MasterChef starts tonight on Channel 10

MasterChef is finally here, screening on Ten tonight from 7.30pm.

Finally, a reality show that doesn’t spark a flood of tweets about toxic masculinity.

Mel, Jock and Andy are back and now seem like old hands. How quickly we became used to there being no Gary, George and Matt.

Unfortunately MasterChef is up against the LegoMasters season 3 premiere, so the audience for the family friendly shows will be split. Still, both shows should do well on catch-up TV.

The big question is: Will the eliminated contestants be allowed to hug their competitors? Remember how heartbreaking it was last year when they had to keep their distance as the silent tears flowed?



  1. Ma$terchef too afraid to take on MAFS Finale in ratings last night. What happened to “believing in yourself”, that timeless piece of Ma$tercult insanity? Bryce vs Rice would have been good.

    Eating Lego will probably be a better experience than the gruel we’ll see stumped up by the best ever cooks.

    But these are the best cooks ever. Even a boilermaker, who I reckon will bring the toxic masculinity in droves. Plus toxic micro organisms to the kitchen with the filthy beard.

  2. I’m an hour into this bilge and haven’t seen hand sanitizer or social distancing yet.

    Coveted Ma$terchef Aprons are being thrown around like cheap confetti. Hell, there was even a dome.

    These must be the greatest superspreaders ever on Ma$terchef. This could truly be food to die for.

    • Dave, how about the short scene of cooking before Melissa came out. One dude was flambeing something and blew on the food to put the flame out. Blew on it.

      The boiler maker seems nice, for what that is worth. But that beard hanging over his food…

      • Blowing on food during a Pandemic, you have to marvel at the versatility of the best ever cooks.

        You can blow on food , ie a scalding hot chop to cool it and consume it oneself…….but let’s face it, blowing on it and then serving it to an unsuspecting recipient, it’s culinary bottom feeding.

  3. Five minutes in – count the cliches. I’d suggest drinking for every one uttered, but we’d all be blotto after 20 minutes.

    There were so many promos and ads before this that I got a bit tired of it all.

    • I’m skipping through. How lovely is Tommy (chicken congee guy). The auditions are always a bit meh – bring on the competition!

  4. Have I ever seen so many ads in two hours?

    Granted Ch 10 are struggling for bucks but……c’mon.

    I feel Jock was mentally cruel for the sake of drama to the cancer survivor from Sri Lanka. What a prick.

  5. Any takers on a bet that green-shirt guy doesn’t get in, no matter how good his second dish is? He’s the one who disagreed – out loud! – with what Melissa said. I don’t think I’ve seen her raise one eyebrow at a contestant before, but that can’t be a good sign.

    Obviously he needs to raise his butt-kissing skills.

  6. I want to enjoy the show especially as it doesn’t try to pit humans against humans for enjoyment but the stupid melodramatic music and editing makes it unbearable at times. We’ve been watching for 10 years now, we don’t need to be lead emotionally by the nose through these scenes of triumph over adversity. Just let them cook – the effusive judging is more than enough to add the drama.

    • I agree, just let them cook.

      Trouble is,they can’t.

      I turned off when the ice cream came out.

      “I deserve an apron because I got cancer” Yawn.

  7. I couldn’t get into the show at all last night. When that woman mentioned her nonna for the 47th time, I changed the channel. I relied on Ben Pobjie recap to find out the results and I’m sure that was more entertaining.

  8. So it’s the first night of actual cooking competition. We have a mystery box, three immunity pins that are the only ones this season, which can be used at any time during an elimination round, and some really bad acting from the contestants being flabbergasted at every announcement. One dude dropped his jaw so far at hearing something or other that he might have dislocated it.

    Melissa seems less than happy that she is on this season.

    I don’t know when this was filmed, but they are all pretty casual about covid precautions and restrictions. Judges approach contestants’ benches and stand too close, then look at and breathe on the dishes being prepared. They need to back off.

    MC started off pretty well last season but this season is annoying me so far.

      • Example: the creation of the chicken skewers by some amata. Hands all over the chicken and through the marinade.

