What’s everyone watching?

Nothing like a bout of covid to allow time to binge watch TV show. My recommended iso watches include:

The Boys: Not for the faint-hearted – it is mortifyingly crude, graphic and darkly funny in its satire of American society and politics.

This is Hughie from The Boys – can you tell his dad is Dennis Quaid and his mum is Meg Ryan?

Alone: Often on free to air, this sees a person or sometimes a pair dropped in the wilderness with minimal supplies, a go pro and a tripod camera. This is solo Survivor hard core. Quite often they are medevaced due to sepsis from a fishhook embedded in their arm, made from the bone of some wild animal they killed. Their wilderness survival skills are fascinating.

Succession: Ok, this is a bit of a cheat as it requires concentration to watch so not viewing while you have the covid sweats. Save it for the post-covid malaise period. This is the fictional tale of an ageing media mogul and his dysfunctional family. Sharp dialogue and many horrible characters who are all played by fantastic actors.

Survivor South Africa: TenPlay has old episodes and is airing the new season that just started. It’s a second chances type one, so I am trying to watch more old seasons first so I know the cast.

Klaus from Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy: Currently on Netflix, this sci fi drama/black comedy about a misfit family with superpowers and an abusive father is beautifully filmed and I always love seeing British and Irish actors doing flawless American accents, and then the public being shocked when they hear their everyday voices. It’s called acting, people.

So, what’s everyone else watching?



  1. One of the Goggleboxers has died.
    I am sad. I liked her. She was sharp.
    I wish people would stop dying.

  2. Scraping the bottom, I started watching Beauty and the Geek.
    I also watched Suspicion on Apple TV.

  3. Last term I took a class set of cutlery to some of my classes and the children how to use them
    It would have been good if the producers of Beauty and the Geek would have given all of their contestants Table Manners 101.

  4. Although I have the tv on a lot, I am not really watching much. Mostly it is background noise. My attention span is short lately.

    Ones I do watch are Have You Been Paying Attention, Insight, sometimes Who Do You Think You Are, You Can’t Ask That, old Law and Order, very old Spicks and Specks (I’m good at identifying old music), and of course Bluey.

    • We have been playing You Tube, “hits of the late 60s”, and “60s hippy music videos”. We can’t resist guessing and Google checking names of bands and exact years the songs came out.
      Now we just need a quiz night.

        • Then we just need some for sport. I have no clue with sport questions. And I wagged almost all of 4th and 5th Biology, but I’m ok on Geography. Woolif has Maths and Sport covered.

    • Von, your life is an almost exact replica of mine except I do have a fondness for murder/mysteries – those ones where you barely see the body and there are five very obvious suspects.
      My concentration span barely gets me from one ad to the next.

        • It sounds interesting, Dave, thanks. If it gets too graphic, I’ll have to switch over to Midsomer Murders, which is usually innocuous enough to not upset me.

      • I’m looking forward to the new one on Channel 9 with Magda and some other good actors that I can’t remember.
        After the Verdict? It sounds like an interesting premise and hopefully has a few laughs.
        Fingers crossed it will be really twisty.

  5. Did anyone see a clip of Jonie Mitchell in her first concert in 20 years? Classy lady. And still cool .

    • Today I saw a clip of her singing Both Sides Now. Her range is not the same, but it didn’t make one damned bit of difference. She had me in tears.

  6. I’m having a judge Judy marathon ATM. I am behind on my recordings.
    Funny how Judy tells them the law, but they respond, “Naaa. I don’t agree”. 😆😆😆

  7. I watched the final 20 minutes of Neighbours tonight. I don’t know why, because I’ve never seen the show. It just felt like something I should do 🙂 :). Similar to paying respect to an actor who has died. Guy Pearce still gives me a little heart flutter, and Kylie looks as though she is about 35, lucky woman.

