Bold and the Beautiful: A new year recap

By Daisy

If you want the best recap, read any of Dave’s posts; articulate and incisive. But for a brief, less stringent recap, here we go for January.

I heard a song this morning about a man, marrying a woman, and his dad, marrying her adult daughter, and the familial tangle that ensued. I straight away thought of B&B. 

The battle of blonde versus brunette continues, as Brooke and Taylor await Ridge’s decision. Who will he choose. It’s a shocking message in female empowerment and self-esteem, that these adult women allow him to choose between them, like a 13 year old boy asking a girl to the school dance.

Ridge will go to his grave with Brooke planted on one side, and Taylor 6 feet under on the other side. 
In fact, the entire Forrester plot will be a cosy menagerie of interrelated corpses. 
Anyhow, there is a villain about to be found, and we all know that they should be calling Douglas. Or perhaps Charlie could earn his keep. Or they could use young Haze as bait. 

Oh, I am macabre today. We can only wait and see what happens next โ€ฆ



  1. It took a whole episode for Brooke and Taylor to make their strong, powerful women pitch and dump the Rasper. Ridge did some soul searching. but he wasn’t born with one. Does he choose the clingy shrink or the alcoholic gold digger?

    The Meat Puppet , Steffy, Liam and Hope argue over which witch the Rasper is gonna choose. Who gives an Il Giardino alley rat’s arse?

    Charlie interrupts both these scenes with corny lines that a two year old could write.
    We are reminded that the nine toed malevolent force is out there still, when she should be behind bars. Maybe lonesome Rasper will hook up with blonde Sheila in some seedy bar. Curtain.

    I’m watching the Bachelors .These three beige cyborgs have been manscaped to within an inch of their pitiful lives. Poor girls to suffer these turds of a feather.

  2. Part of today’s recap disappeared quicker than Sheila down an L.A freeway. Katie dumped Bill yesterday, making way for Carter to literally enter. This long ad break gives me a chance to recover. ( Maybe the rest went to a trash folder, Juz? No matter)

    Sheila gives a masterful display of road rage acting. Chief Baker and his novice underling cop are losing. Katie and Brooke gossip and recap for us. How powerful these women are when not fighting for the insipid Rasper

    Sheila escapes Baker’s inept dragnet once more, thanks to the L.A. traffic. A feminine hair removal ad lightens the intense drama . Steffi tears her hair out as Sheila escapes into the night.

    Chief Baker is in serious damage control with a furious Steffi and Meat Puppet.. He needs a doughnut real bad.

    Steffi and the Meat Puppet over act and recap their way to the curtain albeit with a flashback to the shooting in the seedy alley at Il Giardino. But there’s more….Sheila’s in a garden , promising more evil. She’s as free as a bird.

    • Sheila’s as quick and elusive as the Road Runner escaping Wiley Coyote.

      The Powerful Womanhood is about 3 or 4 decades behind the rest of Western civilisation. I am guessing someone told the writers they were sending a bad message to young women In abusive relationships so they have taken an about face. Brooke, Taylor and now Katy; all “I am woman, hear me roar”. The women are rebelling.
      I have been wondering about Arjay this week, then all of a sudden, so is Brooke. She really misses him. ๐Ÿคฃ He goes from boarding school to “summer camp”. To Pony Ranch.

  3. It was a very weird Christmas at Eric’s this year.
    The Turkey wasn’t the only bird that looked stuffed. Paris and her pink hair is back, yet Ridge won’t sure he would be welcome. He was back living his Destiny under the mistletoe before you could say, “I saw Gandma kissing Santa Claus”. Was that really a year ago already?
    Little Beth, who was only 9 months old when 7 year old Douglas discovered the truth of her existence, has had a growth spurt and is now about 4 years of age.
    Steffy and Finn were missing; perhaps held up at gunpoint somewhere. Or maybe Steffy was atill trying to get her padded bottom through the car door. The cat caught Donna’s tongue, or else her mouth was glued shut with too much honey because she could only smile, nod, and gesticulate a lot. She only had one line, and strangely, spoke in Brooke’s voice. I think that was a moment of Logan ventriloquism. At least her ample bosoms were her own, I think.
    Hope looked lovely in emerald green. Katy was trying Carter on for size. Cherrrrlee and Pam were their usual nauseating selves. It’s worth watching in the morning, just to watch Donna. ๐Ÿ’‹

