Australian Survivor announces its theme – and it’s a good one

Who knows when Australian Survivor will be back on our screens, but at least we now know the theme.

The season will be filmed in outback Queensland, which is an interesting choice as seasons set away from the ocean tend to be not as much fun.

This week Ten announced it would be a Brains versus Brawn season. My fave season of US Survivor is Cagayan, which was Brains V Brawn V Beauty. So Australia has ditched the Beauty aspect, but that’s obviously provided by Jonathan Lapaglia.

Hopefully this means not all the challenges will be the overused “two people pushing against each other/holding something heavy”.

I want puzzles and balance challenges.

And since it’s in Queensland we’d better see them round up sheep – winner gets roast lamb for tea.

Meanwhile, US Survivor is back in Fiji and word has it season 41 will only be 26 days long instead of the usual 39. Probably to offset the two-week quarantine the contestants had before the game commenced.

It will be interesting to see how the strategic gameplay ramps up in the shortened timeframe, since food and the sheer survival aspect of daily life won’t be so pressing.



  1. Sounds good for the Aussie version. I agree about the challenges, I like obstacle course/teamwork/puzzle ones. My favourite so far has been the cube tangled with masses of ropes. I really dislike the two-person battle style which for some reason, the Aus version favours? A balance/endurance challenge has to be exceptionally well-designed to capture my attention, I find most of them boring, especially the endurance ones as individuals.

    It is Survivor, though, and we need a good mix of challenges so that all contestants have equal chance, and of course the viewers need variety because we all like different things.

  2. I didn’t know where to post this one.

    Geoffrey Edelsten won’t be on Survivor. He passed away this afternoon.

    The outback Survivor series I’ve seen have been plagued with flies. I fear neither brain nor brawn can overcome them. Don’t forget the Aerogard.

    • I saw an episode of Naked and Afraid where a contestant had so many insect bites at night that their body went into toxic shock. Horrendous. I wonder if the Aussies will get Aeroguard with their sunscreen?

  3. Met the film crew for this season about 2 months ago. Their transport, trucks etc. had broken down and called in at the bakery where I now work. Season was filmed at Cloncurry east of Mt Isa Qld.

    • That’s what I love about Australia. We are so small there is nowhere to hide.
      And just to add to the discussion, I hate challenges that repeatedly favour brawn over brains. I know it makes for good individual episodes, but it makes for a lousy series.

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