MAFS is back on Monday, but do we care?

Oh, MAFS: For a while there you were the hottest show on TV but now I can’t even bring myself to hate watch you.

We now live in a world where it no longer surprises us if someone scrubs a toilet with a toothbrush and let’s the owner blithely clean their teeth with it.

Married ar First Sight Australia returns to Nine at 7.30pm Monday.



  1. I’ll watch. It can be educational to see how low people and the networks who entrap them can sink.

    Watching people get drunk and lose their dignity can be a life lesson.

    Some of these folk have graveyards between their legs , they’re that cheap with it.

    Someone married Medvedev. Unbelievable!

        • We expect the contestants and producers on this show to be “frauds”, “complete psychos” and “horrible, horrible people”.

          Could it be $cotty’s coming in as an intruder?

          Tonight we met a gel who makes the suitor wait three dates before sex. She’s got “rules” and accused her partner of being on every dating site in the known universe.Red flag.

      • I was wondering the same thing today, Dave, when the guy was asked if he was attracted to that pleasant looking, friendly Korean (did she say?) girl.

        • Lovely girl. Too bad she gets lumbered with a male clone of Pauline Hanson. This show always manages to disappoint. I’ll say it , he’s a spineless racist who hasn’t got the guts to say it to the girl’s face. You’ve done it again, MAFS. typical Ch 9. She is way too good for that lying knuckle dragging turd. She’s beautiful.

  2. I watched a bit more today. Who was the horrible girl who couldn’t take a bit of clay? She was a real gaslighter.

    • He’s going to drink from a boot tonight to make up for it. Drunk dinner party tonight looks a beauty. The sexperts’ chickens will come home to roost.

      Romeo sure is wet behind the ears. His Mum must still breastfeed him on top of all the other chores.

    • Me too. FD can be a delight filled with the hopefuls and the completely-absolutely-oblivious.
      Sometimes, particularly when I watch them eating or drinking, I want to smack my forehead. How have parents allowed these table manners to pass as normal and don’t they understand that they have set their children up are for failure in later life.
      Don’t get me started on my list of no-no’s. But just quietly, chewing with your mouth open is an absolute dealbreaker. Do people not know that they are doing it? I can’t account for it any other way. Ffs

      • Bobi, I have year 4 on Wednesdays now to fill in for the anti vs. I am going to do my best to teach pencil grip, and while I am at it I thought I would take a class set of cutlery to teach how to hold a knife and fork. When we eat out I see people stabbing their food like Hannibal Lecter stabbing a heart.

        On mafs, Andrew is a total idiot, sex addict and emotional buffoon. He mistakes “intimacy” with sleeping with a different girl every week. Also he’s a dick who thinks he has so much to offer sexually when he knows nothing about women.

  3. I wonder if Tex, aka Andrew knows the Aussie word WA***er. I suppose he’s probably heard it a lot.

    But again, the sexperts take 2 people who can’t work; a woman with a biological clock that’s saying 5 to midnight (all that she wants is a baby) and a 40year old going on 25, who wants sex with even the leg of a table, but definitely no kids. Well not until he is 65 going on 40.

  4. The “photo ranking” task really is crass, shallow and low brow, wait what? Did I just say that. I AM watching Married at First Sight.

    Holly, do yourself a favour and dump that Roger Ramjet. Or Roger Ram everything that moves.

  5. Any guy who says that it was the woman who was bad in bed is completely lacking in self awareness.
    Perhaps the reason that he has slept with so, so, so many women is because no woman wants to repeat that horrendous experience and he is being forced to move on.
    A high count is not necessary an indication of sexual prowess or attraction but more an indicator of (any number of) other problems.
    But then, you know, try telling some men that and they will just laugh in disbelief. 🤷‍♂️ Undentable egos.

    • To me, a high count means self aggrandizement, shallowness, sex addiction. insecurity and zero personality to keep things ticking along. It means you’re not very interesting and were in all likelihood, the deadest of roots. It could be any number of problems as Bobi has said. The deluded male sex machine invariably assumes he’s simply irresistible.

      I don’t blame the women who think all men are scum. These guys are into premature adulation.

      The show thrives on this kind of human detritus ,unfortunately.