    • We’ve gone from miss a toe to mistletoe in one weak week

      Douglas got a present……and it wasn’t a knife but a stuffed toy. He can play Jingle Bells on the piano. Carols. A superspreader event.

      I saw no roach, either. A dismal , dull affair. Pass the egg nog. Might as well get juiced.

      • Douglas opened that gift and looked at it like, “wtf?” He wasn’t thrilled with his candy stripe bear.
        His acting was believable. He looked like he’d been hoping for a finger printing set and a set of binoculars.

  4. Steffi and the Meat Puppet try for some intimacy while the kids are away.Torso time. It’s a terrible night, but ace driver Sheila is out there. roaming L.A.’s freeways amidst the thunder and lightening.

    The roach faces a blast furnace of disapproval from Eric, Brooke over the C.P.S. call. Carter, Hope and Rasper are there. Lots of staring as the roach tries to crawl up his family’s arse again. Great designer , shit father is what Carter thinks. Eric says he can’t even look at the roach but being the great actor he is ….he does anyway.

    Hope sacks the roach from the Hope for The Future line. He thought it was Grope For The Future. The roach is copping it and his meek excuses binned.

    Back at the torso house,Steffi’s slipped into a naughty negligee. Sheila’s car is getting closer we need a collagen ad to break the tension.

    6 minutes left, Sheila driving like a mad woman, will get to see her biological son making the beast with two backs with Steffi. Wild bears couldn’t keep her away.

    Ok, roach …we get it . You’re “sorry”. Rasper fires him from Forrester Creations.Whoever heard of a homeless roach? Grim goodbyes are given in the icy atmosphere. Hope is really cold toward him. Douglas would be elsewhere. The bonhomie of Xmas sure dried up in a hurry.

    Steffi is actually stroking the Meat Puppet’s torso. Meat Puppet and Steffi get down to business. Too bad Sheila is outside, turning off the electricity switch before busting down the door and being sihlouetted in the lightning strikes. Steffi shrieks “Sheila!” As if it’s going to be the Avon Lady.What happened to all the “heavy security” at the beach house? Curtain.

    This was a good episode. Bravo Sheila. You are one sick mother.

    • I know. Last week one escaped behind a kitchen cupboard, a few nights later I finally got it when it ventured out. There’s an au courant horror Mortein ad with a person sleeping and two roaches on their quilt.

      I have seen some monster cockroaches in various parts of Australia.

  5. I had forgotten all about Paris. You would think that she was more memorable. It must be the story lines they give her.
    And just reminding everyone, I love Sheila. I wondered how they were going to stretch out her time on this show. Now we know.

    • Deacon and Bill are my favourites, although the writers make Deacon a wimp.

      Least favourites are probably Cherrrlee and Taylor. They are the mist annoying

  6. Bill makes a pivotal appearnce just before the curtain.

    Prior to this, the stupid Meat Puppet and Steffi give Sheila the opportunity to “hear her out”. Not even a thought of calling 911, Sheila is allowed to roll out a litany of insane excuses. Meat Puppet orders Steffi to get some rope to tie Sheila up “so she can spend the rest of her life in prison”

    Carter and Katie provide the torso action today.

    Those idiots at the beach house had fifteen minutes to call 911. The Meat Puppet was even swallowing some of Mama’s sick speech.

    Before this tying up happens , stallion Bill enters without knocking, Back in black, like Sheila. Curtain.

    Earlier in the day , I saw promos of Bill and Sheila getting close. They’ll make a tough tag team. They’ll make a “connection”

    • Oh my God. Not Bill and Sheila. Yep. Now I too am worried about his mental state.
      Still, he already busted one con out of prison, so it’s good news for Sheila.

