A Bold and the Beautiful quickie

By Daisy

Just a quick one. Recently we were introduced to Finn’s adopted patents, but also there was the foreboding of an interested observer, lurking in the shadows.
The wedding is doomed. Brooke is standing watch over Eric to ensure he doesn’t allow Quinn back.

ย And Quinn and Carter keep having sex on the couch, in spite of there being a perfectly good bed upstairs. I wouldn’t want to be sitting on that couch if I was a guest.ย 

(Apologies to Daisy for the delay – this was stuck in the draft box.)



  1. Oh. Ooh.
    I will never be able to scrap those images out of my eyeballs.
    I think I prefer the curtain shower clothes.

    • Clearly still has deeply disturbing issues with Stephanie’s portrait back on Eric’s wall. She can turn that evil look on at will. Liam must envy her skillz.

      I’d never seen the footage of her with guns before and indeed “forgiving” Eric knocking her out cold. This was billed as “stylised violence” in the preamble to the show.

      Finn will need some time at the Pony Ranch when he literally finds out he’s one son of a bitch. Boy , did he fail to read the hostility in the room.

    • Look, I know we make fun of the fashion and it can be a bit of a laugh. And I know they sell them on line. Itโ€™s a business decision.
      But they are just having a lend of us with this one.
      Seriously, if they brought this one out to me, I would be sending it back because no amount of money is worth being photographed in this. What if my kids saw me. The shame. And, every Christmas, the embarrassment.

    • Oh. Well done, Daisy. Perfectly timed.
      What a shame that the men in the background have no reactions on their faces. Situation normal, I am guessing.
      On a tangent, I wonder what their thinking was on graduating from high school. โ€œWell, I didnโ€™t study because Iโ€™m here on a football scholarship. The girls all love me because Iโ€™m special. My mother, and my country, told me that I could succeed in anything if I work hard enough. I have no talent. The path to success and glory must be through a soap opera until they cast the next James Bond. I am here on sufferanceโ€.

  2. Sheila continues to take a torrent of abuse at the most wonderful occasion. We relive her catalogue of evil to the first ad break. Eric says he can’t bear to look at Sheila. The Forresters’ fault entirely for having no security to keep out intruders.

    Liam whines that he didn’t get to dance with Hope. That’s because ol’ turkey necked Sheila ruined the mood at the wedding.

    Sheila gets to make a speech, Eric says she’s tresspassing and that it’s a crime. No Dobermans to patrol the mansion Eric, you old fool. Jack and Finn are bad seed to boot. Ridge has to be the bouncer and takes Sheila to the door. Secon ad break. This wedding is in tatters. Eric’s health could be at risk here. Not to mention a roomful of just celebrators without masks. The wedding has been a superspreader of gloom. Jack and Finn look ultra grim.

    Jack Finnegan has learned the art of rasping and makes a pitiful speech. This is a good time to make a coffee. He can’rt act his way out of a n LA designer bag. Man , can he rasp. The family crawl from the wreckage and console each other. Eric blames himself for ever dating Sheila.

  3. Outside, in the shadows, in the swaying plastic shrubbery, Sheila lurks and we hear her thoughts. Ridge said to Eric that she was “off the property” (off her medication ) If the Forresters had pets , ie Dobermans I warned you about Eric, Sheila would be be pinned to the ground. Instead she unloads a torrent of hate for Steffy and an evil laugh.Ol’ turkey neck is back. Where is Charlie? Passed out ibn the guest house with an empty bottle of whisky? Sheila is going to unhatch some kind Rosemary’s Baby thing here.

    Steffy and Finn embrace and pretend that “nothing is going to ruin this day”. It’s way too late for that . Finn’s had more acting lessons from Liam, we’re treated as he holds Steffy.. It’s ruined, alright. His thousand yard stare says it it all.


  4. Remember when Karl Sandilands got into deep doo doo for saying that blonde singer, Kate De Araugo had tuck shop lady arms?
    Sheila has Tuck Shop Lady neck.

    • I apologize to all tuck shop ladies, who nowadays are all yummy mummies with those manicured false lacquered nails.