      • I thought “high count” meant something like the fifty we saw confessed/bragged about last year. I underestimated Ch 9’s ability to find such promiscuous looking for ” love”

        Tex, talks about himself in the third person or in his case the turd person. I’m gonna call him “Sex”. Sex has had 350 partners on five continents, even having a mathematical equation to help him number crunch. But he’s got standards. He won’t do “pegging”. I ask Talking TV readers not to look this up or it’s murky origins. Suffice to say, it has nothing to do with hanging out clothes. Sex would anything for love….but he won’t do that.

        I guess Sex meets women on the internet and then blocks them so he can move on.

        As soon as the word “baby” is mentioned , Sex decides to sleep on the couch, becomes in thrall to his laptop and absorbed. what must be dreary reading material on the balcony.

        Next Sex gaslights his unfortunate wife. He desrves more because he’s had one night stands where the partner was more into him. He says he feels fine about being who he is ( a turd) so it must be her problem. You can see Sex gettting reday to sexplode and he bolts from the room braying “Brang me mah stuff!’ “Ah ain’t doin’ this!” “A’hm going home y’all”. No love is in the air ~just domestic violence.

        How did Sex get laid at all with those elephantine ears? Asking for a friend.

        We know Sex’s ironclad contract won’t let him. He’s bad tv but he’ll bring the bacon home.Tonight, we’ll get a Masterclass in covert racism.

        I see the sexperts are copping plenty for matching Sex with biological clock crisis. Quelle surprise. The sexperts are frauds. This show sinks lower than the Titanic

    • Yep. The girls don’t come back for a do-over from Mr Sensitivite.

      Yes, Dave I bet has to self-aggrandize often and regularly, even more so after the ladies see what a self-aggrandizer he is. Boom boom.

    • Good one, Dave. I don’t see Mr and Mrs Italy as a couple. She says, “root” like sailor on heat. He seems gay.

      And the poor guy who gets hammered over and over by Miss “my poo smells like perfume but yours stinks”, needs to go out with Holly.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if I watch (and by watch I mean wander in and out) this show because I enjoy the manufactured outrage.
    Tex is complaining that he has missed his daughter’s birthday. Like he did not see that coming? And a woman that he has insulted on so many levels is still kind enough to make him cupcakes and he couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge that – but let me remind you, it’s all her fault and he’s still a stud desired by all womankind. No problems here /s.
    And then there’s a man says he’s not interested is someone because she’s Asian (and let’s just lump all asians into a collective noun here to see if that lessens the offensiveness) but still tries to play the “I’m not a racist” card. Ffs
    Do these people not get that they are on television and that all these words are being recorded and are going to be broadcast to the nation.
    And that we, the collective audience, are Judgy McJudgefaces?
    How much is a free root worth and how much money are they anticipating that they are going to get from Instagram followers? Because I predict bad outcomes.

  7. Cody~ ” I ‘m by no means racist, but………..”

    How many times have I hreard Dr Phil says you disregard everything that was sais before the “but”? This is deflection 101. Cody is racist but like the usual has a grab bag of alibis designed to hide the truth of it.

    What a keeper Cody is . 30 and already employing ridiculous combovers /comb forwards and indoor baseball caps to disguise his premature baldness. Go to Advanced Hair, you idiot , you might even get a non Asian consultant.

    Sure we can be judgemental , Bobi,, we don’t have to marry these self absorbed cockroaches. I saw no actual tears from Sex in his affected emotions about his daughter’s birthday.

  8. Far be it for me to quote Joe Rogan, but (🤣🤣🤣) he did say that the moment you play the I’m-not-a-racist card, then you’ve got to know that you’ve really f%*ked up.
    Gotta love his turn of phrase.

  9. Comments on two episodes rolled into one.
    What are those idiots thinking that they voted Stay. Like, she says she wants to get pregnant – he doesn’t. That’s a deal breaker right there before we even get into any of the other crap going on. Continuing on makes liars of both of them.
    And then apparently, there is a “breakthrough”. Tex confesses a deep, dark secret. He’s afraid of rejection and it reduces him to tears.
    And just mentioning how implausible this revelation is, on rereading I have never seen so many sentences starting AND including the word I in the history of narcissism.
    Ffs. Just … ffs.

