Big Brother Australia returns with familiar faces for fans v favourites

Everything old is new again when Big Brother returns Monday night.

Seven is bringing back some winners, fan faves and villains for a fans versus faves season,

Original winner Reggie is back, along with Tim and Trevor. And to ratchet up the tension, they are bringing back exes Tully and Drew and Drewโ€™s girlfriend.

Hopefully Reggie is getting a decent appearance fee, as she is now legally blind and has fallen on hard times.

Will you be heading to the Diary Room this time around?



  1. I’ll watch. It’s one of the worst shows ever made.

    Hands down.It won’t be easy watching the sleazy.

  2. I am watching although I might be a night behind.
    Hiding in a cupboard seems odd behaviour for some who are now much older. ๐Ÿคฃ

  3. Too bad about Josh. I was enjoying the mayhem.
    Sam said she wasn’t into drama. Well she surely hasn’t gone on BB to brush her teeth and do her laundry.

  4. It’s just as well, for his sake, that Josh was bumped.
    He wouldn’t have been able to deal with the negative social media.

    Something was loose.

  5. Arsehole Joel said he’d won “a lot” of challenges.

    Far as I know , that would be two. What a shocking piece of humanity.

    He’s dead meat after his epic fail tonight. Great to have nominations back.

  6. I could have watched Mel but I’m glad Drew was saved, mainly because that helps them not implode into the Joel black hole.

      • I think others must have noticed his misoginy. I noticed it when he nominated 3 girls for eviction. It’s like he can’t see women unless they are useful to him.

        • Yes , I noticed that he wouldn’t have cared if those three gels were guillotined. Shifty eyes, affected smile. All hat and no cattle.

  7. I don’t know how I feel about Peter Pan Tim.
    When you know what won you the game before, I guess it’s hard to evolve, ie grow up, but I think we will begin to see it.

    Trevor was a snooze last time. Now he’s a snooze with a snore.

  8. If Drew had gone BB would have done one of those twists to bring him back. No way are they missing out on the drama of Tully being an intruder

    • I think Tully was the first person in my recollection that called themselves an “influencer”. I thought this would be on tonight, Ch 7 too afraid to run this trash up against Eurovi$ion?

      How about that dude who auditoned for Survivor getting caught importing 52 kg cocaine into Newcastle ? He got blindsided by the authorities and had no immunity idol.

    • Drew shows his true, not so Feng Shui colours.

      By, bye Joel. Squeaky clean, with about 50 red flags. Jack the lad from private school and yachting and tennis clubs?

  9. Big Brother~ “You left the sweets out where you shouldn’t of”

    That would be Big Bogan.

    • Haha. My ears reacted to the “shouldn’t of”.

      Tim and Drew are being A holes. Tim wouldn’t win the audience vote this time around. Drew is a full-on narcissist.

  10. Alisha; “These guys need to understand, it’s just a game”.

    5 minutes later… Alisha, “Oh I’m so angry. How dare they nominate me”. ๐Ÿคฃ

    • I hate it when Big Bludger saves housemates. who’ve been culled…….ie Alisha~ “it’s just a game” bawling her eyes out when she copped it..

  11. This show died tonight. I won’t touch it with a barge pole again.

    Who gave birth to these horrible , lying,greedy bastards? Hang you all!

  12. I didn’t like that turn of events. I think BB tried to get Tara’s out but he’s stuck like old chewing gum on your shoe.

  13. It’s a no brainer for me. There is something insideous about Tara’s, like a kid who has inherited a nasty character but always sucks up to the teacher.
    Johnson has shown nothing but Big Brother infatuation. Who cares.
    That leaves Reggie, who was either seen as no threat, or to vote her out would make you an evil skunk. At least she can buy something nice for her kids.

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