I’m a Celebrity Australia starts tonight

Julia Morris and Dr Chris are back in the South African jungle – a little later in the year than usual but they’re here.

So far the only “celeb” we know is radio host Woody but no doubt more will be announced today.

Will you be watching?

Update: Three names just announced. Debra for the win?



  1. I read that Kerri Anne Kennerly is another “celeb”.

    IAC seems to be playing to the boomer demographic this season. 🙂

  2. I am watching.
    I have tuned in late. Who are some of these people?
    The tall guy has white, porcelain teeth. They can’t be real. He must be a pom.

  3. Thanks, Juz. Very helpful.
    Usually it’s only one or two that need introduction and I can let it unfold but this season, it’s more than half for me.
    I also turned it off early. Daylight saving and all that. It was too slow and too late at night to keep me focussed.
    Still, everyone was jovial and lighthearted and with good intentions and I have high hopes. IACGMOOH 🤣🤣 has always been one of my favourites and is a refreshing change from MAFS. Those people are seriously delusional.

  4. Aesha Scott (hereby known as the NZ chick) is seriously annoying. She is a squealer. It is teeth gratingly, nails down a blackboard. I might have to vote just so that she leaves early.

    • I think most of them are squealers and yellers. Tonight they were all so loud that I turned off the sound. I think they will calm down after a few episodes, but right now they are all so astounded, shocked, flabbergasted, and scared shitless that it’s annoying.

      • I’m struggling. My first reaction was to be put off by the screaming.
        I really disliked Dom on mafs. I thought she was truly unpleasant, so to see her rewarded with more money and another chance to mouth off; no thanks.
        You know I find Julia and Chris stupid, not witty.
        I think calling Kerry Anne showbiz royalty somewhat of an engrandiosement.
        If I can find some interesting characters behind the the screaming, and shouting and clamouring for camera time, I might watch by fast forwarding my way past every scene that has Julia and Chris in it.

  5. Usually they have intruders a bit later in the season. I remember the Gogglebox boys, Adam and Symon, or back in the day, Warney. I wonder who it will be this time?

  6. I thought Kerry Anne would be given a gentle entrance and am glad to see that she got one that was not so easy – and messed up her makeup. They can drop the superstar/royalty schtick for her any time now.

  7. IAC is going to give more air time to those contracted to channel 10, eg Dom, and people they have paid good money to import.

    Oh, and I’ll say it because I don’t care; Julia’s knees need to throw a party and invite her hem down. She is too big to look good in a mini skirt. I will give her, her hair looks better short.

  8. I only watched five minutes tonight. I remember now that early episodes of this show are filled with mundane conversations and activities.
    Nathan is just not interesting and he is an over-actor. I would hope that he is sidelined but I suspect that they will want to get their money’s worth first.
    I watched the promo of Dom getting annoyed that KAK had make-up. All I could do is roll my eyes at her stupidity. Firstly, it’s not important. Secondly, Dom is not valuable enough to the franchise to warrant having it put in her contract. Simple stuff and I just couldn’t be bothered with her trying to claim relevancy with manufactured drama. I’ll come back for the elimination episode but mostly give everything a miss until it all settles down.
    Just casually, I am liking the Bianca. Apart from that, I have few thoughts.

    • Dom and Dicko each stomped off twice during the make-up discussion, yet another bit of bullshit calling for hard eye rolls. Dom then had to underline how infantile she is by sobbing loudly near someone, hoping for comfort and validation. Blech for that kind of juvenile histrionics.

      I was never a fan of Kerry Anne and she’s done nothing to change my opinion. She seems to have never washed a dish and stood by Pete, rabbiting on, while he did all the work. Then, when she and Aesha were named for tonight’s challenge, she immediately announced that she wasn’t going to do it and everyone would have to go hungry. Way to play the game, KAK, you washed up has-been.

      I’m not enjoying this year so far. A couple of eliminations may help.

      • They are coming off as bunch of loud, uninteresting show-offs, all trying to outshine each other. When they forget themselves, get real and get ugly, they have to have make-up sex so the Australia will still like them.
        Yes, Bobi. It might get better. I rhino their “big names” are a big disappointment.
        I will endure a bit more. I thought I liked the athlete, until she parted her bum cheeks. Who does that?

        • I figure it’s a typo, or the joke has gone over my head, but “I rhino their big names” gave me an amusing mental picture. 🙂

          It is filmed in South Africa.

