Lego Masters Australia season 3 starts Monday. What will Hamish and Brickman blow up this time?

One of the best shows on TV returns Monday night: Lego Masters Australia.

Even if you are not into Lego it’s still a fun watch, and an antidote to all the horribleness in the world right now.

The builds are spectacular and the contestants are all encouraging of each other, GBBO style, but my Mr 9 most enjoys the antics of host Hamish Blake.

From “stealing” Lego from the Brick Room to demonstrating his terrible Lego skills, Hamish sure knows how to make kids laugh.

And I adore that judge Brickman always has a tear in his eye when a team is eliminated.

Also, who doesn’t love seeing Lego creation be blown up/put on an earthquake machine/submerged in water.

Lego Masters screens on Channel 9, Monday at 7.30pm, and continues Tuesday and Wednesday.



  1. I am so looking forwards to this. (Please, don’t disappoint. Please, don’t disappoint.)
    Insiders reminded me how crappy Australia is at the moment. Even my Trump supporting family are hurting (but will still vote Lib. Of course).
    I have a dead and smelly rat in the roof.
    The doggo is stinky and I can’t get him him into dog wash for a week.
    And I am cooking celeriac and apple soup for dinner. I am an idiot. I haven’t liked it the last two times I cooked it and yet, here I am again. You could sell me the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the right spiel.
    I need cheering up.
    So, this better be as good as last season or I will give up television forever. And I will cry.

    • My goodness, Bobi.

      What could improve celeriac and apple soup? Some bits of chicken or chorizo, or a dash of fish sauce might enhance the flavour.

      Perhaps you need to have a little cry anyway. Hug your smelly doggo and go for it.

      I may give Lego Masters a try tonight. I usually enjoy shows that kids like.

    • Turning it into chicken soup might be the go. Chicken soup is delicious. I like chorizo but find it a bit salty.
      It’s the dead rat that’s really getting to me because it seems to be an ongoing issue. I had rats last year, got the exterminator who said all those baits should last 2 years (and I got some excellent deodorisers from WA), and the rats would leave to die. That’s a no, on every count.
      My lovely grandson has already been up in the roof to remove some furry pancakes. I will have visitors in about 6 weeks. I will add it to the very long list of jobs waiting for them but in the meantime, every time I wander past the laundry, I am stopped in my tracks by the unmistakable odour.
      This seems like it’s going to be a forever problem.

  2. Finally, a competition show to watch. It feels like an eternity since TAR finished. So excited.

    I know many on TT aren’t really sport fans, so you might have missed that Chelsea and MJ from TAR were high profile on Saturday in the AFLW Grand Final. Chelsea was the story of the week having been concussed in the semi, and therefore was not allowed to play (and she is the captain). MJ played in the losing Adelaide team.

  3. I know this is the one where we are introduced to the contestants.
    I like them all so far. There has to be someone who will irritate but I haven’t quite determined who it is yet.

    • I like that, of the two mothers, one of them is really snarky and sarcastic.

      Some of the builds look absolutely amazing and they’re only halfway down. I can’t believe how quickly the episode has flown past, it’s already 8:30 and it feels like I’ve only been watching for a few minutes.

  4. I love building Lego and watching people build Lego.
    Will put my hand up, most annoying team is Fleur and her partner., Sarah.
    Weird build: the cheese build.
    Most annoying segment: the brick of doom.

  5. I’m tense. How can a build that goes on for 17 hours make me tense.
    I’m assuming they get lunch etc. I wonder if they get a nap?

    • I always imagine these longer builds are broken up into two days. 17 hours would be two 8 hour days, and they’d have to stop the teams for food, and to interview them.

      • We presumed the same thing. Must be frustrating for the teams if they are on a roll, to be told to stop for lunch.

  6. It was a lovely first episode.

    You can tell that Hamish is still having the time of his life hosting this.

    The builds were fantastic.

    I really liked the UFO (although the vengeful cheese god was so twisted and weird that I felt it deserved points just for that). I wish the yeti had been more than just one-foot-vaguely-stomping, because that could’ve been epic.

    But still, I sort of hoped the UFO would win.

    I tend to agree with Lola. The two mothers are a little loud. The snarky mother (in the red jacket) was fine, I quite liked her, but I could’ve done without her partner. Although I confess that I did love the geisha temple build.

    • This was like coming home. Just aaah, in relief.
      Everything felt just as if we had watched the last season GF last week, and then moved seamlessly into the new season this week.
      I think they do a good job giving the back stories. They are woven into the “action” when they highlight the team. I love that several of the teams are Lego Buddies, with spouses and lives away from each other but who are bonded by a mutual hobby. That is so like real life. Some of those Lego rooms are amazing! How about the guy who made all his custom shelving with a 3D printer.

