1. Hi Bold and Beautiful. Did some pics from today.
    Nicole sacrifices her body and puts her life and boyfriend on hold to bring forth a little baby Rick.

  2. What is so special about Bill Spencer, Funny haircut, weird way of speaking, not handsome …and what’s happened to Ridge?

  3. Don Diamont has the exact same speech impediment that Christian Bale has – that floppy upper lip that can’t connect with the upper teeth.

    Yes. Yes I have studied this.

  4. Oh, we were sucked in. Brooke and her silly cape were not really kissing the Horny Bill…..yet. Katie is still thrilled to have her sister close by. Ha ha.

    And was anyone else thinking, “Do some bloody work!”, when Brooke was wasting company time rehashing and rehashing, “Can we work together or will your feelings for me get in the way?” It depends how close Brooke stands to Horny Bill.

    And how long before Zende and Sasha are getting it on? They already held the camera lens together. Sorry no zoom in of them both holding the shaft of the lens. 😘😘😘

  5. How is it that Dollar Bill’s actor played the gardener/pool boy in Young and the Wretched (and worked his way up the economic/social ladder) when that is a crossover programme with B & B?

    • Yeah well old Grandad who sleeps with everyone Forrester was Lance in Another World or something. As for HornyBill being a pool boy….well I hope he didn’t wear speedos because he has a hard time ………let’s just say he has a hard time.

  6. Did anyone of us guess that Sacha would come along to the door and hear what was said between Rick and Nicole?
    So many secrets have been heard through that door being left ajar.
    Now for Sacha to tell Zendae what Nicole did…
    Brooke has made sure she has Bill fit to burst, exactly where she wants him.
    Katie deserves all she gets the foolish girl. She is away with it if she believes nothing will happen between Brooke and D*+k for brains.

  7. Not on here yet, but the pot plants are another good place for hiding in to eaves drop. It’s why you should never get indoor plants.

  8. I can’t wait until the writers have you and me get it on in a steam room, Nicole.

    (That reminds me. Where did the steam room go?)

  9. Oooo, look. A rare moment of motherhood before little Will is sent off to disappear into the boarding school vortex where all Forrester children go………even though family is very important to the Forresters.

    • Sorry, Sara. I don’t have fb. I wouldn’t mind having a job writing this show. It’s not rocket science. For starters Caroline’s baby would turn out to be Eric’s kid, making his grandson his son and his nephew by marriage??? He sleep walked and slept with her without his knowledge. Not that it matters who the father is as it will spend its life in boarding school.

    • I’m on to it Sara, but thanks. I love to know what’s coming up.
      Actually I have found a new site where I am able to watch full episodes for free but I prefer to watch it every day.
      You won’t believe the ridiculous storyline coming up soon, OMG!

  10. I wonder what Quinn will do to Liam’s flaccid body. Will she call for help, or stash it in the boot of her car?

      • Why hasn’t she stripped him naked then photographed him in a compromising position yet? Or taken him unconcious to get an I am an idiot tattoo on his forehead. Quinn is slipping.

  11. I was watching an episode of Medium tonight, and look who turned up playing an evil nurse. She is a very attractive woman.

  12. You have probably seen Brooke on Studio 10 today. I could see but not hear her as Roomba was vacuuming. I bet she sells lots of those kaftans. And I bet Julia Morris has some. A bit patterny for me.

  13. Brook is resisting Hornbill’s charms. But he is the love of her life. No man has ever done for her what Bill had. Hmmm.

  14. “Oh no”, says Katy, “Who would have thought?”
    “I might have to turn to Eric and fall into his arms”.

  15. Will Katy confront the two of them over what she witnessed? My bet is no she won’t.
    Honestly Brooke could not have been giving Bill the come on any more if she had stripped naked. The gentle touches, the forever talking about their situation and now this. She is really trying to crack the guy. Poor stupid Katy, deserves all she gets.