  10. Yes Bobi; them staying on with no affection, connection or suitability can only mean that they want a long time on the show. Never the less, buying in for a moment, how icky are the Italian couple. The girl has an amazing body and I would switch tummies with her in a heartbeat, but she thinks you get more sex by acting like an angry Pitbull. Anyway, hasn’t she picked up yet that the guy is sending off gaydar signals. They remind me of Portia de Rossi and her husband in Arrested Development.

  11. The search for love or the search for a television career? I’ve been watching in horror too at the doomed couples inexplicably writing “stay”. Even the sexperts are baffled by these insane choices. Folk will suffer the company of those who deal in racism and insult for the most temporary fame.

  12. Just a quick update – like you didn’t see this coming.
    Tex is asking his bride for an apology for her behaviour.
    Oh, I’m in stitches. rofl
    I haven’t been this annoyed by a contestant since last season. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I look away? I just can’t believe that someone can be this self absorbed.
    All of the above with all of those emotions.
    I am so sucked in.

  13. Anthony said that Selin seemed relaxed and open. OMG her body language and mean barbs say otherwise.
    He must be really desperate to start a career on tv to continue with that mean girl.
    He would be safer fighting a crocodile on Survivor.

    • Safer ****ing a crocodile, too. Having said that, were I forced to participate in the dehumanizing photo ranking task, I’d rank Selin first. Good looking crocodile. Then Holly. The devil can have the rest. There must be Instagram in hell.

      Cody’s sob story is sad. Do multiple deaths in a family turn a person racist? This show goes where others won’t.

      Sex machine Tex is into denial , gaslighting and finger pointing, I’ve yet to see his rock bottom, it wouldn’t be pretty . Like to give him a thick ear , but someone’s beaten me to it. He really should get some plastic surgery on that. The rest of him is plastic. so what the hell, y’all.

      Another drunken dinner party tonight. The size of those wine glasses doesn’t encourage good behaviour. Quite the contrary. Who will let the dogs out tonight?

      Apparently last Sunday, these couples made Scotty and family look good, as the 60 Minutes followed straight after this.

      • 🤣🤣🤣. Ooo. Who would I rank first in looks, mentally shutting out all the personalities and behaviours? And excess work. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I think probably also Holly. She pretty Kristen Thomas features. Then it’s between the black haired girl and the too perfect blond with the young guy.
        Miss Italy would be last and that’s not a racist remark. I am seeing red flags with her aggressive attitude.

    • It’s not just Tex’s cauliflower ears that are a problem. His eyes are too close together, like a snake in the grass.

      • See, I think Tex has just the one cauliflower ear. That’s Holly’s fault; of course.

        Yeah, there is those snake eyes. Not exactly Ed Sheeranesque.

  14. I’d like to see some wife swapping. Giving the Cain Texan to Mean Girl Selin and give Pleaser Anthony to Holly. Seems like he’d make a good Dad.

  15. Toxic Tex walks out again. He really must be some motivational speaker. I’ve literally had an earful from him. Wonder what Dr.Phil would make of his fellow Texan and the “whole new level of toxicity” Holly brought to his life?

  16. The knives are out, and not just the dinner knives. The claws are out, and they aren’t eating crab claw. The grilling has begun, and I don’t think they are having barbeque. I am watching as the group prepare to investigate. Someone will be toast tonight. 😁

  17. I couldn’t watch. Those previews put me off.
    I’ve never been a fan of the dinner parties anyway. They are more about contestants getting their faces on the screen and more outrageous their behaviour, then the more screen time they are given. We all know that’s the game 🤷‍♂️.
    What really was too much for me was a screen grab of the experts screaming in horror, “They are attacking her!”. As if they weren’t thrilled to their very marrow, *scoffing noises*.
    I can only hope that there are a bunch of women watching this all play back and squirming in embarrassment. It won’t play well to their non-existent Instagram followers.
    Now I can go from hating on Tex to hating on everyone. 🤣

    • I think dinner parties, and contestants have been tined down since the Cyrell days. That screaming shrew is burned in my mind.
      There were a couple of seasons that really dug deep to find the lowest of the low.

