1. Me, too. Me, too.
    Thanks, Juz.
    Give me a moment to absorb.
    The opening was a bit cringe. All those people thinking they are the top of the tree and this will translate to victory on this show 🤣🤣🤣. Have they ever watched before?
    I then had to go to bed and will have to catch up later. First episodes are soo long.

  2. Well.
    That did not disappoint.
    It had everything that you would expect. Big personalities, people who should learn to keep their mouths shut early on, close trials, a tribe neatly divided in two and me being an armchair expert.
    I am sorry to see Frankie go. She was one of the more interesting people.
    The standouts for me: fancy disliking a woman because she is too strong (ffs), a lot of resting bitch face (is it Botox that adds to that?) and I kind of liked the lawyer guy (I have resting surprised face cos I was all prepared to scoff).
    I am mostly delighted and I anticipate a good season. As always, fingers crossed.

  3. I thought she had a familiar face but I still had to have it pointed out to me.
    Viola (of powerlifting fame) is the receptionist from The Dog House.
    I thought I had seen her from televised competitions. 🤷‍♂️ I used to follow this stuff.
    Well, there you go.
    The second episode was not as good as the first. Not unexpected.
    Jess, the lass who should have gone home on Day 1, is now gone.
    Once your name has been put forward, you become a target and it’s really had to scrub it from everyone’s consciousness.
    And to also point out the obvious, once a tribe is on losing streak, it’s hard to turn the tide.
    Sometimes, Survivor follows a pattern.

  4. Ep 3. I was out and came in late so I was not really invested. I couldn’t tell if it was a good episode or not.
    Same tribe made it to Council. We’ve seen this before.
    Peta went home.
    No, I don’t know who Peta is and it’s too early is the season for me to care. She was blonde and untidy. If I was going on this show, one of the first things I would do is cut my hair short. I will swear over and over that most of these contestants don’t bother watching previous seasons. Just ugh.
    By the look on her face during the yadda yadda that we have to sit through, she was expecting it. There was a pretence that it was a blindside and the votes were close (split evenly three ways) but I don’t think anyone really believes that. Pointless games are being played.

  5. I thought I would introduce a couple of the contestants because there are 24 all up and my chatter won’t be interesting without anchoring a couple.
    Charles is the lawyer. He looks nerdy and I am a fan. Fingers crossed he will last until after merge.
    Kelli is a psychologist. She older (and also needs a haircut but not as much). I would have said that she was pretty good at this game but she got some votes at tribal so 🤷‍♂️. As you know, women tend to be targeted early on this show.
    Nathan is an AFL agent. He’s also a pretty boy. That’s two strikes against him 🤣🤣. I’m expecting him to last until merge and then he’ll get picked off early.
    Mark is a former diplomat. He’s baldy bald. I don’t know what my thoughts are here. He could be a sleeper so I mention.
    And Raymond is in retail. He’s young and bleached blonde with a bandana. I am absolutely mentioning him because he’s going home next.
    I have no clue about the other tribe. They keep on winning. My guess is that they will keep winning until merge which is a good amount of time to form alliances. Then this show will become interesting. 😀

  6. A strong start to the season and some great casting. I love that there are nerds on the Titans and there are strong people on the Rebels, so they are somewhat well matched physically. And yay – the nerds on both tribes triumph over the jocks for the first boots. Still quite a few people who have had had confessionals so hopefully they get air time next week. Now, what’s in the box Feras found? And what the hell are Valerina’s shorts made from?

    • Reminder: my brother is 4 months ahead of me on this journey.
      My brother expressed a concern that his eyes weren’t improving as quickly as he hoped. The Doctor told him that we see with our brain, not our eyes and the brain can be slow to acknowledge any change. My brother is now roaming about the place huffing, “He said, it could take years. YEARS!”.
      We, of course, and telling my brother that he is brain damaged 🤣🤣. The delights of being a sibling.