    Stephanie, even though she claims she loves Liam she is giving the brother the come on big time. What is wrong with these women?
    I can see Quinn falling for Liam. It’s funny how we never heard anything about her and Deacon splitting up until it became important for the storyline.

    • Ditto, ditto and ditto.
      I don’t mind the show being a silly spoof but it’s time for a different scenario than the sibling love triangle. Perhaps someone could actually do some work fora change instead of standing around having a love triangle, or discussing a love triangle.

    • No body does the moist eyes like Kaftan Girl.

      Even when it isn’t necessary, like a scene where Brooke is making coffee

  16. OMG how and more importantly when is this storyline of Quinn and Liam or should I say Adam and Eve going to end?
    Is she actually falling for Liam and seeing what the other women see in him?
    Will she actually marry him?
    Will she become pregnant?
    What will Liam think when he gets his memory back? Will he be too late to win back the love of his beloved Steffi?
    Someone please notify me when this storyline is over.

    • Hate to tell you Gabby but the Liam Quinn story line is still going in eps being shown in the US. Could be a while before things sort them selves out. There is a new man coming to the show as a love interest for someone. Hehe ….not telling who?

      • Thanks All happening, that’s all I needed to hear, that’s how they tend to go, drag these stories out.
        The new guy has to be for Brooke surely. Unless she succeeds in seducing her sister’s husband and the newbie is for Katie.
        Thanks for the link, my money on the new actor is to replace Hope.
        Not sure what the male actor playing a role as an attorney is all about, knowing this lot it could be anything.

  17. Yep, Quinn and Liam are creepy together. If Quinn gets pregnant to Liam, Hope might come back to push her down some stairs.

  18. If Quinn has a baby to Liam, Whyatt will have a half brother/sister who is a son/daughter of his other half brother. So his niece or nephew is also his half brother or sister. Ouch I am over all this.

  19. I love that evil 😈 Quinn has been feeding vego Liam meat. If Quinn gets pregnant to Liam, the baby will be Bill’s grandson and his sort of stepson?

    How long to we all give Zende before he breaks? I give it a week. Or less.

  20. Katie+ Alcohol+ Anti Depressants + Bill. That trip to the psychiatrist didn’t help much.

    Normally, I’d say she was losing the plot~ but there isn’t one.

  21. Hey, when Quinn and Liam have babies, will they be named Cain and Abel…….and will they be rivals for the same Forrester girl, maybe Hope’s daughter?

    Poor Brooke, she is just a victim of circumstance. Who knew Katie would open her and Bill’s album of their love mementos. Maybe she should have removed it from the coffee table.

    Will the portrait of old Stephanie stay? Will it go? I hope it stays and Rick pops a blood vessel.

  22. Your brother is right. That’s a really dreadful portrait and belongs on the cover of a cheesy Mills and Boone.

  23. Hmmm. Are we forgetting we now live with Thomas? It will be just like “My Two Dads”.
    I love the way Rick forgot to ask Maya first….and how they have put their surrogate mummy’s interests ahead of their own. πŸ˜›

  24. I hope spoilt brat Ric leaves with his portrait and entourage and doesn’t come back, do Eric a favour.
    Brooke and Bill are just biding their time…..

    • I saw a younger Eric on Murder She Wrote last month. The days when he seemed less wooden and wore less make up. Might have something to do with the script.

      BTW Murder She Wrote, I continue to love that show. recently bought the DVDs of 8 seasons and love relaxing after work by watching an episode or two. I was comparing Angela Lansbury’s outfits with those Bea Arthur wore in Golden Girls – both in the mid 80s. Bea went 80s Style the long de-structured Culture Club look with the pushed up sleeves and big shoulder pads while Angela’s costumes were classic style, fitted suits.

      Bea looks kitschy now after 30 years but Angela still looks great. .

  25. He is shit scared of Ric. Doesn’t want to hurt his poor little feelings.

    Thank goodness we have had a break from the monotony of watching Quinn and Liam, that storyline is doing my head in and won’t be over soon enough.