      She is creepy without even trying. I don’t know how Deacon managed those sex scenes. Yew.

    • Plus, they keep their rope in the kitchen.

      What self-respecting young couple of hot rich people don’t keep rope in the bedroom where it belongs? Honestly, these Forresters are just hopeless at everything.

  7. I meant to write;
    At the Christmas party, bloody Carter chimed in to frown down on Roach’s bad behaviour. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    a) He’s not family.
    b) Wasn’t he just recently given passes. 1. For sneaking around and sleeping with the boss’s wife.
    2. For cheating on Zoe.
    3. For cheating on Paris.
    4. For cutting Zende’s grass.
    Something like that.
    I’m not even sure anyone there could throw stones except the kids.

  8. Brooke and Taylor emancipating themselves, Scary-eyed Sheila cosying up with Bill; the wheels have fallen off the formula.

  9. If Sheila goes to jail , so does Taylor. That’s Bill’s unholy deal for Steffi. Taylor shot Bill one time , but he didn’t dob. Payback time.

    Liam and Wyatt decide that they’re worried about their Dad. They have new haircuts, but that can’t save their ham fisted acting as if worried. Liam’s sad that Bill can’t find a root. He’s found the root of all evil, in fact.

    Defending his hook up wiith Sheila, Bill says maybe it takes a monster to help a monster. That’s better than anything a world famous psychiatrist could come up with. I doubt if Dr.Phil would buy that. Stallion Bill’s crying. We struggle to believe it’s real.

    Bill and Sheila kiss tenderly for Steffi and the Meat Puppet.Both watch in horror as two villians embrace. It looks like Sheila has Bill hypnotised.

    Bill’s acting like he’s had a lobotomy. He’s had his heart broken too many times , he bleats. Sheila’s as tough as shit ,he reasons. Bill’s pity party is something to behold. He whines that Katie and Brooke literally won’t have a bar of him. He doesn’t mind that Sheila’s insane, he says to Steffi’s insults. Sticks and stones, Steffi.

    Back to acting oafs Liam and Wyatt.Liam finds Sheila’s wig under a couch. They figure out who Dad’s new g/f is. The She Devil. She’s accepted Bill’s rose.

    Bill’s voice is hoarse as he repeats the dirty deal to Steffi. Take it or leave it. Taylor will go to prison if you prosecute Sheila blubbers zombie Bill.. Curtain.

  10. I like Sheila’s new acronym thanks, Dave; ROAE. Yes that would aptly described sex with Sheila. I was only listening today so I missed the boys’ discovery of Shela’s hairy mop. Yikes.
    I think this storyline needed a little….no. a lot more build up, or lead into, for us to be convinced that Bill so quickly and utterly fell into the SheSpider’s Web. But there you have it. The shark has been jumped. Brooke and Taylor suddenly emancipated women, and Bill, head over heels for Shedevil.
    Next episode; flying pigs over LA and Katy wearing sensible, comfortable underwear to bed Carter. Afterall, does a modern, emancipated woman give up comfort to please a man. No. Instead of purple lace push-ups and sexy sax, it will be comfortable undies and Barry White. I hope.

  11. More about the emptiness inside Dollar Bill. Steffi thinks Bill is like a love struck teenager. Or is the stallion horsing around? Katie tells Bill he can take his sword off, but after Sheila impaled her finger on it,Bill’s been getting his jollies reliving the moment. A woman he can’t hurt. How good is that?

    I’m used to seeing Bill knock back Scotch after Scotch , grinding people into the dirt. Grinding Sheila is a bridge too far. The stallion has become a meek little lamb.

    Sheila is flat out like an evil lizard drinking, such is the queue of visitors to the jail. Li, Mike Guthrie, Bill. Li throws all the shit she can at Sheila.There have been visits with Deacon in the promos. Mike Guthrie is still in love with Sheila. It ain’t over yet.

