Big Brother Australia starts Monday, but it’s already been filmed

Channel 7 launches its new season of Big Brother on Monday but filming actually took place months ago.

As with the 2020 season, filming was done in advance – a method suited to these Covid times.

This time the cast ranges from 20 somethings to 60 somethings, so there’s great age diversity, and most of the cast are already Insta famous. So we know they are there for the likes, but I wonder how many have actually watched the show.

From the promos Big Brother has really leaned into the more Survivor-style challenges – a far cry from the days of wearing silky costumes for its Friday Night Games (think It’s a Knockout).

Sonia Kruger is back (the Grant Denyer of Seven) as host.

It’s going to be tough, putting it up against MasterChef AND Lego Masters. I wish they would edit it for a 9pm time slot instead.

Big Brother is watching you, but will you be watching him?



  1. Yeah, I’ll watch this rather than Ma$terchef or Legomasters. Probably dip in and out of all of them. I dislike the Survivor games and the nomination talk allowed. Always watch with captions, no sound. There’ll be no turkey slaps but the producers will have to come up with controversy somehow. These sad folks are like megalomaniac moths drawn to the candle of fame. I won’t feel a thing when they get burned.

  2. The ads have made this oddly tempting. Of course, it’s up against Lego Masters, and I know where my heart lies.

  3. I will be in, yet disappointed it’s not the old format with audience voting.

    Even though I very, very rarely vote, I still think it makes for a better game. We can keep in the best ones, rather than see them getting the boot by their rivals.

  4. The face of a man who is too polite to say he would rather die than hide in a secret bunker with the hyper real estate agent

    • That was funny. I guess Real Estate Agent is not a good judge of character. Red, won’t wake up. Plods along slowly, climbs slowly, slowly into the escape hatch….and never thought to maybe wear a tee shirt to bed. But I love his naturally delivered comparisons to Fred Flintstone and Twins.

    • Takes me back to when housemates were unsure if a rooster was required to make a chicken. Not many folks from MENSA audition for this show. Wonder why?

  5. When a pudgy, botoxed , fake toothed arsehole declares itself “king of the Jungle”, you know Big Brother is back. He needed a lot of explaining about where the escape button was. Me thinks he has plenty of real estate….between his ears. He brainfarted something about being the greatest BB player of all time. He won’t get within a bull’s roar of his delusion. This uncultured Ferrari owning ( he just had to tell us) arsehole makes Peter Dutton likeable by comparison.

    For Anzac Day that unmentionable arseclown did something very Un Australian.

    Two and a quarter hours of a prime small man syndrome example trying to muster a boy’s club and failing. It was entertaining enough.

  6. Dunny (because he’s full of sh..) looked pretty threatened when the plane load of intruders arrived. He’ll need more than Laughing Lurch and The Sheep to get through these numbers turning on them.

  7. It’s odd that such a saggy upstart could gather a flock of followers. Why?
    On the other hand, team Katy doesn’t look fun either.

    I think that when the intruders came in, Danny was just counting his sheep. Instead of jumping in to the cuddle muddle, he stood back counting which ones he could snare.
    Too bad Red and Annie Oakley have hooked up with him, but perhaps it’s good for their game.
    It’s too early to take a stab, but I would like Annie getcha Gun to win. Red is fun because he’s a doofus. A colour blind painter.🤣

    And Guru Granny made the worst pitch to Danny. Almost as terrible as her call to dress as a green zebra.
    (I hate leopard spots and other jungle prints. And why oh why do people all wear the same thing? )

    BTW, they should have booted Katy. She is a serious contender.

  8. “It’s odd that such a saggy upstart could gather a flock of followers. Why?”

    Got me flummoxed , too. It’s the same conundrum as how Scomo’s “approval ” rating is on the up, while his rollout turns to shit. He puts the “cost” into Pentecostal.

    Getting an A$trazeneca shot this arvo. It’s been nice knowing you all. People always said I was a clot. Now I’m gonna prove it.

  9. All hail Danny…….the new Bryce. Which circles of Hell do the producers drag these miscreants from? An unlimited supply.

  10. Bloody balloons again. When will these TV shows (IAC) stop using hundreds of balloons in their challenges.
    They are bad for the environment.

  11. Renata was just a stupid spite choice by Katy. Renata could never win.
    I am glad they didn’t end up choosing Mel but she would have been the one to knock out.
    Katy made it really obvious that she was pulling Jessica’s strings.

  12. I really dislike Katy. I felt bad for Jess when she got news about her Grandma but when she then tried to emotionally blackmail Mel to let her win I went right off her. And Katy egging her on while poor Mel had no support really annoyed me. Like Mel said did she really want to win because she dropped out or because she deserved it? Hope Katy goes next. I really like the older lady. A pity she’s aligned with Katy.

