Hope, and one foster child, but that could all change as they haven’t redone Steffy’s paternity test. The paternity still hinges on the word of the family drug dealer.

In the meantime, Finn is thrilled to start buying nappies, cots, a pram and a bouncinette. And all the baby paraphernalia he can get his hands on. He’s going to be handing out cigars.

Liam on the other hand, looks like he has taken a sucker punch. He’s not as happy and relieved as Hope hoped he would be. The light is dawning on wooly brained Hope that Liam is selfish. She should have added narcissistic. Anyhow, Liam’s honest answer (because Liam likes to be honest after sleeping with Steffy, or any other woman) to Hope asking, “Did you tell Steffy that you still loved her, was a (slightly sheepish, but not even guilty), “yes”. He’s still proud of his honesty.

Over at Forrester, Brooke is preparing her ammunition for more advances on her daughter from Thomas. Rasper is protesting. His son has changed. Hopefully not into another LA tracksuit. Brooke wants her daughter to stay in a marriage with a cheating narcissist. For her, it’s all about winning, with memories of her battles with Taylor for Ridge.  If not, why? How can you explain why she wants her daughter locked for life with this upstart.

$hauna should be pushing her newly ‘reinstated to the Logan family’ daughter, into getting pregnant to the wimpish Flubber to secure her family ties, and financial security. So far she is only lurking on the sidelines in mini-skirts and hotpants. She might still be able to get some millionaire to nibble her bait.

There is still Bill, stuck with boring, most Katy; trying to woo her back, Sally who must have been sent to an asylum, and children who seem to have been placed in an orphanage. Oh and annoying grass-cutter Paris, Roger Ramjet Zoe, boring Zende, and Carter the Cuckold. But I will pause it here for now. Who can we root for?



  1. Thanks for the fun write up and snaps , daisy.

    Sally Spectra is in Genoa City.

    I’ll root for Bill, who’ll woo Katie back just before Brooke gets sick of the doting roach father making excuses for his insane progeny. I’m thrilled that Zoe has been dumped, too.

    Wyatt must have some contraception smarts, he wouldn’t know a bouncinette fron a bull’s bosom. Flo might be infertile from kidney donor complications , so Saint Hope will offer surrogacy. Bill will sniff out a gold digger, though. Wyatt’s got no cash.

    Paris will inspire Zende to produce the next “showstopper”, Zoe will model it and annoy Zoe no end.

      • Yes, I knew what you meant.
        Good predictions.
        Yep, there will be catfighting on the catwalk. Paris will be flaunting her hot pink, or canary yellow scone up and down the catwalk wearing a very scary dress…or hideous suit.

  2. Wyatt lends a brotherly ear to Liam’s trail of woe. He tells Liam not to beat himself up and then rubs it in by flashing a huge wedding rock he has for Flo. It’s vegan takeaway and dingy hotels for Liam now.

    Flo and $hauna are sitting on their arses , doing nothing in Flo’s plush office. Meantime kidney Katie has orchestrated Flo’s acceptance with a hastily written up document courtesy of heartbroken Carter. Flo is now to be known as Flogan. Her departed father is sitting on a cloud, bursting with pride as the prodigal baby stealer is welcomed back into the wealthy family of grifters. Cleavage’s tight dress steals this scene. Katie’s in black and tears up for family values. Where’s Will right now, then?


  3. Liam is beaching it, but still had someone iron his shirt. He has mentioned, or seen Kelly for awhile. That must be a shock for her; getting accustomed to him being there all the time.
    Flo has become a Romany.

    Gasp! And speaking of shocks…..

    • Oh sweet Jesus. Are they maybe bored with their jobs and having a behind-the-scenes competition to see who can wear the most horrible dress without cracking up on camera?

    • Yeah. Wasn’t Flo a waitress, five minutes ago?

      Geez, Forrester Creations will hire just about anyone.

      • Yep. A waitress. I noticed that they just gave her “a job”; no job description.
        A job and an office.
        She can pour drinks.

  4. Flubber is “vibing”.

    Liam is so over Flo stealing his daughter. She didn’t know what she was doing.

  5. I tuned in, tonight, to see Wyatt proposing to the baby thief.

    And then absolutely boggled at what Flo was wearing.

