Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful Oct chat

A welcome back to Daisy and thanks for returning to Bold correspondent duties.

Hi B&Bers. Time to start a new thread.
I am just watching Mopey Flo, who continues to feel “offal” (now that she has been exposed as a kidnapper of the worst kind), and her tarty (void of all morals or shame) mother dig themselves deeper and deeper in the mire of despicable behaviour. Flo feels offal, yet continues to plea her case wherever she goes, in the hope that she will have no consequences for her behaviour. Mother and daughter both want to try and salvage the high life of LA, free-loading off the Forresters, and they aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to be able to live under the Logan banner.

Katy earned her keep for once, calling Mopey Flo out on her pathetic attempt at showing remorse. She ripped into her and didn’t let her off the hook when she gave her appeal to be allowed to remain on the Logan Gravy Train. Katy told her the only train she should be on is the one out of LA. Go Katy.

Katy gives Flo what for.

Shauna the Sheep is thrilled that she has been able to get her foot in the door, like a JW who’s been allowed in for a cuppa. She sees her night with Ridge as a massive score, that will lead to bigger things, and the crack in Ridge and Brooke’s wedding deepens. Will Ridge try to keep his guilty secret? Or will he own up to allowing the woman involved in stealing her daughter’s baby, fondle his hairy bear body. Shauna has learned some filthy behaviour from her ex…..Charlie Sheen. There has been so much moral bankruptcy from Flo and Shauna, that Thomas wasn’t even required this week. Shauna and Flo are starting to make Thomas look like the Innocent Noddy, merely by the fact that the horror of their actions hasn’t seem to have registered to them.

Brooke rocked this week; standing her ground while Ridge let Flo out of prison, and wanted to bring Thomas the Terrible home, but three strikes, you’re out Ridge. When she learns that Shauna the Sheep locked wrinkly lips (she looked like Barney from the Simpsons) with Ridge, and spent the night nuzzled next to his nuts, she will have reached her limit….and Bill will come a knockin’ right at that point.
This baby stealing plot has left all of the other cast members; Maya, Rick, Quinn, Charlee, Pam out of work. It’s the groundhog that keeps giving.

Ridge has been swimming with the bottom feeders.



    • There was a lot of talking.

      Shauna keeps spilling the details of her night-that-wasn’t with the comatose Ridge Forrester to her increasingly-disturbed daughter Flo, before telling Flo that she should continue trying to make amends with Wyatt.

      At Wyatt’s place, Bill and Katie stop by to visit Wyatt. Sick of yelling at each other about Flo’s lie (did you know, Dave, that Flo knew Beth was alive? She knew! She knew all along that Beth was alive and she didn’t tell Hope or Liam!), they start yelling at Wyatt (the one member of the family who isn’t jamming pins into a little voodoo doll of Flo) about it too.

      Sally brings some new design-work to Quinn, who still doesn’t like her in the slightest. Sally begins talking about how she’s a much better match for Wyatt than that evil monster Flo, and Quinn hilariously lampshades the show’s habit of exposition. “We all know the story, Sally!” (only because the characters keep incessantly reminding us about it). Sally retreats to her office, and Pam comes in with words of comfort, telling us that she once caught Quinn actually gobbling down one of her lemon bars. Pam also points out that it’s amazing how Quinn has any friends at all.

      Speaking of … Shauna pops by to talk to Quinn. Gosh damn it, Forrester Creations. Why do you guys even employ a security guard? Anyway, Shauna says the same thing she’s spent the last month saying, and continues selling the idea of getting Flo back together with Quinn’s son.

      Over at the beach, Flo stops in to chat to Wyatt and has the closest thing to a civilised conversation that she’s likely to get (but halfway through, they dovetail into the standard, “You knew Beth was alive and you didn’t tell anyone!” monologuing). She’s made Wyatt a video montage of photos featuring the two of them (I was curious about what actors they got for the photos), and they sit there and awkwardly watch it for a little while, before Flo takes the hint and leaves.

      Meanwhile, in Bill’s mansion, Katie comes home and feels faint. She lies down, complaining of back pain. Not only did Flo help steal a baby, Katie’s probably about to accuse Flo and Shauna of stealing her kidney! To be continued, he added ominously. Roll credits.

      • Oh I sure knew Flo knew “Beth is alive”, having been bashed with it for two months. Thanks for your work, Windsong. I tried to stay awake and lost.

        Bill won’t want a sick, whining Katie on his hands.

