Daisyโ€™s Bold and the Beautiful Oct chat

A welcome back to Daisy and thanks for returning to Bold correspondent duties.

Hi B&Bers. Time to start a new thread.
I am just watching Mopey Flo, who continues to feel “offal” (now that she has been exposed as a kidnapper of the worst kind), and her tarty (void of all morals or shame) mother dig themselves deeper and deeper in the mire of despicable behaviour. Flo feels offal, yet continues to plea her case wherever she goes, in the hope that she will have no consequences for her behaviour. Mother and daughter both want to try and salvage the high life of LA, free-loading off the Forresters, and they aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to be able to live under the Logan banner.

Katy earned her keep for once, calling Mopey Flo out on her pathetic attempt at showing remorse. She ripped into her and didn’t let her off the hook when she gave her appeal to be allowed to remain on the Logan Gravy Train. Katy told her the only train she should be on is the one out of LA. Go Katy.

Katy gives Flo what for.

Shauna the Sheep is thrilled that she has been able to get her foot in the door, like a JW who’s been allowed in for a cuppa. She sees her night with Ridge as a massive score, that will lead to bigger things, and the crack in Ridge and Brooke’s wedding deepens. Will Ridge try to keep his guilty secret? Or will he own up to allowing the woman involved in stealing her daughter’s baby, fondle his hairy bear body. Shauna has learned some filthy behaviour from her ex…..Charlie Sheen. There has been so much moral bankruptcy from Flo and Shauna, that Thomas wasn’t even required this week. Shauna and Flo are starting to make Thomas look like the Innocent Noddy, merely by the fact that the horror of their actions hasn’t seem to have registered to them.

Brooke rocked this week; standing her ground while Ridge let Flo out of prison, and wanted to bring Thomas the Terrible home, but three strikes, you’re out Ridge. When she learns that Shauna the Sheep locked wrinkly lips (she looked like Barney from the Simpsons) with Ridge, and spent the night nuzzled next to his nuts, she will have reached her limit….and Bill will come a knockin’ right at that point.
This baby stealing plot has left all of the other cast members; Maya, Rick, Quinn, Charlee, Pam out of work. It’s the groundhog that keeps giving.

Ridge has been swimming with the bottom feeders.



    • There was a lot of talking.

      Shauna keeps spilling the details of her night-that-wasn’t with the comatose Ridge Forrester to her increasingly-disturbed daughter Flo, before telling Flo that she should continue trying to make amends with Wyatt.

      At Wyatt’s place, Bill and Katie stop by to visit Wyatt. Sick of yelling at each other about Flo’s lie (did you know, Dave, that Flo knew Beth was alive? She knew! She knew all along that Beth was alive and she didn’t tell Hope or Liam!), they start yelling at Wyatt (the one member of the family who isn’t jamming pins into a little voodoo doll of Flo) about it too.

      Sally brings some new design-work to Quinn, who still doesn’t like her in the slightest. Sally begins talking about how she’s a much better match for Wyatt than that evil monster Flo, and Quinn hilariously lampshades the show’s habit of exposition. “We all know the story, Sally!” (only because the characters keep incessantly reminding us about it). Sally retreats to her office, and Pam comes in with words of comfort, telling us that she once caught Quinn actually gobbling down one of her lemon bars. Pam also points out that it’s amazing how Quinn has any friends at all.

      Speaking of … Shauna pops by to talk to Quinn. Gosh damn it, Forrester Creations. Why do you guys even employ a security guard? Anyway, Shauna says the same thing she’s spent the last month saying, and continues selling the idea of getting Flo back together with Quinn’s son.

      Over at the beach, Flo stops in to chat to Wyatt and has the closest thing to a civilised conversation that she’s likely to get (but halfway through, they dovetail into the standard, “You knew Beth was alive and you didn’t tell anyone!” monologuing). She’s made Wyatt a video montage of photos featuring the two of them (I was curious about what actors they got for the photos), and they sit there and awkwardly watch it for a little while, before Flo takes the hint and leaves.

      Meanwhile, in Bill’s mansion, Katie comes home and feels faint. She lies down, complaining of back pain. Not only did Flo help steal a baby, Katie’s probably about to accuse Flo and Shauna of stealing her kidney! To be continued, he added ominously. Roll credits.

      • Oh I sure knew Flo knew “Beth is alive”, having been bashed with it for two months. Thanks for your work, Windsong. I tried to stay awake and lost.

        Bill won’t want a sick, whining Katie on his hands.

        A video montage of Flo/ Wyatt trashing the Forrester mansion, bonking on his piano and in his bed, that could be incriminating.

  1. Katie is probably going down because Storm is so upset; either at Katie for yelling at the baby thief, or at the baby thief for stealing a baby. Well she did know about it you know. ๐Ÿ˜ In any case she was baulking at the signing over, meaning she knew she was selling a baby, and pretending to be the mother.
    I’ll bet it’s Katy’s heart (Storm) who is sick with disappointment.
    Meanwhile Mopey Flo and Shauna the Sheep both feel entitled to everyone’s forgiveness. Not sure why. They aren’t one bit embarrassed or ashamed to face everyone. Bold as brass.
    Quinn has her priorities right. She still prefers the baby robber over the redhead who stole a million dollars worth of Forrester designs. Quinn and Shauna are still thick as thieves.
    I look forward to Monday, when Storm rises from the dead, and uses Katy’s limp body, in order to have his say on the matter.
    I’m afraid I can see these moochers at the Thanksgiving table where Flo says, “I’m thankful I don’t feel offal anymore, and have the love of my life back”, and Shauna says, “I’m thankful that no one caught me kissing Ridge” Oooops.
    Dave, I’ll get you a pick of Quinn’s green eyes.

  2. Katie’s not too sick to keep whining about Flo, this time to poor Bill, who pays her a bedtime visit. He pretends not to be bored. Will’s gone for the day and he’s stuck with bed ridden misery guts.

    Sally rocks up as Wyatt secretly hides the photo of him and Flo on his phone. Secrets are okay for Wyatt to have. Sally looks hotter than Flo ever will. Shauna bleeds Flo for gossip about Wyatt.

    Brooke says she hasn’t changed her mind about one thing to Ridge. That’ll be a bout the roach returning to Forrester barracks. Ad break.

    Steamy scenes of kissing between Wyatt before Sally cock blocks him with “I just can’t” We get it. Fake news break.

  3. Bill politely asks in a roundabout way if she’s gone back to being crazy. She blames Flo for everything and babbles about her transplant.

    Now Shauna has become a relationship counsellour and pries it from Flo that Wyatt and Sally aren’t shagging yet. This is a good sign because it means sally insecure about Flubber. Sally in fact tells Flubber that she’s cautious.

    Brooke tells the Rasper that the roach is getting nowhere near Hope. Ad break.

    Katie steals a scene by passing out in bed. Bill was just going to call the doctor. Sally is gonna dump Wyatt. A lot is happening today. Ridge has flashbacks to the dirty night with Shauna.

  4. Maybe more happened on the dirty night at Bikini. Ridge is starting to remember stuff.

    Sally tells Wyatt she wants commitment and a future and Wyatt does the inevitable to avoid being dumped. He proposes to Sally. Curtain. Shauna’s sure to meddle with the wedding plans…if Sally accepts.

    We are left hanging about Katie , I have to say I was in the kitchen typing when she passed out. The longer she stays unconscious the better . Flo will get the blowback for this. Bill looks most unstallion like coddling Katie in bed. He’ll bolt.

  5. Oh damn. I forgot, daylight saving has started again so I’m not getting the episodes ahead of everybody else anymore. Curses! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, I missed Ridge’s flashback to Bikini’s scene or at least 50% of it. It suggested some hanky panky may have in fact taken place. I missed a bit of Ridge /Brooke roach fighting, too.

      PS Windsong .I’m happy to wait long enough before posting ,take the dog to park etc and diigest the garbage I’ve seen.

      Oh yeah, Ridge did some work today.!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ridge is working again today, the master designer in his element. Brooke and Ridge are soon simmering over the roach’s living arrangements. The roach needs his son and vice versa reasons the Rasper.Brooke praises Katie, not knowing that Katie is in a coma and advocates “stability ” for little Douglas. With this clan of crazies?.

    Sally finally accepts the Flubber proposal and they’re soon at it like rabbits. Piano and string muzak now. Soon she’ll find the photo of Flo on Flubber’s phone. Flubber punches above his weight with Sally.

    Bill tries to wake Katie but no , it’s her turn to be in bed for week or two next to the beeper machine. Katie says and does nothing except lay in a coma….some of her best work. Bill tears up , telling Katie how much he’s always loved her and she has to pull through, yada yada. Brooke’s on her way to hospital. She’ll comfort Bill. Curtain.

    • You feel like, they built the hospital ward set for Thomas’s coma, but they didn’t want to tear it down until they got their money’s worth out of it?

      So I’d imagine we’re looking at, at least, two more comas before Christmas.

      • I reckon it’s the very same room, beeper machine, face mask, tubes et al been plundered since when Bill was shot and probably before then. A Play School set would put this to shame. Same deadpan “you’ll have to wait” doctor as well. Soon all of LA will be in the hospital room, telling Katie how strong she is etc etc. “You’re a Logan ~ a fighter”

        We can take this to the Beverly Hills Bank~ Katie won’t die. It’s all Flo’s fault.

        • “Fighter” isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe the Logans, either.

          Opportunist? Gold digging? Horizontal social-climber? Thirsty? All of the above, maybe, but not fighter.

  7. Oh, my. Could Flubber be any more of a stupid dickhead. Can’t get sex from Hot Red, so he decides he’s in love and wants to get married. But wait. Hot Red was stupid enough to say yes. Go to Spec Savers, Sally. You are selling yourself waaay too short.
    And what happened to Katie? Aside from the heart attack. In the last week or so, it looks like her face has benn squashed and her jaw squared and pushed up. She’s been looking ug. And I think Brooke’s latest botox has paralyzed half her mouth. Miaow.

    Having just come from a morning in hospital myself, I thought the nurse wasn’t convincing the way she barred Bill from entering Katy’s room, like she was the hospital security.

  8. Don’t worry about dls posts. They are like smelling a roast when you are hungry. It doesn’t spoil the meal. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Btw… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ like, like, like, like…

  9. I missed probably half of today’s offering. Quinn is thrilled that Flubber is engaged ….until he tells him it’s Sally and not Flo. Quinn’s mood sours in a heartbeat. She’s almost in need of a hospital bed herself with the bad news..Guess the props department would only have one bed and beeper.

    Flo has a job at Bikini’s and Sally drops in to rub it in and gloat about getting engaged. You can bet Flo feels “offal” hearing that news…only hours since she saw Flubber. Sally looks like the cat who got the cream….but it reeks of Flubber. It’s a big town, she coulda done much better. .

    Cleavage, Brooke and Bill turn up at the hospital to visit KO Katie. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Your son needs you Katie. We all love you. Cleavage breaks down sobbing. No Emmy forthcoming for that effort.

  10. Oh here it comes. Mopey is going to get her opportunity to “do whatever it takes to make it up to the Forresters”. Katy needs a kidney and Flo has the “offal”.
    Flo was flashing her credentials at Bikini.
    Eric should probably be concerned that Quinn can easily overlook baby theft.

    Sally you better hurry up and get a ring on it. Flubber’s proposal was so well thought out that he doesn’t even have a ring, inspite of being in the jewellery business.

  11. You know, honestly, if Katie needs a kidney from somebody, if only they knew a doctor who was skilled at pilfering things in an operating theatre while everybody else is looking the other way, and then selling them on to hopelessly stupid Forrester family members … if only they knew somebody who could do that?

    Oh well. Sucks to be Katie.

  12. Katie’s two kidneys are stuffed, informs the doctor. So she’ll need an offal transplant. Arguments break out in the waiting room with Bill, Eric,Rasper, Cleavage, Brooke. Rasper blames Bill for being inattentive to Katie , Bill’s spits back some home truths about the roach. Bill goes in a and practically brow beats Katie out of her coma. They’ll have the best nephrologist take care of Katie’s alcohol induced kidney malfunction..

    Flo and Katie’s cat fight at Bikini continues.

    Quinn tears strips off Flubber for getting engaged to the “red headed grifter.” There’s a moral dilemma over stealing designs or babies.

  13. Katie’s gonna be stuck in hospital for a while, let’s get used to that idea. Dr. Armstrong is calling the shots.. Restricted visitors mind you, only six at a time. Katie wants to get out straight away.

    Eric attributes his longevity to “martinis killing germs”. He cares about Katie. Inexplicably. Years of anti rejection heart drugs have stuffed Katie’s kidneys. Flo hears about Katie’s predicament at Bikini. Transplants are mentioned at the hospital. Calling Flo.

  14. Bill empties the ghouls out of Katie’s room, the cellos mourn as the two have a heart to heart convo about little Will, who’s having a ball at a pizza party, not ready to be torn apart with the latest drama.

    Curtain. Double kidney failure. All roads lead to Flo and “family” redemption.

    • If only Brooke had thrown someone off a cliff, recently, who also might have been a good match for Katie. Alas, that little bastard survived.

  15. The staff at that hospital have the bedside manner of Kathy Bates in Misery.

    Katy reminds everyone that she could be a patient of Dr Frankenstein.

    And hey, I feel like a Forrester. I got carted off to emergency this arvo and am still there now. No organ transplant required.

  16. I am stuck on Catalina, still waiting for that kidney. I don’t have 6 family members in my room, but Woolif is keeping watch in case Hooks shows up.