  7. I’m trying to pay attention here but the annihilation of one team, and every one being completely oblivious, has always been one of the more tedious phases of “the journey”.
    I keep turning to other channels and forgetting to come back. I know I could watch on streaming but meh.
    I have been watching Idol because the audition episodes of this show are the only ones worth watching. Kyle has been unusually pleasant (fatherhood seems to have mellowed him) and I do like Amy. By the time we are through this bit, Survivor will have regrouped. I hope.
    School is back and I am on pickup, twice a week. I had forgotten how absolutely exhausting not-quite-so-little people are. I hadn’t forgotten how much they can eat. They are bottomless pits. I made some Pasteli (delicious and good for you). The girls hate them and I have enough to last me three months. Life’s filled with small annoyances. 🤣 🤷‍♂️

  8. I’m enjoying Survivor so far. For me, there are no terribly annoying people and that’s a relief.
    Kelly’s a pain but watchable.

    • I was just going to say that Kelli is a bit annoying but you beat me to the punchline. I liked her at the beginning but then she became a little unhinged.
      It doesn’t take much to tip the balance here. I suspect that we have watched Survivor long enough that we are judging bad play rather than actual behaviour.
      Or maybe not. She has an air of desperation around her.
      The only question with Kelli is whether she will make it to the merge.
      Idk. I suspect that I am trying not to get invested in people I know are going to get eliminated very shortly and I am trying to suss out the lurking winner 🤣.

      • Lurking winner could be someone like Kitty, who has yet to make the edit really. We need Titans to go to tribal more so we can see more of their social dynamic. Mark teaming up with the Vs is giving me George, Shonee and Liz vibes

    • I got annoyed by Kelli in the promos for the show. Now seeing her schtick, I doubrt that she has the Ph.D and simply calls herself a “psychologist”.

      Sweet Caroline stressing out over the food was good.

  9. Tribal Council was a different team for a nice change. I was getting bored.
    Nathan, the pretty boy AFL manager, was sent home. My previous prediction was wrong: he went home before merge. 🤷‍♂️
    Caroline, from Titans and from here on to be known as The Hungry One, was perfectly correct in her reasoning. Nathan brings nothing to the tribe except physicality and he eats three times as much as everyone else. And can I add, he eats with his mouth open. That, right there, would be the deal breaker for me. My stomach turns just writing the words.
    There was nothing strategic here. It was just straight up. There was some pretence that it wasn’t but that was just filler otherwise these episodes would be real short. There was a slight amusing sideline because Jaden (big Māori guy) was confused. I don’t think he’s stupid. I think he’s just not playing yet. I like him.
    I also like Feras from the Rebel team. He’s a bit of a hoot. I can’t see him winning but I can see him making it a long way.
    As a final note, bikinis that go up your butt are also gross. If I never see that blonde (why are they always blonde) girl’s butt again, I will be happy. You have to be really confident to go on national tv competing in physical challenges, saying to all and sundry, look at this.

  10. Well, that truly was a blindside, as opposed to a time filler – let’s not even mention sound bites.
    I did not see that coming.
    Plus, of course, it made absolute sense.
    I am a little bit disappointed. I liked Viola.
    The good news for us, the viewers, is that this is going to bit them on the butt. Fun times.

  11. Someone who I have not been taking any notice of, has been eliminated.
    As expected, this tribe is tearing itself apart.
    I know they are letting it play out because it is interesting in a strategic sense but it’s got to be close to merge time, otherwise the second half of this season is going to become as tedious as.
    Some of these players are really starting to annoy me. Too much screen time.
    That woman who keeps saying, I’m a midwife therefore I am ‘insert reason that I am sooo much better than everyone else here’, ffs, is becoming nails down a blackboard to me. I can’t even bear her face screwed up in thought. 🤣🤣 Hopefully, she’ll be the first to go after merge.
    The nerdy lawyer is quietly sitting in the background. I’ve decided he’ll be in the final three 😀. Two picks by me to go.

    • I’m not a fan of the Midwife (Caroline) either. I was hoping the vote would swing the other way.
      I’m hoping the merge comes very soon so that my preferences stand a chance.

