Bold and the Beautiful recap Australia

By Daisy
For a moment I thought that the B&B writers were going to put some effort into their narratives because the storyline was turning to the strange relationship between Finn and Sheila, and the impact that it was having on everyone.
Sadly, it has taken no time to turn into another love; triangle? Quadrangle? Pentangle? Hope ditched her marriage to Liam for a fling with Roach, but she still loves both.

Liam teleported (it was that fast) from Hope to Steffy. Steffy loves the now maniacal Finn, but is being drawn into crazy Liam’s honey trap.  Finn only has eyes for Steffy, and his 9 toed mama bear. I am guessing that stupid Liam will have to watch his back, because he is messing with Sheila’s baby bear cub’s marriage.

When she’s not gunning him down in back alleys, Sheila is very protective.

Finn needs to attend some life saving classes before he takes any more children to the beach. His family genes are kicking in now and we are seeing a Dr Finn and Mr Hyde dynamic. 
As usual, the kids are boarding school or in the attic. Little Kelly has been let our briefly just to nearly drown. 



  1. Thanks to all concened. This show is a travesty.

    Was Steffy really rejecting Liam tonight or just fearful of soiling Eric’s swank upholstery with bodily fluids? This is the third time Liam’s gone the grope on his ex wife. Those flashbacks are firing up his loins.

    None of these rich folk could afford a pair of floaties to prevent Kelly being sucked into an undertow. Never again will a child escape from an attic.

    Finn’s trying to crawl back up Steffy’s sizeable arse. Zilch acting skill. Nice abs and torso. Soon this porn will screen at 4pm. Great for school children.Curtain.

  2. Today RJ hijacked a child’s birthday party and turned it into a marriage counselling session. Finger down yer throat stuff. You’re left wondering who RJ slept with to get through drama school.

    It was “Beth is alive” whatever’s birthday party. There’s frisson between Hope and Liam. What a yawn…..a technicolor one at that. Curtain.

  3. The Forresters need to spend some of their ‘hard earned’ cash (🤣) and hire a party planner. They throw such utterly boring parties. I’ve been to funerals that were more fun.

  4. Brooke thinks Hope can save her marriage….”because a mother knows”. Brooke could be getting married again soon. That’ll be 14. She caught Thomas and Hope in bed and slowly , it’s getting around what happened. RJ knows and he’s not old enough to shave. Rasper was “inspired” in between gossip seesions, to design a hideous wedding dress for his on/off Logan. She tells him to stick it in his keyhole ‘cos she wants ” to surprise him” Destiny will do that .

    The roach planned a candlelight seduction for Hope ,Didn’t go to plan ,but he sold the old line that he’s changed. I hope he didn’t send that mannequin to the tip. Or throw away Child Protection Services number.. He’s got to unravel soon. I smell more emotional abuse of little pubescent Douglas soon. He’s still getting over drunk Grandma kissing Santa Claus

    Where would Liam be? Of course ,he’s with Steffy. explaining how he’s managed to deprogram Hope. Liam can talk the leg off a chair….he’s getting too much airtime for a love rat that can’t act to save his own marriage. .

    Curtain,seagulls, crashing waves….what a load of flotsam and jetsam.

  5. Liam put the last nail in his wedding coffin today. I thought he was going to show up and walk in on Finn’s vows of a safer, loving family with no Sheila. Steffy”s not buying, but she might be window shopping.

    • Eric compared himself to a stapler,A gold moment in his golden years. At least a stapler can hold things together.

      Finn tries to crawl up Steffy’s arse. That’s some challenge. He sounded pathetic. He took an oath one time to “do no harm”. If only he would do no ham

  6. Remember it’s 4 o clock start from now on.

    Eric’s horrified that Ridge has written hin off, now he has planned his Magnum Opus of designing,and he’s seconded little RJ to help him. Eric’s got arthritis in his hands. RJ is sitting on his arse being an influencer and freeloading at Eric’s mansion, This is all on the hush hush. Prodigy in the wings…..

    Liam can’t forgive Hope for the Rome kiss. He doesn’t know about the rest. He’d jump off a building if he did.

    Soon the roach is blabbing the convo to Hope. Twice now he’s said he won’t tell Liam about the sex.We know what that means.

    Brooke tells her daughter to dump Thomas and save her family.

    The roach and Hope lock lips again.She tries to resist.Where’s the Mortein? Curtain.

  7. Rasper explains to Liam that the Meat Puppet has wormed his way into Steffy’s beach house. It cost him a take away noodles and some cheap talk and reminiscences. For his part, Liam was flashing back to the kiss/assault he launched on Steffy in Rome……just when Ridge walked in with the bad news.

    Deacon has a hyperactive Sheila in his digs and he’s starting to sweat,especially when Sheila starts grinding her axe about Steffy getting between her and her cub, Finn. Deacon’s wondering if the sex all you can eat buffet is worth having a lunatic around.

    At the beach house, Steffi and the horny Meat Puppet start to get down to making up. A shirt is torn off …it’s torso time. Steffi thinks the curtain moved. Nah, the “security has been beefed up” .Must be the wind….

    Stalkers gotta stalk. We see the evil shadow of Sheila once again, ruining the romantic interlude. Trying to get a four toed foot in the door. Wanting some one on one time with little Hayes.


  8. Ooh nooo. A lovely couple we have coffee with in a regular basis, just e te ded the friendship and invited us to team up for PICKLEBALL.
    Oh the stigma

  9. Today , Finn was dumped.(Cheers) Steffy wants to leave L.A.with the kids…….. because of Sheila.. Finn’s speeches to keep Sheila away didn’t sell. A set of steak knives might have helped.

    Steffy runs to Liam to tell him the new plans. Liam pretends to “understand”…..but here’s his big chance…..again. So he’s the penis, sorry shoulder to cry on.

    Deacon’s worried about being sprung harboring Mama bear Sheila,who’s just ruined Finn’s future. Rasper threatened (as much as dress designer can) to make Deacon “pay” if his precious family was harmed. Family are collateral damage on this show is the truth of it.

    Someone should be “rotting in prison” but she’s wreaking social havoc. Curtain.

    • Thanks, Dave. The previous episode is about where we ended before we left (we streamed ahead). Now I will come here to keep up with who’s sleeping with who next.

      As for pickleball. There is little chance of that for me I can’t throw, catch or hit a ball, but tonight there was a really good live band and I had lots of dancing (which I love). They didn’t expect an old granny to do the splits easily, twice, to a Rolling Stones song, but it kind of went with the whole thing. 😁 They were a really good live band and very interactive so it was OK. Fun. Only one pina Coledale, then Woolif wanted to go. He’s used to me dancing.

  10. I’m not loving the new time slot.
    It doesn’t fit in with my lifestyle and I don’t like the idea of streaming B&B. If they seize my laptop during a raid, my search history would be so embarrassing when it was read out in court 😳.

    • Haha.
      The time slot is a shocker. It always has been. I mean; kids are home. But I suppose most of them will be on their games, or doing homework.

  11. The Cheapseats had someone do a quick run down of the latest American Bachelor.
    He’s 71 and most of the women are into pickleball. The jokes keep coming.

  12. Dave (plaintively tone), what’s happening?
    B&B is at the wrong time for me and I can’t adjust.
    I know it moves at an excruciatingly slow pace but surely the story has moved on ever so slightly.

    • I can barely bring myselk to write about the current story line,

      Ercicand Rj have joined forces to ctreate Eric’s Grand Finale. All because Ridge compared him to a stapler. Eric can’t draw,he’s probably having trouble squeezing Cleavage’s two company assets.

      Ridge’s nose is out of joint, soggesting Eric should get a smaal apartment in Beverly Hill.and curl up and die.

      There’s a new intern called Luna. She wears mini skirts up to her neck.RJ looks like easy meat for her.But she’s bad seed, taking a secretive phone call to “keep away from the Forresters’. Good a Actualy he looks like a ten year old with a colouring book.vice in my book.

      So , Bobi ,we wait to see who emerges at the top of the Forrester food chain Eric’s learning to use a computer. soon he’ll be trawling for big breated pickleballing gold diggers.

      The timing’s inconvevient.I think the usual time on Friday confuses. I didn’t realise Neighbours was so bad.The acting is even worse….unbelievable.

