MasterChef – May 5 – first elimination

The TV blurb says: In the first elimination challenge, three contestants choose a cloche containing a single ingredient to be used in a dish for the judges.
So, let’s hope the bottom 3 can shake off the TV jitters and put up some great dishes. Who do you reckon is going home: Charlie, Theresa (sister of Jimmy) or Ashley (the beardie one)?

Ok, I’m going for Theresa just because no grown woman should have to sleep in a bunk bed. These aren’t Top Model teens, MasterChef. No doubt she hurt her hand trying to clamber down to find the loo in the night.
Love a good cloche challenge – I hope they show what was under each one. Wouldn’t it be good if one just had a cup of water in it to mess with their minds?
Charlie picks the cloche with fresh ginger. Beardie Ashley get mushrooms. Theresa – after praying it’s not shellfish – gets prawns but is worried a second pick will turn up something weird, so she sticks with them.
The other cloches had oranges, seaweed, pineapple, venison, mint, cardamom, coffee, broccoli and licorice. What, no offal? That must be later in the season.
Theresa uncertainly says she’s doing doing prawns with tarragon butter and prawn oil mayo with avocado.
Beardie Ash is making another bloody ravioli, trying to redeem himself from a similar dish in last night’s Mystery Box challenge.
Charlie is doing a ginger chocolate cremeaux. The worry is chocolate will be the hero, rather than ginger.
Theresa is still frazzled and the judges are trying to talk her out of having so many oily elements on her dish. Focus, woman – the just want you to chuck some salad or something fresh and acidic on.
Ash is doing the oh-so-trendy 63-degree slow egg with his mushroom ravioli. But he’s stuffed up his pasta dough. Again. he starts over.
Theresa is doing some weird thing freezing a layer of avocado in the blast chiller.
Luckily for them, Charlie’s cremeaux has split. Quick, Charlie – do a ginger custard or one of those soda siphon microwave sponges. But, no, he decides to make it all over again. Aargh, Charlie, it’s not going to set in time! He candies some ginger as well. However, he’s happy with his second cremeaux so the dessert gods may be smiling on him.
Ash is feeling confident, so of course he’s jinxed himself and stupidly chucks his ravioli in a frypan with hot oil. He says it’s too late to do anything, but could he not have just fished them out?
Time to judge
Cravat update: Matt is wearing a white cravat with a blue coral-type design.
The judges try Ash’s ravioli first: The flavours are classic but the egg is a bit overcooked and the ravioli skin is tough from frying. Good in concept, poor in execution.

It’s Theresa’s turn and she’s still freaking out. Her prawn oil crisp thingie looks yummy, but it’s the most complicated part of what’s basically a prawn salad. The judges think she’s “heroed” the prawns (that’s another word to add to our MC drinking game: “hero”) and they love the prawn bickie.
Pro golfer Charlie plates up delicately and tears up when describing how his passion for cooking was stronger than his passion for his golf career.

Flowers are not food.

Flowers are not food.

But the judges are obviously worried whether the ginger will be “heroed”. They taste and, yep, it’s a delish dessert but doesn’t meet the criteria. I’d feel sorry for Charlie if he got sent home on a dish that was delicious, given it’s the first elimination.
Theresa wins and brother Jimmy starts bawling – awww – I’m still Team Jimmy.

And, phew, Charlie is safe. It would have been sad to send home someone who obviously knows so many dessert-making techniques – plus he has nice hair.
Ash drops the word “journey” in his farewell comments, thus meeting his contractual obligation. Unfortunately for the producers he does not cry into his beard.

Marco week begins 7.30pm Sunday, which I know will please many of you (although not as much as a Shannon Bennett week would). So, a drink every time he yells “Yes, Marco!”?



          • That’s not enough glasses Techhater. The packages are just a series of cliches rattled off. 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

  1. Another ravioli!!!!!! Beardie should be sent home immediately.

    How can you go into MC and not familiar with cooking shell fish

  2. I Luke Teresa but I think she will be going home soon. Only good with dessert. Savoury πŸ‘ŽπŸΌπŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

  3. See you, beard dude. You need to be imaginative enough to think of another dish – especially with an open pantry. Should be one of the rules. No repeats!

  4. Bob, you’ve missed about 10 cliches so far.

    Does repeating the same dish mean you are
    a bit short on original recipes? For that, beardy should go home or Theresa for being so thick with Gary trying to tell her how to improve her dish. Sheesh!

  5. Drinking rules (suggestions welcome):
    A drink every time …
    Someone says they make pasta all the time but their dough is rubbish
    Matt Preston puts his hand on his chin to “ponder”
    George uses incorrect grammar
    Gary is a cranky bastard
    A contestant tears up
    The phrase “change your life” is uttered
    The words “food dream” are uttered
    Duck breast is used in a dish
    Fennel is used in a dish
    Someone says “X” is my strength but I want to show the judges I can do “opposite to X”

    • Juz, I bought two bottles of wine today. Those rules are so inclusive I might not even make it through the show before I run out. Should have bought a box monster, I guess.