    Sheila is uncuffed for Bill’s visit because he has a stooge working for him in this jail/resort.

    Bleating billionaire Bill asks Sheila if her feelings for him are real. She’s more interested in the escape minutiae.What I’ve read suggests psychopaths only mimic feelings to get by.. Snap out of it , Bill. Curtain.

  12. When Bill and Sheila kiss there’s always thunder brewing. And Woolif and me “yeeewing “.

  13. Black Widow Sheila spins her web around lonesome Bill down at the jail house. Bill wants to know if Sheila’s love is real or if he’s being used. Bill’s paid off people at the jail to have this confidential tme with Sheila. He waffles about “connecting” like this is MAFS.

    Carter gives the viewers some beore Katie comes in and ravishes him. Things are getting hot for Katie , for Carter, I suspect it’s just another day at the orifice.

    Taylor vists Steffi and the Meat Puppet, crowing about Sheila being in prison. Not so fast. it’s comlicated with blackmail. Chief Baker makes a visit, reminding Steffi and the Meat Puppet that he’ll need their co operation to put Sheila behind bars.

    Sheila sells it to lonely Bill that together , as twin forces of evil, they’ll be a great pair.Curtain.

    • All those typos, sorry, gice. Lost in Sheila’s theme song below. “Carter gives the viewers some torso” is what was intended.

  14. Initially, my view when I saw the Bill and Sheila pairing was โ€œWhat were the writers thinking?โ€, but on reflection, his money is about the only way we can keep Sheila out of goal and on the show and Iโ€™ve made no secret of the fact that I am all for that.

  15. Thanks for the link DaveSo you all know how ooold I am, I danced on the dance floor at The White Sands, with Angus hopping around me with his guitar, like Rumplestiltskin.
    I also saw the Eurogliders live in a small bar in Karrinyup.
    But my best moment was seeing Fleetwood Mac play in Perth in about 1976 (?), maybe 1975. That was amazing.

  16. How many times have we heard the line “spend the rest of her (miserable) life in prison” over the last few weeks? Sheila had a riotous time in prison, with a conga line of visitors.

    Tonight, Sheila is free. I guess Bill paid off that lame judge. Surprise , surprise, Steffi and the meek Meat Puppet bowed to Bill’s dirty deal.

    Taylor and Brooke celebrate their emancipation from the tyranny of the soul searching Rasper. Who needs that love rat?

    So Sheila walks, thanks to Bill. I suspect Sheila still carries a torch for Deacon and vice versa. A cat has nine lives, Sheila has nine toes. It will take a week for this for this jailhouse gossip to be recycled by everyone in the cast. ie “What do you mean, Sheila Carter is free!!??”

    Steffi makes a good job of looking terrified in the tender arms of the Meat Puppet Sheila’s a judge crushing juggernaut. Eat your doughnut,and suck it up, Det Baker.Curtain.

  17. Shedevil just isn’t that hot for all these men to be risking their all to save her. The ex warden is putting his hand up to a kidnapping charge, Deacon has been risking imprisonment by letting her hide out in his shoe-box apartment, and now Bill is willing to face alienation from the entire cast so that he can hook up with Psycho.

    BTW, I am pretty sure that judge is Ridge’s crooked judge.

    • Multiple charges. They don’t just.let you out.
      But this is Sheila. Next it will be a governor’s pardon.

      • Yeah. I honestly have no clue how the American legal system works … but I’m pretty certain that it doesn’t work like that.

  18. Bill bought off that bent judge with cheesy holidays on his yacht, the Stella Marie. Mike Guthrie is the fall guy.

    Taylor decides that with Sheila free, there’s only one thing to do. I thought there would be a murder plot hatched , but no….. Taylor is going to admit to shooting Bill years ago and take the rap, thereby putting Sheila back in prison, because Steffi and the Meat Puppet will squeal and prosecute.

    That’s real professional of Taylor to do that. Brooke will visit her shrink soul sister in prison.