      Sorry.there’s been some shit hitting my social fan.
      Rj’s juvenile scribbling mean he’s a prodigy. All Forresters are creative,inspored sensitive artists ie hacks, Luna will fix that,It could be fashion espionage on the ols coots Grand Final Exhibition.

  13. Remember our friends who invited us to form a pickleball double. Well she has broken her arm mid-match. She needs to improve her stroke, but now she will be sitting couples sets out for 6 weeks.
    They’ll never entice me to join but I am encouraging Woolif to go, with a promise that I will watch.

  14. Channel 10 have B&B back in the 4.30 time slot. if you haven’t died of boredom waiting for Neighbours to finish…..little Douglas pressures Hope to set up house with the roach. Thomas is sporting his evil beard. Douglas has had the shit coached out of him……again.

    Li gives it to Finn about how evil Sheila is. Li rubs it in to the baby drowner that he’ll lose Steffi forever. Why not murder Sheila is Li’s advice. Cold bitch or what? Finn clenches his jaw as per usual.

    Deacon and Sheila get down to foreplay at Deacon’s dump. These two know how to act. Beats the stapler storyline hands (arthritic) down.

    Hope goes to visit Deacon in his lair of lust. Thomas will care for ie brainwash little Douglas some more. He’s got him singing about “family” like a canary.

    A pitiful scene fearuring Li and Finn ensues. Li reckons she’s the real Mom. Better to be an orphan.

    Deacon doesn’t want to lose his snake pit of a restaurant. But he likles banging Sheila. Hope’s a knockin’, Her hand’s on the knob of a door for a change. Curtain.

      • Thanks,Von.

        I watched some of this episode twice. Screening at 4.30 today. I’m guessing Sheila will hide before Hope gets in.

          • It’s funny that you should say that.
            I love poking fun at Eric and I think he’s on the verge of retirement – or at least being reduced to cameos – until I was reminded that he is my vintage, or a tad older.
            If it wasn’t for the mirror I would still be thinking that I was 26.

  15. We are almost in sync with the shows atm.
    We were commenting how no one ever goes for alimony, or half the assets in any of their multiple divorces.

    • I take these shows way too seriously.
      I have always assumed that all assets are owned by “the business” to protect them from the constant to-ing and fro-ing, and it would account for why it’s so easy to get a job at Forrester’s if you are a family member with minimal talent.
      Throw in some trust accounts for the kiddies (and semi-retired oldies) and it’s all protected. It’s the way I would do it if I was in charge.
      As if. 🤣🤣

  16. Office predator RJ is smitten with intern Luna.Her hot pant/mini skirt is around her neck. She’s “related” to Finn and Li. Meaning a clan of baby drowners and body snatchers. Luna will blab about Eric’s “arthritis” eventually. Eric’s been coughing up blood like it’s Halloween. He’ll fall of the perch before gis “Grand Fiale”

    No one approves of Deacon and Sheila’s love. Hope , Finn, Brooke and Rasper have shit canned it. Sheila must be a great root for Deacon to risk his fatherhood and gossip pit for.

    Li bullies Luna about family.. The acting is pitiful. Sheila loves that Deacon stood up for her. Brooke finds post coital roach and Hope together.Her look says it all.

    The roach and Hope get down in an office for the benefit of children watching at this hour. This is sleaze. Hope’s distracted from the meatfest by the idea of Deacon and Sheila. The roach is back on the slippery slope to obsession. Six awful minutes to go.

    Luna stands up to tiger bitch , before RJ comes to embrace her for kicking Li’s self righteous arse. RJ is kissing her in no time.Brooke throws the rooted roach out and begins blasting Hope. Hope’s in deep and doesn’t listen,

  17. I know that the acting is pitiful but I’m glad that they have moved on to a younger generation (same story lines, new faces).
    I know that it shouldn’t be but I find something really gross about old codgers lusting after women young enough to be their/his daughter.
    Maybe that’s why I like the Sheila/Deacon story line. Wholesome 🤣🤣.
    Plus, of course, they lean into the appalling scripts.

    • I didn’t like all that lace but I have always loved that pink/red of Brooke’s dress. It’s nice in silk or satin.

      Dave, I forgot to mention my enjoyment of your previous Halloween reference.

  18. Ridge crushes Erics ” Grand Finale ” into a grand fail. The victory is hollower than Eric’s lungs because Brooke and RJ bawl and sob that the old pickleballing patriarch is headed for Boot Hill.We’re not talking haute couture designer boots here.

    Eric’s got six months, say five weeks in soapie time before his balls are pickled.

    Eric’s ego has been painful for two or more weeks. He brags that he is an artist at the peak of his powers and that he built FC with his bare hands.He never acknowledged the string of gold digger/wives?slaves that propped him up. He thinks this latest fail is his finest work. Eric’s shit doesn’t stink. We get it.

    Just about everyone in town knows that Eric;s euchred. We go to the curtain with Ridge being quizzed by Eric about who won the big show. He might lie to flatter the old coot.

    Belated birthday cheerio to daisy

  19. Out of curiosity, I googled Eric’s departure (he is so old) and saw that Wyatt is being written out.
    Bit of a bugga. I have a preference for his character over Liam. Liam is a soppy, wet rag.
    There you go. Not Eric. So annoying.

  20. Just as I suspected, Rasper lies to Eric that the greasy bundle of rags he and RJ designed wins the father/son challenge. Ridge blows plumes of somke up deluded , dying Eric’s arse. Eric laps it all up like the fool he is. He’s surrounded by flatterers that buy into the Rasperian ruse. Honey Bear will turn grizzly when he finds out his dysfunctional dynasty has punked him….again. About the only thing he can come to grips with is…..Cleavage’s cleavage.

    Steffi has returned to the desperate Meat Puppet with two half grown offspring. They’ve been force fed growth hormones in Europe. It appears Finn has been cut some slack for drowning a baby whilst blowing sunshine on the phone. Soon Liam will be around.sniffing out honey.

    So Wyatt’s being written out, thanks Bobi.He was getting pudgy, Curtain.

    • Thomas had already claimed costume department ‘s toupee. So Wipes had to go.
      With the kids put back in their cupboard,
      Steffy and Finn again visit Frankenstein’s mother to let her know, again, that they won’t be visiting her.
      No one pulls junior up on the fact that he couldn’t tell his Dad that that Grandad was dying, but told the new what’s-her-name. She’ll be eating take-away in the ceo’s office and joining board meetings soon. I thought Ridge told her to bring the boxes up, not rummage through them.

  21. Steffi shows what a strong, powerful woman can do. She yells “I’m a Forrester” and punches Sheila in the head, knocking her to the ground. Deacon , the martial arts expert,stands by meekly. Get real and press an assault charge for that, Sheila. Steffi’s only doing what feeble Finn should have done years ago.

    As if we doubted, RJ is an idiot. He blurts to Legs Luna that Pops Eric was gifted the fashion challenge. Family loyalty blinded by lust as Luna rifles through the Forrester baubles and trinkets,staplers et al. RJ is blinded not by love, but legs.

    Rasper and Eric are two bull designers left in the CEO office. Eric has been lied to, what the hell, he has his precious stapler back. The artist in his rightful place, designing in the blood that he coughs up. A geriatric giant in haute couture. Curtain. Spill yer guts,Luna.

  22. Just fill me in a little here. Eric is coughing up blood? We are all assuming that he has lung cancer and is not long for this show?
    Or he has been to the Doctor (and by Doctor, I mean someone he’s not related to) and got some sort of diagnosis?
    Or I have dipping in and out too sporadically and I have missed the story line completely?
    I am momentarily lost.
    Mind you, Eric dying and a whole Succession storyline would make this show a whole lot more interesting. They could stretch that out for Seasons.

    • I’ve been thinking for three weeks now “I didn’t know a symptom of Arthritis is coughing up blood”. Cancer hasn’t been mentioned, so it gots to be terminal arthritis. I’m no doctor, bit I’d say Eric has talent cancer. The stapler is a better actor.

      Eric has a young (black) doctor. Redneck,racist Ridge doesn’t like him. The writers have no class.