        A video montage of Flo/ Wyatt trashing the Forrester mansion, bonking on his piano and in his bed, that could be incriminating.

  1. Katie is probably going down because Storm is so upset; either at Katie for yelling at the baby thief, or at the baby thief for stealing a baby. Well she did know about it you know. 😁 In any case she was baulking at the signing over, meaning she knew she was selling a baby, and pretending to be the mother.
    I’ll bet it’s Katy’s heart (Storm) who is sick with disappointment.
    Meanwhile Mopey Flo and Shauna the Sheep both feel entitled to everyone’s forgiveness. Not sure why. They aren’t one bit embarrassed or ashamed to face everyone. Bold as brass.
    Quinn has her priorities right. She still prefers the baby robber over the redhead who stole a million dollars worth of Forrester designs. Quinn and Shauna are still thick as thieves.
    I look forward to Monday, when Storm rises from the dead, and uses Katy’s limp body, in order to have his say on the matter.
    I’m afraid I can see these moochers at the Thanksgiving table where Flo says, “I’m thankful I don’t feel offal anymore, and have the love of my life back”, and Shauna says, “I’m thankful that no one caught me kissing Ridge” Oooops.
    Dave, I’ll get you a pick of Quinn’s green eyes.

  2. Katie’s not too sick to keep whining about Flo, this time to poor Bill, who pays her a bedtime visit. He pretends not to be bored. Will’s gone for the day and he’s stuck with bed ridden misery guts.

    Sally rocks up as Wyatt secretly hides the photo of him and Flo on his phone. Secrets are okay for Wyatt to have. Sally looks hotter than Flo ever will. Shauna bleeds Flo for gossip about Wyatt.

    Brooke says she hasn’t changed her mind about one thing to Ridge. That’ll be a bout the roach returning to Forrester barracks. Ad break.

    Steamy scenes of kissing between Wyatt before Sally cock blocks him with “I just can’t” We get it. Fake news break.

  3. Bill politely asks in a roundabout way if she’s gone back to being crazy. She blames Flo for everything and babbles about her transplant.

    Now Shauna has become a relationship counsellour and pries it from Flo that Wyatt and Sally aren’t shagging yet. This is a good sign because it means sally insecure about Flubber. Sally in fact tells Flubber that she’s cautious.

    Brooke tells the Rasper that the roach is getting nowhere near Hope. Ad break.

    Katie steals a scene by passing out in bed. Bill was just going to call the doctor. Sally is gonna dump Wyatt. A lot is happening today. Ridge has flashbacks to the dirty night with Shauna.

  4. Maybe more happened on the dirty night at Bikini. Ridge is starting to remember stuff.

    Sally tells Wyatt she wants commitment and a future and Wyatt does the inevitable to avoid being dumped. He proposes to Sally. Curtain. Shauna’s sure to meddle with the wedding plans…if Sally accepts.

    We are left hanging about Katie , I have to say I was in the kitchen typing when she passed out. The longer she stays unconscious the better . Flo will get the blowback for this. Bill looks most unstallion like coddling Katie in bed. He’ll bolt.

  5. Oh damn. I forgot, daylight saving has started again so I’m not getting the episodes ahead of everybody else anymore. Curses! 🙂

    • Well, I missed Ridge’s flashback to Bikini’s scene or at least 50% of it. It suggested some hanky panky may have in fact taken place. I missed a bit of Ridge /Brooke roach fighting, too.

      PS Windsong .I’m happy to wait long enough before posting ,take the dog to park etc and diigest the garbage I’ve seen.

      Oh yeah, Ridge did some work today.!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ridge is working again today, the master designer in his element. Brooke and Ridge are soon simmering over the roach’s living arrangements. The roach needs his son and vice versa reasons the Rasper.Brooke praises Katie, not knowing that Katie is in a coma and advocates “stability ” for little Douglas. With this clan of crazies?.

    Sally finally accepts the Flubber proposal and they’re soon at it like rabbits. Piano and string muzak now. Soon she’ll find the photo of Flo on Flubber’s phone. Flubber punches above his weight with Sally.

    Bill tries to wake Katie but no , it’s her turn to be in bed for week or two next to the beeper machine. Katie says and does nothing except lay in a coma….some of her best work. Bill tears up , telling Katie how much he’s always loved her and she has to pull through, yada yada. Brooke’s on her way to hospital. She’ll comfort Bill. Curtain.