        ” Behold ny awesome passion, I have overcome great adversity so I could share these Chicken Spewers with youse all”.

      • Don’t give a fennel! Thanks for that. If only the rest of society was this aware that other words than filthy ones are sufficient to convey meaning. You gave me a chuckle. I shall now appropriate fennel as though I came up with it.
        I hope you don’t give a flying fennel.

  9. Have to agree with Von. It’s not fun this season. Can’t explain why.
    Maybe it just can’t compare to LM and I’m just not willing to wait through the Nonna’s and the tears.

  10. I start paying attention when the food is being tasted. Eric’s Strange Flavoured Chicken has won me, I want that recipe. I was drooling looking at that.

    It seems as though there are no bad dishes this year; every dish is perfect, beautiful, great flavour, balanced, etc. etc. I know it’s early in the comp but is everyone really that good? How are they ever going to pick a winner? And, if they can’t, can they afford 24 lots of $250,000?

    Ah, finally a negative criticism, someones chicken is a bit dry.

  11. Just came off finishing the current Masterchef UK season. The tone is soooo different. They were also heavily impacted by the pandemic and it shows. But still, no drama, no ott music etc. Just. Cooking.
    I am not sure how far I will make it this season of MCAU, I just started the first episode and 15 minutes in, I am already annoyed by the noise level. The sob level,. And I am sure it just gets worse from here.

    And puuuuhhhh-lease. I want to change my life and the food industry is the best thing for me, yeah, right, In the middle of a pandemic. Just be lucky your country doesn’t get hit as badly by all the Covid mutations as we in Europe do.
    This might honestly be THE worst moment to venture into the food industry. Granted, Australia is doing fine, but don’t bet on your luck.

  12. Schupfnudeln, baby!!!!
    I hated them so much when I was a kid. Still am not the biggest fan of it. One of my Omas made them with Sauerkraut and pork belly. YUCK!!!!!

  13. Last night’s pressure test was stupid. They had to replicate a Nigella cake going only by her description, although they did get a copy of it after she finished rabbiting on for what seemed like forever. Her effusive, over the top way of describing food and cooking has always irritated me.

    Tonight’s guest is Yottam Ottolenghi. Tag teams have to cook a 3 course meal using Yottam’s flavour bombs and fifty other rules I didn’t pay attention to. I like him, so will watch more than usual. Team cooking is often funny, especially this early in the comp, since contestants don’t really know each others strengths but might know their weaknesses better. One woman volunteered to be team captain because she is a control freak. Control freak is not synonymous with good team leader, but we’ll see.

    I like Tommy, Aaron, and the woman with the messy bun, who at least tries to control her hair :). I’m still finding it hard to get interested in MC this season.

    • I’ve never been a fan of Nigella.
      She doesn’t cook my sort of food and I have always found her pretence that she doesn’t realise she is being “overly sensual” disingenuous.
      And in these COVID times, her cooking style is gross. I wonder if we will ever get over some of this stuff.

  14. Mac ‘n Cheese tonight. Talk about raising the bar.

    Fattening, unhealthy.

    Gimme some tofu from Aldi.

  15. How pathetic was that outcome as determined by the judges. The brief, as presented to we viewers, was to USE bread, not TASTE it or to even recognise the texture. How bready is a bread and butter pudding for gors sake? I don’t have an objection to the decision, but I have an objection to the stated justification.

      • Why not “deconstructed” bread ? Just a few grains of wheat on a plate with some fennel puree drizzled over it. Just like my Nonna used to do it……….before she lost the house gambling on the pokies before she died. Give me my Ammunity pin now……..or I’ll cry.

  16. Melissa is definitely not very interested in MC this season. She wore her flannelette pajamas to work so she could go to bed right after the show.

    • I am wondering when it was filmed. She has just gone through a separation.
      I watched her on Chef’s Line. She is definitely out of sorts this season. Maybe the timing was bad for her.

      • I think they started filming late last year. They were on The Project the other day in the Northern Territory so we will know when we got to those episodes it was filmed in April.