  23. I worry about just assuming titles because they can.
    I was watching an ad for a university and this lass, who originally enrolled in fine arts, has discovered her passion for business and is now calling herself a Consultant.
    Lord help us. She hasn’t even left school yet, must be all of 20 but when she enters the workforce, all these people are going to be knocking down her door asking her for advice.
    No wonder this generation has an entitled sense of self. Delusional.
    I’m not surprised that whatshisface thinks he’s going to be CEO just because Eric says.

  24. This week the show is about the characters that are having sex as well as the characters worried about who’s having sex.

    Steffi and The Meat Puppet get the steamy saxophone music for their lliasions at the beach house.

    Torsoes, lips a locking for daytime tv. Steffi catches Hoperoach rooting in a Forrester office. Bodily fluids on the chic furniture.

    Hope and the roach get horror music to show that the roach is starting to lose his marbles again. Taylor,Brooke and Steffi are over invested in hating Hoperoach. Hope’s being blamed by Taylor and Steffi for taking advantage of the obsessive roach. the roach shoots his load for Hope’s new hairstyle.

    Deacon’s got the awful job of selling Sheila to the burned Meat Puppet. “Everyone deserves a second chance!” Finn turns to jelly when he thinks about Momma. He knows he’s a son of a bitch but can’t wipe Sheila. Trouble ahead.

    Liam cuts a lonely figure….a vegan who’s always thinking about his meat. Steffi told him that she loves her baby faced baby drowner but no Liam’s on the verge of ordering his very own Steffi mannequin to get off with.

    RJ is putty in the hands of Legs Luna. Li and Luna’s Mum share a ptifully acted scene. Say won’t you play another somebody done somebody wrong song?


    • You should really be getting paid, somewhere, for your witty words, Dave. You would be so good in media, or writing/comedy work.
      Another good recap.

  25. Eric says “I won the fashion contest fair and square” Pride cometh before a fall pretentious Pop.

    Not content with his false success, Eric plans to produce more crap couture. He’s a farce of nature. He doesn’t want anyone to know about his “arthritis death sentence”. Too bad, the news is spreading like Herpes, old fella.

    Bit by agonizing bit. Rasper breaks the dead Eric news to Steffi and roach.

    Luna’s Mum is hot. Liam would be better barking up her tree. RJ and Legs getting tighter….but Luna’s “job” at FC could be in peril. Aunt Li is a spanner in the works there.

    Eric doesn’t want tears but Steffi and the roach choke up. “Dad doesn’t want anyone to know” bleats Rasper. The blabbers have a teary group hug as we go the curtain. Eric’s wishes are shat on for “family”

  26. Eric doesn’t want anyone to know about his diagnosis. Fat Forrester chance of that.

    Rasper, Brooke, roach,Steffi, Carter, Luna are all wise to the gloating goat’s “arthritis”. All blabbed, no ajar doors. Hope finds out. Soon Deacon……and Sheila. Il Fiardio, the tabloids.The artiste supreme of couture culture is coughing up blood like Gene Simmons.

    Eric’s delusions of grandeur are unbearable. Cleavage has to be “Eric’s rock”, Actually, the old creep selected her for her two rocks. Eric misquotes that “time stops for no man”. His family crawl up his arse all the while holding tight with the big secret. Charades for a few days till Eric finds out he’s been been stapled to the wall of his old office. Curtain

    • That would be Deacon’s gossip’n pizza pit, Il Giardino.

      I do like Il Fiardio. however. Should wear glasses for this.

  27. Liam has been perving at Thomas disrobing his ex wife. What a vegan voyeur.

    Looks like Legs Luna is the progeny of the Italian $tallion. Bill has his fingers in so many pies.

    Curtain.I had a visitor and will watch “encore” in a.m. Feel free to update me on this tangled web of mediocrity..

  28. We get an entire episode of schmaltz celebrating Raspbrooke.

    Viewers will need a bucket and mop to clean up the vomit in the lounge after this.


    • It’s hot here. I was going to bunker down and catch up on some episodes. I’m thinking that today’s episode might not be amongst them. I don’t think that I could handle this. 🤣

  29. Sorry, people. I tried. I really tried. This has got to be the worst story line in the history of ever.
    I’m sure there will be some sort of miracle at the last minute. In the meantime, we all suffer.

    • Agreed.We suffer.My guess is that baby drowner Finn is going to produce an eleventh hour miracle.

      After all, Eric’s “arthrritis” is just making him spew orange cordial into a hanky..How dramatic. Donna must be worried about Eric’s will.

      Eric has a brainstorm to have his funeral before he dies. No tears, no sadness. Death , designer style.. Couture croaking. What a hare brained idea. I;ve seen such plans go awry in real life,sadly.

      A lot of the cast are crying, they can’t wait to chuck Eric’s stapler on a hard rubbish collection. They’ve ignored the pickleballing patriarch for years.

      Legs Luna had the shortest pantsuit in recoreded history today. How long before RJ commits a sexual assault? It runs in the family. Curtain.

    • Eric’s last days could be spent enjoying time with family. Instead he’s nursing his ego back to health.
      Can someone please call Sheila to bump him off.
      Donna’s in big trouble. Eric didn’t marry her. She’ll need her old job back. The Forresters never talk alimony.

      • Isn’t it odd. I didn’t register these but of course.
        I’m usually pretty good at the extreme ( I mean, really extreme) departures from something normal but this storyline is so pathetic that even my spidy senses have turned off.

          • I’ll have to think.
            Usually Bold is good for random thoughts which is why I like to watch and comment. Maybe it’s just a bad time of the year.

    • I lacks a Ph.D but my original diagnosis of cancer of the ego was right.

      Someone shoot the deluded old coote now! Put us out of our viewing misery.

      Don’t cry , RJ. Lose yourself in Luna’s loins. You can’t design for ****

  30. Eric corrals his gloony family into his office. He wants people to be of good cheer but it’s like a mortuary in there. He makes an awful speech, something like a debased for LA version of the Sermon On The Mount. He invites everyone to his grand soiree. (death party) Don’t wear black.

    Most importantly, Eric’s written up his will. There’ll be fights galore when Luna is made sole beneficiary.

    Anyway, the gloomers and doomers agree to attend.

    Donna is helping Eric to prepare. He confesses he’s afraid of death ( a very unsound philisophical position ). He’s feeling weak, so Donna figures a glass of water will help Eric’s terminal diagnosis.

    Eric sits down, reaches for a teaspoon and then goes belly up. he’s gone from the king of couture to the cadaver of couture in the blink of an eye. May he rehearse in peace. He needs to.

    Curtain. It’s Weekend At Eric’s time.

    Thanks ,daisy.

    • Some hemlock in the Martini would have helped. More viewer suffering ahead.

      Almost all the actors “died” in today’s unacceptable offering.

      • How do I hate theee C10?
        Let me count the ways.

        Eric could be dying…..but he’s not. Finn might be a baby drowner but he’ll be godsend to the geriatric ham known as Eric. He’ll surely cure Eric’s blood spewing arthritis.

        So no B&B today. Shameful. The nerve to run Neighbours. Well, Bluey is at 4.30.

  31. No. Today was torso time. RJ, Meat Pupprtt and Liam all working ouy at the gym. One of the assistants hits on RJ. He’s pale and pudgy and can’t afford the fake tan and breast implants Liam has,. Finn pumps some iron too. The conversation is unbearable.

    Why do the males have bigger racks than the women on this show? ( Bar Cleavage)

    Eric isn’t dead yet,

    “Hey Eric how do you avoid death?”
    “You stay in the living room”.

    The Forrester jet is on it’s way to Rome. Brooke, Rasper, Carter, Hope and the roach are in the gossip mile high club. Rome is such a romantic city. Great time for a business trip with Eric coughing up blood like a failed sword swallower.

    Curtain. If only it were “coffin”

  32. I thought they were doing re-runs so I tuned out.
    Was I mistaken?
    If it’s not a re-run then the story lines are getting really, really repetitive.
    Just to let you know that I am not a complete idiot, I also looked at Hope’s hair style. I have been liking her latest but, in this episode, it had gone back to its old boring way.

    • I’m beginning to think Eric must have Munchausen’s. He’s getting all the attention but won’t die.
      Some good Basil Brush jokes in there, Dave. You forgot to say, “Boom. Boom”.

