MAFS is back

Married at First Sight is back and will trample all over Survivor again.

it used to be a so-bad-it’s-good watch but now I just can’t do it.

How about you?



  1. MAFS is not my thing but I do love a James Weir recap. That guy does this show beautifully.
    I don’t know where they find these people. There’s a guy with a top-knot. Seriously, does this guy not have a friend who can tell him that it’s really, really not a good look.

    • He perhaps doesn’t have a friend because all his guests at the wedding were “clients” ie gym junkies from work. Top knot reckons he’s an alpha, just ask him.Why go on tv and brag about your voracious, kinky sex drive? He looks addicted to tooth whitener as well. He’s “dominant”.Just ask him. I hope the kickboxer sorts that lair out.

      I should have auditoned if they take a 62 yo “motivational speaker”

      • I would watch that one, Dave 🤣🤣🤣
        I swear that top-knot guy is just there as click rage bait. People like him cannot possibly be real.

        • It’s as if Top Knot Jack has been teleported from the Neanderthal Age. Powerballs. Lives in a Gym rather than a cave.

  2. Richard ” i drove here on a motor bike”

    Is 62 his age……or his IQ ? No mind, Andrea reckons he’s a “silver fox”.

  3. So Jack used the words, “It was a very casual but exclusive relationship” to describe the event surrounding his breakup with a woman that he says was not his girlfriend to go on this show, and everyone watching and listening is thinking, “Hell, no”.
    Seriously. This is gaslighting at its finest.

    • Jack is sure a piece of……work.

      He is no ripper.

      Collins. Man, he should have been ripe for Play School and not MAFS.

      Lauren. Absolutely no filter. Good value. Crude as any guy who’s been on the show. It’s a big call.

  4. Lauren has made a few funny jokes. She’s signed up to play the villain, but it seems she might be a funny girl.
    The odd girl who had her wedding dress made from Von Trapp bedroom curtains is trumped in awfulness by her partner Collins. I’m shocked they were allowed back in. Collins doesn’t give two hoots about her but wants the publicity, so I suppose he’ll fake some feelings now.

    The producers are reproducing the main roles/types and conflicts we see every mafs.

  5. Burrrrnnn. Collins is definitely coming across a phoney, but I love how he trumped manspert at every move. Outwit. Outwit. Outwit. “But aren’t YOU here to give advice?” Burrnn. Outwit.
    But after the ad. Will they let Collins take the strike three. Will manspert, take a serve of humble pie. Doubt it.

  6. “You’re talking to me as if you are the expert”. Whaaat? He asked you, expert.
    Someone should tell that manspert, humility is more attractive than being smug.

    I like funny outrageous girl, but that’s because I love a sense of humour.

    • Even though it’s a gift one wants to return……

      Just about to watch “encore” for the bits I missed last night.

      Tori’s copping some jacklighting.

  7. Collins’ acting failed to.get him the gig. He was a train wreck.
    I feel the discomfort of the guy stuck with the leader of a cult. She’s preaching love, peace and anal. She can’t stop talking like she is welcoming disciples to her ashram. He just wants her to stop pi**ing in his Cornflakes.

  8. This was horrible episode. I turned it off, then on (hoping we could move on) then off, then resorted to reading about it, which was just as bad. Even a journalist, whose actual job is to make this palatable … couldn’t.
    For a moment I thought maybe these people were play acting for screen time. Sadly, I think not. No wonder they are all single and destined to remain that way.
    Ugh, ugh and more ugh.
    I know they think that they are in the right, otherwise why would you say and do these things with a dozen cameras half an inch from their face, but surely they have friends and family around them pointing and laughing. There’s nothing like a sibling to straighten you out.
    And how little respect must you have for yourself to say, “And I’m staying for another week of gaslighting and abuse, with bells on. Yay!”.
    I would be gone so fast (Who am I kidding. I would never sign up in the first place 🙄🤣🤣 ).
    I did watch the first episode of Matchmakers on SBS while I was down that rabbit hole. There were a couple of cringe moments because people who are too religious do that to me 😬 but, you know, it still makes you think. If MAFS people really are desperate for a partner, there’s a better route.

    • One of the new “husbands” is called Ridge.

      They came searching for love but found only violence. No broken glass yet. Just broken hearts and vows. Down the end of Lonely St.

