What’s everyone watching in 2023?

2023? How the bell did we get here? The days are all a blur and we have more choices than ever of TV shows – but are they any good?

I am late to the party with a Brooklyn 99 binge via Netflix. It’s a fun show when you have had a hard day and don’t want to watch anything too mentally taxing. And Andre Braugher’s voice is always so soothing.

My new weekly date is with the zombie apocalypse show The Last if Us. It’s based on a game about fungal spores infecting humans and sparking a global pandemic. I do live a good apocalypse show and even hung in there a The Walking Dead limped to the end a king time after it should have been put down.

One to watch

Australian TaskMaster starts on Ten this week. The British version is one of my fave shows, so I am really hoping this one is not dreadful.

Tom Gleeson from Hard Quiz is the TaskMaster, so if his schtick is not your thing, steer clear. Still, most of the fun comes from watching comedian contestants attempt to do ridiculous tasks in tight timeframes.

. If you have no idea what I am talking about, there should be some UK seasons on SBS in Demand.
TaskMaster airs on Ten Thursday at 7.30pm (so it will have to be much more PG than the UK original).
And here is a link to the best scene ever from UK Taskmaster

What’s everyone else watching?



  1. There’s not much appealing content on Aussie TV at the moment, for me.

    I’m not watching “Australian Idol” (I have this weird phobia about listening to people singing live. I don’t know), definitely passing on “MAFS” and “Survivor” has featured George very heavily in all the promos, which is a hard pass.

    One show I did get addicted to, last year, was “Below Deck”. 7Bravo is currently airing the Australian sub-franchise (“Below Deck Down Under”) on Wednesday nights, so I don’t miss that.

    I’ve also recently gotten totally addicted to watching clips of “East Enders” on YouTube. So much so that I’m starting to hear cockney phrases and words when I talk to people.

  2. I’m looking forward to Taskmaster and am watching Survivor.
    Like you, WS, I’m not into talent or even worse, dating shows.

  3. I am a big fan of the UK version of The Taskmaster.
    I worried that the Australian version would be a pale imitation but was pleasantly surprised. The two new hosts steered clear of following too closely over the trodden path (although it was touch and go every now and then) and let the contestants be “the hero” of episode one.
    I also expected Julia to be too overpowering, as she can sometimes be, but it was all nicely balanced with some people I have never heard of.
    It was easy watching and I even laughed out loud at one point so I will tune again.

    • Yes. It was an advance screening of Episode 1.
      I was a little bit thrilled. Felt special for a moment 🤣🤣🤣 and then realised that I probably spend too much time streaming free to air.

      • You’d be like me, Bobi, getting a link from TenPlay to watch TM early – just haven’t had time yet.
        That’s a relief to hear it is not awful!

    • I also love the UK one, but I did enjoy this one. I believe the show’s success relies on the “minion” and not the actual taskmaster, and I think the little Tom was quite good, although it would be hard to find anyone as good as Little Alex Horne. Of course, the UK version was invented by Alex, so it is really a vehicle for his talents with Greg just the sideshow.

      The Aus version started quite stilted but it got better as the two hosts relaxed and went off script more.

  4. I watched TM tonight with Mr Juz and Mr 10 (who adores the swearing in the UK one). It was pretty good although the loud canned laughter was overbearing. I do miss the banter between Greg and Alex but at least they did not try to fake that with the Toms. All the cast did well although I found the final on-stage task to be rushed. In the UK one they would have had a go one by one. None of the tasks was an exact copy of the UK one – just shared the DNA – so that was a relief.

    • I watched it and mostly enjoyed it. There were some flat spots, and yes, the canned laughter was annoying. Tom and Julia can each often be overbearing but were more restrained last night. I think it will get better as it goes on.

      I did get some laughs over how many of the players just could not follow instructions.

    • Heh, heh.
      I’m looking forward to that segment.
      I saw that Luke just got engaged. Given his mother’s comment, he either kept that quiet from her or the relationship was very quick.

  5. Enjoying Survivor very much. So refreshing after the disaster that the US version has become. A good mix of returning and new players, and more variety in the challenges. I quite like George (as a player) but only the first ep focused on him really, because of the injury.

    Last night’s evictee was a very poor ambassador for wildlife conservation!

    • I’m quite liking it, too. I can’t watch a whole episode because some players are nails-down-a-blackboard but, given the amount of airtime they are getting, I’m assuming they are not long for this show.

  6. I’ve just come back from grocery shopping. That was a shock 😮. Seriously, it was a huge jump. I did buy extra meat but it was mostly mince. I’m thinking that I’m going to have to have a closer look at discretionary items.
    I am enjoying Britbox. I’m keeping that one.

  7. I have been recording Survivor Aus, bit so far haven’t been able to bring myself to endure whining Sharni or whiny George. I already spent most of their last seasons wanting to see the back of them.

    • Yes, I haven’t even bothered with this year’s “Survivor”. The heavy George focus was enough to turn me off.

  8. I have just been watching the Grammys.
    I feel so old.
    The singing, and I use that term very loosely, is just horrendous.

    • I didn’t watch because I wouldn’t know most of the singers, so am not all that interested in who wins.

      But I have looked at photos of what people are wearing. Some of those outfits are hilarious. Shania Twain takes the cake I think. One newspaper described her outfit as “Seussian”, which is accurate – Dr. Seuss would be proud.

    • There’s a lot of hate directed at Harry Styles for winning something instead of Beyoncé.
      I don’t have an opinion on Harry winning but I have absolute views on Beyoncé.
      I’m a little over this worship of Beyoncé as some sort of deity. She not my cup of tea. She put out one good song and now, apparently, she is perfection in every thing she does. Normally I would put in a disclaimer here about “not my demographic “ but my view is held by all my grandkids so I am feeling kind of smug.

      • Beyonce appeals to an easily impressed dumbographic.

        Would she have made it in the 60’s or 70’s ?


        • Could you imagine Guy Sebastian, Delta, or Jessica Malboy making it in the 70s.
          They’d be playing at the Herdsman as a feature act, and I guess someone would go. Normie Rowe played as a feature at at the White Sands and he did his block because people weren’t listening to him sing.

      • I also don’t “get” Beyoncé. She has won plenty of awards – it is ok for other people to win, too. I’m not a Harry fan either but.good on him for forging an international career after starting in a manufactured UK boy band

        • I just don’t like the boring music they have the cheek to call R&B. I would expect more from a genre with that name.

          Yesterday I was listening to The Stranglers singing Golden Brown on my car music list. Now THAT has a sound.

  9. I hear Dr Phil has been cancelled. I don’t know what I’m going to watch now while I have lunch. Oh, wait, more fabulous cooking shows 😀.

  10. Taskmaster was okay tonight. I hope that’s not as good as it gets.
    I love the concept of this show and I don’t want it to go bad.

    • I’ve had a rough day and needed a laugh. I’m not far into the show yet, but Julia opening 71 bags before finding the cat made me guffaw.

      I think the bit where contestants bring in prizes could be eliminated.

      • Hoping it’s a better day today.
        The opening segment is usually my favourite bit. This one last night was inane. Maybe that’s what sparked my disappointment.
        The show was slightly redeemed for me by Luke’s phone call to his mother (plus my heart broke a little bit for Nina). He really is a delight.

        • Thank you, Daisy and Bobi. Sometimes things just get you down. I felt sorry for myself for a little while, had a little cry, and today I am fine :).

          Luke’s phone call to his mum was funny, especially his facial expressions as she kept on talking. The show does have some bits that don’t work, but I’ll keep on watching because so far the funny bits outweigh the others.

  11. Commenting on Bobi’s comment above about price shock on groceries -wtaf is going on? Did inflation jump to 50% while I wasn’t looking?

    I did an on line shop the other day and it was delivered today. It was normal pantry and fridge items, no junk food, chocolate, cleaning products, or personal stuff like shampoo. While I took note of price increases when I shopped, I got pissed off again when checking items against the invoice. I compared 6 things whose prices I knew before they went up. Total of price increases for those 6 was $8.80. Woolies even put up the price of the goddamn paper bags. I don’t think inflation, covid, and shortages can account for that. Greed?

    • If it was just a gradual increase, I’d put it down to just inflation – you know, like petrol cost, transport costs etc (the stuff we are used to) but it’s dramatic. We know it’s not wages and I doubt that Woolies or Coles have high interest payments. Obscene salaries for CEOs?
      Call me a simple soul but I’m with you on the greed. Surely. I can’t think of anything else.
      I used to grow a lot of my veggies. I have had a terrible couple of seasons. I’m going to blame the weather rather than my lack of green thumb. 🤣
      I don’t really know where to go from here.

  12. One of the best tribals I have seen, last night on Survivor. George, hate, love or tolerate him, has the most amazing mind, and he just carved them up last night. He turns people from “he has to go immediately” to “actually, I like working with him”. Poor Simon was ground into the dirt by George’s incredible ability to manipulate situations. JLP barely said anything, just stood and watched in awe.

    And all this with the background of a vital piece of information that the viewer knows, but none of the players know. It is turning into an awesome season.

  13. There are some shows returning that I’m looking forward to. Insight, Gogglebox, and new episodes of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw are ones I like. MasterChef too, and I am a little tired of that, but will probably watch anyway.

    There’s a new one that, if I’m reading the promos right, follows couples as they are going through the process (nearly wrote journey) of IVF. Could that be right? It’s a terrible idea. Do we see people having unpleasant treatments, waiting to find out if a pregnancy results, possible miscarriages? Is nothing private anymore?

    Also, there will be new eps of Bluey, best news of all.

  14. I’m with you on the IVF one. Part of me is horrified at the intrusion of something so private, and part of me wants to watch. I’m guessing the appeal for the couples is that a very expensive medical procedure is paid for by the producers. It feels a bit opportunistic to me, taking advantage of someone’s desperation. I hope they mention the low success rate. I hate this view that IVF is a cure all.
    Can’t wait for Bluey.
    And new episodes of Vera. ❤️
    In the meantime, I am watching The Great British Sewing Bee on BritBox. I love this one so much that I am going to go out and buy a sewing machine. What could possibly go wrong?

    • Very little will go wrong if you’re patient with yourself while learning. I learned to sew when I was young, but was never able to master putting in sleeves so they looked right, or putting in zippers by machine. Shirts I made were sleeveless, and zippers were put in by hand.

      I still have an old sewing machine. It’s only used now for overcasting raw edges of hems and various bits of mending on old but favourite clothes.

      If you don’t understand any of what I said, you might do better to find a good seamstress :).

  15. My aunt was a seamstress back in the day. I’m assuming that women weren’t allowed to be tailors. I won’t say I learned very much from her but there was a little information transference by osmosis.
    It’s more that these people are taking such joy in the process that it makes me want to give it a go.
    One challenge saw them making a bra (really difficult, btw) but if I could master that, wouldn’t that be a bit of fun.
    I know that it wouldn’t be like that for me. I would be in the back room, hunched over the machine, in the dark, crying.
    But wouldn’t it be nice if it wasn’t. You can never have too many hobbies.

      • Agree with nope, stretchy and slippery fabric is the absolute worst to work with. Are the people on Sewing Bee accomplished sewers? Do they have a few inexperienced ones to make it more interesting?

        If you really do buy a sewing machine, let us know the first thing you make. With pictures.

        • In the last season or two there have been some cast who took up sewing during British lockdowns. Some are from creative fields, like set design, but there are also doctors and retired teachers etc. Thr blokes tend to be less experienced. Sometimes the excellent sewers get tripped up in the reinvention challenge. While they are great at following patterns and French seams, they come unstuck when asked to turn beach towels into an evening gown, or similar.

        • They are mostly experienced home sewers but it rare to have anyone with the complete range required. Who in their right mind would make a man’s dress shirt?
          My favourite episode had them making one of those beautiful African peplum dresses.
          Delightfully, no one fails completely but some people are very good.
          I look forward to sharing my attempts. 🤣

  16. I missed half of Taskmaster because I forgot it was on last night. I’ll probably keep watching because it will lead in to Gogglebox. Although some challenges are funny, overall the show is disappointing.

    I do find it amusing that Julia often finds a completely different way to interpret the instructions while staying within the rules.

    • Yes. I, too, am disappointed in the Australian version. I doubt that this is going to be renewed for season 2.
      I think Jimmy and Julia get the concept. Luke is just charming.
      I am wondering whether the problem is the host. It’s out-of-the-box thinking that should be rewarded.
      Or maybe it’s the lad stepping in for Little Alex Horn. One of the delights of the UK show is how Alex is used as a prop without a single complaint or pushback. Jimmy would have been good as Alex. He is willing to forgo dignity for a laugh.
      However, I will keep watching. It harmless fun and there’s very little else on.

  17. Insight was interesting tonight. The subject was political correctness. I knew that would be a button-pusher for me, so had decided to listen all the way through and not yell at the tv. I think Insight is a good show because the people on it are mostly respectful and listen to others opinions without yelling or finger-pointing. As they were tonight – except for one person. It wasn’t just the hateful and prejudiced words that came out of her mouth, but also her facial expressions, eye rolling, lip-pursing and head shaking when anyone said something she did not agree with. That was Katherine Deves. I wanted to punch her in the mouth.

    • 🤣🤣🤣 The woman is a caricature. It is hard to believe she is real. Still unbelievable that she was chosen by the Liberal party. Maybe she continues to have high hopes. Some people become overly invested in a losing preposition. I will watch just for the joy of seeing her.
      And the yelling. I love yelling at the tv.

