What’s been happening on the Bold and the Beautiful?

By Daisy
Liam and Bill are in prison for killing Thomas’s “BEST FRIEND”. Tell us again Thomas. Was Vinnie your BEST FRIEND? News flash Thomas. I think he was your only friend. With friends so scarce, Thomas didn’t want to lose one.

So who really killed Vinnie?

Thomas has been asked to mind Hope, as if she couldn’t afford a full time nanny, groundsman, housekeeper, cook and life coach (job for you at Forrester’s Coach Mike). She even has her interfering, gossipy, mother on site poking her nose in from the main house. But Hope wanted to flex her independent, modern woman muscles.

Steffy and Finn have almost dissolved in their own syrupy, sugary bliss. I wonder if Finn killed Vinnie. Or the Ghost of Little Emma. But wait, now Steffy is back doting on prisoner 095. 

Ridge is angry at Bill for covering up the crime and dragging Hope and Liam through the mud. But Finn is being forgiving and pragmatic.

Wipes and Flo are as annoying as ever. I wish Sally would kidnap them both. Quinn’s marriage is dangling by a tiny wisp of a thread, and then who will Eric marry?  He’s probably just about got time to fit in two more wives before he goes to that great big fashion house in the sky.

It’s now a job for Poirot; to discover who really killed Vinnie.



  1. The other question that is answered is why these actors have no wrinkles: Not a change of expression on any of the faces.

  2. I figure Steffy’s been pregnant for not very long, but anyway, the labour pains are here. Her and Finn aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere ie the hospital.. Rasper suggests some idiotic names for his new grandson. This was all meant to be cute, but fell flat.

    Eric’s ready to renew his vows and gerts Brooke’s nose out of joint by saying if you can’t support me, don’t bother turning up to the ceremony. Quinn sticks the boot in further and says don’t come back here , ever.

    Paris is still on a moral high horse to adulterers Quinn and Carter. Quinn tells her to mind her own business. I won’t be surprised if Paris makes a move on Carter , based on what I saw today. She looks better than scarecrow Zoe.

    I guess the roach will be a no show at Eric and Quinn’s shonky vow renewal shindig. Carter will officiate and pay for his sins.


    • Thanks Dave. And thanks to channel 10, we had to stream it again.
      Quinn shoving Brooke’s nose in soon to be short-lived victory is a clear red flag that the tables will soon turn and miralizing Brooke, in her disgusting sea green knitted frilly silly dress, will soon be relishing once again in Quinn’s fall from Forrester grace.
      Quinn drew the longer straw in the wardrobe department today because she got to wear a simple black and white number, no frill or strange belts, embroidered or rhinestone applique in sight.

  3. Steffy’s home birth process begins with Finn and a midwife in attendance. The loving vibes are in the air as Steffy is ushered into a Bunnings children’s swimming pool. Steffy blisses out in the warm water but is soon pushing and groaning, albeit fully clothed for our benefit. The midwife makes sure we get the hand sanitizer is being used and even suggests hip hop as mood muzak. California.

    Eric’s vow renewal looms. Carter is a case study in paranoia for the occasion. Quinn prepares upstairs but the hounds are snapping at her heels. First $hauna says how is Quinn going to stop Paris from blabbing. Then Brooke comes up and is asked to get out by Quinn. Then Paris comes in and verbally abuses Quinn for her nerve to renew her vows. Quinn tells Paris she’s too young to understand lifes complexities and shut to her idealistic trap if she wants a job at Forresters.(It’s such a bludge there, who’d want to lose their job?) Of course, Brooke is at the door , hearing all this go down. Two eavesdropping incidents today , care of Quinn’s door. Zoe has gone to Paris on a phot shoot while this mess is unfolding. Quinn’s portrait looks wobbly in the light of these events.

    This should be some vow renewal ceremony. Special mention to Wyatt’s just seen ghost “hairstyle”. Curtain .

    • Well if course Brooke would know her way and barge into Quinn and Eric’s bedroom. Afterall it wasn’t that long ago that she kept HER nightie under those pillows.
      When you marry your husband’s father, then divorce him and remarry your husband, it gives you interfering rights.