  9. Okay. I confess. I didn’t watch the commitment ceremony.
    I usually do because these are the episodes that rehash everything so I don’t have to sit through some of the muck but I was tired and decided to watch repeats of Hercule Poirot instead.
    The have read some recaps but even the recappers give the impression that this episode was tedious going. The only highlight seems to be that Lucinda (hippy lady) has finally reached the end of her tether with whoever that douchebag is that they thought was her perfect match (mandatory and long overdue eyeroll here 🙄).
    Again, allowing my naivety to show, how do some of these men not see why they are still single, ffs? No self respecting woman I know would touch them with a barge pole.
    And secondly, what do they think that they are going to gain by coming on this show. Seriously. I don’t know any man from this franchise who has gained a second career from the “followings” that they have made and most of them are absolutely not here to find a relationship.
    Perhaps a free root with a holiday thrown in and they don’t care what it does to their reputations? Or, again, they simply don’t know how to talk to a woman. 🤷‍♂️

    • Timothy won’t brush his teeth before he goes to bed. These gels should be issued with barge poles at the beginning of the “experiment” (read celebration of toxic tv)

      Come hell or high water, these idiots write “stay” It’s getting like Jerry Springer. Watch out next time the alcohol flows….

      I think a Great White Shark would be friendlier than Sara.

  10. The foul mouthed old swinger broadcasts to the world how he’s carnally cashed in before intimacy week. The experts think this is funny. The dirty old dinosaur is hailed. Cringe.

  11. We new couples enter. I’m assuming that there isn’t enough drama with the old set and the producers have been tasked with fixing the problem.
    The next dinner party should be a doozy.
    Like, seriously. Where do they find these people? Is there are box they have to tick on the application form that says, certifiably crazy?

  12. Biggest cringe for me is Timothy’s partner. I hate that kind of weird, condescending manner of speech. Kids don’t talk like that, so it means that she learned it rubbing shoulders at the ashram or in her sexo spiritual retreat.
    Other cringes are the two man bun guys.

  13. Woh. I am seriously concerned about the lack of duty of care shown by csting that young girl with what seems to be a brain divergence. Not because there is a shame in that, but because she will be extra vulnerable. I might be wrong and she’s just acting, but if so, she’s convincing.

  14. I’ve just met Ridge and, Holy Heck.
    Small rant follows.
    When did people start calling a relationship, “a situationship “?
    Ffs. What is this crap.
    The dictionary defines a situation as a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. The operative words being, finds and oneself – as in, all by your lonesome.
    Like, whoops. I accidentally tripped fell into a muddy puddle.
    I wasn’t watching where I was going and I accidentally found myself in a stranger’s bed … more than once.
    I accidentally fell and my penis just happened to be out and there you go. Nothing to see here, nothing to do with me and not my fault.
    I want to f**k someone but without spending a cent on dinner or the movies, having to dress up (or clean my teeth apparently according to one delightful guy that shall remain nameless. Okay. It’s Ben. Someone like that should absolutely be named 🤣🤣), and it would be better if it was not at my place so I don’t have to wash my sheets and perhaps someone (anyone) could offer to cook me breakfast. That will save me a tonne of time and money. And no, that stranger can’t come to my place, ever, because I still like at home with Mummy.
    Geezus wept. 🙄
    And I am absolutely not going to discuss the overuse of the word “deece”. I don’t think I have to at this point. The whole of Australia (or the subset watching this episode) are collectively cringing. I can’t wait for the next time that he, or any of his bros, walk into a pub. I do not doubt for a second that he will be receiving feedback that’s worth being a fly on the wall for.

    • I was reading something the other day about “situationships”, but got bored about two sentences in and didn’t finish the article. It kind of sort of seems to be a relationship without obligations or boundaries. I would call it friends with benefits, but who knows.

      And what the hell is “deece”? Is it shorthand for “decent”? Is it too difficult to say two syllables?

      Is English these peoples’ first language?

      • Yes, it’s short for “decent” and there’s a whole tedious story behind it starting from before the groom even set eyes on his bride.
        What made it so cringeworthy was the sheer number of times the word was (over) used. I lost count.
        I started to suspect that it’s the only adjective he and bros knew. Either that, or they have a very limited vocabulary.
        It’s reminiscent of that scene from Mean Girls.

  15. I’m stuck on a small annoyance. No, not the one above. That one’s a big annoyance.
    It’s a tiny annoyance about bro friendships (and ignoring all the other rubbish going on because we expect that sort of stuff on MAFS). I mean, ffs, these lads have known each other a week and a bit, and spent a couple of hours together grunting and sweating in the gym and suddenly they owe each other eternal loyalty.
    And this loyalty is supposed to supersede any loyalty they may have to their “wives” who I’m assuming that they have also grunted and sweated with but also had an actual conversations with.
    Ugh. What is wrong with some men.

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