    Sheila reclines in the arms of her protector, Stallion Bill. Sheila says she made mistakes and bad choices etc, things that will be chiselled on her gravestone. He tells her she won’t be able to hang with Haze et al…..however she’ll be free.

    Wild bears couldn’t keep Sheila from meddling with her family. Curtain.

  19. Bill can change the name of his yacht to Sheila M. It’s no portrait over the fireplace but it’s a good second.

    Steffy told Taylor not to confess, with something like an, “It’s not worth it”. Say that after she has killed MM again, and kidnapped Haize.

  20. Yesterday, Bill told Sheila he loved her. Call a Vet, cos he’s one sick stallion.

    Sheila still pleads for understanding but Taylor has none of it , let’s hear it one more time, Sheila will spend the rest of her life in prison. This is repeated about five minutes later.

    Bill says to Steffi and Taylor that his new she devil girlfriend isn’t a threat to anyone. He’s got it bad.

    The Meat Puppet unwraps it all again for Katie and Carter. Blackmail and ultimatums from lovestruck Bill. The acting is way below par with these three.
    Taylor and Steffi arrive and Katie storms out, leaving Carter non plussed.

    Bill and Sheila relax on the couch and reckon they’ve got a great future together. Sheila dumps on the Logans and Forresters for rejecting her before nestling into Bill….her new rock.

    Seven minutes left. Steffi says Bill’s love for Sheila will destroy him. Katie turns up to verbally abuse Bill. The vile, evil presence of Sheila isn’t a good look she cries. Sheila nips it all in the bud with a powerful speech. Bill’s mine , fat Katie.

    Katie blabs and blurts , trying to reach Dollar Bill’s non existent conscience. He looks kind of puzzled.


  21. Sheila has turned Bill into a zombie. “The Night of the Evil Dead” continues with Sheila using her black eyes to hold Bill under her zombie virus/spell. Sheila needs to ask Bill for a new outfit. Those horrible semi combat/semi Robin Hood clothes are probably meant to give her a sexy Demi Moore/GI Jane look. But noooo. She and Bill are French kissing, mouths open wide, tongues in. I think Sheila’s split tongue has gone right through to Bill’s heart and left it’s venom.
    Please, gentlemen, stop kissing the Queen of the Zombies.

  22. Katie barks at Sheila to shut up and proceeds to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. How’s that workin’ for ya, Katie?

    Liam and Hope have the whole sordid tale unpacked again by Steffi and the Meat Puppet. Make a coffee while this pitiful scene is going down. Liam is going to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. Pop v Pup? Nah.

    Katie over acts to Bill and the old chestnut about a life spent behind bars is wheeled out. Yawn. Sheila rebutts with ease it all while her Zombie looks on , struck silent. They are monsters in love.

    Katie has a hissing match with Sheila. Katie blurts the “f” word at Zombie Bill ie ~ “family”. Bill is dumbstruck, Sheila tells Katie to leave and let the law breaking lovebirds to themselves. Katie’s puffed out. Watch that dodgy heart.

    More hogwash from Katie to Zombie Bill. Hatey Katie.Zombie tells Katie to leave. Bill’s finally found love, croweth Sheila. Tears come to the eyes of Zombie Bill. Say something. Silent treatment from the Zombie. Curtain.

  23. Maybe Bill, the actor, has laryngitis. Or his personal script writer is away. He’s about as vocal as Hope’s mannequin. Actually, I think fibreglass Hope had more lines.
    All Bill has to do for his part, is have black eyes and an inscrutable expression. Maybe they cut his salary.

  24. Steffi has vowed to get Bill and Sheila. Tough words.

    Today it’s Brooke’s turn to be filled in on the whole saga. I guess she’ll be next to try to deprogram Zombie Bill. Sure enough, this is the brainstorm hatched with Hope and Liam. Liam reckons Bill is detached from reality. Ad break. Next week is Bold week on Studio Ten, btw. We get to see these fools in “real life”

    It’s all over town that Taylor shot Bill ….or it soon will be. Liam says Bill can buy any judge. Hope tells Brooke to be careful….so we know something bad is going to happen. Slug down some Vodka and get a gun, Brooke.

