Farmer Wants a Wife starts tonight

Farmer Wants a Wife returns to Channel 7 tonight.

Will you be watching? I hope they have ditched the MAFS-style group dinners (super spreader event in the making) but no doubt they remain.

FWAW starts at 7pm, then runs Mon, Tues and Wed from 7.30pm.



  1. Farmer ~ “Finding yer soulmate isn’t instantaneous …more of a slow burn”

    He burnt someone tonight.

    • I’ll be watching the sizzle. I haven’t started yet but I’ve been recording. I’ll have to catch up.

  2. Interesting start. The farmers aren’t too heinous. Pretty average. The girls are average. Not too, too much botox, false eyelashes etc. There might be a few genuine ones looking for marriage.
    I don’t think a farmer’s wife usually does the sheep shearing.

  3. I dipped in and out (no sheep dipping puns as yet).
    I didn’t mind the hairy guy.
    Early days, of course.
    The woman who quit her job is a bit extreme, hey. Gives vibes of stalker material.

  4. At least one of those farmers in being very stupid. Leaving a love bite on one of your girls isn’t very considerate.

    Then there was the girl who got the kindling; “I’m one of his favourites”, lit the match; “He tried to kiss me”, then cried, “I hate drama” when it all back-fired.
    And Farmer Matt (the only farmer name I remember yet), has a toothy grin that makes him look like a Warner Brothers wolf watching the chicken house.
    Night 3 and I’m all in.

    • The girl was Lucy. It will be interesting to see if she has sunk her boat with Andrew, despite the patching up at the end.

  5. DD and I are all in too, despite the prospect of endless gatherings where most of the women act like a Year 9 girls clique. My enjoyment of the show is also diminished by seeing the girls all ridiculously dressed up. So impractical and fake, and most of them were shivering by the end of last night’s show, being terribly underdressed.

    Still sorting the farmers out. I like Rob (beard man) and loved red curly-haired Meg who said she would love to run her hands through the beard. As a beard girl myself, love it. But he seems to be moving away from Meg, or maybe just trying all the others out. Interesting that they locate Rob as the “Snowy Mountains” and not the specify area. That is a very big location, but judging by the terrain I suspect it may be the part on the Canberra side.

    The other farmer I really like (ie he seems like a good person) is the one who sent Tammy home on the first night, Will. Several times he has shown integrity and honesty, and I like that he recognised that he couldn’t string Tammy along when she had no intention of having kids.

    Andrew seems very nice (the centre of the drama last night). We were very confused at the whole thing, and not sure why it was such an issue, or who was telling the truth. Maybe actions were just misconstrued. Rachael did not impress me with her overreaction and need to hash everything over several times.

    Not sure about Matt and Sam. I suspect Sam is more of a play-the-field guy, not my style. I think he is also the one who picked all the bottle blondes.

    The eyelashes are driving me mental. My fingers itch to rip them off. Good on the girl (Ash, I think) who was upfront about being required to doll up so much.

  6. There’s quite a few occupations amongst the girls that might not translate to a remote location. The oncology nurse (?Mackenzie) might have to move back to general nursing.

    • Prostitute probably wouldn’t work out in remote location, either.

      The farmer who chose bottle blondes, yes, he’s as shallow as his dam in a drought year.Just give him a Playboy magazine and run, girls.

  7. They must be relatively near each other’s farms to be able to meet up.

    The more mentally mature farmers are being more respectful and conscious if the need to give all of them a chance.

    Not a great idea to have pash sessions and leaving blood blisters on necks.

  8. I haver to wonder how the parents feel to see dumbarse farmer Will driving their precious daughters down a road in a powerful car with one hand on the steering wheel and the other nowhere near it. Appalling.

  9. I have to apologise to Farmer Sam – it is Will who has all the bottle blondes.

    Bit annoying that they have tried to bring in “intruders”. Surely they should have learned from the disaster of doing that in Amazing Race. It has backfired a bit, by giving the farmers the choice, we only have two foreigners back to the farms. If I was one of the original girls, that would be the sign that he wasn’t serious about anyone in the house, and therefore time to give up on him.

