Who will win the 2021 season of MasterChef Australia?

Ok, we are a fair way into MasterChef Australia now, and there are not many “hidden” contestants left.

Who can you see making it to finals week?

I’m thinking Pete (the vegetable guy with long, blond hair) and Depinder will be there.

I love the look of Kishwar’s food but don’t know if she can pull off a fancy pants pastry that may be required down the track.

Bet you can’t name them all.

I can see Sabina being a great success in years to come as she has organisation and grit, but she lacks the breadth of food experience that comes only with age.

Meanwhile, kudos to Andy for his vast improvement as a judge this season – he’s much more articulate and comfortable in the role.


This elimination is played over two rounds. In the first round, contestants must identify the 14 game meats on display. The six contestants with the lowest scores will cook off in round two.


It’s Second Chance Week in the MasterChef kitchen. Across the week, 11 previously eliminated contestants are back with not one, but two chances to get back in the competition.


Renowned pastry chef Anthony Hart reveals his pressure test dish: chocolate oasis. The contestants have 2 hours and 15 minutes, plus a further eight minutes to plate up Anthony’s creation.


This episode, the 10 returning contestants can choose between a clear mystery box where the ingredients are visible or a regular mystery box where the ingredients are hidden.


Four contestants are told they will have two-and-a-half hours to prepare a three-course menu. But the catch is that after each course is tasted, one contestant will be knocked out of the competition.



  1. This season has been so lacklustre, with even the better cooks being one-trick ponies, that I still don’t know the names of most of them.

    Pete seems to have acquired more knowledge and skill, so he will probably stay in for a while. I don’t mind the boilermaker guy, now that he has stopped reminding us every five minutes that he is just a “dumb tradie”, but doubt he will win. I hope Tommy stays, too, for his likeability as well as his cooking. He has pulled a rabbit out of a hat a couple of times, so may have a chance.

    I agree that Andy has improved since his first season.

  2. Phrases that need to be banned from MC:

    “Going home tonight is not an option.” It’s a contest. Going home is definitely an option.

    “I’ve spent a lot of time away from my children/husband/dogs.” You knew that was the game before you went in. Stop whining.

    “I don’t have time to cook this meat properly, but I’m going to try.” Don’t. Time doesn’t expand because you want it to. Choose something else.

    “I want…” Don’t we all.

  3. I’ve only seen one episode, but Sabina really impressed. Not so much for cooking (although that was good) but just general likeability.

  4. Eliminated contestants are all back tonight, with two openings for them to get back in the comp. The contestants still in did some of the shopping for them…and I’m confused. Might give this episode a miss. There are enough people I don’t know still, without bringing in more faces I don’t even remember.

    I’m also confused about which covid-safe rules they pick and choose to follow. Sometimes they do elbow bumps, more often they are hugging now. They are still wearing one glove when they get stuff from the pantry, which is pointless, is there a shortage of gloves? The judges are right in the faces of those who are cooking, when they wander around trying to put the wind up everyone. Masks were worn when going into Coles, but aren’t worn any other time. If everyone involved in the show is in a (huge) safe bubble, none of them should be going into a Coles.

    Heh, I’m finding this season more annoying than interesting.

    • They don’t seem to be following any Covid safety rules.
      The trip to Coles was obvious advertisement. They could have gone into the pantry and picked out ingredients for the returning contestants. I think it would have been more interesting if the returnees had picked names out of a bag so that whomever got an ingredient for them would have been random.
      I’m finding myself watching the beginning, fast forwarding through the middle and watching the last @15 mins. to see the final dishes and the results. So predictable this season who will be eliminated, get to participate in an immunity challenge and then win the immunity challenge. Don’t really have to watch the judges announcing the results.

      How many times have they been allowed to cook whatever they want? Seems that this has happened more in this season than any past season.

      • Yes, it’s kind of boring this year. I watch the first few minutes, then go off to do something else, and come back to see the results. But I missed the end of last night’s episode so I don’t know who did well. Ben Pobjie didn’t do a recap; however, I’m sure I’ll be able to determine the outcome.