    Sheila is still greasing Zombie Bill with flatteries. Then she tells Bill she’ll go if that’s what he wants. She’ll always be in his debt and with cherished memories of savaging his fake tanned torso. Too easy. Snap out of it and run, Bill. Brooke is going to walk on in this scene.

    Liam whines to Hope that he wanted his father to find “someone special”. He’s trawled the bottom of humanity’s barrel and found Sheila Carter. They relive Taylor shooting Bill and her fragile state of mind.

    Well, right on cue, here’s Brooke bargeing in to Sheila’s mansion. they face off and trade insults while the Zombie looks on helplessly.There’s been a conga line of characters trying to deprogram Bill…..they’ve all been sent packing.

    Brooke works on Bill with a few old flashbacks to their romances, the Taj Mahal etc. Sheila will ruin his life. Take your sword off . Bill. Yada yada.Bill agrees with her says she’s absolutely right. Curtain. We know Bill is going to be a good zombie and chuck Brooke out of Sheila’s mansion.

  25. I am at Siesta Park, so I am as clueless as Bill is, as to what’s happening.
    Favourite line; Sheila’s mansion. Can Bill get that portrait artist right over. I don’t she’ll be wanting to make a run for it any time soon. She’s probably getting her name engraved on the good silver cutlery.

    • Would you believe that Deacon now owns il Giardino? It’s true. He drinks to Sheila’s tenacity in getting out of the slammer. Hope recaps it all for him

      Brooke spent a whole episode trying to deprogram Zombie Bill but Sheila ends up nestled in Bill’s bicep again, wiith an evil thousand yard stare . Bill tells Brooke she’s right…..but owing to the massive well of loneliness inside him and a failed love life, he’s sought solace in Sheila.

    • Thankyou for keeping me up to date, Bobi and Dave. Very funny. Who did Deacon swindle to get the money to buy Il Giodino’s. I guess th writers had more use for a restaurant owner than the local janitor. I can’t see Brooke, Taylor, Katy or Donna setting up an LA love nest with a janitor.

  26. Much as I love the Sheila character, I canโ€™t watch her and Bill together. Itโ€™s too much. I will have to bow out until they stop canoodling.
    And then immediately demonstrating what a hypocrite I am, I am loving the story line where Thomas is the fashion genius and the others are wannabes without him. Very funny and very clever. Heh, heh.
    And passingly, whatโ€™s with Parisโ€™ hair? She has this blue matching line in the middle of her forehead. Itโ€™s a little bit What-were-they-thinking.

  27. Today it’s Katie’s turn to blackmail Zombie Bill. Unless Sheila goes to prison, Bill will never see his son Will again. Fact is, neither of them care for the little brat….but that’s the deal. Of course , Sheila eavesdrops on the deal being offered.

    It took just one critic to savage the Hope For The Future line and consideration is being given to the return of the prodigal roach. The roach is trying tow rm his way back into favour.

    Yea, Deacon ” found some investors” and is now the restauranteur of Il Janitoro. Those pizzas he left out uncovered must have attracted a few flies. Today, the joint is packed . The Meat Puppet and Sheila are sitting together at a table. Sheila’s message is let bygones be bygones. The Meat Puppet gibbers something about prison bars.

    Steffi tells Hope not to compromise her values by letting the roach back into the designing fold. Hope “reasons” that the roach is not as bad as Sheila. Charlie chucks the roach out of the Forrester building with the threat of a Rottweller.

    We go to the curtain with Sheila scowling at what she’d just heard from Katie, who’s taken time out from being bounced on Carter’s couch to being a blacmailer. Bill wonders if he’ll get Katie back if he obeys. Do zombies have family lives?

    • Haha; ” Il Janitoro’s”. Carter can get a job collecting dollar bills in his crotchet.