    Actually, just having a cuppa and waiting to be discharged. I’m a fighter.

    • I was going to say, look out if you meet someone called “Reese” telling you it’s a placental abruption.

  17. Douglas is left alone in the bowels of a Forrester property when Thomas turns up and begins ratcheting up the emotional and verbal abuse once again.

    Brooke and Ridge are fighting over Thomas again , while the search for an offal donor is not turning up any positives.

    Shauna has a load of “sexy photos” of Ridge on her tablet. Shauna’s convinced of a connection based on the drunken night at Bikini’s

    Ridge walks in on the roach and starts asking why he’s here all of a sudden..Thomas blames his insanity and murderous ways on Caroline’s death. The roach murdered and abused because of “love”. His simpering stream of excuses is met with sinister music. Ridge is not buying the act so far. Brooke has gone out, she’ll go crazy if she knows Thomas is in the house.

    • I swear to goodness, Ridge could’ve entered the room, to see Thomas hanging Douglas out the window by his ankles, and all he’d say is, “Oh Thomas, you’re such a good father to your little boy!” FFS, Ridge. Figure it out already.

      Meanwhile, Shauna is sounding increasingly-deranged re: her crush on Ridge Forrester. What is it about Ridge Forrester? He’s not that good-looking, ladies. Either of them.

    • No hospital today, just a mention that the offal donor search is going pear shaped. No visitors for Katie.
      The rest is Brooke /Ridge fighting, Roach/ Douglas abuse and Shauna’s head in the clouds with Flo over Ridge.The debonaire Rasper shots are hilarious. Plus Ridge/Roach father to son dialogue.

  18. Ridge is a terrible Grandfather. He walks in on Douglas being shamed and torn apart by Thomas and barely bats a saggy eyelid.
    Shauna is well under way with her affair with Ridge. He just has to catch up.
    It’s funny how Donna always has to play back-up. Or Logan chorus line. How does that work? Brooke has second and third fiddle sisters.
    I think tonight’s episode was something of a segway. Nothing much happened but there’s a hint that Shauna will soon become dissatisfied with making lonely love to her tablet, Flo will use her simmpering to get under Flubber’s skin and Quinn will help her do it. I can’t see Quinn being satisfied to merely watch from the sidelines of Flubber’s love life.
    Katy will increasingly be made of spare parts. After the kidney, she will go for Quinn’s green/blue eyes, and Donna’s breasts.
    When Ridge is entrapped by Shauna, after she slips him a “love potion”, Brooke will need some strong aroma ( I wanted to write arms but I will allow autocue its head) to fall into. It might be time for her to reignite her passion with Eric.
    Poor Steffy is finally actually raising her child because we haven’t seen her for awhile. She has been missing some plum acting opportunities. Why hasn’t she been filling our screen with her tears and rage at Thomas and Ridge? Her absence this week is too weird.
    I still want Sally and Bill to get together and make a formidable evil couple who rule LA.

    • “Itโ€™s funny how Donna always has to play back-up.”

      Well, the concepts of Donna Logan and support just seem to go together so well.

      “Nothing much happened but thereโ€™s a hint that Shauna will soon become dissatisfied with making lonely love to her tablet…”

      Hee! But seriously, ew.

      “After the kidney, she will go for Quinnโ€™s green/blue eyes, and Donnaโ€™s breasts.”

      Well, to be fair, Donna has plenty to go around.

      “It might be time for her to reignite her passion with Eric.”

      Do you think that, when Brooke’s bored with her love life, she just pulls names out of a hat?

      “I still want Sally and Bill to get together and make a formidable evil couple who rule LA.”

      The Red Queen and the Black King take over Los Angeles! I would watch that.

  19. Vinnie the drug dealer visits Bikini, annoyed that the roach is still couch surfing at his place. He knows the barman , who’s soon spilling the detailed dirt on Ridge’s drunken night.

    Shauna gets past security to visit Ridge and reminisce over the night at Bikini. Ridge indulges Shauna for too long.

    The roach is resting at Brooke’s home with his eight feet up when a furious Brooke returns . It’s one hell of a fight that ends with Brooke slapping the roach and the roach spitting that her slutty ways are ruining the Forresters and the Logans are hopeless bludgers on the Forresters etc. Little Douglas is held as collateral to ramp up the emotional blackmail. He’s dribbling that he has something that Hope and Brooke want….ie the little brat who ratted Beth out.The roach is right in Brooke’s angry face but he’s also on his way to Bikini to get the dirt , which I guess he’ll use to drive a wedge between Brooke and the Rasper. Curtain.

    That barman at Bikini who said to Vinnie ” I better not gossip” sure sang like a canary.

  20. We can easily rank this episode’s three ongoing plot-lines by their different levels of sheer, bouncing-off-the-walls absurdity.

    Storyline one sees Shauna continuing to try and charm Ridge, going in all guns blazing with, “How dare your wife mistreat you? She’s so mean to you, but I’m understanding and kind.” Ridge isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it’s really hard to know if he’s falling for it or not.

    Storyline two sees Danny the barkeeper at Bikini having a long, extended gossip session with Vinnie (Thomas’s handsome drug-dealing room-mate) about the Forrester family dynamics. What is with these people?

    But storyline three is the real gem. Thomas confronts Brooke at her and Ridge’s mansion, and they have the most hilarious and intense argument of all time. Thomas points out that the Logans have only gotten ahead in life by latching on to the Forrester family millions (I mean, if the shoe fits…). Brooke responds by slapping him (on a scale of 7 out of 10 Stephanies, it wasn’t a bad slap), and the episode ends with Thomas telling Brooke that he isn’t going to put up with how she’s wrapped his father around her “slutty little finger”. Actual quote.

    So, another day in LA, really.

    • Thomas got so worked up , he forgot to wave in Brooke’s face that he cut her some slack for pushing him off a deadly (for mortals)cliff. He seemed to really lose it when Emma’s (who?) death investigation was mentioned But hey, all Caroline’s fault for getting cancer.

      Thomas , the heir to the Forrester millions has been couch surfing at Vinnie’s for at least five or six weeks now. Taking all Vinnie’s speed and working on designs.

      Some of these holes in the storylines are like the Grand Canyon.

      • “Thomas got so worked up , he forgot to wave in Brookeโ€™s face that he cut her some slack for pushing him off a deadly cliff.”

        Yeah, I mean, if Thomas really wanted to get rid of Brooke, why didn’t he just tell Detective Sandwiches that she pushed him off a cliff? Like, he hasn’t even bothered keeping up the pretense of being a nice guy, so, why didn’t he just get rid of her when he had the chance?

        I just loved how Danny and Vinnie — two supporting characters who have barely anything whatsoever to do with anybody else — know all this intimate gossip about the Forrester family and their various liaisons and dalliances. Like, what?

      • Thomas said he didn’t commit any crimes. Even he forgot about Emma Who. And what about Uncle Justin?
        I love the analogy, Dave.
        There more holes in this plot than a fly screen. You could drive a Hummer through the holes in this plot.

    • Ha ha. “Ridge isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer” nor the sharpest tool. Right now Ridge is thinking with his left and right nuts. Shauna only needs to say, “Come to Mama” now.
      She might be Shauna the sheep, but he will be the one getting fleeced.

  21. Hey Daisy, are you all right after your op? Was it keyhole or full-on slice and dice?

    I know this is the wrong thread, but am not sure if anyone is going as far back as General Chat, and I know you’ll be looking in on this part.

    • I’m good now thanks Von. Only keyhole. I’m a very resilient type; physically and mentally. It’s why I like the name daisy. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  22. Like mother, like daughter. The audacity of Shauna and Flo is staggering.
    First Shauna waltzes over to Brooke and waves a red rag at her. Then she goes to Bikini, takes Ridge pants off, hops into his bed and fondles his drunken scrotum (as if she didn’t). Then she pops into the big office to remind him of how close they came to doing the deed and of how they have shared a secret, intimate evening.

    And shameless Flo lingers around her victims like butter wouldn’t melt. Just an innocent victims in hot pants.

  23. Brooke sends the roach packing with more heated words. The roach scurries off to Bikini whee Vinnie starts unloading on Ridge’s night on the tiles.

    Hope and Liam visit Brooke , who’s still upset after the roach visit. A general shit canning of the roach ensues, He’s sick, dangerous and all of that.

    Ridge tries to get rid of Shauna but she tells him he ain’t seen nothin’ yet Ad break.

  24. The roach gets the dirt from the barman because Vinnie had to bolt. Thomas is really interested.

    Little Douglas arrives home early not feeling well because the roach has been chewing him out for his disloyalty.

    Shauna is spinning a web around Ridge , who’s rueing that he’s kept the new secret in town for so long and not told his wife. The loose lipped Bikini barman is sinking him as this happens. Ad break two..

    Brooke, Hope and Liam sugar coat the roach’s insanity to little Douglas , whose self esteem has taken a bashing at the hands of his Dad. Douglas thinks he’s “bad”. They spit some LA psychobabble about Thomas having stuff to work through to be a good dad again.

  25. What does it take to corrupt the barman at Bikini , one might wonder? The roach is onto it and offers a plum modelling contract at Forresters and in a flash the barman’s on the phone to Brooke about some hokum belt. The barman has been roach coached to within an inch of his life what to say. I guess being a model a FC is just too much to resist.

    The psychiatrist fees for little Douglas are going to make someone rich.

    The curtain falls on a clearly unhinged roach vowing that Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is over.

    • “The psychiatrist fees for little Douglas are going to make someone rich.”

      Probably his own grandmother.

      Wait, that’s how all this wealth stays in the Forrester family, isn’t it? We’ve cracked the secret!

    • I think the flabby bartender got a case of conscience too late. He flash everything to Roach, but then gets cold feet about repeating any of it.

      Ridge fought Shauna off valiantly. He needs some kind of panic button to bring Pam running as he is hopeless at keeping a seamstress at arms distance. He’s grasping away at her, “No, ,means no

    • OMG I am going to turn off autocue. It keeps changing too many words. “He flash everything to Roach” was “blabs everything”, and even then I had to type this 3 times to get it to agree.

      I feel like writing a random sentence right now just to see what “Big Brother” how Big Brother alters it.

  26. Thomas hides behind a shrub at Bikini while the yappy barman welcomes curious Brooke. The barman’s had international catwalks dangled before his ambitious eyes by the roach.

    Bill finds Shauna nosing around the hospital. He gives her a verbal tongue lashing.

    Ridge and Liam argue about the roach. One person’s sociopath is another person’s son trying to be a better father. Awful acting in this scene. Ad break.

    • “Ridge and Liam argue about the roach.”

      I switched the TV on, caught yet another conversation about “Thomas manipulated Douglas so he could marry hope, and he continued the lie about baby Beth” — I swear, I have the conversation memorised by now, I can follow along with them — and just switched the TV off. Eugh.

    • “You two punched your tickets to hell”. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ Oh my goodness. I’ll be saving that nugget.

      Ridge sets his own trap. “Surprise!๐ŸŒน” Don’t pop that champagne yet, Rasper. ๐ŸŽ†

  27. Brooke plays twenty questions with Yappy until he blurts that it was Shauna. Brooke is horrified.

    Bill keeps verbally abusing Shauna at the hospital.

    Ridge has enough of the roach roast and tells Liam to butt out, nothing to do with him. Denial City about Emma Who’s death. Soon the Shauna shit will hit the fan for Ridge. Ad break.

    Stupid Ridge has planned a romantic dinner, but Brooke will be furious. Bill gets info out of Shauna that Ridge and Brooke aren’t happy campers.

  28. The roach is gleeful behind the Bikini shrubbery as Brooke hears who spent the night with Ridge. Another ad break. Who’d want to be Ridge Forrester right now?

    • The Forrester Spencer group are not very inventive she pops. It’s always behind shrubbery or an ajar door. I’m surprised they don’t bump into others hovering and hiding behind a bush. Thomas couldn’t have been less subtle.
      Danny the chatty bartender put his trust in the Roach. He should have brought out the modelling contract first. Otherwise Thomas might run his only witness off the road.

  29. Bill doesn’t mince words . He tells Shauna that she and Flo have ” punched their tickets to hell”. The Forresters, Logans and Spencers are sick of your sorry arse, Shauna. Shauna’s tough , it’s going to take more, Bill.

    Brooke arrives to the surprise dinner and lets Ridge hang himself with romantic platitudes before asking about Shauna. The candles and roses get short shrifted by Brooke. Just saying “Shauna Fulton” makes Brooke blow a fuse.
    The curtain falls. Dumbstruck Ridge is hung out to dry.

    • “Shaunaโ€™s tough”

      Or deaf. Gosh, what’s it going to take for this woman to take the hint already?

    • “Punched their tickets to hell”. Whoever wrote that line is a winner. But a pigeon could poop on Shauna the Sheep and she wouldn’t get the message.

      Dinner for one then Ridge? I think Roach did Brooke a favour.

  30. Shauna and Flo are like warts you can’t freeze off.
    Next thing they will turn up unannounced to Thanksgiving dinner.
    BTW….am I mistaken? Did Shauna show up to aggravate a critically ill Katy. She has all the grace of a leech.

  31. Shauna “cares” about Katie because she has Thorne’s heart.

    I smell the rat of offal compatibility approaching.

    • Oh, you know it’s coming.

      Honestly, at this point, they need a restraining order out on Shauna. It’s the only way to keep this woman away from them.

      • The Forresters ask for everything they get because of their lax security. Sheila, Shauna , Flo and the roach have made it past Fort Knox Charlie recently, then you have the problem of ajar doors and shrubbery around entrances, as daisy points out above.