    Where did the “Mums” choose these ladies from? I presume from the original profiles seeing as one travelled from Qld. So they wouldn’t actually know anything about them.

    Loving Andrew and Ash together. I am really hoping that the edit is being manipulated to imply that he is still interested in the others but he is sold on Ash.

    Not warming at all to Allanah (Will) with the long dark hair and intense eyes. A couple of times Will has said he is a bit scared of her, and I agree. She feels like someone who might be a bit stalker-ish. Of course, totally random judgement based on the show, so she might be lovely. In this group of women, Mackenzie is my stand-out. I like how she is not in his face all the time, and men generally like the chase of a woman who is a bit held back.

    Farmer Rob is gone, gone, gone. Never happened before on FWAW, AFAIK. I’m not a fan of swearing but I couldn’t help feeling that Meg’s carefully bleeped phrase was spot on. Hard to know how to take his decision – was it honest to be upfront? Or was it a cop-out and a big waste of the women’s time?

    There was a lot packed into that episode. Individual dates, Rob kicking out his three, one other girl going, the gathering, some farm work, the intruder dates.

  10. I think the girl giving Andrew the most problem is Rachael, despite his liking for her. As a social worker, she keeps initiating these sessions to define the rules, and get everyone to talk deeply about the experiment, and basically navel-gaze. She is creating the “drama” he hates. However, he will need to learn that no matter who he marries, there will sometimes be “drama” and he will need to provide support. I laughed when he said that now there were only four girls left there wouldn’t be any more drama!

  11. The guy who sent his girls home didn’t get Mumma’s pick. He must have just pulled out all together.

  12. I have only seen a few minutes of this season and don’t know if I can be bothered starting. Survivor AU is back in a week and I have been watching a bit of the South African version

  13. Ooo, that new blond girl said, “I want this date HONEY”, like someone who calls you Honey in a fight. Lise her fast.

  14. Rob had a couple of cuckoo birds, and he probably already has scratched them off;. “Love is like two trees that don’t grow in each other’s shade”.

      • I know – and I say that in a high pitched, drawn out voice for emphasis.
        This had always perplexed me until a farmer explained it to me in terms of how many sheep, per acre, by the price of wool. I thought he was an idiot but at least I understood what was making him tic.
        And another caveat, he wasn’t one of the educated ones. He had come to farming late and saw it as a straight forward plus and minus game.
        When the government paid him to plant trees (yes, they did at one stage 😯) he planted pine trees. Even his neighbours thought he was a bit ordinary.
        Before you ask, he’s still farming but first he moved to cattle, and now he does racehorses. Chasing dollars.

  15. So, after being gone, gone, gone… Rob is back, back, back. I didn’t see that coming, but I probably should have. He meets four new women, claims he gets the “spark” that was missing, with Leah, them chooses a different one for the date. There seemed to be a theme to his new ladies, a strong sense of New Age spirituality and out-there practices.

    I am fuming about Andrew. Definitely off my Christmas card list now, turning his back on the best girl in the series, Ash, and falling for the Jess act.

    Glad that Sam is getting burned by having too many girls. Not a fan of his new one, Chelsea, who seems to think that when she stepped in all the others should just step back. Having said that, I now think the other girls should run. He’s not worth it. Especially Mackenzie who was his best option and now is likely to get very hurt.

    Love that Nat called Matt out for finally choosing a brunette. I have to apologise – again – to Will for getting the bottle blondes wrong again. I think this series, I have found it the hardest to get the farmers straight in my mind, and match them with their women. Matt, Sam and Will are just too alike, and there are too many women. I remember the older seasons when they only took three back to the farm, and very soon it was two.

    There were actually two women (original ones) who appeared in the edit last night, three weeks in, whom I had never seen before – Nickia and Kristina.

    Matt’s intruder, Jacqui, seems more likeable. I think she has a better chance to displace the incumbents despite him choosing someone else for the date.