      I liked the Yeti best, but would have been equally happy with the UFO. Note that the viewer poll picked the UFO. I didn’t think the Geisha was a deserving winner at all, more middle of the pack. But the judging here is a bit like cooking shows – the viewer can’t actually experience the item in full, and you have to trust that the judge sees or tastes more than is clear on tv.

      I don’t think the mums have the skills that the others have but now they have the Brick, they will be safe for at least one elimination where they should be at risk. So they will go a fair way into the comp, probably longer than more competent teams. I hope they use the brick straight away, to make it fairer.

  7. Well.
    So much fun.
    I agreed with the winner.
    I still would have agreed with winner if the other team had won.
    Love this show and it has lived up to all expectations. I am looking forward to all the episodes.

  8. Enjoy Juz. It was a good first episode.
    Tonight , it’s all about smashing up the Lego with a bowling ball.
    Nerds, LEGO’s and Hamish – great fun.
    I just googled the cost of a Lamborghini that one of the contestants owns , it’s between $350, 000 to $ 750,000. What the!!! I think as a financial analyst, he needs to see a financial planner. Haha

  9. Found the irritating person: the science communicator with the really high pitched, repetitive laugh.
    That’s a nervous habit that should stop.

    • No, that’s actually a thing.

      I have friends who play Dungeons and Dragons.

      You would be shocked at the industry of exclusive, luxury dice. It’s astounding.

      There’s dice carved out of rare minerals. That’s dice that glow. There’s dice that have inbuilt LED light fixtures, there’s dice that are sculpted out of metal, it is quite astonishing.

  10. The right team won, tonight, after being robbed of the win last night.

    It was the spinning chicken that did it, for me. There’s a sentence that I loved typing.

  11. I thought the right team won, too, although I wasn’t as disappointed at their loss yesterday.
    I was a bit perplexed at some of the comments from Brickman. He didn’t like “all that pink” whereas I thought it looked fabulous bursting out from the black. He didn’t make the same critique about all that yellow from the winners.
    I do like a bit of destruction. It must have been enormous pressure on Hamish. I’m not bad at 10 pin bowling but I wouldn’t have trusted myself to not throw a gutter ball.

    • I want to know how much he practised beforehand. And next season, how will they blow things up in a different way? Massive fan? Cat walking through the build, Kitten King Goodies style?

  12. I loved the snow globe concept. They all looked fabulous.
    I agreed with the winner. Delightful.
    Meh on the one that came second but then I don’t know if there was another. Surprisingly, I liked the boat when it snowed. Maybe that one.
    I agreed with the bottom two. It was a toss up. Either/or.
    I love how Brickman cries.

  13. Love a snow globe. So many creative ideas came into my head for this one , so it was a bit disappointing with a few of the teams creations.
    Loved the red/brown fox , he was gorgeous. Also really liked the ship and its story . Loved the traditional Christmas themed and Australian Christmas globes.

    The bottom two were the right choice. She can now go back to being a luxury dice consultant! (I didn’t know that was a job) But then neither is an “influencer” or IG celebrity.

    The all female team are just annoying personalities and I thought the skater was not that great.
    Loving this season but so many ad breaks!!!

  14. The bottom two were right (and I like in this show that the choices make sense to the viewer usually). I think the Ned Kelly was saved by the excellent work on his head and facial expression. That was the saving grace. It wasn’t a bad idea, it just didn’t come off.

    Stonehenge also wasn’t a bad idea but the stones were way too big and unidentifiable as the real thing. I actually liked the central part with the druids etc but they were way too low and disappeared under the snow.

    The fox was great except that I thought it’s tail was too big and square.

    • Agree. It was a little worrying that the other team were there. Purists would probably say that elimination should only be based on that single challenge, but I really couldn’t get past the fact that one team were having a bad day, and the other had struggled in every previous challenge to not only finish, but to create something that was just mediocre.

  15. I can’t tell if it is my dislike of the mums team, or if I am really seeing what seems like a bit of favouritism?

    Musicals are my thing, so I loved their idea, but it was ruined by the alien, and in general I thought it was probably a pretty easy technical build – just minifigs arranged on a “set”, no movement, no weird bricks, no need to arrange bricks in a weird way. So why the raving, and the recognition in the top two? I feel like Brickman has a soft spot for the 50’s mum (Fleur). I preferred the art build, despite “David” being quite unrecognisable. I probably would have placed the Mums as third last in ranking.