  5. Dave, the way to improve your ad pop-ups is to Google something useful like hair removal products.

  6. I found this in urban dictionary;
    Definition 2; using turkey neck in a sentence, “I get turned on by turkey necks. They’re just so fun to slap about when we’re making love”.

    Don’t advise the practice of either definition. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  7. Sheila has a swank hotel room and a laptop. Brooke labels her a “crazy sociopath”, again Eric says he’s failed by ever hooking up with her.

    Rasper calls on Carter to get a restraining order on Sheila. Carter’s been totally consumed with Quinn. Eric asks him for loyalty to the Forresters and to get his arse on the job..

    It’s the topic du jour that Sheila is back. Rasper vows to protect his “beautiful ” family. Sheila flashes back years to some erotic moments with Eric in a steamy hot tub. Sheila like being called Mrs Forrester back then.

    Sheila starts phoning around for information. She gets Finn’s phone number by conning a receptionist at the Hospital. Steffy and Finn reive the wedding, Finn promises he’ll never speak to Sheila again. Sure. His number will be on Sheila’s speed dial. She tries calling straight away, in fact,she sends a heart wrenching text to Finn. I guess Finn didn’t promise he’d never text Sheila again .

    Sheila’s getting ready to leave town when Finn stupidly replies to her troll with a heart emoji. Sheila ‘s mood instantly lifts, she’s worked her way in like a toxic termite. She must have done a computer course in prison. Curtain.

  8. “Toxic termite” ๐Ÿคฃ

    I guess “three’s a honeymoon”. Steffy and Finn enjoy their honeymoon, sitting with their houseguest, Paris, who was invited to spend a couple of nights while she looked for an apartment. Another barnacle at Forrester’s. I think I might turn up at Eric’s and ask for a seat at the Thanksgiving table. It looks so easy.

    Steffy and Finn’s coffee table looks like a baby bomb hit it. Paris sure isn’t helping them today up.

    Steffy and Finn, in their pyjamas and lingerie, gaze into each others’ eyes and give each other a little peck, but Paris thinks it’s okay to stay chatting with them.

    • I forgot that Paris was there to rob the unhappy couple of some quiet time after Mama Sheila trashed the reception, like one of those “room mates” on Judge Judy who stays for months and pays no rent.

      (Another classic catfish ep on Dr. Phil today, part two tomorrow, the inevitable research team sent to Nigeria to find lover boy).

  9. Carter’s getting serious about Quinn, he wants their relationship made public, he’s such a hot shot lawyer he says, he doesn’t need Forrester Creations. He’s landed a real keeper. Bye bye . Zoe.

    Steffy asks Finn to promise not to have contact with Sheila. His phone is getting heart twisting texts from Sheila. She “just wants to hold Hayes”( in a Michael Jackson over a balcony way). Meantime, Paris is offering bare torsoed Finn two plump breasts to cry on. She’s privvy to every convo the doomed newlyweds have. Paris is nosier than Katie.

    Gaslighted fool Eric decides that he wants Quinn back, that the divorce is off. He bleats didn’t measure up in the bedroom and falls on his limp sword.Time for a vow renewal ceremony, with Sheila lurking in the grounds. What a mess. Eric could have done better on Tinder. Everyone will be so happy to have Quinn back. Curtain.

    • Paris was swanning around Finn with her pants/fly undone all the way. She’s already offered to be his confidant. For that she needs her pants down. ๐Ÿ˜

  10. Carter lays out the candles and wine for another torrid session with Quinn. He almost sniffs the putrid shawl Quinn covers up in. Over at the mansion, Eric tears up the divorce papers and declares his love to Quinn. He feebly says it was Sheila that made him decide Quinn wasn’t such a bad bitch after all. Eric will settle for the lesser of two evils. They have a tepid embrace, compared to the smoking lust on offer at carter’s love shack.

    Finn’s been married a couple of days but already keeping secrets from his wife. Whatever vows he made aren’t worth a pie.He amits to Paris that Sheila texted him and that he responded with an emoji. The new ,scantily clad confidant empathizes with her own shame about Dr Hooks in prison. There’s a strange knock at the door. Will it be Sheila , after a cup of sugar?