  18. I see that Big Miracles, which is the show that follows couples having IVF, is on tonight.

    I was tossing up whether or not to watch one episode, although I think the premise is intrusive and inappropriate for a reality show. But after seeing excerpts from it on Gogglebox the other night, I definitely won’t be watching any of it. One couple had 16 rounds of IVF before the woman tested positive for a pregnancy. I don’t know rules for IVF clinics, but I’d think giving anyone that many treatments would be unethical. I guess money talks. By far the worst scenes shown were after a baby’s birth, when the baby didn’t breathe right away. Watching her being stimulated and prodded for what seemed like forever was horrendous and I wondered if they were really showing a stillbirth. She did cry eventually fortunately.

    I suppose there are some happy endings and healthy babies in the show, but I think it is an unsuitable subject for reality tv.

    • I have a granddaughter who was born through IVF. The procedure was a simple solution to a simple problem so it wouldn’t make for good television viewing. 🙂
      But because of “everything “, I was aware of the stories. Desperate people looking for hope where there is none, and the clinics are mostly driven by money.
      And I say mostly because, to be fair to them just for a moment, there are enough stories about that one miracle so people would be unlikely to listen anyway. Everyone thinks that they can still win the lottery, despite the odds saying otherwise.
      I’ve heard people talk about cancer in the same way.
      Here’s my conspiracy theory. These television shows are propaganda to keep keep invested when they should just stop. My brother, cynically, calls it The Cancer Industry. I’m not the only person at the table who would have second thoughts about any cancer treatments having watched a family member go through something that looks suspiciously worse than the disease.
      And back to IVF, I often wonder about the life of the successful embryo. The pressure on that child growing up to be perfect is unimaginable to me, and doomed to failure, of course.
      Ignore me. I am feeling deep today.

      • Bobi, I have a friend who has 2 children conceived with help from ivf. I don’t think anyone would expect kids conceived through ivf to be any better or worse, but fyi; her kids are THE meanest, naughtiest, rudest and demanding kids I have ever seen. I never met a kid I didn’t like, EVER, then my friend had 2. They are truly horrible…but it was parenting.

        • I think any person who is desperate to get pregnant/have a child, should have to rent a two-year-old to be with them 24/7 for one week.

        • 🤣🤣 Absolutely, Von.
          I don’t say it very often because I am prone to being misunderstood but “children” are highly overrated.
          I like my children, and two of my grandchildren are simply adorable but on the whole, if people were totally aware of the day to day drudgery – with a passing mention of how self-absorbed these tiny creatures are – the human race would die out.

          • I agree with you both. At this risk of being maudlin, after giving away my figure, decades of my life and probably millions of dollars raising kids and grandkids, then being kicked to the curb, I’m thinking dogs are a better idea.
            Ask me again in 5 years.

    • My views are “complicated”. 🤣🤣🤣
      Something, something, privatisation and corruption of government and then something, something apathy of voters.
      It would require a long dinner table conversation and plenty of wine for my opinions to be laid out. It would be fun as long as the wine was good.
      I think that the changes to taxation of superannuation is a slice that shows what is wrong with Australia. One half of one percent (0.5%) of Australians will be affected by the changes to taxation of super but 35% of Australians are against. Seriously. Who are these people and what are they thinking? I’m serious, btw. I really would like to know.
      But I suspect the answer also leads to profiteering by companies, the rental crisis, inflation etc and that’s why we can’t have nice things.
      And I took great care to start my sentence with a “but” rather than an “and”. 😀

      • Maybe some of the 35% are looking to their futures and hoping not to be affected by the changes. But I wonder if these, presumably younger, people really think they are going to be in that bracket at retirement. I didn’t pay much attention to my super beyond making sure my and my employers’ contributions went in, and occasionally checking the fund’s performance, when I was young. The wfc changed that mind set somewhat, and looking back…well, hindsight. 🙂

        And governments change, so rules and regulations change. People worried about their super in the future should vote accordingly.

      • Interesting points. Thanks for that.
        I find it difficult to determine Australian voters think. I reassess my vote at every election on … idk … available information – I’m not a rusted on anything voter – so people’s reasoning can be perplexing to me.
        My DiL is a rusted on Lib voter because she believes in small government and anything that says no taxes. When she talks, it’s like listening to someone who runs a big business and comes from money. She doesn’t btw.
        Fair enough. She’s entitled to her views, except (you knew there would be an except 🤣🤣🤣) she hasn’t worked since she was 18, she is on a government pension and will be for the remainder of her days, the kids are subsidised to go to a private school (Catholic), she lives in a govie house with a rent subsidy, etc, etc, and really more etcs.
        I’m not sure that she sees it as money. Sometimes I think that she just thinks that everything is free for her. When it’s mentioned that this is all taxpayer funded, she just gets a funny look on her face and goes on a rant about something (kind of like, “Look over there”. 👉👆☝️👇👉🫣) You should have seen the look on my face when she ranted in favour of Robodebt. 😯
        Unfair of me, I know, but every time I hear of someone complaining about paying too much tax, she leaps to mind. I must stop that. My New Years resolution is to keep an open and curious mind. It’s still a struggle sometimes. 😀

    • The duopoly only cares about its (is duopoly singular or plural?) commitment to shareholders and the all important bottom line. That’s business I suppose, but I wish they’d stop with the virtue signaling – “we care so much about our customers, and try to keep prices down” – because that is all bullshit. They will milk the pandemic and supply line issues excuses for as long as they can, and then continue to put prices up anyway for no reason other than greed.

      • As a point of no particular interest, it’s singular. Duopolies is plural.
        I love the English language. Designed to confuse.
        And Qantas is my pet peeve.

        • I should have known that, but the “duo” part confused me.

          Qantas peeves you because there is no U? They could have kept the U from Queensland I guess. Or made it Qldantas so it was unpronounceable as well as an odd spelling.

        • 🤣🤣🤣 Yes. It is the lack of U. It is my right to demand a U.
          I just did a quick google (morning coffee time in bed, waiting for the sun to get up) to see if there were other words with no U and they are all foreign and direct imports, or Europeans have substituted a K.
          So … KANTAS?

  19. For those of you who have liked Death in Paradise, there is a new spin off series on Binge. Kris Marshall renews his character as DI Humphrey Goodman, and Sally Bretton, is back to play Martha, his fiancee. It is set in Devon and has all the charm and intrigue of DIP. A new episode is dropped every Saturday, with 2 eps currently available. I am loving it, just hate having to wait a week between eps.

  20. Is anyone still watching Taskmaster, hoping it improves? I’m watching, but last week’s was dismal and I wandered off to do something else.

    Luke and Julia are the funniest, and I love Jimmy Giggle so he gets a pass from me on anything he does. But the tasks are often weak and the taskers can’t do much with them. It is disappointing. Maybe tonight’s ep will be hilarious.

    • I’m watching TM but, like for you, it struggles to hold my attention.
      Every now and then, there is a funny segment, and every now and then, one of the players thinks like a proper taskers and I am amused, and of course, it is very funny when they get the task completely wrong but are supremely confident that they have been fabulous. It’s that head slap moment.
      They have all grown on me to some extent. Julia and Jimmy are clearly seasoned performers and Luke is just likeable. Because she Is everywhere, maybe we have underestimated Julia? The two girls have settled and are better. The blonde lass has potential.
      Sadly though, it’s not enough and I have gone back to watching the UK version. Let’s just blame it on lack of chemistry. Somewhere.

      • I am watching, and enjoying, but I agree that it lacks in comparison to the UK, which is into another great season on Monday nights. For me, it is Tom Gleeson (who I usually like) who brings it down. The comparison to Greg Davies is just too wide, and since the Aus version started I have appreciated Greg much more. The comic timing between him and Alex Horne is impeccable.

        The celebrities are okay, but nothing special. The blonde anonymous one annoys me, yet is often the best at the challenges. The challenges are mixed, with some I will remember for a long time (the roses on the path) and others that are bland. The best are the ones where there is an obvious shortcut that all except one miss, but you can’t have too many of those.

        I reckon it will be renewed, as it is doing well enough, and far better than some of their recent attempts at new content.

        • Tom is just not mean enough as TM. And while Tom 2 is likeable enough, half the joy of original TM is knowing that Alex Horne invented the show, created the tasks, and you know he must find the contestants’ actions horrifying, amusing and frustrating. And his interactions with Greg are gold. I think the Aussie one is ok, but many of the tasks are simple and not, hmm, devious enough. And because they film in NZ there is no interaction with the real world. Like getting strangers to help you roll balls up a hill, or calling a taxi to take an object to the next town, or ordering pizza delivery.

  21. Doug Mulray died.
    It is doubly sad because I just recently listened to a podcast interview with him on Suddenly Senior. It was a sad interview. Although he was outwardly cheerful, in hindsight, he was now obviously unwell. The only thing that seemed to bring him joy was music.

      • I’m wearing the Zappa t shirt you made me ,daisy. Conversation starter. Rock t shirts always are.

        I’ve a few regrets but never to become a musician. My parents hated me for it. They bought me a transistor radio. Big mistake.Especially in the 60’s.

    • 😁
      From memory, Doug played in a band but it was more a hobby for him.
      I’ve always wished I was musical. I’ve made many an effort but I have zero talent. In face of everything, I persist.

  22. After watching her on Taskmaster, I am liking Julia Morris a lot more now. She seems more relaxed and mellow than on IAC. It will be interesting to see if she is the same on IAC this season as previously.

    One week to go to see if they, and especially the person who makes up the tasks, can lift their game.

    • Von, I liked her when she was being normal on CA. It’s her ridiculous nonsense that she calls comedy I can’t, and don’t watch.

  23. It’s been Farmer Wants A Wife for me. It’s shallower than a dam in a ten year drought.

    To be fair, none of the gels are “influencers”. Everyone’s white. Farmers tended to zero in on the blondes. Gels might feel they’re romancing a stone, like.

  24. I have family staying at the moment and I’m trying to catch up with IAC before I read any posts. Just saw KAK walkout last night.
    But, I am up to date with Lego masters, and I am loving it. I do like Hamish and think he is the perfect host for this show.

    • I’m happy you have family staying, TH. How are they all going.
      Son1 has kicked drugs, is living with us until he gets established again, and has been busy setting up improv teaching. He engages some if his neuro science education.

    • That’s good news, Daisy. Hard work by everyone.
      I love LM. I love both the hosts. I love it when the other guy is brought to tears. You can’t fake that stuff.

    • Thanks for your concern, Bobi. I’m a couple of thousand kms south of where the cyclone crossed the coast last night; Daisy is even further south, so I assume she is fine too.

      Poor Pardoo Roadhouse copped it the worst. Ilsa has been downgraded to a Cat 1 last I heard, so let’s hope places further inland escape any damage.

      • As, Von said, no. We are too far away. We just have a bit of a cold front bringing occasional showers.

        • I’m hoping it will come to us to give us a top up for what we got late summer, early autumn. Extra rain would just be the icing on the cake for us, as we know its gonna be dry for a while.

    • Thanks. Did you get any rain? I had a look at Qld weather warnings, but am not familiar enough with Qld geography to work that out.

      • Yeah, thanks Von, we have had a couple of nice showers since Saturday. Some places more than others, but very welcome all the same. 😊

  25. I’ve read two articles today whose authors are offended by the latest new episode of Bluey, saying it is fat-shaming and fat phobic.

    Bandit steps on the bathroom scales, gives a little sigh, and decides he needs more exercise. He also grabs a little roll of fat around his middle. How dare he??!!! I’m outraged and highly offended!!!! Never watching Bluey again! Boo, hiss, fie on Bluey!

    What a load of horseshit. I’m sure I could find something on tv or in a paper to offend me every day if I look hard enough. But I’m pretty sure nothing a blue cartoon dog does will ever be it.

    • Coincidentally, I watched the Bluey episode just before all these views hit the headlines.
      It was a delightful episode with a lovely message (clearly missed by a lot of these commentators 🤣😯😀) and I was vastly entertained and amused. Just noice.
      And let’s not overlook the fact that this is a children’s show aimed at preschoolers, not fully functioning adults who believe that their eating disorder has now been triggered and how are they going to deal with it all. To quote someone, “Even Evel Keineval would have trouble making that leap”.
      Some days I just sigh.

  26. Re Bluey; it’s like someone has something against being healthy and fit.

    And for something different; on FWAW, I’m not liking Olivia because you know I don’t like “poomvey”; grown qomen acting cutesy. It’s so fake. And beware of her 3 year old tantrum when it comes.

    • Farmer Lexicon
      “them gels”
      “hardest decision to make in me life’

  27. I wish channel ten would reduce the number of MaterChef promos. They’re spruiking a season of surprises, but I wonder how many surprises are left after seeing all the damned ads over and over.

  28. RIP Barry Humphries, 😪 another celebrity to fall for the “deadly” hip replacement. So sad and will be greatly missed.

    • I think any surgery and stay in hospital is dangerous when one is 89.

      But, yes, rest in peace, Barry. I’m glad his family had enough warning to be there with him.