    • You feel like, they built the hospital ward set for Thomas’s coma, but they didn’t want to tear it down until they got their money’s worth out of it?

      So I’d imagine we’re looking at, at least, two more comas before Christmas.

      • I reckon it’s the very same room, beeper machine, face mask, tubes et al been plundered since when Bill was shot and probably before then. A Play School set would put this to shame. Same deadpan “you’ll have to wait” doctor as well. Soon all of LA will be in the hospital room, telling Katie how strong she is etc etc. “You’re a Logan ~ a fighter”

        We can take this to the Beverly Hills Bank~ Katie won’t die. It’s all Flo’s fault.

        • “Fighter” isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe the Logans, either.

          Opportunist? Gold digging? Horizontal social-climber? Thirsty? All of the above, maybe, but not fighter.

  7. Oh, my. Could Flubber be any more of a stupid dickhead. Can’t get sex from Hot Red, so he decides he’s in love and wants to get married. But wait. Hot Red was stupid enough to say yes. Go to Spec Savers, Sally. You are selling yourself waaay too short.
    And what happened to Katie? Aside from the heart attack. In the last week or so, it looks like her face has benn squashed and her jaw squared and pushed up. She’s been looking ug. And I think Brooke’s latest botox has paralyzed half her mouth. Miaow.

    Having just come from a morning in hospital myself, I thought the nurse wasn’t convincing the way she barred Bill from entering Katy’s room, like she was the hospital security.

  8. Don’t worry about dls posts. They are like smelling a roast when you are hungry. It doesn’t spoil the meal. 😂

    Btw… 👍👍👍👍👍 like, like, like, like…

  9. I missed probably half of today’s offering. Quinn is thrilled that Flubber is engaged ….until he tells him it’s Sally and not Flo. Quinn’s mood sours in a heartbeat. She’s almost in need of a hospital bed herself with the bad news..Guess the props department would only have one bed and beeper.

    Flo has a job at Bikini’s and Sally drops in to rub it in and gloat about getting engaged. You can bet Flo feels “offal” hearing that news…only hours since she saw Flubber. Sally looks like the cat who got the cream….but it reeks of Flubber. It’s a big town, she coulda done much better. .

    Cleavage, Brooke and Bill turn up at the hospital to visit KO Katie. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Your son needs you Katie. We all love you. Cleavage breaks down sobbing. No Emmy forthcoming for that effort.

  10. Oh here it comes. Mopey is going to get her opportunity to “do whatever it takes to make it up to the Forresters”. Katy needs a kidney and Flo has the “offal”.
    Flo was flashing her credentials at Bikini.
    Eric should probably be concerned that Quinn can easily overlook baby theft.

    Sally you better hurry up and get a ring on it. Flubber’s proposal was so well thought out that he doesn’t even have a ring, inspite of being in the jewellery business.

  11. You know, honestly, if Katie needs a kidney from somebody, if only they knew a doctor who was skilled at pilfering things in an operating theatre while everybody else is looking the other way, and then selling them on to hopelessly stupid Forrester family members … if only they knew somebody who could do that?

    Oh well. Sucks to be Katie.

  12. Katie’s two kidneys are stuffed, informs the doctor. So she’ll need an offal transplant. Arguments break out in the waiting room with Bill, Eric,Rasper, Cleavage, Brooke. Rasper blames Bill for being inattentive to Katie , Bill’s spits back some home truths about the roach. Bill goes in a and practically brow beats Katie out of her coma. They’ll have the best nephrologist take care of Katie’s alcohol induced kidney malfunction..

    Flo and Katie’s cat fight at Bikini continues.

    Quinn tears strips off Flubber for getting engaged to the “red headed grifter.” There’s a moral dilemma over stealing designs or babies.

  13. Katie’s gonna be stuck in hospital for a while, let’s get used to that idea. Dr. Armstrong is calling the shots.. Restricted visitors mind you, only six at a time. Katie wants to get out straight away.

    Eric attributes his longevity to “martinis killing germs”. He cares about Katie. Inexplicably. Years of anti rejection heart drugs have stuffed Katie’s kidneys. Flo hears about Katie’s predicament at Bikini. Transplants are mentioned at the hospital. Calling Flo.

  14. Bill empties the ghouls out of Katie’s room, the cellos mourn as the two have a heart to heart convo about little Will, who’s having a ball at a pizza party, not ready to be torn apart with the latest drama.