      I’m loving that the writers are flexing their tiny imaginations and are veering away from the same old love triangle storyline. They even let Hope say, “No Thomas”.
      Yesterday, when Hope asked Thomas how he got through security, Thomas replied, “Have you SEEN Charlie?”. So they know he is a useless idiot, yet they keep him on as head of security of a fashion house where design theft would be a costly and real possibility.
      Inconceivable casting; Charlie as head of security. Taylor as a world famous psychologist (she doesn’t even have her own show), Carter as a pen pushing CEO, Brooke as having a degree in Science, Liam as a man, and all if the invisible actors playing their children.

  28. Douglas’s childhood damage continues as he gets put on the spot to choose between an evil parent and his pretend Mom. He is told he must make his decision then and there, when even juries get time to deliberate. But Douglas throes sand in both their faces.
    Judge Judy would never put a child through that trauma, and Douglas knows it. He would have written Sheila before choosing between Hope and Thomas. But Sheila wasn’t there so instead he wrote….

  29. I was watching the total manipulation of Douglas with horror.
    I know that their demographic is mainly a female audience – and donโ€™t we all have stories to tell – but this was a step too far.
    Iโ€™m guessing there wonโ€™t be too much backlash in America where the world is becoming increasingly black and white.
    And the good news is that when Douglas goes from nine (?) to 20 years of age overnight that he will become a ripe candidate for these type of story lines. I canโ€™t wait ๐Ÿคฃ.

  30. So Douglas chooses Steffy, who’s flat out neglecting Kelly and Haze. A whole episode on the mental ruin of little Douglas.

    Deacon hasn’t given up trying to woo Sheila. Too bad he’s not rich and powerful, like Bill.

    Katie and her enormous mouth got too much air time last week. Brooke and Taylor could be moving in together. Rasper is still “soul searching”. He’ll find nothing.

    • “He’ll find nothing”. ๐Ÿคฃ

      When we were kids we used to sometimes play, “Who does Bambi love best”. We would separate then call and course Bambi to “pick me”.
      What you might play with your dog, shouldn’t be applied ro a sensitive 8 year old boy.

      I used to win BTW. But Bambi wasn’t told, “This is permanent”.

  31. Oh dear. Ridge had better get back; 1. To rescue viewers from the sentimental, poomvey sister-love, and 2. To keep Mary Kay Letourneau out of prison.

    Too many guys have told Brooke that she’s the most beautiful woman in the world, so when a young Casaniva throws her a bone, she believes his flattery.

    • Thanks,daisy.I’ve been watching but so underwhelmed with the Douglas living arrangements brouhaha. There are no good parents to be had on this show, so suck it up , Douglas. The roach is going to intefere again , anyway. He’s promised to do whatever it takes. He can justify anything for the little brat.

      No danger of Brooke and Taylor committing a thespian act. Brooke is ripe to be wooed by that punk waiting tables at Il Janitoro’s. He’ll cool off when he hears she’s been married thirteen times…..

      There was amoment of sheer horror last week when katie displayed full purple lingerie to Carter after a (pointless) session at the gym. Katie tried to leverage bill to dump Sheila or she’ll stop him from seeing Will. Oh yeah…and no pussy, Bill.

      I discovered last week that pickle ball is a real sport.

      • Yes. Pickleball is real. I googled it when Eric was in the thick of it (literally) with Donna. Not sure if it’s taken off in Bunbury. ๐Ÿ•บ

        But have a gripe about bloody Taylor. We know Thomas is a spoiled, manipulative, conniving villain, but what’s the “world famous psychologist’s excuse, for riding rough-shod into Steffy and Finn’s home, disregarding any possible boundaries they might have, and calling the devil spawn over for a family pow-wow. Yes, “wow!”, because Finn has Sheila, but Steffy has stupid Taylor.

        Yes, Dave. I think Brooke will be visiting the waiter at number 96 before she does the top to toe sleep-over girls’ night with Taylor.