        The Coles bit was funny. I’ve never had anyone in the meat department ask if I needed help. I’ve asked their butchers questions, and they are friendly and helpful, but I have to chase them up first.

        Jock’s mission this season seems to be to make every contestant cry at least once.

  5. I would be surprised if Therese is not making it back into the competition. She was portrayed as a front runner. I can see the producers throwing in the total shock of “Therese gets her immunity pin back as well”.
    Connor will be the other one coming back. But I might be completely wrong as most of the time.^^

    Who will win? Well, Therese, if she comes back, will reach the finals. Maybe Justin(?), he is barely visible. Amir? I really think Tommy is adorable, would like to see him win.

  6. Has everyone give up on watching this? I’ve noticed, too, that they are a lot fewer comments on the Whirlpool forum than there have been in past seasons.

    • I’m trying to watch encores to keep track, Smythe. . After all, these are the “best ever” home cooks on Ma$terchef. Now that might be fake news. No encore today.It’s probably better to get some sun and walk the dog today. Anyway, I’ve just seen the new Bachelor. He’s a Matt Damon/Leonardo clone.

      Here’ s just some of the things that have killed Ma$terchef for me.

      Ice Cream
      Covid hygiene~ a Ma$terchef myth.
      Jock’s emotional abuse of amatas.
      The confected hysteria greeting chefs I’ve never heard of.
      Andy’s kindergarten vocabulary.
      The calls from the gallery “C;mon, you can do it!” No, they can’t.
      “Journeys “, “Dreams”
      Loudness of the cheap muzak and judges roaring platitudes above the din.

      • That list could have been written four years ago, bar the covid references and different judges. The ice cream definitely deserves the top of the list, although I think that it now has to be incredibly good to get the brownie points. They now all make it as if you can’t have dessert without it. What about a silky creme anglaise or other sauces?

      • Your list is on target and I would also put ice cream on the top of my list with curry a close second.
        Covid hygiene is non-existent on MC, but when has any kind of hygiene really been a concern on MC?

        • To think that we’ve had curry flavoured ice cream this year was just too much. Culinary evil.

          • You won’t want to watch tonight’s show, Dave. The contestants have to make two dishes using crayfish, one dish being something inventive.

            One of the promos suggests someone makes crayfish doughnuts. I hope it’s a savoury doughnut, otherwise I’m going to puke. But I fully expect crayfish ice cream from someone.

        • I presume they are living in a hub during filming, so technically they don’t have to do any restrictions, but put some in the show to acknowledge their “public duty” and stop everyone shouting in alarm. Of course, that hub is broken if they go to a commercial Coles, so I don’t know how they could manage that.

  7. Okay, every friggin’ elimination the commenter says: One of our favourite amateur chefs will leave the competition. EVERY TIME!
    I am really over it, it is not inspiring and it is boring. As I said weeks ago, the loud ott music is grating on my nerves. The UK version is so much more enjoyable because it doesn’t use all the theatrics. It is subtle and the focus is on the cooking.

    PS: US Masterchef just started, equally loud and noisy and obnoxious. Actually, it is even worse than the AUS version. Plus American pathos is so bad. Ugh. Too much for my boring European self.

    • I dislike being told who my favourite is – usually because they are wrong. More often it is the one the producers have tried to promote as a fav. Everyone’s fav is different, anyway, so why not say “…a talented chef”, “…a frontrunner”, “…an unexpected elimination.”

  8. Well, I was going to have tuna steaks for dinner, but not now.

    I’m in favour of using every part of an animal that’s been killed for consumption, but watching it broken down made me feel sorry for the fish.

    The sauce for that chef’s rolled cod roast looked like congealed arterial blood.

  9. Aside from lack of hygiene, none of the contestants are using a safety glove while using a mandolin. The little blue band aids aren’t going to help much if one of them slices the tips of their fingers off.

    All the judges are undermining those cooking tonight. They aren’t offering constructive criticism, just planting doubts in everyones mind. Shut up and let them cook – if they fail, they fail. No one is an outstanding cook this season anyway.