    Over a couple of episodes there has been some lovely singing voices appearing, in different teams. One of the men has a great voice.

    Very telling, that the Viewer’s choice was Owen & Scott’s build. Quite out of step with the edit. Yet, I wondered if there was a sympathy element going on in the voting, with many feeling that they were being unfairly criticised. I agreed with the “grey” criticism, and the frustration of Dreadlock Guy, but the dramatics about it were a bit OTT.

    My one criticism of this season is that they have started showing a lot of footage in advance. In particular, there is one big promo just before the first ad break which shows all the finished builds and more. They made a big hoohaa about the second build being secretly hidden behind the curtain, and yet they showed it in that promo, as well as it having been in all the ads last week.

    I don’t want to see the finished builds…until they are finished.

    Funniest moment, Hamish’s to-camera stating that the tweets were suggesting his spins of the chocolate wheels were too weak. So clever, as the non-filmed goggleboxers like us would have all been saying that in their loungerooms.

  16. There you go. Even Hamish has had enough of the science communicator laughing all the time. I knew it wasn’t just me.

    • Picked that up too. That was right on the edge of mocking her and I think they only just got away with it. I can imagine the heavy discussion in the edit room – “do we keep it?”.

  17. As much as I love Scott and Owen, I think we are starting to see some flaws in them, as a team, the longer we go on.

    Owen (I think he’s the one with the mop of unruly wavy hair, while Scott is the chill hippy, maybe?) has a very single-minded focus, when it comes to his projects. He gets an idea into his head … and that’s it. He’s 1000% committed to that vision, come hell or high water. Which is normally a great thing, but if he starts off on the wrong foot, he goes far too far down the rabbit hole before seeing sense, and by then it’s almost too late. They’ve done that twice now.

    I agreed with Brickman and Scott, last night, over the Mission to Mars model. Technically fine, but it was a jumble of random grey pieces (which is a terrible colour anyway). Even if he’d given the mech some nice, bright colours … the set was overly-decorated. It was just all these random grey bits.

    Again, tonight, he was so determined with the minotaur mechanism that it would’ve left the whole thing lacking.

    A few people said they should’ve been eliminated last night, but — and I think this is why Brickman spared them — overall, Scott and Owen have been producing technically-brilliant models. They just had a really off night, that night. The other team had been consistently-poorer, performance-wise, and that’s why Brickman didn’t spare them. I totally think that’s what happened.

    But I hope Owen has started to learn his lesson, because it’s not going to help him, going forward.

  18. One mistake is okay, to is liveable, three and they’re out.
    I think Qwen and Scott, as well as the mums, are on their final strike.

  19. Owen is really starting to annoy me. If I didn’t like his partner so much, I would really be pleased to see them go home.

  20. Owen and Scott got lucky, tonight, that they were able to come up with something to fix a problem that, once again, Owen caused by just being bloody-single-minded to a fault.

    I actually think Scott is too chill. Maybe Owen would be kept in check, better, if Scott actually stepped up and spoke more. But he keeps just going with it … and only stands his ground when it’s almost too late to make a difference.

    Anyway, they were lucky because the mums failed the technical aspect, and the other two’s astronaut-and-rocketship were kind of terrible. I think the mothers were very lucky tonight. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they’d been eliminated.

    David and Gus continue to be the team to beat. Everything they build, I want to put in a museum and charge people to come and look at it. The exploding boombox was physically beautiful to look at, and technically brilliant.

    I liked the cash-register, and I was really hoping they’d win. Not because they were better than the boombox, but just so we could get rid of the brick of doom, and take the curse out of play.

    Next episode, it looks like the mothers smash something important with 30 seconds to go.

  21. The fact that LEGO builds can be so fragile is what brings the tension into this show. It’s not the possibility of not finishing – which can be artificially created as all we cynics know.
    I really liked the editing to show all the cameras focused on the rocket ship build. A little bit cruel but a lot funny.

    • It is one of the charms of this show, that they don’t take the “competition show” format too seriously. From the start they have been willing to take the mickey out of the whole process. Laughing at the time announcements, calling out attempts to heighten drama, and this showing of the camera crew – all add the lightness needed when you are watching people click bricks for twelve hours.

  22. Owen and Scott have a modus operandi, it seems. It is a pity, because they are hugely talented (they built that first tree in a couple of hours!) but if they, well Owen really, can’t adapt then they will go out before they should.