    • There is something really unpleasant about her. I can’t imagine people liking her on the outside either.

  13. The karaoke was fun to watch but I really thought the Drew Barrymore girl would keep singing and just pretend she did it. Then BB could seed doubt by saying someone piked but not announcing it

  14. Katy disgusts me…yes disgusts me with her smugness. And I don’t like Jess either. I don’t like the immediate Alpha girls behaviour between them.
    Katy has even pushed me to side with Danny and his team.

    I also don’t like white haired old lady. She bloody bare-faced lied about how the group came up with Tilly for nomination. Also, it’s rude to sit on a couch with other people and lift your leg so everyone can cop a whiff.

    Anyone notice how much Tilly looks like Jess from MAFS from a few years ago? The girl who was partnered with a farmer. They both look like Yvonne de Carlo.

    • That decrepit old bag is on my shit list now, too. Total cop out for nominating Tilly over some chickpeas. You don’t get to the rule the world because you’re a vegetarian.

      I generally admire vegetarians, but ones like this rancid, farting cow don’t pass muster.

      I hope she ends up in a shithouse nursing home. Try asking for chickpeas there.

  15. Are they copying I’m a celebrity now? Nothing more hilarious than seeing people freaking out putting their hands into boxes they don’t know the contents of & us seeing it’s a cute chick or a pavlova.

  16. Katy says something sh*ty to Danny.
    Danny fires back, “I’m voting you out”.
    Katy replies, “I was only joking”. She might as well have said, ‘Just sayin’ “.

    It’s the smug face and swishy ponytail I don’t like.

    I hope Tilly beats her in a challenge and sends her home.

    As for Drew Barrymore, she probably won’t do the dishes. God knows what lurks under those suds. 🤣

  17. I felt hate for Ari saying that a magician wasn’t a real job. hE NEEDS PUNCHING


    Possible Spoiler. Gamble Responsibly.


    Big Brother as mentioned above has already been filmed. The betting agencies are rarely wrong. I’m thrilled that none of the arseholes I hate on this season make it to the end. Am I going to enjoy watching them implode.

  18. What an idjut Danny is. Oh I would worry being on his team since he can”t play with his cards down.

    Would have been happy if the pretend guru had gone. There is something dodgy about her character. Just dressing in animal print and coloured rags does not make you cool.

    A genuine personality and good character makes you cool. She’s a phoney.

    • Danny ~ “I’m comin’ at ya like a freight train”

      A very short freight train. Freight trains are real slow…… and Danny’s wheels are falling off.

  19. Danny; “I’ll huff and puff. I think I can”. (Only the oldies will know that train).

    And another lie. She lies to herself. Old lady told housemates and BB, “I’m not used to people. I’m not good at being social”. Inauthentic. If she believed that, she wouldn’t be thinking she had a shot on Big Brother.

    • SJ is farting under the radar, make no mistake . She’s gonna hang around like a bad smell.

  20. Could Big Brother have found a bigger dog? If I walked in that Diary Room & saw that fucking big dog in there no way would I have gone in there & sat on the seat with it. Fuck Kentucky chicken. We would have missed out. I am petrified of dogs. And he was fucking HUGE.

    • Oh Carole dropping the F Bombs!!! Haven’t heard from you in ages!! How ya been?
      I can’t believe the contestants get so upset about being nominated. It’s gotta be done.
      I’m going for Nick at this stage.
      I’m up to the dog episode now.

      • Hi Bella. Good to have you swing by. Nick is Big Red, right?
        I like him, but I also like a few others too. Last year’s winner was kind of under the radar until the last night.

  21. They were NEVER going to lose the KFC task. I mean they did, didn’t they. Danny screamed at spiders. But it was a KFC promotion so a win was a given.

    SJ isn’t cool. That fashion style is “old hat”. She’s just parroting the “arty” thing. Boring.

  22. Dan has such a big mouth. Telling SJ, who is aligned with Katie, what their plans were. I was yelling at the TV don’t tell her. And what does she do? Goes straight to Katie & blabs the whole thing.

    • She’s a suck-up. When she needed to be saved she bullshitted, “Oh I want to know you better”.

  23. Noooooooooo.

    I was so happy the phoney was going. I even guessed who Mullet voted for when he said his bs radar was going into over-drive.

    Big Brother, if you want to give anyone an encore, not that old pretend Fart Guru.

    This gives Katy’s team an advantage.

  24. BB just knobbled Team Danny’s game by not only bringing back the Grey Guru and the Happy Chef, but by allowing them to spy.