    Rasper asks Steffy if Finn realizes what a sociopath Quinn is. Steffy reckons Finn is solid, that he won’t contact her. Boy, she’s got her husband figured all wrong, he’s singing like a canary to Paris about his cursed luck.

    Quinn breaks the news to Carter on the coital couch.. It appears he’s lost in love again, he’s shattered. I think Quinn will have her cake and eat it, too. Carter’s torso will win out. Curtain.

      • Oh yeah. I saw that. It woke me up.
        I was thinking we were going to see if the carpet matched the awnings.

        That girl had her fly undone ‘yesterday’. Today she’s flashing her smile. What’s on tomorrow? Walking around in just a tee shirt? And bending over to pick up squeaky toy.

    • Will the size of Carter’s packet beats the size of Eric’s pocket.

      It was my turn to sleep through it, but I can tell you that there are red flags all over the place at Finn and Steffy’s wedding.
      What happens in Paris, stays in Paris.

  11. Carter’s enormous biceps are put to use hanging Quinn’s portrait back over Eric’s hearth. If Eric only knew how many times Carter had already had Quinn up against a wall….

    Carter and Quinn are still in love. Eric looks like a fool. Brooke will be rapt about the latest developments. Sheila and Quinn , two bitches on the loose.

    Finn gets a lecture from Rasper, Steffy et al about what a bitch his “birth mother ” is. Finn pulls the confused look out of Liam’s acting arsenal. He’s already confided in Paris .Red flags everywhere. Keep that bitch away from the family is the edict.

    Too late, because Sheila has interpreted Finn’s heart emoji as positive proof of her son’s love. Come to Momma, son. She stalks his website with bad intent .. Curtain.

  12. Speaking of bums, as we are on Survivor, what’s with Steffy’s giant hot air balloon?
    Is she hiding Kelly in there?

    What’s green, round, enormous and follows her everywhere? Boom. Boom.

    She needs to let a little air out of those balloons. Or is it a bustle?

    Big bums are in vogue.

  13. Back at Forrester’s, there’s a perfectly good couch, but Eric and Quinn just waste it.
    Well not quite, Eric, exhausted from singing a song lies down on the couch for a nap. No action there. Eric is playing possum.

    Over at his apartment, Carter is replaying memories of declarations for love.

    Steffy is freaking out that Grandma might come and little Fray, or whatever, will say, “Grandma, what big teeth you have”.

  14. Steffy has planned a quick trip to ‘Frisco but she’s worried about Sheila. She should be more concerned about scantily clad barnacle Paris. Finn assures her not to worry about Sheila. Finn’s semi naked .

    Well, Sheila’s extended her stay at her accomodation ,in spite of her nosy landlord. She’s stalking Finn and Hayes on her little laptop.

    Sheila has pressured Jack Finnegan to get just one more visit with Finn and to hold little Hayes again. Jack vows to protect his family . Boy , is he a shit actor. He lies to his wife about Sheila, then takes a threatening text from Sheila. Jack will fold..

    Eric’s impotence problem is being swept under the carpet. Quinn promises they’ll make up for it “tonight”. Eric’s on the verge of telling Quinn about it when there’s a pesky ad.

    Eric confesses that he “can’t” fulfill Quinn’s needs. He blamed the martinis for last night but can’t hide it anymore. It’s torrid viewing . Six minutes left.

    Quinn actually says “We can handle it together” Boom boom

    Eric says he has “erictile” dysfunction. He can’t make love to Quinn. He’s humiliated. If he had a torso like Carter, things wouldn’t have come to this.

    Jack visits Finn to say “Hi” and then lays out the evil plan Sheila has hatched. Sheila will only leave if she can see Finn and abduct, sorry, hold little Hayes. Jack will cop a load of Sheila shit if he doesn’t make it happen. Looks like she means it. Curtain.

    Paris and Finn will get drunk while Steffy’s away. I smell a kidnap, even though little Hayes would still be being breastfed.

