I’m a Celeb 2022 begins

I’m a Celebrity 2022 began on Ten tonight.

The cast includes Poh from MasterChef and Beau Ryan, host of The Amazing Race. Given Grant Denyer has already been on the show surely Osher and Andy Allen must be pencilled in for 2023.

What do you think of the cast?




  1. Thanks for the new thread Juz.
    So this year I have ‘heard’ (some more than others) of 9 out of 11. Don’t know Miss Universe or Joey Essex. Celebs seem ok so far, I’m sure my opinions will change in a couple of days!
    Also the David is the brother of Layla from Big Brother AU in 2012 or 2013 (the first Ch9 year, she came runner up, Benjamin Norris won) so while not a celeb, not exactly unknown either. I can’t decide if I like the twist or not. David is giving it a good go and pretty funny about it so that helps. I think Beau will have a secret mission where he is told he is not a celeb and tries to trip him up.
    Cal is funny, Emily is going well. I laughed when Nathan Buckley and Beau met, both were like yes, someone I can get along with.
    I think I’ll like Brooke, never been a fan of Poh, I don’t really know Derek or Miss Universe. Can’t work out if Dylan is acting or not.

  2. Dylan’s flapping face was a delight.
    The pretty one is very pretty but I’m surprised at how short she is. She was irritating at the beginning but seems to have now settled.
    Poe can be nails down a blackboard to me but is okay so far. Perhaps she is okay when all the attention is not on her. She is starting to be one of those people who volunteers for every reality show. Maybe money is an issue for her. I don’t think she has ever put out a cook book.
    I like this lot. This season looks like it could be fun.

      • Today I saw a Stan Grant One Plus One interview with Poh on Ch 24.

        It was ten minutes of torture. Poh thinks it’s a big deal she’s been in the media for “twelve years”. Cook, artist, actress, author and television presenter. I guess she’d eat $hit to stay in the public eye.

        You can buy “unused” cookbooks by Poh On Ebay, no worries. $ 26 bucks. Save your cash for a RAT kit, gice..

        She was nominated for a Logie in 2011. I guess she ‘s a monster created by Ma$terchef when that culinary dinosaur ruled the earth.

        She lives near me. There was a class resting bitch face shot tonight. I know it well.

      • Thanks, Maz.
        It’s hard to put my finger on what makes a good cookbook. I have a couple I swear by and a couple that look pretty but there’s nothing in them that I want to eat.
        The publishers must have liked what they saw if they published 4 books.

    • Joey’s ceratinly not flashing his winner’s teef when he seees that snake in the dark on the promo for tonight. No snakes in England but trouser snakes.

  3. Episode 2 and I still like most of these people.
    The pretty one can still put my teeth on edge but not overly so.
    Joey is hamming it up for the viewing audience. I’m guessing it will work on the teenage girl audience. He is certainly easy on the eye and knows his best assets. That shirt is destined to be shed many times before we see the end of him.

  4. There is so much high-pitched screaming going on, it is annoying. They haven’t even done any really gross challenges yet. I’m not keen on Miss Universe and the Olympian, but the rest are okay.

    I don’t like practical jokes, and think The David’s fakery will fall flat when it’s revealed.

    Julia is dressing nicely this season and Chris is managing to pull off his jokes pretty well. I am enjoying the show, but I don’t think people who have only been on other reality shows qualify as celebrities.

  5. The Celebrities are so low key this season that even the celebrities themselves are making fun of the qualification. A reminder that our talent pool is small. Or that genuine celebrities wouldn’t be seen dead on a reality show.
    Joey Essex is turning out to be a surprisingly nice fella and continues to earn his money by taking his shirt off again and being very good looking. I don’t know why I should be surprised that he’s a nice lad. Just because he’s a Pom with a horrible accent.
    And, yes, way too much screaming.
    I forgive a little because my default on stubbing my toe is to repeat a particular swear word until the pain is gone and family finds that really annoying. Except the grand kiddies who find it hilarious. Or maybe Grandma in agony is hilarious. Either/or.