      In fact, Brooke has spread her rights throughout all the close-knit family.

  4. Sorry. I had the nerve to sleep through Eric’s vow renewal and Steffy’s home birth in the Bunnings swimming pool..

    • 😲
      I can’t decide if the heart on the belt that is the most offensive thing on this dress or the ruffle around the neck.
      It’s the small details.

      • It was very thick material like a horse blanket, and it had, I think a double row of knitted frill on the hem.

    • That’s the money shot. Thanks, daisy. Every birth is like this, right? We were forceped to endure this.

  5. A bit of pre vow snooping.

    “Is there anyone here who knows any reason why this man and woman should not be joined together in holy matrimony……”

  6. It’s 7.30 in the morning here and I turned on the tv to see the bathtub birthing scene. Deeply disturbing, deeply disturbing, deeply disturbing.
    My eyes 🥺.
    Luckily the scene changed to Brooke with her ear pressed against the door and I found that joyous. Who hasn’t wanted to do that? Or … 👀 … actually done that? 🤷
    And then it switched again to someone I don’t know and Katie talking about the love that Eric deserves – like he’s a complete innocent in all his 9 (I looked it up on wiki) marriages.
    I’m guessing that was the unveiling of his potential 10th wife? Very excited to actually see movement in a story that moves at a glacial pace.
    Now I’m done. 😑

    • What was really funny about Donna telling Katy that she didn’t think Quinn could cut the mustard for Eric, was that Donna was once married to him herself, and Katy dated him. He sampled both of their mustards.

      Yes, Bobi, little Kelly won’t be wanting her wading pool back. I gave birth 3 times and none of them involved sexiness or my childrens’ toys.

  7. Brooke decides to ruin Eric’s vow renewal. It soon descends into a shouting match featuring Eric , Quinn and bitching Brooke. Paris comes down the stairs , guess she’ll throw her two bob’s worth in. Carter and Quinn look like scared kittens. Meantime Cleavage still carries a torch for old Eric. We actually see seedy old flashbacks of Eric rooting her as Cleavage remebers the “magical ” time. Wasn’t his libido destroyed with laced lemon bars?

    Quinn tries to get everyone to go home. Brooke rounds on Carter but he’s silent. We go to an ad break. Is Carter going to spill his guts to Eric? Eight minutes says we’ll be left hanging. carter and Quinn look defeated.Time for a fire drill to distract everyone would save the day.

    • I loved the moment where Paris shrugged and said that Brooke put it together.

      Neglecting to mention that the only thing Paris didn’t do — to help Brooke put all this information together — was take out a full-page ad in the LA Times.

  8. There’s some more gossip between Cleavage and Katie about Eric’s love life, then we’re back to Carter sugar coating a long confession to Eric and a roomful of sinning vultures that he and Quinn had an affair. Quinn starts to bawl and Eric has a sour disposition all of a sudden. The romantic mood is killed stone dead. Cuckolded Eric asks Quinn if it’s true and demands an answer, but Quinn says nothing at all. The press better not get wind of this scandal. Donna’s portrait could be on the wall soon. Curtain. Not a bubble from the Bunnings swimming pool.

    We’ll wait til Monday to see if cornered love rat Quinn confesses.

  9. Quinn is evicted from the mansion. What a scene of gloom.

    Hope finds a roach phone in Justin’s desk. He plays dumb. Curtain.

  10. Hope has followed Carter down into the Spencer basement, where the roach is being kept in the flimsiest casge on crumbs of junk food Justin brings him. Justin leaves and Hope uses her handbag to keep the sliding door open. Pretty soon the roach fills her in on Vinny’s suicide. The roach exhorts Hope to look for the key to the wobbly prison, her search is frantic, never thinking to get on her phone and alert family to what’s going down. Better still, a light blow to the roach’s cage and it would collapse.

    Liam cuts a lonely figure in prison. He flashes back to Hope and his kids, then their wedding, then last time they had sex. Douglas has some words of insanity to throw in. It’s just a daydream Liam’s having, inspired by the insipid child drawings on his cell wall.