  15. Oh dear. Eric can’t service Quinn. She hasn’t had her black latex and whips out for a while. Perhaps that could help. Quinn and Eric will be spending their evenings playing cribbage from now on. Eric is embarrassed but it won’t be long before everyone at Forrester’s knows, including Pam, Charlie, Katy and Donna.

    Steffy is saying farewell to a pathetic looking wimp of a husband. She forgets to remind him not to get drunk and sleep with Paris, or even a Paris look alike mannequin. You need to cover all the bases with this family.

    Steffy got to see her kids on her phone.

    I love the “nosey” hotel manager. I think he forgot to ask Sheila when she hit menopause.

  16. How do these people say these lines without puking just a little?
    I would question my entire existence if, at the end of my life, this was all I had contributed to society.

  17. Jack Finnegan texts Sheila to come on down to beach house, much to meek Dr.Finn’s disagreement. But Daddy Jack begs for just “one visit” and Sheila will be out of everyones lives. Let’s hope jack is, too. He can’t act for shite.

    Rasper and Brooke are furious that Eric has ripped up the divorce papers. Brooke blames Quinn , before quizzing Carter if he still has feelings for Quinn. Well, he is still having hot fantasies about her.

    Eric falls on his limp sword and takes all the blame for his marriage to Quinn breaking down. He’s defeated, even though there’d be thousands of experienced hookers in LA and online porn options to be explored.

    Quinn says she understands. She doesn’t want to be too “hard” on misery guts Eric.

    Hope and Steffy sit on a jet, waiting for the weather to clear.They pretend that being away from their children is traumatic for them. Steffy gets impatient and threatens to disembark and go home………if she does , she’ll find Nanna Sheila has rocked up, with no gifts and is knocking on the door, while inside, Finn has been railroaded by Ham Jack into breaking a load of promises he made to Steffy..

    Curtain. Tomorrow , Sheila will get her crazy foot in the door. I expect Paris will gatecrash this secret rendezvous. I Sheila holding little Hayes near one of thosew cliffs and demanding more one on one with the little brat.

  18. So, I’ve missed a few episodes.

    Has their really been an actual ongoing subplot about Eric and erectile dysfunction? I mean, I get it, it’s something that happens to people. But, really?

    • Yes, Windsong. Would we joke about that? There has been an ongoing erectile dysfuction issue with Eric. He’s been keeping it a secret because it’s so humiliating he says. Unlike most secrets on this show, this is not all over town (Katie doesn’t know about it…..yet)This virtually drove Quinn into the masculine arms of virility machine Carter. Erci tells Brooke and Rasper to stay out of his business. They’re emotionally invested in everything….except work.

      Out at the beach shack, Finn buckles to Ham Jack and lets Sheila in to hold Hayes. Sheila’s in her element and then there’s a knock at the door.

      Steffy came home unexpectedly and she’s not happy to see Sheila. Finn is in deep shite. He’s an idiot. Curtain.

  19. Nosey Parkers arrive at Eric’s place to demand he take down that portrait and kick it and Quinn to the street.

  20. Sheila is wearing snake. “You surely will not die, but your eyes will be opened and you will have the knowledge of good and evil”.

  21. Steffy stashes little Hayes in his crib before launching a verbal assault at Sheila that goes for most of the show. Flummoxed Finn and Ham Jack cop a spray as well. Sheila tries to fight back from being called evil and a murderess. “That’s a bit harsh” she bleats at one point. Sheila even tries to appeal to Steffy’s maternal instincts. Just keep an eye on the crib, folks.

    Steffy hisses at Ham Jack and Sheila to get out out of the house before giving Sheila a massive backhand across the face. That’s likely to motivate Sheila to even more demonic work. The crib. Sheila is wiped off the Forrester Xmas card list again. Sheila would be thinking “vengeance is mine!”

    Steffy hopes her husband and son haven’t inherited Sheila’s homicidal nature. Right now , she thinks Dr . Finn is damaged goods.

    Elsewhere Hope, having a bad hair day , manages to seduce Liam with green lingerie and some kind of kimono thing.