    • I am so sad about this. He was a very funny man, not that I loved the Les Patterson persona, but you can’t have everything.
      One of my favourite Archibald paintings was of BH. It is quite small and delicate. I will try to attach but like most paintings, better in real life.
      Funny that you should focus on the hip fall. So did I. The stats around breaking a hip are horrendous. I have always been convinced that that is how I’m going to go. I have three steps in the middle of the house and a big dog that is constantly underfoot. When I fall, it will be weeks before the cleaner find my still-faint-signs-of-life body.
      I have been meaning to buy an Apple Watch and now will make an appointment as soon as. If I fall, the watch will ring emergency services. It will give me some comfort that my dog won’t have to eat my left leg while waiting for help. Not that I begrudge him anything 😀.
      Too much?
      It is a lovely sunny day here and we are sitting, having tea in the sun but I am very aware that winter is coming. Canberra can be a bit cold in winter and I am filled with a slight sense of dread.

      • That would be “Sir” Les Patterson.

        My friends had a small second hand record shop in Adelaide. Browsing next to me one day was Barry Humphries., looking for music by Bruckner. I had in my backpack a paperback copy of The Travelllers Tool , by Sir Les Patterson. I didn’t want to bug him for a signing. He’d regularly trawl the record shop if in town.

        He’d be seen in olde bookshops , wandering around Adelaide’s Botanic Gardens and little out of the way restaurants like Rigoni’s This was way back before the internet. I guess he’d be called a “humour influencer” today.

    • That’s it.
      Thank you for that. My internet wouldn’t give me access.
      It is about 2 foot by 3 foot and it is just glowy with shades of dark and light.
      Every now and then you see something that makes you realise that there is competent, which I mostly aspire to and have reached occasionally, and then there is an extra layer of absolute talent.

    • Lovely front page on many levels.
      I did see that one newspaper has referred to an “Exit, Stage Left” and they are being inundated with people correcting them to an “Exit, Stage Right”, given Barry Humphries political views.
      We are funny people, aren’t we? 🤣

  29. I think many people dying about now had some of the best decades in history to have lived. I don’t see the world becoming a safer, kinder, happier place to live. The future is less bright than it was in the previous 70 years. And comedians careers become more problematic as more and more we are told we have to conform in speech and thought.
    So, I think it’s a good time to die. Not that I have a death wish. I just think that we have lived in the best of times.

    • I often think this.
      I have been having many conversations lately about how I had a charmed upbringing. Of course we were as poor as it was possible to be but then so was everyone else. “Stuff” didn’t seem to matter as much back then.
      More than that, like most people, I came from a large-ish family, and we remain close, as well as most of us still have some of the same school friends. Someone you started kindergarten with was more than likely to still be there when you graduated high school. Learning how to keep connected and navigating the politics of where you are in the hierarchy is excellent training for life.
      My kids have neither of these things. They are so busy working that they don’t have time. Their world is very small and in their small, busy world, there doesn’t seem to any room for kindness or tolerance. The intolerance in particular sometimes takes my breath away.
      When I look around, the happiest people I know are connected to family and friends. My daughter says she will make friends when she retires. Lord love a duck. 🤦‍♀️. I did tell her that it doesn’t work like that but then, what would I know 🤷‍♂️. I am speechless. There’s a freight train coming at her and she doesn’t have a clue.
      I don’t mean to brush past gifts given to us, mainly boomers, (bless Gough Whitlam ), like free university, and not having to resign from your job when you got married, superannuation and Medicare etc, etc. Still, I am watching all these benefits slowly being pared back and I worry for my grandchildren (Yes. Yes, I am absolutely a socialist 🤫😀).
      This is a conversation better had over wine and with hours to spare. 🍷

  30. Oh yes. I was at teachers’ college in those days and boy oh boy, that place sure was well supplied. The art department had so many good art supplies. I did uni again in the early nineties, and they had paper and pencils.
    On another matter, I have been studying poly vagal theory and the impact of trauma on human physiology. 😮 Very enlightening.

    Then I happened across a video on quantum physics and the “mind v the brain. How am I only hearing about this now. Well I had heard about auras but I thought that was in the realm of psychics etc. Turns out we actually do have a scientifically measurable field of energy that flows through and around our bodies, and THAT, is our mind, not our brain. The mind and brain have incorrectly been used in interchangeable terminology.

  31. If you are not already, please tune into LegoMasters. Watching Brickman get choked up at elimations is just lovely. And you don’t have to be into Lego to enjoy it

    • I’m loving LM, one of the better shows on at the moment. No backstories, just brick stories. And yes I do like the way Brickman gets emotional, shows he’s human.

  32. I had Anzac biscuits for lunch, thinking of my Mum who used to walk every year in the Port Douglas parade.
    Beautiful day here but doggo and I will be having an afternoon nap when I suffer from that sugar crash. There is an unbelievable amount of sugar in golden syrup.

  33. I just saw the news. 46. Very sad. I always ponder the huge amount of pain and anguish involved by everyone.

  34. I’m totally gutted, words cannot express what I feel at the moment. Condolences and prayers to his family. 😔

  35. Yesterday Channel 10 said it would be up to what Jock’s family wanted, regarding when they would air MasterChef. Today they mistakenly aired 17 minutes of MC on 10 Play. Now the line is that it will be up to Jock’s family as to what they think Jock would have wanted for MC airing. There seems to be a not-so-subtle difference in intent between the two statements. One would hope that Ch 10 is not pressuring Jock’s family for the sake of ratings.

    • I would guess that 10Play is computer driven and someone forgot to get all their ducks in a row. It can happen. Been there, done that.
      The way I would be thinking about all this is that there are all these contestants that have put their lives, and their family’s lives, on hold for the opportunities that this show can bring. I think of all the cooks that didn’t win and yet they have very lucrative careers as a result of plating up a good dish.
      There’s more at stake here than just being respectful to Jock and profits for Channel 10.
      I would imagine that the real question is how, and even if, they re-edit – I can’t even think about how they would be dealing with that – and how hard that particular discussion would be for the family.

  36. I’m throwing this out; I have been watching you tube. Bloody hell. The poly vagal system and trauma was interesting enough. Now it’s quantum physics.
    Hear that sound? It was my brain exploding.
    TH; I was discussing religion, poly vagal theory and quantum physics with a Christian Jew this arvo. Very interesting and exciting.

    • Our U3A advertised a short course on quantum physics.
      I went to enrol but all the places were taken up within minutes.
      So disappointing for me.

      • You can learn about it on you tube. But it’s worth putting your name down for the next course. It’s mind blowing.

    • Not a good week for Harry given that a referee has just been hospitalised by another fighter.
      Far be it for me to generalise but fighters seem to be quick to fists.
      By the by, I did not realise that Harry was the gender fluid boxer. Either he did not discuss it in camp or I was not paying attention.

    • Oh dear.
      Still sad.
      I must admit I wasn’t liking the discussions about a suicide. Maybe it will all die down now.

      • I’d think there’d need to be a coroner’s report, if not an autopsy, before cause of death is determined..

        I, too, was disturbed about the implications of suicide in the media and elsewhere. That seems to be an almost automatic assumption these days when someone young dies unexpectedly. I sincerely hope it was natural causes. Suicide is an awful memory to leave to ones family and friends.

  37. It seems like everyone gets a state funeral these days. Even rich people who could easily pay for their own.
    I’m not saying who is and isn’t undeserving but I don’t recall every celebrity getting them in the past. They already got rich on public patronage.

    Better to give free funerals to the poor.
    Does that mean I’m becoming a socialist?

    • In a practical sense, State funerals are really because so very many people want to attend and it solves all those problems like parking, how can we make sure friends and relos get the right seats (I have seen entitled people in action 😮 ), traffic, do we need crowd control, will there be nutters attending, will there be a lot of famous people attending, rubberneckers etc.
      Compare that to my funeral where everyone will arrive in the same car and speeches will be over in five minutes. 😁
      If Father Bob had a funeral at my local, it would be absolute chaos.
      Just because you asked, the government will pay for your funeral if you are destitute and Centrelink can pay a bereavement allowance to cover a funeral.
      As much as the Liberal government tries to make Australia otherwise, we are a socialist country, and I thank goodness for that. My left wing leanings are on show again 🤣.

      • It’s just that it seems to be turning into the “wedding invitations list”. You know, you invited your Auntie Joan, so you have to invite my Uncle Max, and that means Uncle Frank will be offended if they go but he’s not invited.
        The more you invite, the more you offend.

  38. FYI, I will absolutely be tuning in to the coronation tonight.
    Of course I will be sitting back and making snarky comments but I still wouldn’t miss it for the world.
    I will be drinking gin and tonic, eating quiche (egg and bacon) and have apple pie with custard. That’s as English as I can make it.

    • I also will be watching, but, as English as you can make it, will be a “roast.” That is…a slow roasted kangaroo leg, marinated in middle eastern spices for 3 days, served with herbed baked veg. GOD SAVE THE KING🫅🏻 and plenty of red wine.🍷🍷🍷🍷

    • I’ll watch, but don’t know if I can make it through three hours. I like watching the horses :).

      Fish and chips for dinner.

      • Argh, i stuffed up reading the tv guide and thought the show started at 5pm. Now I’ve probably missed all the horses.

      • It’s not a problem.
        There are more horses. So many horses. 🤣🤣
        Did you catch that one of the carriage horses is called Tyrone? I am amused. Small things.

        • You’re right, plenty of horses, including Tyrone. I was amused as well, also laughed at all the horse poop on the road.

  39. https://edition.cnn.com/2023/05/05/entertainment/bluey-tv-show-exercise-fat-shaming-deleted-intl-scli/index.html OK this is beyond comprehension…😩… SERIOUSLY…This is is a kids’ cartoon. I truly believe the “WOKE”” movement need to WAKE UP TO THEMSELVES. What is wrong with this world??? I remember a couple of years ago when Bluey first started, and the “critics” were saying it wasn’t as diverse/inclusive as it “should” be. An LGBTQ friend of mine said, and I quote…”for f#ck’s sake, it’s a kid’s show, can we just let kids be kids???”
    I’ll leave it there.🥴

    • I’m Woke, and proud to be Woke, and this is a step too far, even for the more Wokey of my Wokeyer friends.
      It just defies comprehension.
      And for any one who didn’t get a chance to watch the episode, it was just delightful.
      I am so cranky now.

  40. I put Stan Grant on mute. That guys a pr**k.
    I am enjoying the little bit of pageantry that we are allowed to see. There is too much talking and not much of it of any interest.
    The harp playing was surprisingly lovely. Disclaimer here: I don’t know much about classical music but I could learn for more of that harp playing. The opera singer wore the most amazing yellow dress.
    A lot of the dignitaries look like they got off their death beds for this. It’s a reminder, I suppose, of how important all this is to huge sections of the Brits.
    Now we are focusing on the oddities. There a huge yellow thing being carried in. Bugga. I’m going to have to put the sound back on.
    And black Horses. They are magnificent. Of course.

    • What channel is Stan Grant on? I’m watching on ABC news 24 – but not paying attention to all the yakking. I’m waiting for the interesting stuff to start.

      I keep being surprised when they refer to the queen, and they mean Camilla.

      • It was the hour before the real show started. I can’t remember who the others panellists were, mainly because Stan doesn’t take a breath.
        There was a lot of yabbering about what this all means to Australians when really, we just want to look at the clothes.
        I am a great admirer of Anne’s getup. I thought she looked the part.

        • Anne does know how to carry herself when she is in uniform, I think more so than the others, with the possible exception of Charles.

          ABC 24 has given commentary over to the BBC. They know when to keep quiet.

          I had to snicker when Charles entered. People didn’t seem to know when or whether to stand, bow, or curtsy, until one person started, then they all did. It shouldn’t be difficult to remember to stand for the king. Even I would.

  41. I have enjoyed the show. I’m glad I tuned in for all of that (particularly all the horses).
    I am struggling now. They better crown him fast. It’s like going to mass – It just goes on and on – and I want to go to bed.

  42. My last snarky comment.
    My news feed has just told me that Harry walked in a lonely, lonesome figure.
    Fftt. That’s not what I saw.
    He walked in with his cousins and their husbands and Andrew. He looked smiley and chatty.
    I can’t wait for someone in-the-know to leak behind the scenes gossip of all the drama /s.

    • Ha ha, it is a bit like a high mass. In Latin. I’ll be in and out until the crowning, then I want to see them return home because Tyrone needs more partners to pull the extra-heavy other carriage.

  43. I have reliably told that Julie Bishop is sitting next to Lionel Richie. I missed it. Serves me right for watching the ABC.

  44. Having just watched both Charle and Camilla being crowned, I have to conclude that crowns are stupid.

    • Not to mention looking to be so heavy that neither person was comfortable during the short time they had to wear the crowns.
      I do feel for Charles and Camilla right now. It’s a long time for old people to go without needing to pee or wanting a drink of water. And this is the pared down ceremony? Sheesh.

    • I’ve noticed that the youngest Prince is not there anymore. Good thing that they sent him off somewhere otherwise it would be too cruel.
      How is it that Charlotte knows all the words to all the hymns? It’s an unnatural life.

      • I noticed how many people knew the words to the hymns without having to look at the book.

        It was an interesting ceremony, but the Coronation Procession back to the palace was the best part for me. So many horses! And the displays of precision marching were most impressive. Why are tv commentators always surprised that military brigades know how to march, split up, and re-form. Knowing those routines is by far the least difficult thing serving military members have to learn.

  45. Thanks for the recap on The Crown, everyone. I haven’t watched yet. I won’t have the patience do watch too much of it.