      I guess when auditioning for the show they must get asked things like, “Will you sleep with a guy/woman you don’t know on TV?” That will quickly sort out the sheep from the wolves.

    • I’m aware that I’m from a different age where you don’t get naked in front of complete strangers but this leaping into bed on national television has always bothered me.
      It smacks of porn on prime time tv in front of kiddies.
      And teaches my grandchildren that this is normal behaviour.
      It teaches that no boy/girl will like you unless you put out at the first meeting so you had better not say “No” or else you will get a reputation. I was going to say, date but they don’t seem to date these days. They just hook up. So for the price of a cup of coffee ….
      No wonder we have to bring in legislation that talks about “enthusiastic consent”.
      I am so bothered by this aspect. I am so old.
      20 years ago, MAFS would be seen as a form of public prostitution.

  18. Miss Holly turned out to be quite the victim/right-fighter. She made herself out to be quite the shrew victim. She did plenty of dishing it out and that loved-up couple had her summed up.

    • Olivia rolling her eyes and puffing her face, while complaining that Holly should stop rolling her eyes and puffing her cheeks was just too much for me.
      I think Olivia creating Drahma for extra editing time backfired big time. She just looked like a juvenile school girl.
      Holly looked like someone who was angry but trying to hold it together (very unsuccessfully). I don’t blame her for being angry. First she was shamed and attacked by Tex for not apologising for being bad in bed (jeez) and, for the sin of not smiling through it all and being the bigger person (what the hell does that even mean?), was attacked by “the girls”, demanding that she play “nice”.
      I used so many air quotes that I had to re-edit a number of times. Disappointingly, I’m not sure that brackets carries the same sarcastic undertone.

  19. Holly was probably unrealistic to expect to meet people of character here. Producers and contestants alike. Here lieth the bottom of humanity’s barrell.

    The abusive motivational speaker ran like a scalded cat from the mess he created. Ear today, gawne tomorrow.

    I found Olivia’s attack dog more offensive than she was, even though they’re happily loved up, they’ve got to meddle in others’ stuff like a Forrester on a high horse. How many chances does the toxic Texan get?

    Holly, well. probably writing “leave” after being labelled a dead root on national television. after just one night might have been a good idea.

  20. OMG give me a bride or groom who is on time rather than a rude one who has an overbloated sense of entitlement so that she can disregard of punctuality.

    Kate, whaaat? You know what it’s like to be dismissed based on looks, yet you turned up your nose.

    I still really don’t like that, “He’s a princess” girl. The vibes are really nasty ones.

  21. 3 hours++!!! How rude. There would be no coming back from that for me.

    I have a friend who starts EVERY date with, “Sorry I’m late”. EVERY TIME. She’s never really sorry.

    • I had a friend who used to be late all the time. Like, aaaall the time. I would give her 15 minutes and then I was gone. Guess who started being on time?
      And that’s how you fix it.

      • That didn’t work for my friend. I once out her onto an article I googled about people who are always late. That worked for a while. She’s very attractive so I think that means she’s worth waiting for. She’s not. Not when it’s with total disregard.

      • Ah, the “pretty girl” syndrome. Comes as a rude shock when they are not seen as pretty anymore.
        I have friend who used to be the blonde pretty bikini clad beach girl. She’s 75 years old now and she says it’s a conscious readjustment every day. The jokes are mostly funny but she says they weren’t always.

  22. Plenty of fighting and glass smashing to be had watching this show. “Dom” is short for ” domestic violence”. I think plastic knives, receptacles et al for the next gathering would be the way to go. Ribena to drink for everyone.

    The sexperts recoil in horror at their work. They ‘ve created fight club.

    Looks like a mass mutiny on Sunday night , where the “experiment” goes pear shaped.

    • Ha ha”Dom estic violence”. She’s a rabbid bully who makes Dr Phil’s “safe space” look almost safe. She’s make a terrific nosy neighbours. Not.

  23. The sexperts kind of reprimand the people who don’t like the partner that was chosen for them. I call bs on not being able to just know if you would never ever ever go for someone. You do just know if someone just isn’t ever going to be your cup of tea. But nooooo, the sexperts say they just have to try harder.

