Farmer Wants a Wife: Who is your favourite?

By Daisy

Farmer Wants a Wife has evoked a bit of debate this season between viewers wanting the return of host Natalie, and supporters of the new host, Samantha Armytage. 
I don’t know if talking tvers have a preference. To me, they are both about equal amounts of the sunshine and lollipops, and hopeful enthusiasm for romance, that the show requires from its hosts. There is no room for romantic cynicism.  

It seems that producers are realising that viewers, most of us, don’t want the cast to consist of influencers, fame whores and trash talk, but that we want to see more “average” people. Ordinary people have sufficient quirks and “abnormalities ” to be interesting in their authenticity and with their peculiar vulnerabilities.

 Of course, post production, we may discover that all was not as it seemed, but in the moment, weh can still enjoy the narrative. Notable casting this season is the inclusion of identical twin sisters, both riddled with insecurities, and an abundance of blue-eyed blondes. There are a few farm girls, and career girls.

We are now at the point in the show, where farmers are beginning to “develop feelings”, and starting to feel stronger inclinations towards one girl or another. I expect conflicts to increase and tensions to rise as the girls, women really, try to out bedazzle their rivals. 
Do you have any favourites?

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Seven.



  1. Thanks, daisy. I’ve been watching ,it’s light enough , however the scheduling is a little erratic.

    My favourite since day one has been Morgan. If Brad has any brains(which I suspect he hasn’t) he’ll plonk for her.

    As for the influencers, fame whores and trash talkers daisy mentions, have a look at where some of those media miscreants end up.

  2. I won’t pretend that I have been watching much of this but, nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped me from having opinions. 🤣
    There is absolutely no chance, like zero chance, that Matt and Claire will work for more than a minute.
    And speaking of zero, there is zero chance that this guy didn’t know that he was going to be spending the next five years (or more) in Canberra. I call, “Liar, Liar, Pants on fire”. Applying and being offered a public service job, and without lots of travel, doesn’t just happen over night.
    I would have trust issues with this guy who is obviously interested in something other than ‘a wife”.

  3. The farmers have all dosey-doed to their favourite. We find thar “Drew Barymore’s farmer parents in fact have moved to a lovely Sydney home. Thdre is no wheat, shseep or sheepdog in sight. “Favourites last nibht, were all the ones you would have predicted. Tonight, it’s the reunion, when we find out which couples are still together.

  4. I haven’t done a recap for awhile. When does FWAW start again?
    Juz, want me to do the Season? As long as it’s before June.
    See if we can lure Bella. 🥰

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