        Cctv and guard dogs. Is this too much to ask at the next FC Board Meeting? They’re always rabbiting on about keeping the tabloids away.

        • Why stop there? These people are rich. I’m thinking, an elite squad of armed guards, moats filled with piranhas, and trained attack velociraptors.

          Oh, and there needs to be company-wide training sessions on how to actually shut doors properly, since nobody seems to know how to do that.

          Do you think that Pam goes around, every day, and oils all the door hinges, just for the sake of making sure that nothing squeaks so the air of terror and intrigue continues throughout the business?

        • Even Quinn back in the day, when she first moved to LA, barged right in to Eric’s place, presumably over the iron gates and past Cherrrlee the crack security guard.

  32. I missed today’s episode. Is Shauna still going on and on, at length, about the night she sexually-assaulted an unconscious man?

    • I slept through a lot of it but yes, Shauna was hammering Flo with how awesome Ridge is. It’s all so hazy what else happened today, it’s like I was at Bikini myself.

      Brooke is not happy with what happened, even if it was nothing.

      The roach brags to Vinnie the dealer how he’s master of puppets in LA. He plans to take over Forrester Creations and gets his insane hands on Hope that way.

  33. Brooke asks Ridge how much more she must endure, and when will he take her side.
    She asks the hard question, “Why, after Ridge had his snorkel out with her arch enemy, did he have to then alsosit down to breakfast with her?” Salt in Brooke’s wounds.
    Ridge asks how has he failed her.

    And back at Bikini, Thomas licks his lips and salivates while telling Vinnie how he will destroy Brooke. He brings up a photo of a piranha on his phone and suggests, “Put blonde hair on it, and you have Brooke Logan.

    All the while Shauna continues to relive the moment she kissed Ridge and his spirit entered her. Flo says that was brandy fumes.

    • Ah, thanks daisy. The picture becomes clearer.

      I must have fallen asleep just as the piranha pic was wheeled out.

  34. Loving all your comments in the uk. Been on a ferry across the Mersey but they didn’t even play Gerrys song. Looking fwd to catching up with the Forresters next week xx

  35. Thanks, Sara.

    Liam and Hope do a bit of roach bashing to the first ad break. Poor little Douglas. Ridge is gullible. Brooke is smart. Lines are being drawn.

    Douglas has a new haircut. He loves Hope and Liam. The roach has baled Shauna up. Some dirty deals could be done. They both want Brooke out of the picture.

    Brooke is busy roach bashing to Ridge. The heat rises . Fingers are pointed. Ridge is an arsehole for spending a night with Shauna and kept it a secret. Ad break. Secrets destroy marriages, says Brooke.

  36. Brooke sagely notes that it could take years of counselling to fix the roach. Little Douglas is safer with doting Hope and Liam. Meantime,Shauna now knows that Brooke knows as the roach hand feeds her the latest. Ridge is ready to hit Bikini’s again as we go to an ad break. Seven minutes of roach bashing, today’s favourite pastime to go.

    Brooke tells Ridge he’s “lost all focus” and that he’s skating on thin ice. Ridge gibbers some garbage about “family”, Brooke wants custody of little brat signed over to Hope/Liam. For “the children”. Ridge fumes inside. Curtain

  37. I love how peaceful and easy Hope and Liam make child rearing look. They just sit around on the couch.
    Ridge sure pushed Brooke to the limit. Shauna needs no encouragement from Roach. She would be pouncing on every opportunity anyway.
    Ridge has gone to pack his swag to go and live in the trailer with the Barnacle Sisters. Good riddance Ridge. You can swim with the Barnacle.

    Thomas is busy all over LA making himself known as a devious bastard. Manslaughter (Emma Who) and accessory to kidnapping, but Ridge doesn’t watch Dr Phil so he never heard of “Choose your actions, choose your consequences”. Nope, he wants to throw his hat in (where does that originate?) with Thomas and the slimey, sleazy hanger- onners. The circling buzzards sisters. Yep, Shauna is going to feast on Ridge’s cadaver.

  38. At the hospital Katie isn’t too sick to nosy into Brooke’s home life which is, well, Ridge has asked Steffy if he can crash at her place. The roach then materializes from nowhere to evil cellos. . Little Will has arrived at the hospital…he’s dressed like a teenager now.

    Shauna and Flo catch up for a gossip. Flo warns her smitten Mum about the roach’s evil nature. That’s front page news to us, right? Ad break. It’s a stone cold fail so far.

  39. Little Will parrots a nauseating poem for Katie. Smouldering hot Cleavage is there, too. Amazing dress and hairstyle. Little Will is afraid Katie won’t come home. We should be so lucky. He never sees her there, anyway.

    Poppa Ridge tries to broker peace with Steffy and the roach, who’s rapt that Ridge has moved out of home. Brooke turns up at Shauna’s . Ad break before the approaching bitch fight at the Not OK Corral.

    Could take 3 ~5 yrs to find some offal for Katie.

  40. The roach tries crawling up Steffy’s arse, cheered on by Ridge. Steffy’s not melting , yet. Things are just heating up with Brooke and Good Samaritan Shauna and we go to an ad break again. Five minutes to go , folks. All filler, no killer.

    Katy lies to Will that she’ll be home soon. Ridge is pressuring Steffy to buy the roach’s bogus words.Steffy’s wavering.

    Shauna and Brooke call each other sluts. Brooke is reminded she’s slept with every male Forrester. You’re trash, Shauna is told. Curtain .

  41. I don’t know about anybody else, but the highlight of my Monday was definitely Shauna and Brooke having a, “You’re a bigger slut than I am!” competition. I’m sorry but that was genuinely, legitimately hilarious.

    Brooke takes the early high ground by pointing out that Shauna didn’t even know who Flo’s father was without a DNA test (well, she does make a good point), while Shauna immediately counters by pointing out that Brooke has banged every male member of the Forrester family, and at one point, got pregnant thanks to having an affair with her own son-in-law (again, you gotta say, Shauna makes some good points there). Obviously that hits a nerve because Brooke slaps her … and honestly, if Shauna was as trashy as Brooke thinks, it would’ve been on like Donkey Kong, at that point. I’m almost sad that it wasn’t. I bet Shauna’s a hair-puller.

    Meanwhile, Ridge is trying to force a reconciliation between his two kids. Steffy, as you can imagine, really doesn’t want anything to do with Thomas. Honestly, Ridge, have you been watching the same show as the rest of us?

    • Thank you, Windsong. I missed who slapped who because I was eyes down describing Slut Wars. Sure sounded like a good slap.

      “Slut from the desert” or slut from LA is what it came down to. High brow or what?

      • The irony of the fact that Brooke was quoting Stephanie (while trying to claim the moral high ground)? I think that was lost on Brooke Logan.

      • Brooke slapped Shauna. She’s on a roll. She had pretty much only just slapped Ridge.
        Ridge couldn’t have been more insensitive as he steamrolled Steffy into letting The Roach back into her life. And he didn’t come clean on why he had to leave home. When is he going to tell her that he signed off on Flo’s release AND spent the night with Shauna (“but I was drunk”).

    • I have a new tablet and sadly tv won’t accept my pics. There were some great sparks flying as both Brooke and Shauna said what we all think.

  42. I loved how Brooke acted the high and mighty lady. It was like Lady and the Tramp, even though we ‘ll know Brooke’s dodgy history.

    • I can’t wait til the Logans have to bow and scrape for Flo’s offal. Hold out for a good price, Flo.

      Thanks for the snaps,daisy.

      • Flo should put that kidney on a golden platter and have Dr Hooks deliver it on his knees.
        No wait. Hooks would steal it.

  43. Ridge has a brainstorm. Let’s me and the roach move into Steffy’s. Steffy soon poo poos that crazy idea.

    Brooke and Shauna still exchange unpleasantries.

    Frumpzilla has a roomful of visitors at the hospital. Eric and Quinn join Donna and Bill.Visitors try to be upbeat about the elusive offal donor. Ad break.

  44. Flo walks in on the bitch fight between Shauna and Brooke. Brooke has just called them both “lying manipulative bitches”. They all are. Shauna rubs it in that Ridge wanted her to stay with him at Bikini.

    The roach leaves Steffy’s with Ridge still browbeating “family”. Boy ,is he crazy. Ad break.

  45. Brooke’s offal isn’t worth a pie to Katy. Her look of abject misery says it all. The shallow visitors offer support.

    Ridge has moved out and Brooke isn’t happy. It’s all over town, cos the roach went to Bikini’s. Flo’s still whining about forgiveness. Don’t weaken Steffy. Ridge is twisting a paternal knife. Ad break.

    Five minutes to go. The forgiveness lecture continues with Brooke. Yawn. We know what Flo did. The roach drinks to the wreckage of Brooke/ Ridge’s marriage. Bill hugs Katy and tells her they’re gonna “fight”. We’re being set up for a Flo offal donation as Shauna explains the deal. “You can save Katy” Curtain.

  46. If Bill was on his game he would call in Hooks to chloroform Flo and snatch that kidney.

    Brooke and Flo discuss Flo’s finer points when she walks in.

  47. I haven’t finished watching yet, but I predict Flo will feel offal. The trouble with that girl is that she never quite feels offal enough.
    Thomas doesn’t feel offal at all.
    Steffy doesn’t know why Ridge can’t be more sensitive to how offal she still feels.

    Ridge is about to drop the bombshell on Steffy. Oh…my…god….

  48. “It’s a win win. You will feel less offal and we can keep our foot wedged in the Forrester door(bank account)”. I have never seen a mother so keen to get her daughter to give up a kidney….without having Munchaussens.

  49. So much for Flo telling the Logan/Forresters that she was hanging aroung LA because she would do anything, ANYTHING to make it up to them. Now at the first opportunity to do something, she curls up her lip and wrinkles her nose. “Not a kidney”.

    Ridge told Steffy, “Nothing could have happened with Shauna because he was passed out”. Actually Ridge…speak to Bill Cosby about that. Steffy isn’t as okay with Ridge spending the night with Shauna as he thinks she should be.

    The nurse (who I think, was the receptionist in that show where Ted Danson plays a GP), slaps seriously ill Katy across the face with the news that she will die soon without a kidney transplant, but that there are no kidneys. Bill steps up and demands, “How much for kidney”. That was right after I said to Woolif, “Why doesn’t he put an ad in the paper offering 5 million for a kidney?”

  50. Ridge caused Steffy more anguish by being an insensitive bastard. He pretended to Steffy that he came to help her, when we know it’s because Brooke said, “Hit the road, Jack”.

    Of course the Barnacle Sisters ensconced themselves right into the whole kidney situation. Flo has come around to the idea of saving Katy. Shauna suggests this may be her redemption. She doesn’t hold out much hope for her own relationship with Brooke. Funny dat.

  51. Ridge has no idea what happened with Shauna the sheep. For all he knows, she could have collected some semen. He has a heart to heart with Steffy and Kelly’s stuffed rabbit.
    Bill is going to go out and find a homeless guy and buy a kidney, while Katy blubbers that she hasn’t finished her bucket list. Katy’s face goes red as she pours out her heart….I mean Storm’s heart…to Bill and Brooke.
    Shauna tells Flo that giving Katy her kidney will get her back into Wipes arms. Katy laments that they are all out of relations with kidneys. Bill says she could have his liver but it’s soaked in whisky.
    We leave the episode with Katy in her hospital room, blubbering like a fish on a jetty, and Flo in another room of the hospital, getting tested to see if she’s a match.
    I can only hope that it turns out that Flo actually isn’t a Logan so the mournful one go back to Vegas.

  52. So, a kidney donor miraculously appears who’s an absolute perfect match, more perfect than her two sisters … and nobody stops and considers, hang on, we have a niece who’s father used to have the heart that successfully was implanted into Katie? Really, nobody makes that connection?


    Meanwhile, Shauna continues racking up those Mother Of The Year awards. She’s not interested in saving Katie’s life, she’s interested in Flo getting back onto the good side of the relatives with the bottomless bank accounts. You can practically see the dollar signs in her eyes, when she’s telling Flo how grateful the Logans are all going to be for doing this.

  53. Who woulda thought a piece of Vegas offal could be the Fulton’s latest meal ticket? Flo is Shauna’s surrogate slot machine.

    Thanks. No telly. Cold Turkey.

  54. Oh the oddity of Katy being patched up by Storm and his family. Next it will be eyes and a lung. Katy, the Patchwork Lady.
    The Logans are going to be guilted into inviting the Barnacles to family festivities now.

  55. You didn’t miss much tonight. Mostly Patchwork Katy bequeathing Will to Brooke.
    Don’t worry about that, Patchwork Katy. She will marry Bill before your funeral flowers have wilted.

    Flo wants to keep her kidney donation a secret. I am guessing that secret will have a shorter shelf life than her baby theft secret.

    • As if Flo will be able to keep her kidney scar a secret whilst working at Bikini.

      Katie will live to see Will married and divorced several times in addition to several hastily convened annulments. Patchwork Katie will be able to glow with gratitude about the anonymous offal donor at Thanksgiving.

      No visits from Wyatt, her ex?

      • “No visits from Wyatt, her ex?”

        Now, c’mon, that’s not fair. If exes counted as family who could visit, then so many people would be squeezed into those hospital rooms that there’d be no space for the medical equipment.

      • Flubber did get in a kind word about Patchwork Katy to Liam. He said she was fun.
        Flubber thinks anyone who doesn’t get out of bed to go to work, or have lunch is fun. It won’t be long before Flubber sees the scar on Flo. It’s going to be about as secret as Donna’s cleavage or Ridge’s night out with Shauna.