  25. As an almost 60 year old I was rooting for SJ but she’s lost me now. First she aligned with that Katie bitch. Then with her selfish attitude with the shopping last night was the last straw. Now SHE’S BEEN SAVED. I was glad finally someone aligned with Katie was gone but she’s still there. I was happy last year when Angela got saved. But I’m not happy this time. Grrrr

    • Haha, I said the same to Woolif this morning; happy when it was Angie last year, now “it’s not fair”. 🤣

      But like Mullet, I call a bs artist on her. “Ooo look at me, I’m so cool”. Clothes don’t make you cool. Anyone can dress like that if they want to be PRETENTIOUS.

  26. Oh my God I was absolutely furious last night. Seeing how smug Katie & Jess were when the others came back. And when they told Sid how to vote & what the plan was when he was in the Diary Room. And fucking Katie demanding Tilly not vote for Jess. She gave her word she wouldn’t vote for you. That doesn’t give you the right to tell her who else not to vote for.

    • Same. Same, Carol. “That wasn’t the deal’. I always think, “Don’t do it”, when one asks another to quit for a deal. It just means they themselves can’t keep going.

      I am annoyed that Danny’s team have suddenly shrunk to 4. As if Katy hasn’t also got her “final three” in mind.

      Katie has a naturally smug demeanor.

  27. BB owes Danny’s team an advantage now.

    Does he really think we like that horrible Katy, Jess and Grey Guru.

  28. Melissa will go to the abbattoir tomorrow night. Ewe idiot.
    See ya , Bluey. You added nuffin’
    I gon’t believe Danny was sick He faked it

    • Damn. I forgot what night it was. Oh well I’ll stream it tomorrow.
      If Danny was sick, yeah, I too would say he probably faked it. Desperate times. Or was it too much of Katy’s gloatie face and SJ’s crotch sharing?

  29. What’s the difference between being vegan and having Covid 19?

    With Covid the loss of taste is only temporary…

  30. Covid 19 has been realy stressful for Flat Earthers
    They fear that quarantine could push people off the edge

  31. Nooo. One of my favourites has gone. Now I only have Tilly or Mel.

    I need a edit that blocks out Katy’s smug face, SJ’s fake, “I’m not good at being social bs (because that’s why she went on BB), and Jess’s noggin too.

  32. SJ is a piece of work. And a piece of something else as well.

    The betting agencies say we’re stuck with the rancid cow for weeks still.

  33. I just wanted anyone but Katy, Jess or their third wheel to win.
    Wish part one is granted. Ding dong the entitled one is dead. Now the crying AFL player.

  34. In her plea to the jury Katy said, “I played fair”.
    Says the lady who shook hands with Danny that they wouldn’t put up his 3, then went off and laughed to Jess that she will.

      • Cloven hooves shook hands with tiger claws.

        I am just glad I won’t have to see any more of Katie’s gloatie faces, or gloatie dances.

        She just seemed so entitled. As though all her crew wanted to carry her to the prize money.

  35. Was sorry to see Nick go. Tilly is an idiot. She says Katy is her biggest threat then doesn’t nominate her or Jess. I was shocked that Mel voted for Nick but people blaming her for him going home. He had 9 fucking votes. Her ONE vote didn’t send him home. Was really pissed off when Mel went home. Wanted her to win. As she was walking out I was waiting, hoping for Big Brother to stop her & send her to a secret room but I guess he only does that for Katy’s alliance. But was soooooooo happy to see Katy FINALLY get voted out. If Big Brother had saved HER & not Mel I would have been FURIOUS. I was holding my breath as she walked out & got in the car then I gave a big sigh of relief. Next week intruders. Is Danny going to align with them to get rid of Jess & his other enemies or join with them against the newbies?

    • I thought, “Danny doesn’t watch Survivor”, when he got angry over Mel voting Nick. When you have three up, and two of them in the lead to go, it’s normal for the top two to have to vote each other. But still, Nick’s loyalty was endearing.
      Nick was my favourite because if his easy sense of humour. Katy was my least favourite, then SJ then Jess.

    • BB should have said the nominations would be a do over – making it 50/50 between Charlotte and Gabe was not fair. I do wonder if Jess will come good on her pledge to turn on Danny. He’s rather good at worming his way in. I hope Ari stays because his strategy of pretending to be rich is a fascinating one

  36. Do the people who design the Big Brother challenges have no original ideas? First they steal Survivor challenges & now next week they are using ones from I’m a celebrity with the electric shocks which I think is a human rights abuse but there you go.

  37. Uuuugggghhh. If there’s one thing that grates, (well there might be more than one) it’s the suckie, condescending, manipulative way Jess says, “Michie” all the time, and “My people”, but especially “Mitchie”. And the way she always jumped into his arms and had koala sex.

    I can’t wait for her to go. She another, “I’m entitled” one.

  38. Am I the only one still watching BB. I don’t have a favourite. Maybe Danny. But I would like Jess out tonight.

    • I say Danny because I have warmed to his tongue in cheek humour and his nonsense, and also because he is getting a good edit fighting the bad guys.

