1. It will be vying for position against Survivor, Bach and a few other shows, and when I’m teaching I need sleep. I will try and get to mafs.

  2. Opens with the ultrasound of Zoe and Alex’s baby. The only success story? Thought Bryce and Erin were still together?

  3. Is “tried everything” code for desperate?

    Holy crap, how many tats does that ex-Navy guy have?

    Keller and Nicole (the desperate for kids contestant) matched.

  4. Monica is the fitness freak character. 150 dates in a year!! That is one every two-three days.

    Monica is matched with Mark the gamer (needs to take better care of his skin #justsaying)

  5. Yes, we have a surprise announcement to make. Just ignore the camera crew and the application to MAFS.

    Nicole’s class are value adding to the programme…Are you marrying a dog?

    Monica also comes with the sob story.

    Um, think Keller may have PTSD….

  6. Didn’t know Kombi as a wedding vehicle was a thing.

    Nicole’s parents (hoping for a solicitor or at least someone with a good job) are most unhappy with the producers’ choice.

  7. Um, Andy belongs on Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners.

    Don’t think this relationship will work. Very bad sign when someone wants to “date themselves”.

  8. What??Okay, don’t think Bella and Michael will last. Bet you she didn’t sign up to play step-mummy or that he is the ‘full package’.

  9. Dave wears a pink jacket, two sizes too small to his wedding.

    We then cut to Craig who has just told the camera to get stuffed. (The producers rub their hands in glee anticipating multiple emotion meltdowns over the next six weeks).

    The camera crew has just done a Frontline when Craig asked them to stop filming.

  10. Dave has delivered the Jonno moment. Jess is not what he was expecting.

    She is a bit different from the girls he has dated in the past.

  11. I thought I wouldn’t get sucked in to this season and yet … here I am.
    And then I promised I wouldn’t get all judgy and yet … I am such a hypocrite.
    Are we going to have a poll on who could make it?

  12. Oh my Gawd! I am just watching one of the receptions and it’s like watch8ng a medieval banquet with medieval table manners
    Everyone seemed to be shovelling food and eating with their mouths full and/or open. Streuth Ruth. It’s bluddy beaut grub.

  13. Tattoo guy didn’t consumate because he didn’t want to rush into anything. He should have thought of that before he went to the tattoo parlour.

  14. While Dave (sorry bdd), worries he’ll seem like a prick.

    “Hmmmm. Is she pretty enough?”

    I’m not sure if I can get emotionally invested this year. 😕

  15. The brides all seem to have some rough friends.

    Holy crap, Craig has just introduced Andy to his ex of 13 years.

    Let the heavy drinking begin!

  16. So who do we predict are the two who don’t survive the honeymoon???
    I think Dave & Andy will struggle as both have been fragile. And maybe tattoo guy and his girl.

  17. Dave is an immature jerk. If you don’t feel the connection there is no need to be rude.

    Unfortunately, we think MFAS enjoy the ‘fat’ girl getting rejected because she is not what the groom “ordered”.

    Craig is way too needy.

  18. Keller has a pleasant face. Too bad about the scribble. He said, “Don’t ever dare me to do something because I’ll do it”. Spoken like a 13 year old boy. Wonder if that explains the tatts.

    • Good call. I don’t believe him.

      First, the money has to be offered and then the dare accepted or denied.

      I’m all for this , unless animals are involved. I’ve seen some doozies, mostly dangerous and/or unprintable.

  19. I haven’t seen Dave (not BDD) being a jerk scene yet, but I think things might have started going south about here.

    The mumbo jumbo would put me off. Sorry to everyone who likes that stuff.

    • Bella is thinking, “How am I going to play this to save my media career?Pretend to be happy. Pretend to be happy.”

  20. I didn’t see Dave being a jerk. Jess said she was self concious about her weight and it seemed to me Dave was saying it didn’t matter and that he was no Adonis.

    • I suspect Andy…who is a brick wall ..(hee hee, Andy could have a job on the Mexican border….too soon?) was deterred by Craig’s over readiness. Craig was as ready as a fully dilated pregnant woman.
      I don’t know that having his butt cheeks squeezed within 5 minutes of meeting is Andy’s style. Guessing, not.

  21. It looks like they have been married for 20 years.

    Oh, now I feel sorry for Jess, but I kind of get Dave’s position too.

      • Dave and Jess have been the most entertaining so far. I didn’t think I would get into the couples this year because they all seemed so ‘myeh’, but their characters and issues are emerging to make it fun.

      • Maybe, and this is just a maybe, he could see their interests weren’t a match and he didn’t want to lead her on. And you can be sure the producers will jump at anything that creates drama
        I think I would have to see more before I would be certain that Dave is a jerk as opposed to a guy who’s “just not into you”.
        Maybe I am being too forgiving of Dave because he was funny. I think he and Jess were good together in the laughs department.

        • It was not the ‘he is just not into her’ that is the problem but how he handled it. We will concede he was pushed into a corner with the ‘bikini body’ discussion. Producer initiated, shame on them. Jess initiated, what the hell was she thinking? It was the coldness towards Jess during the surfing lesson that was a step too far to execute a decision made before the wedding ceremony. You may not like her but you can be chivalrous towards her. Give her the whole ‘it’s not you but me’ speech and not the silent treatment.