    When she helped steal that baby, she couldn’t have maybe also stolen some fashion sense? Eek.

  6. I am sitting here (in bed, with a cup of tea. Doggo and I decided to read a book) opened mouth at one after another of those dresses. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜
    Why arenโ€™t these women fighting back? Is it in their contract?
    Secretly, I am finding it all a bit fun.
    Did you know you can buy them? I am thinking of this tracksuit (It looks better on the model than on Hope but i cant load the picture of Hope).
    But then I wouldnโ€™t be leaving the house.

  7. The roach is again causing problems in Brooke and Rasper’s marriage. One thinks the roach is cured , the other is sure he’s as mad as a meat axe. Murderous and perverted, too, the viewer knows. He hopes to grope in the future.

    Little Douglas rears his ugly head again by naively suggesting the roach move in with Hope. Hope just told him she and Liam are separating. Little did we know the little brat is a relationship expert of astounding maturity. Cleavage has been baby sitting Douglas…. because Hope is too lazy and self obsessed.

    I did miss the last ten minutes. Lucky me.

  8. Bill thinks getting Ed Sheeran to serenade Hope will bring her back to Liam. Ever helpful Bill also offers to be Wyatt’s best man. Bill even stocked Liam’s vegan bachelor fridge with tofu. The only meat Liam goes for is Steffy.

    Deluded Dad Ridge is still in roach damage control, telling Hope that Thomas has changed and only interested in her designing success.

    Brooke the thirteen marriage psychiatrist , however, gets some one on one time with the roach and lets him know she knows he’s still obsessed with Hope and that he’ll never have her. She’s right , the roach talks about Hope all the time. The roach knows the believing buck stops with Brooke.

    There are some hilarious flashbacks to the days of wine and roses when Hope and Liam were contenders.

    Curtain. Some new story lines would help. This new, nice roach isn’t much chop, either .

    • Thanks, Dave. I love your description of Brooke. She could advise on MAFS. She has the experience, but don’t they all. The redeeming feature is that their children are all being removed from the adult conversations.

  9. Real life issues are a little consuming atm, so you will hear from me less for a while. Best wishes, and even love to you all.

    • I figured maybe , daisy. Back at you.

      Yesterday Quinn found an ajar door and overheard Zoe and Paris discussing Paris’s hot date with Zende. Quinn gave Zoe some of Eric’s meds that Zoe nobbled Paris’s health drink with. They’re going to ruin any frisson on said date becaise Zoe will be farting like a hurricane of shit and smoothies.

      The roach tells Hope he still loves her. She’s not totally crept out like she should be.

      Hope and Liam’s separation hasn’t lasted long. Less than a week? Liam’s there every day, anyways. We went to the curtain with those fools kissing. Love to you, daisy.

  10. Thanks, Dave. You pulled me in reminding me of Quinn giving Zoe some poo potion. Only they were too polite to call it that. I look forward to Paris farting her way through her dinner date with Zende.

    Liam will be sleeping with Steffy before we can say I told you so.

  11. I slept through the last two episodes. I thought I’d not miss much. Well, now.

    Now I find out that Liam has killed Vinny in a car accident. Bill is protecting Liam. Liam’s on a hit and run rap now. Evil is afoot and Det sandwiches won’t be far away.Bill is going to pervert the course of justice for sure. Get rid of Vinnie’s DNA saith Bill.

    Where will the Forresters get their drugs from now? The roach will hate Liam for killing his mate. He’s spinning a web around Hope once more.

    Paris had to leave early from the Zende date due to intestinal problems wrought by Skeletor and Quinn.

  12. The panic stricken scenes of Liam and Bill in damage control are hilarious. Liam wants to confess. He never learns. Bill’s taking care of business like a seasoned criminal.

  13. Well, how long before this secret gets out? Ajar doors, careless texts? Bill stashed/ destroyed Vinny’s wallet and phone. St Liam is aghast. These crims are in it together now.

    The roach makes overtures to Hope. He’ll have a wide open road with Liam in prison.

    Curtain. Liam has lunch with Hope tomorrow. Sure to be a cheerful occasion. Hope’s feminine intuition will smell the murderer in Liam.

