MasterChef Australia’s airdate is finally announced

The new season of MasterChef Australia starts on Ten on Tuesday, April 20 – yes, a Tuesday. What’s the deal with that?

Andy Allen, Melissa Leong and Jock Zonfrillo.

Also starting soon are Dancing with the Stars, Big Brother and Lego Masters (yay!).

This will be the second season hosted by Melissa Leong, Andy Allen and Jock Zonfrillo, with Mel being the breakout star.

Will you be watching the new season of MasterChef? After getting sucked in to watching the new season of MAFS, despite its horridness, I am looking forward to seeing people in aprons, anxiously crouching in front of ovens.



  1. I probably will watch, although the number of promos for it is pissing me off.

    And hair – my pet hate is people with very long hair putting it in a pony tail and thinking that is enough to control it. Not in a kitchen, people! The dude with the beard needs a beard net, too. Describing himself as a “dirty old boiler maker” is not respectful to his co-workers, or himself, for a trade that requires skill and alertness.

    Ha, maybe I won’t watch.

    • The promos are relentless, Von. Best ever cooks. Best ever chefs . New culinary lamps for old. Ockerized Boiler Guy with beard should be cleaning septic tanks, not in a kitchen. Will there be hand washing on Ma$terchef in Covid times? We saw abuses of social distancing last year. Breathe over the food ,amatas.

      Agree with Juz that Melissa is a find. It’s a pity she has to carry those other two clowns of the kitchen. Blandy and Schlock Jock. I’m hearing sob stories I’ve heard before. The muzak is the same stuff every year. Cheap computer library music played at magnum force during challenges.

      The FUTURE SWEAT deserves a paragraph all it’s own.

      I used to like it, but if anything George and Gary killed this golden goose stone dead.

  2. Breaking news: Prince Philip dead. See ABC.
    PS: Looking forward to MC and Adam’s new show. See you all next week.

      • See, I was asked recently to write a piece for this fine, niche website on future perspectives for 2021. (I’m experiencing delays rolling it out, gice. It is what it is) One of the few things I felt confident of predicting was that Prince Philip would crack 100. That turned to shit, my confidence sagged with that papp shot of him in the car leaving hospital, he looked brown bread then. I suppose he watched the Oprah interview and finally died from boredom. I’m staying off 24 til it blows over.

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