    Rasper goes to Bill’s office , wanting to ask Justin where Thomas is. Justin’s struck dumb again, not a good look for a lawyer. Wyatt finds out about Hayes, who erupted from a Bunning’s swimming pool the other day. Curtain.

    (One doesn’t have to be a genius to see Hope and the roach being cooped up in Dollar Bill’s bargain basement for a while. Use your goddamn mobile or text Brooke, Hope.)

  11. Today, while Hope still hasn’t figured out that she should be using her phone to summon, she actually manages to find a crowbar, there in the storage room, and bust Thomas out of his cage the old fashioned way.

    I was actually kind of impressed. It was Hope’s best moment.

    • Thanks Windsong. I slept through part of yesterday’s ep and part of this morning’s encore. Looks like crowbarring Hope may have got in just in time before Baker frogmarches Liam to some filthy prison down Mexico way. Loved Justin staring at the roach’s empty swag. We’re rolling here in a minute. Lay off the mini skirts, Flo.

        • I’d prefer the mini skirts to the puffy sleeves. Hope’s actually been wearing the clothes of a fashionable human being, lately. I’m hoping she keeps up the trend.

  12. Liam’s arse is literally saved as Hope and the roach confront Baker with the video, before the crowded paddy wagon leaves for a squalid cell in Mexico.. The Hope /Liam reunion is pure Hollywood schlock. Like an ultra cheap rom com the two love birds run into each others’ arms in slo motion.. We don’t know who dropped the roach’s phone off at the jailhouse. We thought Justin deleted the suicide video.

    Eric blasts Carter for sleeping with his wife( not that much sleeping was done), Carter’s drafted his resignation letter. No more marriage / divorce/ annullment certificates to draw up. But as Judge Judy would say, ” he ate the steak”

    Brooke fires some parting shots to Quinn as she sullenly packs her stuff. Brooke’s lecture on marital fidelity is a masterclass in hypocrisy.

    So Liam’s free. He’ll be in a rush to get to Steffy’s place. Who knows what has befallen Bill?


  13. Masterclass was Brooke telling Eric that she took no pleasure in outing Quinn. Was that an orgasm she was having? No pleasure.

  14. I’m watching Bold before I have to go out.
    I am watching Carter say to Quinn that he doesn’t blame her for what happened.
    I know I’m catching up here but perhaps someone could explain. Did I miss the bit where she seduced him and he wasn’t able to resist his manly urges because … men? Did she drug him and he fell in top of her … naked? Did he get amnesia and forget that he was sleeping with his boss’ wife? Idk?

    • Carter needs to turn down the heating in his apartment and stop answering the door shirtless. His hairless, oiled muscles are too in your face.

  15. Funniest thing; a very judgemental, holier than thou, Brooke, Ridge, Steffy and Thomas, sitting in a room, taking inventory on Quinn’s shamefulness.
    Here’s inventory;
    At a minimum, Brooke slept with her daughter’s husband, her sister’s husband, her husband’s father.
    Ridge has slept with, or at least had an affair with Quinn, his step son’s wife, his SIL, and for years gone between Brooke and Taylor.
    Steffy has slept with and stolen, her step sister’s husband, and her father in law.
    Thomas killed little Emma, raped his father’s wife and contributed toward the kidnapping of Hope’s baby.b
    As Judge Judy says, “You have to come with clean hands”.

    Justin and Carter should start their own kaw firm. They have so much dirt on Spencer and Forrester’s.

    • These people throw stones of infidelity from their glass houses.

      Thanks, daisy. I woke up to see Justin crawling to Ridge and Roach, offering intel on Dollar Bill. Feeling same as ever after second Astra, fit enough to flatten some of the maskless boneheads I see at the shops.

      Oh yeah. Eric’s directive to Carter to stay away from Quinn fell on deaf ears. They’re still both on heat.

  16. This is the last time Quinn and Carter can be alone together. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    So Eric forgave $hauna but not Quinn. Then he forgave Carter not Quinn. Cherry picker.
    Quinn is wasting time on Carter. She should be busy plotting her revenge on Brooke.