  10. There’s going to be a lot of crying on Sunday. Thanks for the warning Ch 10 with the pitiful promo footage. Emotional abuse.

    • The mute button has been pressed many, many times while watching any Ch 10 or affiliates show the past few days. I think this is the one where someone says something like “I can’t cook, I’m done”, and leaves MC I guess. Gasps, tears, hands over mouth from judges et al.

      I think it’s the tradie dude who leaves, trying to identify the voice from previous promos, and because he hasn’t seemed very happy the latest couple of episodes, even when his fried chicken got a good review.

      I’m sorry for whoever it is, but will probably manage to control my tears.

      • “I can’t cook, I’m done”

        Finally, an amata gets real. The fried chickens coming home to roost. If it’s the battler boilermaker, see ya, he flooded the Ma$terchef kitchen with unsightly beard sweat.

  11. All the shock and horror when contestants find out that an elimination round actually has *gasp* rules is getting old and tiresome.

    And hoo boy, surprise dishes being cooked in round one – another Sri Lankan curry, another Bangladeshi dish, and I’m sure if Tommy didn’t have immunity, he would be cooking another Vietnamese dish. I will only forgive Tommy because I really like him.

    Sabina picked some stuff off her cutting board and shoved her fingers in her mouth to taste it. Blech.

  12. If I didn’t already suspect that it was Brent the tradie who leaves MC, it was telegraphed through the whole show tonight.

    I think Jock lacks an empathy gland, demonstrated by the questions he asked Brent after he announced he was finished.

    I felt sorry for the guy.

  13. Tonight’s cook is three courses for a delivered meal, 60 serves from each team. These guys have no idea of how to calculate amount of food needed, none. One team thinks 100gm of meat each serve of main is sufficient. Nah, if I paid for a meal and only got 100gm of meat with it, I would complain. One team was using only one cut of flesh off each duck until Andy and Jock chipped them about wastage. One team cannot work out how much fish to prepare, They’re all looking for a calculator, apparently unable to figure 200gm x 60 serves with a pen and paper.

    Guys, you have to watch this episode, it’s hilarious. They are all so intimidated by the thought of 60 serves that they’ve forgotten how to multiply or add. Or add flavour – 4 bottles of fish sauce for the tiny amount of flesh they’re using.

    • You’re right, Von, it’s hilarious. I’m at the calculator panic and wasted duck stage. The look on the amatas faces when they knew how many they were attempting cooking for was priceless.

      Duck Maryland in culinary fairyland. A total duckup.

      A Shralankan’ “Feast”. Help.These diners are doomed. Stuff is coming out of …..cans.

      Andy can’t lecture these amatas. When he “won” Ma$terchef, he totally ruined a large salmon with his ham fisted knife skills. Jock joins in the wastage abuse.

  14. I am so behind on MC but will do a fast forward as we get closer to the end. I wonder if it’s the lack of public service challenges I miss – the “cook breakfast at this market” kind of ones. Which is not MC’s fault due to Covid but it does make the show more one note when it’s mostly cooking dinner in the MC kitchen.

    • I miss the “novelty” challenges the most. Some are still there, like the relays – occasionally. I like the taste tests, the guessing competitions (still remember the amazing array of cakes I had never heard of), the cook-along with the chef, the fix-this-dish. I want the show to really test the contestants on every part of cooking, not just make what you are good at, using this one ingredient. More baking (eg, make the best bread loaf or steamed pudding, with more time), more tests of specific skills (loved the make-the-best-single-potato-chip challenge).

      Most of all, as someone who dislikes most Asian food, I am just not inspired by anything. Nearly everything is cooked with sweet added to a savoury dish, which is my big no-no, so I am bored with nearly everything made. I used to attempt to make some of the dessert recipes. Maybe if they bring on some of the dessert experts who present a dessert that is not a mess of elements spread on a plate, I might find something to emulate.

    • “One note” is a good description of this season, Juz. Aside from any cooks happening outside of MC kitchen, it has mostly been up to the contestants to decide what they want to do. Too many of them do a similar thing every single time, with only minor variations.