      • I said to Mr Juz last night: Based in our response to him Day 1, can you believe Danny is still in the house? He’s good TV

  39. Hi Peeps, I won’t read the comments in fear of spoilers, but just a quick question – is it worth watching? I stopped when Nick left. I’ve been watching a thousand eps of Naked and Afraid, and all of Celeb Apprentice and lots of true crime. Just wondering whether i should go back and keep watching BB as I liked what I watched so far. Cheers in advance 🙂

    • Izobel, I don’t mind it if I am cooking while watching. Some challenges and BB tasks I fast forward through

      • Thanks Juz. I basically don’t ‘watch’ any reality tv show, I’m always cooking or cleaning or working from home. I carry my ipad around the house! I ‘watch’ shows like Mare of Eastown & Mr Inbetween. Can’t miss a second!

  40. Well I’m happy now. Jess is FINALLY GONE. Danny carrying around those balls & pretending they were heavy was the funniest thing ever. But I hope he’s not deluded in thinking Ari will be loyal to him. Ari is only loyal to Ari. He’ll pretend to be grateful but stab him in the back at the first opportunity. Ari is a snake. Can’t stand him.

  41. Tonight, it was manipulated in Marley’s favour. SJ benefitted, too. BB can be a big bastard when he wants to. That twist messed with some heads.

    No one was evicted, instead SJ and Danny have a plush suite and head of house status.

    We’ve just seen what an insipid serpent Mary is. Her time’s not long. She’s a sheepish floater who has little to offer expect worn out cliches. Win a challenge and do something. Instead, Mary’s now soiling herself for voting for someone she allegedly “loves”. Vomit. The cheapness of her talk.

    • Yes, the worm has turned.

      Mary had her indignation, and knives out at Christina for putting up Marley and her and had hypocritically “disremembered” how her team had repeatedly put up Christina.

      And did you see her face when SJ got saved by cheating Big Godfather. It’s worth watching again. Then it looks like she gets all pissed off at SJ for not staying loyal to her. Oh dear, Mary. You are not looking pretty.

  42. Wow talk about a change in attitude in 5 minutes. I went from hoping that Marley had the most votes then when the twist was announced to hoping he didn’t. I was so pissed off at the thought of him getting all the power when I thought we were finally getting rid of him. Then it was SJ who got it instead & she picked DANNY to share it with her. Sucked in Mary you traitorous bitch. I didn’t mind Mary in the beginning but I really HATE her now. She’s a sanctimonious bitch. I’ve been up & down with SJ. I liked her at the start. Then she aligned with Katie & Jess & I went off her. But then she finally woke up to both of them & got sick of them using her & turned on them so I like her again. I’ve turned full circle. Her & Danny are going to have a lot of fun with this. It’s funny they were at loggerheads for ages & now they are as thick as thieves.

  43. I still smell “off” on SJ. Her scrambles always smelt if bs. And her ,”I would NEVER vote for you my best friend Mary”, is easy to say when what you really mean is, “Don’t vote for me”. I find SJ pompous in a, “Oh look how terribly trendy I am”. Her boots stink the same as anyone’s. No wait, they probably don’t with all that veggie food. I find her pretentious. And selfish. She’ll ride on Danny’s coat tails and get a few laughs but it will most likely be Danny who is funny.
    I sure hope the, “Let’s show them what we 67 year old women can do” doesn’t win.

  44. Ha ha ha SJ & Danny had so much fun. Making the ones who voted for her jump in the pool. So funny. I hate goat’s cheese & bananas too. It made me sick watching them eat them. I’m confused about Tilly. She was aligned with Danny & Christine before. When did she switch to Marley, Mary & the others? I was surprised when she voted for Christine. What a fucking hypocrite Mary is. Complaining about Marley ‘betraying’ her by nominating her when she just voted for HER BEST FRIEND SJ THE DAY BEFORE. How churlish of her not to hug him goodbye. Even Katie & Jess still hugged the people who voted for them.

    • Ditto. Mary made herself look bad. She’ll nee to go and say 3 hail Marys.

      Agree on Tilly. BB hasn’t shown the others’ reactions to her shifting like the sands on the Sahara, very strongly supporting Danny, then gliding over to the in crowd.

  45. Big Brother is taking cheating to new levels.

    Who wins…Big Brother chooses.

    Anyone who gets there without free passes should win.

  46. That mirrored room was ready for Tilly or Danny. If Marly got voted out, he would have been sent packing. Big Brother, Big Cheat.

  47. I still don’t like SJ. My “phoney” radar sniffs out phoney. I don’t like Danny. He has said a few times, “I’m not like this in the outside”. I don’t believe that.
    Now I want Christina to win. She deserves it.

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