  14. Liam’s acting for having killed the family pharmacist is the exact same as his reaction to reaction to finding out Dr Do it was on with Steffy, and the same as his reaction to finding out that his sleeping with Steffy didn’t really qualify as a hall pass.

    Don’t worry about killing Vinnie. It will probably turn out that he was a mannequin, with an uncanny likeness to Vinnie, fallen on the roadside from a Forrester delivery truck.

    Well why not.

  15. Finn has now seen the cadaver formerly known as Vinny on a mortuary slab and recognises him.

    The dogs will soon be at Liam and Bill’s heels. Stupid Liam wants to confess. They don’t serve vegan food in jail, you fool. Bill knows Liam will be everyone’s bitch in jail. Bill tries to talk some immorality to Liam but he’s piously on a high horse. He’ll root Steffy whenever things get tough but. Perhaps he’ll run to her for a mercy …..

    Another acting Masterclass from Liam. He sure is shitting himself. Mannequin to murderer in the blink of an eye.


  16. The roach is summoned by Finn to the morgue. He needs to officially identify Vinny’s low life, drug dealing corpse (Bill’s words, not mine). Hope tags along, she’s getting cosier with the roach by the day.

    The roach hates both Bill and Liam. He could become a hero and win the dumbsel in distress, Hope..

    Bill has a brainstorm to export the murdering vehicle to some Arab tycoon in the Far East. Justin is having to shovel the shit for Dollar Bill to pull this off. This strategy is doomed to failure.

    Bill’s facing an uphill battle convincing Liam that shutting up and having a family is better than a life of being sodomized daily in prison. Once again Liam insults the fine art of acting with another inept showing.

    Soon the roach will see poor blue lipped Vinny, his best friend. Revenge is sweet. There must be still some hydrfluoric acid lying around that Charlie forgot about.

    Who’s going to uncover this evil plot? Katie? Quinn?


    • Dave, your words flow like a Van Gogh masterpiece…or a Modigliani (one of my favourites). Thankyou, you are wasted on such a small audience. You are so clever.

      Back to B&B. Couldn’t Bill think of something simpler like sending his car to the family mechanic. He would sure to be no stranger to covering up crimes.

  17. Brooke and Flo look gorgeous today. Katie not so much, but she tears up when she hears Flo dribbling how proud she wants her forgiving family to be. You’ve come a long way, baby….stealer.

    Bill and Liam are in deep shite trying to concoct an alibi. Wyatt of course barges in and wonders why the mood is so black. Well, Liam just did a hit and run but Bill smooths it over by saying Liam’s traumatized by the mammequin / Hope bust up business. Wyatt feels a weird vibe , well , seeing Liam in such a fragile state , it’s no wonder. Bill’s ditched the car, the wallet, the dna. What could go wrong? Bill and Liam are talking about it so much and so loudly, everyone in L.A. can hear.(except Det Sandwichez)

    Down at the morgue, the shattered roach gives the mother of all eulogies to drug dealing, paternity swapping Vinny. The roach hates on himself for blocking Vinny’s cell phone. Sure Vinny made some bad choices but he was there for the roach in his hour of need. Hope’s starting to swoon for the roach’s silky work.

    The roach swears that he’s going to find “the bastard” that ran over Vinny and left him to die. Liam better hope the cops find him first, but we know Det Sandwichez couldn’t catch a jay walker.


  18. Okay. My next review is on its way.

    In the meantime, anybody tuning in now would think this show is lame.

    Liam sounds “off” says Hope.

    But I have to say, Bill has a good point, a few actually. But it was an accident, and the jury won’t buy Liam’s acting.

  19. I tuned in to Hope dressed in a faux denim peasant dress. The fashions have fallen to a new low.
    And there was a lot of gel involved in getting Liam to look distraught.

  20. Vinnie’s ghost appears to Liam. He’s not sure if he’s hallucinating or if it’s a mannequin of Vinny. Vinny talks a mean game of revenge and justice.

    Liam’s on the brink of insanity. He’s pushed the envelope for a long time.

    Vinny might not really be dead. Things looked grim on that mortuary slab. Christ has returned as Vinny. Who would have thought that?


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