Celebrity MasterChef starts tonight. Who will be the best cook?

It’s been ages since Ten last aired Celebrity MasteeChef, but it’s finally back tonight.

Which celeb do you think will be a good cook? Should be some light relief for us all to watch.

A swimmer won it last time (Eamon Sullivan) so my early pick is Thorpie.



  1. I’m all in.
    I like most of these people so I’m glued.
    First thing that’s noticeable: Thorpie’s not a hugger.

  2. I’ll watch. I know most of the contestants (dislike one), so at least don’t have to spend the first few weeks learning who is who. My very early picks are Dilruk, Thorpie, and Tilly. Tilly being Gordon’s daughter doesn’t mean she has his skills, but, from the promos, she seems like a pleasant young woman.

    Thorpie isn’t a hugger. Are many people huggers these days? I haven’t hugged anyone except my neighbour’s young son in 18 months. 🙂

      • Thorpie finished his veal dish ten minutes early. That’s pretty shocking for this show.

        It’s Mac ‘n Cheese tonight…..with the obligatory Ma$terchef twist, of course.

  3. I enjoyed that very much.
    I don’t know how much was for tv but all the celebrities seemed to be able to cook. Mind you, it was cook-something-you-have-cooked-before night so I was not surprised that there were no major failures.
    What I enjoyed the most was watching everyone have a really good time, including the judges. Good times had by all.

  4. Having had time to reflect, I’ve decided that Collette and Thorpie were a bit tightly wound. Hopefully, things will ease up a bit from here now that Day 1 is behind them.
    It will be interesting to see who gets sent home first. Those that are seriously entertaining are not necessarily the better cooks.

    • I think Thorpie is usually a fairly tightly wound person. He’s said he is very competitive. I hope his cooking abilities fit with that.

      I had to laugh at the introduction scenes. As more pairs of contestants entered, everyone was milling about, trying to greet the new people. It was an enjoyable episode, certainly more relaxed than regular MC. I’m happy that Dilruk won the immunity pin.

  5. It’s funny listening to Rebecca Gibney being referred to as Rebecca. She’s always been one of those people where her name is the full thing.

  6. Another very enjoyable episode. This bodes well for the rest of this season.
    People are still having fun. Thorpie has loosened up but Collette, not so much.
    There were only three Mac and cheeses. The risotto by Collette won.
    I fancied Nick’s scallops. They looked delicious.
    They don’t spend enough time with Dami. She does Korean and I would really like to see more of what she does.
    All up, so much cheese I would imagine that the judges are in a food coma.

  7. I’m tucked up in from the tv with a hot chocolate.
    Waiting for the elimination. I’m not keen on judges phoning it in over zoom but that’s a minor issue.
    I’m expecting Chrissie to be sent home. She’s had a lot of air time and has earned her $30,000 (or whatever. I’ve heard nothing about fees).
    Maybe Rebecca Gibney. She’s also had a lot of airtime and I’m a bit suss on her cooking.

  8. Collette Dinnigan favours the just-out-of-bed hair.
    It might look sexy on a 20 year old chickie-babe but on an older woman, it just looks untidy and unkempt. She needs to either pull it back or cut it off. I’m inclined towards the cut it off camp.

  9. Chrissie cooking a cake was very funny, and so good natured about it all.
    I have officially forgiven her for her time in IMAC where she was an absolute cow.
    And just in case you are wondering, I have always been in love with Matt (Patrick), and he does not disappoint. ❤️

  10. And Chrissie goes home.
    It was a really fun episode.
    Thorpie’s a bit much for me. He seriously doesn’t like being told what to do. He’s a cranky bugger.

  11. How hilarious was Chrissy when she said she doesn’t like the bacon mixed in with the eggs & then admits she forgot. Really sorry to see her go but didn’t want Thorpey to go either. And Gordon telling his daughter to move her arse.

  12. I like, to varying degrees, all of these people, except possibly Collette. I have yet to warm to her. However, I’m guessing there’s time. Based on air time alone, I think she has a way to go.
    I’m sorry to see any of them go.
    I’m hoping there are more laughs to be had.

    • I can’t say I was sorry to see Chrissie leave, although I didn’t find her as obnoxious as I usually do. She had been entertaining, but a little of Chrissie goes a long way.

      Thorpie seems to think he’d rock up and bowl over everyone with his cooking talent, and he’s not handling it well that that isn’t the case. He may loosen up more as the show goes on. I don’t blame him for looking cranky after Collette called his name 50 times in a row; I’d have thrown something at her.

      Respect for Dilruk for asking Chrissie if he could look at her plate, and immediately leaving her alone when she politely asked him not to. I am enjoying this series.

  13. Ha ha ha, crickets! I thought the beast would be something weird like sea urchin or durian, roasted bugs never occured to me. Matt was quick to come up with a use for them.

  14. Yes, I was surprised and pleased at crickets.
    Not too far out there but just out there enough to be entertaining.
    I was a little annoyed that more of the celebrities didn’t put their hand up to give it a go. For goodness sake, have they forgotten their brief? It’s about the viewing audience and we want to see panic. 🤣

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