  46. Did I mention that it snowed here yesterday?
    Technically it was hail but when it kept going for the next hour and there was an inch on my back veranda, I decided to call it snow to let my dog know that he wasn’t going to get his evening walk.

  47. I just watched the finale of LegoMasters.
    I’m starting to think it’s just Juz and me.
    It was such a lovely season.
    I don’t want to suggest that it’s been a bad week but a cried…again. I was not alone. Half the contestants cried, plus Brickman and I am sure that Hamish cried a little, too.
    Happy tears, of course.
    I love this show.

    • No, Bobi, I was watching as well. I’ve only just finished watching the finale (with a tear in my eyes 🥲) and was so pleased for the winners. I really love this show and I did say in a post before, the best thing about it is there are no backstories, just brick stories.😊

    • Bobi I am a bit behind but have seen who the winners are. Yay. SUCH a good show and not just for kids and Lego fans

    • Eurovision continues to be absolutely fabulous.
      Australia is through to the finales.
      I am just here to say, I just don’t get that. How is Australia even in this show? Surely the clue should be in the title. It does take away my enjoyment of the spectacle a little. Voting is a special game itself and it’s a zero sum outcome for us.
      Having whinged, I am back to the theatrics.

    • You are doing better than me.
      I don’t follow AFL or The Chase, and I don’t know the singer.
      And no, I don’t know the Home and Away actress either. She better be good or she’ll be gone in Round 1.

    • Of course I know Matt Preston. Mary Coustas I remember as Effie, and am surprised at her age. Where did those years go?

      All the rest are unknown to me.

    • Pia Miranda was in Looking for Alibrandi. I don’t know that she has done much since then but that’s a standout movie for me so I am happy to see here again.
      Virginia Gay is a pretty interesting lady. I like people who take every opportunity and run with it.
      Speaking of running, I went to a Conference where Sally Pearson was one of the guest speakers. Look, I get that Speaking in front of a large crowd is not everyone’s forte (certainly not mine) but she couldn’t have been duller if she tried.
      Given that’s about the extent of my knowledge, that’s not really a ringing endorsement for this lot. Still, I am happy to tune in on occasion. It’s a happy show.

  48. Well, surprise, Germany is last again. And the media here is already complaining about it being a political decision and everybody hates us. Duh, yeah, for good reasons.

    • I saw that and thought of you. 😯
      Apart from all the above, the performance was a bit alternative and may not have been to everyone’s taste. I prefer alternative. That’s what Eurovision is to me and why I was disappointed at Finland’s placing.
      I didn’t love the winner but I am also not surprised. It was well put together.
      I also wondered whether Israel’s score was also political. The final score didn’t make sense to me. 🤷‍♂️
      Australia did well. Pleased to see that. Plus we were also represented with Cyprus who also did relatively well.
      Overall, the whole thing was well worth watching. Can’t wait for next time.

      • There’s a lot of talk that the jury voting was rigged so Sweden won. People find it very convenient that the ESC is in Sweden next year, right for Abba’s 50th anniversary of their own win.
        They also complain about the placement of Israel. But then again, tons of people are still whining about Ukraine winning last year because of pity.

        Germany, well, we already know that next year they will sens the most generic copy of this year’s winner and then once again our media will cry if we are last again or second to last, just switching places with the UK.^^

        Australia did well, you were lucky as it was a bit of an alternative entry like ours.

      • Ahhh. I am enlightened and all becomes clear.
        We are away from the politics down here and it is just fabulous entertainment for us.
        I would prefer that we had Graham Norton commentating. Our commentators are a bit average. Myff’s alright but I’ve never found Joel Cressy funny.

  49. On a different topic, I’ve just finished watching a Landline doco on I view, called Outback Musical. It was really interesting. The reason I mention it is, not only is it a good watch, it shows the area I live in and I do know some of the people.

    • I saw an ad and was mildly interested.
      I will now watch with great anticipation expecting to see you in the background 🤣🤣.

    • It’s a safe community here to chat about whatever is happening. I enjoy reading about you news.

    • I used to live in Port Douglas (Mum was born there).
      Except when it’s me, of course 🤣🤣🤣, tourist are like pigeons: not as bad as rats but just as aimless and messy.
      I have been told on more than one occasion that I am supposed to be grateful for their money. See my face? That’s not gratitude you see there. 😐

      • So you know exactly how we feel. We being NOT the pub, general store or cafe owners.🤣🤣🤣
        The worst is yet to come. They grow to around a thousand, all along the river, come fishing comp weekend in July.

    • Even more wtf if you look at the drawing that caused them to make that stupid decision.


      • I’m speechless.😖😡and now furious. I did not know this had happened. He got off so lightly. How could you stay with a person like that, and after knowing it was in your bed??
        I see your point Dave.

      • Oh. I’ll burn her books myself. Not sure if I have one but that will burn her career. No wonder she’s trashed.

        • All four of my children and my 3 grandchildren have at least 1 of her books as well as the commemorative coin. Won’t be hard to convince them to get rid of them.

      • I knew about Mem Fox. There was some show on them both a while back.I want to say 60 Minutes, except I don’t watch 60 Minutes 🤷‍♀️.
        I took a dislike to her husband – obviously – but I also took a dislike to her. There was something off about her. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a long time ago now.
        In hindsight, maybe it felt that she was using the publicity around her husband to sell more books? Or maybe she’s just odd.
        I seem to remember that her parents were missionaries and she grew up on a mission in Rhodesia. She said that she often disappeared for days and her parents didn’t worry knowing she was perfectly safe. I say, fftt.
        She also spent a lot of time talking about how she didn’t see black or white. I’ll let that just there so that my prejudice can shine a little.

        • I’d never heard of her books, nor her paedophile husband. I just saw the illustration from her book that caused it to be banned as pornography. Which it wasn’t.

          Aside from her merits as a person, a big aside I’ll admit, I don’t approve of banning or burning books.

          Do you think her books should be banned here,too?

        • No.
          I’m with you here. I’m not a fan of banning or burning.
          Does this need discussion?
          I would like to meet these people who must be members of some saintly society and who, never having met me, seem to think I need protecting. Nice of them to take an interest in me.
          I’d like a definition of what they consider a corrupting influence. Or an impure thought. Or even which comes first. And how whatever is being banned will lead me down a sinful path. And define that sinful path. (There’s a lot of grammar there that is going to drive Daisy crazy. The path to hell is paved with sentences that begin with Ands and Ors).
          But truthfully, without knowing very much about the subject at all, I associate book banning with fascist regimes and/or far right Christian’s and I have an automatic knee jerk reaction: if they say I can’t have it, I want it.
          Maybe someone can put forward a case for banning a book but I’ve never heard it. I like to keep an open mind.

    • Me! Fantastic show. Who would have thought a show with absolutely no likeable or redeemable (okay, I have a soft spot for Shiv) character would be that compelling to watch (it is far superior to the great Breaking Bad, Walter White is actually worse than any character in Succession)? Superb acting, the writing is beyond fantastic. I guess it will rain Emmys for them.
      I am sad it is ending, but good decision to do it before it goes off the rails. Next week is also Ted Lasso’s final episode (I already have the whole filled it will leave behind with Shrinking). And Picard ended a month ago, the first two seasons were bad, but the third and final season was fun and brought back childhood memories.

      • I started Picard but gave up. Maybe I should try again. Am late to Ted – just starting S3. Don’t love, love it but it is an easy watch. So many Succession theories going around. Perhaps Kendall “wins” but alienates everyone and is a king of the ashes. OR the Mojo takeover happens but Geri is the American CEO. Can’t wait!

      • I love the side stories relating all this to the Murdochs.
        Jerry Hall is not allowed to talk apparently.
        What’s not to love 🤣.

  50. I hate, really hate, the insurance company commercial that has supposed customers going on and on about how lovely the insurance company reps are. Especially annoying is the woman who carries on that she woman she spoke to was “just like my best friend…”. Bullshit.

    None of these people have ever done business over the phone with anyone from any insurance company

    • 🤣🤣 I thought it was just me.
      I used to work for a bank for a short while. Trust me, the training I got on how to deal with customers over the phone was second to none.
      I can still be amazing, to the point that the Indian lad that I had to deal with at Apple yesterday thanked me. Yes, I can be that good and I was still just average while I was at the bank.
      This is such a joke and I doubt whether anyone is falling for it. I suspect that the subliminal message is that you are dealing with an Australian call centre, which does matter to some people.
      I wonder if casual racism is a problem at the moment given all the publicity around The Voice. I’m told that this happened with anti-gay sentiment when marriage equality was being debated.
      I am feeling a bit too analytical today. It’s probably just a misstep by the ad agency.

      • The ad agency has also failed at their prime objective, because I don’t remember the name of the insurance company, only that I dislike their ads.

      • I remember that it wasn’t one of the big ones.
        Marketing is a really interesting topic. I won’t bore you with “stuff” but it was soooooo very interesting. Seriously, because it’s all about the human condition.
        And we all fall for the tricks. It’s one of the reasons why Gruen is one of ABCs more successful shows.
        Okay, I will bore you with a little.
        Ever wondered why Coca-Cola, one of the most truly universal brands in the known universe, still has to spend billions on advertising? Mainly, to make sure that it is front of brain – a bit like brain washing. Thirsty? Water won’t do? Want a fizzy drink? Of course it’s Coke that springs to mind. Well, it used to when I was young. Such a treat.
        Everyone hates insurance companies. When it’s time to renew, are you going to spend half an hour on hold waiting to talk to someone with an accent who doesn’t understand you or are you going to ring those friendly people? Who were they again? That’s kind of how it works.
        Thankfully, as we get older and wiser (or more entrenched in habits) these things have less of an effect. That’s why most advertising is directed at the young.

      • Ever since I read this and the replies, a week ago, I have seen these ads over and over and over etc. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.😋🤣

        • Oh, dear. Huge apologies from me.
          I know exactly how that happens. It’s similar to an ear worm – once seen, it can’t be unseen.
          So sorry.

          • Don’t apologize, just goes to show how little attention I pay to commercials.🤣🤣🤣

    • I’m awake early this morning, too, Von. 😐 I predict a nanna-nap on my horizon.
      Reading her obit, there’s so much I didn’t know about her. I thought I had this covered.
      Her Australian connection was very strong. No wonder we adopted her.

  51. Snap girls. Awake at 4.00. I am working today so no chance of a nap, unless I make the whole class have one.

    • Best news since Rolf Harris died.

      Same. They have to flush Natalie Barr down a toilet before i’ll watch it. Ditto pain in the arse “Eddie”. Awful show.

      Kochie good riddance, you bald dinosaur.

    • I am pleased that Kochie has gone. I never understood the appeal. Apparently, at one stage he was considered one of the most trusted men on television. Beats me 🤷‍♀️.
      Why would I take financial advice from someone who has been declared bankrupt? Seriously. His advice would be worth the amount of money you paid for it.
      I don’t mind Natalie. I think that she had a bit of a raw deal, never being considered pretty enough to do the hosting job, and only being put forward when everyone else said no. Poison chalice.

      • Twitter says he’s on long service leave.
        It will be interesting to see if he does return. Jobs are limited at the ABC at the moment so I don’t see any alternative for him.

  52. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I have been busy with lots of things. I also watched You, Me and the Apocalypse. It was quite good and very original. I liked that it was a mixed genre.

  53. Mark McGowan has resigned as WA’s premiere and is leaving politics. I’m shocked.

    One of the papers published a picture of Mark when he first won in 2017 and a picture of him now. The difference is telling, so good luck to him.

  54. Ben Roberts-Smith has just lost his defamation case.
    I don’t want to have an opinion on that. My thoughts on who is right or wrong is not for this website (thank god we are not American and this trial wasn’t televised for our viewing pleasure).
    But I just can’t help myself a little bit.
    So as neurally as possible, I just thought that I would remark on the fact that it’s estimated that the case will cost upwards of $35 million.
    No matter what the facts of the matter, it shouldn’t cost anyone $35 million to clear their name.
    And just to be really clear here, it doesn’t matter whether the name is that of the newspaper or BR-S, $35 million is an obscene amount of money. No wonder we all hate lawyers.

    • I was watching The Drum. They had a defamation lawyer on. He was very articulate but then I suppose that’s his job.
      Strangely, even he said the defamation law system is broken.
      I feel vindicated. 😀

  55. I had a bad feeling about Ben Roberts Smith right from the start,

    Hero to Zero. Suck it up, you murdering maggot.

    Chris Masters. Well done,mate.

  56. Dr. Strangelove is on SBS World Movies tonight. I’ll be watching it, interested to see how it holds up after all these years.

    • I couldn’t watch much.
      A lot of very long scenes of shoot ‘em up.
      But worst of all, hardly any women and all the men were chain smoking. It’s funny what is distracting in hindsight.

  57. I didn’t watch any of the awful men being interviewed last night. I didn’t want to give any of them oxygen.
    But I did see the headline where Bruce Lehrmannn says that 50% of Australia thinks that he is a rapist. Obviously a typo. Let me correct for that for him to 100% and his mother.
    He says he hasn’t ruled out suing Brittany. 🤣🤣🤣. Clearly the interview was done before the BRS verdict and surely he needs to wait for the outcome of the other trial(s) in Queensland. The laddie is getting a bit ahead of himself. The Church that is bankrolling his lawyers is going to go broke at this rate.
    Tantrum over – and now to my actual point.
    I hate the fact that all of this is considered entertainment, and it’s not news and it’s not need-to-know. It all feels a bit … American.

