Bold and the Beautiful recap Australia

By Daisy
For a moment I thought that the B&B writers were going to put some effort into their narratives because the storyline was turning to the strange relationship between Finn and Sheila, and the impact that it was having on everyone.
Sadly, it has taken no time to turn into another love; triangle? Quadrangle? Pentangle? Hope ditched her marriage to Liam for a fling with Roach, but she still loves both.

Liam teleported (it was that fast) from Hope to Steffy. Steffy loves the now maniacal Finn, but is being drawn into crazy Liam’s honey trap.  Finn only has eyes for Steffy, and his 9 toed mama bear. I am guessing that stupid Liam will have to watch his back, because he is messing with Sheila’s baby bear cub’s marriage.

When she’s not gunning him down in back alleys, Sheila is very protective.

Finn needs to attend some life saving classes before he takes any more children to the beach. His family genes are kicking in now and we are seeing a Dr Finn and Mr Hyde dynamic. 
As usual, the kids are boarding school or in the attic. Little Kelly has been let our briefly just to nearly drown. 



  1. Thanks to all concened. This show is a travesty.

    Was Steffy really rejecting Liam tonight or just fearful of soiling Eric’s swank upholstery with bodily fluids? This is the third time Liam’s gone the grope on his ex wife. Those flashbacks are firing up his loins.

    None of these rich folk could afford a pair of floaties to prevent Kelly being sucked into an undertow. Never again will a child escape from an attic.

    Finn’s trying to crawl back up Steffy’s sizeable arse. Zilch acting skill. Nice abs and torso. Soon this porn will screen at 4pm. Great for school children.Curtain.

  2. Today RJ hijacked a child’s birthday party and turned it into a marriage counselling session. Finger down yer throat stuff. You’re left wondering who RJ slept with to get through drama school.

    It was “Beth is alive” whatever’s birthday party. There’s frisson between Hope and Liam. What a yawn…..a technicolor one at that. Curtain.

  3. The Forresters need to spend some of their ‘hard earned’ cash (🤣) and hire a party planner. They throw such utterly boring parties. I’ve been to funerals that were more fun.

  4. Brooke thinks Hope can save her marriage….”because a mother knows”. Brooke could be getting married again soon. That’ll be 14. She caught Thomas and Hope in bed and slowly , it’s getting around what happened. RJ knows and he’s not old enough to shave. Rasper was “inspired” in between gossip seesions, to design a hideous wedding dress for his on/off Logan. She tells him to stick it in his keyhole ‘cos she wants ” to surprise him” Destiny will do that .

    The roach planned a candlelight seduction for Hope ,Didn’t go to plan ,but he sold the old line that he’s changed. I hope he didn’t send that mannequin to the tip. Or throw away Child Protection Services number.. He’s got to unravel soon. I smell more emotional abuse of little pubescent Douglas soon. He’s still getting over drunk Grandma kissing Santa Claus

    Where would Liam be? Of course ,he’s with Steffy. explaining how he’s managed to deprogram Hope. Liam can talk the leg off a chair….he’s getting too much airtime for a love rat that can’t act to save his own marriage. .

    Curtain,seagulls, crashing waves….what a load of flotsam and jetsam.

  5. Liam put the last nail in his wedding coffin today. I thought he was going to show up and walk in on Finn’s vows of a safer, loving family with no Sheila. Steffy”s not buying, but she might be window shopping.

    • Eric compared himself to a stapler,A gold moment in his golden years. At least a stapler can hold things together.

      Finn tries to crawl up Steffy’s arse. That’s some challenge. He sounded pathetic. He took an oath one time to “do no harm”. If only he would do no ham

  6. Remember it’s 4 o clock start from now on.

    Eric’s horrified that Ridge has written hin off, now he has planned his Magnum Opus of designing,and he’s seconded little RJ to help him. Eric’s got arthritis in his hands. RJ is sitting on his arse being an influencer and freeloading at Eric’s mansion, This is all on the hush hush. Prodigy in the wings…..

    Liam can’t forgive Hope for the Rome kiss. He doesn’t know about the rest. He’d jump off a building if he did.

    Soon the roach is blabbing the convo to Hope. Twice now he’s said he won’t tell Liam about the sex.We know what that means.

    Brooke tells her daughter to dump Thomas and save her family.

    The roach and Hope lock lips again.She tries to resist.Where’s the Mortein? Curtain.

  7. Rasper explains to Liam that the Meat Puppet has wormed his way into Steffy’s beach house. It cost him a take away noodles and some cheap talk and reminiscences. For his part, Liam was flashing back to the kiss/assault he launched on Steffy in Rome……just when Ridge walked in with the bad news.

    Deacon has a hyperactive Sheila in his digs and he’s starting to sweat,especially when Sheila starts grinding her axe about Steffy getting between her and her cub, Finn. Deacon’s wondering if the sex all you can eat buffet is worth having a lunatic around.

    At the beach house, Steffi and the horny Meat Puppet start to get down to making up. A shirt is torn off …it’s torso time. Steffi thinks the curtain moved. Nah, the “security has been beefed up” .Must be the wind….

    Stalkers gotta stalk. We see the evil shadow of Sheila once again, ruining the romantic interlude. Trying to get a four toed foot in the door. Wanting some one on one time with little Hayes.


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