    Curtain. Double kidney failure. All roads lead to Flo and “family” redemption.

    • If only Brooke had thrown someone off a cliff, recently, who also might have been a good match for Katie. Alas, that little bastard survived.

  15. The staff at that hospital have the bedside manner of Kathy Bates in Misery.

    Katy reminds everyone that she could be a patient of Dr Frankenstein.

    And hey, I feel like a Forrester. I got carted off to emergency this arvo and am still there now. No organ transplant required.

  16. I am stuck on Catalina, still waiting for that kidney. I don’t have 6 family members in my room, but Woolif is keeping watch in case Hooks shows up.

    Actually, just having a cuppa and waiting to be discharged. I’m a fighter.

    • I was going to say, look out if you meet someone called “Reese” telling you it’s a placental abruption.

  17. Douglas is left alone in the bowels of a Forrester property when Thomas turns up and begins ratcheting up the emotional and verbal abuse once again.

    Brooke and Ridge are fighting over Thomas again , while the search for an offal donor is not turning up any positives.

    Shauna has a load of “sexy photos” of Ridge on her tablet. Shauna’s convinced of a connection based on the drunken night at Bikini’s

    Ridge walks in on the roach and starts asking why he’s here all of a sudden..Thomas blames his insanity and murderous ways on Caroline’s death. The roach murdered and abused because of “love”. His simpering stream of excuses is met with sinister music. Ridge is not buying the act so far. Brooke has gone out, she’ll go crazy if she knows Thomas is in the house.

    • I swear to goodness, Ridge could’ve entered the room, to see Thomas hanging Douglas out the window by his ankles, and all he’d say is, “Oh Thomas, you’re such a good father to your little boy!” FFS, Ridge. Figure it out already.

      Meanwhile, Shauna is sounding increasingly-deranged re: her crush on Ridge Forrester. What is it about Ridge Forrester? He’s not that good-looking, ladies. Either of them.

    • No hospital today, just a mention that the offal donor search is going pear shaped. No visitors for Katie.
      The rest is Brooke /Ridge fighting, Roach/ Douglas abuse and Shauna’s head in the clouds with Flo over Ridge.The debonaire Rasper shots are hilarious. Plus Ridge/Roach father to son dialogue.

  18. Ridge is a terrible Grandfather. He walks in on Douglas being shamed and torn apart by Thomas and barely bats a saggy eyelid.
    Shauna is well under way with her affair with Ridge. He just has to catch up.
    It’s funny how Donna always has to play back-up. Or Logan chorus line. How does that work? Brooke has second and third fiddle sisters.
    I think tonight’s episode was something of a segway. Nothing much happened but there’s a hint that Shauna will soon become dissatisfied with making lonely love to her tablet, Flo will use her simmpering to get under Flubber’s skin and Quinn will help her do it. I can’t see Quinn being satisfied to merely watch from the sidelines of Flubber’s love life.
    Katy will increasingly be made of spare parts. After the kidney, she will go for Quinn’s green/blue eyes, and Donna’s breasts.
    When Ridge is entrapped by Shauna, after she slips him a “love potion”, Brooke will need some strong aroma ( I wanted to write arms but I will allow autocue its head) to fall into. It might be time for her to reignite her passion with Eric.
    Poor Steffy is finally actually raising her child because we haven’t seen her for awhile. She has been missing some plum acting opportunities. Why hasn’t she been filling our screen with her tears and rage at Thomas and Ridge? Her absence this week is too weird.
    I still want Sally and Bill to get together and make a formidable evil couple who rule LA.

    • “It’s funny how Donna always has to play back-up.”

      Well, the concepts of Donna Logan and support just seem to go together so well.

      “Nothing much happened but there’s a hint that Shauna will soon become dissatisfied with making lonely love to her tablet…”

      Hee! But seriously, ew.

      “After the kidney, she will go for Quinn’s green/blue eyes, and Donna’s breasts.”

      Well, to be fair, Donna has plenty to go around.

      “It might be time for her to reignite her passion with Eric.”

      Do you think that, when Brooke’s bored with her love life, she just pulls names out of a hat?

      “I still want Sally and Bill to get together and make a formidable evil couple who rule LA.”

      The Red Queen and the Black King take over Los Angeles! I would watch that.

  19. Vinnie the drug dealer visits Bikini, annoyed that the roach is still couch surfing at his place. He knows the barman , who’s soon spilling the detailed dirt on Ridge’s drunken night.