    • He lost many point from me last night not be in anyway helpful to Emily when he was being ‘rescued’ but he is starting to redeem himself. I did laugh at Emily’s assessment of him last night. Also Emilys face doesn’t move.
      I do hope Miss universe realises she can do better than Joey Essex.
      The fake celebrity twist is still a bit of a laugh. My theory is Beau has been told to trip him up but the viewers don’t know it yet. Or he has just watched enough reality tv to know to question everything.
      We got the the standard current AFL / NRL players who are gay need to feel comfortable coming out chat tonight. It seems they have this convo every season. Would be great to see someone from the show actually make a change rather than just talking about it.
      Nathan is clearly getting the AFL star redemption storyline.

  6. Did Beau just dive into a billabong that is only waist deep? Jesus, dude, that’s stupid.

    I don’t mind Joey so far, but damn, his teeth are so distracting. He can take his shirt off as much as he likes, I don’t mind looking at a healthy man, but I wish he would smile between closed lips.

    • I didn’t want to use the word “surprised” again but that why I like IMC so much because there are constant surprises as we get to know people but here goes.
      I am surprised that I like Beau. I find him soooo annoying and loud on The Race but here, he is none of those things. I keep waiting for him to do something that will make me turn on a dime (I’m fickle like that) but he is imbedding himself into a good place for me.
      I don’t know whether he is in on the joke. He is of this reality world and knows people so I suspect he would be difficult to fool and then again, it’s also difficult to call people out. This is not the sort of environment where you would suddenly shout, “Liar!” when you have caught someone out in a dodge. Overall, its Beau’s, Wait, Wait, What? moments that make this joke enjoyable to me. Apart from that, it’s a little Meh.
      Just casually, I’m really, really liking Derek. He’s an unknown to me. I’m not an AFL fan. I hope he’s getting the-final-few cut. I would hate to see him go home before we get to know him better.

  7. Eating challenge tonight. Never really been a fan of these challenges but Derek has the right attitude. I bet they don’t pick him for one of these again.

    • Hasn’t started here yet, but I look forward to this bit. I think Derek is cool; nothing seems to bother him. I liked when he calmly asked if he could play the “elder card” when they were choosing beds. You know if he wasn’t given that courtesy, he would have accepted it and simply got on with things.

  8. And then stuff happens. I was entertained.
    Nathan fainted. I wasn’t so concerned. I faint when my blood pressure falls. It’s actually quite a pleasant feeling. It’s possible that I’ve been lucky that I’ve never hurt myself but I think there’s less chance of injury if you’re limp.
    I did shed a little tear at the trust circle but then I’m a crier. I used to cry during the Telstra ads 🤷‍♂️.
    I am laughing out loud at some of the jokes.
    And I did like the chocolate challenge. The David did have the potential to wear thin but, between the producers and Beau, it is just maintaining itself. Still, I am pleased it is coming to an end.

  9. I’m bored with tonight’s episode. I’ve only got it on in the background because I’m waiting for the denouement. This is definitely all filler.

  10. Agree, very much a meh episode.
    Beau is attempting to use the show to launch is acting career.
    A new celeb going in tomorrow night. my money is on it being Tottie Goldsmith

    • I thought Tottie too.
      I just wanted to say that 🤣.
      It’s the voice. It’s surprising how distinctive her voice is.

  11. The producers have decided to not feed the celebs and that’s a nope, nope, nope from me.
    Not funny, not entertaining and absolutely not interesting. Just cruel.
    In a couple of years time they are going to look back at this episode and say, “What were we thinking?”.

    • I think them getting no food at all is a furphy. If Buckley really has problems with low blood sugar, it would be dangerous for them to not feed him. Feed him, feed everyone, even if it’s rice and beans. If that is the hungriest Beau has ever been in his life, he’s a very lucky man.

      • Maybe they forgot to shop.

        I don’t know why, I just can’t be bothered going through Julia Morris and the doctuuuueeerrr, just to get to the 5 minutes of meat and bones if the show, and I have seen all the snake pits and eye ball sundayes.

        • You didn’t miss anything tonight. No funny jokes, no drama that wasn’t annoying, no nothing.
          The only amusing bit was right at the beginning when the singer tried to go to the loo in the middle of the night with no light and ended up in the bushes. One of the crew, dressed up as a yeti (?) had to rescue her. Funny in a that-could-happen-to-the-best-of-us kind of way.
          I think all of these shows would be better being screened only three times a week.

