What’s the big reveal at the MAFS finale tonight?

It’s the finale of MAFS tonight – yes, finally – and we know there is a big reveal coming.

More revealing than the red dress Bec wore to the last dinner party (the one that needed two roll of Hollywood tape)? You betcha.

Rumour has it there is footage of Bec kissing her ex-flame. Bryce is going to be so happy.

Still, being a MAFS villain can do wonders for your career, because when you rehabilitate yourself (like Martha and Jessika) the Insta swag seems to roll in.

MAFS starts on Nine tonight at 7pm and runs for two hours.



  1. He’s a douche bag. She’s ….. needy and desperate?
    I don’t want to say that she’s an idiot. It’s easy to be manipulated if you are a trusting soul and the guy has no boundaries.
    Bryce needed free accomodation in Melbourne and she’s providing that.

  2. BDD, you are talking about Bryce, aren’t you? Given that he’s not the only poorly behaved contestant on this show.

    • I can’t remember the comment, Bobi (I did look for it) . It would have been Bryce.

      He was the alpha dog in a pack of mongrels.

  3. I heard a comment from Abbie (yes, that one) the other day.
    Let me paraphrase.
    She said you do go on these shows knowing that someone is going to be edited as the villain. And that you know that your words are going to be diced and spliced so that it looks like you are saying things you didn’t say. That’s just what you sign up for.
    Her problem is that the producers could have edited Melissa and Bryce down to background noise but instead chose to emphasis and highlight an abusive relationship for ratings. It doesn’t matter whether it was or wasn’t. What matters is that’s the way Channel 10 wanted it to be.
    I like Abbie.

  4. In the event that anyone cares, Bryce and Melissa are having twins. They’re trying to get oxygen from various media for it. What a waste of life.

    • Listen. I get it. There is something to it all.
      Still, this story is told from their point of view which they are perfectly entitled to do. Are they are trying for more publicity? Haven’t we forgotten these people already?
      But it doesn’t change the fact that Dean was filmed saying some absolutely despicable things. This seems to be a desperate attempt to rewrite that narrative.
      And my memory of Natasha was that she was alright – not the best, not the worst – so I seem to be missing something there.
      We talk about editing here a lot. I can’t believe that anyone goes in these shows anymore without expecting that there will be editing to make the show “interesting”.
      I have a little sympathy. Not a lot. Just a little.

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