The Amazing Race returns Monday

The Amazing Race Australia is back, and this time contestants get to travel overseas again.

Hopefully they did not fly Qantas for the first leg, or they won’t need one of those “you are not eliminated but take all your clothes out of your packs” twists.

From the ads, TAR host Beau Ryan is back to his shouty best.

Are you happy The Amazing Race once again gives Aussies a chance to look dumb overseas? (In the promo it shows teams not being able to drive manuals? Is that a common thing overseas? It has been a decade since I drove a manual and it seems dangerous to encourage someone who has never done so to be let loose on the road.)

Will you be watching TAR on Ten, Monday night at 7.30pm?



  1. Interesting format, not sure I like the double start and then too many teams. It is certainly better overseas and with less covid restrictions but they have kept some of the things that were failures in the recent series. 30-minute penalty for refusing a challenge – really? It should be at least two hours (enough to guarantee they lose the leg). And again the starting gaps are too short, although it was good that they closed down the challenge when one team took too long to get there, and just moved them on.

    Glad to see the back of the teams who are gone. One should never have been cast, with their vegan values (not because they shouldn’t have them, but because they would not be able to do almost anything), and the other balked at a simple challenge for little reason. They would never have lasted.

  2. Weird third episode. Once again we saw the penalty used. Yet this team landed first on the mat, and most unbelievably, seventeen teams then checked in within twenty minutes. They certainly didn’t look that close together at the final challenge, and it made the editing look very suspicious.

    I think they did need to show that skipping a challenge can lose you the race, but I am sad that it was this team, one on my favourites. I vote for them to have a second chance season.

  3. Too many, way, way too many teams to care about at the moment. I will wait until we are closer to the end.
    I will still read about each episode. There is lots of lovely commentary around on the interweb.

  4. Crap! Crap! Crap! My favorite team got eliminated and next fave came second last. I’m actually loving this format with extra teams. And out of all of them there are only 2 people I don’t like, Chelsea and Angel. Both of them come across very passive/aggressive.
    BLIZZARD ALERT???? Really a bit of a fizzle if you ask me. Of course producers have a plan B in these kind of situations. But promos made it out to be a life threatening situation. Oh well, drama has to come from somewhere I suppose, as for the most part contestants are really, really nice so far.

    The parkour leg had me confused as I kept wondering why some did 3, 4, or 5, of the moves. Then I had to rewind and realized that they only had to do 3 out of 5.

    But all in all I am loving this season. As for the Covid cousins, its going to be interesting to see how this plays out. So far they have avoided 3 legs of the race which IMO is unfair to the rest of the teams. What do you guys think?

    • I had only been telling Woolif (when they were running around Morocco), someone is likely to get covid, then sure enough…..
      I noticed, during archery, that all the crew wore masks.

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