    Shauna gets past security to visit Ridge and reminisce over the night at Bikini. Ridge indulges Shauna for too long.

    The roach is resting at Brooke’s home with his eight feet up when a furious Brooke returns . It’s one hell of a fight that ends with Brooke slapping the roach and the roach spitting that her slutty ways are ruining the Forresters and the Logans are hopeless bludgers on the Forresters etc. Little Douglas is held as collateral to ramp up the emotional blackmail. He’s dribbling that he has something that Hope and Brooke want….ie the little brat who ratted Beth out.The roach is right in Brooke’s angry face but he’s also on his way to Bikini to get the dirt , which I guess he’ll use to drive a wedge between Brooke and the Rasper. Curtain.

    That barman at Bikini who said to Vinnie ” I better not gossip” sure sang like a canary.

  20. We can easily rank this episode’s three ongoing plot-lines by their different levels of sheer, bouncing-off-the-walls absurdity.

    Storyline one sees Shauna continuing to try and charm Ridge, going in all guns blazing with, “How dare your wife mistreat you? She’s so mean to you, but I’m understanding and kind.” Ridge isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, so it’s really hard to know if he’s falling for it or not.

    Storyline two sees Danny the barkeeper at Bikini having a long, extended gossip session with Vinnie (Thomas’s handsome drug-dealing room-mate) about the Forrester family dynamics. What is with these people?

    But storyline three is the real gem. Thomas confronts Brooke at her and Ridge’s mansion, and they have the most hilarious and intense argument of all time. Thomas points out that the Logans have only gotten ahead in life by latching on to the Forrester family millions (I mean, if the shoe fits…). Brooke responds by slapping him (on a scale of 7 out of 10 Stephanies, it wasn’t a bad slap), and the episode ends with Thomas telling Brooke that he isn’t going to put up with how she’s wrapped his father around her “slutty little finger”. Actual quote.

    So, another day in LA, really.

    • Thomas got so worked up , he forgot to wave in Brooke’s face that he cut her some slack for pushing him off a deadly (for mortals)cliff. He seemed to really lose it when Emma’s (who?) death investigation was mentioned But hey, all Caroline’s fault for getting cancer.

      Thomas , the heir to the Forrester millions has been couch surfing at Vinnie’s for at least five or six weeks now. Taking all Vinnie’s speed and working on designs.

      Some of these holes in the storylines are like the Grand Canyon.

      • “Thomas got so worked up , he forgot to wave in Brooke’s face that he cut her some slack for pushing him off a deadly cliff.”

        Yeah, I mean, if Thomas really wanted to get rid of Brooke, why didn’t he just tell Detective Sandwiches that she pushed him off a cliff? Like, he hasn’t even bothered keeping up the pretense of being a nice guy, so, why didn’t he just get rid of her when he had the chance?

        I just loved how Danny and Vinnie — two supporting characters who have barely anything whatsoever to do with anybody else — know all this intimate gossip about the Forrester family and their various liaisons and dalliances. Like, what?

      • Thomas said he didn’t commit any crimes. Even he forgot about Emma Who. And what about Uncle Justin?
        I love the analogy, Dave.
        There more holes in this plot than a fly screen. You could drive a Hummer through the holes in this plot.

    • Ha ha. “Ridge isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer” nor the sharpest tool. Right now Ridge is thinking with his left and right nuts. Shauna only needs to say, “Come to Mama” now.
      She might be Shauna the sheep, but he will be the one getting fleeced.

  21. Hey Daisy, are you all right after your op? Was it keyhole or full-on slice and dice?

    I know this is the wrong thread, but am not sure if anyone is going as far back as General Chat, and I know you’ll be looking in on this part.

    • I’m good now thanks Von. Only keyhole. I’m a very resilient type; physically and mentally. It’s why I like the name daisy. 😁😁😁

  22. Like mother, like daughter. The audacity of Shauna and Flo is staggering.
    First Shauna waltzes over to Brooke and waves a red rag at her. Then she goes to Bikini, takes Ridge pants off, hops into his bed and fondles his drunken scrotum (as if she didn’t). Then she pops into the big office to remind him of how close they came to doing the deed and of how they have shared a secret, intimate evening.

    And shameless Flo lingers around her victims like butter wouldn’t melt. Just an innocent victims in hot pants.

  23. Brooke sends the roach packing with more heated words. The roach scurries off to Bikini whee Vinnie starts unloading on Ridge’s night on the tiles.