    But all the action was at the beach house. Ham Jack and Finn produced insipid acting performances. Steffy and Sheila were good. I didn’t expect the backhander Steffy dished out. I guess Sheila’s asking for forgiveness failed there. Finn will be couch surfing for months after this. He let Ham Jack and Sheila walk all over him.


  22. Hope has no muscle tone. Her arm looked a bit flabby and shapeless so I hope she never gets a scene where she has to throw a slap across the face.

    Steffy on the other hand is quite strong. To my recollection this is at least here 2nd face-slap. Quinn has been on the receiving end of Steffy’s anger at Monaco. I wish I could recall all the Bold face-slaps.
    That’s not counting the pillow fight between Quinn and????, Nor the melted chocolate fight. I think that might have been Hope and Steffy.

  23. Thank goodness he didn’t choose Brooke. She was way to much of a poomvey bunny boiler. She might not be a bunny boiler but was sure acting like one. Remember Isla Fisher’s character in The Wedding Crashers? “I’ll come and fiiiiiiind you”. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    But then again I was ‘myeh’ about Jimmy as the prize, but I am glad Holly won.
    I wonder if love’s candle still burns brightly. (Poetic? ๐Ÿ˜).

  24. Oh my Lord. The slippery slope begins.
    Finn is out in the “Guest House”, which is where, btw, that they could have put Paris. But now she is there anyway, and sitting on Finn’s bed, showing understanding, while he is showing ….well let’s just say thank goodness for the subtitles. They covered what his undies did not. It won’t be long before we need more subtitles.

    And Quinn is using all best moves to get Eric’s pecker up. But Eric has used up all his mojo.

    Back to Understanding Paris, and almost naked Finn; she rests her hand gently on his naked shoulder. This time the subtitles fit neatly across his nips.

    While Finn is filling Paris in, Steffy is telling Ridge how she can no longer look at Finn. It might be his Gomer Pyle crew cut. It’s nasty.

    • When Steffy looks at Finn all she can see is Sheila. That’s got to be a marriage killer.

      While Rasper and Steffy bagged Finn and Ham Jack , no one checked on little Hayes. Sheila could have taken him already.

      Paris is ready and willing to start the “social work” on “Doctor” Finn at the guest house. You’re right about Finn’s loser haircut,daisy.

      C’mon Eric, harden up !

      • Wait until Donna finds out about Honey Bear’s hybernating Fuzzy Wuzzy.
        She’ll be over to breathe life into the old fella quicker than you can say, “Your fly’s undone”.

  25. Oh yeah Finn. Sleep with Paris. That will make it all better.

    Why can’t Steffy afford AC in the guest house?

    • I thought Finn was humping that electric fan. Soon it will be Paris.

      The sparks are still flying between Quinn and Carter.

      The marriage isn’t legal yet. No one checks on Hayes.

  26. Paris lives with Steffy and Finn, is privy to their secrets, and goes straight away to blab to Zende.
    But only because he’s family.

  27. I’ve only seen the last five minutes or so from yesterday. Still watching Rolling Stones dvd’s and mourning the loss of Charlie Watts.

    So the sexual tension is being ramped up more and more between the love vulture Paris and that son of a bitch, torso puppet, Finn. Quinn and Carter continue to have flashbacks to when they were at it like rabbits.

    Little Hayes is probably thousands of miles away by now, with Sheila and Hannibal Lecter looking after his every need.

  28. $hauna diagnoses Eric with “performance anxiety”, while frumpy polka dotted Brooke and Rasper gang up on Eric about Quinn. Eric tells them to butt out , because “it’s complicated”. $hauna encourages Quinn to hook up with Carter again. Carter’s hot, it’s a bridge too far to turn celibate after that,reasons the slithering slut from Vegas.

    Sheila sends a crafty text to Finn, who’s busy crawling up Steffy’s Kardashianesque arse for forgiveness. Sheila reives the faceslap Steffy gave her. Sheila’s insane hotel room soliloquy is about her mounting hatred for Steffy, because Steffy is keeping her from her grandson. Sheila really wants back in to the Forrester dynasty.