    • It’s bizarre, isn’t it? I am so sad that it has finished and yet I never watched it.
      I think the death knell was when they moved it off prime time, and then it was a slow and gentle decline. And, let’s face it, a bit too much “white” which is not the way England’s demographic is headed.
      It was the incubator for our talent.
      I don’t know where our next generation of actors is going to come from and, in fact, what’s going to happen to the Arts from here.
      Don’t get me started on the decades of Governments neglect of creatives. All sides have shown an ignorance and lack of understanding of how our economy works.
      Give me a second and I will give a lecture using a power point presentation that shows a breakdown of GDP and the corresponding relationship to productivity declines. 🤓

      • Let’s face it. Australia can do better than Neighbours and Home and Away.
        Just as the US can do better than B&B.
        I hope it paves the way for some more great shows like Love Child.

        • And Mystery Road wasn’t too bad. I haven’t started S2 yet.
          Some of the acting was average but the storyline held up.

        • That’s a bit like Aftertaste.
          Season 1 was lovely. Season 2 is a disaster (so far). I don’t know what’s gone wrong. Even the acting is off. The only thing that has changed is the Director.

  8. The Boys is fun. And I actually hate gory stuff… But I was superdistracted by Starlight’s face this season. She hacked up her face, and she was stunning before. Now she just went the heart-shaped trend way…
    Jack Quaid looks SO SO MUCH like Meg Ryan. Especially when he smiles. It is kinda weird tbh.^^

    Anyway… We are currently watching a few shows with new seasons out. It’s basically just chilling on the sofa after an annoying work week. 😉

    Westworld – SO good. Seriously. Wow! I personally did not like the second season that much (but it was difficult to reach the brilliance of the first season). Season 3 was better and I love the futuristic world. This current season though is close to the first season for me.

    For All Mankind: This is a total gem from Apple TV. It starts in the 1960s and the race to the moon. Which the Americans lose and they built an alternate timeline. It’s pretty compelling and has great characters. Except for one. I want this arse to die quickly.

    What We Do In The Shadows: Ohhh, it is quirky, dumb and absolutely hilarious. I love it. Currently in season 4 and still as funny as it was in season 1.

    Physical: Apple TV show with Rose Byrne. She’s fantastic. It starts more like a comedy but has taken quite a dark turn.

    Apple TV has also some more really nice shows. We recently finished Severance. I think this is one of the best shows I have ever seen. The first few episodes are a total mindfuck, but wow, it picks up and I was totally fascinated by it. Looking forward to season 2!

    Ted Lasso is wonderful. I liked The Morning Show. Slow Horses is great. Foundation started good but it lost me a bit during the last three episodes. Loot with Maya Rudolph is quite funny as well if you do not expect too much.

    • Hey Zhee, Severance is amazing! I have even been listening to podcasts about it so I can enjoy the hosts’ speculation about season 2. The music dance experience was a mind trip.
      I have Ted Lasso on my to watch list but just now we are getting into Barry. Henry Winkler is fab as an acting coach who unwittingly steers a hit man in a new career direction.
      I have to go back to Westworld. Loved s1, soldiered on through s2 and did not try s3. Yet I love the concept and the actors

    • I know! I saw!
      I did not know she was nearly ninety. I thought she was in her sixties.
      I always loved her character. She did not get enough credit.

      • The new Star Trek series is great and has a young Uhuru in it – just out of the academy and unsure if Starfleet is her jam

  9. Hey Daisy, are you guys all right down there? It’s been wild and windy up here. Every time I step outside, it rains on me. Think I’ll stay home until October.

    • How long can one storm last? It’s wild and woolly and I’ve been out every day teaching. We haven’t had any black outs though, and there appear to be no trees down in the garden, but I’m sure there will be a big clean-up needed when it’s over.
      Last night I dreamt a wasp was in my ear but it was the wind rattling outside.

      I really want it to be over so we can go bush walking. We do the dog friendly trails.

  10. Judith Durham has died.

    I don’t think I will ever hear her voice and not immediately know it is she. Fly high lady, and rest in peace.

    • Yes. I read. She certainly had a distinctive voice. I played the Seekers quite a lot when I was a kid.

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