  12. Who agrees to go into the jungle and when asked what luxury item they want to bring, you think you know what will help me the most a life size picture of my dad?!
    Maybe I’m too much of a team player but I always think the items that the whole camp can play with are the best. Or at the very least surely bring a boredom breaker.

    • I think that if it’s not a team thing then it should be absolutely essential and practical.
      I have no problem with pillows (I can handle anything if I have a nights sleep) and Dylan’s mosquito suit is a fabulous idea. I am a magnet for mossies. Unless Dad is a dart board, I don’t see the point.
      I am really liking Davina. She seems very nice and she will come out of this show well. Incredibly brave on the challenge. I don’t think I could have done the last jump.
      Apart from that, the rest of the show didn’t hold my attention. If tomorrow is another food challenge then I might give it a miss.

      • The pillows are fine, and in the past a few people have bought cooking pots or racks or whatever for the fire.
        If she had friend dad into something practical that would have made sense.

  13. I’m finding this season kind of boring.

    I don’t know if Beau is acting or if he is really throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get enough food. Is he a wannabe actor or just a wanker? In either case, his hissy fits are getting old. Enough.

    • I thought it was just me. Maybe we know too much about these people so there are no revelations? Maybe that’s why I find Derek, Tottie and Davina the most interesting and likeable because it’s all new to me.
      I keep telling myself it’s just week one and there’s editing based on order of evictions.
      I have mixed views about Beau and I’m willing to give him another week or two. He’s very out there so there seems to be very little hidden. On one hand he’s easily made cranky but on the other hand he’s kind. I’m wondering how long he lasts.
      I note there’s another trial tomorrow designed to have Joey take his shirt off. I’m not complaining but the sound will be on mute.

  14. Tonight’s episode was interesting in places. It kept me entertained but I was pottering about at the same time. It’s never been the sort of show that you concentrate on.
    It was bits and pieces tonight.
    There was a challenge – Joey and the pretty one – with screaming. Meh.
    And then more Joey with his shirt off.
    The singer is very clever and a bit funny.
    Poh is a talented artist. I knew she could paint (not really my style) but she has some serious drawing skills there.
    And gossip here and there.
    Tottie touched on her family backstory. A bit sad.
    A secret mission for Poh and Nathan.
    So, you see, a bit of everything.
    It was okay. Not completely boring.

  15. Yes I am struggling to sit and concentrate on the whole episode but some good tidbits.
    I will say it is nice to see them getting along and we are being shown stories of their past etc, rather than a reality tv soap opera.

  16. Joey is a bit of a weenie. He screamed more than, I forget her name, Miss Universe. And he kept calling non-slimy creatures slimy.

  17. It was an odd ep tonight. I liked the challenge because it was different but still there was something lacking. Better than a food challenge is the best I can do.
    I liked the conversation between Nathan and Cal. It wasn’t just that Nathan came across as thoughtful but so did Cal.
    Brooke sang. She has a lovely voice.
    Umm. Not much else got my attention.

  18. I wouldn’t want to be on long drop duty after everyone had Macca’s spicy burgers.

    I hope I never have to see Beau eat again. I know he’s been without any nourishment at all for months, but yuk dude, chew your food instead of inhaling it.

  19. Elimination night.
    I had to take the dog for a walk in the middle so I only really watched the beginning and the end. It was very hot today and I had to wait a long time before we could leave the house but I didn’t get the impression that I missed much.
    The final 3 were Davina, David and Maria.
    I am sorry that it was Davina who was sent home. She was one of the more interesting people.
    David can go home anytime soon. Now that his little game is over, I’m finding him a bit of a bore.
    Maria is probably the prettiest celebrity that we’ve ever had on. Wouldn’t it be nice to still look lovely even after roughing it for a week.

  20. I didn’t feel like it tonight.
    They started with everyone imitating Joey. That couldn’t hold my attention for more than a minute. I may be okay with one Joey but everyone doing it is just irritating.