  33. Yesterday, I had a guest and sacrificed this episode…… So I watched it on tenplay.

    Eric’s death party continues.The men in too tight suits and the women literally busting out of their gaudy designer tops.

    Eric’s “arthritis” has him affecting a Rasperian wheeze. Eric won’t be getting an Emmy for this.

    The Meat puppet is buried deep in research when nosey Li drops by and chides him for not going to Eric’s prequel to his wake. Li’s actually jealous of the crazy Forrester clan.

    Compliments abound at Eric’s death party, hold back the tears. These pre grieving relatives won’t be fighting over his stapler when he’s gone.

    Some loudmouth lets the cat out of the designer bag and blabs that Eric didn’t really win the fashion showdown. I missed who it was. Instead of erupting with enough anger to blow the contents of his colostomy bag all over the room, Eric bleats that it’s “the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for him”. You gotta see it to believe it. Who blabbed?

    Soon Eric is staggering like Louie the fly hit with a spray of Mortein and he’s on the floor with his relatives piling on. Who can get to his credit cards first?Eric has died again. I believed it when he died the other week. Curtain.

  34. Eric’s beeping away at the hospital. It comes naturally to him how to act as if he’s in a coma. Everyone wants to hover over his bed, as usual.

    The Meat Puppet announces in hushed tones that he may be able to save Eric’s arse with some new.experimental, “hi tech” procedure. Rasper has Power of Attorney to allow the procedure or throw Eric to the sharks.

    Ridge loves Eric so much,he rasps that it’s to throw Eric to the sharks as we go to the curtain. Not even a coin toss.

  35. Is this not over yet?
    How long can they possibly stretch out a party?
    Mind you, any party that goes longer than two hours is too much for me.

  36. Everyone makes a speech at the hospital for Eric.Every platitude in the book is wheeled out and even Donna’s baubles dangled over the dying designer fail to rouse Eric. That plastic apparatus stuffed into his mouth prevents him from replying or even bleating ‘I’m a great artist”

    Legs Luna has one smoking hot mother. I don’t think Luna was supposed to blab about Eric’s condition. She’s not alone in this snake pit of a community called ” family” The scene is at least a break from the dismal scene being acted out at the hospital,

    Rasper seems intent on patricide as the entire episode unwinds at Eric’s deathbed, His hand moves toward the red button obviously meant to end Eric’s life.C’est la vie,old stapler. You’re now the cadaver of couture. Sheila would be proud of his silky work to off someone.

    Just then Eric opens an eye and the maudlin music stops. Curtain. This is the kind of family where I’d sleep with one eye open.

  37. How many ways can the writers pretend that there is a new story line when all they have really done is change the scenery.
    I swear they must huddle together in some back room laughing their heads off.

  38. Rasper relents and decides to allow Dr.Finn’s way out procedure..Will all the pain be worth it? Or was “Comfort Care” the way to go?

    Eric’s wearing a shower cap as Finn and a doctor struck nurse start the medical malarkey on Eric’s “arthritis”.. Since the doddery designer is in a coma, why the anaesthesia?

    “Everyone has to believe that Eric is gonna pull through” I’d put next week’s rent on that.

    The family start sqabbling in the crowded waiting room. Rasper cops it for choosing comfort ie coffin care. Rasper’s arse is on the line if Eric emerges a designing vegetable

    Legs Luna tightens her grip on RJ while he’s preoccupied with Grandpaw.

    Oh shit hits the fan. Eric starts with the internal bleeding. Who’d let a baby drowner with some big idea cperate on a multi millionaire designing God? Eric nearly dies for the fourth time.

    Curtain. Viewers deserve the accolades for pulling through that episode.

  39. It’s a scorcher in WA. Supposedly only about 36 down our way. It feels hotter.
    We were up in Perth for a party at The Happy Shag. Terrible venue, especially in the humidity, and they used the wet fans.
    But it was family time, which was good.

  40. During today’s episode there was an ad for a can of Mortein that would kill a cockroach with “one spray”.
    Today, Eric died. Either that or he’s had an out of body experience on the slab. It feels fair dinkum when one of his ex wives, Stephanie is there, beckoning the old designer toward “the light” We float through trees and stars .Surely we aren’t being conned by the “writers” this time. We’re to believe Eric’s going to heaven. We have to give him “love and light”. I’m inclined to give him the chop.

    If there’s a hell for bad actors most of the cast in this show are gonna burn.

    Legs Luna is seducing RJ with a full length black dress. She ready to go to Eric’s funeral. She wants to infiltrate FC and live the life. RJ is ripe for the plucking. There’ll be a love child soon. A love of money child.

    Curtain. Eric has “died” five times. When his life flashed before him, there wasn’t a lot there.

  41. Yep. Eric saw the white light at the end of the tunnel. Stephanie was there, beckoning him to cross-over. But as yet, his decision hangs in the balance.

    Poor Zende is trying to get a fair shake, but neither talent and experience, nor polo skivvies and blazers, can compete with blood ties. The influencer, who never wanted to design is being fast tracked right over the top of cousin Zende.

    It’s boring waiting for Eric to die, mostly because they keep showing really boring conversations between Chesty Bonds and the latest inane, incredibly trusted intern. She didn’t venture write down the call from Eric’s friend. It’s Paris all over again, but worse. This one us a sickly as maple syrup on ice cream on a bed of sugar. I have reduced the show to 5 minutes by fast forwarding through all of Ahay’s scenes, and most of the others too.
    At least there is going to be some action when Zende picks himself up from the kerb. I hope he opens a rival company.

  42. Apart from some frisson between Legs Luna and crestfallen Zende, this episode was squandered on taking Eric’s ventiltator off. Room crammed with relatives, more harrowing goodbye speeches. Rasper implores the patient to show them a sign that he’s on board. Eric starts moving his eyelids. This is hailed a near miracle .He moved his leg yesterday. Even playing dead is a bridge too far for Eric.

    Brooke read some stuff from Stephanie’s bible before they went to the hospital. I didn’t see RJ today. Thankful for that..Eric has more lives than a cat. It’s a grind to “survive it”. We can breathe easy, even if Eric can’t.


  43. Eric acts with his eyelids and Finn and Bridget remove the old goat’s ventilator. Brooke reads from Stephanie’s Bible. The beeper goes off , Bridget tries some mouth to mouth and eventually Eric sputters into life.

    There’s a slew off ads after this miraculous event. We need to compose ourselves.

    It’s Xmas time but the plot revolves around Eric. His nasal hair steals the scene before he wakes up and starts gibbering. Praise to the Gods of soap opera. He made it. that warrants another blizzard of ads.

    RJ plays piano just like Grandpaw. Zende,Katie and Legs have to suffer before Brooke calls with good news. RJ strikes up the choir for Joy To The World.

    ” Dr Finn healed you” etc Finn or Frankenstein? We’ll see. Eric looks rooted.

    It looks like Eric doesn’t know if he’s a designer or a plumber. He bleats ” Merry Xmas” and that old curtain falls..

    • Sorry to butt in before regular B and B viewers and commenters, but this recap gave me the best laugh I’ve had in ages. They remove his ventilator, then give him mouth to mouth when the beeper goes? Ha ha, jfc.

      This actor must have some sort of hold over the writers.

  44. Yes, the mouth to mouth hit my funny bone as well.
    You need to be careful, Von. You can get hooked on the sheer absurdity of this show.
    And a casual comment just for the record: Legs is a very pretty girl who is a much better actor than the pretty boys. She can’t possibly last long.

  45. Steffi eavesdrops and then casts her disapproval of the roach and Hope’s continuing affair. Steffi thinks Hope doesn’t love her brother. tt’s none of your beeswax. There’s a company to be run here.

    Rasper is beating himself up because Eric doesn’t seem to have come baxk the full quid. He blames the women for changing his mind about letting the dying designer croak at the peak of his creative powers.

    He won’t interfere like Steffi, Rasper wanrs the roach to make “strong,healthy choices” Well, he’s getting obsessed with Hope again. “People change” bleats the roach. That old chestnut is a fundamental lie built into this show.. Hero Finn barges in on the roach verbally abusing Steffi. Another day, another healthy choice.


    Thanks , Von. It’s right for Bobi to warn you about this show. It’s only 19 mins without the ads. Toxic television. Legs should leg it from this show for her career.