    Hope and Liam visit Brooke , who’s still upset after the roach visit. A general shit canning of the roach ensues, He’s sick, dangerous and all of that.

    Ridge tries to get rid of Shauna but she tells him he ain’t seen nothin’ yet Ad break.

  24. The roach gets the dirt from the barman because Vinnie had to bolt. Thomas is really interested.

    Little Douglas arrives home early not feeling well because the roach has been chewing him out for his disloyalty.

    Shauna is spinning a web around Ridge , who’s rueing that he’s kept the new secret in town for so long and not told his wife. The loose lipped Bikini barman is sinking him as this happens. Ad break two..

    Brooke, Hope and Liam sugar coat the roach’s insanity to little Douglas , whose self esteem has taken a bashing at the hands of his Dad. Douglas thinks he’s “bad”. They spit some LA psychobabble about Thomas having stuff to work through to be a good dad again.

  25. What does it take to corrupt the barman at Bikini , one might wonder? The roach is onto it and offers a plum modelling contract at Forresters and in a flash the barman’s on the phone to Brooke about some hokum belt. The barman has been roach coached to within an inch of his life what to say. I guess being a model a FC is just too much to resist.

    The psychiatrist fees for little Douglas are going to make someone rich.

    The curtain falls on a clearly unhinged roach vowing that Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is over.

    • “The psychiatrist fees for little Douglas are going to make someone rich.”

      Probably his own grandmother.

      Wait, that’s how all this wealth stays in the Forrester family, isn’t it? We’ve cracked the secret!

    • I think the flabby bartender got a case of conscience too late. He flash everything to Roach, but then gets cold feet about repeating any of it.

      Ridge fought Shauna off valiantly. He needs some kind of panic button to bring Pam running as he is hopeless at keeping a seamstress at arms distance. He’s grasping away at her, “No, ,means no

    • OMG I am going to turn off autocue. It keeps changing too many words. “He flash everything to Roach” was “blabs everything”, and even then I had to type this 3 times to get it to agree.

      I feel like writing a random sentence right now just to see what “Big Brother” how Big Brother alters it.

  26. Thomas hides behind a shrub at Bikini while the yappy barman welcomes curious Brooke. The barman’s had international catwalks dangled before his ambitious eyes by the roach.

    Bill finds Shauna nosing around the hospital. He gives her a verbal tongue lashing.

    Ridge and Liam argue about the roach. One person’s sociopath is another person’s son trying to be a better father. Awful acting in this scene. Ad break.

    • “Ridge and Liam argue about the roach.”

      I switched the TV on, caught yet another conversation about “Thomas manipulated Douglas so he could marry hope, and he continued the lie about baby Beth” — I swear, I have the conversation memorised by now, I can follow along with them — and just switched the TV off. Eugh.

    • “You two punched your tickets to hell”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh my goodness. I’ll be saving that nugget.

      Ridge sets his own trap. “Surprise!🌹” Don’t pop that champagne yet, Rasper. 🎆

  27. Brooke plays twenty questions with Yappy until he blurts that it was Shauna. Brooke is horrified.

    Bill keeps verbally abusing Shauna at the hospital.

    Ridge has enough of the roach roast and tells Liam to butt out, nothing to do with him. Denial City about Emma Who’s death. Soon the Shauna shit will hit the fan for Ridge. Ad break.

    Stupid Ridge has planned a romantic dinner, but Brooke will be furious. Bill gets info out of Shauna that Ridge and Brooke aren’t happy campers.

  28. The roach is gleeful behind the Bikini shrubbery as Brooke hears who spent the night with Ridge. Another ad break. Who’d want to be Ridge Forrester right now?

    • The Forrester Spencer group are not very inventive she pops. It’s always behind shrubbery or an ajar door. I’m surprised they don’t bump into others hovering and hiding behind a bush. Thomas couldn’t have been less subtle.
      Danny the chatty bartender put his trust in the Roach. He should have brought out the modelling contract first. Otherwise Thomas might run his only witness off the road.

  29. Bill doesn’t mince words . He tells Shauna that she and Flo have ” punched their tickets to hell”. The Forresters, Logans and Spencers are sick of your sorry arse, Shauna. Shauna’s tough , it’s going to take more, Bill.