          • Haha. Auto correct I guess. I don’t even know what I wanted to say.
            I just sound like a grumblebum.
            I wrote grumblebum, thinking autocorrelation would autocorrelation. Haha. I did type auto correct in one word.

  9. I am sitting here crying into my Tonic water. I have just been told that my favourite on-line book store, Book Depository, has closed down. I was not aware but they had been bought by Amazon some time back and Amazon has now closed them. I made a decision some time back to never shop Amazon, and I am now going to double down on that decision.
    So everything about tonight’s episode annoys me and I am going to storm off to bed very shortly.
    I did enjoy the camp olympics that they put on. A bit of fun.
    And NZ chick has gone up in my estimation. She did the challenge with gusto and alone. They only gave her half the stars that she earned which is disappointing. I hope they review that decision or give her some sort of nice reward later.
    As you have probably deduced, KAK pulled out of the challenge. Now there was a waste of whole lot of money by Channel 10.

  10. I sound so grumpy talking about this show
    From Julia’s nonsense, and knees that I ffd past, to everyone competing for airtime, they are tapping my grump.

    • I hear you.
      I don’t know what it is: whether I am annoyed with the world in general or whether it is this particular bunch of people.
      Individually, I like (most) of them. Collectively, they are a moaning, entitled, shimmering set of wannabes.
      On some level, I even have sympathy for KAK. She’s my age and she is being asked to publicly humiliate herself … for money. If you think about it too hard, aren’t we, the audience, just awful. I should be ashamed of myself. Obviously, I’m not. I’m just acknowledging that I should be.
      I know – as we all collectively throw our hands in the air – I’m sure that it’s a lot of money. Hear my view for a moment. She has spoken before about looking after her husband, and her elderly mother, and how little support, financial or otherwise, there is for people in her and her husbands age group. The cost of looking after him must have been incredibly enormous and likely drained her bank account completely. I would assume that is her last opportunity to recoup something for her retirement and that there was an element of desperation that got her over the contractual line.
      IMAC will milk this for all its worth and KAK will grin and bear it with as much dignity that they will allow her.

      • While I can sympathise with what Kerry Anne’s been through, I still think she is a shirker for not participating in that trial. She announced the night before that she wasn’t going to do it, before knowing what the trial involved. Being allowed to have make-up is nothing; absolutely refusing to play the game is not what she is being paid for. Yes, they all have the option to opt out, but she had no concern for her camp mates with that refusal and It did not endear her to any of them, nor to viewers. They will all be humiliated in one way or another during the show’s run, she is not special, no matter how many times she’s referred to as superstar and royalty. And she is only a few years older than Deb. I don’t accept age as an excuse to act like a diva.

        Props to Aesha for taking on that nasty challenge on her own.

        I’m sorry about your book store closing. I, too, have decided not to do business with Amazon. Sometimes I miss out on a good buy, but what the hell, it’s just stuff. But not books; books matter.

  11. I didn’t watch last night.
    I decided that it was inevitable that KAK would leave altogether in a very short space of time and the script was going to be predictable. KAK was on doctors orders that she couldn’t do any physical challengers so, obviously, Ch10 were going to do food challenges. I’ve never thought of the food challenges as interesting so there goes me.
    And obviously, Dom was going to play up her image by confronting KAK. I’m with Dicko on this one. There are many ways of saying your piece. It doesn’t have to be abrasive and it doesn’t have to be in front of a crowd. I need an “influencer” to tell me, if it doesn’t happen in front of an audience, did it really happen?
    I can almost guarantee that Dom’s next game will be to take on Dicko at every opportunity. It will be repetitive and boring.
    I wonder if they do an elimination on Sunday? I’m hoping not. I haven’t had time to get to know some of the quieter players.
    I’m away next week. I am going to lovely Tasmania for a week but I will tune in to read. Still grumpy but hopefully a break will fix that.

    • Enjoy Tassie and send us a pic.

      I was thinking KA’s age might have played into her abysmal lack of participation. I know she is only 70 but a woman can have hidden health issues that might put a strain on her ability to be truly present.

      I actually found her more interesting in her stubbornness than if she had been compliant. I’m not saying I agree with her refusal, just that the jungle campers are more interesting when they are performing perfectly.

  12. I watched the interview with KAK on The Project.
    Remembering that I didn’t watch the actual episode and I have only seen chosen snippets, my impression is that KAK and Dom are both in the wrong. At the same time. There’s no sides here for me.
    Dom is just a horrible, horrible person looking for airtime and she zeroed in on someone that looked fair game and KAK thought she could just sit in camp chatting and was surprised that it didn’t play out that way.
    I will give a minuscule edge to KAK because she at least acted like the adult in the room but it’s a hair’s breath.
    Looking back, was there an interview with Julia and the Doctor? Ah well. We move on.