  46. Thanks for the warnings, guys. But I don’t know when the show is on and I know it would take me a long time to work out the characters. I think I’m safe 🙂

    Bill Hayes, from Days Of Our Lives (a soap I did watch), has died. He was 98.

  47. The roach has proposed to Hope and she’s knocked him back. She’ll wear the rock, however “close to her heart ” on her chest. Hope’s not ready “for that sort of commitment” ie obsession.

    Finn cares little for patient /physician confidentialiy,. The juicy details of Zander Avan’t’s consultation are blabbed to Steffi..Thomas murdered someone. Little Emma. Steffi’s into Forrester damage control. Finn saved Eric, he’s smells a roach.

    Dollar Bill has cut Legs ‘s Mom from the L.A. herd. Looks like they’re at Il Garbagino. Bill looks about forty years older than Poppy. Bill’s been stalking her on the internet. She’s stirring romantic memories from his murky love history.

    Thomas’s chickens ie Emma are coming home to roost. That’ll scuttle his sicko plans for doe eyed Hope.


    • Hope gave Thomas a double c*ck block.
      She “might” (indefinite) say yes, sometime (indefinite) in the future.
      Boring Luna’s mum wasted no time landing herself a billionaire tycoon publisher.
      Love the mention of Eric’s eyelids going for the Emmy. I can relate post cataract surgery.

  48. Finn throws patient confidentiality to the L. A wind once more as he straightens Hope out about the roach and what he heard from Zander.

    Finn doesn’t know that of course the roach is outside the door,eavesdroppping. Great that he can hear conversations going on inside a doctor’s office. He hears Finn’s character assassination, first hand.

    Finn tells the roach that he can see through his act while the roach threatens against messing with his life or family.


  49. Zende, burning with envy for golden child RJ, is lusting after Legs Luna and invites her to dinner. He tries kissing her and craps out badly. RJ is at the hospital visiting back from the dead Eric. Eric asks about Luna and RJ is over the moon about her. He’d be proud of Legs cock blocking snakey Zende. Zende for his part , should be trying to pop Poppy. He’s been chopped out of Eric’s back From The Sarcophagus Haute Couture Project….by a ” Draftsman” Zende’s not too woke and skating on thin ice.

    Xander rocks up again ar Dr Finn’s office and continues his hatchet job on the roach. Finn’s been Googling Emma’s death and by now is believing the roach is guilty. Saving Forresters on the mortuary slab or putting them in prison…. Finn is versatile. Medicine to Murder.

    Steffi and Thomas circle the wagons against Zander’s fake news. TheI Injuns are coming for the roach. He needs to mannequin up. Curtain.

  50. Medicine to Murde is the title of a tv show that I’d watch 🤣.
    I tuned in to the end of one of this week’s episode to see Bill making a move on Legs’ mother. It was a little creepy.
    It probably isn’t. From memory, he’s only been married to Katie 🤷‍♀️ so not really as awful as the any of the Forresters. I guess being creeped out by Bold is just an automatic reflex.

  51. Oh dear. Brooke felt awkward walking into a Forrester Creations office and bursting in on Ajay and mini-skirt 💋 kissing. But she should be MORE surprised had she NOT walked in on someone kissing, or half undressed for work.

  52. I watched the set up for the new Drahma. Those two whose names I couldn’t be bothered earning are sisters, aren’t they.
    It felt like the set-up reeked a little of desperation. Apparently the great crime was to sell clothes off the street and to be a gold digger. I can’t see anything wrong with either of those two activities. I particularly can’t see anything wrong with selling from a market stall. It was a bit of a bizarre line … or an overreach … or entitled male writers. But what would I know 🤷‍♀️. It sounds like a delightful life to me.🤣
    The episode felt a little jumpy. They only rested on each scene for, like, 30 seconds at a time before moving on. Not enough staring into the middle distance I guess.
    They are beginning the process of firing Wyatt. I am sorry. I like his tongue in cheek delivery. I’m assuming they are trying to refresh: either very young or very old actors preferred. However, it did make me aware that Taylor is nowhere to be seen. Was she fired somewhere along the line and I missed it. I don’t miss her. Obviously 🙄🤣🤣.

  53. Eric is grilled about his near death experience. Legs has a mini skirt around her neck as she ravages the bare torso of RJ. RJ’s been looking for his own place.Wyatt busts in , looks like he was the owner of the love shack RJ is renting with Forrester money. Malibu. It’s got everyting.

    Much celebrating at the mansion, though Eric looks like he’s escaped from a nursing home. He tells Ridge not to freak out about saving him. Yawn.

    Wyatt doesn’t know where he’s going. An acting school might be a good idea.

    Eric gets a barrage of flattery from Zende. Enough to kill him (again)

    Luna’s talons are sinking deeper into RJ’s naive flesh.Off they go to the love shack. Bill’s trying to root Poppy, trouble is, they could be at the love shack. Poppy has reeled in Dollar Bill like a big, dumb Groper. Bill even does some “cupping” but Poppy acts cold for a moment before dragging Bill to the bedroom. But wait, RJ and Luna arrive just as Poppy gets naked for Bill. Schoolkids must love these scenes. Poppy’s gonna pop for Pop.Sugar Daddy time. Make with the gold, Spencer!

    Eric bleats some platitudes about life for his loved ones. Mercifully, the curtain falls on this.

  54. RJ is wearing a cow suit, it must reek after a few days. Zende is jealous that RJ has a Malibu love shack. RJ has been born with a silver spoon stuck up his arse while Zende gets the sloppy seconds. He collaborated with the roach on some designs and drives to Malibu ro catch RJ almost up to his neck in Luna. Coitus Zenderruptus.

    Brooke and Rasper will be at loggerheads over the roach/ Hope marriage. Hope is still putty in the roach’s hands. They’re all over each other as we go to the curtain. Look away children, Hope is like a seasoned up hyena. She’ll believe anything the reformed roach serves.

    Soon Luna will find out she’s the spawn of Spencer.

    • You summed it up perfectly.
      But don’t forget the breath mints. Away is going to get second hand high from the saliva.
      And who’s the dealer?

  55. Zende was a poor kid living in Africa when he was adopted by a Forrester into a life of enormous wealth and privilege so what’s his beef about getting the Forrester family leg-up. And leg-over.

  56. Yes. I forgot the breath mints. A highlight, I thought they meant coin mints. Props to daisy. Crucial moment for teenagers to wipe that vaping stench.

    Zende is an ungrateful punk. No status. No partner. No future with Johnny Come Lately cashing in. Zende is getting the raw Forrester prawn …or Lobster Thermidor.

    Roach and Hope are bringing the porn for schoolies routine again. Hope’s having sex with a murderer and potential husband…but so talented at designing.

    Steffi’s a brunette channeling Cat Woman. Cow suited RJ pleads his case and says he’ll look at Zende’s designs in the morning after he’s humped Luna. sullen, shitty Zende takes his scribblings and goes home,crestfallen. RJ is swingin’ his dick like a wrecking ball. Grandpa greased him real good.

    The cowsuit and Luna get down to it. Back at FC,, , the old Thomas has changed issue continues. No matter, Hope and Thomas are getting tighter than a crab’s arse. The post coital, glowing roach proposes again. You guessed it….Curtain.

  57. Where can we get some of those “mints” Legs Luna and Poppy are flying higher than Joe Cocker on?

    Poor Bill can’t get an answer on whether Legs sprung from his loins because Poppy is cold turkeying from the Joe Cocker Mints that have vanished from the handbag her last Sugar Daddy gifted her.

    Eric’s party would be enough to give anyone a bad trip and pretty soon Legs Luna starts to fuck up. She crashes in a bed and who else but Zende sniffs out the honey. Legs hallucinates him as RJ (is she clour blind?).

    Will Zende be a gentleman or a rat. Will RJ intervene?

      • 🤣
        My hunch on the dna test will be all roads will lead to Finn’s dad. My mum thinks Finn is the Dad, but I’m thinking Jack. Poppy is going to need to find those mints before the truth gets out.
        What’s wrong with the Forresters and Ajay letting a Legless Luna drive home.