  24. Carolina didn’t cheat on Dion. She said all along that they weren’t ever going to happen.

    And what do you expect? Dion has been channelling Beer Newton.

    No one is really married guys.

    Baah, go for it Carolina. The show is a joke with a whole.bunch of self righteous, judgy, busy bodies.

    Bloody Dom, “They deserve each other!!! They deserve each other!!!!”.

  25. Bert Newton.

    ,🤣🤣🤣🤣 The Sexpert; “We could not live with ourselves to continue with this unhealthy dynamic”. 🤣🤣🤣

  26. I think the experts are only annoyed because this series, more than most, has shown that the pairings have only been made to maximise drAhMa and they are being called on it. How embarrassment.
    No amount of desperate demands that people try harder is going to make up for the fact that everyone is clinging to some sort of contractual arrangement to keep couples in the same room.

  27. Another general comment to remind everyone how old I am.
    I used to be a gym go-er so I understand the pressure to not let your fitness drop – especially when you are training for the City to Surf.
    I don’t get when The Gym became a dating place.
    Take me to coffee, the movie or dinner if you are trying to impress but there is seriously nothing, as in zero, impressive about watching a guy grunt and sweat as he tries to lift something that’s a little too heavy for him. Ugh.
    It’s narcissistic. And gag worthy. Take your pick.

  28. Apparently the Gym and the internet are the best places for dating these days.

    I’m gonna die without ever going to a Gym. Boo hoo.

    Olivia and that gym loving dork are hitting the wall after a lusty start. He’s in bondage to his mates, too

    A roll in the hay at an outdoor rock festival was how it was in the 70’s for me. Daddy Cool for background music. Swimming across the Murray twice a day, going to be as fit as a gym puppet.

    Ch 9 love rewarding bad behaviour. Glass smashin’ Domenica got a guest gig on The Hundred ( lame quiz show featuring “Andy”).

    • “Glass Smasher”, and holding the broken stem menacingly toward Olivia’s throat.

      The sexperts were just too much calling the Brazilian girl and the other gym guy’s relationship toxic. There is NOTHING about mafs that ISN’T toxic. 🤣

  29. I was put off by the slut shaming with the nude photos. So she has a nude photo out there. Who cares. And it’s a bit revolting (and possibly illegal) to share them around behind her back.
    It’s funny that Channel 9 is taking something that is a “current issue” that society seems to moving in the right direction on and then it’s like they want to turn back time to the good old days.
    Last season it was gaslighting and emotional abuse and this season it’s … wait, wait, it’s the same thing. Isn’t that lass who was paired with mummy’s boy still being held captive in a hotel room somewhere until she agrees to treat him right?

    • Bobi, have you been watching every episode? Dom has been a real cow “slut shaming” people every episode. She has been a loud aggressive Dorothy Dix, loudly being self righteous and acting aghast at the behaviour of others.
      And as far as talking behind a person’s back instead of going to them, well isn’t that exactly what she did to her own “husband” when she talked behind his back, deriding his sexual performance as being inadequate to all of the girls.
      Sounds like a lot of hypocrisy to me. Pot, kettle, black. Sure, Olivia could have ignored her, but guess what; anyone who goes on a show like MAFS and has posted nude pictures of herself on the internet, can’t possibly think those photos aren’t already in the public domain.

      I’m not sure what Dom is actually so angry about; photos? She said not. Talking behind her back? She did that all through the season. No one moralized more than she did. That’s what was so irritating about her. She made everyone’s business her business to judge and moralize; shouting in their faces.
      If tables had been turned, she would have been at that table, giving the girl a self-righteous mauling, like she has done to so many other couples who failed to reach her high moral standard.
      So, no sympathy for the hypocrite from me. She dished it out but couldn’t take it. The fact that it was a sexy photo, was not, as she said, the reason she was angry but the fact that the wasn’t in control. Good luck Jack. You’ll need it. The Dom/Olivia war overshadowed the fact that you were about to challenge her for telling all the girls that you were useless in the sack. And he didn’t even post that information himself on the internet.

      Oops. I guess you can see I really don’t like Dom.

    • I didn’t know the glass smasher was the subject of the nude shots. I’ve seen most nights of this toxic, corrupt sideshow.