  15. Depinder not a team player or a good sport, IMO. Nothing wrong with competitiveness, but she has screwed up more than one group challenge. Not sure who I like, finding this season a bit lackluster. I quite like Justin, Linda and KIshwar. —the whole season is turning into a bit of a curry-off (YUM). Finding it hard to see who is getting the “winner” edit. Agree with comments above, they should all return to school and grade 3 math.

  16. Another battle of the curries. Wish they would have had each team randomly choose a cuisine but no Asian or Indian. Would have been a better competition if they were forced to cook something other than curries. This is a very boring and mediocre season, IMO.

  17. The dish for tonight’s pressure test looks delicious. Except – pink pork. Goddammit, chef, no pink pork! That’s one of my pet hates in meat cooking.

    But the whole dish I think I would like. Four plus hours to replicate it is a big ask of anyone in this lot of contestants. The four were busily drawing pics of the finished dish and making notes on the recipe. But Pete, who is supposedly a perfectionist, didn’t check off ingredients as he prepared his pastry and forgot eggs. Derp. Concentrate on methodical rather than perfection.

    Tommy is enjoying himself so far, and it’s fun to watch. Maja is panicking over something or other. Depinder, I don’t know or care how she’s going.

    I’m not watching every single step, but this is more interesting to watch than the last umpteen cooks, which were cook-whatever-you-want, and ended up being a curry-off every time.

    Was that Maggi black sauce added to the pastry mix? I always thought of that as a cheat ingredient, but I’m not a chef.

  18. Maja went home, her pastry was too thick and the pork was nearly raw.

    Tommy’s dish was the best. He’s my favourite and I hope he wins. He has pretty much limited himself to Vietnamese flavours and dishes, but I think he could go far even within that limitation. And he does enjoy cooking, and that shows.

  19. Cooking for a place in the top ten tonight, so we’re hearing every description of stress from everyone. Jock is doing his usual schtick of planting doubts in the minds of every person he speaks too.

    I’d like to see Depinder go home. But she is getting the “flustered” edit, so she probably stays. Teacher’s pet.

  20. It came down to Aaron and Depinder. Of course Aaron lost then. It’s bullshit, her uncooked rice should have lost to his over-seasoned sauce. Pfft.

    • Totally agree with you Von. It was predictable, though, that they would probably eliminate Aaron based on the judges’ comments during the cook. Pub food, too simple of a dish, etc. I would have thought that someone who presented the judges with uncooked rice would have been eliminated instead of someone who over-seasoned and over-spiced the sauce. Definitely BS. Guess the judges want more curry dishes. 🙁

  21. Andy declaring prawns were “humming” and Jock licking his fingers after consuming broth. Fail.

    “This plate of food is nervous”, declareth the unknown legend chef . Give it a Valium, then , you fool. Hero the Valium.

    “Food that transports you to another place” ……the rest room.

    • Curry ice cream is praised and rewarded. I can’t believe how bad this is.

      Andy demands that the food has to be “epic” tonight.

    • The chef also went into raptures that the broth left a slick of oil on his lips with every bite. Yuck. Use your napkin, chef.

  22. Aww, I think Scott misses Aaron, who used to laugh at his jokes.

    Andy is running the kitchen.

    You know the seafood team is going to get stuck with having to prep a million prawns. They never learn. And how many whole flounder do you cook for 80 people? Figuring out serving sizes is none of these people’s strong point.

    The meat team…we’ll see. I missed seeing what they are serving.

  23. The green team (using meat) won. I kind of tuned out after Melissa said that one of the courses “smelled like teamwork”. I hope that not too many of Andy’s and Jock’s dumb comments have rubbed off on her.

    The teams were close in the judging, until Jock found guts still in his flounder, which did the blue team in. That was nauseating to even look at. I wonder what they served to the other diners, who would have also found nasty bits in their fish.

    Blue team, if you don’t know how to clean a fish properly, don’t choose fish.

  24. For the pressure test tonight, the members of last night’s winning team get to each make up their own pressure test, as long as it’s a dessert featuring vanilla. Cripes, MasterChef, you’re just phoning it in at this point. Might as well draw straws to determine who is going to win the whole competition. Unless that has already been decided.