  56. The hospital staff didn’t need to tell Ridge to keep his voice down. He was whispering more than ever. He could work in a library.
    Will is aging in dog years.
    If you went by Will’s age, Katy should be about 59 years old. She had him late, maybe at 47 years, and he looks 12, so that makes her 59 years old.

    All of the kids in B&B age in dog years.

  57. Katy’s about to get sliced and diced by the pretend surgeon. Flo gets assured by her surgeon that no one will no that she has had surgery, whilst Shauna wants to put it on fb.
    Ridge whispers to Brooke that he is missing her and they hug in the hospital corridor. Bill and Justin show up and the four of them blather on about Katy.
    Flo hands over kidney and already feels less offal.

  58. Brooke and Whispering Ridge rehash the same debate over Babygate Fallout.
    Brooke “waxes lyrical” about the brave angel who is giving Katy the gift of life. “We will never know who…” Mist over screen, switch scenes to Flo, curtain close.

    • They’ll never know a “slut from the desert” has stumped up the offal.

      Thanks, daisy. Katie will be back her purple push up before we know it.

      How ’bout a new larynx for Ridge while we’re at it?

      • “How โ€™bout a new larynx for Ridge while weโ€™re at it?”

        He’d need a family match, though. Hey Brooke, wanna invite Thomas out for another stroll along the cliffs?

  59. Everyone in LA is at the hospital. Monitors beep. The cellos are being belted again. Katie’s a fighter. I’m fighting not to vomit at the words of insanity being dished out to little/adult Will. Brooke won’t forgive the Fultons for “anything” .That could be an “offal” mistake, Brooke. $hauna is proud of Flo for giving up her offal. “You did it” Katie’s not looking great, but then….. Ad break.

    Bill hassles a nurse for a report. Dr Davis will fill you in Bill. The eight visitors are ready to stampede in to Katie

  60. Katie wakes up stroking Will’s adolescent haircut. The violins try to make our hearts swell. Pig’s arse. Everything’s fine in LA. Golden light fills the shitty hospital room. Cleavage dotes on. Ad breaks thick and fast now.

    The nurse tries to say there’s too many visitors. No, it can’t be true. Katie has a “lovely family”. Katy already wants to know who’s offal she’s packing. “Let’s meet” Jackpot.

  61. $hauna shows up and is told to get the hell out ( the ten visitors are supposedly having a “private” moment )but $hauna won’t be denied and is about to wheel sickly looking Flo in for the big announcement. Wow. This is happening so quickly. The cellos again. Tears of compassion and forgiveness flow. Tender moments. Curtain. That’s all folks. You gotta see it.

    • Wow, so it was one of those magic TV surgical procedures where everybody woke up from their anesthetic within 10 minutes of the procedure, not only that, but they were conscious and alert and functioning, immediately afterwards.

      Geez, I bet Katie runs a triathlon that afternoon.

      • These doctors move quicker than Dr Hooks himself.

        Thanksgiving is looming. $hauna and Flo will be there.

        • I had keyhole surgery, on my stomach, and it was *days* before I could walk. The physio has to come in and teach you how to roll out of bed, because you can’t move normally without functioning stomach muscles. And these girls had kidneys swapped around, I mean, getting Flo into a wheelchair that soon after surgery would’ve been downright dangerous, never mind medically impossible.

          Man, between swapping babies and magically easing patients through major surgery, these LA doctors must be raking in the cash.

  62. Who was looking after little Douglas while these concerned ghouls were at the hospital? Poppa Roach and his ghost projecting machine?

  63. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚ I read the comments from last to first and they were still hilarious.
    Well phrased. I was only listening to tonight’s bilge water. The comments were perfect and brought a smile to my face.
    I was painting and listening. I was imagining Katie going, “Ur ur uur….get it out of me”.
    The barnacle sisters are even more barnacle now. Harder to shift than bathroom mould. Not only are they not going away but now, one of them is in you…..aaaahhh!

  64. Brooke thinks the offal donor is a “sick joke”.Things turn sour at the hospital, “Amazing gift” ie Flo’s offal isn’t received too well. $hauna’s speech is a massive fail. Give the offal back, then.

    Wyatt and Sally have been looking after little Douglas and Beth. Douglas might catch them having sex. They rehash the groundhog secret one more time. Sally reckons Flo still loves Wyatt.

    Seven minutes and we hit the first ad break. The hospital may have to call security. Brooke and Hope are the dirtiest. Kate can hardly speak(great)

  65. Flo gives a pathetically “offal” speech to rising cellos. ” Family”, “hurt” etc. “I had to”, blah balh.These sluts from the desert lay it on with a trowel. Hope and Brooke hiss and spit at $hauna over the monitor beeper. It goes to the next ad break.

    More filler between Wyatt and Sally. Flo is a sticking point. Wyatt dribbles that nothing Flo does will change his mind about her. Offal mistake, Flubbs.

    $hauna and Flo get shit canned by the visitors . “You’re not a Logan and you never will be” according to Brooke.

  66. After the ad break, Katie sobs some words of gratitude to the Vegas vultures but so far , this ingratiating stunt hasn’t worked for Flo and Shauna. Vicious bitches Brooke and Hope obviously run the town, because Ridge has said not a word.

  67. Snookums says Sally doesn’t have to worry about Flo. (He’s still got a photo on his phone). Snooks doesn’t know who the offal donor is yet.

    $hauna and Flo leave the sick room and Brooke follows her out and delivers a poisonous sermon. Stay away from my family and husband. All of Flo’s offal wouldn’t change a thing. You’re shit, $hauna.. The Rasper then slithers from behind a door and eyeballs $hauna. Frisson time. Curtain.

    • ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ A restraining order couldn’t keep the Barnacle Sisters away. They have latched on to the smell of Forrester money like an American pitbull. The Logans could throw a party, not invite them, and they would find a way to be there.

  68. Ridge and Brooke are fighting again, this time over Flo and Shauna. Flo’s already home . Shauna picks up forgiveness vibes from Ridge.

    Wyatt gets the news from Liam that Flo stumped up the transplant offal. Rehash time. Liam talks a load of waffle. The script is appalling. Mercy. Send the ad break now.

    • The Forresters should be suspicious that Flo surrendered fruit from her loins and bestowed it on their family. Didn’t she just tell them 10 months ago that she did the same thing?

    • “Floโ€™s already home.”

      Really? Like, she should’ve been in hospital for a week. Time moves funny in soap opera worlds.

      • Having just had a hernia operation 3 weeks ago, I am imagining how Flo is sitting like that, out walking, and wearing those bulky laces on her pelvis.

        Ridge asked what sacrifice Flo needs to make for Brooke to forgive her. I don’t think Ridge gets the concept, “I don’t want to forgive her”.

  69. More tedious Snookums / Liam after the break. They don’t understand the lack of sympathy from the Forrester/ Logans. Wyatt’s soft spot for vacuous Flo is obvious.

    Shauna relives the comatose kiss with Ridge and predicts a lousy future for Brooke’s marriage.. Brooke tells the roach to get out as he’s been sacked. The fight arcs up again as Ridge defends his insane son. Thomas has been busy doing designs. Of course, he plays the forgiveness card. Ad break. Ten minutes of viewing hell to go.

  70. Brooke storms out after recommending a mental facility for roach accommodation. Things got heated. The roaches inner glow is palpable. He thrives on the disharmony.

    Wyatt rocks up to visit Flo. Shauna disappears to let them reconnect. Wyatt bleats some tender nothings. Wish smokin’ Sally could see this. Ad break.

  71. Shauna ignores Brooke’s warning and visits Ridge and the roach. The roach scurries out. Ridge and Shauna are alone. The “amend making” roach is now outside the door , eavesdropping on it all. Shauna starts talking about the kiss. “Magical, electric” .Their faces are suggestively close as the curtain falls. The roach gleefully sees it all. Ridge looks ready to take the cleavage bait .

  72. A shoulder….and two breasts to cry on. Shauna butters up Ridge….and “opens up” with a true confession aimed to give him a hard-on.
    “What I did was probably wrong”. PROBABLY?????

      • Bill Cosby; “She was asleep, but she liked it”.
        Shauna; “You were asleep, and you were the great Ridge Forrester”.
        I wonder if Ridge will feel violated?

        I’d be seriously wondering if she delved under the underbrush.

  73. Flo is weaseling her way back into Wyatt’s life.

    The eavesdropping roach is going to use Shauna to get rid of Brooke. Shauna gets the rasping Ridge for her part in proceedings. The roach thinks his designs are the future.

    Katie’s still in bed being peppered by teenage Will when she’s coming home. Sickly sweet stuff.

    Very hot here today. I let this ep wash over me like the bilge it is.

  74. Shauna, to Thomas: “Were you eavesdropping?”

    Shauna, that is the ONLY thing these people do! The Forrester family’s primary method of giving information to people is to hold a hushed conversation behind an almost-closed door! None of these people know how to close a door properly.

  75. Katy has been sedated. Flo’s been sedated.
    And I think we were sedated….by last night’s episode. I can only take so much of whiney Flo, nauseating Flubber, wilting Katy and off her rocker Shauna. Her character molests unconscious men. Yew.

    BTW.. I am sitting at the hairdressers, looking around at a room full of wrinkly, old women with fabulous young hair…… And it looks weird.

  76. There’ll be some more rehashing today .Brooke and Hope are cheering because Dr Hooks got maximum jail sentence.

    Skeletor’s back , shattered about Reese going to prison. The roach invites her in to Vinnie’s flat. Liam takes Beth to visit Steffy. Ad Break.

  77. More rehashing between Skeletor / Roach, Brooke / Hope and Liam /Steffy. This takes us painfully to the second ad break.

    Hope tells Brooke that her and Liam have been at it like rabbits, “reconnecting.The roach starts working on Zoe. Looks like Steffy is trying to get her claws into Liam as well….in between rehashing. Ad break. Nine minutes of white knuckle rehashing of Catalina/ Offal/ Roach issues to go.

  78. The topless roach has a list of people he hates on the wall. He tells Zoe it’s a good idea not to be on it. Xander has dumped her. Boo hoo.

    Liam and Stefffy rehash the Beth handover. Steffy throws out the ” We could have had a beautiful family” bait. Liam desperately tries to emote something and the curtain of mercy falls.

  79. So, today in Los Angeles, Thomas has once again forgotten how to wear a t-shirt, Brooke is pathologically incapable of not meddling in the love life of her daughter, and in a wacky co-incidence, Zoey just happens to be renting an apartment in the same building as Vinnie. Just like how there’s only one cocktail bar and one Italian restaurant in all of Los Angeles, apparently there’s only one apartment building (you know, for people who aren’t gazillionaires).

    Gosh damn it. The weight of the plot-contrivances the characters are pushed through, every day, would be enough to bring down a Brontosaurus.

  80. Still no closure on babygate? Time to hurry things along, although we can’t say Shauna takes her time.
    Once Flo had her Logan connection, she swooped like a mad magpie in September.
    She should just go couple (too much Lust Island) with Roach.
    The Roach is naturally good at sneaking around, scuttling behind doors, into food cupboards, on kitchen benches and on to lemon bars.

    • No, daisy. Get ready from some harrowing Steffy flashbacks to Phoebeth being removed from her care. Flogging a dead groundhog.

      Skeletor didn’t question the roach about Emma’s death. I thought that might have been a priority. No, just moaning about the Spartan living conditions.

      • Poor Little Emma Who. Murdered with barely a nano second of concern or investigation

        Unfortunately we are heading to Perth now, so I will have to see Steffy flashing back tomorrow.

        Why can’t Forresters just have a normal plot? Dil hits the nuclear bomb button, deprives grandkids seeing grandparents, grandparents swan off to Europe, no one gets pushed in the Seine, Aus Embassy call, son in Thai prison, holiday ends abruptly, grandparent visit son in Thai prison, grandmother dresses to blend in with other Thai ladies visiting husbands and sons, grandparents head home from Thailand but bleed money on lawyers and prison upkeep, Son comes home, eats lemon bars to regain strength, kicks himself in the bum……. If it was B&B he would come home, start designing fabulous dresses (he actually could), hooks up with Flo, then dumps her for Sally. They open a brilliant fashion house and unlike the Forresters, they do some work.

  81. Hi All! It feels odd saying this, but I think I’m over this programme, I’ve caught up a couple of times since getting back, after 3 weeks away, and the show is doing nothing for me at all. I enjoyed reading all the comments whilst I was away and since I’ve been home and will continue to do so in case something ‘amazing’ happens. I watched yesterday and see that there is still conflict between Hope, Liam and Steffy but when hasn’t there been. And nobody seems to do any work!

  82. We have been away and my tab is at the hospital. I don’t like typing on my phone. But we watched Friday and Monday catch-up.
    Yes. It is repetitive. I suppose these shows are always going to be scratching for new storyline. Even the very best series usually run out of steam after a few seasons eg Orphan Black S4 or 5, The Good Place.

  83. I’m on suicide watch because today in Adelaide , there is no B&B because of Melbourne Cup. All hell could break loose in Beverly Hills and I won’t know……Judge Judy, Dr .Phil, all gone. Goodbye, cruel world.

  84. Same here Dave, in Sydney. Im a Pom and have lived in Australia for 40 years and still cant understand why the nation has to stop for a horse race!!!