  17. I thought today’s episode was fabulous.

    The episode ends with Justin promising his eternal loyalty to Ridge and Thomas, promising to dish all the dirt on Spencer publications, provided they don’t press charges re: the whole kidnapping Thomas thing. I wanted Ridge to ask, “is that the same eternal loyalty that you promised to Bill? The loyalty that you threw away, the second it became convenient to do so?”

    Meanwhile, Carter and Quinn are one seductive stare away from hooking up, again. Oh my gosh, Carter. Not only is that incredibly stupid (Eric and Quinn haven’t even formally divorced yet, Carter, and she’s still married to your boss!), it’s also unbelievably unethical and unprofessional (you’re carrying on an intimate relationship with the ex-partner of someone you’re currently representing, legally, as they divorce her). So unprofessional that he’d probably lose his licence to practice law, over that.

    Good work Carter. You have the body of a Greek god and you live in a city of 10s of millions of people. Find someone to date other than your boss’s wife. Geez.

    • Thanks Windsong, I’ll be setting the alarm for the encore. The frisson between Carter and Quinn is fun. I feel that they’ll hook up inside a week.

      Zende and Paris are getting it on, too. Zoe will come back and be shattered to see plan b gone..

  18. So breakfast time, and Bold, and continuing a theme.
    I am listening to the “management team” (otherwise why is it any of their business) talk about what a honourable guy Carter is, a good friend, a good COO and how he just got caught up in “things”.
    And then the scene moves to Carter explaining to Quinn how he going to represent Eric in the divorce proceedings. Like that isn’t a MASSIVE conflict of interest. (Let’s ask Christian Porter his view on that question given that it’s about to cost him a neat $550,000).
    I’ve only got one explanation for this: this script is leftover from 1990’s and was written by a team of all white men who have just started working for their first woman boss.
    As an addendum, it’s a toss up as to whether the writers are going through their own divorces or whether, in fact, they are just slightly cranky because the new office girl knocked back their advances.

  19. And Daddy wants to thinks twice before he leaves useless Flubber at the helm next time he’s in prison. He wandered in and out of Spencer like a guest while Justin took calls, signed contracts and still managed to keep Thomas imprisoned in the basement long enough for his hair to grow long.

    No janitors, plumbers, electricians or others to hear Thomas banging his tin cup.

  20. Quinn is flattered and intrigued that Carter has hoarded her hearth portrait from the mansion. He couldn’t part with something so beautiful , he gibbers. muscles bursting out. Of course, “no one must see it”. Carter says he thinks about Quinn all the time. Impure thoughts on the job. Zoe would be thrilled about all this. Not to mention Eric The Forgiver. Black widow Quinn spins a web around Carter….and he’s happy to be caught, folks.

    Ridge and Thomas accept Justin’s offer to turn traitor to Dollar Bill.It’sdog eat dog in their world and revenge bitten Rasper thinks Bill is a mongrel. Bill threatens to thump Justin if he sees him. Bill’s problem is two idiot sons inheriting his dodgy empire.

    Eric stops by Carter’s office, but “he’s not there”. He’s about to ravish Quinn, actually, after she’s seduced him for half an hour.I thought it would take a week, but Quinn moves on so quickly. Last week Eric was her “whole world”

    Finn proposes to Steffy. We go to the curtain before she answers. I say she’ll say no….because Liam’s out of jail.

    • Haha. I was reading your recount on Quinn and Carter simultaneously to watching it.
      I too was thinking Zoe will want to redecorate his apartment when she sees his masterpiece. It’s worse than keeping a mannequin of Hope. I wonder if Zoe will walk in in Carter kissing Quinn and he tells her, “No. It’s ok, I was just kissing her life-like portrait.

      BTW; is a boss allowed to fire you based on you keeping away from his wife? Soon to be EX.

      • The fact he’s Eric’s lawyer and representing Eric in divorce proceedings *against* Quinn, while also having sex with Quinn, would surely be grounds for termination, if not enough to have his legal licence revoked completely.

  21. I would like to be a lock Smith or security installer in LA. It seems there is currently nothing on any of their doors to prevent people entering their homes uninvited.
    Tick tock Quinn and Carter. Right in front of the door?

    What’s the best Brooke didn’t race Ridge straight to the photographer to get a nice little portrait to replace Quinn. That’s my prediction.

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