I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! 2017 premiere

JMo and Dr Chris are back in the jungle and on our tellies tonight from 7-8.30pm on Ten.
Chat away but remember you may get spoiled if you peek before it starts in your time zone.
Here we go – just as many people suspected, it’s Nat Bass, actress, Rogue Traders singer and host of So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

And the man better known as Roseanne Barr’s ex, Tom Arnold. And, just patting myself on the back here – I totally raised him as a possibility back before Christmas.

Here's the proof

Here’s the proof

Nazeem Hussain, who is a hilarious comedian with a strong grasp of social issues and politics, is there for some culturally diversity (filling the Akmal role from last year). Let’s hope Ch 10 airs what should be some very interesting campfire chats with Steve Price, who we already know is going in.

Tegan someone who won a beauty pageant who we’ve never heard of – sorry Tegan. I’m sure you’ve raised tonnes for charity. She says she is a brand ambassador. According to Google this means she spruiks beauty products.

Collingwood footballer Dane Swn (carn the Pies!).

The first five are welcomed by Dr Chris and JMo and Tom Arnold says he’s never seen the show but he was inspired by Russell Crowe and Curtis Stone to do it – hopefully the first of many instances of name dropping. Steve says everyone on The Pane had no idea but Peter Helliar and Carrie Bickmore posted on Instagram their suspicions were confirmed on Thursday when they tried to call him and his mobile was off.
These five celebs will form a team and have to wait to see who their rivals are. They change into their navy and red jungle uniforms, board a plane and do the parachute thing. Tom’s comment: “That was hard on the old nut sack.” Poor Nat Bass is trying not to cry – not that I blame her – but Swanny is giving her locer room pep talks.

As we already knew, it’s radio presenter Steve Price who, being in SA, I only know from being the token right winger on The Panel and I usually change the channel when he’s on.

And then the other one we knew: Lisa Curry. Who does not know that crochet is not pronounced cro-sherr.

And next, here’s a surprise: it’s Ash Pollard from MKR two years ago (and then Dancing With the Stars). So this is the outspoken blonde reality star – not Keira from the Bachelor. Steve fails to recognise her even when she says they’ve met, live in the same suburb and have the same manager. Interestingly she is allowed to tell Lisa she was on MKR, despite it being on Channel 7. Ash will be good fun – they promoted her as a villain when MKR started but she actually turned out to be quick witted and a good sport. She might stir Steve just for fun.

Next up it’s OH MY GOD HERE COMES THE WINNER OF THE SHOW. No-one is going to vote a Play School presenter off – especially not Jay Laga’aia. And he has eight kids – what the heck!

And then it’s another non-surprise and what the heck has Casey Donovan done to her hair? I know she has curly hair but she is out-boofing Ash – and Ronald McDonald red.

A helicopter lands and Jay tries to shield the women from the wind and red dust, while Steve ducks round the back. It’s JMo and the Bondi Vet. This team gets to wear khaki and the red pants and they are abseiling out of a helicopter. Lisa mentions she was married to a helicopter pilot and, yes, Google, says Grant Kenny ran a charter business that had 60 birds. Poor Casey has tears trickling down her face as they are in the air (well, she did say earlier she was “up shit creek”). She does it, though.
But abseiling down wasn’t the only challenge – now they have to do slide off a giant rock and do a flying fox thing down to meet the other team. Steve is thrilled by the news.

To his credit, Steve, at 62, goes first and is fairly stoic throughout. Amid much screaming Ash does some dance poses mid-air and Tegan at least recognises her. Casey freaks out again but goes through – “I feel like a Christmas pork!” she yells out to the waiting celebs as she dangles awkwardly above them.