    Brooke arrives to the surprise dinner and lets Ridge hang himself with romantic platitudes before asking about Shauna. The candles and roses get short shrifted by Brooke. Just saying “Shauna Fulton” makes Brooke blow a fuse.
    The curtain falls. Dumbstruck Ridge is hung out to dry.

    • “Punched their tickets to hell”. Whoever wrote that line is a winner. But a pigeon could poop on Shauna the Sheep and she wouldn’t get the message.

      Dinner for one then Ridge? I think Roach did Brooke a favour.

  30. Shauna and Flo are like warts you can’t freeze off.
    Next thing they will turn up unannounced to Thanksgiving dinner.
    BTW….am I mistaken? Did Shauna show up to aggravate a critically ill Katy. She has all the grace of a leech.

  31. Shauna “cares” about Katie because she has Thorne’s heart.

    I smell the rat of offal compatibility approaching.

    • Oh, you know it’s coming.

      Honestly, at this point, they need a restraining order out on Shauna. It’s the only way to keep this woman away from them.

      • The Forresters ask for everything they get because of their lax security. Sheila, Shauna , Flo and the roach have made it past Fort Knox Charlie recently, then you have the problem of ajar doors and shrubbery around entrances, as daisy points out above.

        Cctv and guard dogs. Is this too much to ask at the next FC Board Meeting? They’re always rabbiting on about keeping the tabloids away.

        • Why stop there? These people are rich. I’m thinking, an elite squad of armed guards, moats filled with piranhas, and trained attack velociraptors.

          Oh, and there needs to be company-wide training sessions on how to actually shut doors properly, since nobody seems to know how to do that.

          Do you think that Pam goes around, every day, and oils all the door hinges, just for the sake of making sure that nothing squeaks so the air of terror and intrigue continues throughout the business?

        • Even Quinn back in the day, when she first moved to LA, barged right in to Eric’s place, presumably over the iron gates and past Cherrrlee the crack security guard.

  32. I missed today’s episode. Is Shauna still going on and on, at length, about the night she sexually-assaulted an unconscious man?

    • I slept through a lot of it but yes, Shauna was hammering Flo with how awesome Ridge is. It’s all so hazy what else happened today, it’s like I was at Bikini myself.

      Brooke is not happy with what happened, even if it was nothing.

      The roach brags to Vinnie the dealer how he’s master of puppets in LA. He plans to take over Forrester Creations and gets his insane hands on Hope that way.

  33. Brooke asks Ridge how much more she must endure, and when will he take her side.
    She asks the hard question, “Why, after Ridge had his snorkel out with her arch enemy, did he have to then alsosit down to breakfast with her?” Salt in Brooke’s wounds.
    Ridge asks how has he failed her.

    And back at Bikini, Thomas licks his lips and salivates while telling Vinnie how he will destroy Brooke. He brings up a photo of a piranha on his phone and suggests, “Put blonde hair on it, and you have Brooke Logan.

    All the while Shauna continues to relive the moment she kissed Ridge and his spirit entered her. Flo says that was brandy fumes.

    • Ah, thanks daisy. The picture becomes clearer.

      I must have fallen asleep just as the piranha pic was wheeled out.

  34. Loving all your comments in the uk. Been on a ferry across the Mersey but they didn’t even play Gerrys song. Looking fwd to catching up with the Forresters next week xx

  35. Thanks, Sara.

    Liam and Hope do a bit of roach bashing to the first ad break. Poor little Douglas. Ridge is gullible. Brooke is smart. Lines are being drawn.

    Douglas has a new haircut. He loves Hope and Liam. The roach has baled Shauna up. Some dirty deals could be done. They both want Brooke out of the picture.

    Brooke is busy roach bashing to Ridge. The heat rises . Fingers are pointed. Ridge is an arsehole for spending a night with Shauna and kept it a secret. Ad break. Secrets destroy marriages, says Brooke.

  36. Brooke sagely notes that it could take years of counselling to fix the roach. Little Douglas is safer with doting Hope and Liam. Meantime,Shauna now knows that Brooke knows as the roach hand feeds her the latest. Ridge is ready to hit Bikini’s again as we go to an ad break. Seven minutes of roach bashing, today’s favourite pastime to go.

    Brooke tells Ridge he’s “lost all focus” and that he’s skating on thin ice. Ridge gibbers some garbage about “family”, Brooke wants custody of little brat signed over to Hope/Liam. For “the children”. Ridge fumes inside. Curtain

  37. I love how peaceful and easy Hope and Liam make child rearing look. They just sit around on the couch.
    Ridge sure pushed Brooke to the limit. Shauna needs no encouragement from Roach. She would be pouncing on every opportunity anyway.
    Ridge has gone to pack his swag to go and live in the trailer with the Barnacle Sisters. Good riddance Ridge. You can swim with the Barnacle.