  25. Mystery box challenge…they get to watch videos of their families (projector was in the one large mystery box) and then cook whatever they want. Their families are their inspiration. Why bother?

    • I only watched a few minutes last night. When I saw it was the tear-jerking challenge, I changed channels. I don’t want to watch every single contestant cry when they see the message from their family. Nor do I care if they’re inspired by grandma/children/mum/husband/dog. Enough of that crap.

  26. I’m not watching tonight’s episode. I’m not a fan of the Imitate-me challenges. By definition, the contestants will always be one step behind, even if they know the recipe.
    They prove nothing.
    They are not even interesting because …. just what?

    • Agree, Bobi. I dislike that the contestants are trying to watch Curtis while prepping their ingredients as well.

      I’ll be listening while I’m making my dinner. I like Tommy, and want to see how he does.

  27. Tonight is another Coles commercial from Curtis Stone. I wonder if they try to pretend again that Curtis is actually there at the same time as the challenge is taking place.

    Coles has thrown in a prize of $10,000 worth of groceries – from Coles of course. That is about 6 weeks’ worth.

  28. I’m watching after all, it’s hysterical.

    Tommy snapped at Jock when Jock was about to get in his face.

    Sabina is about to tell the folks on the gantry to shut the fuck up.

    Kishwar, who already has two band aids on her hands, cuts herself again. Then shakes her hand around, doubtless flinging blood all over the place where she is cooking.

    Jock is telling Kishwar he can’t do this for her, while he is doing it for her.

    Linda doesn’t know what Marsala is.

      • That was the most entertaining episode in weeks. Not because of the stupid challenge, but because of watching the contestants pfaff around, get in a flap, and clutch. They all got a reasonable effort on the plate, although I figure there was some adjustment on time.

        Fair call that Sabina won. The folks on the gantry need to be prohibited from speaking at all during an immunity challenge.

  29. Hey Von, I am going to watch this on replay.
    Don’t you hate it when you pre-empt indignity and unfairness, storm out of the room in high umbrage, and then you miss out on the fun?

  30. Keeping up with Curtis should mean no help from judges or gantry but judges were assisting and gantry people were shouting out instructions. Sabina kept up with Curtis and tried to ignore the shouts from the gantry. She deserved the win.

  31. I’m hoping Depinder is one of the ones to be eliminated tonight. But the camera has focused on her 1000 times already and the show has only been on 10 minutes.

    Pete has expressed interest in the Kent pumpkin. Pumpkin ice cream?

    • Why? Why do people do it? It’s not clever.
      And if it was any good, it would have been invented decades ago, ffs.

      • He didn’t do pumpkin ice cream. I just assumed he would. He made roast pumpkin with pumpkin puree, some kind of flavoured oil, and something else. He’s through to Round 2. Depinder and Minoli had the two worst dishes. Minoli is out of the comp.

        This round he is doing something weird with horseradish, but I didn’t catch his description because I’m making brownies. From a box, but I am very cleverly adding pecans to the mix because I’m such a talented baker :).

        Depinder is doing horseradish ice cream.

        • Scott is the second one to go home. I felt sorry for him, he’s kind of dorky and I think he felt a bit lonely after Aaron left.

          Bloody Depinder is still there, pretending she cares who is eliminated, as long as it isn’t she.

          • You are spot on about Depinder. She had little pumpkin flavour in her cake and little walnut flavour in her ice-cream but Minoli cooked well and the only problem with her’s was that the judges “would have preferred ordinary noodles” instead of the green mango. Similar scenario to when Depinder served raw rice.
            I haven’t been watching consistently this season, too boring.

        • Sorry. Was off on a rant.
          I find People pretending to make Ice cream on a cooking show triggering 🤣.

          • If you eliminate all the ice cream triggers, you’d only be able to watch about 10 minutes of this season, Bobi.

            You would not have missed much. MC is a big yawn this year.