Snake man freaks them out with a spitting cobra and various other deadly animals.
The Dr Chris tell them the winning team “will get not just the fastest route into camp”. JMo: “I love a fast root” but you don’t really hear it because Ch 10 mutes her for a bit. The winners get comfy pillows and the pick of beds but they have to do the usual “put your hand in creepy crawlies” thing. Each team gets to choose who the other team’s hand putter is and, unsurprisingly, Ash and Nat Bass are picked. The others have to climb into tanks that are filling up with water and catfish. (Hey, that’s a beauty treatment you’d pay for in some countries to remove dead skin!)

Inside the first mystery box is mice and Ash and Nat are screaming so much they’ve guaranteed they will be voted in by the public for every challenge.
The second box contains cockroaches (far easier than mice) and the producers would be thrilled with the facial contortions they are getting out of Ash. Nat sticks her hand in a box of scorpions while snakes and frogs are added to the water tanks.
The key finders have to don gloves for the next box, which seems to be some kind of iguana – so the gloves must be more for its protection than their’s. Baby crocs are then released into the water tank. The next box sees a tonne of screaming but they’ve just pranked the girls with some soft toys that jiggle, while the last box is snakes. Nat Bass gets what appears to be a little nip from a snake.
Nat Bass’s team of skydivers wins.


They’re having trouble lighting the fire and Ash cleverly suggests they use a tampon as a kind of Jiffy firelighter – terrific idea. Casey earlier pointed out the challenge winners all picked beds away from the fire, so they’ll be colder at night. And, surely, if you are worried about animals, being near the fire is a better idea?
There’s a promo saying two more celebs arrive tomorrow. Both have famous exes and one of them is Australia’s hottest male model. Hmmm …maybe Next Top Model mentor Didier Cohen? He dated Kelly Osbourne, I think. Does Millsy count for his fling with Paris Hilton?



  1. Last week the guy doing Steve Price radio show said he is only doing for 3 weeks.

    Wonder if Pricey only signed up for 2 weeks

  2. I thought it was Tim Dormer but it turned out to be Ash. Hair illusion.

    Cheap captions, Ch 10 ~”croasha” for “crochet.” Lisa Curry loves to “croasha”.

    • I love Tim, but I could see him as intentionally or not, stealing the show. So maybe to get the other contestants a look in, it’s best to have a more even playing field. Even so, there are always those who stand out, and thise who go unseen like a Hawaaian shirt in a tropical garden.

  3. I think this will be a good season
    Can anyone confirm when Tom said who convinced him to go on the show apart from Russell Crowe and Curtis Stone he also said Jim Jeffries. I didn’t record it so can’t rewind.

  4. So far love Casey and Ash- looks like a good season. I’ll have to do the obligatory channel change when the eating challenges happen but otherwise looking forward to it.

    Quotes of the night: I look like a Christmas pork. And
    I might have to do a nervous wee in the water.

  5. Great recap Juz!
    They look like a great bunch of celebs.
    For the two new celebs tomorrow night, i thought of Millsy too, but i wouldn’t class him a male model. I was thinking Kris Smith – Dannii Minogues ex. The socialite i am thinking Brynne Edelsten – didn’t she claim bankruptsy last year?!

  6. So far so good, only ones I don’t know are the footballer and comedian. I hate the screaming from Ash and Nat. It used to annoy me on The X Factor with Nat screaming as well. I’m with you Erin, Kris Smith and Brynne Edelston, I think they will be good and ones to watch for the win. Good to see you back Techhater!

  7. I think they are a good mix and it could get quite interesting. Loving Casey and Jay, my two faves at the moment.
    Nat and Ash will be fighting for alpha female, I’m reserving my judgement on Lisa for the moment.

  8. Thanks for the great recap Juz. A great bunch, I knew most of them. Don’t know the footballer.
    Nat & Ash were hilarious screaming at those creatures. The stuffed toys were funny. They did something similar last year.
    well they’re all braver than me. No way would I have jumped out of a plane or abseiled down that rock.
    Those showers looked different to last year. And the food, didn’t they just have a big bag of each the last 2 seasons? Those portions are ridiculous.
    And Steve Price admitted he was wrong. That doesn’t happen very often.