  12. Well did I ever get that one wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣. You’d think I’d never watched this show before.
    Lawyer went home.

  13. Some people have popped up that I’ve never seen before.
    I think I’ve spent too much time watching this show with the sound off.

  14. The opening scene on last nights ep was a bit bizarre and I bet the producers were rubbing their hands with glee.
    Caroline and Kitty spent an entire day running around plotting against Mark, only to have their plans derailed by Scott volunteering to leave (and good on him, btw. Too many people have gone down with a sinking ship trying to look strong).
    Now Caroline is now absolutely hysterical, I mean sobbing uncontrollably, because she has to sleep in the same tent as Mark. It’s not helped by the whole scene being filmed with horror movie style lighting.
    Kitty comes riding in from elsewhere (my nearest guess is “stage left”) to save the day.
    Kitty is behaving nicely but it must be crossing her mind now that Caroline is slightly unhinged. I can confirm than all of us at home think that the bus that they are both riding might just be a train wreck.
    Kitty is now trying to find alternate alliances (I’ve run out of transport metaphors 🤷‍♂️). By Kirby reaction, I think she’s left it too late. Kirby is almost speechless and clearly uncomfortable.
    By some machinations that I had trouble following, Winna was eliminated. The Bros have been split and I am a little sad.
    There will be more on Caroline-and-Kitty show tomorrow. It doesn’t make sense that these two are not being targeted. I would have said that they were easy targets.
    But there you go. I’ve been getting a lot wrong this season.
    I am becoming repetitive when I again mutter into my coffee, have any of these people actually watched this show?

  15. I hate the advertising for this show.
    Basically, we have been told that it is either Kirby or Feras going home.
    So, no spoilers here /s.
    I’m wondering whether I could be bothered watching or whether I will just tune in for the last 30 seconds.

    • She’s a silent assassin.

      I actually like this year’s cast, overall. Some are less likeable, but not as annoying as George or Sharni, for instance.

  16. Much as I appreciate last night’s play, I suspect that it will be a one-off.
    I also suspect that it will come back to bite him in the bum. I would think that that sort of game would be considered sneaky and underhanded rather than clever.
    I still don’t get why Caroline is still there. That woman is not normal. It would be a kindness to send her to have a feed and a show.
    I am so going to hate it if she makes it to the final three 🤣🤣.

  17. Alex is an idiot. How did he make it this far?
    And I can’t even imagine what happens to their stomachs when all that normal food and wine is consumed in one hit.
    Good lord, I can’t even eat too many almonds these days.

  18. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Don’t you love a plan gone wrong.
    I know I shouldn’t but Kitty has been twisting for weeks.

  19. Oh such a good season. It’s a very twisty, windy season. Their thinking is very fluid.
    I love Feras, Kirby and Raymond.
    I think Feras and Kirby are in love.
    They are totally goo goo over each other.

  20. Congratulations to Feras. What a fantastic season. The final two weren’t the most eloquent in their final speech. Luckily, Valeria saved the day, sticking it to them both and evoking a bit more from Feras.

  21. I am happy with the outcome. It’s as it should be.
    And I am happy with the editing. At no time did I take it for granted.
    Feras played such a good game.
    So did Mark, btw. I’m still absolutely amazed that Caroline was there at the end. Do I have to give her credit for that? My view is that she survived only because she was considered a bit of a crackpot.
    And the prize for the most amazing transformation was Raymond. If I saw that guy in the street after a shave and a shower, I would not recognise him.
    This season was fun all round. Australian Survivor has it all over the American version.

  22. How good was that season! I know both Feras and Caroline said the tribal speeches were heavily edited and both listed more concrete reasons for them to win. That challenge was epic: the Feras wheel, the flames before them. I felt for Mark with no hair to protect him from the sun. I wish more Raymond had made the edit. His secret scenes and Jury Villa video were really funny

  23. I am half wondering if Ray’s look was deliberate – to come into the show with a bleached, shaggy do and then, bam, shave it all off an no one will heckle you in the street.

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