  26. Why is Thorne always pushed out? He should be head of the company as he is a true Forrester, and the oldest son , not Ridge who is a Marone, and not Rick or Thomas.
    Bring Thorne back from overseas and give him something good for once instaed of killing off his wives and daughter!
    And get rid of Mia’s family!

  27. In what world, when someone threatens to leave if they don’t get their way, does it not result in that person leaving.
    ‘Well, just go then’ has got to be the most used phrase in an argument, right after ‘Nothing’s wrong’. And we all know where that gets you.

  28. You have to be quick in the Forrester-Logan-Spencer family. Rick storms off sucking with thumb with Maya in tow, and Ridge doesn’t even have time to change the sheets before he and Caroline are in the master bedroom.
    It reminds of when Katy caught Bill and Brooke in bed together and took off her wedding ring and slammed it down saying, “You can have him”. Bill and Brooke took that to mean they had permission so went back to what they were doing, then couldn’t understand why Katy objected. Gotta love the madness. I wish I was a writer for this show. I would mix it up even more. For starters Eric can marry Sasha (pronounced Saaarrsha) and Nicole could carry their child so that Sasha could keep her top model figure. Thomas would change genders too so if he can’t marry Caroline he could at least be her step daughter. But he would keep the beard.

  29. “It’s me. Adam”.

    I wonder how long it will take Liam to realize he is being held prisoner (and sex slave). If I was him I might have asked “Eve” what I did for a job and should I call my boss to let him know I was late for work.

  30. Hilarious how Rick’s entourage has been moved in to Brooke’s mansion. I think Mr and Mrs Avant and Sasha, I mean Sarsha should all move in too. They could all squeeze in to Brooke’s tiny house.

  31. I did not know there was a thread for B&TB. Have only watched this show – off and on since the trans-gender storyline. Also a bit confused about Liam being held hostage – isn’t she his mother? Oh, and that Aussie girl is the worst actress!

  32. Hi Liberty. Quinn is Liam’s ex mil. I think. When he was married to Hope, Quinn’s actions precipitated the death of Liam and Hope’s unborn child. Also Quinn has tried to bump Liam off on a few occasions. πŸ˜„

  33. Good Lawd. So no one is worried about the missing Liam; well not enough to send a PI, postpone an engagement to his rival brother, hand-me-downsWyatt, or join the dots between a missing Liam and missing Quinn.

  34. I felt real sorry for the shrink that had to pretend to listen to Katie’s problems.

    Probably not appropriate in comment # 69 to mention what Zende fell for yesterday.

  35. Oh yeah, Dave. You got the lucky 69. πŸ˜—

    Go Sarsha. If Nicole wants to be a martyr, let her.

    So glad to see Brooke so keen to “help Katie” by calling in to see Bill. These two should team up again to help Katie some more.
    It’s a wonder that shrink isn’t on a Forrester retainer. Oh that’s right. They had their family psych before.

    I say bring back crazy Aleeeee, and I have just the plot. You see, at birth there was a twin, that an evil nurse stole fresh from Darla’s cervix, and raised as her own. She will still be crazy, but she will have a different personality from Alleeee. Her name will be Salleee and she will be out to get Taylor for killing Darla, and Stephie for killing Alleee, and shd will be a lesbian so she won’t go after Liam or (hand) Wipes.

    Also Bill will give all of Liam’s hand-me-down clothes to Wipes to go with his hand-me-down wives and job.

  36. How bad is Liam’s acting atm? SM in US has been really anti this story line. I think it is really tacky and not at all up to the normal low standards we like on B&B.

  37. πŸ˜€ I think not being able to act is a prerequsite for a part on B&B. I think they could step up the writing though……and get a servant or cook or two for those poor Forrester-Spencers. There’s not so much as a cleaning lady in sight.

    I’d also suggest some locks on the doors because no one ever knocks.

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