  17. I keep hoping the judges will start a challenge with the words, “No ice cream today.” Maybe they can remove the ice cream makers. 🙂

    • Ice cream is one of the things done to death that has killed Ma$terchef. I hate seeing it. too. Is it even food? Is it cooking? The best ever the amatas swoon and worship at the Golden Calf of ice cream. Whoopee.

      I love the stuff but’s it’s a buck a litre at the supermarket. It’s the ice cream makers making the product , the amatas are just flying blind,. FFS Vegemite.

  18. Have you noticed how expensive meat is at the moment?
    Nothing to do with MC. Just sharing.
    I’m thinking that tofu is starting to look very attractive.

    • I have. I don’t eat red meat any more, but have noticed that pork chops or strips have increased in price, as have chicken pieces of any sort, even sausages.

      Meat subs for me are halloumi or chick peas or tinned tuna. Spell check wanted to correct halloumi to thallium. That’s never been on my shopping list.

      • I love halloumi. I had forgotten that it makes a very nice meal.
        I’m not a fan of chickpeas, except oven baked until they are crunchy (or hummus but that goes without saying).
        I will have to go hunting through my cook books.

        • Throw chick peas in a pan with some olive oil, cook for a while until they are a little crispy, add some broccolini or your green of choice, add some curry paste and lemon juice, simmer for a couple of minutes, throw in some chopped tomatoes. Serve with plain yoghurt, maybe pappadums on the side.

          I guarantee it will be better than bacon ice cream.

        • Our local Lebanese does a manoushe (pizza) with just za’atar, sliced tomato chilli and grated halloumi. It is sooo good!

      • I usually only get meat when it’s reduced. Very rarely pay full price. I always look out for the for quick sale sticker.

    • Price of meat substitute food meals has jumped, too. I bettter get along to a Hill$ong Love In and get in for my chop.

  19. Aw, geez, so far they’re making ice cream, ice cream, and ice cream. Again. No idea what the other two are doing.

    Heston must have been having an off day to pick such a dumb, predictable challenge. I guess we should be grateful blood sausage was not one of the choices.

    • They all made ice cream. I scream, you scream, we don’t want to see any more ice cream. Can’t any of them come up with a dessert that doesn’t have ice cream? 🙁
      Boring challenge and, so far, a very boring season.

    • I’m not watching much, but my theory re ice cream is that two things about the competitive environment stops them making real desserts. First is the time limit – the best puddings etc require too much cooking time, and secondly they won’t ever serve anything hot (which is all the best desserts). Icecream (with a cheat machine) and other cold elements make plating and timing easier.

      For many years I have wished that they would re-jig the challenges to stop the boring desserts. Many years ago I remember a team challenge where they had a full day and the next morning, and the judging was purely on how close to perfect they could get it.

  20. I am binge watching tonight as I am many episodes behind. I am episode hopping and not going in order (the horror!).
    Massimo’s bread noodles looked really interesting and I liked his pressed metal splashback kitchen. Are the judges being overly kind this season? “This didn’t work but you tried really hard and stuck to your vision.”

    • I have noticed the judges being very tactful and charitable this year. I don’t want to see them tear strips off anyone, but the critiques are kind of boring and bland. Maybe no dish is actually crap? There have been plenty of tears when contestants talk about their inspiration (the usual nonna, kids, life-long love of cooking etc.), and maybe the judges just don’t want to have to deal with any more frigging tears.

      Poh, Callum, and Reynold on Sunday…yawn. I enjoy seeing Reynold’s creations, but I’ve seen enough of Poh, and barely remember Callum.

  21. I’m a little tired after the first 15 minutes because I’ve rolled my eyes so often. There are three (acutally two) accomplished cooks as guests, not the second coming of Christ x 3.

    We haven’t seen the sous vide machine for a while, but it is back tonight.

    Cannot get into MC this season, just cannot. I only know 3 or 4 contestants by name so far and don’t care much who is eliminated and who stays. It’s disappointing because I used to enjoy this show so much.

  22. Is it just me or is Masterchef kinda ageist? Is there any contestant older than 40? I guess anyone over 30 will be booted off soon. The days when a mumsy Kate could win a season are long gone.

