US Survivor episode 2

It’s episode 2 of Season 41 of Survivor, so come on in.

Anyone else think the show should have just dropped the “guys” without making a thing of it? Too much “look at moi” from Jeff.

In case you missed it, here’s the rebus puzzle from the premiere episode, aimed at kids watching at home. (My Mr 9 enjoyed doing it but it sparked me having to Google a hundred more similar puzzles.)

Survivor screens on Nine Go at 7.30pm.




    Felt a bit sorry for Voche going tonight but glad that Xander did not go. Evvy is in such a good spot with everyone left on the tribe. I will be interested to see if the bond built with DShawn (spelling?) holds up. I do hope there is a merge soon as I don’t want to see yellow tribe pagonged

    • I hate the shared idol. It depowers good players to the same extent that the Tyler Perry play after votes are revealed idol empowered them. It’s a crazily stupid idea. I would really like to know what whoever thought this up was smoking and where I can get some.

      I’m glad Xander survived. Timothée Chalamet jokes aside, this kid is a devastating player. He obviously read his tribe of bozos and did what needed to be done.

      I’m not sure Evvy is in actually in a great position. It strikes me she’s making the classic Corcoran mistake of overthinking everything and disregarding the need for trust.

      Tiffany is not going to go deep in the game. Tiffany is better at challenges than strategy. Liana’s game analysis is about as good as the lunatic real estate guy from LA in Survivor Outback.

      • I think perhaps Xander and Evvy’s bond is stronger than they showed, plus she knows he is likely to be a no vote if they lose again next time. The whole “ancestors are butterflies” thing is annoying. Would be much more fun if he had to whisper it mid challenge to opposing teams. What happens when the third magic phrase is uttered? Fireworks explode? If number three is not found Jeff will be so sad

    • Cross tribe meetings have been around since Tocantins, JT’s first season. It was Season 18, I think. The people involved always agree on a secret alliance and it always comes to nothing. Cross-tribe alliances are as reliable as reward alliances where everyone agrees to a new alliance that lasts until they get back to camp.

  2. I pop in and then I’m distracted.
    I wonder whether I’m becoming parochial.
    Australians are idiots bumbling their way to the end while Americans are clever, calculating, fit and not quite so much fun.
    You’d think it was otherwise. 🤷

  3. JD JD JD why did you give her your advantage AGAIN. Shan & that stupid music she hums when she’s going to stab them in the back. I hope someone cottons on to it & wakes up to her treachery.

    • I know. No-one’s ever done well by handing over an advantage. I thought JD showed promise, but sadly…

      Somewhere in Bankstown someone is screaming at his TV set because his rep as king of deviousness just blew away.

  4. I haven’t watched last nights ep yet, but is anyone else finding it hard to keep up with all the advantages and their powers? It is so confusing watching at the moment!

    • A lot of backlash on social media about the complicated advantages detracting from tribe interactions. I was glad for Erica’s sake the blues failed to fail

      • Yep, when even fans of the show go “what – he doesn’t have a vote? when did that happen?” it means casual viewers have no hope. And I am not loving a forced caring, chatty Jeff. I miss mean Jeff saying stuff like “Karishma, last again”.

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