  32. Was surprised how much the judges raved over Pete’s very simple, very small wedge of pumpkin and pureé dish. Nothing much to that dish including innovation. Then he makes yet another ice cream and granita dish in the second round. How many times has he done the same thing, just changing the flavor of the ice cream and granita?
    Did anyone else find Sabina irritating?

    • I did, too, Smythe. For someone who got annoyed at all the advice yelled at her from the balcony the other night, she was yelling a lot of advice from the balcony last night.

    • I too was annoyed by Sabina stinking up the gantry on this afternoon’s encore. Pitiful. “Keep pushing!” Vomit.

  33. My internet has been weird and glitchy all day; I’m unable to open some sites, other sites show only text and no pictures. I went to MC facebook site just to check if it was normal and the first picture showed which team lost the challenge tonight. Thanks facebook, jerk.

  34. Same old problems for both teams – some good ideas, but no thought given to time taken to make their dishes look pretty.

    They need to stop being so awed (seemingly) by their location, and just put heads down butts up and cook.

    • “…it doesn’t look fine dining but I know the flavours are there, so I hope the judges…”

      How many times have we heard something similar, just before the one who said it is sent home?

  35. Depinder ruined the dessert, sending the orange team into an elimination cook. Skip the elimination, just send her home.

  36. Sabina shouting out orders to everyone again. 🙁
    Guess no one on orange team tried the rubbery overset Panna Cotta before sending it out to the diners.

    • Those panna cotta looked more solid than Uluru itself. Worst cooks seen there in 40, 000 plus years. The overawed amatas looked more flummoxed than Burke and Wills.

    • If they want MC to survive and continue to be the money churner that it clearly is, they should ban pannacotta, ice cream, journeys and nonne.
      I think that about covers it … but I’ll get back to you at the end of the week.
      I’m irritated by this lot.

  37. I’m barely watching/listening tonight, only hoping that Tommy stays and Depinder goes home.

    The number of times we’ve heard that one person or the other is out of their comfort zone…enough.

    I don’t know how many of them, judges and contestants, were comfortable with the smoking ceremony. You don’t have to act as though you’re in the presence of Jesus Christ, just show respect. Same with the native plants and food, they’re not the body of christ, just unfamiliar ingredients.

    They should have given the contestants hats so they weren’t constantly pushing hair back from their faces.

  38. I did watch the dishes being tasted and all I can say is YAY!

    I didn’t like Depinder.

    I think the others did pretty well using unfamiliar herbs, fruit, etc.

  39. I’m not very interested in tonight’s cook, using everything in the mystery box. I’m just watching the tastings now.

    Has anyone tried purple cauliflower? I’ve only seen it once in the shops and didn’t try it because the price was something ridiculous for a teeny little head.

    I’d prefer if people who crossbreed and develop hybrid fruits and vegetables would concentrate more on flavour, and less on prettiness and long shelf life.

  40. Pete’s dish looked like purple vomit.
    Justin, Linda and Elise seem to be the most humble of all the contestants.

  41. I’m taking the negative route – my preferred order of elimination
    Dark haired girl – not Linda, not Kishwar
    Tommy – but I do like him
    Pete – I like him too
    And it’s a covid special triple champion year cos I love Kishi, Juz and Linda.
    Did I say how happy I was to see ‘Pinder’ fiiiiinally punted!

  42. I’m watching tonight to see who gets eliminated. I will be sad if it’s Tommy, if it’s any of the others, well, too bad but no tears from me.

    The outcome is usually telegraphed way before the end and right now it is signaling Tommy. There’s a ways to go yet though.

  43. I’m sorry it’s Tommy. I found him very likeable. I hope he gets his own show. I would watch.
    Andy is nails down a blackboard to me. I’ve tried to be kind. I think I’ve given him more than a fair chance. Seriously, what were they thinking? That more blokes would watch if it’s a blokey-blokey judge?

  44. I will miss Tommy. I liked that he would joke around and sometimes make a smarty-pants comment to the judges, instead of fawning over the supposed pearls of wisdom dropping from their mouths. He had a good attitude toward competing in MC.