    I think Owen’s issue is that he is very conceptual in his thinking, whereas most of the builders are literal. He looked at the grammaphone and saw a big story of what it represented (love and long-relationship) whereas his first thought should have been “music”. Of course, his major issue is tunnel-vision and the inability to take on the views of others. They did end up with a good result, but only because Scott was brave enough to force the issue by smashing the top. I liked theirs better than the cash register woman.

    Having said that, out of the three builds where they have got into trouble, I thought the cyclops was awful. I loved the minotaur and wished they had left the cyclops off. It didn’t add anything. Scott had done amazing work on all the Greek world and I think that would have stood on its own. Then again, Brickman didn’t agree and he is the judge, so… It wasn’t possible in hindsight but the best option would have been to have made the minotaur and his box twice as big.

    I got my hopes up last night that the mums would be leaving. I did see though, like Fleur, that it was quite clear that the rocket would go home. I feel now that we are going to be stuck with them forever. The builds will keep getting harder, they will struggle more and more, but when they are really at risk, the Brick will save them.

    I wished that the explanation of why the mums’ tree was not attached properly had been clearer, and why the cash register was so much better at that aspect. Was the mums’ tree just standing beside, unattached?

  23. I like Dave and Gus, and Michael and Harrison who were immune last night. No fuss, just great teamwork and skill.

    • No, I feel like Michael and Harrison have been kind of flying below the radar. We haven’t spent much with them at all. The first couple of episodes, they were just kind of there, in the background. Then in the second week, they won an immunity and disappeared for an episode. I feel like, they’re both quite likeable guys, but we’ve spent the least amount of time with them.

      • Is that an editing ploy? Keep them a little hidden, then let them emerge as the late runners? I suspect that they might be finding that Michael and Harrison are quite ordinary (except for Lego skill) and there isn’t much of a story to make of them. As young guys they haven’t much history yet. Several of the other teams make entertaining TV and they have focused on them.

  24. Like them or hate them, both the Mums and the poorly matched pair make good television.
    They constantly chat to each other and their faces are so expressive. In particular, you always know what Fleur is thinking. A bit like Brickman. It would be a silent show without them. Hamish would have to work harder.

    • I was thinking the same last night. I wanted them to go, but the laugh-out-loud moments mainly came from Sarah’s witty comments.

  25. Well, the lowlight of tonight’s episode was the return of Kale. Sure, the show gently mocks him (by taking the time to show his endless pretentious monologues, as Hamish gently steers him away from the teams), but ultimately, he’s still a tool. Nobody liked him two years ago, guys, and they don’t like him now.

    Scott and Owen are settling in to some very dysfunctional patterns … but gosh, they’re dramatic and entertaining. If they get eliminated before the mothers though, I think there will be a riot. Of small plastic people with no thumbs.

    I don’t begrudge the mothers using the Platinum Brick tonight. They were lucky enough to have the thing, they might as well use it, to keep them safe. But absolutely, I felt like the episode made no pretenses about Brickman favouring them (particularly with his monologue about it being the best build ever. C’mon. Really?). I think they’ve run out of lifelines. I don’t see them surviving much longer, certainly not up against the powerhouse of David and Gus (who continue to make art with their builds).

    The team that did go home tonight? They had one good build, but the rest of their builds had been pretty weak (curse or no curse), so I really think this was about as far as they could go.

  26. It was generally a good ep, with several very humorous parts. Hamish was excellent with his “herding” of Kale around.

    The Mums: I am glad the Brick is gone, because now they will be sitting at their true level. The Brick had too much power this year, and too much reward for winning one simple build (just as the “Brigadoon” was too overplayed for a simple bad luck pick). No, Brickman, this was not the best concept ever, it was mildly amusing and middle of the pack. Sarah was particularly witty tonight.

    Scowen: Now Owen seems fixated on partly building and then having to demolish. He is clueless about the real issue – actually grasping the requirement of the build and designing something that will work. The demolition is just the symptom. Once again, he was going to ignore good advice, but thankfully Scott is stepping up.

    I really liked the balloon builds, especially the top two – Pegasus and the Flying Inventor. Both were excellent.

    Did we see Hamish going to help the mums at the end? I thought that wasn’t allowed, and he seemed to pull back from it as if he had suddenly realised that.

    Brickman was really off in his assessments I felt in the second build. Apart from the obvious favouritism of the mums, I could not understand at all his contempt for the fisherman. I ranked the fisherman second after the snake (with daylight between). It wasn’t perfect, but fun and relatable, and the story they added was well done and inventive. For some reason, BM ranted about the height of the wharf, which DH and I were able to name four places with wharves like that off the top of our heads.