    One thing Eric can do is hide behind a flower pot and he eavesdrops on the convo between $hauna and Quinn. Quinn declares she loves Eric so much she can do without the “love making”, and all that jazz.

    Finn dribbles how he’ll never let Sheila back to Steffy and is let out of the doghouse back into the air conditioned house. Steffy promises to have sex with Finn later that night. Steffy leaves on an errand and Sheila lets herself in and the sinister music matches Finn’s dumbstruck facial expression.

    Quinn lies to $hauna that she is “100% comitted” to Eric, he laps this up behind the flowerpot.

    Sheila lays it on thick and asks to hold Hayes one more time. Finn says this has to end, cos he’s made promises. Next thing is , Sheila collapses in a heap on the floor, playing possum while Dr Finn calls 911. Hats off to the ghoulish music that follows Sheila. Curtain. Bravo Sheila.

    Steffy will probably come home to find Sheila playing dead on her lounge room floor.

  29. I found myself tapping along to the opening theme. That’s a bad sign.

    Eric is impressed with what he’s snooped on from behind the pot plant. Finn thinks that Sheila needs to go to hospital, he’s been totally sucked into the dead beaver act. Rasper is gleeful that Steffy bitchslapped Sheila. Steffy thinks things are sweet again with Finn, not knowing the havoc being wrought at the beach house. Dr Finn reckons despite “strong pulse and no sign of trauma”…..Sheila should be hospitalised. Wake up, she should be in a mental institution or jail. For his part , finnn should be in acting schoiol.

  30. Sheila is on a gurney at the hospital and a hare brained nurse thinks the old beaver needs to be entubed. She’s fine but Finn is falling for the sting in the beaver’s tail. Sheila’s wired up to the usual beepers but looks as fit as a mallee bull, just asleep.
    Quinn says she’s sorry she blabbed to $hauna about Eric’s erectile issues. Let’s hope she doesn’t rush to the LA tabloids with the seedy saga.
    Steffy thinks Finn won’t screw up again. He already has she doesn’t know. Little Hayes must be back at the beach house all on his lonesome. Finn pathetically pines for the beaver he’s known for five minutes. He can’t lose the old beaver like this, he howls.
    Eric blames himself for his marriage breakdown….while Quinn has an intrusive fantasy about Carter. Eric’s tried everything, he wails.

    Finn lies to Steffy about why he’s at the hospital, eventually coughs up that Sheila was at the beach house. Steffy’s furious and the wily old beaver smiles from it’s affected comatose state. Finn sticks up for his fit as a fiddle mother. Thankfully , the curtain falls. What a moron Finn is.

    • …….yet he did such a brilliant job on the roach’s subdural haematoma.

      Then going along with the Bunning’s swimming pool birth.

      Now baffled by a bluffing beaver from hell. He won’t leave her side. Those marriage papers have yet to be filed.

      By now, Hayes could have crawled out of his unattended crib and over one of those dangerous cliffs adjacent to the unlocked beach house.

  31. So I tuned in for Stephie dressed in her pink negligee visiting Sheila in hospital.
    Or was it my grandmotherโ€™s kitchen curtains.
    One or the other.

  32. Sheila had to take a lot of verbal abuse from Steffy in said negligee. In fact, Sheila’s name was dirt all over L.A. No one had time to talk about Eric’s erectile issues, just bagging a beaver. Sly Sheila got a Good Samaritan glass of water from Steffy before her rant about “her boy” begins. The beaver boots are stuck into Steffy as Sheila invites her to take a look at her texts from “her boy”.

    Steffy sees the heart emoji that her idiot of a husband sent to his birth mother. After he’d promised to shun her, Jehovah’s Witness style from their empty, gossip ruined lives. Sheila’s been so empowered by a texted heart emoji. Hell hath no fury.like a beaver scorned.

    Finn gets the sympathy from hospital interloper Paris, who’s just denied to Zende that she doesn’t have the hots for Momma’s boy. Finn and Paris are Sheila’s cheer squad. Finn still believes that Sheila is crook and is sweating on nebulous “test results ” to come back. He’s into beaver conservation for the long haul.


