Only two episodes of Australian Survivor this week

We are nearing the end of Australian Survivor, so this week there are only episodes on Sunday and Monday.

This is because the following Sunday is the grand final – already!

Who do you want to win and who do you think will actually win?



  1. This may be the worst season I’ve ever watched and these last episodes just draaaaaaag by. I may have to stab myself with a fork if I ever have to hear George’s weird mix of whining and bignoting again.

    • I agree – It is a pain to have this end up the Georg Show. Nine is even calling him King George in its promo for tonight. I mean who is Wai? How come we don’t hear as much about her or the others – they’re still here. For the last three weeks I’ve only tuned in to the last 5 minutes to watch the votes and miss the inane questions and non-answers.
      That’s this season for me given teh editing and focus- 5 minutes at the end of each show. And even THAT requires prior fortification.

      • Wai is a complete dolt, even by this season’s standards, who voted against Andrew purely because George, who she knows is a constant liar, told her Andrew wanted to boot her.

        • George was not doing Wai a favour. He was never going to win that challenge anyway. However, Wai naturally thought she owed George something for nothing, so she managed to get betrayed simultaneously by George, Cara and Hayley. If only Wai had made a deal with Flick she could have got herself betrayed by Flick as well.

          And then Hayley brilliantly manoeuvred herself to the bottom of the Brains alliance, which is really just a George and Cara alliance. That way she can do another confessional about controlling the game immediately before she is booted if she does not win a straight immunity run.

          I’ve rarely seen such sophisticated losing strategies.

          • Could still be Hayley. Hayley is actually more devious than George, but she gives awful confessionals. She just does the same speech that the game is about information and she is in control. George’s camera time could just be that he doesn’t always give the same spiel the way Hayley does.

    • I gave up on this season weeks ago. I can’t deal with any of the remaining contestants, and I can’t stand all of them.

    • I think Cara could actually win, in exactly the same way that Natalie won Samoa. Although she had been Russell’s most reliable ally throughout his reign of terror she had the immense advantage of not being Russell.

    • Yes, George didn’t do anything without it being a strategy. Now Wai might vote to save him at jury time.
      It was always going to be about keeping Wai on side.
      Cara was the idiot empath who George goated.

  2. Well thank God George was wandering & saw Flick sitting on her arse staring into the distance without a care in the world instead of frantically looking for an idol. Bloody Cara was still insisting Flick didn’t have an idol even at tribal council. I was holding my breath when the last vote was turned around & breathed a sigh of relief when she did come through & vote for Wai. If George had gone home because she was too stupid to believe him I would have been furious with her. I thought it was really sweet of George to go back & help Wai. Just watched the Jury Villa & think George’s only hope of winning is being up against Cara. Flick has too many friends on the jury. And a lot of them like Hayley too. Whereas they all said they don’t understand why Cara is still there. So Flick needs to win the next challenge or she is a gonner. None of therm would want to go up against her for final two.

  3. How silly of Flick not to show Hayley the idol and say “I am using this – vote with me and we will get George out”. But I don’t think she had watched much Survivor before the show. I like Wai because she is a “normal” person cast on a season of super athletes (and she’s a word nerd) but she lets too much of the outside world’s conventions of social contract influence her decision making. George helped her in the challenge because it was kind, he was not winning and he knew she would feel indebted to him.

    • Hayley wants George at the final. She’s worked out that whoever sits beside George is going to win. Flick approached both of them and as usual they agreed it was time for George to go and then voted as George directed. If Flick had worn her idol round her neck, Hayley would just have voted for Wai.

      It’s been several episodes since Hayley and Wai did not agree with whoever approached them that it was time for George to go and then voted for George to stay.

      It’s obvious Flick hasn’t watched much Survivor. It’s equally obvious that George, Cara, Hayley and Wai have not watched much Survivor.

  4. Hayley has to be the winner. She got the slo-mo edit walking through the bush while carrying massive tree branches, muscles rippling

  5. Out of them all, I prefer Flick, but it was silly not to pretend to be searching. But perhaps she did and that was why she was out there. Perhaps that just suited producer’s storyline.

    • More likely production realised they had a turkey after filming wrapped, and struggled really really hard to make George and Hayley look like strategic masterminds.

  6. Flick needs to watch her arse now. I’ve been sick of watching it for weeks.

    She was sitting on it instead of pretending to look for an idol and George was onto it like a fly onto a piece of ……

    Charlatan Empath Cara “felt” that Flick didn’t have an idol. Yeah. She gets a lot of “feelings” wrong.

    I think Ch 10 have screwed up by making the the show into “Macedonian Monster”

    • Empaaahth Cara was also surprised that tribal night when everyone voted her out before George used his idol.

      I mean, surely you would get a whiff of something happening given everyone was planning to vote for her? no side eye? no avoidance? No overly agreeing with whatever dumb Shite she was trying to sell? Maybe she needs to stop touching everyone and start just, oh I don’t know, observing?

    • Par for the course for this season. There was a miscalled puzzle in Survivor:Africa. There were actually 2 valid solutions and production thought there was only 1.

      Production apologised but said they couldn’t change the result. They did pay the disadvantaged person 100k.

  7. Cara’s “Jury Villa” video is worth watching for two moments.

    The first one is when she spends half the dinner talking about how she was surprised by the moves of the players around her, then two minutes later, gives the audience a long monologue about how she can read people and know what they’re thinking. Because she’s empathic, you see.

    The second moment is the part where she tells us that she wants to be remembered for the fact that she played the game and her personality was what allowed her to get as far as she did.

    Um, Cara?

    You were voted out *twice*.

    In case you forgot.

    • These are the most annoying people on any Survivor ever. Yet, it’s car crash tv and I can’t stop watching.
      I wonder how I will feel in hindsight.
      The South African version puts these putzes to shame.

  8. George has proven himself a true politician. That’s not a compliment.
    Cara might never get work as an empath at the next carnival.
    Hayley is unlikeable. She won’t care, as long as she wins.
    That only leaves beef cheeks for me. I’ll be very disappointed if it comes down to Hayley and George, but hey, it’s Conniver.

  9. So George & Cara finally put each other’s name down. The looks on the faces of the jury was priceless. They looked toally shocked. The worst person won bloody immunity. I was screaming at the TV FUCK FUCK FUCK. I was reeeeeally pissed off & it was unbearable seeing the smug look of satisfaction on Dani’s face when she saw bloody Flick had the idol. So who will Flick or Hayley pick to take with them when they win immunity? Will George pull the impossible & shock us all & win? Remember Kristy or whatever her name was in season 1? NO ONE would have thought she would win that challenge.

    • I would think that George is the perfect goat, because he’s obnoxious and awful. I think I’d want to be sitting next to him, in front of this jury (which is seemingly full of morons), but you just never know what the putzes on the jury will do.

    • Carole honest question given I’ve dipped in an out the last 4 episodes – why don’t you like the Flickers?

      Is it the waving arse during challenges? I thought it was the other blonde on the team who wore the floss thingy.

      • No, I’m pretty sure it’s Flick in the red thong swimsuit.

        I don’t think Hayley’s ever worn the super-revealing bikini.

        And the idea of George in one makes me want to put a sledgehammer through my television.

      • I haven’t really liked Flick because she was aligned with Dani & others who were always gunning for George & Cara. I never really liked Dani so didn’t like the people who were aligned with her.

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