    • Who was interviewed aside from the rapist? I suppose I should still say alleged rapist, but…no.

      All sorts of opinions, suppositions, and tidbits are being shown now that the trials of Lehrmann and Roberts-Smith are over. It’s not news, it’s gossip.

      • There was a replay of the interview with Prince Andrew (I’m assuming because no one was going to come back to Channel 7) and I can’t remember the third now. I’m guessing it was probably BRS because that’s been all over the news and I can’t get away from it.
        As always when free to air is dominated by a couple of issues, I escape to children’s shows. They can be a joyful thing.

        • Book-Hungry Bears is one I’ve been watching recently. They’re very cute. It’s on at 530 am or some unfriendly time like that, but sometimes I’m awake then and enjoy the sweet little bears and their small problems.

    • I saw this.
      I am a huge fan of James Weir but I decided I couldn’t.
      The promos for this show give me the yipps, and the headline by James didn’t make them go away.
      If anyone else was to take one for the team 😀, and said the article was worth a read, I might give it a go but at this stage my gut just curls in on itself.

      • I read the article. Do not recommend. Even James Weir couldn’t make that show sound amusing, or even bearable.

      • FYI, I watched the Bluey episode on cricket.
        So nice.
        Although I wonder what the Americans will make of that.

        • Ha, that’s exactly what I was thinking when they were discussing positions of fielders, pace, state of the wicket, and all those foreign terms. Gave me a good laugh.

          I almost got a tear in my eye when Rusty hit one into the air so his little sister could catch him.

    • The first contestant featured was such a waste of life, I decided no. You’d find better people living in Sodom and Gomorrah.

      The wannabe influencers and poodles can have the million bucks. It’s won’t do them any benefit. Lost causes clamouring for tv oxygen.

      Now Margaret Pomeranz can kick the crap out of these shows. She slaughtered Survivor and MAFS. She’s on Charlie Pickering Weekly show, unfortunately . tomorrow’s is last for the season.

      • She is brilliant at deadpan evisceration of reality TV. I won’t be watching Million Dollar Island either. I have a Peaky Blinders binge to finish

    • “Premium” is for people with a lot of money going to places where the locals can’t afford to say no and they are waited on hand and foot. Think, subservient.
      Just a reminder here that I am a little biased and not a fan of the wrong sort of tourism.
      Also, not a fan of Kochie. I think this is just a way for him to travel in his retirement on someone else’s dime.

    • I’m not a fan of the Chase (hosts aside) but I am a fan of the UK version of Pointless.
      I know they are similar. It might have something to do with the contestants at least having a chance on Pointless 🤷‍♀️.

      • Before my grandson could walk, he would hear the theme music for the Chase and race (crawling) to the TV. For some reason he loved it.
        I like Tipping Point. I think I read somewhere, they were going to make an Aus version.

  58. I’m showing my age here. In my day, mullets were for bogans and something to be embarrassed about.
    My grandson has a mullet. It’s awful but the fastest way to make his eyes roll is to mention that. 🙄
    I can’t wait for his first job interview.

    • Have to agree Bobi, my 7 year old grandson also is “rocking” a mullet. What makes it worse is, where they live has an annual “Mullet Festival.” 🤪

    • It’s just hair.

      What I noticed with Pete Evans’s mullet is that it looked as though he hadn’t washed his hair in months.

      Bobi and Tech, in ten years or so, your grandsons will look at photos of their mulleted selves and wonder what they were thinking. You can hope, anyway.

  59. Hey, everyone. DWTS started tonight. They kept that very quiet, or maybe it just snick up on me 🤣.
    Darryl looks awful. Surly we can do better.
    Generally, I’m not a fan of Sonia but she always looks good on this show, she’s quick witted and she knows what she talking about. This is the perfect show for her.
    They have 2 new judges (to replace the lovely lady whose name I have forgotten). I will reserve judgement. It takes a while to get used to new judges.

    • I know only a few of the contestants. The new judges seem okay; they were kind in their comments to Issa. Helen Ritchie was the previous judge.

      Daryl needs to accept his aging with more grace, use less make-up and maybe ditch that bad toupee. I don’t like Sonia much, but she is a great clothes horse and always looks good. I could do without her childish double entendres.

      I like Matt Preston, good for him for taking this on. I’ll enjoy his dances while he is here. It won’t be for long, bless him.

    • Unless some of the next lot are absolutely awful – which seems likely – the first three eliminations are obvious.
      Good on them for giving it a go. Bless.
      I enjoyed the first episode except for the footy player who was excruciating to watch.

  60. I’ve been getting into 8 out of 10 Cats. I know, I’m late to the party, but I’m glad because now I have some good British cheek.

    • The early seasons are the best but it is still fun. Sometimes I fast forward through Jimmy’s faff. The maths I rarely get in “live” time but I am better at the conundrum

    • I am better at the Maths. 🤣
      I like it but, like MC, there are some difficult episodes for me as we watch Sean Locke deteriorate.
      I can’t bear Joe Wilkinson. I put his segments on mute.

      • I don’t do the maths. My brain can’t be bothered, but I enjoy anagrams.
        I watch it for the cheeky, Brit wit.

  61. I am watching DWTS.
    I’ve decided that the main reason I like this show is because of the music rather than the dancing.
    Maybe I’m just irritated tonight.

    • I’ll be watching DWTS too, with occasional looks at MC. Again I know only two or three of tonight’s stars. During Pia Miranda’s dance, there were many shots of her and partner from waist up. I want to see full body shots so I can be judgy and critical of their steps.

      I forgot Dancing starts at 7, and saw the first couple of minutes of Warnie. They had the real Warnie for those couple of minutes. It made me a bit sad.

      • I think that they show them from the waist up because the skirts are so short and their undies go up their bum.
        I noticed last week that the girl from Home and Away was leaving very little to the imagination. I’m wondering now if there were some viewer complaints.
        I don’t see it as a problem – you see more on a beach – but I know there are some people around who have “views”. Family show and all that.
        I’m also thinking that there may have been commentary about Daryl’s age. He was overly sensitive about the subject, all night.

        • I vaguely remember seeing someone’s bum last week when her skirt flipped up. A brief glimpse of a partially covered butt doesn’t bother me :). Anyone who is “triggered” by that should stick to the cartoon channel.

  62. MasterChef caught more of my interest tonight. DWTS is better as it gets more competitive; tonight was introducing the second lot of contestants.

    The guy from Human Nature did well. Phil?

  63. It’s David Genat, from Australian Survivor.
    I might watch this, it looks like The Amazing Race on steroids.

    • Ah. Right.
      I will give it a go.
      To me it looks like a cross between The Amazing Race and Travel Guides.
      Could be good. Fingers crossed.

    • I’m interested. I just hope they don’t shove their politics in our faces and manipulate the game. Who am I kidding 🤣

    • TikTok and Reddit, forums for intellectual and reasoned information since their inceptions.

      Leave Bluey and her family alone, fucking moronic incels.

    • I read that whole article with a feeling of the tongue firmly in the cheek.
      I’ve always loved what the adults do for a living. It took me a while to cotton on and then I had a bit of a giggle.
      It’s what I love about this show: the subtle humour. I really hope the article is in the same vein and I am determined to see it that way.

      • I didn’t see the article in the same way, but I was cranky about something else when I read it, so maybe.

        It’s bad enough to besmirch Bandit and Chilli, but to then drag in Stripe and Rad!!! Not on.

        • I have those days. Not today.
          The sun is streaming in the window, the tea is strong and the news is on mute.

  64. My thing on me having to conform to pc police is, “I’m old, if I want to use the word “fat”, I’ll stop when you can use pronouns correctly and hold a pen”.

  65. Speaking of banning books, what about banning bookmarks. I give my bookmarks out to kids in a Christian school.
    My fiend said this is her hubby’s favourite author. Oops. It’s supposed to say Fuz.

  66. I’m finding “Rush” intriguing so far.

    Intriguing and frustrating. The teams were dropped in the middle of Rio with a clue that referenced “mountain” and “redemption” and it took them all how long to figure out they needed to find the Christ the Redeemer statue on top of the mountain?


    • It’s interesting. I think. I might have to give it more time.
      The host is okay. A bit patchy but I’m assuming that he is finding his feet.
      I wish he wouldn’t that with his hair.

      • So, I just watched first 2 eps, and I’m really liking it.
        Not sure what you mean by his hair. Do you mean David the host?
        I do like David’s hosting and narration.
        I’m hooked!!! 🤪

        • Yes. His hair bugs me.
          I like him when he is natural and just chats. He is quick witted.
          I don’t like his voice-overs so much. It’s a reminder that Voice is an art form. FYI, my favourite voice-over is the lady who does Gogglebox.

          • She has a lovely, warm, smooth voice. Hmm, maybe I should tune into Rush after all. Does David wear any interesting scarfs?

  67. I watched Location Location Location the other night. It wasn’t bad, interesting if you like shows with house hunting as the subject.

    I thought the hosts gave the buyers generally good advice when making offers to purchase, e.g., when and how much to increase an offer, and when to give up.

    I figured the hosts might get on my nerves, but I ended up liking them. It was one of the buyer couples who annoyed me :).

  68. DWTS is just barely keeping me awake tonight. The judges all must have taken a saccharine pill and the audience gives everyone a standing ovation.

    Matt Preston got a score of 6 for his dance. I doubt he was under an illusion that he would win, but god love him for trying.

  69. Issa, from The Chase, and his partner dancing the jive to Greased Lightning was hilarious and very entertaining. He is not a good dancer but obviously was just enjoying himself in this dance.

    There’s a dance-off now between Matt Preston and the footy player to see who goes home.

    Matt, referencing his ankle injury, decided not to dance again and conceded to the other team. Matt goes home.

  70. I’ve really enjoyed the first three episodes of “Rush”, but I’m such a sucker for this global adventure type stuff.

    And I’m really liking that the show is part adventure, part pure travel.
    Watching the teams bounce from Rio de Janiero to Istanbul and then find Petra, I mean, these are some of the most amazing places in the world. I’m here for it.

    Tonight’s episode, though, saw one team get lost, twice in two days, and both times, had to be rescued by production after wandering off aimlessly into the Jordanian desert. They weren’t so much lucky to have reached the end of the episode, as they were lucky to still be alive. That doesn’t bode well for future episodes.

    I’m liking the small cast, too. You’re really getting to know the people, and nobody is getting lost in the noise (like with “Survivor”, you can be 10 episodes in, and you still don’t know who half the contestants are).

    • I agree with the small cast comment.
      It’s something that I find really irritating with other reality shows, like some people are just set up to be cannon fodder. Or you become invested in a couple and if they are gone too early then it can spoil the whole show.
      I must admit that I am admiring their bravery or maybe they are just completely unaware. I prefer to think of them as brave.

  71. I am absolutely loving this. But, I have 2 questions. First, tyre tracks in the desert?…obviously, production crew. Second!!! Where the hell did they get the sleeping bag and blanket from???
    I was so surprised that Madi volunteered to be eliminated.🤯 Why would you do that? However, they were probably going to vote her out anyway. 😋

    • I imagine that, even if it’s the desert, there would be roadways and well-used tracks used by local travelers (for a whole bunch of reasons), and it’s doubtful that they had David out in the middle of the desert, sitting on a rock and playing Candy Crush on his phone for 6 hours. So actual human settlements wouldn’t have been too far away, they just didn’t tell the contestants (because the point of the leg was to hike across the desert, etc).

      As for Madi, it seemed like she was a bit over the whole thing anyway, plus, given all their comments (and the moment when the even-tempered Tommy snapped with frustration towards her), I’d say it was 110% certainty that she was going to be voted out of the team, anyway.

    • I was surprised that they were surprised that she would make a snarky comment at her departure. Like who, except these three, didn’t see that coming?
      I wonder if it was deliberate that Davo took her under his arm for protection.
      And just passingly, fairly impressive scenery.

  72. Yes, Juz, David WAS sporting a lovely red and white scarf in the Jordan episode.
    Its funny you mentioned that, because I was thinking exactly the same thing.🤣

  73. So … drum roll … three bachelors.
    Not a great surprise, really, I suppose.
    And it’s not a surprise that they didn’t do three bachelorettes.
    My imagination is filled with scenes of what could have been one disaster followed by another. I know, it may not have been but you and I both know that we would have dialled in for that in a heart beat.

    • The bachelor/s is back? I don’t watch the show, but always enjoy the comments on it from you all.

    • Oooh, yes, I saw this announced on FB this morning as well. Honestly, my first thought was, really, we’re doing this again? The drummer guy is maybe still dating his girlfriend, and the other two broke up within minutes of the show ending, but even with that success rate, we’re giving it another try?

  74. The dancing has improved on tonight’s episode, so far, which makes for more enjoyable viewing.. The stupid audience boos every time a judge gives a less than glowing review of the dancers. That has got old and annoying really fast.

    • I think the producers and the judges were prepared this time and handled it appropriately. They made the audience member look stoopid. Good entertainment.
      Enjoyed the whole episode tonight.