        • I have snooped and seen that Eric, Bill, Jack, Finn, Rasper and Dickin’ Deacon have all been hinted as sperm contributors to Luna’s existence. Only Carter and Charlie haven’t been mentioned yet. We’re in for months of paternity tests. Maybe the barman at Il Giardino. Poppy popped her cork for any guy in town. Hey , Big Spencer.

  58. It’s lucky……no essential that Forresters have their own marriage celebrant and divorce lawyer. It’s handy that they have a guy on the payroll for either.

    • Without those “mints” ,she’ll be too pooped to pop Sugar Daddy stallion,who’s ripe for the plucking.

  59. They are giving a preview of a Sheila Showdown here.
    I can’t wait for that. She is my absolute favourite. If they are actually advertising, I doubt that I am on my own. 🤩

    • Wild bears couldn’t keep Sheila away from darling little Haze (who must be 21 by now)

      Yeah . Bring on the fight. Looks like no guns this time. Just two bitches in leather going at it like animals.

      • Was that an old or new scene with Sheila.
        She hasn’t had an Il Giordino’s shift for ages.
        (I’m no gold-digger) Poppy, who was thrilled her daughter is dating a Forrester, like she had hit pay dirt (remind me to look up the origin of pay dirt), has just learned her little cache of pill swap has cost her. Boy, Luna must have a really stinky breath to need so many mints. She might want to switch to Listerine, or Fishermens’ friends now to avoid confusion.
        Mother and daughter must have had identical pill cases.

    • Was that an old or new scene with Sheila.
      She hasn’t had an Il Giordino’s shift for ages.
      (I’m no gold-digger) Poppy, who was thrilled her daughter is dating a Forrester, like she had hit pay dirt (remind me to look up the origin of pay dirt), has just learned her little cache of pill swap has cost her. Boy, Luna must have a really stinky breath to need so many mints. She might want to switch to Listerine, or Fishermens’ friends now to avoid confusion.
      Mother and daughter must have had identical pill cases.

  60. Luna gave her body to Zende all the while thinking it was RJ. You get the feeling she would have taken Eric and all the family on. Daytime tv for ya.

    She’ll give birth to a prodigy designer. Curtain.

    Poppy knows her mints are “loaded”

  61. It’s looking like Sheila really is dead this time.
    It’s hard to pick up from the gossip. Something about being a Republican/mother. 🤷‍♂️
    Never mind. She will be missed as they try and develop the story lines around young people and sex. We oldies want murder and mayhem.

  62. Poppy tries to sort Zende out. No chance. Zende’s as hooked on Legs as Poppy is on those promiscuity pills she pops. He’s got designs on Luna…but not related to dressmaking. He’ll cuckold company golden boy RJ for not getting the plum jobs, he’ll stttle for the blow jobs.

    Zende exhorts Legs Luna to dump RJ and be with him. He foregts that Legs had mint goggles on when he assaulted her.

    I don’t want Sheila to die. Take Eric instead.


  63. Sheila won’t die. She’ll just chop off another digit, or limb. It’s not the first time a body part has restored someone’s storyline and acceptance into the Forrester fold. It won’t be the last.

    • Sheila went stalking out to Steffy’s place. Stupid Steffy has left a sliding door open.

      Steffy grabs a huge kitchen knife and stabs Sheila but I’m pretty sure
      she’s just winged her. Anyway, Finn will be home from work and he’ll save Sheila and Steffi will go to jail. It’s a recycled storyline for sure. I wanted Steffi to die. Curtain.

  64. RIP Sheila Carter. Where can I send flowers?

    It’s not rocket science writers, you’ve killed Sheila….you’ve killed the show. So few in the cast could actually act. Knife old Eric while you’re at it. No one will notice.

    I hope Steffi does a long stretch for this. In the worst jail in Mexico.

    • Hahaha. Bobi and Dave. I haven’t seen it yet and I don’t even consider this a spoiler because you guys write it better 😍
      I thought she was just going to lose another toe, or maybe a finger.

  65. My favourite villain has been Quinn. When she had a not too dreadful script, she had a natural evil beauty smirk. She knew how to steam up a sauna with Ridge. I don’t think her heart was in it with spare part-Carter.

  66. Ever wonder why the mega rich Forresters can’t even afford a proper torch out at the beach house? All the candles must have been used for Steffi and Finn’s last make up sex session.

  67. Steffy breaks it down for the Meat Puppet how she sliced and diced his biological mother. He stares at the pool of Sheila’s blood. He surveys the Jack The Ripper like scene with horror. “Reasonable force” …..mmm

    News of Sheila’s death spreads quicker than Covid. Deacon doesn’t know yet.

    Meat Puppet is alone , choking up. While Steffy bleats she did it in self defense…..with a knife big enough to kill a horse. We don’t know if Sheila was armed. Det Fatass will fill us in on that.

    Let’s relive Sheila’s death again. Heartless, tactless Rasper and roach crawl up Steffi’s J-Lo ass while she blubbers about defending again. Even with Sheila brown bread….there are still two murderer Forrester siblings in the room.

    The Meat Puppet is not a happy camper as he clenches his jaw repeatedly and ponders his wife’s choice of weapon from the knife rack. He looks as if he could murder his wife right now. His Hippocratic Oath is a million miles from his grim visage. Curtain.

    This should be some funeral,gice.

  68. Hope : ” It must be hard being the son of a monster”

    Brooke : “Steffy is not a violent person”

    Steffi : “I did it in self defence” . Deacon could have given you a few Karate moves.

    How come the concerned parties are crawling all over Sheila’s slaughterhouse? Presumably contaminating a ” crime scene”:

    Finn: “That “animal” was my mother”

    The script writers excelled themselves yesterday. It’d be a cold day in hell if the alleged actors did that. We’ll hunker down for days of the grisly scene being unpacked again and again. Liam doesn’t know yet.

  69. Today. Deacon is about to hear the news. The Meat Puppet is a blubbering mess for the game of twenty questions played. Deacon tries to act flummoxed.He’s just lost his evil lover.

    Det Baker is gonna get Steffi on a murder rap. Sheila had no weapon, save her malevolent face and reputation. Rasper calls Sheila a “psycho”, daring to speak ill of the dead.

    Finn is fixing to crash at Hope’s place. I thought there was frisson the several weeks ago. Hope’s hugging him and baring a gorgeous leg ….just for effect. I can read these cheap tea leaves.

    Finn protesteth that Sheila was not an animal. She was his Momma.


    • I’d forgotten Deacon. I hope that they don’t write Deacon out as well.
      You all know that if we had to vote someone out, it would be Eric. Lordy, that guy just drones on and on.

    • Thank you, daisy.

      Note that today we have a double episode beginning at 4.00. Every chance of the Hope/ Finn smooch happening today. Perhaps the roach will crawl in on it.

      Plus we’ll relive unarmed Sheila eating an enormous kitchen knife. We’ll be reminded that she’s an “animal” etc.

  70. Finn is looking more primate than human.
    I’m still waiting for the Fope pash. When is Thomas going to smell the smouldering flame that Hope is carrying for Hope. She’s injecting herself into Steffy’s marriage like she did when she wS helping her marriage to Liam by supporting him while he spent his days in a dingy budget motel room.
    And Carter knows all about stealing a woman from a Forrester. Will he give Zende sensible advice instead of pointing out how talented, beautiful, sexy and amazingly special Lunatic is.

    And I still say, Sheila is not dead. This is her revenge plot on Steffy.

    • Not only that….but RJ might consider wearing a bra.

      Now Sheila’s gone, she still appears twice in the opening credits. Bring her back from the dead, writers.

      Steffi’s gone from murder to relationship counsellor as she lays down the law to the roach and Hope. who’s just rejected the latest roach proposal.

      Has Luna sprung from Bill’s loins? A tear rolled down his cheek last week. Guilty.

      Honey trap Hope loves the roach but she’s ” not ready”. His wheels are close to falling off. I had a phone call for the curtain. Spared.

      • If Sheila’s still in the credits then I still have hope that she could rise from the dead.
        It is a very faint hope, I must admit, and I think it very unlikely but she was the best thing about this show.
        Unless they turn Steffi into the murder. She has bumped off quite a few people. She just doesn’t do it with a cackle.

        • Bobi, Sheila is not dead. I am sure of it, even before seeing her in the opening. This is her plan to put Stephy in jail.
          Makes sense in the land of American soap.