  33. Psycho’s Finn will soon be wearing a wig and Beaver’s favourite colour lipstick if Steffy bans her from the house. Finn will have to go live in a gloomy B&B on a hill. And nosey (I’m not actively pursuing Finn) Paris better take a shower.
    Beaver leads the Forresters down a dangerous windy path into Hitchcock country.

    Nobody at that fancy LA hospital can smell a rat.

    • Just an aside comment.
      Most of the people on this show can barely act. There are exceptions, of course. It must be very difficult to look excited when you are passionately kissing a man old enough to be your grandfather (again, you have to worry about the mindset of the writers on this show. Ugh).
      But the actress who plays Paris is managing to do a good job. She doesnโ€™t over play it. The plot is obviously not helping her. I hope she sticks around. This show is too white at the best of times.

  34. The Forresters bemoan that they don’t have a Restraining Order on Sheila. Carter meekly says it’s in the pipeline. Sheila is the topic du jour once again. Nothing else to do.

    The Beaver fools with the heart monitor while Steffy takes a look away breather from insulting her. Pretty soon the alarm beepers go off and Momma’s Boy comes a running into the trap and ready to blame Steffy for rousing the beaver, who’s clinging to the heart emoji means he loves me line. Her vital signs remain good while Sheila lays it on thick and ruins Steffy’s day.

    Time for some Eric eavesdropping as he listens to Quinn and Carter reminisce about their lust. Finn tries to wriggle from the beaver trap and the emoji. Sheila blames the Forresters for everything.

    Schoolgirl dobber Sheila bleats to Dr Finn that Steffy “said awful things”. Finn knows he eating a shit sandwich when Sheila mentions the heart emoji. He’s caught in a beaver trap.

  35. The last two or three minutes is beaver gold as Finn is hypnotised by “evil” Sheila’s silky speech. It leaves Momma’s Boy and Steffy reeling. Blame it all on the Forresters .


  36. If Steffy keeps Finn apart from his Beaver trap, before you know it he will be in her wig and lippy.

    Red flags, Steffy. This will be ikky, even for B&B.

  37. It takes a couple of hours to process what happened today.

    Eric has bowed to the literally stiff competition that Carter represents in his life and offered Quinn to Carter so that Quinn can have her cake and eat it , too. Eric shows that he’s the oldest swinger in town with his bold (boom boom) invitation to his wife and her “incomparable beauty” Will Eric want to watch from behind a flower pot?

    Finn prises himself from the beaver trap at the hospital, while Steffy stays to insult the bedazzled beaver a few more times. Sheila’s left with an evil look of vengeance on her face as she plans to destroy Steffy’s future, not to mention interfere in the drab future that faces little Hayes. For now, Finn and Steffy are back as one. Sheila’s left the hospital to some hotel room , seething and plotting. Watch yer fat arse, Steffy.Curtain.

  38. “I asked Carter to join us”. ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ No shrubbery required. This is all on the up and up. Well one up and one down, but no hiding now.

    Quinn looks uncomfortable with the idea of being passed around like a pass the parcel.

    • Has Steffy got tubby during lockdown? That would explain all the flowy dresses.
      I just googled.
      She has had two children in quick succession.
      In that case, congrats to everyone behind the scenes on B&B. It never even crossed my mind that she was ever pregnant. Well disguised. And now we will have to have a plot that allows for a 6 week maternity break?
      How far ahead is this show made? She had he second in February.

      • I think she is still slim. The bum is a bum thing. A fashion thing. It’s huge and might be padded because it sticks out like a camel hump. If not padded, she’s been doing about 5000 per day too many squats.

        My money is on padded.

  39. I watched my mandatory 10 minutes of Bold today and Iโ€™ve decided that have fired all the make-up artists.
    Everyone today looked like they did their own hair and put on their own make-up โ€ฆ badly. Sheila and Steffy can take out the prize for the worst. I donโ€™t get it. I could have done a better job.
    Still waiting for the story line to move on. I have been assured that it gets better.

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