  75. I watched latest episode of the Rush on replay and one third of the way in, there was an ad that spoiled it. They showed all 3 teams and wasn’t hard to see who was eliminated. Really disappointed. ☹️

  76. We watched the 3rd season of Witcher. It’s fantasy nonsense but I enjoyed it.

    I’ve also been kind of busy getting a Web site’s started. It still needs much work


  77. DWTS was enjoyable, as always.
    I listened to Triple J’s Like a Version last night (so much fun) and decided that what I really like is music from my era.
    Effie made a return and, I must say, is a much better dancer than Mary. It must have something to do with all of that over the top exaggeration.
    There were no surprises with the elimination and besides, I’m not really invested. Ijust like the music and I just love everyone having fun.

    • Oh, I am absolutely all in. 😀
      I enjoyed last season enormously.
      I was a little bit tense at the beginning when I wanted them all to escape (too many apocalypse movies in my past) but after I settled, it was so much fun.
      And it was unpredictable which meant that the producers had less say in the outcome.

    • I didn’t mind the first season (so I daresay I’ll be watching tonight. I’ll probably record “Rush” and watch that tomorrow), but I found the whole thing so fake.

      You know, the police would require warrants to get hold of a lot of the footage and tracking programs that the show uses, and that would take time, so there’s no way a TV show would have that kind of instant real-time access. Plus, if you look closely, you can see the GPS-trackers on their back-packs.

      Not to mention, they’ve got a camera crew following them around everywhere, I mean. I like the idea of the show, but it’s hard to willingly suspend my disbelief.

      • 😯 I did not think of that.
        There has to be a way of doing some of this that is not obvious otherwise everyone in the street would stop and stare, and I don’t see that.

  78. I’m enjoying DWTS tonight. I know only a couple of the contestants. The Human Nature’s guy’s foxtrot was so good, and fun to watch. A minor gripe is I wish the female judge would tone it down a bit because she seems to love everything everyone does, and waves her arms around so much while she gushes praise.

  79. Sorry. I’ve been a bit distracted from my fta tv.
    I’ve been a bit hooked on the shows on Britbox. I’ve been watching a few crime series. I’d prefer some ripping comedy, but no one is game to produce any anymore. Too easy to offend and end up like Chris Lilly.

  80. I’ve been watching Rush, and can’t figure out why the France episode is not up on 9Now. I did a Google search and without seeing any spoilers it did air last night but definitely not able to view it on replay.

    • I’m loving “Rush”. There’s only two countries to go, according to DG last episode, so I’d imagine that means only two more episodes (Mon and Tues next week?).

      I am enjoying “Hunted” when it’s on, in the background, but I’m not really investing in it too much. The stuff that the producers are doing — hacking computers, getting live audio feed of people’s phones, using private CCTV footage — all of which would be grossly illegal, and the police themselves would need warrants to access this stuff. It’s why I just can’t quite get into it, and I had this problem last year.

      • I finally got to watch the French episode. This is a really good show and I’m loving it. Shame there’s only 2 to go.

    • I was sad to hear as well.
      I was shocked to find out how old he was. For some reason, he is perpetually around 40/50 years old in my head.

  81. I just saw the promo for Hunted tonight.
    If some random member of the great unwashed public dobs in a contestant to the Hunters, I am going to be so pissed off.
    They can’t possibly think that that would be good television and the viewers would be happy.

    • I saw that. How would anyone know who to ring? Does Hunted have a dedicated tattle line, like Crimestoppers?

  82. DWTS is extra enjoyable tonight. Maybe it’s because we are down to the good dancers. Music is fabulous, of course.
    I was amused by Home and Away lass – she of the pants up her bum in ep 1.
    There must have been some feedback because tonight she referred to her back wedgie, as well as her front wedgie. I love people who are self aware.

    • It is fun watching tonight. I think the first couple will be hard to beat, with even the pro completely out of breath after that performance. But we’ll see. I like all of the finalists, so can’t pick one couple to barrack for.

  83. $20,000 for the nominated charity seems a bit light on.
    I must be used to prize money that has more noughts.

  84. Okay, I’m giving up on “The Hunted”.

    Tonight’s episode was just ludicrously silly.

    It wasn’t a random member of the public who dobs Ben and Callum into the authorities, no.

    Ben and Callum are waiting at a train station, and they randomly run into this dude — and in a complete and total coincidence, this random guy is the BROTHER of one of the hunters.

    Come on. COME ON.

    There are six and a half million people who live in Victoria … and this is the guy they randomly run into?

    This is stupid. I’m out.

    • I’m out. And never coming back. Ever. No matter how many seasons they make.
      This is straight up cheating. You can’t spin this any other way.
      How did the producers not know this? And really, how did they think everyone would react. With much hilarity and glee? That’s not why we watch this show.
      As I googled the audience reaction, I came across other cheater-cheater stuff that I missed.
      Stupid people in charge.

      • I was genuinely angry. I switched off my TV (as angrily as you can press a button on the remote) and went inside to have a shower. I don’t think “cheating”, you know, this just proves that the show is fake, that the production team contrives stunts for the sake of drama.

        You’d want to hope that Ben and Callum were in on the stunt, because otherwise, I’d agree with you, that’s just really poor. They couldn’t beat them through normal means (but the hunter woman who went into their apartment and attached some hardware to Callum’s computer without his house-mates knowing? That’s grossly illegal. She’d be arrested. So obviously that was part of the game, too, which means that Callum knew that was likely to happen, it was part of the contract) … so they decide to sabotage them with a cheap stunt.

        Do we really know that the man was actually related to the hunter? They both could’ve been actors. Do we know that was actually his house? That could’ve been an AirBnB, or the home of one of the production team’s grandmothers, or something.

        Like that’s the kind of thing, I’m thinking.

        Two other things … firstly, that Ben Owens character recently did some press (maybe it was on Twitter, I’m not sure) where he scoffed at the suggestion that the show was faked or scripted. I feel like, that was pre-emptive press, because they knew *this* episode was coming.

        The second thing I noticed is that, when Ben and Callum were in the dude’s car, and we heard Ben saying, “We needed a bit of luck today, and the kindness of a stranger” … that wasn’t him speaking. There was footage of them sitting in the back-seat and not talking, while the voice-over was playing? Whenever there’s a voice-over, on a reality TV show, that raises a red flag, for me. Because Ben could’ve said those words at any time during the show (or even afterwards. This was filmed in February), and they just editted in the comments at an appropriate point.

        But no, that was just too contrived and silly, in a show that’s already contrived. I’m definitely out. Back to watching “Rush”.

        • Oh I get it. That’s how pi**Ed off I was when TAR Australia was rigged and the the footy players, who were absolutely top players, got bumped from top spot by the producers got the remaining teams to vote out any team. Well der. And when it didn’t work the first week, they let them gote out again. These were the guys who had come first almost every leg, and helped others all the way. They got screwed over. I have never watched again.

    • The sister was on The Project last night trying to justify her actions.
      You could tell she was uncomfortable but she was doubling down – as people who have no rational basis for their argument often do.
      Waleed wasn’t having it.
      Way to make a stupid decision look even more stupid.

  85. Thank goodness Rush has turned out to be fairly good and my decision to not watch Hunted was the right one.

    • I’m happy with Rush.
      I’m finding it slightly more enjoyable than The Amazing Race. It is less serious and I am amused more often.
      Plus, of course, there is eye candy. As a host, he is growing on me. I don’t think he takes himself particularly seriously, either. All together, a lot of fun.

      • I agree Bobi, and I think the challenges are well thought out and not ridiculous like some…or most…on TAR.
        I also think DG is the perfect host/narrator.

    • Robbie is quiet and soft-spoken; seems odd he struck up a friendship with that motor mouth. Goosebumps was not my reaction.

    • I’m surprised that it’s Cath and Robbie. I expected Robbie and the young Declan.
      Obviously not 🤷‍♂️. I must have missed something.

    • Yes, I enjoyed the finale too.

      The one thing I didn’t like was the family members showing up at the finish line. It was a bit obnoxious, particularly since we’d never met any of these people before, and they were already dragging out the reveal as long as they possibly could. If the rest of the contestants had been there to join the last three (and then celebrate the winner), that would’ve been better.

      I’m glad at the winner, too.

    • I watch this. I love it. Like in, absolutely obsessed by it to the point of contemplating buying a sewing machine.
      It was the main reason that I subscribed to BritBox.
      Obviously, I have maintained my subscription because of all the British cosy crimes.
      But back to my main point, I am spluttering in my joy over this show 🤣.

      • It is such a delight. I sewed when I was young so feel I know just enough to know when they pick a wrong fabric etc, yet be amazed by what they can achieve. Some of the transformation challenges are absolutely shockers. It is fascinating how of course being a good sewer does not mean you have a flair for fashion design

  86. Well, my tv died tonight. It’s very old and has been giving death hints for a while, but Saturday night when I had a couple of movies to watch is unfair. I don’t feel like researching television sets tonight, so will be without for a couple of days probably. I have the radio on for background noise, and books to read. I keep looking at the clock and thinking I should turn to such-and-such a channel for whatever is on. Pathetic really :).

  87. Anyone watching the Logies? I am slightly interested in who won the gold. No doubt it will be in the papers.

    • I did expect Bluey to win. I am a little disappointed because, of course, I love that show.
      Some of the dresses were just awful. Some people try too hard (Yes, I’m looking at you, Abbie Chatfield).
      Still, some people looked lovely, just classy.
      I was surprised that Sonia won. After all she only hosted one show, and we won’t speak of her “private views”. I am wondering if most of the viewing public just couldn’t be bothered voting. It would be interesting to know.

      • The guy from the show that won, Crazy Fun Park, was as surprised as everyone else that Bluey didn’t win. He even apologized. I’ll have to have a look at it, never heard of the show before today.

        Sonia was the least deserving of the gold, precisely because of her “private views”, which she chose to make public. Unfortunately, she didn’t reap what she sowed. Nasty woman.

  88. I have enjoyed Endeavour, The Young Inspector Morse, recently. Has been on before, but it is new to me. I think anything Morse is probably worth watching.

    And I have TV!

    • I am so excited to see that you can now tv again 🤣🤣🤣.
      I have heard that Endeavour is good but I can’t watch because I loathed Morse. I’m not sure why. Something to do with a feeling that he was misogynistic, narcissistic, nasty. I can’t recall now. I just took a set against his character 🤷‍♀️. Probably, I was irritated. It can be like that.

      • Thanks, me too. Endeavour is young Morse, so he’s not as piggish as older Morse. He’s still a smart ass though. I like it for Roger Allam’s acting as much as anything else.

        I understand not watching because you dislike the character. I detest all the characters on Seinfeld. Also the Teletubbies, because they’re creepy.

        • I never understood the appeal of Seinfeld either.
          Except for the episode about the girl with the man-hands, because I went to school with a girl who had man-hands, plus her mother made up her name. What can I say? Those childhood feelings linger.
          I’ll have to think about Teletubbies for a while.

  89. If you can do streaming on your Smart TV (these things are cleverer than me), I am watching So Help Me Todd on Ch 10.
    Firstly, I know that it’s American and it is very, very mental chewing gum but it is light and fluffy but good hearted and sometimes I want to escape.
    The news is depressing at the moment and I think the world is going to hell in a handbasket and no one is making comedy anymore. This is as close as I am going to get.

    • I read reviews of So Help Me Todd, and thought I’d watch, but haven’t yet for whatever reason.

      I’m sure I can stream, but would have to figure out how first :). I haven’t identified all the buttons on the remote yet. Instruction books ain’t what they used to be.

  90. And while I’m busy looking for happy things, Yay, Matilda’s!
    It didn’t matter how much we were ahead, my heart was still in my mouth. I’m too old for this stress.

  91. Thank God You’re Here is back.,
    It’s always been a show that is filled with highs and lows and last night was no different. That’s not surprising as it’s very dependent on the skills of the talent and the goodwill of the audience.
    Julia Zemiro was outstanding and it’s worth watching just for her bits. That Melbourne hippy guy is just not my cup of tea.

    • I was watching and feeling slightly disappointed that I wasn’t laughing continuously. Then I remembered that improv is not everyones forte, so sat back and enjoyed the good bits. I’ll watch again.

    • Julia did very well with the snake reveal. It was obvious not all standup comedians know how to do improv, so hopefully there will be at least one person with acting chops each week.

  92. The new season of the The Block started tonight.
    They just gave us a synopsis of the entire season, including who are going to be the villains, room reveals and the auction.
    Now I don’t need to see anymore. No surprises left.
    I have switched over to The Voice.
    Scotty really annoys me anyway so no great loss.

  93. Thank God You’re Here: same as last week.
    Fifi Box was surprisingly good. I did not see that coming.
    Lloyd won overall. I did not see that coming either.

  94. I watched as much of the game as I could before my heart couldn’t take any more. I absolutely couldn’t watch the penalty shootout.
    Every game is more stressful than the one before.
    I don’t know how I’m going get through the next. 🫣

    • Just watched the penalty shootout on repeat.
      Even knowing the outcome, I was sooo tense. 🤣 I would not have survived the real thing.

  95. I can’t avoid promos for The Voice if I watch anything on Channel 7.

    Is it a rule that contestants must wear checked flannelette shirts when they perform? 🙂

  96. A reminder to everyone that I will be watching the Matilda’s tonight. I am very apprehensive and excited at the same time.
    If it wasn’t for the game, I wouldn’t be watching anything on Ch 7.
    I know it’s a small thing and has very little impact on the world but Ch 7 funded both Ben Roberts-Smith and Bruce Lerhrman and I am boycotting.
    Just Eeeew to Ch 7.

