1. I’m only 10 minutes in and I can already announce that the aliens of the Alpha Centauri system know that Dan has another idol.

    • Agree. This time the strategy made perfect sense, and they worked together as a team to pull it off. I actually like nearly everyone left, and they all seem quite evenly matched in smarts and strategy.

  2. Me too. These Davids are just great.

    I can’t decide whether they burned too many advantages, and if they could have got away with just using the vote advantage and saved the idol nullifer. Alan – what do you think?

    But it was GREAT.
    I have so many questions though – have to check on other videos to see if there was more information about whether Kara and Alec were fully clued into the plan or only a little? Were they told by the Davids to vote for Angelina? Was it a trap or a test to see if they would vote the David way, as it didn’t impact the David’s real target. . . The only downside of great suspenseful editing is that you long to understand how it went down.
    I can only assume Kara spilled the beans about Dan’s idol (or it was the aliens who blabbed?) and that totally solidified the plan to take him out.
    Amazing team work by Davids to all go hunt for idols and hats off to Christian for finding one. How can the others blindside a team that thinks coherently and strategically?
    I had been cooling on Gabby, but her analysis was so bang on I had to applaud. Alison came off looking like an idiot after their conversation and what’s with her tribal council comment ‘oh, I’ve been asleep all game but now I need to play?’. How on earth does she think that will get her votes?? Hard to explain that as strategy later.
    Mike must feel totally isolated now. I suspect the hard playing Davids like Christian and Davie will correctly identify Angelina as a goat and will try to knock over him next. He has nowhere to go now.
    Mind you, when I went to wikipedia just now to confirm I’d remembered the voters correctly, I saw that an upcoming episode is titled “So Smart They’re dumb”. Which made me nervous!
    Still, this is an awesome season of survivor with great contestants, interesting challenges and great editing. Love it.

    • Ha ha. Good call Brussell, asking Alan to do the maths. I don’t think I could twist my brain around that twist and turn. It was Kara who blabbed about Dan’s idol.

  3. We did see Kara tell the others about the idol. As she was the only one (before tonight) who knew, then Dan must know she betrayed him. His after shot made it very clear that she won’t be getting his vote.

    I don’t know about Kara and Alec – either scenario would make sense. Gabby is a mystery. I keep thinking she is someone else because she seems to have a dual personality – the ditsy nerd, as opposed to the logical thinker who was lying down talking to Alison. Is it a deliberate act, or is she just weird?

    I feel that now the numbers are even, all bets are off for the Goliaths. They will be falling over themselves to insert into the Davids. I agree, I think it is Mike who won’t be able to break in. Alec and Kara are already nearly there, Angelina is safe due to her unlikeabiliy. I think Alison may be in danger but might be able to do something to save herself, so that just leaves Mike.

    Of course, that is unless there is a major bust up, and like throwing pick-up sticks, everyone ends up mixed up.

    • oh thanks Fijane – I had my work Christmas party yesterday, so probably wasn’t in the best shape to appreciate the finer nuances of the game and clearly missed Kara telling the idol news.

  4. This must be the best season ever. Goliath’s have played entitled, not smart, and David’s have been so strategic.
    Ditto; Alison is useless. That uselessness might keep her in the game as a goat.
    I think Gabby is Christian’s “plus one”. Her crying, victim nonsense would have my eyes rolling if I was there. I just can’t bare all that “poor me, boo hoo” crap. Cry if your Grandma died. Cry if you lost a leg or a loved one. Cry if you’re 6.

    Anyhow, back to this; bloody fantastic season. Who do we want gone next? I’ll go Mike, because he was the one who called the new alliance then back out.

    My favourites in this order; Nick, Alex, Christian and (who is the guy who saved Christian last week?). I didn’t like him until the last two weeks. I don’t like any of the girls much. I liked Alison until I saw how flippy floppy she was and easily swayed. Easily swayed means you are relying on others to strategize.

    • I strongly suspect that Alison is an alien from Alpha Centauri. As far as I know no other Survivor player has ever said anything as fundamentally stupid, or even near, as claiming that not making a big move is a big move. Even Russell the Permanently Unsuccessful has never came close to Alison’s level of idiocy.