      Won’t be long before we see mug shots of her.

  30. On First Dates, or ANY date, I would not tell a guy, “I keep attracting guys who hurt me”, or anything like that.
    Imagine selling a car and saying, “Buy my car, no one else wants it”.

  31. I have been amused at our different takes on all of this.
    I am assuming that it’s a bit of staying on the path that was set in the first couple of episodes. 🤣🤣
    I have disliked Olivia from the beginning. She’s a snake in the grass. I haven’t heard her say it but I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that she’s one of those people who says, “That’s just who I am”, to excuse her inexcusable behaviour. A woman who is always right.
    Objectively, that doesn’t change the fact that there is nothing wrong with nude photos, and they weren’t in the public domain. They were behind a pay wall and it is illegal to share those photos. It’s stealing. If other people want to see those photos then they should also pay. It’s how Dom paid the rent. Olivia is a thief and the rest are receivers of stolen property.
    It doesn’t matter how we feel about them individually or collectively, or the show itself, it’s just as simple as that. It’s black and white. Olivia has no moral compass and I wouldn’t want her teaching children.
    Still, having had time to reflect, I have now decided that the most despicable creature in all of this is Cody (he of the, I-don’t-like-Asian-girls fame) who decides that it’s his “duty” in the most public way possible to let Jack know that his “wife” is a slut and how does that make him feel. You know, because he cares about Jack’s welfare s/.
    Just a reminder, he said this in public in spite of Selina saying that she would like to have these discussions in private. So respect for Selina (or any woman?) = Nil.
    And just to bring it back to the original point. It’s just a nude photo for goodness sake – I’m betting if it was one of the guys, it would be all praise to their magnificence – and it doesn’t warrant a group pile-on, which when I was growing up would have been called bullying and jumped on from a great height.
    As an aside, bullying seems to be more of normalised thing in this day and age but it still makes my skin crawl.
    There you go. My side/your side.
    It has been interesting to follow the discussion. I’m not asking you to change your mind. I’m just finding it … interesting. Lib/Labour, Democrats/Republicans, Sydney/Melbourne, AFL/rugby. We all double down.

    • So many good points, Bobi, especially the legality points.

      I have long ago thought that the reason we like or rather vehemently dislike certain TV people is because of our differing life experiences; that we recognize ugly traits that we have seen in people in our lives.

  32. Oh the hypocrisy! “Not okay to share nude photos”. Sure, it’s not okay.

    But the smashing of a glass and threatening someone in the face with the sharp stem, was just a glitch. Passing information behind your fake husband’s back, that tells all of the girls (and cameramen), who will tell their fake husbands, is also dishonouring, but was quickly forgotten.

    And now the sexperts (I mean producers) get them to look at each other’s phones??? As I said, hypocrisy. Woolif isn’t allowed to open my paper mail because that’s how I was raised. It was long before the times when people put naked photos if themselves on the internet. The only post etiquette we had was, “You don’t open or read another person’s mail”.
    For me that translates to, “You don’t snoop through my phone”.
    There are boundaries crossed continually through this show; like a cameraman in your room while you and your fake husband get down to it. Then the sexperts cherry pick their outrage, while asking questions like, “Have you had sex yet?”. 😆

    • I think Dr. Phil would call the glass smashing a red flag. Ch 9 sought to reward this.

      Dirty Domenica came alas, not looking for love….but a fight. Violence, like.

  33. You see, I saw the glass breaking incident differently. Surprised face 🤣🤣🤣.
    Sure, she broke the glass but many, many, many repeats of the incident from all different angles show she didn’t threaten or menace any one with it – in spite of what was said. I accept that they may have felt threatened but that’s not the same as translating that to, “She tried to stab me”.
    And here’s the thing. She owned it. She apologised – a couple of times. Obviously not accepted. That’s not the game here, and generally, these are not generous people. Still, I admire someone who steps up to the plate. It’s not an easy thing to do and even more so, it’s not an easy thing to do with a group, particularly when you know that they are just going to double down and it’s going to open yourself to abuse. And yet, she apologised anyway because that was the right thing to do.
    I have yet hear anyone on the show, or even after filming, apologise for the “revenge porn” incident. And oddly, it’s the first time if had any respect for the judges/sexperts because John called them on it. Usually they let the abhorrent behaviour run for ratings.
    Or, even if we dial it down a notch, has anyone just apologised for the group pile on? Particularly given there’s no more a delightful scene than all those men, egged on by that woman, victimising someone.
    Thank goodness she has been teamed up with someone with a modicum of decency. Hats off to him and hats off to Selina who also has come out of this looking like a decent human being, because the rest of them just look like bottom feeders.
    Olivia has a genuine dislike for Dom, and there you go, but the rest look like they are just representing the double standards of Australian society. Men are studs and women are sluts for exactly the same behaviour, and a woman must, just must, be put back in her place if she doesn’t show that she is meek, ladylike and wife-worthy.
    I don’t think we are ever going to agree on this one 😃😁

