Who will win Australian Survivor tonight?

Tonight’s the night – we’ll find out the winner of Australian Survivor. Will it be King George of Bankstown, Hayley or Flick?

The final challenge looks torturous and designed not to go for six hours, as they so often do. Whoever wins this one will get to choose who sits next to them at the final two.

Let’s face it: George isn’t winning this one. It’s not a Kristie situation where you can hold out for hours in the hope Lee slips; this is one where your thighs will kill you in seconds. It’s Flick or Hayley, so the real question is would either of the girls take him?

Given the brawniness of the jury (skewed in Flick’s favour) I am hoping for a Hayley win and for her to take George. Imagine how entertaining the answers to the jury questions will be if it’s the two of them.

Flick seems lovely and has shown a great deal of mental fortitude but she has barely voted correctly once (as in voting for the person who went out).

George had a terrible start but since the merge has been on the right side of the numbers, often leading the vote.

Hayley was screwed over by stupid twists, was voted out, car back, did major damage control and yet still seemed to fly under the radar enough to make it to the end. She will speak eloquently about redemption and is brawny enough to appeal to the Brawns on the jury.



  1. Flick’s boyfriend has landed. And she’s baring one set of cheeks so far. Her face cheeks. Coincidental? Who knows, but I’m grateful.

  2. Of course George made it to the final two. Hayley knows full well that nobody likes him.

    The only reason I’m sitting through this mess is to watch George lose.

  3. Spoiler alert, the rat lost.

    I thought Cara had some hide, after playing the angry juror role (with a nasty question at Hayley about how she played the game by lying and deceiving people) and then coming over to expect a hug after Hayley won the final vote.

    George continues to be the most irritating person in the world.

    Thank goodness that was over. That was not a fun season to sit through.

    Not even Emmett’s green speedos or Simon’s abs made that worth it.

    • Empath Cara must have absorbed some bad energy from someone before asking that question.

      The betting agencies had this outcome at least a month ago.

      • In a season with people like Emmett and George … Cara still managed to be the most unlikeable person on the cast.

        That’s a rare talent.

        I would’ve paid Hayley actual money if she’d responded to Cara by saying, “I came to win, Cara. The same thing that you came here to do. I just ended up being better at it than you.”

    • George’s nasal whiny voice was unbearable to my ears.

      I can skim now that Flick is out. I don’t like whiney George with all his “I this….” and I that…”

    • At the reunion for Heroes v Villains Boston Rob said that Russell only played part of the game—he was great at challenges, finding idols (idols were relatively new and players from pre-idol seasons hadn’t noticed them as much as they should) and strategy but didn’t have a clue about the social game. Even Parvati, who was Russell’s ally for most of H v V, said later she had not understood the way Russell was loathed on the jury.

      George went one worse than Russell by being atrocious at challenges as well as atrocious at the social game. Hayley had knifed just as many people. But she owned that and was able to explain each decision.

      Just to make absolutely sure that he lost the final tribal, George opened his speech to a brawn heavy jury by saying that brains beats brawn in Survivor. We should be relieved he didn’t run around and stomp on every brawn’s toes just to make sure they didn’t vote for him.

      2 out of 9 votes is not the mark of a great player. Russell played back on back seasons in Samoa and Heroes v Villains. In every season where the other castaways had any idea of his play style he was booted early in the game. George prolly will come back. And he will almost certainly be among the earliest boots in that season.

      Let’s hope next season that Shine gives us players we can actually care about.

        • Very different players, but I think Boston Rob and Parvati still have the best understanding of the game. Maybe followed by the Golden God.

          The interesting thing about all three is that they played very different games in different seasons. The Golden God was a strutting in your face clown in his first season, but much more laidback and relatable in the season he won.

  4. I saw part of Hayley’s speech to the jury or maybe it was in answer to a question but it went on and on and it became clear why I wasn’t a fan – she’s annoying. There was no nuance to her me me speech, no charisma, no colour. She’s one of those people who you just don’t care about the story they’re telling.

    I agree with the others – a season that was a dud cast. There is a difference between charisma and being self-satisfied. Most of the cast that were featured in the edit fell into the latter and that’s why they were either boring or repulsive.

  5. Wow that was one of the most bitter juries. George was robbed. He deserved to win. He was ignored in the beginning. No one wanted to form an alliance with him & they were gunning for him from day 1. But he managed to make it to the end despite all of that. I was disappointed that Wai didn’t vote for him & surprised that Laura did. I really hope he comes back to play in an all stars season.