  97. I didn’t get Matilda Mania, but I did my part by going to bed and letting Woolif watch it in P&Q. He went to bed too.
    Sad old people. 🤣

    • My excuse is that the dog wants to go to bed and he won’t go without me 🤣.
      We have had a sudden cold snap here so it’s probably the most comfortable place.

  98. Michael Parkinson died. I think he was the best interviewer ever. I’m very sad he’s gone. Rest easy, Parky.

    • I was sad, too.
      I feel like all the best of the British are dying and being replaced by Americans. It’s probably a reflection of the trade deal that Howard made with the US which even he, in hindsight, now acknowledges was a mistake.
      Hopefully, swings and roundabouts.

  99. Has anyone seen Woolworth’s checkout staff wearing body cameras? There was a big kerfuffle at my local store yesterday, some man was going off at the checkout woman. I couldn’t understand what he said, asked the checkout woman when I got there. She said he objected to them wearing the body cams, that they were trialing them to protect staff. I told her I objected to that as well, but wasn’t going to yell at her about it. And she turned her camera off for me.

    Google tells me that Woolies has been doing that in some stores nationwide since late 2022., because of abuse of staff during pandemic stock shortages. Supposedly, only the store manager can tell the staff to turn on the camera, and footage is only shared with Woolworth’s security people and police “under certain circumstances”. All checkout people yesterday had their cameras on.

    What the hell? Aside from the legality and ethics of staff filming customers, it seems to me that staff are more likely to be abused, verbally at least, because of the cameras. I thought Woolies and all big stores had cameras that covered the whole store anyway. Things are getting weird, why is everyone filming us? I’m about to make an alfoil hat.

    • 😯
      This is news to me.
      I knew there were cameras in the store for shoplifters (there are cameras everywhere these days) but not bodycam. That sounds like an overstretch to me. Maybe it’s because they have sound? The overheads don’t pick up conversation.
      I’m just thinking it through. 🤷‍♂️
      Unfortunately, Woollies and Coles are duopolies and there’s not a lot we can do.
      I don’t shop at Woollies anymore for a myriad of small reasons that I think I’ve shared before.
      They own most of the poker machines in Australia. They went into competition with butcher shops and when they put most of them out of business, they then closed their own in-house butchers. Sneaky.
      I tried to lodge a complaint. It took me a week – I was really angry 🤣. I tried every avenue. Eventually, I discovered that complaints are siphoned into positive and negative and the negatives are sidelined and hidden. And no, they never addressed it or responded.
      Good luck if you want to tell someone that you don’t like the cameras.
      Supermarkets are like banks these days. Too big to fail. Too big to care.

      • I have reduced my Woolies and Coles shopping because of their profit percentage structure. For their profit to go even higher while food prices are soaring and families are struggling to provide basics for their families make them scoundrels and thieves.

        • Both stores have always been greedy scoundrels, but it is more noticeable now because price increases they are imposing are so exorbitant recently.

          I refuse to shop at Aldi, and local IGA is too far away to be convenient. So Woolies or Coles it is. Staff at my Woolies are much more friendly and helpful than at Coles, and that does matter.

    • Serendipity.
      This was discussed on ABC News this morning, with a focus on Real Estate agents.
      Interesting to listen.

      • Fascinating. I have not seen staff with bodycams here in SA. Kmart and Bunnings have the signs up about facial recognition being used and they promise it is just to identify thieves yadda yadda

        • I knew Bunnings was doing that, but using facial recognition is over the top I think. I’m still wearing a face mask, and I think that would thwart their big brother crap to an extent. Or I can shop elsewhere.

      • I can understand real estate agents using them. They never know who will turn up at a Home Open. I’d think inspection of rental properties would be relatively safe, since that is a person you would be want to be nice to, but who knows these days.

        If they wear the same sort of camera as my Woolies people did, it looks like a tourist with a camera around his neck. If someone did punch a real estate agent, would that person not just take the camera with the?

        • It was a two sided story: the best kind.
          Real Estate agents have been copping abuse because of the stress in the rental market and then there is the privacy concerns of the rentees.
          I don’t know how I feel about it all. The world is a very different place these days and I have a feeling that it’s only going to get worse.
          Don’t get me started on capitalism and neoliberalism 🤣🤣.
          Just a word on Aldi. I don’t shop there much either – Something about the attitude at the checkout rubs me the wrong way – but I have been known to wander in when I am after something specific. They are definitely cheaper. And their marinated lamb was delicious.
          I have been thinking of shopping there more often to encourage competition with the big two. Idk. Surely. 🤷‍♂️

          • Isn’t that funny. You perceive a hinky attitude at Aldi checkouts, Daisy doesn’t shop there because of a gut feeling, and I refuse to shop there because the store gives me negative vibes. I’ve walked around Aldi a couple of times but never bought anything.

            I’d think more people do at least some of their shopping there now, if it is cheaper. Groceries are so expensive lately that food shopping does require some prior price comparing and planning.

            At Woolies today, only front desk staff and the helper at self-checkout were wearing body cameras.

          • Maybe it’s a sign that I am not as badly off as I think am 😯.
            My brother was the one who got me to walk in the first time.
            He follows the one-off specials and goes in when he wants “that thing”, and when I mean special, the first item was a camper bed for $20. It was seriously high quality and seriously cheap and a not-to-be-repeated special.
            I think the items are used to break down that barrier we all seem to have.
            Maybe it’s something along the lines of the Costco model which is also not for me. Costco is for bulk purchasing plus, of course, why should I pay to be a member of a supermarket (raspberry emoji inserted here if I could find one 🤣).

  100. Just casually saying that The Traitors is not doing it for me this year. Maybe this show only works if people are not so conniving.
    I am waiting for MKR. This ads are suggesting that it might be noice this season. 😀

  101. Thank God You’re Here is getting better. Virginia Gay took out honours tonight, deservedly so.

    I don’t think the all-in skit works. None of the contestants are experienced in improv and it shows.

    • I watched tonight. Yes, Von. I wasn’t seeing any of them really flow with the improv, but I suppose it takes practice.
      BTW, since coming home, son1. has been “clean”, starting over and runs improv workshops. He has been doing the drama for many years off and on. He has been doing a few plays as well.

      Dave, I watched “Fanny, the right to rock” tonight. Interesting. I don’t think I heard of them.
      I think, in that era, I liked all the usuals; Tull, Rodriguez, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Maria Muldaur, Buffy St Marie, JJ Cale, Pink Flloyd, Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, ELO. ……
      It’s interesting watching music history.

      • I double what Von said, Daisy.
        I watched Thank God, too.
        I’m guessing that it takes practice. Those who have done it before seem to do better. I watch the whole show but I don’t do much laughing.

        • I laughed out loud a few times. I’m sure there are work shops, or even books, that will give pointers on how to do improv. You’d think professional comedians would be quicker at giving off-the-cuff responses. What do they do if they have a heckler at a live show?

          It’s early days in the series, but it isn’t very entertaining watching
          5 seconds of silence while a comic searches for a response to a question or comment during an improv skit.

          • By my very short observation, the best performance seems to be when the comedian chooses a character. The worst performance is when the comedian is desperately searching for the funny line.
            The first sometimes works, the other takes too long.
            I think that’s why Julia Zemiro is so good at this. She leans into the scene but there’s not one punchline.

          • One of the best ripostes to a heckler I heard was~
            “I can’t hear ya mate, yer mouth’s full of shit”

            John Cooper Clarke. The Bard Of Salford.

  102. I was watching Karen Martini make French onion soup on Better Homes and Gardens tonight.

    Damn, her stove was filthy. The cooktop was splattered and splotchy, the oven floor had lots of crap on it, and the oven racks were brown and greasy looking.

    I don’t have a point, just wanted to bitch about a trained chef having such a disgusting work area. I’ve never worked for or with a chef who would leave their stove in a state like that. Total yuk.

    • She’s not my favourite cook.
      I don’t really know why but there is something irritating about her. So much so that I will even criticise her choice of dishes. Ffs, who needs to be shown how to cook onion soup. Spoiler alert: It’s onion and stock 🤷‍♂️.
      I know, I know, someone is going to explain to me how difficult it is. Perhaps I’m not rational.

    • He was good, he walked onto that set and just took over. It was very funny.

      I think they all did pretty well tonight, but the premise for Hamish’s bit was weak. It was the best show of the series so far.

  103. I want to know where Celia got the jacket she wore on TGYH. Her jacket fit so well and looked so well-made that I want a hint as to where to buy one.

    • I was once friends with someone who was “rich”. Everything she ever bought was tailored to fit after the event.
      She took for granted that we are all built differently but clothes are not. She called it a nip and tuck. I was amused.
      If I ever win the lottery, this will be my go-to.
      I am assuming that the wardrobe department does the same thing for Celia. It would be an easy thing.

    • Who’s sponsoring the Viagra,Cialis and defibrillators?
      Will the couples break up or just break wind?
      Surely this won’t be on our ABC.
      I have a fair idea where the grey hair might be. I’ll watch

    • I don’t know why this gives me the icks.
      Maybe it’s because most of the men I know have no problem moving on (I should share at this moment that my ex husband married 4 times, and was engaged 7 so I am slightly biased) and behave as if any woman will do as long as she cooks and cleans, and most women I know say that they would rather slit their wrists and bleed all over the carpet than marry again.
      I’ll have to think this through for a while.

      • Never!!!! In fact, I even said to Woolif, I take back my vows. I can do friends, housemates, but I will never be anyone’s “wife” ever again.
        Woolif and I get on much better after that. Now we are equals.

        I don’t know about younger people, but we were brought up to see marriage as a kind of ownership. It’s in all the songs we grew up with; ” I’m going to make you mine”.
        I love the old songs but cringe at the possessiveness in some of the lyrics.
        I won’t own or be owned.

        • I love the look(s) of you, (and) the lure of you, the sweet of you, and the pure of you
          The eyes, the arms, and the (that) mouth of you,
          The east, west, north, and the (that) south of you
          I’d love to gain complete control of you, handle even the heart and soul of you
          Love at least a small percent of me do `cause (Because) I love all of you.

          Cole Porter/ Frank Sinatra~ Dickheads

          • And that would be the gulf that exists between a song that you hear and a song that you see? 🤣🤣🤣

          • I prefer the “Don’t tell me what to do, don’t tell me what to say”.

            Although Lesley did let us down with, “That’s the way boys are”.

      • I see your icks and raise you a cringe. Even though no one is forcing these women to be on this show, I’m kind of embarrassed for them.

        There is some grey hair among them, but very few wrinkles – unless you look at their necks and hands.

  104. John Farnham had absolutely nothing to do with the writing of alleged “Aussie Anthem”, “You’re The Voice”.
    It’s sonic shite. Make it loud and make it clear.

    Try and understand that.

    • I know he’s not the writer and just the singer but I’ve heard others try to sing it and it’s fairly average without his range.
      He lived in Port Douglas while I was there. From memory, he had a bit of a drinking problem (I hope I’m not making that up) but he pulled himself together – or his wife did. FNQ is the place for that.
      I was never a fan until The Voice. It’s a belter and I love to sing it in the car. I can imagine that I have range, too 🤣🤣🤣.
      I wonder if they always knew they were going to use the song? I love a good conspiracy theory.
      Australia has so many “anthems”. I’ve always been disappointed in our actual one. It’s such a dirge. It’s the one of the times I was really annoyed at Gough. The lack of any real choice when they asked us to choose 🤮. I bet if they held a referendum on that, most people would say, “Let’s pick another”.

  105. So, is everyone on tenterhooks waiting for the start of MKR tonight?

    I already have a slight dislike for one of the couples, just from seeing them on the ads. Totally unjustified, I’m sure. Heh.

    • I’m there. Rottnest Scallops or just rotten scallops?

      My, Manu has a big gut this year. Disliking some of these contestants is so easy.

      One Drumstick? A bad one at that.

    • I was looking so forward to this but instead, I was just irritated by “that” couple.
      I don’t know which one bugged me more: the guy or the girl. For the moment , I’m going to go with the guy but I reserve the right to change my mind. I could easily be tipped. She sets my teeth on edge.
      Maybe I’m just tired. It’s been a long day.
      I hope so.

      • Which couple do you mean, the one cooking, or the opinionated woman and her husband? I don’t like people who use “I tell it like it is” as a blanket excuse for rudeness.

        I was in and out a bit, please help. The white puree for the scallops, white puree of what?

        I need to switch my mind from watching MC, with reasonably talented cooks, to watching MKR, which is more focused on the personalities, or lack of, of the contestants.

  106. Everyone knows it’s “Palmer” as in Clive Palmer….a huge slab of meat.

    Unlike the tiny portions on show tonight.

    • I will do something.
      I’ve been a little busy (retirement type busy) but I have a little time coming up today and I can do something short and sweet.

  107. MKR ep #1 – Nasty woman calls another contestant a wanker.

    Ep #2 – Return of the phrase “strategic voting”?

    Ep #3 – Someone throws a temper tantrum and walks out?

  108. Last nights ep of TGYH was my favourite. Everyone was funny-ish – as funny as you can be on improv.
    Maybe they are getting into their stride.
    Or maybe I’m in a better mood 🤣

    • Yes, I got a few laughs during every skit, too. It’s interesting to see which comedians do well, since it’s often not the ones you think will be good at improv.