    • I was in hysterics over the stuffed toys, especially when Chris was telling Nat she had to be really careful and gentle!! I was watching with a friend and we were laughing, then realized, it was all well and good for us sitting at home on the couch! I wouldn’t have minded the helicopter or zip line thingy but i wouldn’t have done the skydiving.
      The whole orientation of camp looked different thank last year to me. Looks like they changed the positions of the beds and everything… I did have a chuckle when Nazeem told everyone he didn’t mind people sitting on his bed – to save any awkward Barry Hall v Freddie bustups!
      I reckon those rice, bean and oats portions were just to scare them and encourage them to give the tucker trials a good go. If they gave them too big a portions then they would all chicken out of the trials. I bet the nights that they don’t get many stars they get more rice and beans.

  9. Yes, thankyou Juz. I haven’t watched all of it yet but so far I am quickly getting to like the cast. Loved Casey, what a hoot. She looked so funny trying to reach her boots, but in a nice way. I am already cheering her on. No one is annoying me yet and I am quite enjoying the mix of personalities. I think Casey could win this if she co tinues to throw out good one liners. And Tom threw out a couple too. I haven’t a clue who the footy guy is but he seemed a softie.
    I wondered if any of them didn’t know who Tom Arnold was.

  10. Hi fellow posters, another year of celebrity, get me out of here.
    Liking Casey, Steve, Jay, Tom and Lisa.
    Nat B is totally annoying and in your face. She needs to tone down the screaming. Ash in small doses is ok. I think I need to see her screaming less but her facial expressions are priceless.

    • I can’t really complain about the screaming. I would have been screaming just as loud or even louder if it was me.

  11. Ch 9 entertainment guy reckons Kate Fisher and Kris Smith. I’ll have to flick back and forth as I want to watch MKR

    • I don’t know if it would be Kate Fisher, can’t remember what she changed her name to. She seems to live a pretty reclusive life now.

  12. I think Brynne would be priceless, it would be fun to See her outside of her penthouse lifestyle.
    I’m really liking the choice of people so far. It will be great seeing how they all change after a few days when they start to relax and if one team in particular keeps losing and having to go without. No one likes being on the losing side. Doesn’t seem to bring out the best in people.
    I think Steve Price is the type to apologise if he is wrong but if he thinks or knows he is right there will be no backing down.
    Go Casey!

  13. Thanks, Juz. I watched this episode to see who the celebrities are, only knew half of them – Pricey, Jay, Lisa, Tom, and Ash.

    Hairless rats and Ash hold the same amount of appeal for me, so both of their appearances nearly made me switch channels, but I persevered. Ash’s rather mean comment about Casey’s size confirmed my dislike of her, and I hope she is the first one to go even though I won’t be watching much. While I don’t agree with Pricey’s politics or his sexism, I don’t find him obnoxious overall. He seemed to be trying to be nice for the most part last night. My favs at this early point are Jay and Casey.

    It’s an odd mix of mostly old males and young screaming females.

    • “It’s an odd mix of mostly old males and young screaming females”.

      Rolf Harris must be spewing he didn’t get the gig.

      Hairless rats ~ made me think of Angry Anderson.

      • When they were changing into their jungle clothes, Casey was messing with her belt, and Ash told Casey she loved the way the belt accentuated her (Casey’s) waistline.

        Ash can think all the judgmental, unkind things she wants, but should not let those same thoughts actually come out of her mouth.

  14. I’m okay with Brynne but I’m not sure Geoffrey was ever a “billionaire” as the ads are screaming…just a dirty old man.

  15. I think Kate (Tzip) and Casey come across as very real and likeable women. Hope they both make it close to the end. They would both be self conscious about their size and get 5 stars from me for putting themselves out there.

    Please vote Nat out first. She is a total pain and so full of herself. Didn’t like her in neighbors or that talent show. Hope Tom will start to join in more. He is quite reserved and is probably feeling a bit alone. Nice touch of Lisa checking up on him.

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