      • I’d think the jury knew everyone except Cara would vote for Hayley and Laura said she’d vote for George so it wasn’t such a lopsided win. That happened in Nicaragua where the jury felt Fabio didn’t deserve a unanimous win.

    • George did deserve to win. He had no social or physical game and still got to the end. That would have been rightly celebrated and rewarded in the US game.

      • No-one has ever won any season anywhere without a social game. It’s like saying someone deserves to win a tennis match even if they can’t actually serve or return.

      • I’ve seen it done. I can’t remember where. One of the American seasons (there have been so many).
        Basically the jury decided to award someone for their ability to get to the end rather than likeabilty.
        I must admit that that is my view too. George was unpleasant, and had an unfortunate habit of crowing, but he got right to the end with minimal help from anyone. That takes some doing.
        Difficult to care about this season. I can’t thing of many redeeming features.

        • You can’t have likability and not have a social game. George didn’t just have Cara’s help, she played an idol to save him when he would otherwise have gone home.

  6. I personally prefer players who are good at challenges and who are social but not devious, but they never win. You have to be willing to sell your sister to a Russian mob.

    Is it even about who deserves it, but who we would like to see win. Whoever gets to final three gets there. Nothing in the rule book dictates being good at all 3 aspects, or about not having a really annoying voice.

    • There was one perfect winner in the US – country boy JT: perfect social game as he never had anyone vote against him all season, then won numerous challenges AND had 100% of the vote in the finale. He was fantastic and my favourite of all time.
      Then he came back for another season and basically shot himself in the foot by passing an idol to Russell (who was on back to back seasons so none of the players had seen what a total Dr Evil he was). But I pretend that JT never happened.

      Also Boston Rob just because he was a great all rounder and seemed to be able to control his tribe mates – one season he installed a buddy system so no one was able to wander off and have side conversations without one of the alliances going along. And they agreed to it!

  7. Seldom in Survivor do we get our pick of winner because anyone too clever, nice or athletic gets popped off quick smart.

    It’s usually best liar wins. Or makes final 2.
    What about Liar Cops R us in the US series. He even conned the probable winner to take him to final 2 as it would be more honourable to make it more challenging to win.
    Sheesh. Talk about bent cop.

  8. I tend to think that George didn’t deserve to win.

    I think George got to the end through sheer dumb luck. I said this, weeks ago, and I stand by. Everybody was too busy using him as a meat-shield, which explains his longevity. He survived because he was useful to everybody else (up to and including Hayley, who damn well knew that taking him with her to the end was a guarantee of success).

    Case in point. How many times, throughout the season, did we hear, “Let’s get rid of Player X, but tell Player X that we’re actually getting rid of George because everyone hates George and he/she will believe us without questioning it!”?

    George didn’t play a good game on his own. He tried to be a double agent but that lasted, like, two episodes. He tried to control the original brains team, and they just ignored him and did whatever they liked. He survived one vote only because Cara gave him an idol. And he was lucky enough to hang back while the brawn alliance self-destructed around him.

    So if I was on the jury, the logic that George deserved props for making it to the end wouldn’t have worked on me, because … leaving aside his obnoxious and selfish personality … he was largely passive, either being ignored or being carried because everyone else thought he was useful. “I was a rock others could hide behind” is hardly a ringing endorsement for how skilled you are at playing the game.

    • And I agree with Alan. Even if you don’t have a good social game? You need to be likeable, somehow. There has to be some reason that people might think, “You’re kinda cool, I won’t vote for you on that merit”, rather than, “I’m keeping you because you’re useful to me.”

      George had none of that. He was a whiny Macedonian goat.

  9. I watched Flick’s jury villa video & she was furious with Hayley. When they all went on that reward & she said she was align with them & then went back on it. Flick really believed her & was really pissed off when she flipped. I don’t understand why she then voted for Hayley to win.

    • Presumably she was at least equally furious at George for the same behaviour, but recognised that, unlike George, Hayley had a challenge game and a social game. For the record I actually didn’t like Hayley much more than I liked George and I suspect she would also be an early boot in a return season.

      Hayley kept making promises she never intended to keep, just like George. In any other season that rookie mistake would have sent both them to the naughty corner well before the merge.

      • Yep, another two unlikeable final two.
        George only lied his way there because he was a “politushun”. Or pollutician.
        Hayy lied her way there but at least won a few challenges.

        Flick was silly to trust a flipper.

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