  85. Yep, Phillip has been replaced here too.
    When my tab comes home from the tab hospital, I will write a new nightcap.
    We need answers to why Thomas walks the hall semi naked? Why Skeletor enters Roach’s hotel room know he bumped off Who Who (I have forgotten her first name now too). Why Skeletor would hang out wit Roach after he had been blackmailing her?
    And why don’t the Forrester/Logans ever watch Dr Phil. They definitely should.

    Oh and how about that little squirt Liam. He just can’t help himself, can he? I hope you didn’t miss Liam putting the bait out for Steffy, then telling Hope off.

    • I did miss that,daisy. Asleep yesterday. Last I saw Steffy was putting bait out for Liam, and it wasn’t Ratsak…..it should have been.

      Vinnie’s A/C has been fixed up, so no excuse for ripped roach display.

      Yeah, that was Emma that the roach tormented and ran off the road. But she was “texting and driving” according to Sandwichez’ water tight investigation.

      • It’s amazing, the short-term memory loss that all these characters seem to suffer from, to make sure the plots keep rolling along. Shauna was outraged when Thomas was sending her daughter death threats, but she forgot about that five minutes later when she met Ridge Forrester (geat parenting record, Shauna). Zoey knows full well what an unhinged nightmare Thomas is, but now suddenly, they’re best friends? Of course Emma doesn’t even seem to have retroactively even existed.

        And if they’re that bloody worried about Douglas, all any of them would have to do is make two phone calls. One to child protective services, and one to the press. How quickly would Ridge cave in, at that point? These stupid rich Americans.

  86. Ridge. Ridge. Ridge. You filthy old lech. While Shauna (let’s not forget; the woman who aided the cover-up of the abduction of his step-daughter’s baby), that criminal, salivates all over him, fluffing her feathers in a mating dance, he muses, smiles, and allows her to charm the pants off him.
    And she finishes with something like, “Your wife doesn’t deserve you”.
    Thomas has lost his mind…again. He makes a play for Zoe, who by some incredible coincidence, he’s been drawing.
    And really? Could anything be more ridiculous than Steffy and Hope both breeding with and fighting over Liam. It reminds me of the cult leader who bought a bus and drive around with 4 wives and a dozen kids.

  87. Steffy and Hope have a fight over Hope interfering in Liam’s alleged decision making faculties. Curtain for first episode.

    Crazy Hope ‘s jealous about texts from Steffy to Liam. Think about the children time again.

    The roach invites Skeletor to move in. The roach is furious over adoption plans for Douglas.

  88. Brooke and Hope want Douglas’s arse in a sling. Liam pleads to explore options but these gels is crazy. They are not UNICEF material.

    Roach dangles the modelling career before Skeletor for her help. These two couch surfers are gonna hook up.

    The roach turns up to take Douglas. Creepy cello time.

  89. Hope and Brooke face off against the fuming roach over custody of little Douglas. Liam takes Douglas away from the heated atmosphere, leaving an unhinged murderer alone with his wife and mother in law.

    Vinnie’s cool with Skeletor moving in. They gossip about Thomas.

    The roach gets close to exploding as he sees the adoption papers. Hope lectures on parenting. Sign the papers roach. Curtain.

  90. Great work, Dave. I could only get one episode, but oh my, Liam’s ‘acting’ was some of his very worst. That confused eye darting. They really need to find a new Liam.
    Then explain to me why rich boy Thomas has to doss down in some cheap, pokey flat, with Vinnie, when he should be able to afford a luxury apartment. Surely he would have enough money, and even if he didn’t Ridge would pay.
    Then there is his whole, “I don’t have room for Douglas in my life”, but he has room for Zoe. It’s all so crazy.
    And Shauna; I can’t work out why she always looks….I don’t like the “s” word so I will use what mother’s might have called her in the 60s…..”cheap”. Perhaps it’s the way she always looks like she is going to eat Ridge alive, like some spider, or alien, that covers it’s prey in saliva, then waits for the saliva to sissy the prey a bit before finishing him off. ๐Ÿ˜‹

  91. The Roach was hypnotised by Hope today. Her lips, her eyes, her heaving average sized bosom. He was under their spell.

    Liam is being an arrogant little upstart. I don’t know why he acts so proud of himself, like a rooster in a henhouse.

    • Today the roach offered the unholiest of bargains to Hope. Only one thing in this world the roach would give up his precious, abused son for is……. Hope. St Hope will fall for this appalling act.

      T Rex Steffy’s in black, she’s got it in for Hope and has “designs” of her own on limp Liam.

      Ridge is eating out of the roaches leg. He’s scowling at the legal papers and being a dumb bastard, who can’t act..

      • Yesterday Hope was delighted that Hooks was in the slammer for what he did. Never mind Flo who was a part of the kidnapping, and all the people who knew and allowed it to continue.

        • What Hope and Brooke are doing isn’t child stealing?

          It’s “putting the children first” Annulments, adoptions. No job too big for Carter.

          There’s a new replacement for Emma. btw.

  92. Ridge/ Roach v Hope/ Brooke over custody of Douglas.

    Bill guilt trips Wyatt to dump Sally and go with the Flo.

      • Wyatt could make an offal mistake. Bill wants him to “honour his commitment” to Flo , that was rock solid before babygate. Commitment and Wyatt are strange bedfellows.

  93. The family have all gone totally crazy. Baby stealing; left right and centre, secret offal trades, crazy Shauna, crazy Flo, Ridge has lost the plot chasing after, enabling and getting Roach off the hook. Brooke is pushing and interfering. Liam doesn’t want 3 kids, not unless he gets to impregnate someone. Bill has lost his mind pushing Flypaper Flo on Wipes. They’re all mad.
    But I forgot to mention. Brooke’s boobs were looking pretty solid in that pink top. She had a great bras on.

  94. The custody fight over Douglas continues. Brooke digs her heels in.

    Cleavage dangles her assets for Eric as he weighs in on the roach issue.The old fool takes Thomas’s side.

  95. I thought it interesting that Donna 1. Still continues to inappropriately call Eric Honey Bear, and 2. Wore a top that looked like liquid honey.
    Too bad Brooke gave Ridge back his ring over Thomas and Douglas. It would have been good if she at least just added, “And that’s for letting Flo out of prison and for spending the night with Shauna”. Those wedding rings have been on and off, on and off Brooke’s finger.

  96. Visitor again today but we went to the curtain with homeless Ridge having to stay at one of the Forrester guest house.

    Trouble is , when Ridge gets into bed, guess who’ s in it ? Not Brooke.

    The Rasper peels off Shauna’s night mask and the passionate kissing begins. This time Ridge isn’t drunk. Shauna’s bagged herself a wealthy designer.

  97. OMG. I need an uplifting episode today. Something like purple pushups ….or Bill punching Liam and knocking him out cold. Now I have to go home to the Barnacle between the sheets?
    One kiss from Shauna and you’re a dead man. Look what happened to Storm. Dead.She reminds me of a movie I saw when I was a kid and there was a big spider, but it was really a witch.
    How long do you think it will take for B1(Barnacle 1 to tell Brooke she has been sucking Ridge’s saliva).

    • Shauna’s obsession with Ridge is up there with Hope’s increasingly unhealthy obsession with Douglas.

      Gosh, these people all need therapy.

      • They are getting increasingly disfunctional all at the same time.
        They have always been disfunxtional but this is the mother load of diafunction; stolen babies, rotten offal, offal donations, custody battles, male assault, drugs, manslaughter…. They have gone well beyond the usual love triangles.

  98. Topless roach has Eric eating out of his leg.

    Hope the martyr is going to play happily families with the roach to try and protect Douglas. Hope is the sickest wannabe social worker in LA. What a crazy plan.

    Ridge unloads his marital problems on all ears, understanding Shauna. The Rasper wants a friend.

    The roach has some unhinged sexual fantasies about Hope. Then he gets on the blower to St Hope. Brooke tries to talk sense to Hope. “Liam, Ridge and Steffy can never know” says Hope. Woo eee. Another secret no one will keep.

  99. The gist of it is Hope sacrificing her immediate future to pretend cosying up to a horny roach to protect that little brat Douglas. Hope thinks the roach is still in love with her. Horrified Brooke clarifies the “obsession” that plagues the sleazy, murdering, perverted roach. “Protect The Children Crusade” could go for months. Curtain.

    Shauna’s now Ridge’s new therapist, with”assets”. They haven’t decided the sleeping arrangements yet.

  100. It was fitting that yesterday Shauna had flypaper on her face. It didn’t stop Ridge from diving in. I thought he might resist at least for a polite 20 seconds. No Ridge needed no seduction from Shauna. He was trussed and ready for roasting like Shauna’s Thanksgiving turkey.

    • Cock blocking the insatiable , topless roach won’t be easy. ” Oh. I think I hear Douglas stirring”

      What happened to the “annulment”?

      • The Forresters literally have an entire room of their mansion, filled with shelves and shelves, containing nothing else but folders and paperwork about marriages, divorces and annulments. Rumour is, a cleaning lady went in there, once, but got lost and never found her way out again.

  101. I think it’s time for some new cast. This story is getting tired. And who cares if Rasper kisses Barnacle Mom. Bill needs to blow up another building.
    I do think little Alphalpha is cute though. I’m the only one. Why are they even fighting over him? Isn’t it time he went to boarding school, or college?

  102. Halloween at Eric’s, ridiculous costumes et al. $hauna’s cleavage is there for lonesome Ridge to ogle. Ditto Hope’s honey trap for the roach.

    I missed most of today’s ep but the roach looks wise to Hope’s deluded plan. Hope couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag.The roach is wise to the cutesy smile.

    Liam knows little Douglas is messing Hope’s head up. Steffy’s hovering like a love struck vulture.

  103. Maybe a halloween party instead of Thanksgiving this year. The seating plan for the latter would be very, very difficult to do.

    • I loved how much effort that everybody went into for the Halloween party. How much everybody put into their costumes, how much food and drink Quinn organised … for a party that had, maybe, five people invited? Yeesh.

      Meanwhile, Donna shows up dressed like Sandy from “Grease”. Not that Donna had plans or leaves go to and attend a Halloween party, or anything, that was just Donna’s night-out outfit.

  104. Sorry I missed the party. Our power went out.
    I would expect Thomas ….and Donna to go shirtless.
    Why isn’t Eric getting older? Douglas will soon catch up to him.

  105. The Halloween party is still rocking. Douglas wins a prize.Yawn. Shauna uses the opportunity to start seducing Ridge.

    Liam’s moping about Hope’s absence to Steffy, in between doting on the two brats. Liam will have to spend the night at Steffy’s it seems.

    Donna already knows about Hope’s “secret ” plan, via Brooke blabbing. The roach isn’t fit to raise a pet, says Brooke.. Bash roach time. Brooke explains the dumb , doomed plan to Cleavage. Rehash time. Ad break.

    Douglas is calling Hope “Mummy”. $hauna tries crawling to Hope. As the party winds up, the roach moves into stalking mode.Steffy chews Liam out about the adoption. Liam admits he’s not in favour of it. Brooke tells Cleavage not to blab. Ha ha .

  106. Creepy cellos as the obsessed, pussy struck roach moves in on roach bait Hope with a simpering forgiveness themed speech. Ad break, It’s a long one, too. We’re half done

    Somehow, Ridge and Shauna get some one on one time. $hauna kisses the Rasper , in his ridiculous outfit. The Whingefest at Steffy’s continues. Meantime, the roach is down to his singlet. Fantasy time. The topic turns to the little prize winning brat. The roach is too smart fro this dumb ruse.Ad.

  107. Brooke starts roach bashing to Cleavage some more. “Chemical
    imbalance” psychobabble.

    Ridge and $hauna are at it……..albeit in $hauna’s head. It’s a trick fantasy scene, Complete with saxaphones. Don’t be deceived like I was..

    Steffy and Liam are flirting. Goodbye Hope.

    Hope gets the message from the roach that it’s consummation time. Pussy for Douglas is the deal. “Make love to me…no one has to know” The roach demands his pound of LA flesh for little Douglas. Curtain.

    Those magic words ~ “No one has to know”. Is Hope a whore? This is literally “doing it for the kid”

  108. Oh my goodness. The crazy is contagious. Roach has it. Donna has it. Shauna has it. Liam and Steffy have it. And Hope has it. They all have the same chemical imbalance.

    And Ridge is with Shauna, Liam is with Steffy, and Hope is with Roach.
    BTW, I can’t do pics ATM, but Ridge looks like the ego maniac boss on the IT crowd. I noticed it when they did that sleazy close up of him salivating over Barnacle 1.

    Also, I forgot your warning, Dave. I thought that Shauna’s sex dream was real.

    • Eric has it too, because he believes in the righteous roach making amends.

      Those sordid saxophones made $hauna’s fantasy seem real.

      What excuse will Hope have to thwart the randy roach this time?

  109. Even a dumbarse like Ridge can tell Hope is up to something sneaky with the roach. He tells his confidante $hauna he’ll find out what it is. Ridge asks what we all want to know….why the fuck isn’t Hope looking after Beth? (Steffy is)

    Joker lips Steffy continues seducing Liam, with a sexy vegan joke. She urges him to “move on” (back to her) Liam notices Steffy is now cruising for sex on the internet. He’s almost done.

    Brooke lies to Ridge about Hope’s plan and gets rid of him. Hope gets a neck massage from the hot roach. Threat time from Mr Amends. She better spread those Logan legs or else the roach will go abroad with little Douglas. Hope ponders the shit sandwich she’s faced with eating.

  110. The wised up roach tells Hope he can see through her moronic plan. Everyone in tv land can , too. The deal remains shakily on the table. Pussy for parenthood.Hope pretends she’s too classy for that.