    • I didn’t watch The Project. But I figure Kerry Anne’s explanation there was as self-serving as the one she gave the others when she went back to camp, including one outright lie.

      Having physical limitations is one thing – a food trial is not that physically challenging.

      Dom is a snotty piece of work. But, back at camp, she did admit she was wrong in the way she confronted Kerry Anne when someone called her on it. I think she said what Dicko and the other guy probably wanted to say to Kerry Anne, but they had more sense, and better filters.

      During the whole brouhaha, Dr. Chris and Julia quietly looked on, although Julia had a furrowed brow, and Chris looked as though he was holding back a guffaw.

      It’s over now, thankfully. KAK took her footy and went home. No doubt we’ll be annoyed by something the Honey Badger does in a day or two.

      New episodes of Bluey start tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone.

  13. I quite enjoyed the show tonight, even all the dumb egg jokes, most of which I laughed at. The personal stories from the people in camp were interesting and sometimes quite moving.

    Julia looked nice tonight in that red dress. I like her hair shorter. She is not as OTT this season, which is an improvement I think.

    • Agree. The red dress was one of her better outfits. It suited her body shape. No surprise that I have started enjoying the show. I enjoyed watching the kak scenario. Dom apologises too easily for my liking. She thinks, “owning it”, absolves her of everything, but she was aggressive in mafs and “owned it” there too. I’m too old to fall for empty apologies.
      People in the camp that I have already begun to warm to are screaming Kiwi, Deb and little boxer boy. No one is annoying me, but I do ff JM and Chris. Has he said, “Docteeuuur ” yet? Has she done the kangaroo hop or the tiger grrrr?

      • I don’t watch MAFS, so have no idea how Dom was on there. I don’t particularly like her, but think she came off less unlikable in the kak drama. I do hope she is eliminated first, bro.

        I like the boxer and the radio guy, not so much Liz and Deb, although Liz was impressive in last night’s trial. There is no one I really dislike now that KAK has left. So far :).

  14. I’ve been unwell for a couple of days, and think I must have a fever because I was laughing my tail off at the stupid jokes tonight. Especially Chris keeping a straight face when all those guys were sticking to him. Laughter is good.

    Now I’m watching Liz and whosie on those climbs. I’m afraid of heights and feel like puking from second-hand fear. I could not do that to save my first born.

      • I don’t know if they broke my fever, Daisy. I think the fever helped me laugh. The mood I’m in when I watch may have a lot to do with whether or not I enjoy the show.

        Tonight I was very surprised at how…perceptive…Nick was when describing the importance of getting food for the camp.

  15. So, I am finally caught up. I like Aesha, she seems nice, but I really hope she is first eliminated. Her voice literally drives me insane.🤪

  16. I can’t believe the panic in the early scene with the praying mantis. Have none of them, except Nick, ever seen one before? Good lord, it’s a big, harmless insect, not a giant blue-ringed octopus.

    And the carnivorous gannet that came into camp and contaminated their bone broth, ha. I think Deb saw through that one, but it seems as though no one else did.

    Hunger must be liquefying their brains.

    • If the alleged gannet is carnivorous……how come it ate a fuckin’ “Tim Tam”‘?

      Whateva it is,eat Dom, ffs.

  17. I’m disappointed with the elimination. I liked both those lasses and I felt that we were just getting to know them.
    It’s easy for loudmouths like Dom to take over the screen and polarise the younger viewers who haven’t yet learned the art of nuance.
    I was pleased to see Dom shut down by Liz on the you-don’t-understand-social-media-because-you’re-too-old discussion. Liz was very respectful and very clear. It was nicely done.

    • I was surprised that Anna and Bianca both thought Dom would be the winner, in their post-elimination interview.

      They must be seeing a totally different Dom than we are. She annoys me as soon as she opens her mouth – even before any words come out.

      • I was so disappointed to see Anna eliminated before Aesha. Come on !!!!! Australia…REALLY… I really like Anna, and wanted to learn more about her…but, thats not going to happen now.😣

      • The odds don’t favour Dom. My guess is that she’s too polarising and, as the group gets smaller, this will count against her. Dicko is in the same boat but I have a preference for him. He at least seems genuine.
        Peter Hellier seems to be getting the winners edit. Just quietly in the background making nice noises. I’m also getting a liking for the radio guy, so same-same.
        I’m hoping Honey Badger goes next but I’m guessing that he cost them a lot of money so they will want some screen time from him first. Ugh.