  71. The roach dumps Hope. Steffi has done a brainwash and the roach wants to move on….to Paris. He utters the immortal soap line to Hope.

    “I”ll always love you” (“a mannequin won’t refuse me”)

    Both lie how important Douglas is….we haven’t seen him for yonks. Thomas is running an emotional blackmail scam on Hope now. Your genius designer is going to Paris. Nyah nyah. Doe eyed Hope looks shattered.

    Steffi,Rasper and Brooke have their snouts deeply in the trough of the Hope/ Thomas marriage rebuff. Steffi should be in jail instead of mouthing off like this. How can just five people produce so much awful acting? Rasper, take a bow.


  72. I only came in at the end of the ep.
    I met Douglas, or at least I’m assuming that it’s Douglas. Truthfully, all these kids look the same to me but either a girl or a boy. There have been girls, haven’t there? He has the acting skills that are on par with the rest of the cast. That’s not a compliment to anyone, btw.
    Steffi is obviously the new evil incarnate. She’s missed the memo where it should be done slightly tongue in cheek, otherwise it’s just overacting.

  73. Only one way to get Steffi back for this heinous series of acts, Hope.

    Steal the Meat Puppet from Steffi.

    Roach and Douglas the pawn are off like a bride’s nightie to Paris. Suck on that Hope is the message behind Steffi’s evil gloating.

    Douglas sounds coached to within an inch of his meaningless life. Bon Voyage!

    Hope bawls and throws the roaches ring away.

    Curtain. (The flag outside Forrester Creations is at half mast…..presumably for Sheila)

  74. Sheila’s memorial service is a sombre affair. Deacon, Finn and hope are the attending throng. Maybe a fly or two on the wall, attracted to Sheila’s decomposition.

    Appropriately, evil Steffi is in black. Lauren Fenmore is hanging around.

    Sheila is still talk of the town elsewhere. Deacon gives a valedictory over Sheila’s cheap coffin. We’ll be together again , vows Deacon. In the great prison in the sky. Goodbye , my love. Curtain. Sad episode.

    • I was thinking, being Friday, there might be a bit of a cliffhanger. Nope. No 9 toes peeping out from behind a curtain to savour her pitiful, and pitiless eulogies.
      No Hope, using Liam’s visit to charm little Hayes.
      My theory is that if Hope really wanted a good plan to stick it to Steffy, she could to a Svengali with Finn AND little Hayes. That would really infuriate Steffy and be payback for “Steffy taking Douglas”.
      I’m not really that evil, but I sound like it, “Bwaah aah aaah.

    • This is an episode that I will go and watch on streaming.
      I love a good cry and I have high expectations that I might be a little mournful.
      Maybe Deacon will turn evil and knock off that old fella. We can always hope.

  75. This show was nominated for ten or so Emmy Awards. If you’re bored later tonight, old Eric will be interviewed on Ten’s Late News. He thinks he’s a real actor.

    Two major events today. Hope has both breasts on display to be bedazzle the Meat Puppet. The air is so thick with sexual tension you could cut it it with a kitchen knife….but Steffi isn’t here. I’m told lots of hookups happen at funerals. Hope baits the Meat Puppet. He’s eating it up.

    Lauren Fenmore praises Steffi for eliminating Sheila. Not so fast……….

    Now the flaming cadaver that was being torched at the mortuary had ten toes. It ain’t Sheila. Deacon is a freakin’. Curtain.

      • It was removed from coffin and prepared for cremation in a bag.Deacon laid flowers and gazed at the blueing, rotting face. Simplicity Funerals look deluxe up against this.

        The feet were exposed and ten tootsies could be counted. Sheila only had 9.

        Nine toes….and nine lives.

  76. A soap death is never certain until you’ve seen the corpse and counted the toes.

    Remember two middle aged men have been thrown into the sea from helicopters and survived, and I think Ridge (the previous one) died in a jungle in South America about 20 years ago.

  77. Nine toes. Yay!
    They must have been planning this one way in advance for the funeral reveal.
    I am pleased.
    She may stay dormant for some time, depending upon contract negotiations. How long did Ridge stay dead? Or was that Deacon. Who can remember.

    • When Ridge was dead, I didn’t used to watch. The one I would like resurrected from the dead is Alleee, who was bumped off by Steffy. They have forgotten that on the list. If you reflect for a moment, Ridge pushed Bill from a helicopter, Taylor shot Bill, Thomas ran Little Emma off the road and killed her, and Steffy (almost) chalked up a 2 body count. Cute family.

  78. Tonight one of the cast gibbered that :

    ” Sheila Carter will never be a threat to us again”

    We know that means that evil “animal” is still drawing breath somewhere.

    Deacon is semi delirious about the ten toed cadaver he saw at the funeral joint, He’s not in charge of his snake pit.

    Make no mistake viewers. Sheila is alive…..but Steffi could go into the cooler first if Det Doughnutass has a say..

    Curtain, Hope the tealeaves are right about Sheila.

  79. Luna follows in the footsteps of many a bedazzled Forrester intern, straight to the top, with a place at the family gossip table, I mean ceo office, and into the arms of a Forrester heir. Of course she’s an amazing talent.
    When will they stop calling Poppy’s pills mints? I think you could write a song about Poppy and her pills.

  80. RJ flattens Zende for rooting Legs Luna. You could say it was mint. Luna took days to confess. No more Mr Nice Guy RJ
    The show is coy about drugs, though most of it’s audience wikll be on various forms of diazepam and medicinal cannabis.
    Anyway. Zende deserved to be thumped for ages of bad acting and why let those gym rat /steroid biceps of RJ go to waste?
    Carter on his high horse ,lecturing Zende on restraint with women. Pot calling the kettle black?
    Where’s that Sheila called Sheila?

    I’ve missed a bit. Curtain

  81. Dave, I missed the last five minutes.
    Apart from the claim that Sheila was in a mental ward, there was going to be some sort of denouement. I kind of got the feeling that there was some sort of swop?
    And then I got distracted. 🤦‍♀️

  82. Brooke has promised twice that she won’t blab to Rasper about Zende cutting RJ’s lunch. She can’t wait, in fact.

    Poppy thinks RJ will forgive Luna for banging Zende. Gimme some of the mints.

    More hokum about the town being free of Sheila Carter……it was Sugar who got caramelised/cremated. Det Fatass won’t be onto this anytime soon.

  83. I thought Brooke might be going to report Luna’s case to Worksafe, but her deep concern for her well-being is only to be referred to the Forrester grapevine.

      • Forensics missed it. The coroner missed it.
        Eagle eyed detectives didn’t notice that Sheila had grown a toe.

        • I’d say Sheila is in a coma underneath that sheet of galvanised iron. I hear hospital beepers and Dr. Finn being agonised about having to save that “psychotic animal” yet again.

          That homeless guy seems to know something.

          • The meat Puppet revives Sheila. Deacon is amazed.

            Steffi looking at a long stretch for knifing Sugar. I was in a coma for yesterdays episode.

            Welcome back to my lounge room, Sheila Carter. Get well soon and bring the revenge. Where is Little Haze anyay? Has he died from neglect and starvation? Call CPS.

            Jesus said the poor will always be with us……so will Sheila Carter, queen of soap. She will outlast cockroaches and rats. Not to mention Keith Richards. Bravo!!

            Ivy has returned to trap Liam in the honey pot. Curtain

  84. Deacon and the Meat Puppet elicit a masterful acting performance from Sheila. She only has one line.

    “Sugar” She bleats it til the cows come home. How good are these script writers?
    ” Kill Steffi” How good is Sheila to pretend she’s glad Steffi isn’t dead.

    Deacon shows that the break and enter skills he learned in gaol came in useful. He breaks the lock on the hovel that holds his beloved.

    Liam is practically tearing his own vegan friendly clothes off at Il Giardino because Ivy is all over him like a cheap suit. Steffi walks in just before Ivy is on her knees under the table and boy, is Steffi the stabber jealous. She’s just about to lose the Meat Puppet to Mama’s convalescence.

    Curtain. ( Mercy)

  85. Ivy is drooling and Liam is making a meal of it. Non of this involves pasta. Liam gobbles up the praise and transforms into an even bigger fool. After bouncing between Steffy and Hope, failing to gain a toe-hold with either, he has lucked in with Ivy.
    Ivy admits to having her pick of suitors, but wants Liam. Why, Ivy?