    Brooke realizes her and the Rasper are on the rocks. Rasper gets another goodnight kiss.


  111. Hope can’t wait to tel;l Brooke that the roach wants her body for Douglas, who’s now at school.

    Liam explains the mess to Bill. Remember that little Douglas is half Spencer.

    Skeletor has designs on the deluded roach. The plum FC job is dangled as bait to stick with the roach. Ad break.

    Bill’s anger rises toward the roach. Skeletor and the roach kiss, with saxophones.

    “You cannot tell anyone” about sex for Douglas deal, pleads Hope to Brooke, who wants to tell Ridge. Train wreck ahead, Ad break.

  112. Bill offers Liam his job back at Spencers, come home to Poppa. Liam explains that Hope is crazy mama. Only months ago, Bill tried to blow Liam up.

    The roach rejects the Skeletor advances, he’s in love with Hope, who’s digging herself into a hole with her stupid plan. Ad break.

    Liam agonizes about what it means to be a good parent. Not a soul on this show would have a clue about that…

    Skeletor crawls to the roach and starts whit anting Hope. The roach rings Hope and repeats his once only deal.

  113. The final scene with Hope and Brooke is too much. Brooke tells her not to put out because the roach is “now more irrational than ever”. Hope’s lost it, vowing to get the little brat and be his mother. Tears. Curtain.

  114. Eric and Ridge swoon over the roach’s “inspired” designs. They’re awful.

    No talking sense to Hope. Like one of Dracula’s brides, she’ll go to the “family” night with roach and Douglas.

    Steffy can’t believe the roaches plan of insanity for Hope’s future. It’s a pitiful scene.Thank you for the ad break, Ch 10.

  115. Liam and the bride of Dracula are on the rocks, along with Liam’s frantic attempts at acting. Hope would eat shit for Douglas. Ad.

  116. There’s some dangerous chemicals being used in the Forrester Creations basement. Ridge has been assured that “nothing bad is going to happen” We don’t need crystal balls at this point do we?

    The cute/psychotic family night at roaches starts fine and mellow. Hope was suckered to bring the adoption papers. Curtain. There’s another “chemical imbalance” looming, folks. Hydrofluoric acid.

    Funniest line is when Ridge says he’s been busy at work. Crowing about the roaches designs is about it.

    • “We donโ€™t need crystal balls at this point do we?”

      No, we really don’t. Hehehe.

      Because, of course, why wouldn’t you expect to find a vat of acid in the basement of a fashion warehouse? That’s a perfectly logical place to keep one of those.

      Any chance we can take all the scripts and throw *them* in there?

      • Don’t worry Windsong. It will be safely stored just like the faulty electrical wiring board was.
        Yet no law suit, Ivy? Carter should definitely have gotten more accident cases

  117. Where was that vat of acid when Steffy pushed Ivy onto that huge board of exposed electrical wiring that was hazardously left in the basement for anyone to touch?

    Hope has become completely cuckoooo. ๐Ÿฆ

    • The irony of your comment being cuckoos are parasite-nesters, notorious for taking over the child-raising process of other birds.


  118. Aside from the fact that lunatic Charlie has been allowed to bring in a vat of acid without prior authorization, is a shonky storyline and aside from the fact that Forresters don’t send their designs to China or India to be run off, aside from the fact that they didn’t just send the suddenly rusty parts out to be repaired, aside from all that, who do we think will fall in the acid?

    • I know, right? Charlie is so bumbling and incompetent that I imagine he struggles to get his shoe-laces, tied, of a morning. But he’s going to be in charge of the vat of acid in the basement? I’m sorry, what?

      As for who’s falling in the acid, it’s gotta be one of Hope or Thomas. I mean, they wouldn’t kill off Douglas, would they? That kid’s been enough of a punching bag already. And who’s the current major plot-line villain? I mean, it’s gotta be Thomas.

      Hell, he survived falling off a cliff. He can survive falling into a vat of acid, right?

      Even gravity doesn’t like Thomas much.

      • When Ivy got pushed against a 3m x4m board of exposed electrical live wiring, she was a little shaken. My guess is Hope will accidentally push Thomas in…and only his shirt will dissolve.

        Then Ridge will run around complaining about the Logan women pushing his fine, misunderstood boy.

  119. My guess is that the roach’s spray tan won’t even be affected by the acid. Yeh, the roach will try it on and be pushed into the vat by Mama Hope. Someone call Det Sandwichez….unless it’s to be yet another “secret”.

  120. Hate on roach day again. Brooke and Ridge fight again, over the “narcissist” and his “pathology” The sarcastic Rasper asks where Brooke got her pscyhology degree. Same place he got his designer credibility. Divorce soon.

    Roach signs , Hope wants to know where Douglas is. (He’ll be innocently playing near the vat of hydrofluoric acid). Ad time

    Roach has stashed Douglas in the “storage room”. Hope runs off to fing him. Who’s going into the vat Douglas, Hope or Roach? I say all three of these hams. Ad break

  121. Steffy’s drawing stupid Liam into her clutches. cooing and sickly sweet scenes of domestic bliss. Meantime, it’s Showdown at the Acid Vat. Roach and Hope face off next to the noxious fumes they’re oblivious to. I don’t like the chances of finding out who’s going in. If a cliff can’t kill the roach, maybe this will. Ad break

  122. Okay folks , ding dong dell, the roach is in the “nothing bad is gonna happen” well, dissolving .. Hope done it. Curtain. Sandwichez won’t have a body to deal with.

    A chimpanzee could predict the way this plot was going.

  123. A chimpanzee would probably recommend a cover over that deadly vat, too. One week and there’s a fatality/homicide in it.

    But not Charlie, head of “security” at FC.

    Another “secret” for Hope to keep. Maybe little Douglas was watching and saw it all. He’ll blab, he was born to.

  124. Okay, maybe this makes me a horrible person, but when Thomas predictably fell over the catwalk and into the vat of acid (which is obviously something you’d find in the basement of a fashion warehouse) … was I the only person who laughed?

    Like, come on writers. Just, come on.

  125. Thomas into the open vat of acid. I hope they didn’t use a stunt double.

    When Forresters wrassel , it’s usually next to a cliff, an exposed electrical board, a chocolate fountain, or an open alligator cage.

    • Roach will really struggle to “make amends” after a while in the vat. He won’t need to go the salon for a chemical peel. It’s a big call for this show…… I say the roach is dead this time. No body to hide. In God’s “storage room”. Only Hope and Brooke will know. Maybe little , screwed up Douglas.

  126. Ha ha HA. What else can you do but LOL
    In goes Thomas. Sizzling. One can only imagine it will be the extremities that go first.

  127. I hope.thay the new Roach is a deformed character who hides out in the basement, murdering young women, like in The House of Wax.

    • Oh, falling into a vat of acid is almost a guarantee that he’ll survive, but transform into a sadistic, hideously-deformed supervillain.

      Someone call the Justice League! Thomas Forrester is trying to poison the city’s water supply!

      • I am surprised they have no health and safety officer. Or is that Cherrrleee’s job?

        I don’t think, “Pleeeease, puleeeease, boss. Can we leave an open vat of acid in the basement?” Notice there was a warning sign, but the lights were out.

  128. Hope’s frantically looking for Douglas. Meantime, the roach is sizzling away. No reason for Brooke not continuing to hate on him to the Rasper. They talk about him as if he’s alive. We don’t know yet ,but he’s been sizzling away and here’s the first ad break. I know you think he’ll make it daisy and Windsong…..but he’s not the Son of God….more like Son of Satan. A mortal can’t last this long in a vat of hydrofluoric acid. No one to help.

    Brooke and Ridge fight over spilled milk.

  129. Hope finds Douglas, stashed in a squalid storage room, playing on his I pad. Two ad breaks, there can’t be much left of Thomas now, maybe a couple of floating nipples. Douglas screeches “Mommy, Mommy” to Hope. Liam whines to Steffty more about Hope’s obsession. He ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

    Love the promo for B&B. It’s a “juicy” episode alright, Katie…….it’s real juicy in yonder vat.

    Ten minutes to go…no roach rescue. Phantom Of The Opera time?

    The Rasper plays dumb when Shauna’s name comes up. They try to patch up.

    Charlie’s on the prowl.

  130. Charlie finds Hope and Douglas and gives them a lecture on the dangers of hydrofluoric acid. The penny drops for Hope about what just happened. The stupid cow thought it was water in the vat. She’s not exactly saying anything about what happened to the roach. Ad break.

    Hope runs off to check the vat, leaving Douglas with potential paedophile Charlie. Brooke and Rasper try to make up. The onslaught of death puns is too much.

    Hope inspects the vat. Not much roach to be seen. Curtain.

  131. The roach has either literally “disappeared” or he made it out and is hiding. Hope relives the scene about 20 times then gets ordered away from the crime scene by some Forrester slave in a Hazchem suit. Enjoy it. Sizzling entertainment. Blackest puns of all time.

    • The thing is … there’d be metal bits on Thomas. His zipper, his belt buckle, the buttons on his jeans, maybe even his nipple piercing, and was his phone in his pocket?

      Regardless of whether it was acid or not, there are things that don’t react to acid fully, and thusly would be floating around in the tub, or in the bottom of the vat whenever it gets emptied.

      Acid doesn’t really work the way that Hollywood script-writers think it does.

  132. Great posts/summaries, BDD. I especially loved the floating nipples.
    I am just watching Rasper and Brooke now. Moot points.
    Why doesn’t thickhead Liam just moved in with Stephy now and be done with it.
    How do these knuckleheads run companies? I think it’s price of too much Forrester inbreeding. Perhaps they will dig into Liam’s past and find his mother is Brooke…..or Taylor.

  133. Cherrrlee was on “special detail, guarding the vat of hydrofluoric acid”. Good job Eagle Eyes”.
    Hope has just run to rescue Thomas without a very long set of tongs.

    If Thomas survives this, and I think he will based on Deacon and Thomas surviving being pushed off a cliff
    Ridge and Bill surviving being pushed from a helicopter
    Ivy surviving 10 thousand volts of electricity
    Ridge and Brooke’s marriage surviving
    ….if Thomas survives, he will have cheated death twice in about 3 weeksBrooke and Ridge are on a break.
    Liam doesn’t live with Steffy any more. You’d never know.

    • If Thomas survives, he won’t be half the person he used to be.

      It just brings home how fatal texting whilst driving can be , a la Emma Whosit.

      Doesn’t Liam look like a contented cat at Steffy’s?

      • I am just wondering how long until he brings his PJ’s for a sleepover. An innocent one of course. It will be okay because Hope will have to be visiting Thomas in the burns unit.

    • I’ll keep you posted. He ought to at least be blind, bald and have no voice. But I guess he’ll be up and about in a couple of weeks.

      Oh, and in my list of miraculous recoveries, I forgot how Bill blew up a building with Liam and Sally inside. So yes, I expect roach to rose from the dead, but I would love him to be like a Phantom of the opera, or Hunchback of Notre Dame; a creature that “haunts” the Forrester basement.

    • If he survived a fall off a 300 ft cliff, a tub of acid isn’t going to even slow him down.

      Although I, too, like the secret supervillain idea.

  134. Bill was shot at close range..and survived.
    Katy survives a dead kidney.
    Caroline got pushed over the high bannister in Bill’s garden.

    There have only been three accident fatalities that I know of;
    Hope’s unborn child when Hope saw Quinn and fell down the steps.
    Alleee when Steffy killed her with a crow bar.
    And ….there was one more…but I can’t think of it…oh yeah, that girl ..’what’s her name’. Emma something.

  135. Hope tells Douglas, “I don’t know when your daddy will be pickling you up”….”I mean, picking you up”.

    Brooke is excited that Daddy isn’t pickling him up tonight.
    Steffy is making motherhood to a toddler look boring. You just sit all day in your lounge room with a few toys. Still, she hasn’t been covered in biscuit. Ridge is still pressuring and trying to coerce Steffy into overlooking the minor slight of Thomas not telling her about Phoebeth.
    Steffy is coming around because it’s Forresters versus Logans.

    • “Steffy is making motherhood to a toddler look boring. You just sit all day in your lounge room with a few toys.”

      Also, every couple of days, you obsessively fold baby clothes and put them away. You don’t wash them or clean them or dry them, or even buy them, no. You just obsessively fold them.

  136. Hope didn’t stick around to put Thomas into a cup, or look for his entrails. She had to get Douglas home to bed. Brooke wants to “talk about everything”. Hope is in distress because she just made Roach soup.

    She doesn’t even have any “splash” holes in her skirt.

      • But did your neighbour see Liam kissing Sally under 500 tons of concrete? Or Ridge plummet from a helicopter 50 metres in the air. I must admit to wanting a hideously deformed Roach. But dead would be okay too.

  137. Hope slowly, slowly, slooooowly tells Hope the story of Thomas Broth and how she left him to sizzle.
    Now in this situation, the culpable person/s would be the Forrester Company for storing a large, human size, vat of hydrofluoric acid in their basement, with Cherrrrleee the security guard to sort of mind it. Well we know he was nowhere near the basement around the time of Thomas’s dip.
    Ridge bangs on some more bullshirt to Steffy. There is enough emotional/relational crap in this family that Dr Phil would have to do a double episode and it would be pony camps all round.

    Eventually Hope gets to the part of her recount where Thomas falls into the vat of acid and she.goes back with a torch to fish him out. But oh no. (Dramatic music crescendo) Hope at last tells Brooke, “I killed him”.
    And Woolif says, “That took a whole episode”.