  34. And just a final word on MAFS because it is all over now but we all lost interest some time back.
    The Finale was meh, predictably.
    More shouting but no resolution and no dignity. As an aside, I’ve never understood the concept of the loudest voice in the room claiming the winning argument.
    We have discussed Olivia/Dom endlessly and I don’t think anything here added to the discussion so let’s move on.
    No one has apologised or taken responsibility for their part in the “revenge porn” fiasco, and I’m mostly thinking of Cody here.
    Cody continues to be a racist and is not called on it but just to add to the emerging picture of him being lowest of low-lifes, he dumped Selina a mere couple of hours before the finale – like he hasn’t known for months that he is just not into her. 😝.
    Experts were awful, of course.
    And that’s that.
    I’m sure they will dredge up another batch self-absorbed narcissists for another season, and I will tune in because who doesn’t love a train wreck. 🤣
    I may even give the UK version a shot because they look like a horrendous bunch of people, and besides, there’s something addictive about couples trying to find love but handicapped with that accent.

    • Agree. Cody’s racism completely unacceptable. White trash and not the least bit attractive. He’ll struggle to find a root in a woodyard. He could be a One Nation candidate, can’t see much else use for him.

  35. I watched to the end. The noxious seperts cherry-picked their collective way through their reasons for finding behaviour offensive. It seems that the biggest sin of the season was not smashing a glass and pointing the sharp broken remains in someone’s face, nor passing on semi naked social media photos, but having the audacity to reject the ridiculous judges’ selection of mate and finding another partner more to your liking. And the guilty couple were expected to bear their shame to the bitter end.

    • I gutsed it all out, too. There’s some bad people coming back to Big Brother. as well. Just seen one promo.

  36. Last night was brutal. They were so nasty. The judges and producers stoked the nastiness. What a set-up. Then of course those being attacked lash out in defence.
    The judges look so ugly to me. Finger pointers. 😢

  37. Fake marriages; Lauren kept saying Johhno was boring. No need for them to apologise for liking each other. No need to lie, defend or deflect.
    And villifying them is brutal. If it was real marriage, then yes. And how was it weird for him to call Ellie of all people, when she was the one who had been the topic of the accusations.

    I’m never opposed to them not choosing the person that the three devils choose for them.

    I do however think, he shouldn’t have taken Ellie to the dinner, but then, that would have been the producers’ doing. They didn’t catch an Uber or Swan taxi.

    • Three devils with a sack of sex toys.

      Your posts aren’t on the most recent MAFS thread, daisy…..but it wasn’t me who threw you under the bus. A muzzled whale done it.

      Tori and alpha Jack sure enjoyed their “highlights” reel. Tori was off like a bride’s nightie. Hit the track. Jack.

  38. Apparently, Tim spent a year in goal and lied about it to get on the show.
    Given that this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a criminal record, you would think that producers would be more careful, or that there were repercussions in the contract. Apparently not.
    How desperate do you have to be for 15 minutes of fame that you would lie about something like that. I wonder how he was thinking this would end.
    And the guy makes it seem like it was a foolish error of judgement that he made in his youth – oh so sorry now – but doesn’t seem to think that big time lying to get on a reality show might just suggest that he is still the same person albeit older.
    I’d be right royally p*ssed off if I signed up for a dating show only to be matched up with someone with a very dubious background. If we were in the US, that would be a significant lawsuit. Duty of Care, and all that there.

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