The Bachelors finale Australia

It’s the finale of The Bachelors already? Well, that went quickly.

On Sunday night our three blokes and six ladies find out who received the final rose, umm, roses.

Was the experiment of multiple Bachies worry it? Should we go back to single digits? Or should The Bachelor finally be put to rest?



  1. The woman in white, holding hands with the guy with neon teeth – what is she wearing? Maybe she was rushing to finish dressing, thought the hell with it, and just rocked up in her underwear?

  2. The first half hour was the Jessica and Damien show.
    I wish I knew more about narcissists. Based on absolute ignorance, Jessica is looking like one right now.
    She just dumped Damien on National TV while still making sure that she can go back to him if things with Felix don’t work out. It’s the first time that I felt a smidgeon sorry for him. It’s hard to tell but I think his heart just got broken.

  3. Up in QLD, I’m an hour behind everybody, so I’m trying to avoid spoilers.

    Damien has gotten more screen-time, the last few episodes, than the other 2 Bachelors. So of course he’s going to show up for the finale. And let’s be honest, Felix is kind of a moron (thank goodness he’s so pretty), so it wouldn’t surprise me if he actually picked Jess, because that’s clearly the wrong choice. Abigail is so lovely. Felix could do a lot worse than her.

  4. I give Jed and I’ve-forgotten-her-name-already a couple of weeks max.
    If he couldn’t respect her one and only request then it’s all down hill in a rush.

  5. Both Felix’s girls look very nice. A little bit on the stripper side but then I think I am just showing my age.
    Truthfully, if I looked that good then I would wear those dresses to the supermarket.

  6. The fact that Damien keeps showing up on-set is starting to get a little unsettling. Although I’m loving his fur-lined bomber jacket. The man grew up with a sense of style.

  7. Felix just said, “This is the most time that I have spent in my own head”.
    And I laughed and laughed and laughed.

  8. Good lord, how quickly did they blast through Thomas dumping Lauren? He monologues for a minute, Lauren pops up and Thomas dumps her, the end. The entire sequence happened faster than it’s taken to type this sentence.

    Were the producers disappointed at the lack of drama with Thomas? Because he seems to have picked Leah, like, 3 episodes ago, and everything since then has just been background noise to Jess, Felix and Damien.

  9. I love Abigail. Dignity.
    I have so much respect for her.
    I prefer the rejects to the chosen ones.
    If they do another Bachelorette then they couldn’t do do much better than these three.

  10. In hindsight, Felix and Jessica were inevitable.
    No matter what anyone said, or what opposition was put in his way, Jessica remained.
    I don’t want to take this a step too far but his own family (especially his mother) didn’t approve and he still wanted Jessica.
    She is remarkably pretty and he’s not a deep thinker.

    • I feel like Jess’s appeal was that she was off-limits. She already had a boyfriend, and the whole “wanting what you can’t have” appealed to Felix.

      Gee, the family reunions are gonna be awkward.

    • I’m surprised that Thomas and Leah didn’t work out. He really seemed into her.

      OTOH, I’m not remotely surprised that Felix and Jess didn’t work out.

  11. I enjoyed this season, much to my surprise.
    I had been off the whole format for some time. I think since the Jimmy season – I really didn’t like that guy. Maybe earlier. I am reminded that even seeing the Honeybadger’s face makes me want to punch the telly, and then they followed that mess with that smug, science idiot. Ugh.
    I liked having three very different Bachelors, although it was very difficult to keep all the girls straight in my head. Not that it mattered, I guess. It really wasn’t about them in the end.
    I really liked Thomas: very handsome and very much my type. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s his job keeping him single. I had a friend in hospitality. She said it’s impossible to have a normal relationship because the hours are crazy stupid.
    Jed turned out to be a bit of a delight. He couldn’t have carried the franchise on his own but he was a nice distraction.
    And then there was the Felix and Jessica sh*t-show. It was really irritating at the beginning when Felix was trying to eat every girl’s face. As an aside, I read an interesting interview with an actor once who talked about the choreography of screen kisses so you didn’t make the audience sick. 🤣
    Once I finally twigged that he really liked this girl, I was a little invested. I felt slightly sad because I still think that Jessica was only there for her OnlyFans site. I’m sure Felix will do very nicely for himself. He’s a bit thick so he won’t be bothered by the breakup for very long.
    I liked the fact that they minimised some of the ick stuff. No mud baths. I still cringe when I remember that one 🤢.
    It does feel like the franchise is limping along gasping for breathe but I’m still in for another season.

  12. Just watched an interview with Jed and the chosen one on The Project (with a quick mention that I am off The Project) and Jed continues to be kind.
    Apparently he got down on one knee to propose, even knowing that she didn’t want, because the ring was so lovely that he wanted her to have it and that was the only way he could make that happen.

    • So none of them found their true love?

      And the dude who came across as such a dick in the promos turned out to be the nicest guy?

    • Pretty much 🤣🤣🤣
      In the end, I thought it was worth a watch. I enjoyed the journey.
      Producers had a delightful field day, as did all the media. There was a lot of tongue in cheek commentary and no one took it particularly seriously which was nice for a change. I’d also like to point out my way too subtle in-joke there because there was way too much kissing on the show (to which no one could resist adding sound effects – nom nom 🤣. ). I’m not as funny as the real thing.
      I doubt that any of this lot will find Instagram fame. Those trying for the villain role were turfed fairly quickly. We are over that rubbish.
      Overall, it was a lighthearted laugh.

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