  138. You know, I had a thought today. With all this Thomas/Hope/Douglas/Liam/Brooke/Ridge/acid crap going on, has anyone checked in with Wyatt and Sally lately?

    Have they just been having sex, non-stop, for the last month, because nobody’s checked in on them?

    Gosh, someone needs to send them some kind of high-carbohydrate rehydrating sports drink, or something.

    • Flo is recovering from surgery in between listening to Shauna fantasize lasciviously over Rasper. Sally and Wyatt are indeed in bed, making calls to Pizza Hut home delivery. Wyatt has been taking sly phone calls from Flo during wee breaks from Sally (that’s not “little” breaks, but trips to the toilet).
      Katy is still in hospital, wondering why she has only been getting visits from Bill and Donna, and why Donna chose that cheesy Sandy costume for Halloween.

  139. Ridge is shooting his load to Steffy about one of the late roach’s awesome designs. He finds time to grope a Forrester model.

    Hope tries texting the roach….that’s really going to help, albeit with an alibi.. Liam smells a rat……. or a roach. Hope’s teetering on a breakdown here. Liam blindly asks how things went with Thomas. Fantastic, you idiot. Brooke hovers nearby. . Pun time again. If you gonna “pull the family together”, Rasper ~ you’ll need to dive into a vat of deadly acid. Ad break.

    No one’s heard from Thomas. Where the **** could he be then? Never fear, Charlie’s here. He knows some shit has gone down in the vat. A turd called Thomas, in fact. Hope’s in an awful state. Liam asks twenty questions about the roach.

  140. Liam is sent away from Hope none the wiser. Yeah, I killed the roach, realizes Hope. Brooke looks on in horror. Ad break.

    Bloodhound Charlie knows something afoot is in the vat…boom, boom. In fact the vat is being drained and ready for disposal. Charlie just wants to show off how competent he is. Ridge is literally seeing his son go down the drain. Who wants to bet the hose gets blocked with roach offal, phone or jewellery ,then? Call Sandwichez. Ad break.

    Ridge tells Steffy the vat is “safe”, before leaving A Voicemail for the rooted roach. Too much, writers,bravo!!

  141. You’ll love the last five minutes. An appalling mother/daughter scene as we relive the whole death scene , thanks to Hope. Hope admits shoving the roach to his overdue demise. Evil Brooke wants her to shut up. Hope wants to go to Ridge to “confess” . She wails that the guilt is eating her up quicker than the acid.. Yeah. Curtain.

  142. I wonder if Ridge will realize that he is the one fully responsible for Roach ending up pickled in acid. He signed off on Cherrrleee’s over enthusiastic idea to bring in a vat of dangerous acid. He should have realized the bumbling head of security would leave the lid off and leave it open beneath a platform, making it possible for someone to fall in. No Hope, the buck stops with Ridge.
    Still, my guess is, Thomas hopped out, ran upstairs and took a shower, then went prowling for revenge
    He just might stay deformed and hidden, insanely stalking and murdering young internettes.
    I hope he has at least lost a foot. Good “boom boom” bdd.

  143. I googled; even breathing in hydrofluoric acid = chronic lung disease and permanent scarring, so Hope would have also been injured standing above it to wrestle Roach’s hand off he boobs.

    • The captions indicated that Hope was coughing when inspecting the sizzling vat. At least that custody document didn’t fall in to the vat.

      I guess Skeletor and that model wannabe barman at Bikini won’t be getting their plum Forrester Creations careers now.

      OH&S offender Ridge will beat himself up even more for failing yet again as a father to his degenerate, perverted, murdering son. I guess RJ will get a call from casting now.

  144. It’s funny how, since “murdering Thomas”, both Hope and Brooke can’t even dress themselves. They had to dig into their sad sack section of their wardrobes.

  145. Hope holds an episode long pity party. Watch Brooke brow beat Hope into “not making any rash decisions”…………like confessing. A sordid, deranged sex for custody deal is excuse enough for murder , reasons Brooke. No one must know about this.

    The fired up Rasper bursts in on evil Mum and saintly daughter and innocently brays ” I know what you did!” and goes off his nut.

    Sucker punched , Hope says “he’s dead” Ridge looks like a stunned mullet. Curtain.

    Will Hope backpedal? We get to sweat the weekend over it.

  146. No one wants a roach in the soup. Except in this instance. I guess it’s one way to write someone out of a show. Killing them with a carelessly placed vat of hydrofluoric acid.
    But, in spite of what science tells us; the earth is flat and a person can survive falling into a large vat of hydrofluoric acid.
    He would have inhaled, swallowed and got it in his eyes. His hair and other extremities would go first. So no more fingers, toes, penis or baubles. Where was the nearest shower to the basement? On the top floor near the gym and sauna? I want Thomas the hideous monster.

    • At first I though it might have been the surviving Phantom roach in the Hazchem suit telling Hope to get away from the vat.

      Anything’s possible.

      Ridge is on angry pills today. Liam copped it.

  147. This is soap world so of course Thomas isnt dead! And so much aiir time for Hope these days, perhaps her contract is coming to an end

  148. Ridge has been on angry AND annoying pills for a while. Which reminds me, how was that screaming banshee mother in law on Dr Phil yesterday. Oh my, she might need to go into his shrew highlights episode. She was worse than that monster mum with the weird name.
    5/10 for teachability??? I doubt that.

  149. Just watching now. Hope is getting on my nerves. She needs one of those ‘snap out of it’ slaps. A good, hard one.
    She needs to ring Carter and he will tell her it’s Ridge who is responsible for a work place accident.

  150. We will be experts on hydrofluoric acid. Turns out, it doesn’t dissolve flesh.
    To stew Thomas, they needed Sulphuric acid.

  151. Missed the first six minutes. We’re at the ad break, Things are getting cosier by the second between Steffy and Liam.

    The roach’s message bank is getting full.but “he always turns his cell phone off”. The Rasper interrogates Hope, who lies with Brooke’s help and diversions. Ridge suggests secrets and lies don’t sit well with Hope. He’s suspicious. Steffy goes to inspect the safety of the vat of doom. Charlie signed off on it, so what could go wrong? Here’s an ad break.

  152. ” No one was harmed ” in the vat said Steffy. That’s good to know. The Rasper’s interrogation of Hope continues. He’s appalled that the roach wanted sex for custody, but hey, he’s glad no one was hurt in the vat of violence, too. Less said about the three hopeless actors in this scene, the better. Tortured Hope relives the roach’s fall into the vat one more time and mercifully, the curtain falls.

  153. Fortunately the writers, for authenticity sake, googled that hydrofluoric acid doesn’t dissolve flesh. No doubt it’s only a naked Thomas who haunts the Forrester Basement if Doom. At night you can hear his insane laughter echo through the connecting sewer system below LA. That’s sewer as in poop and dirty water, not sewer as in dressmaker.
    Anyhow, it’s a fitting outcome for a Roach. In fact, hidden away from sunlight, he begins to grow Roach like characteristics.

    Well, actually it’s not on here yet.

    • That seems a bit too gothic for a team of writers who’s ideas barely run beyond, “Who’s Brooke going to marry today?”

  154. Just watching now. I can’t believe that Brooke would stand by and allow Rasper to shirt front Hope for 1/2 an hour. He was a menacing bully.

    Liam is leaving more of his DNA all over Steffy than a snail leaves snail slime on a cabbage leaf. And what does Liam actually do that he keeps getting begged to come work in executive positions at Forrester and Spencers.

    And why did Rasper suddenly stop brow-beating Hopeless as soon as he heard that the vat of acid got the all clear?
    Steffy was a more responsible CEO than Rasper because she refused to sign off on the vat until she checked that there was no body lying at the bottom, whereas Ridge just okayed Charlie bringing it in.

  155. Hope wants to spill but her evil mother is having none of it. The roach brought it all on himself with his hideous sex for son deal. So , it’s okay to not tell anyone.

    Hope’s having more flashbacks , and looking miserable. Just weeks ago both of these gals were tearing strips off Shauna and Flo for harboring the Catalina secret. Now they’ve made their bed in hell, all for that little brat Douglas.

    Ridge is more suspicious than ever , he really could use a blow job from Shauna to chill out from being a bully and bad parent.

    Quinn looked amazing in a fabulous dress, while Hope and Brooke are still in rags, in damage control. Waiting to see if the scarred, deformed Forrester Phantom roach will jump out of the cake at Thanksgiving.

  156. Brooke’s a chemist????? How did she start out in the show as a little waitress. And she’s a terrible chemist because she suggested that Thomas and all evidence of him would have completely vanished in an acid that doesn’t dissolve flesh.
    Hope and Brooke have a special drab set of clothes that they only wear when they might be guilty of murder.

  157. The roach is alive and well….unless that was some sick fantasy scene. If anything, that acid has improved his appearance…and demeanour. Only Hope knows.

    Shauna ‘s seduction of the bully Rasper continues, hot.pink blouse uplifted cleavage et al . Ridge is too distracted with roach regrets. Ad break. Hat off to all who didn’t buy into the vat death Yaz got me, writers.

    No subtitles today, I have to actually listen to this shite.

  158. Thomas is all apologies. It wasn’t acid just “cleaning solution” says the roach. He’s turning on the charm to Hope , who ” doesn’t understand”. Ad break . The roach has had a personality makeover.

    Brooke decides it’s time to fess up to Ridge what she thinks happened. Just shut up, it’s too late. Ridge pours himself a dirnk and doesn’t offer Shauna one. What a bastard.

  159. The silver tongued roach faked his death to “make a point” ~ that “good people keep secrets”. The stream of psychotic roach waffle is too much….but it’s enough to confuse stupid Hope, who was angry at the faking of his death five minutes ago. Brooke’s on her way to confess to the Rasper. Curtain.

    • I love how Thomas is the only person in the world who can get accidentally dunked in acid and almost die, but end up *less* sympathetic after-the-fact.

      • Way the roach told it,the acid was drained out by Forrester slaves and replaced with “cleaning solution”. That was probably him in the Hazchem suit, telling Hope to move away for the vat.

        • It probably was, actually. That thought occurred to me while I was watching that episode.

          Alternatively, Thomas killed one of the workers and stole his suit. But he was probably a dancer, or something, and nobody cares about them.

  160. Random thought I just had. If Thomas is so concerned with forcing his family back together, how does Shauna hooking up with his father going to fit into those plans? He encouraged Shauna, just so that Ridge and Brooke would break up. Is he going to go for a drive in the countryside with Shauna, too?

  161. Shauna is such a leech…or barnacle. She and Flo are worse than a very stubborn stain that you can’t remove.

    Ridge, of course, believes all of her flattery. He likes being with Shauna because she doesn’t judge him. Of course not Ridge, that would be like a cockroach calling a blowfly dirty. She’s in no position to judge. Besides, it’s part of her seduction.
    So I wonder if it sinks in to whimpering Hopeless that that is now the second time Thomas has traumatized her with deception.
    When is the leech Shauna going to get her own place ..and a job.

  162. The resurrected roach appears to Brooke, who pretends she’s glad to see him.

    The roach isn’t giving up on Hope anytime soon. He proffers the “f” word again…forgiveness.

    Shauna’s still trying to seduce Ridge. She “under$tands”

    Brooke drops Hope in it , telling Ridge that her daughter really thought that the roach was dead. Brooke had to buy her some time. Everyone makes mistakes and keeps secrets….even good people, like those on this show.

    Ridge not happy. His wife pushed his rotten son off a cliff, now her daughter’s thrown him into a vat of acid and said nothing. Double trouble. Ridge is angry, Brooke is angry that he’s angry. Hey, your precious son’s alive. Celebrate with $hauna.

    Big hearted roach says Hope can still be Douglas’s Mom, he won’t dispute the adoption. No pussy . Sickening heart to heart convo demands the curtain.

  163. Whimpering, simpering Hope should stop being such a masochist over giving Roach a tiny shove. He was lucky he didn’t get a knee in the walnuts. Still, she did ‘bait and switch’, but “murder” was a stretch.

    Pam needs to make a giant lemon bar for $hauna. Call it a tart.

  164. I slept through most of today…..but…..

    Ridge has dumped Brooke. She’s bawling. Curtain.

    Rasper rasps ~ “It’s over” . Very dramatic.

    • That old furt has been waiting for an excuse ever since swapping saliva and succour with $hauna. Neither of them have a home.

      • All set for shaggin’ $hauna to play house.

        Brooke’s eyes will have hardly dried before she texts Bill.

        Neither of them mentioned “destiny” during the tearful bust up.

  165. Rasper is getting raspier. If he makes a phone call, the person on the other end will think they have a heavy breather deviant.

    Thomas is playing the “justifiable fake death thing”, adding a touch of self-righteousness; proving that anyone can keep a secret. (“I could have pressed charges, but I didn’t”)
    He forgot about the fact that he also bullied, threatened and even killed to prevent Hope from knowing Phoebeth was alive and well living at the set right next door.

  166. Didn’t Hope have a kitten? I don’t mean the puppy that Sally bought her when Phoebeth “died”. That was rejected, and ended Gawd knows where.

    Rasper is now banging on at Brooke, wounded that she didn’t trust him. Neither should she. If she knew about his bedtime strolls into $hauna’s room, she’d know her instincts are right.

    • Oh, and his hot fling with Quinn.
      “Boo boo, you didn:t trust me”. Good riddance Rasper. You can go walk off into the sunset with the Barnacle now.

      • It was magic how I just woke up and the Rasper is dumping Brooke.

        Dozed through the roach’s justification speech.

          • ” Let me hug you one more time!”