    Because the promos say that two farmers “find love” which I interpret as a relationship that goes past the show, I am now nervous about the wrong choices these guys are making. It is time to start cutting away, and focusing on two or three possibilities. Just not Jess, Andrew!

    Great country singer at the “Ball” – was the name Trent Collins?

    • Yeah, I am still getting them all mixed up as to who is who and which farmer goes with which girls.

      If you are really old and remember the show Dobie Gilli’s, you might recall the girl who had a crush on Dobie; Zelda. That girl who is now going over the top for camera time, the one who did the twirls and carried firewood in her party dress looks like Zelda.

      • If old farmer can’t get a spark with this lot, he’ll be known as the farmer who should join the fire brigade.

      • Sorry, don’t know that show but google was my friend, and I agree that Nickia looks like Zelda. It seemed strange that she suddenly went all full-on extrovert as if he wouldn’t notice the difference from the previous weeks.

  16. Since no one is allowed to say this any more, I will; Some of those young girls are heiffers.

    I know you’re not allowed to say the “f” word.

    • Some have been in a big paddock….that’s before they got to the farm.

      I get why there’s Lite ‘n Easy ads during the encore.

      The host is no heifer. Man From Snowy River doesn’t know where to look when she talks to him..

  17. Yes, yes. Now I remember. It was three girls only and then one was sent home.
    I think that’s a better option.
    This candy shop set-up means that the guys are not taking it seriously. There’s a huge amount of psychology that says that the more choices you have, the less likely you are to make a decision.
    Maybe it’s all part of the swipe left generation.
    I had a conversation with a short, tubby guy once (without criticising short but 5 foot. Go with me. It will become relevant), who thought that the only thing between him and Elle McPherson living happily ever after was the fact that they actually hadn’t met yet. 🤣🤣🤣. No, no. He was serious. Completely lacking in self-awareness. Like that was the only issue. 🤣🤣🤣 I dine out on that story.

    • You gotta have a dream…if you wanna dream come true.
      To paraphrase Rodgers and Hammerstein.
      Don’t you know (because they keep saying it) that you can have anything you want in this world if you work hard enough.

      • I laugh at those who think you can materialize the like you want by imagining it into existence. 🤣
        That old farmer got at least two of those types.

        As soon as she said, “He has good energy”, I said “Oh oh”.

      • South Pacific. Happy Talk. The old mum sang it by a swimming hole I think. I loved that song. I still do.

        • I heard Happy Talk done by Doris Day (or someone with a similar voice) on The Great British Sewing Bee. It was really nice.

  18. Anyone else think Matt seems a bit “duh”, airhead thick? Maybe it just stage fright but he’s making his sheep look smart.

    • He may be generally smart enough, but his knowledge of how women will react in any given situation is on the low side.

  19. So, we have a returnee, just like last season. Last time I did not like that, but IIRC that girl left in a nasty way and most viewers didn’t think she deserved a second chance.

    I feel differently about Tara for two main reasons. First, I think she really did just have a bad day on the day she left. She was overwhelmed by the whole process, the farmer had just brought a new girl in, and I think I might have reacted in the same way. Secondly, I do think she may be the right choice for him and that the distress of both of them was genuine. In a way, I think Matt has been set up by the producers who insisted that he “try out” all the girls equally and if left to himself he might have just settled on Tara early. His mistake was thinking that by trying them all out, the girls would all just accept the premise of the show and not be hurt or confused or feel rejected.

    Then he stupidly chose long-haired Hayley for the date. From what we were shown I feel that she guilted him into it when on the ute, and he probably felt he couldn’t choose Tara so soon after bringing her back.

  20. I think Will and Jaimee are a given. The way she caressed him, and he responded as she walked past was very telling. I think he would like her maturity in accepting his contract to give attention to the other girls, as well.

  21. Andrew is driving me crazy, and I think it is time for Ash to cut loose and go and find someone else. Rachael is his worst option and to choose her over Ash makes no sense at all.