    Thomas is busy all over LA making himself known as a devious bastard. Manslaughter (Emma Who) and accessory to kidnapping, but Ridge doesn’t watch Dr Phil so he never heard of “Choose your actions, choose your consequences”. Nope, he wants to throw his hat in (where does that originate?) with Thomas and the slimey, sleazy hanger- onners. The circling buzzards sisters. Yep, Shauna is going to feast on Ridge’s cadaver.

  38. At the hospital Katie isn’t too sick to nosy into Brooke’s home life which is, well, Ridge has asked Steffy if he can crash at her place. The roach then materializes from nowhere to evil cellos. . Little Will has arrived at the hospital…he’s dressed like a teenager now.

    Shauna and Flo catch up for a gossip. Flo warns her smitten Mum about the roach’s evil nature. That’s front page news to us, right? Ad break. It’s a stone cold fail so far.

  39. Little Will parrots a nauseating poem for Katie. Smouldering hot Cleavage is there, too. Amazing dress and hairstyle. Little Will is afraid Katie won’t come home. We should be so lucky. He never sees her there, anyway.

    Poppa Ridge tries to broker peace with Steffy and the roach, who’s rapt that Ridge has moved out of home. Brooke turns up at Shauna’s . Ad break before the approaching bitch fight at the Not OK Corral.

    Could take 3 ~5 yrs to find some offal for Katie.

  40. The roach tries crawling up Steffy’s arse, cheered on by Ridge. Steffy’s not melting , yet. Things are just heating up with Brooke and Good Samaritan Shauna and we go to an ad break again. Five minutes to go , folks. All filler, no killer.

    Katy lies to Will that she’ll be home soon. Ridge is pressuring Steffy to buy the roach’s bogus words.Steffy’s wavering.

    Shauna and Brooke call each other sluts. Brooke is reminded she’s slept with every male Forrester. You’re trash, Shauna is told. Curtain .

  41. I don’t know about anybody else, but the highlight of my Monday was definitely Shauna and Brooke having a, “You’re a bigger slut than I am!” competition. I’m sorry but that was genuinely, legitimately hilarious.

    Brooke takes the early high ground by pointing out that Shauna didn’t even know who Flo’s father was without a DNA test (well, she does make a good point), while Shauna immediately counters by pointing out that Brooke has banged every male member of the Forrester family, and at one point, got pregnant thanks to having an affair with her own son-in-law (again, you gotta say, Shauna makes some good points there). Obviously that hits a nerve because Brooke slaps her … and honestly, if Shauna was as trashy as Brooke thinks, it would’ve been on like Donkey Kong, at that point. I’m almost sad that it wasn’t. I bet Shauna’s a hair-puller.

    Meanwhile, Ridge is trying to force a reconciliation between his two kids. Steffy, as you can imagine, really doesn’t want anything to do with Thomas. Honestly, Ridge, have you been watching the same show as the rest of us?

    • Thank you, Windsong. I missed who slapped who because I was eyes down describing Slut Wars. Sure sounded like a good slap.

      “Slut from the desert” or slut from LA is what it came down to. High brow or what?

      • The irony of the fact that Brooke was quoting Stephanie (while trying to claim the moral high ground)? I think that was lost on Brooke Logan.

      • Brooke slapped Shauna. She’s on a roll. She had pretty much only just slapped Ridge.
        Ridge couldn’t have been more insensitive as he steamrolled Steffy into letting The Roach back into her life. And he didn’t come clean on why he had to leave home. When is he going to tell her that he signed off on Flo’s release AND spent the night with Shauna (“but I was drunk”).

    • I have a new tablet and sadly tv won’t accept my pics. There were some great sparks flying as both Brooke and Shauna said what we all think.

  42. I loved how Brooke acted the high and mighty lady. It was like Lady and the Tramp, even though we ‘ll know Brooke’s dodgy history.

    • I can’t wait til the Logans have to bow and scrape for Flo’s offal. Hold out for a good price, Flo.

      Thanks for the snaps,daisy.

      • Flo should put that kidney on a golden platter and have Dr Hooks deliver it on his knees.
        No wait. Hooks would steal it.

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