            “I’ll always love you”

            ( before I slither off to the desert with $hauna, who I’ve been spending a lot of time with .She understands)

            The crushing violins and cellos.

          • Well, at least Brooke and Ridge have kept up their annual divorce quota. Now, how long until they get hitched again? Days, weeks? Are we taking bets?

  167. All break-ups go like that on B&B. “Coz I I I will always love yooo ooo ooo”. It helps them to keep the “door” open. Not that any “doors” are ever closed at Forresters.

    • Ridge sleazed on to Shauna. The tan line not even faded from his wedding ring. In fact Brooke’s perfume still on him. He fed $hauna some bs. She fed him B$. They both bonded by overlooking each other’s flaws and by making no judgements. Scotch and Sympathy.
      Thomas still banging on about the noble reasoning behind faking his own death and scaring the shirt out of simpering Hopeless.
      Weak kneed Liam is finally told about Thomas’s fake death.
      Steffy cautions Roach, there is no past, present nor future family with Hopeless and that his previous relationship with her was based on a lie.
      Woolif tells me that he doesn’t like Hope and Brooke. I reminded him that they are ALL horrible. Even Quinn lost her spark when she and $hauna became bff. It is too twee for Quinn to have a bestie. She needs a hot affair with….. Bill. Had to think.

      • Thank you,daisy. I’ve been white knuckling since yesterday. I had a feeling Ridge would run to his $lut from Vegas.

        See I’ve missed Liam’s emoting when he finds out that the roach is alive.

        I think now Bill will dump Katie and her kidney and go back again to Brooke.

        • Ridge must have teleported he was with $hauna that fast. And pashing.
          But it’s “all Brooke’s fault”. She was the love of his life but now he “can’t look at her the same any more.
          Ridge is like Eric now; big hearted enough to forgive Floppy Flo and Salivating $hauna but not his wife.
          What did it take to turn Brooke into a saint?A kidnapper and a shagger from Las Vegas.

  168. $hauna’s lavishing Ridge with flattery. She “makes all his troubles disappear” Ridge says it’s little too soon for pussy, so $hauna nestles into his arms and cosies up. She’s been”searching for him(and his money) all these years.

    The Logan girls break it to Brooke that $hauna’s staying at the guest house. The roach is blamed for everything. Will Brooke stop $hauna before Ridge launches a scud missile?

    Sally Spectra looks hot in the Spencer office. Wyatt and Liam are back in Pop’s corporate fold. Commitment phobic Wyatt is mocked. He’s getting cold feet. You gice can make sure if Sally called Wipes “Liam” by mistake. Wyatt’s makin” a a fuss about it.

  169. Lady in red $hauna ups the Vegas stakes and coos ” I love you ” to the Rasper. They lock lips. Yeh, “a little too soon”. Smoldering .

    Wyatt’s gone pear shaped over “Liam”. I say Sally didn’t say it. Any excuse to dump Sally, who looks gorgeous, too good for fickle Flubber.

    Curtain. Ridge never mention RJ . Is he dead?

  170. Move on Wipes. Sally is too hot for you Mumma’s chubby bubby.
    Sally and Bill. Yes. That would be a good combo. Bally? Sill? Silly? They could rule LA. Bwah ah ah.

    I hope Ridge took his condoms with him when he left Brooke. He didn’t have time to stop at the pharmacy on his way to the female sea anemone. You know; those sea creatures you used to find in rock pools that you poked your finger in as children and they immediately closed around it and sucked.on it. That’s $hauna.

    No wait. Ridge already used up all his wrigglers on Thomas, Steffy and Arjay. The well is dry now.

  171. If we ever get our eyes off Donna’s cleavage, we would notice that Donna’s has the strangest eyebrows.
    Liam, Flubber and Bill were in the same room and I did a quick inventory.
    Liam and Wipes have both slept with and married Hope. Thwy have both slept with Steffy. They have both been on with Sally.
    Bill and Liam have both slept with Quinn and Steffy. Bill and Wipes have both slept with Katy. ๐Ÿ™„

    Ridge and $hauna are creeping me out. Ridge has the lovelife of a 13 year old boy playing spin the bottle.

  172. Quinn spies $hauna and Ridge carousing and arousing .Ridge rasps that he’d better get to the office,we don’t know if he’s just been to the orifice.

    Wyatt brow beats duck lipped Sally with “did you ever love Liam?” questions. Eleventh hour jealousy or squirming player Flubber? You decide, it’s pathetic anyway.

    Rasper tells old Eric that his marriage is dead. Eric tells him to fix it, and plays the family card.. Can’t live with her, can’t live without her pleads Rasper. Give it time, says Eric….after all , he’s shagged Brooke as well. Ad break.

    There’s a boring meeting in Bill’s office. Black hot pants Sally gets a load from Wyatt about not wanting Liam’s sloppy seconds. Wyatt’s a real pig about it.

    • “Black hot pants Sally gets a load from Wyatt about not wanting Liamโ€™s sloppy seconds.”

      This is the wrong family, to be a part of, if they don’t like dating people who’ve dated all their other relatives.

  173. Intuitive prying poppa Eric guesses that Ridge has a woman in the wings and his jaw drops when Rasper cryptically tells him she’s in his guest house.

    Quinn’s interrogating $hauna as this happens.$hauna reckons Brooke is rich, beautiful…and a bitch. Eric and Quinn can swap notes.

    Liam says he ‘s never done it with Sally……but Wyatt;s an idiot. Eric admires $hauna’s “breezy way”, ffs! .Quinn knows $hauna’s a gold digger…she’s one herself. Ad break

  174. Liam’s proud as punch to be in Bill’s office. Why? Bill not only punched him, he rooted his wife and tried to blow him up. Uneasy truce between Wyatt and Sally. Dump the immature psycho now.

    Eric fence sits about Ridge’s new affair. Quinn tries to stop $hauna….too late. Ridge is fantasizing about her as the curtain falls. Rasper tells Eric she’s “helping me through this”

  175. Watching the encore Ridge is really happy for someone who’s marriage has just imploded. $hauna is the panacea for all ills. That drunk night at Bikini’s is coming home to roo$t. He thinks he can “do better” than Brooke. Setting the bar low there. Less plot time for Rasper, he can’t act.

    These people move onto a new romance in days, not weeks, months years like mere mortals. These characters don’t even have time to take a dump in between partners. They never watch tv, what gives?

    • I imagine the world works entirely different in “Bold and Beautiful LA”. Inspired by the bartender and Vinnie’s conversation, it feels like, people would come home from work or school, sit around the dinner table with their families and spouses … and instead of reading a book or watching TV? They just have long gossip sessions about the love lives of the Forrester family. All those people at the bar, or in that Italian restaurant? The camera isn’t focussed on them, but they’re all just talking about Brooke and Ridge. True story.

  176. Eeic had a 99.999% chance of being correct when guessing that Ridge already had moved on.
    The high light yesterday was barnacle $hauna telling Quinn that Ridge wouldn’t cheat. Quinn didn’t bat an eye-lid (another strange expression). Perhaps she has already forgotten her ardent love sessions with him.
    Hope has spent so long without her daughter that she seems to have forgotten she has one. You hardly ever see her with Beth.
    Sally, RUUUUUUUNNN!!;;

    • Beth’s been sent away to an exclusive California boarding school already. Quicker than you can say “Beth is alive!” A parental abruption.

  177. $hauna gets an invite to the looming annual Thanksgiving bash/shit fight . A roomful of grateful adulterers, murderers and psychos. . Liam’s pissed off that Hope wants to be with Douglas and by default the roach for celebrations. Hope’s an idiot. First ad break.

    Liam roach bashes some more, Hope’s too fixated on the brats to care. Tomorrow is the day of the bash. $hauna’s got plans and Quinn helps with seating arrangements. Ridge isn’t sure what he’s doing. Another ad. Half over….this is shite today.

  178. $hauna promises Rasper that Quinn won’t blab about their ongoing tryst. The roach is happy to hear his father’s marriage is over, Steffy isn’t impressed with his forgiveness drive. Ridge likes $hauna’s “spontaneity”. They kiss.

    We relive the whole ” Beth is alive” schtick. The roach is unhitching a sick plan Ominous muzak.

    • I love how Rasper has gone digging in the trash for a girlfriend. And he mumbled about how fabulous she is. Eric called her charismatic. I’m just not seeing it.
      1. Shows up from Vegas and has no idea who Flo’s dad is.
      2. Finds out that Flo faked a pregnancy and kidnapped a baby from Hope, but presses ongoingly for Flo to not tell and put things right.
      3. Motive; $$$
      4. Has the cheek to go around to Brooke’s house to gloat when Rasper has the kidnapper released.
      5.Sexually assaults a sleeping/drunk Rasper (pretty sure the me too movement would call it sexual assault.
      6. Continues to prey on Rasper, taking advantage of his weakness.
      But with all that known, Rasper calls her special, amazing.

      • “Charismatic” = Gold Digger

        Obviously Brooke and $hauna will have a cat fight at Thanksgiving tomorrow. Liam and the roach will be at war. Little Douglas will say something cute to make Hope fixate on the little twerp even more. Out of $hauna , Donna and a heavily made up, nose out of joint Brooke for cleavage wars. Eric or Katie for worst speech. Carter should be thanked for all the hasty marriages annulments ,divorces and adoptions he’s swung.

  179. Yes, well. If I was Brooke (and I was insane enough to want that old cheating fart), I would be dressed to the nines at Thanksgiving. Or else I would wear one of my many wedding dresses in which I married him. Cunning?

    Hope doesn’t deserve Phoebeth. Might as well give her back to Steffy now, and send her over with Liam. A twofer. You would think she would be making up for the loss of a year of her life.

    It’s a moral quagmire. Now I will go Google quagmire. I wonder if there will be a picture of the Forrester/Spencers.
    Winner of biggest B&B dickhead for me though…and it’s very close…is Flubber with his excuses to unpropose.

  180. Steffy calls Hope out over the whole vat/ custody for sex affair. Hope’s caught. Steffy knows she manipulated the sick, depraved, desperate roach.

    Meantime Liam hauls the roach over the coals , saying Hope will never forgive him. Liam tries to emote animosity.

    Of course, the roach wins with an ace up his sleeve. He abuses little Douglas and connives him into another sickening stunt. He begs Hope to come back to work with Daddy Forrester and his shithouse designs. Hope will go for it like a seagull goes for a chip. Stuff Beth.

    We know what happens next. Liam will end up with his dick in his hand again. This should be some Thanksgiving.

    • “Hope will go for it like a seagull goes for a chip.”

      Hope’s just … kind of a moron, really, isn’t she?

      • I was thinking the same thing. Brooke claims to be a chemist, but doesn’t know the properties of hydrofluoric acid. And Hope seems like she would barely pass year 5. The Forresters need their school fees back.

  181. Rasper’s ultimatum to Brooke ~ forgive the roach or we get a divorce. How dramatic.

    The table has temporarily turned on $hauna. $ugar Daddy Rasper wants one last shot at his wife and “family”

    Liam’s horrified about “Mommy” Hope working with the homicidal roach.

    No Thanksgiving yet.

    • I think we’ve missed Thanksgiving Dave, it was mentioned as having been. I reckon Halloween happened instead, too hard for seating plan for the other, I mean who would sit next to who
      Bad grammar there

  182. I think we were cheated out of Thanksgiving. Yes, I was surprised to hear it mentioned yesterday. Maybe the seating plan was going to be too crazy, even for Forresters. .

  183. Not much happened today. Really want to launch a brick at the tv every time Hope gets some air time. Boy, is she stupid.

    • Douglas writes Hope a letter, or buys a diamond engagement ring, or designs his Mommy an award winning wedding gown and she believes it, in spite of Thomas already showing that he puts the thumb screws on his son. Does Hope have the memory of a fish.
      And she might as well give Phoebe and Liam back to Steffy now. She is overconfident in her ability to hold Liam while she is spending all her time with Roach (6 arms…”All the better to molest you with my dear.).

      • Douglas isn’t going to school, I don’t see how the little punk can write and draw so well. Clearly, Hope can’t either.

  184. Too hot, folks.The roach didn’t have a good episode..Hope showed a hint of intelligence to knock him back, but not for long.

  185. I am working on the next nightcap but in the meantime…..
    Won’t Brooke feel jipped that she got a divorce because of what Roach did to “my dotter”, but Hope is going to take a job working with him? Thanks for nothing, Hope.

  186. Today the roach has the mother of all fantasy scenes. I’ll just say that the Forrester portrait over the hearth is involved.

    “Goodbye Brooke, hello happiness”

    Making amends and all that jazz.

  187. I think the problem is that the Thomas storyline has just dragged on for so long, and it’s all gotten pretty pointless, right? He killed Emma, and nobody cared. He manipulated Hope into a marriage by abusing his son, and all good. Brooke throws him off a cliff and nothing came of that. Hope threw him into a vat of acid, and what came of that, nothing.

    There’s been zero attempt to move this storyline forward (oh, except for Brooke and Ridge getting a divorce! Because they’ve never done that before, have they), and it’s just gotten boring.

  188. It’s a terminal case of writer’s block. They ‘ll need some Metamucil to keep churning this shit out. I couldn’t recap it during the heatwave, but watched it pitifully unfold. How easy is it to hate Hope? We need to downgrade Rasper to the Whisperer, he sounds like Miles Davis ~ but with no talent. Folks get paid to dream this garbage up. Or should I say throw it up.

    Nothing beats a Forrester Christmas. Bring it on. A roomful of turkeys.

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