1. Naughty Big Brother; cheating again. Will he put Keiren in in the final 3?
    I love how Keiren thinks he lasted until now du to his clever strategizing.

    He is such a lazy blimp.

  2. Far out BB – Kieran is not one to save. No. He is just not one of the two gangs. That’s his claim to fame. And without little Sarah’s ability to be attractive to both.

    Again the house is idiotic though to vote him ‘out’ – why didn’t Chad nominate the two boys and bugger the friction as they would have put up his girl Sophie in a heartbeat and surely they would have realised that?? Either way there would be one less of them to worry about! It’s a numbers game, play the numbers.

    • Sophie is smarter and more insightful than Chad. Yes, Brussel, Keiren was not the one to Target. But they know Australia empathizes with an underdog. The HM confused an undog with a lazy slug.
      Matt was the one they needed out last night.

      • There’s underdogs and there’s underhogs….

        The two bromancing meatheads should have been up, I agree. Still, Chad ‘s a model, not a brain surgeon.

        Keiran should have been kept to use as a bean bag.

      • Usually in BB if you had kept putting someone up to go and they remained they could rightly assume that “Australia” (aka the teeny part that watches and then the teenier part that voted) liked the nominee. So even though I think they are conjecturing about loving an underdog – is it possible that they are confused with the reason that he is still there? And therefore making incorrect assumptions. Why not think “hey – we all find him annoying, why wouldn’t viewers?”

        This cross between survivor and old BB is hard to grasp.
        I honestly don’t think I could vote for him even though I prefer him over the Boys Club as I find him intensely annoying and his shtick doesn’t seem actual shtick but a crappy personality! So I would need Someone Else (anyone – chad even! Sophie! Sarah) to be in final three.

        • The theory that if someone keeps being nominated but never being voted out and is therefore popular with viewers, only holds water if it’s been viewers saving the HM.

          Love the beanbag analogy.
          He’s great bachelor material. No, not the show Bachelor, just someone who no one should marry.

  3. I’m finding it hard to find someone ‘worthy’ of winning so much cash.
    I keep comparing to the old Big Brother. The old guys went without stuff, had crazier challenges, got hungry, got mad, got in trouble, couldn’t discuss nominations, strategized in their mind about what us viewers were thinking, had meltdowns, were funny, got sad, played practical jokes…. but BB2020: it just feels like a bit of hanging out in the lounge for a few weeks and chatting about who to nominate and that’s about it! Well that’s my rant.

    • I hope next season will be different as contestants will be used to the format.
      I feel Dan is getting a winner’s edit.

      • The scowl on Dan’s face when he realizes they haven’t quite bumped Sophie off says it all about him.

      • I love AFL so listen to a whole lot of podcasts – it is interesting that they (players, commentators, etc) seem to think “Gorringe” has got the win too! I quite liked him going in as he was sort of funny and self-deprecating about what a poor player he was. But his toxic hookup with Mat (who I also previously liked from Think Tank!) is not pretty.

        • Dan comes across as goofy and not too mean, but he has sunk himself with a few comments. I think Matt did a good job of trying to show himself as the lovable larrikin, but the stink started coming through.
          Every time Matt and Dan refer to themselves as “the Boys” or worse, “The Big Boys”, I cringe. It’s the way they say it.

          • Pimped himself as “The boy from Broken Hill” when he was really the boy from Broken Promises.

  4. Dan and Mat are very small men. Not a bit of morality in either.


    No one left deserves the money.

    Do the right thing, Chad and flatten those two lying maggots. Sophie, rest up in the White Room and get revenge.

    • How could they even trust Dan and Matt in the first place? I wouldn’t unless Dan had said: I will put up Sarah and Matt, to be the safe vote.
      I read that overseas the white room contestants were offered a cut of the main prize money to give up their chance to re-enter the house. I am kind of hoping that happens

  5. Wow, Dan and Mat are even weaker than I thought,threatening to leave the house. Soft. They squealed like pigs. I’m embarrassed for the Boyz Club.

    They deserve SFA.

    • I have been sucked into Game of Thrones but will watch BB later. I wouldn’t want to miss the dummy spit. It must have been so disappointing for Dan and Matt to discover Keiren and Sophie had been ‘granted an exemption’, after they had allowed themselves the thrill of sniffing a win. To be honest, it’s a xheat’s game and I would totally disapprove of BB cheating, if I didn’t find Matt and Dan kind of insideously unpleasant.

      • Crazed, angry Sophie is super likeable. And I appreciated Keiran’s reference to BB buying the set at Cheap as Chips (SA’s answer to Clint’s Crazy Bargains and The Reject Shop)

        • I decided that crazed angry Sophie was the one I want to win! Loved it.
          She deserves to after spending all that time with Kieran. Honestly, pillow to the head would have been my first 25 thoughts. Shut up Kieran.

  6. Dan’s facial expressions were entertaining. I replayed, paused and replayed and paused again on each of them. He’d be fun to beat at poker.
    Matt just look mean. I think Matt and Dan had already been mentally spending their winnings.

    I would like to see Sophie win now, although I am guessing that somwy people would think she doesn’t deserve it.

    • Sophie’s the only one I want to win.

      Dan’s girlfriend must be having second thoughts hooking up with such an insipid, frightened lemming.

      How was the dummy spit from those boys? Embarrassing.

      • It’s producer cheating and I would be mad too if I was Dan or Matt. I can empathize but not sympathize because I don’t like them.

        Note; Dan said, “I have just gone from a 1in 4 chance to a 1 in 5 chance, but he has not taken into account the rousing welcome Sarah and Chad gave Sophie. It’s a 3 against 2 game against Dan and Matt. And even worse. It’s a 4 against 2 game with Sarah, Chad, Sophie and Big Brother against Dan and Matt. And then it will be Australia on Sophie and Sarah’s cheer squad.

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