          • I reckon cutting his toenails into the bathroom sink is a sure sign the magic has gone…and no crystals or bells will bring it back.
            I love the way those two moved from wedding bells to “we have been married for 20 years and don’t talk, dress up or have polite bathroom habits”. It’s not that they dodn’t act married, it’s that they DID. 😂

    • He just didn’t even give it a go. Obviously the match-makers are not always going to get it right, however when you CHOOSE to go in to this kind of show, surely you wouldn’t throw in the towel after one day! No idea how he has so many tickets on himself, I don’t find him attractive at all.

      • Yep! Dave wanted a Victoria Secret Model and when that did not materialised he threw the towel.

        Ouch…wet, dead fish…Craig wanted too much, too soon.

  22. Am I the only one who thinks it’s unprofessional for teachers to go on a peeping tom sex show like MAFS? It gives their students tmi.

    • We think she can get away with it just because she is not a high school teacher. In primary school, the after- narrative is controlled more easily in young impressionable minds.

      • You can feed young kids some hogwash but older kids will make up their own narratives and you would likely become a huge object of ridicule in highschool. You could suck little kids in by making it sound noble that you were finding love on tv.

    • I don’t get the multiple tattoos people deliberately pay for and endure pain for.
      Did you see the Danish woman on Australia’s cheapest weddings, she was also full of Tatts.
      Looks cheap and ugly imo, but each to their own .
      I can think of better ways to spend my

      Jess’s best friend was also full of Tatts. Just sayin’

    • Kellar is going to have no skin left to keep track of his children’s names and date of births at this rate.

      Though it does indicate he is fairly irresponsible with money. No job and spending money on expensive tats.

      • Ha ha ha..on the kids, Maz. As for the money for new tatts, I bet the producers “dared” him and footed the bill. He looked ridiculous hobbling off down the street with those giant drawings on his calves.
        I have been keeping in mind that these couples could read ttv but I have to say something….they aren’t Australia’s shiniest and brightest stars. I keep thinking that they are acting in the Castle or Muriel’s Wedding.

  23. Dave is just a rude bogan. Clearly he was there for the free holiday and is feeling the sting of rejection from the ‘no free nooky’ on the side.
    Good manners and kindness cost nothing and is the sign of a grown up.

  24. Umm…we have public announcement campaigns that boys hitting girls is not on but according the relationship experts that’s okay.

  25. Can’t see any relationships lasting. Kellar needs to sort out his PTSD issues and readjust to civilian life before he meets his one.

  26. I’m sorry, but is anyone else feeling the vibe that Michael may be better suited to Andy or Craig?! I know he seems “in love” with Bella, but something is not quite right here.
    Monica and Mark are too matey, one of them needs to make the move and get serious here. Maybe Mark is too distracted by her “curled up, dead spider near the skirting board” eyelashes 🙂

    Unfortunately Keller is wrapped too tight, too immature and would be an embarrassment to Nicole. She would always be cautious where she went with him. His erratic, unpredictable behaviour would be too much to handle. Maybe he should consider laser tattoo removal on his calf, as sadly, this relationship is doomed.

    • Yes, Why, I think Nicole was already cooling toward Keller and watching him fly off at Bella put her off. But Michael’s idea of a “civilized dinner conversation” seems to be his ‘wife’ banging on about them banging.
      Michael seems a bit wishy washy going along with Bella.

  27. Team Keller. Shut up, Bella. She was such a pain. And I think she’s a man. Maybe she could date Andy cause I think she’s a guy. Keller didn’t cope but Bella was rude and ignorant to keep pushing to brag about her sexual one upmanship.

  28. I can’t see how Bella could be a radio announcer. She is too immature. So is Keller but I still felt for him with Bella continually trying to flaunt her sexual activity. She acted like a dick.

  29. If Bella had been more tactful and stopped pushing Keller and Nicole for private details, things wouldn’t have gotten heated.

  30. Bella was definitely pushing for a fight. These couples had only just met a couple of hours before and Bella was asking personal questions as though they were best friends. Not everyone would want to tell all , especially on tv knowing their families are watching. With Bella, its all about sex, and making others feel inferior with her PDA’s with Michael. It won’t last with them as she didn’t seem keen on Michael having a son, and she doesn’t want children, she even said having kids would spoil her sex life, so she is definitely not ready for a mature relationship. her mind is all about Sex and the City, very immature. Most uncomfortable dinner party ever!

    • Bella said, “Are you judging us”, or “Don’t judge us”, but she was the judgy one telling everyone that they all needed to think and act like she did by talking about their private life. If your sex life isn’t private, then what the hell is? But then this is voyeur tv.
      I did see that Keller has a lot of growing up, and some trips to the tattoo removalists ahead of him. Lucky that tattoo doesn’t look too much like Jess.
      Producers: “Here’s an idea. Keller, you can get a tattoo of Jess on your leg”.
      Keller: “Is that a dare?”.
      Producers: “Yes. We dare you”. “Then we dare you to call Bella a slag”.
      Keller:”Well, if it’s a dare”.

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