  109. I had a few good belly laughs fron a “Would I Lie”, last night. They were firing.
    Lee Mac I’d a comedy genius. How does he think humour so fast? He must automatically see things from a funny angle. I love that.

  110. On the MKR front, last night the twins cooked. I saw the last half, after TGYH. Apparently their entree was very good, their main of lamb rogan josh was fantastic, but their dessert was a flop. They scored 87 out of 100.

    There were a lot of tears, including from Colin.

    The nasty lady was very quiet and subdued fortunately. Maybe she was told to pull her head in.

  111. MKR tonight is – cringe.

    It’s the woman friends cooking. Entree is champagne pasta roses. The pasta is coloured with beetroot and looks as though it is made of strips of veal. Main is pork belly. Obviously these two have never watched MasterChef. Dessert is tapioca and coconut milk, a sort of pudding I think, which sounds gross and mushy.

    The women have had at least three glasses of champagne while prepping.

    • I’ve never understood the loving of pork belly. No matter which way you cook it, it’s just fat. Ugh.
      I think that I would like the tapioca pudding. It sounds to me a bit like Junket. I grew up in Junket. I am feeling nostalgic for the puddings of my childhood. It must be the change of seasons.
      Rice pudding, golden syrup dumplings, jelly, flummery (I particularly like a flummery) and whatever that custard thing with caramel on top is 🍮. It’s sad that none of these would go down well on MC these days. A bit stodgy, as all good comfort food should be.

      • I don’t like many squooshy foods. The tapioca pudding or whatever it was was served in huge glasses, layered with several different pureed fruits. It didn’t look appetizing at all.

        I don’t know how their pork belly came out, switched over to HYBPA, but entree and dessert were fails. Their score was 50.

        • I’m glad they scored poorly. I’m not loving them.
          And as an add-on, I don’t like purées. I like my fruit fresh. I was going to say “and crunchy” but given my love of mangoes (especially when I am in Queensland where they taste better) and strawberries, and blackberries fresh picked by me, it’s just fresh.

    • I doubt they will do as well as he thinks they will. In the end, though, I hope they do better than that mouthy woman who seems to take pride in her ignorance about basic food terms, and trashes any dish she hasn’t heard of.

      • I guess that’s Claudeen. She’s horrible.Eats with her mouth open, when she’s not jabbering.

        “Cooks” breathing all over the swordfish …..ah. no thank you. bon apeturd.

        Looks like these boys have blown the dessert badly. i missed what happened to the swordfish. Christian looks like Kevin Spacey, poor fella.

        • I’m surprised that they were allowed to plate up swordfish.
          It’s on the top 20 Marine Conservation list of fish to avoid and is on some other endangered species list. Let’s not even mention the problem with mercury contamination.
          It’s not even great eating. There are so many other fish with actual flavour.
          This would not have been my go-to but then, what can you expect from people who colour their pasta. 🤢

          • I thought the same about the swordfish. Endangered species.
            You have the mercury issue, too. As for serving raw kangaroo, plenty of health risks associated with this. But perfect tens. Zut alors!

            It doesn’t pay to expect a lot from a network that supports Ben Roberts-Smith.

          • I’d forgotten that about swordfish. It didn’t look palatable to me because it was such a huge, thick hunk of flesh. Their fish wasn’t cooked or seasoned properly, the salsa hadn’t enough jalapeno, and the other element was bland. I think they got a 66.

            I was pleased they did better than Coco/Pearl team. The rude one of those two who made gagging and retching noises at the tartare would have got a slap had she been at my table. I wouldn’t be thrilled at being served chopped raw red meat, either, but wouldn’t be so ill-mannered as to make pukey noises. If you don’t want to try something new, don’t eat it. Better yet, don’t enter a frigging cooking contest.

  112. Tonight on MKR, we have a contest on who can act more like a six-year-old asswipe.

    Entree was raviloi stuffed with ricotta, spinach, and mushrooms, with white wine sauce. Had a bit of chilli in it, so of course bitch Coco had to pull faces and cough. The others mostly liked it, but thought more spinach would be better. That’s the problem with baby spinach leafs, no flavour. Manu said a sauce of burnt butter and sage with pine nuts would be better – so a completely different dish :).

    The pink bitch team went into the kitchen while main was being cooked. I guess that bit of rudeness counts as strategic something or other. Asswipery?

    • I’ve been watching MKR, too. Was very happy to see Coco and Pearls get eliminated. Claudeen is irritating at the table but she and her husband generally seem to score fairly. Looks like the gatecrashers were directed to stare down the other teams.

        • Thanks Daisy. How are you doing?
          Haven’t been watching much reality TV lately but started watching MKR and have also been watching The Block reveals. Have no patience or interest to watch the other episodes of The Block.

          • Going pretty well, thanks Smythe. The “hurricane” seems to be over. Back to travelling a bit again.
            I hope you are well.
            Same, re tv. I was going to watch some mkr just for the chats.

  113. Main was over-cooked osso bucco and underseasoned polenta. The husband’s dessert of gelato didn’t set.

    Claudean and husband scored 53, 3 more than Coco/Pearl. Coco/Pearl were eliminated. Good riddance.

    The twist was the arrival of three new teams of gatecrashers. They lined up one side of the table, the others lined up on the other side, and they all glared at each other. More childishness.

    • Or a recognition that this show is more about Drahma than cooking cos most of them can absolutely not cook.
      Again, because it’s my pet peeve, using an ice-cream maker is not cooking and if you still can’t get it right using a machine then you are an idiot and maybe you should have just served up strawberries and cream. Ffs.

      • I could see these fools forgetting the cream for the strawberry dish or even confusing mayonnaise for cream. Some may never heard of cream.

        Polenta has destroyed dreams of the deluded on this show a few times. Claudeen’s slave should have known that.

        Be very frightened of the gutcrushers. They’d rather look good than cook good.

    • Oh dear. She was young-ish.
      I expect everyone these days to live until their 90s.
      It’s interesting that she pointed out early on that a lot o contestants weren’t physiologically ready for this show. I remember a number of them saying so at the time but the producers shut them down real fast.

  114. MKR, the first team of gatecrashers to cook are the barbecue guys. First thing I noticed was that they parked wonky at the shops, crooked and outside the line on one side.

    Their entree is pork belly tacos. Main is three kinds of meat, oof, so much meat! Dessert is lemon and lime pie.

    The sisters are being put forward as the nasty, hostile team this round. We’ll see.

    • Don’t you hate that? It tells you everything you need to know about a person.
      It’s like being chronically late. It’s the only reason that I used to like Dr Phil. He had a guest who wanted to know how to fix their “late” problem. He shut her down real fast. He said, “Stop being selfish and thinking that you are more important than everyone one else”, and then he moved on. Refused to give her any more screen time. Done.
      Same with crooked parking.

  115. Their pork tacos fillings were good, but the pork was not crispy enough. Main also was mostly very good, but one of the meats was dry. The lemon lime pie had all components done well, but, because Manu started his “where’s the sauce?” schtick on the main, the guys made an unnecessary spiced rum and orange sauce for the pie. Their score was 72.

    Most teams gave a 6 or 7. Claudean decided to start the strategic scoring bullshit, so she and husband gave them a 4.

    • I think that they should do what they do with Diving scores (or was it ice skating). The top and bottom scores are not counted so as to eliminate any bias. Then strategic can take a back seat.
      Strategic scoring only works if the other contestants are decent people.

  116. Hey Gice, a bit late coming to the conversation. I only realized MKR was on a few days ago. So, I have just caught up with episodes and comments.
    Pretty much agree with comments already made and welcome back Smythe. 😊

  117. The second episode of Masked Singer was not as good as the first but the surprise reveal was bigger. Completely took me by surprise (hence, surprise reveal 🤣🤣).
    I never in a million years would have guessed Sandra Sully. The clues revealed interesting stuff. Again, who knew 🤷‍♂️.

  118. It’s Claudean’s and Anthony’s second cook tonight on MKR. Entree is stuffed zucchini flowers. Main is rabbit stew with black olives and something else. Skinned bunny rabbits always look so pitiful to me. Dessert is tiramisu.

    Everything Claudean and Anthony buy at the shops is in plastic; they don’t buy one herb, fruit, or vegetable that isn’t wrapped up or pre-bagged.

    The rabbit is cooking at too high a heat. Anthony piped the tiramisu biccies too flat. So far the zucchini flowers are ok.

    The baldy barbecue guy is making a lot of passive-aggressive snotty comments about the food before he’s seen or tasted it.

    • I was going to say that the menu sounds delicious but, sadly, I’m gathering that their cooking skills are minimal.
      Maybe they were too ambitious.
      68 is low. It is low, isn’t it? 🤷‍♂️

      • 68 is low but it’s better than their previous score of 53.
        I remembered, after the fact, that Claudean and Anthony scored the BBQ guys “4” so looks like they are even when it comes to scoring each other.
        Too bad that they didn’t score better than the BBQ guys. I would like to have seen those two eliminated. Hopefully they won’t move on to the semi-finals.

  119. Zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta were a hit, including with the judges. The rabbit stew was enjoyed by everyone, except the barbecue guys who are evidently not going to like anything. The tiramisu was a flop.

    Their score was 68, less than the barbecue guys. I think those guys will be the bitches of this session, they are really unlikeable.

    Claudean and Anthony have no idea of presentation, none. However good the rabbit stew was, I had to laugh at the sight of how it looked plated.

  120. The BBQ guys are very unlikeable. They underscored Claudean and Anthony and were critical of every dish even though the entree and main were liked by everyone else. Seems like they will be scoring strategically and will be overly critical of everyone’s food in an attempt to stay on the top of the leaderboard. Chris’s constant smirking is irritating and creepy.

  121. Hey BDD, does my memory serve me correct, that it is your birthday today? If so 💞🎀🎈💖🎉🎊🎁🍾🎂🍰✨💝😊

  122. MKR needs to wind up quickly. I don’t like any of these teams, several of them are unpleasant and annoying. Usually by this point there is a team that I support.

    Tonight is the best friends. They started out fangirling over Manu and Colin. After that, there is a lot of giggling and squealing. Sound off.

    Entree is spiced lamb and hummus. Main is baked fish with tahini sauce. Dessert is somebody’s nanna’s cake and orange and ginger ice cream. Ice cream,Bobi!

    • Noooo.
      I’ve had lamb and hummus. It was delicious. Absolutely not as an entree though – too filling – and having the lamb as a mince is a crime.
      And then fish and tahini? How do they think hummus is made? It reminds me of boarding school (I was a day pupil) where they just used the same gravy – out of a packet, I’m sure – on everything. 🤮
      Sounds like the score was low enough that they should go home, and deservedly so.

  123. This one may turn out to be a disaster. Entree was maybe a tablespoon of under-seasoned lamb mince over lots of hummus. It was not a hit with anyone, including the judges.

    Fish seems to be about to be overcooked, until Colin comes into the kitchen and warns them about that.

  124. I’m watching from the commentary on the mains. My first thought; Colin has gained a few puddings since I last saw him.

  125. Main of fish with tahini sauce did not impress. Individual components were okay, but all plopped together on a plate didn’t work.

    Dessert of upside down orange cake with ginger ice cream was best dish of the meal. Teams were 50/50 on it, judges thought it was delicious. Score was 61.

    Claudean and Anthony are going to score everyone else low, because they don’t want to have the lowest score. Chris’s ever-present smirk makes me want to smash a cream pie into his face.

  126. Their entree and main looked like slop on the plate.
    Chris makes it extremely difficult to watch MKR.
    Hoping one or more teams will score higher than him and Aaron.

  127. Claudeen will sink lower than a submarine and blatantly lie about being “strategic”.
    Her meek husband /slave dare not take a dim view of this.

    • They are all thoroughly unpleasant people, with the possible exception of mother and son, only because they haven’t pissed me off yet.

  128. Christian and his mate are cooking tonight. Entree is char-grilled octopus, main is beef short ribs souvlaki, and dessert is semifreddo.

    The octopus is sticking to the grill. Ha ha! I still want them to score better than that smirky jerk Chris and his buddy.

  129. My internet dropped out, so my last comment disappeared.

    Christian’s and Nick’s score was 75, which pushed Chris and his mate to second place. Sneer at that, Chris, you twat.

    • Sorry I got the date wrong but hope you are having a good day🥳
      How is it that you guys have seen Nick and Christian cook????
      Have I missed something?

      • They achieved “redemption” last night. Their triumph would be certain to be encored over the weekend.

        I thought theirs was a tight arsed portion for dessert with praline Manu said could “break teeth”. Left broken toothed and wanting more….

    • I’ve searched extensively and Monday night’s EP is Sonia and Marcus. Out here it looks as though there is no replay of Nick and Christian’s EP at all.
      NOT HAPPY JAN!!!🤬
      Is anyone else in Qld the same or is it just the outback?

      • You’re not the only one confused, Tech. I didn’t think MKR was on Thursday nights, but there it was last night. That may be just my memory though.

        I’m in Perth, and checked tv schedule for the next few days. It shows as no broadcast of MKR on Monday 25th, because of Brownlow Medal broadcast. On Tuesday 26th, there is a re-run of Christian’s and Nick’s second chance at noon on 7. Then Tuesday night 26th is the second chance cook for Sonia and Marcus.

        I think it is footy finals and related shows that is messing up scheduling, depending on what area you live in.

  130. One armed guitarist. No. Not Django.
    Happy birthday, Dave. I’ll send you the prints when I get back from holiday.