    German Schupfnudel Girl isn’t doing that great either (kinda rooting for her German roots :D). But well, still not as bad as the guy who left first. Already forgot his name, but wow, he was BAD! Although he might have won the season with the one who could not cook fries and who still won. The one with the fringe. Forgot her name.

    • That would have been Emma. She even had a short television gig for a while but she mysteriously isn’t on the show far as I know. Yeah , failing to cook chips and failure to toast a bun are two of my favourite Ma$terchef memories.

      Andy said these were the best ever cooks. The old Ma$terlie. Same muzak, culinary cliches. It’s about as dramatic as watching some paint dry.

      Ratings 592,000. Pitiful. Pohthetic.

      Ma$terchef has always been ageist, in my opinion. It’s wrong on so many levels. At the same time, I’d expect a mature, intelligent person to see Ma$terchef for the culinary farce it is and avoid it like the plague it is.

    • It’s filmed over such a long period of time that anyone older, with kids, ageing parents, a mortgage, would be put off applying. A GBBO episode used to be filmed over a weekend, which is much easier when you live somewhere geographically small

  23. I’ve tried MC a couple of times this season because I have a fondness for the show but to no avail.
    I don’t care about the judges, I don’t care about the contestants and I have so little interest in the dishes. It’s all looking a little tired and repetitive.
    Maybe we are running out of talented cooks?
    I always love looking at Reynolds creations (so pretty) but Poh is seriously overexposed.
    Normally I am an excellent armchair critic but this season has me perplexed. It’s like all the pieces are there but it has created a blancmange.

    • I don’t think I’ve seen “blancmange” referred to since the last time I read Little Women :).

      Last season, when we didn’t know what to expect, was somewhat interesting with the new judges and the previous contestants. This year, meh. Melissa is just phoning it in, and I can’t even take pleasure from seeing her outfits because she is dressing like a pioneer woman, with a taste for pastels, from Little House On The Prairie. Andy has expanded his vocabulary but not enough to be amusing. Jock is so gentle in his criticisms that it’s as though he is snapping out of a deep sleep before making a comment.

      There is no life to MC this season, it is flat out boring. And the ads,,,my god, the ads, for MC and the ads while MC is on. I feel sorry for the contestants, some of whom may be talented, but are not getting a chance to show it on this thrown-together, indifferent season.

      • I watched 2 weeks worth of MCAU and I am already horribly bored and once again do other stuff while it’s running.
        I mentioned it above, the noise level is too high, too much pathos. The music is a big part of why the show annoys me so much. It is nearly as bad as the US version, the only advantage MCAU has over it: The people aren’t nasty to each other.
        The fawning over the “superdupermegaawesome chefs” on a stupid video screen is grating. Even the dumbest idiot knows that shit has been pre-taped. Still they pretend they are really talking to the contestants…

  24. Tonight’s dishes will be “perfect” ( producers must have snuck in some Ubereats) Been sledgehammered all day with ads for it. Andy gibbers ” We told yaz these were the best eva cooks”

    Someone will cry.

  25. Three more ice cream dishes chosen for the big finish. Where would these amatas be without an ice cream machine? Totally fennelled. What a nerve Ch Ten have to call this an “encore”

  26. I’m liking tonight’s challenge, with Jock swapping the sweet and savoury dishes that the individual contestants chose. It’s different at least.

  27. Contestant completely fails challenge.
    “I hope this doesn’t send me home tonight”.
    No. What you hope is that someone else does worse.
    Or that the judges will manufacture an excuse to rig the outcome.
    Either/or (shrugs).

  28. If I couldn’t get the shell out of the mould I would have still served it in it rather than just smeared on a plate. At least then it’s still a tart which was what the challenge was. I don’t get why they didn’t do that. And Jock. You big meanie. I can’t believe you did that. Swapping the tarts. That was cruel.

  29. Again tonight, every one of the dishes was delicious, flavourful, balanced, imaginative, and met the brief – even the ice cream. Either the remaining 18 are all very talented, or the judges have dropped their standards because the 18 are all mediocre. In any case, it makes for a lacklustre competition. I did like some of the pasta dishes, but not enough to look up the recipes.

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