  18. I’m still fding through JM and Chris. OT makes the show more interesting not having their unfunny antics. I’m only half interested in challenges. I am certainly old because I find the food challenges childish. The only things I can say in their defence is that it shows the people who have either strong wills or strong stomachs.
    I thought the group, especially Dicko, for the most part, handled the free speech conversation quite well. It’s such an inflammatory situation. Dicko stood by the, “I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it”, diversity and freedom of ideas road and thankfully there was enough respect shown around the camp that even Dom couldn’t Dominate.
    Dom looks like a big personality on IAC but on mafs we saw that she is quite the aggressor and demands others to adopt her views. She expects get out of jail free cards for bad behaviour by saying sorry. She acknowledges her hostility but doesn’t change. She has her head up and chin out like a Mafiosa

  19. I haven’t watched last nights episode – I was going to watch this afternoon – but now that I’ve seen that Dicko was sent home, I will give it a miss.
    I suspect that IMAC is now going to descend into tedium. Either that, or they’ll set up scenarios so that Dom can generate controversy.
    No wonder they are going to speed up eliminations until it is all over, red rover. Writing on the wall.
    And bring on MasterChef. I always have high hopes and sometimes it doesn’t disappoint 🤣.

    • Dicko spent a lot of time seeking approval but at least he sparked some good conversations. It will be interesting to see who steps in to centre stage now.
      I saw that Boy George was in an IAC. I wish they could bring him in.
      In the meantime, I think Aeisha is sweet. I think that is her real personality. I’m love Pete. There is no one who I really get annoyed with. Dom’s not showing too much of her worst aggressiveness yet.

      • Dom needs glass and alcohol to fully unleash her agressive side. There’s a lack of jungle juice and suitable receptacles for smashing in this place. Quite disrespectful to KAK and Dicko, I do wonder who’s going to cop a spray now.

      • I’ve seen Dom try to target other people but I think that they are all wise to her now and they just keep talking and don’t give her too much oxygen.
        Liz is particularly good at dealing with her but, surprisingly, I noticed that Nathan can shut her down (respectfully) in a heartbeat. Maybe it’s from his days on Geordie Shore where Dom would have been eaten for breakfast.

        • I hope Dom is eliminated next. She adds nothing to the show. I like Nathan, he can poke fun at himself and is usually easygoing. In fact, I like most of the ones still there, except Dom of course. Liz annoys me, but I’m not sure why; something about her just grates.

          You’re likely correct that the show will go down hill from here. Last night’s episode had a couple of silly games, and yet another interminable food challenge. I prefer the physical challenges as long as the participants are not continually getting elephant poop or giraffe entrails dumped on them. The yuk factor has lost whatever entertainment value it once had.

  20. I spent ages (a good five minutes 🤣🤣) trying to find who was eliminated last night so that I could decide whether to watch this afternoon’s replay.
    You have to wonder sometimes how the producers get it so wrong. There was no great clambering out there in social media land to see more of the HoneyBadger and now, colour me surprised, it’s almost like no-one cares that this num-nut has gone. If CH 10 hadn’t put up an image, I would almost wonder if there had been an elimination at all.
    Obviously, I won’t be watching.

  21. It almost seems like I don’t care anymore 🤣.
    I have googled that Debra Lawrence has been sent home. There is a general sadness out there. It seems that she was well-liked. I like her, too.
    Still won’t be watching. I need another couple to be sent home before I tune in again.
    I am fully expecting to be outraged when I find out that Dom is in the final three 😂😂. My guess is that 14 to 18 year old girls are her demographic. I could even be persuaded to vote to make sure that the winner is absolutely not her. On the other hand, my care factor is becoming increasingly non-existent.

    • Debra dis seem really nice. It’s age before youth I guess. I am hope Peter Hellier isn’t next.

      On falls. We were talking falls somewhere. I have taken up yoga and other fitness classes. Hopefully my improved (slowly) and core strength might help me not trip and fall.

      • I’ve thought of yoga, but it’s a hassle for me to get to a class. I doubt I’d stay with it if I tried to do an on line class.

        I do balance exercises regularly though, as they’re easy to do alone. I haven’t fallen in years, so something is working :).

        How is your old man, Daisy?

    • I’m still watching. There were high points and low points last night.

      While Aesha’s voice is shrill and annoying, I’ll give her credit for trying hard in any trial she is in. She squeals a lot during a trial, but keeps going. Nathan is becoming more likeable as the show goes on.