    • Fortunately I missed the start. I came in at the bad smell challenge, which I thought was stupid. Poh’s and Maria’s chat was semi interesting, but then they had to start making high pitched squeals at that poor koala, and giving him advice on which tree he should be in. Aw, jesus, shut up, he knows what he’s doing.

      I will go wash my hair instead of staying with this tonight. Bleh.

  21. I watched tonight.
    I enjoyed the challenge, bizarrely. Maybe I just enjoyed the celebs beating their heads on eggs on a table. Idk
    Let’s face it. We are all just hanging in there, waiting for eliminations. Obviously it will be rigged so Joey doesn’t go early – because they will want their monies worth – which is a shame cos he is becoming more and more irritating by the second.
    There is very little else on to take my attention.

  22. So they played battleship. Good challenge. They can do that one again.
    I like Julia’s new stylist. She’s been looking nice.
    Mostly, I had the show on mute so if anything exciting happened, I missed it.

    • I don’t have it on mute, but am leaving it as background noise while I do other things. If something sounds interesting I will watch for a while.

      I was getting so annoyed with Beau and Joey constantly whining about being hungry, hovering over whoever was doing food prep so they could grab anything not used, and then gobbling their food so quickly that they make hyenas look like masters of etiquette, that I can’t watch any bits with those two in it. I know it’s a frivolous show meant to be entertaining, but those two piss me off. I doubt either of them knows what it is to be really hungry.

      Julia and Chris both have better stylists this season. I’m glad Julia has taken her performance down a notch and is less irritating and not so loud.

  23. I liked the battleship challenge. Agree I could watch that again.
    I am surprised how long it took for them to get fed up with Boey and Joey.
    Anyone got thoughts on who (if anyone) actually quits tonight?

    • It really could be anyone.
      Except possibly Joey. I’m sure his contract is huge and I would imagine has some tight clauses in it about quitting, especially after that disaster with the idiot tennis player.
      Generally it people with kids that struggle most.

    • Cal is my best guess but maybe it’s someone not shown in the promo. Ch 10 would be low enough to do that.

  24. Beau’s exit is no loss. Missing wife and kids was a face-saving excuse, he left because he didn’t think he was getting enough food. He didn’t care that everyone else was in the same situation.

  25. OMG Von. Thank goodness for having the best premier eveeeeer.
    I will sleep a lot better tonight. He’s got big kahunas, making that call.

  26. Yep. There was a lot of speculation over what would merit a night time announcement. But it could only be one thing. We’ll have to open sometime, but I am relieved it’s been put off for a while. Very ballsy move on Mark’s part. He will get a lot of flak in various newspapers tomorrow.

  27. I think Beaus exit was some what scripted/planned. They didn’t even mention his charity in his chat with Chris and Julia.
    Might also be some truth to the rumours about how much he was paid.
    Lol Daisy and Von, not sure that those stuck over East are as happy as you but I can understand why want to keep the gates shut.

    • I didn’t even notice the lack of mention of charity 😲.
      Maybe they thought that he would suck it up more, given that he’s a blokey bloke. I mean, it’s only been just over a week (?). Some of the others that pulled out lasted longer than that – except Tomic. 🤷‍♂️

    • They are on at least day 15. Plus any quarantine time they’ve had to do. (Although they would have had phone and food during that time). Beau was making all sorts of wild claims on Vile and Tacky Ho this morning that have me questioning anything that comes out of his mouth.

      • Forgot the quarantine as well. 🤦‍♀️
        I should be more empathetic.
        I tend to look at this as a job for which they are very well paid and they know exactly what they are in for, and then they can have a very long holiday after.
        But of course it would always be worse than they expect especially that sitting around thinking business. I do really, really badly at that which is why I could never do this show unless they paid me an incredible bucket load of cash.
        I haven’t heard Beau being interviewed. He isn’t someone that endeared himself to me on the show. Unlike Davina who certainly ended up repairing her reputation.

      • His stories are getting wilder as the day goes on. One is that he was so hungry, when he saw a possum in the bush, he was planning to kill it and eat it. Sure you were, Beau, sure you were.

        And some truly sad news, Meat Loaf has died.

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