        • It’s been on about 10 minutes here. The whole show is one big cliche! I don’t understand the term “little sips”, so I have a glass of water beside me now, wine will go with my dinner.

          The hesitations picking a cloche were so silly. They don’t give any clues, guys. Who is afraid of prawns? Does Theresa live in this country? Prawns are so easy and so versatile.

          Theresa didn’t say where she fell, but why are they sleeping in bunk beds? Can MC not afford to rent a house with big enough rooms to fit two single beds?

  6. More suggestions. . .
    Masterchef will change your life
    I’m stoked
    I’ve given up my job, my partner at home, blah blah
    You ‘re cooking for your life
    Anytime “hero” is used in a sentence

  7. If I screwed up on making pasta, I’d go back to the Ma$terchef house and make another one (and another one) till I got it right. Perhaps lose the machine, make it on the bench? It looked too dry to me when he wrapped it up to go in fridge. sigh….

  8. “This has to be perfect or I could be going home”
    “I’m a fighter, so I’ll dig deep””
    ” Heroing” the dish.

      • You misheard. MKR is about respect the producers. This phrase is used repeatedly when contestants realise the producers have the contractual right to sell your children into slavery if you don’t embarrass yourself by uttering whatever brain dead cliches the production assistant scribbles on your cue card.

  9. OK going by the edit (and we all know it’s never how its shown) I predict Charlie will be the comeback kid and beardie will go.

      • And he was shock that he put the ravioli into the oil. So what was he going to cook in the oil?

        Keep saying in the back story that he makes pasta all the time blah blah blah but ……. not performing in the MC kitchen

        • I think he now holds the record for the Most Failed Pasta Doughs in the Least Number of Episodes.

      • Fried ravioli does exist. I went to a restaurant that served it and there are lots of recipes for making it.

    • Late to the show, but watching Ashley pipe foul turds into crumbly pasta and Charlie crying gives it away that Ashley is gone.

  10. ” Taking it to a whole new level”
    ” I’ll do whatever it takes to win Ma$terchef”

  11. ‘How much do you want this?’
    ‘Well. You know.’
    Probably the first honest answer we’ve had.
    Has he not watched this show?

  12. Ashley and his repeat ravioli are gone.
    And is going to set up a market stall. Sounds about right to me.
    And on to Gogglebox. Hope it’s more entertaining than the last half an hour.

    • And a website. No mention about trying to get more experience by working in the kitchen.

  13. We need to add drinking rules for the ‘where are they now’ after the contestants is eliminated:
    – pop up
    -food blog
    -food reviewer
    -market stall
    -no mention of apprenticeship

  14. Next week is Marco week? Oh well, I’ll see you all again the week after that. Cannot tolerate that fucking wanker.

    But I’m glad Theresa survived.

  15. Thanks for the great recap Juz.
    I hate ginger & I bet I would have been able to taste it in that chocolate mousse thingy.,
    I’m glad Therese stayed or her brother would have never let her forget it.
    I don’t know why that guy put his ravioli in the fry pan. And why didn’t he take it straight out. I knew then he was probably a goner. Plus his egg yolk wasn’t runny. A cardinal sin on this show.

  16. Can Theresa actually cooking anything at all? She stuffed up yesterday and today, she was freaking out about prawns, which are quick and easy.
    She chucks them on a green board with flowers, and the judges carry on like it’s the Second Coming.

    She and her brother seem very nice, but The Sibling Show could get a tad annoying. I know Theresa survived an elim., but the hysteria from Jimmy was a bit much – like she’d been released after 20 yrs in a Thai prison.

    Charlie’s one person whose crying I don’t begrudge. Years of golf will do that to you.

    • Charlie did not sink a hole in one with that dish. I don’t know how a poached pear got him into the competition in the first place. This dessert did look better but it didn’t meet the brief.
      There were better choices: Ginger sponge with a some kind of light ginger syrup or he could have made a raspberry ginger coulis to go with that chocolate lump.

  17. Ravioli…again.
    Gantry shouting out assistance.
    Judges helping Theresa create a dish.
    It’s the same old, same old at Masterchef.

    • They probably “helped” all of them. In saying that, if they didn’t, what would happen? Throw her arms in the air and declare “I’m outta here!” Good TV moment for sure. Not sure we’ve seen anyone freak out and not be talked back down from the ledge. Agree about the ravioli. We’ll probably see it another 100 times from now till end of season.

  18. Last night was the first show of this season that I watched and…what is with the muzak over the entire episode? It was relentless and you could barely hear what was being said . It was like a show of music cut with talking heads every now and then. Do the editors not watch this before they air it?
    Seriously this is not a well produced show anymore – they’re painting by numbers: back story here, cut to interview here to repeat what was said and let’s drown this whole shite with endless music so people know when to feel pressure, relief, interest.

    YUCK to SpitShine.