    I wasn’t impressed with Jock giving his opinion on the dishes to Andy and Mel before the dishes were tasted. He may be the only qualified chef, but that doesn’t mean his views should have more weight.

    I don’t think that Tommy’s rare beef should have lost to Pete’s glorified mashed potato with dried olives.

  45. Well now I’m pissed off. One after another my favourites have gone home. First it was Minoli last week going home the DAY BEFORE THEY WENT TO THE NT, HER HOME STATE. Grrrrr. I thought she would be going in the second round to have another chance not go right then. I was not happy. Then Depinder, Tommy & now Sabina last night. What about Linda. Did she bother to check what dessert Sasbina was making? There were 2 of them doing dessert. They should not be making the same dessert. And her bloody ice cream wasn’t even set. SHE should have goner home & been reprimanded for not checking what Sabina was making & making something different. Sabina made a point of making something that complemented what the person before her was making.

    • Cooking an ice-cream!!! All of my trigger words in one sentence.
      Is it my imagination or has this season gone on for like, forever?

      • Deep breaths, Bobi, deep breaths :). I’m sure this season started 27 months ago, and will go on for another 13 months.

        While I don’t care who gets eliminated now, Sabina gave a reasonable response to Jock asking why she didn’t toast her macadamias. She wanted them to taste fresh and thought they would go better with her dessert if they weren’t toasted. So Jock gave her a dirty look and decided then and there that wasn’t good enough – his way or the highway.

  46. Tonight’s test/elimination is a recreation of a fancy schmancy grevillea flower with other things, looking as though it requires about a million steps. I missed some of the details.

    Justin said he is going to start…and then read the recipe. Huh?

    Pete has never tempered chocolate before.

    Linda said she is not good at following a recipe.

    Kishwar said she is just going to have fun with this.

    This one could be amusing to watch. Too bad I have other things to do.

  47. Been told by my niece Justin is the winner. She has a client who is involve in all reality shows and he told her to bet on Justin. Lol not sure if it’s accurate but she did got Celebrity Apprentice correct

    • Ah. Thanks. Good to know.
      Oddly enough, I think this will make it easier to watch.
      I can relax, stop throwing things at the telly and just focus on the dishes themselves.

    • I think the final will be between Kishwar and Justin. Justin seems to have expanded his skills a lot. Kishwar stays calm under pressure. I hope the final challenge will be something other than a phantasmagorical dessert.

  48. Tonight they have to make a dish based on inspiration from an emerald or a ruby.

    Pete is pureeing vegetables. Elise is making pasta. Kishwar is making a curry. I don’t know Justin’s idea yet.
    That’s why this season seems so long. The contestants “play to their strengths” every single time they have a choice. They only deviate when forced to.

  49. Didn’t think it was fair that Andy gave Pete the tip about how to get the oysters to open faster so he wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time shucking them.

    • Yeah, that’s a bit blokey boys club of Andy. Ironically, Pete’s been doing a great job of shucking the viewers….

      I suppose it’s a blessing that he didn’t make Oyster Ice Cream. Of course, this pulsating season of best ever cooks isn’t over yet.

      The other night, Jock announced that the Finals are here. I nearly died of shock. We’ll reach herd immunity before this season finishes.

  50. Tonight’s challenge for the remaining three is a fine dining, three-course meal for 20 people and the judges.

    I don’t think these guys quite understand the concept of fine dining. Justin is doing tacos for one course. Elise is doing something Italian based, but incorporating native ingredients, which is the same idea she used last time. I’m not sure of Kishwar’s plan yet, but what she is cooking looks like some sort of curry.

    This year has suffered from lack of imagination from the contestants. I don’t count Pete’s far-fetched flavours of ice cream as imaginative, more like he pulled some ideas from a drug induced dream.

    Early guess, Elise is the one who gets eliminated tonight.

  51. The 3 Masterchef judges practised Selective Discrimination. They sent Greg home instead. They should have sent Depinder home for failing miserably when cooking and serving glutinous rice, not worthy of Masterchef quality or any quality restaurant food. It was a fail straightaway. Shame on the 3 judges. Resign!

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