      Everyone in camp had to ignore many distractions that happened during the day. The best ones were Dicko coming in with a plate of Tim Tams, offering them around while eating them himself, more tempting was some dude walking around with a platter of bacon and egg rolls.

      Liz said that there is a Sydney ferry named after her. Later Chris and Julia talked about that, with Chris making several double entendre remarks about riding Liz Ellis, while Julia made dumb faces. Ick. That was so sleazy and juvenile.

      Dom whined about the vegetarian meal because it was something she didn’t like much,and wanted others to try it so they could see how unpleasant it was. I’d have told her to shut up and eat it, or go hungry, her choice. I’ve been disappointed every night when Julia says it isn’t Dom up for elimination.

      • Yay! Guess what I’m doing today over a lovely cup of tea 🤣.
        I will stream it given the suggestion that the trial is not funny. Mind you, I find few of the trials funny any more. The novelty of eating raw food wore off in Season 1.

  22. If that first trial was genuine, that wasn’t funny, but cruel. I do not like practical jokes.

    It looked as though Dom had shat herself already after the description of the trial.

    Not good.

    • I don’t mind very, very harmless practical jokes. But I don’t like people making practical jokes that traumatise, hurt, ridicule or make people feel silly, scared or embarrassed, especially when they video and post it.

  23. Okay. All watched. I fast forwarded through A Lot.
    Thanks for the warning on the trial. Not fun to watch. I’m not expecting them to do that again in any season ever.
    Sitting in my armchair with the dog in my lap, of course I knew it was a trick. It was obvious that it would not be physically possible to collect the star and return without falling and being smashed to smithereens on the dam wall. Still, I understand that fear stops the brain from working. I am not good in a crisis.
    Dom watched her highlights and I think even she found her behaviour a bit cringy. At least, I would like to think she did but that might take a level of introspection that will take a while. Or not. She might just double down.
    I am just happy that she’s gone.
    Isn’t it funny that no one departing is picking Peter Hellier as the winner. Maybe I’m wrong?

    • I didn’t pick it as a hoax for a few minutes. Then I was just feeling sorry for the ones subjected to that nasty trick. Woody, at least, seemed to think it was real, and did well to suppress his apparent anger after he found out it wasn’t.

      Peter Hellier has not been annoying, or offensive, or very introspective, or even especially funny. He seems to be a nice man, but has done nothing to make himself stand out. He’s just there.

      In your armchair with your big old boy in your lap – there must have been legs all over the place :).

      • He does take up most of the coach. As he has gotten older, he does like to out his head in your lap to have his ears skritched.
        This is an old photo but one of my favourites. Greyhounds are odd. I bought him a bigger couch. 🤣🤣

    • I just watched last night’s prank. No way.
      I’d be sending my trauma therapist’s bill to the show. I have been watching Stephen Porges and Gabor Mate speak on the poly vagal nervous system and trauma (you tube) and watching that stunt on IAC, and all I could think of was the trauma.

    • I noticed this with the Dom elimination episode.
      For the first 10 minutes, Debra was in camp even though she had gone home the night before.
      I’m starting to suspect that they are struggling for interesting content.

  24. Well there you go 😯. I felt sure Pete would make it to the final three but not to be.
    It’s hard to believe that the boxer-whose-name-I-still-don’t-know is still there and yet others with better entertainment value are not getting votes 🤷‍♂️.

    • Sportsbet had Peter favourite to win. I rejoiced when I knew that Dom was on the nose with the betting shops. She sure did cringe when she saw the footage of her infantile sledging of KAK and Dicko.

      i know Liz Ellis. The others are like store mannequins to me.

      • Dom has been the Queen of, “Whatever you say or do is okay as long as you own it”. Claire from mafs also had the same motto.

        I disagree. Owning something is insufficient. Some things can’t be unsaid. And “Sorry” should come with the burden of change or not said at all. Too often “Sorry” places the burden on the (let’s say ) victim of the abuse to respond with a get out of jail free card. Like Dom saying on the Project, ” I would have a drink with KAK.

        Yeah but now she is making KAK look bad if KAK chooses to decline. Burden on KAK.

        I have given this a lot of thought, especially as I teach kids to protect themselves against bullies and bossy people.

        • I’ve seen what happens when Dom has a drink with someone. Broken glass. Agro. Finger pointing. Shove yer drink, Dom.