  19. No apprenticeship. Who needs that! Straight onto delighting the general public with bad pasta and ugly sauce. Couldn’t even get himself a job in a cafe, for a bit of experience first! That’s how serious he is about his food dream.

    I felt sad for him going first and having given up his job to go on the show, but what a wanker.

  20. George dissected Theresa’s dish for tasting but left the flatbase avocado untouched. And even if that was only in the edit we saw, the judges didn’t even mention it in their critique. Sloppiness or manipulation of the facts, producers?

    • Yeah, I noticed that too & wondered why they didn’t try the avocado. She went to all that trouble & they don’t even try it. Did they not see if?

  21. Ravioli is taking over the death dish, Risotto.
    Hands up here who makes their own ravioli from scratch. I thought so. Zero.
    His blog site or whatever wanker title they use isn’t going to get much interest especially when he couldn’t master it even on the second try and supposedly practiced at home.
    Bye Beardy, the first amata to go through the chef door at MC.

    Hi Bolders, that Muzak is HORRIBLE

  22. I buy ravioli in a can but now I’ll switch it up and fry it to get crispy skin. I’m passionate.

    What was Heston on when he said the standard on Ma$terchef keeps going up and up? Or editors must have chopped off the “up the Khyber” on the end of his grab.

    I don’t think Marco can save this train wreck of a show. He’s push, push, pushing shit uphill.

  23. “”Heroes””

    I, I will be king
    And jus, you dessert queen
    Though nothing will drive them away
    We can beat them, just for one day
    We can be Heroes, just for one day

    And you, you have a dream
    And I, I’ll cook all the time
    ‘Cause we’re chefs, and that is a fact
    Yes we’re chefs, and that is that

    Though cooking, will keep us together
    We could feed Jowl$y,
    just for one day
    We can be Ma$erchefs, for ever and ever
    What d’you say?

    I, I wish you could cook
    Like the chefs, like chefs can cook
    Though failing,
    failiing will keep us together
    We won’t learn , for ever and ever
    Oh we can be Heroes,
    and gone in one day

    I, I can remember (I remember)
    Standing, by the stove (by the stove)
    And the fireball shot above our heads
    (over our heads)
    And we cooked,
    as though nothing could fall
    (nothing could fall)
    And the fame was on the other side
    Oh we can feed them, for ever and ever
    Then we could be Heroes,
    just for one day

    We can be Heroes
    We can be Heroes
    We can be Heroes
    Just for one day
    We can be Heroes

    We’re nothing, and nothing will help us
    Maybe we’re lying,
    then you better not stay
    But we could be safer,
    just for one day

    Oh-oh-oh-ohh, oh-oh-oh-ohh,
    just for one day


    Dissect this article (or should that be deconstruct).

    “MasterChef was going to be a brilliant platform to skip a lot of the initial rigmarole of 80-hour weeks and give me a good platform to jump off. That’s why I saw it as something great to do,” he explained.

    “As long as people can forget about my dish, I believe that I’ve got a good future ahead of me,” he laughed.

    Yes, because people are going to forget a dish that you cooked twice (and failed) on consecutive days.

    • He is really delusional. Only a few good ones managed to fast track their apprenticeship but still did 1 to 2 years of apprenticeship before becoming a chef.

      He has done nothing and will be remembered for the failed ravioli

  25. Good song BDD
    From hero to zero , just in one day for the MC

    Ashley is seriously deluded if he thinks a great chef’s career can be fast tracked. You’ve got to do the hard yards in life to succeed.

    • I’m pissing myself laughing. Marco might have been having a bit of fun with the interviewer, or he might have been being honest. He does comes across as a pretentious twat in print sometimes, but I still love him.

  26. Am watching Marco night. That Matt dude is a bit intense. When he says to Marco, “This is the greatest day of my life” I thought I was going to hurl my dinner.
    Cecilia is devastated about her ice cream! Oh dear

  27. Charlie wins the box. Redemption and tears in the Masterchef kitchen.
    If he can’t cook a savoury dish, his time will be limited.

  28. Can anyone tell that the election campaign has started. Seen the Shorten ad. Stop the “$100K degrees” and feature a university that is so not a G8 uni????

  29. I hope Juz is OK.

    Maybe she’s enjoying her day.

    And Happy Mothers Day to all of you who are mothers. πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸŒΉπŸŒΊπŸŒΌ

    • Thank you!! Don’t know what happened – I had a post all lined up to go but both it and the House Rules post didn’t publish. Luckily Mr Juz and the 4yo went out and got me fancy Chinese for tea (fried tofu balls stuffed with minced prawns plus soy beans with tofu and pickled cabbage) so I could scoff it while watching MPW.

  30. Why is Gary picking on Cecilia? If you didn’t think she couldn’t handle the pressure why invite her back?

    Now the question will be can Nihli could anything but curry?

  31. The music on MC is driving me to drink ! So loud and in your face.
    That minced lamb doesn’t look too appealing, but then Matt’s earrings are unappealing as well. Plenty of camera time for him tonight!

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