  22. I can’t warm to Rob again. The whole process of starting again is so far behind where we are emotionally with the other farmers it does not engage me. That said, watching he and Vicki ride is a delight, and clearly the producers are using that and the gorgeous scenery to fill in on the lack of story for Rob.

  23. I like that Sam has circled back to Mackenzie, but it is time for him to make it clear that she is way ahead of all the others. It is still doubtful how invested he is in really finding a wife (as opposed to a relationship) so part of me wants to protect Mackenzie from him if he is not serious. It is clear that she is all in.

  24. Re Andrew again, I just wish Jess would just admit that she doesn’t want a farm life instead of leading him along.

  25. Oh boy, apparently a few viewers are indignant that the farmers didn’t stand when Natalie joined them. Why should they? Especially when that was probably the fourth take of her coming up to them. I thought the custom of men standing when a woman comes in the room had disappeared.

  26. Final comment, loved seeing them all at Glenworth Valley. Not exactly “the bush” as the farmers would know it, but a favourite camping spot for our family and friends. One DD got engaged there, and friends are getting married there in September (maybe?).

  27. Maybe it’s different for guys, but I think it shouldn’t be that hard to decide who you like out of four girls, unless you don’t really like any one of them.
    If someone hasn’t stood out a made your heart rate rise, then you don’t have a favourite.

  28. So painful to watch tonight. Painful to watch Sam and Andrew put through the fire.

    Matt, please dump Tara. That girl is full of tricks and manipulations.
    Andrew, dump Jess. She is going to rule you.

  29. I didn’t watch but read the recaps.
    I couldn’t watch because I could see most of it coming but in slow, slow time.
    I loathe people being praised for their “honesty”. It usually means blunt AF or I haven’t caught you in a lie yet. In either case, it just leads to an inevitable disappointment.
    I lost interest in Rob a long time ago. Since he sent the first batch home, he has just become a filler taking up air time. We all know that even if he was given a parade of a hundred women, he would still not find one that he would think of as good enough for his farm.
    As you can see, I am disappointed in this season. Either Australia doesn’t have enough eligible farmers or someone has forgotten that this isn’t MAFS.

  30. Spoiler alert – I’m going to talk about the “finale”.

    It all panned out pretty much as I expected:
    Will and Jaimee – obvious from the start, and I think the best chance of a longterm relationship. He was very gentlemanly to all the others, but I liked that he didn’t kiss the others unless backed into a corner.

    Andrew and Jess – also growingly obvious but I would definitely prefer Ash. She is the one I feel sorriest for. I think Jess showed at the home visits that she really is a city girl, and she won’t last at Andrew’s farm (if she ever goes there).

    Rob – no surprises there, and despite the annoying track record, I think the visit to Vici’s swamp house was the eye opener for him. He was spot on when he said that they were just too different. To live with and accept a woman with such strong new age views, you really need to have the same views. The red-hair lady didn’t suit either. With the first batch of women, compatibility with his kids was important, with the last two, it was never mentioned, and I wondered if Vici would warm to being a stepmum.

    Matt and Tara: The producers really overdid the “can I really trust her” with Tara and therefore flagged that she would be chosen, despite the split reveal. After the home date I wasn’t convinced that Alex was right, either. I can’t decide whether Tara was genuine or playing him. The little girl lost persona got tiring to watch, but it may have been that she really wasn’t coping. I note that her mum was also easily emotional.

    Sam – while not surprised at the result, I did not see it coming in precisely that way (in the previous Maritime Museum ep). I think Sam has had a big lesson in relationships on the show which will do him good. The catalyst has been the requirement to get to know the women as people, not just physically. He has learned that people are real and can get hurt (including himself). It is a big step to take toward maturity. The promo for the Reunion shows him happy and implies that he brings a girl, so I expect he either reconnected with one of the last two, or has found someone new. I hope it is not Mackenzie, because she is too nice and will not be able to trust him now.

    I haven’t liked Allanah at all, but I loved her bluntness at the dinner table when she forced him to be upfront. I was applauding.

    So, the theme of the finale was basically “do I choose the girl who makes sense, who matches me and will love the farm, or do I choose the other one who makes my heart race” and every one chose the second, or neither.