    Sheila sounded like Nancy Sinatra as she bleats, “Shoo shoo shoo. Shoo shoo shoo”. My stomach churned as Deacon, calls her, “Sweetie”. Love or hate her, I think we can agree, sweet she ain’t. Steffy is going to take a slugging as she finds Deacon and MM molly-coddling the parched patient, and even more so, when Hope cranks up her play for Finn. She will probably call it, “supporting Steffy and Finn’s marriage”, like she supported Steffy and Liam’s marriage, by visiting him several times a day in his seedy budget hotel room.

    • Have a lovely time. It sounds like a fabulous break at the perfect time of year.
      Send the occasional photo. I don’t mind feeling a little bit jealous.

    • Say Hi to Thomas and Douglas while you’re in Paris. I’ll join yer Facebook group. Bon Voyage, daisy. Best wishes.

      Do my best to keep you in the B&B loop. There looks to be more adultery on the horizon. Nice work on the Sugartown angle. My auntie had a pianola. I know that tune backwards. I used to like it.

      • Pianola. Love it. I spent many a happy holiday, one of three bony bums on a piano seat, cranking out and singing away; “And you’re all mine in buttons and bows”🎵🎶

        I’m not buying anything Sheila is selling. I say the the victim is more likely to be the one who got stabbed and toasted.

        On another subject; I never thought it would be for me but I sm love, love, loving reliving my childhood with Call the Midwife. It’s very accurate. I love Trixie’s fashion changes.

        • I slept through yesterday’s episode.

          Yes, let’s enjoy Sheila’s return. I don’t believe that sick animal either.

          Bob Dylan 83 today. Eat your heart out. Eric.

      • I love Call the Midwife, except those eps in the middle that focus on racism. Too many in a row.
        I have yet to watch an episode where I haven’t shed a tear. My kind of show.
        As a follow on, I am binge watching The Good Doctor. I’m not normally a fan of American tv but i do like the way this one makes me think about communication. There is a little bit of an overlay with my granddaughter (she’s not autistic but her parents do think she’s not very bright because she doesn’t think like them and, yes, it makes me quietly furious).
        I’ll probably get tired of it in a little while but for the moment, I’ll enjoy the novelty.

  86. This story is all a little bit bizarre – or extra bizarre – and I’m not quite following.
    I know. I have always tried to make sense of this show (I’m continue to be an idiot) and it’s been a struggle sometimes but this storyline with Sheila has me beat.
    Just to be clear, yay, Sheila’s back, Daisy was right. I was fooled.
    Steffi shot and killed someone (now known to be Sugar?) and the nearest anyone gets to mentioning it, is a passing discussion about “messy” and “complicated “.
    I mean, ffs. How many people does a rich person have to kill before there is at least some sort of investigation.
    But this whole thing about Steffi confronting and stabbing not-Sheila without noticing that it’s not Sheila, the body being identified as Sheila and no-one notices physical markers. Don’t they always check for tattoos, scars and, idk, nine toes? Don’t you think that this would be mentioned in passing?
    And not-Sheila goes out of her way to go somewhere, to attack someone? I give up.
    This whole story line is baffling.

  87. No one ever calls 911
    If perchance the authorities do become involved, things like the number of toes on a cadaver and dna will take second priority over the ordering of hamburgers and coffee for investigators.
    There are murderers in the Forrester clan…..they are immune.
    We can only hope that Steffi cops it for stabbing Sugar, but Det Baker isn’t competent enough for the gig. Det Sandwiches? Forget it.

    The storyline is baffling. I could think of some other choice words for it…….

    • Live the name, “Not Sheila”. Or 10 toed Sheila. Being Freddie, but not an LA police detective, can tell that Sheila smells like a lying rat. I don’t need Doc Phil to remind me that the best predictor is past behaviour. But nooooo, they just take the lying, manipulating murderer’s word for it. Yet it’s Not-Sheila who is fertilising roses right now.

      Sheila says, “No hospital”, and why wouldn’t she when she has everything she wants with her two favourite chump chops grovelling over her. Steffy will soon blow a gasket. But this is all Sheila’s plan for revenge on Steffy; on the hook for murder. The whole chained to a pipe in a derelict building was staged by none other than the 9 toed Sheila.

  88. I don’t watch, but do follow along here for the comments, which are entertaining. Was Not Sheila shot in the face with a shotgun? Aside from the number of toes, did no one look at the corpse’s face? This twist is stretching credibility a bit, even for a soap. Hilarious.

  89. Not Sheila was stabbed, and not Sheila was roasted with her 10 toes.

    All manoeuvred by Sheila who looks like she plans ahead because she already snack and planted her mug on Not Sheila.

    • Sorry for labouring the important bit, Real-Sheila fixed the face of Not-Sheila to look like Real-Sheila? I’m assuming with Not-Sheila’s permission?
      God I love this show. I really should pay more attention.

  90. Steffy is waaay too invested in Liam’s love life. And Thomas’s.
    She needs to focus on the She Devil.

    And people are buying Liam’s, “working on myself schtik. He thinks it makes him appealing to women.

    • I watched about a minute or two of Liam interacting with his daughter and figured that the writers are trying to give him a makeover (do-over?), and we, the viewing audience are supposed to go weak at the knees saying, “Aww. Isn’t he sweet”.
      The writers have spent the last two years portraying Liam as a weak-minded, vacillating, two-timing, cheating, disloyal, wimpish, (you get the drift) husband/friend and now that Hope and Steffie are in different storylines, the writers have to fix this mess. Good luck with that.

  91. Shouldn’t Deacon be trying to get a refund on the memorial service and cremation? Instead he wastes time proposing to Sheila. The waiters at Il Giardino will have their fingers in the till and helping themselves to the bar.

    Today should be fun. The jubilant Meat Puppet is going to try to break it to Steffi that the sick, psychotic, psychopathic evil bitch aka Sheila Carter is still drawing breath in LA. Oh yeah, she’s an animal, too.

    Finn is happy that his biological bitch mother has made more comebacks than Jack Farnham. Hope is waiting in the wings to succour Finn when Steffi is arrested.

    • Deacon bloody deserves to be milked for hanging out with a cow.
      But seriously, he deserves it for running off to find Sheila instead of concentrating of the shop. In fact why hasn’t anyone been stealing Forrester designs lately. Perhaps because they have been too busy with their love lives to do any drawing.
      A pic from Paris. No sign of Thomas.

    • I switched on to see Deacon and Sheila sitting at the same table where they have been all week and decided that they were going to stretch this convo over the next month. I’ll come back in a week.

  92. Deacon bloody deserves to be milked for hanging out with a cow.
    But seriously, he deserves it for running off to find Sheila instead of concentrating of the shop. In fact why hasn’t anyone been stealing Forrester designs lately. Perhaps because they have been too busy with their love lives to do any drawing.
    A pic from Paris. No sign of Thomas.

  93. Steffi gives Finn the big ultimatum…..choose between your animal of a mother or me and my big lips and arse. The kids are bargaining chips, Kelly and Haze. We’ve seen hair nor hide of them. Maybe one drowned again.

    Finn lies and chooses Steffi. He’ll run into Hope’s tender arms. He gives Steffi a cold,fake hug with the thousand yard stare of treachery.

    Sheila’s as mean as ever with her “reveals”. To her it’s humour.


      • Where are you now? There’s an ashtray on the table, can’t remember the last time I saw that. I hope you are having a great time.

      • Yep, they fumez, in the al fresco areas here. Then it’s not so al fresco.
        We are in Le Marais, part of Paris.
        It’s the best, liveliest part.
        Right now, there us a very good swing band playing. You can check my fb; Grace Begley if you want to see video.
        I’m loving it, in spite of being nobbled.

        • My memory of the French was that not only do the men fument way too much, in the most enclosed of places but the cigarettes puer. I don’t know what the brand was but it had to be made in some dark alley somewhere.
          You look like you are having a lovely time. Stay well.

  94. I hear Finn just got an offer too good to refuse; best man for the bride of Frankenstein and the adoring Deacon.
    We needn’t bother laying bets.

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