      Alison and Mike are toast. They made an alliance with the Davids and then broke it. Twice. Now there is going to be a mad Goliath scramble to seek protection from the Davids. I have a feeling Alison and Mike are not going to get the answers they want.

      Alec is in a different situation because he tipped off Nick about Mike and Alison’s betrayal. I think the only Goliaths with a path to the final are Alec, who would still have to win a lot of challenges, and Angelina of the Unflattering Pants, because she is such a fabulous goat.

      The other Goliaths should politely inquire each week which of them is going home. There is a a chance of a David on David blindside but they’ve played so carefully and strategically that I don’t think a blindside would easy at all.

      • I suppose, in all seasons, the smart group (Davids) eventually run out of optional people to eliminate and have to start on each other. Most are cluey enough to see past that point, and start the cannibalising early to get the jump on the others. I am not sure how this will go down this season, because as you say, this group all seem to understand each other’s play so well.

        Makes me scared that they see Alec and Nick’s brilliance quite clearly and will go for them first.

        • I can’t see Davids going for each other until Goliaths are powerless because they know the Goliaths best plan is still Goliath Strong. But no one will have forgotten that there will come a point where Goliath and David have gone.
          This season is a bit like the movie, The Admirable Crighton with Kenneth Moore. I will leave it to you for a weekend watch if you have you tube.

          • There is a temptation for Christian. If Davie and Christian both go to the final, Davie wins because he can say he saved Christian. Ditto Nick and Christian. Ditto Carl and Christian.

            Christian has a very small window to blindside Davie, Nick or Carl while he holds an idol and there are enough Goliaths left to outvote the other Davids.

            I can’t see it actually working (apart from anything else it requires skills the Goliaths don’t have) but the temptation has to be there. This also rests on the assumption one of Davie, Nick and Carl doesn’t find an idol in the next episode.

  5. There’s a secret scene for the return from the tribal where John was blindsided. Christian calls Nick a genius and credits him with the whole plan to play an idol and target an unexpected candidate. You’d have to say Nick now looks like the favourite if he makes the final.

      • I couldn’t agree more. He’s big, as he says in the scene, on Aw Shucks. It’s interesting too, that they felt they had to keep Gabby in the dark about what was going on.

        This really could be the best season ever.

        • Best ever. Yes. 👍👍👍👍
          Anyone running on their emotions is unreliable. Also, the David’s would have been aware of her closeness to Alison.

        • Big call, Alan, I am a big Cagayan fan, for the cast, but I know Daisy does not like Tony. Anything would look extra good following the lame Ghost Island season, which only had Michael, Dom, winner Wendell and I guess Chris Noble as memorable. Not really memorable women

          • Ggggrrrr…Cops R US Tony. Don’t get me started. I refused to watch Survivor for two seasons after realizing “nice guys can’t win”. I think I still had my head and heart in old Survivor days. You know, when the ‘deserving’ made it to the final three. When the fireman won.

            But I accept now that it’s a game of strategy, and that real ‘survivor’ types (the fit, resourceful and strong) are usually booted by the ants.

          • I’ve got a feeling that if Nick gets to make a speech to the jury he will do a better job than that other lawyer who repeatedly told us she was great at closing cases.

          • Any chance Christian might have been trying to subtly put a target on Nick, by pointing out how well he had set up the situation?

            I am so paranoid now, I don’t seem to be able to take any statement on face value!

          • Cagayan had one very good player with a spy shack. Davids v Nincompoops has Nick, Davie, Carl, Christian and Alec. I miss the spy shack. Bing!

          • I misread Alan’s comment. I apologize profusely. I thought he was saying Nick makes the final 3.
            I have a whip and am scourging myself.
            Well actually I am drinking a cup of tea and waiting for Bold & Beautiful, but some would say watching that is punishment enough.

          • That’s admirable fortitude, Daisy. Most us could not manage to scourge ourselves and drink tea at the same time.🤔

  6. We have been away since Thurs so only just got to watch it. How good was that tribal! No wonder Carl went “ping” – well deserved. How dumb are those Goliaths not flipping.

    • And I believe there was no “good luck, guys” or anything from him as the torch was snuffed. Sad we did not get one last personal affirmation from him

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