    Then BM vaguely looked at the rocket, mumbled something complimentary about them being able to change in time. Nothing about the total lack of story for the rocket. It was like a big version of a toy rocket off the shelf at Big W. No movement, no indication it was doing anything or going anywhere.

    It just doesn’t compute for me that Brickman thought the rocket was better than the fisherman.

    The fountain was a nice idea, and in the right hands (eg David/Gus) it could have been a real beauty. It was just the final indication that Ryan & Gabby weren’t quite up there, and I think that they knew that last night.

    So, looking ahead we have the “biggest mid-season twist ever” along with ads that trumpeted a “double elimination”. How can that work? A double elimination leaves us with two remaining teams after tonight, so that makes Tues night the Grand Final? And if so, how can the twist be described as “mid-season” – unless they bring everyone back and immediately chuck out two of them?

    I’m pretty certain that the season is not over this week. They would be mad to have so few episodes.

    Just as an idea: wouldn’t it be fun if the final two built three builds over three nights with cumulative scoring. Each build could emphasise a different skill. We’d get more amazing builds from the best two teams, it would build tension, and if they are able to bring in a crowd to vote, even better.

    • If I was there, I would’ve built some kind of sea monster — maybe a squid or something — creeping up from underneath the dock, with it’s tentacles just under where the fisherman was sitting. That would’ve told a better story and probably pleased the ever-fickle Brickman a bit more.

      I’m still not really warming to the mothers. I like Sarah and appreciate that she’s clever and quick-witted, but her partner just leaves me cold. I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but it’s like, she doesn’t quite know what she’s doing (and circumstances have contrived to keep them around far longer than they otherwise would’ve).

      Scott and Owen aren’t my favourite team anymore, but I think Scott stepping up a bit is helping reign in Owen (which is what they need).

    • I didn’t like the fisherman. I thought they could have been more creative with the big brown bit.

  27. I thought I wasn’t going to like this episode. I have little tolerance for those who have failed.
    So I went to bed with 2 iPads (we are having buckets of rain and doggo doesn’t like a thunderstorm) so I could have LM on mute and I tuned into Queens of Mystery.
    Firstly, Queens of Mystery is a lot of fun. It is very tongue in cheek and filled with fabulous British actors who can say all of these lines with a straight face. I high,y recommend it, noting that I have only watched Ep 1.
    And secondly, I enjoyed LM more than I expected.
    Brickman really makes this show.

  28. Last night was a gentle, middle of the season build. It did show that Scott and Owen do best when they have strong parameters. They also did better because Scott did most of the design, but Owen was technically amazing when able to focus on one specific goal.

    The rockstar game was miles ahead in every way, and the very obvious winner. Second place was a bit of a surprise, not that it wasn’t deserving but because the returnees, Ryan and Gabby, created in a way that they hadn’t been able to achieve before. It felt a bit like they had had coaching while “eliminated”.

    The other returnees were the sad story of the night. This was a general failure all around with a poor concept, technical errors, poor time management. They are better builders than the teams who didn’t come back, but it is sort of hard to see that they are really a long way behind the other five, even the mums.

    The difference between that team and Gus/David was clear. Both were struggling with things going wrong, yet David had a plan B, knew exactly what to do when he had to surrender, and Gus picked up the slack with excellent building of the rest of the game. Still not near winning, but not an embarassing failure.

    Hamish and BM continue to bring the comedy. Love the to-cameras by Hamish.

    Time to enjoy Travel Guides and the Footy, until LM is back on Sunday. I’m looking forward to Weakest Link when it arrives, too. Somehow channel 9 are bringing the shows at the moment, taking 7’s wonky crown.

    • Yeah, I was really surprised by the losing returnees. I had thought they would’ve started to aim up … but despite the fact that they were eliminated by way of an incomplete build, last night, they turn in an incomplete build.

      Just looking at the end result, I was just thinking, what in the name of Brickman did they spend 12 hours doing? The girl built a bus, and then spent 8 hours placing yellow plates on a background. Like, that was it? That was really disappointing.

    • I wasn’t surprised that they mucked it up.
      They have continually shown a lack of ability to build people.
      One hour into the build they should have known that the motorbike rider was always going to be too big, with a reminder that that was the same problem that they had in the very entertaining rocket ship episode.
      They don’t seem to learn from past mistakes, or feedback.
      And just as an aside, I like the mums (I am aware that it’s just me) but there were no moving parts in their video game. Seriously. What were they not thinking? I find Scott and Whatshisface incredibly irritating but at least they are prepared to stretch themselves. Mums to go next.

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