        • So much agreement with you here, Daisy.
          Perhaps it has something to do with the tv stereo trope of identifying and solving a problem to the satisfaction of everyone involved within half an hour. Repeat each week.
          Mind you a show that is filled with real life nuances would get almost zero viewers.

  25. I am sorry to see Woody go. He was nice and fun and entertaining.
    Again, boxer, whose name we don’t know, who doesn’t say anything and who we will never remember after this is still there.

    • Woody was a lot of fun, and his interviews with the other campers were interesting.

      Harry Garside is an Olympic boxer. I think he is the youngest one of the campers, which may be why he is mostly overshadowed by the others. I like him. Although none of the contestants, with two exceptions, are unlikeable this season, I’m surprised that the AFL dude, Adam, is still there.

      It’s difficult trying to pick a winner this time.

      • I like that there were no real nasties, no villains this year. Dom wasn’t terrible in this, like she was in mafs. No one was bullying or being vindictive. I preferred it that way.

        I also did myself a huge favour by not watching any of JM and Chris. I did however, notice she wore her dressing gown tonight. It was nicer than the mini dresses.

      • I have liked most of them. Now that there are only five left, Aesha seems So. Much. Louder.

        Nathan saying the ideal positive person would be Aesha at 25%, was hilarious and accurate.

  26. Logic tells me that the average age of voters is low. That’s why you see interesting or funny older people gone before the young ones. But you all.know that.
    I was thinking that her grey hair might send Liz packing tonight. We might see a Pom and a Kiwi take out top two. I think Aisha could win. Funny if the boxer is there at the end.

  27. It’s like I’m the prophet of doom.
    Just as I announce how much I like AFL guy, and Nathan, they are eliminated. 🫣
    From here on, I remain mute.

    • 😆 Could you please say that you really like Liz?
      Although, on second thoughts, I don’t care who wins. Aisha will be famous no matter what. Liz has a ferry named after her. And boxer guy…..well I’m still calling him “boxer guy”.

      • I’m so disappointed, boxer guy, “Queen”Liz and “ANNOYINGLY, AMAIZING??!!!??? Aesha” the final three. Really??? Give me Pete Helliar any day. Really hope he he gets Dr Chris’s role as co-host.

        • I don’t think any of them really stood out this season, except for the one who wouldn’t play, and she was only there for a minute.

          I think Julia would roll right over Peter Hellier if he were co-host. Although he is probably talented enough to give as good as he gets if he decides to. Being away from his family for weeks at a time may not be something he wants to do.

          Guys, the boxer guy’s name is Harry. Harry.

          • Ha Ha Harry. Got it. Yes, Pete was definitely the best. He deserves a better gig than playing side car to Julia’s repertoire of silly faces, grunts, snorts and unfunny self-applause.
            I don’t mean to be cruel but she might be better as non comedic host.

          • Harry. I have it fixed in my brain.
            I like the idea of the radio host being the Doctor replacement.
            I thought he was very relaxed, not too try-hard and just funny enough.
            Maybe they will go for a whole new team. Julia’s been there a long time. She must be seriously thinking about giving it a break.

  28. I didn’t watch because I always find the finale a bit boring with too much sweetness. I just looked on fb for the winner. Myeh.

    • Same/same.
      I was moderately happy with the winner. Of the three, that was my preference.
      Still, it has to be said. The more interesting people went home much earlier. Overall, a nice bunch of people but the voting was perplexing.

      • Yes. Perhaps nastiness is going to be out of vogue this year. Hard to please, aren’t I. I don’t like too much sweetness. I don’t like nastiness. My “window of tolerance” is small. ‘Must be One Foot in the Grave”. 🤣

      • I do like a bit of clever snark but I have so many rules around when it is allowed and when it is not. It’s so difficult to explain because it’s such personal taste.
        I’m trying to think of a comedian that covers it. 🤷‍♂️. It’s so difficult. Sandi Toksvig from QI?
        Maybe I am just getting kinder as I get older so I am less tolerant of people like Dom.

      • I think the finale could be shortened to half an hour. I started to watch but there was so much sweetness and light and declarations of undying love between camp mates that my teeth hurt. I dipped in and out, but did watch the last few minutes, which had even more sugariness.

        Of the three left, I would have preferred Harry to win over “skipper” Liz. It was an odd season, mostly nice, and a little boring.

        • I’m with Daisy ” Myeh” I watched on replay and fast forwarded to last 3 minutes. Unimpressed 🫤 my favourite went way too early and that was Anna. Probably the most boring season yet. IMHO. Hoping Masterchef will be better.😋

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