    The next question is “do the girls who were chosen love the farmer enough to fit into his life”. ATM, I feel that the only one who does is Jaimee. Tara might, but I think the relationship will be uncomfortable and she will be trying to compete with the farm until she realises she won’t win that fight. Jess I can’t have any faith in, I just don’t warm to her, but she could go either way if she changes as a result of the relationship.

    So, better than last year. The group stuff wasn’t as cringeworthy and they pulled back on trying to create trouble between the girls. I think covid really helped with that. I think the farmers were more genuine – last year’s were mostly looking for a hook up. There was still a lot wrong: the usual repetitions and recaps, the fake dates (who names a star for a woman they barely know?), the platitudes and sentimentalised dialogue, too many women, and trying to bring in intruders (total fail).

    I still prefer the older format. So lovely to see Rob and Jo again, now the poster family for the show.

    Now for the Olympics, and we get a Farmer’s Reunion afterwards to look forward to.

  31. Fijane, yes. Tara’s ‘damsel in distress” played on his need to rescue. I agree Alex wasn’t suited. I just preferred her to Tara, who I found manipulative. Those silk sessions around the table would have been a red flag to a guy with a brain.

    I am glad that Rob and Sam didn’t choose anyone. I think it was to their credit. I mean are the chances of you finding true love in any group 1 out of 5? Or 1 out if 10 in Rob’s case.
    Why did they keep giving an old farmer, new age girls? So some were ruled out automatically for the amount of crystals in her luggage. And don’t say, “Look me in the eyes. Listen to me. Repeat what I say”………unless you’ve been married 30 years and your sending hubby to buy milk, bread and cheese. What’s the odds you get a call 10 minutes later asking, “Was that bread, cheese and crackers?” 🤣

    • Not really a surprise, I suppose.
      There’s no way C7 didn’t know he was a fake farmer so I’m guessing that they must have known about the AVO. If they didn’t, their vetting leaves a lot to be desired. How do they not do police checks?

  32. Anybody at all watch the Reunion Show?

    TBH, if you didn’t, you really didn’t miss much. Everything basically panned out as you would expect. Considering it was only a month after the choice, that really didn’t give a chance for much.

    Rob and Sam were both grilled about not making a choice. Yeah, we know. Slightly happier news for Sam with a new relationship with a mate’s sister. I liked that he stated that he had learned a lot on the show. That was my thought, too.

    Matt and Tara had a month of enjoying the ride, then broke up a week before the reunion. Matt’s life has got very complicated, and because he obviously is not coping, Tara has stepped back. I can see that relationship possible reigniting much later. I hope Matt is in a better place psychologically now.

    Andrew and Jess are blissfully in love, and the reunion finished with them skipping into the sunset after hinting at marriage. I liked Jess much more this time when she was more relaxed. I wish them the best for the future.

    The elephant in the room was very evident in the segment with Will and Jaimee. Will looked hunted and uncomfortable for the whole episode. Their official line was that Jaimee had been to the farm and it was all lovely, and they both wanted “to see how it might develop from here”. Body language suggested that they had already agreed to split, with little touching or eye contact.

    Hayley’s pregnancy was announced by Nat later, as a big exciting event for her, with absolutely no mention of the father. Because of that, a neutral viewer would wonder why it was even mentioned?

    I really don’t know how the show could have handled it, anyway. It must have been a nightmare, and maybe letting Hayley leak it out ahead of time was the easiest way. It has been sad, as Will seemed to be the most honourable of them all. They showed the footage of Hayley being angry at Matt for bringing Tara back to the camping ground, and it is easy to imagine that in anger she went hunting that night for a way to hurt him.

    So all done now. We might get one wedding, or at least a shacking up. Which is a better strike rate than last year at least.

    • I really thought about watching it Thanks for recapping it, Fijane. Pregnancy on the show, hmm? “Farmer Wants To Create A Life”

      When I was young, a “shag” was a bird that frequented waterlands…

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