        Oh, and I didn’t miss the saxless purple underwear scene with Katy and Carter. I guess there affair can’t be that serious. No sax. They could at least have allowed some trombone.

  32. Like millions of viewers around the world, I’m waiting for a coffee and Valium chaser to kick in before the show starts.

    Big mistake to let little Douglas choose his abode. What’s next week? He ‘s elected CEO of Forrester Creations. Thomas is going to hang around Steffi’s like a fart in a telephone box (Remeber them?). We saw happy flashbacks of roach and son.How bout the scary picture show and various threats that scared the shit out of Douglas. All hydrfluoric acid under the bridge.

    Hope thinks she’s a bad parent.That’s true. Well. she did seem more worried about Hope For The Future. As long as Douglas keeps solving crimes, who cares where he lives?

    All the parents are incompetents on this show. It’s hell for children.

    Zombie Bill is gonna do “Whatever it takes” to reunite Sheila with the Meat Puppet and little sprog Haze. Kidnapping , drugging. shootings.

    Brooke’s got a new toy boy. He looks about as sharp as a bowling ball. He’s been stalking her. Order some Vodka.

    Ridge is still out there, soul searching.

  33. Deacon had sex with the She -devil today. It was sweaty and steamy.They like it rough. I had subtitles, no idea if there was saxophone. A thousand trombones couldn’t have drowned out Deacon and Sheila’s sordid tryst. The quality of the pizzas at Il Janitoro’s could suffer for Deacon’s latest obsession. Last year he said Brooke was the best sex he’s ever had. A sweet nothing now.

    Bill might as well have had a figurine of a jackass around his neck while this was occurring.

    Sheila reckons Bill will kill them both if he finds out. Evidently, the sex is worth it. It’s even occurred to me that Bill has erectile dysfunction. He’s acting awful strange for a billionaire tycoon.

    The roach is literally crawling into the Roach for The Future position. Hope’s between a rock and a hard place. She’ll talk to Liam . who’s flat out like a lizard trying to deprogram cuckolded Bill. Curtain.

  34. Two brilliant recaps, Dave. Good idea about the value and vodka. Yes. I know you said coffee, but I heard vodka.

    I have come the the realisation that Nurse Sheila had either hypnotised Bill, or given him compliance inducing drugs.

    I was quite surprised to see yesterday’s momentary plunge into unpleasant last with Sheila glancing down at Deacon’s crotch, smirking and complimenting his salute.

  35. Uuuggh. Sheila getting sexy. I think I have some left over anti-nausea tablets somewhere.

    I’m almost seething at Taylor’s interference. A couple of days ago Steffy and Finn set some good, clear boundaries for The Cockroach Manipulator, then Taylor tramples all over it like a Trump Team at the US congress.

    And now she is ensconcing her baby boy back at one of the only two offices at Forrester Creations. Eric never gets to have sex with Donna on his big wooden desk. It’s like Forrest Place Mall (Perth).

  36. Yeeeeew. I just clapped eyes on Sheila’s reconstructed, enhance, engorged breaststroke. They looked like pink putty. ๐Ÿ˜ฃ
    Women can’t help getting old, but that’s when you know to bring in a body double or a stunt body.

  37. The current story lines on this show at the moment just remind me that the writers are men.
    A bit too much unrealistic sex for my liking.
    The story lines around Sheila have lost their humour and I have lost my interest.

  38. I was walking a dog…..something a Logan or Forrester would never understand.

    Will try tomorrow’s “encore”

  39. I think Sheila’s brand of, “sex kitten”, just comes off as cringe. It wouldn’t matter who was writing it. And really? Would a guy like Deacon, or Bill for that matter, really not be able to do better for themselves? Sheila is creepy.

    • I think my point was that the whole story line is just wrong.
      Sex was not what Sheila was about. Thatโ€™s Brookeโ€™s game.
      Sheila is about ruffling feathers, stirring up trouble and pitting people against people, and when itโ€™s not in the name of revenge then itโ€™s to further the interests of her son.
      They seem to have got lost.

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