Who do you want to see cook on Celebrity MasterChef Australia?

Ten has announced it is making another season of Celebrity MasterChefAU.

Makes sense: It will be a quick shoot and there are plenty of underemployed Celebs due to Covid.

No details on when this one will air but the last season was way back in 2010.

The swimmer Eamonn Sullivan won that one. Other cast members were Indira Naidoo and Michelle Bridges (now appearing on Celebrity Apprentice).

Who would you like to see cast on this one?



  1. Lee Lin Chin, Barrie Cassidy, Jenny Brockie, and Bluey’s dad were the first few to pop into my mind.

  2. Hamish, Erik Thomsen, Chris Bath, Jude Bolton (I’d watch him in anything), Jacqui Lambie (for laughs), Marina Prior, James Valentine….

  3. Bandit.
    I think I meant Bluey’s creator, but didn’t take a minute to look up his name. Although Bandit would be entertaining, if they could figure a way to get a cartoon dog to cook.

  4. That’s a fairly mixed bunch, so it could be entertaining. I like Dilruk, Rebecca and Ian. I’m not a fan of Chrissie Swan, and don’t really know the others, but I’ve never watched Celebrity MC before, and will give this one a go.

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