• It pretty much had to be Flo. Turned out to be a fizz-og (origin of that word🤔). I recall that Jake really played Flo, telling her he liked her and was giving her a rose. Now he calls it confusion. Fooey. If he was confused, he could have told the girls he was confused. Jake is evil.

        • Yeah she said at the time all day of the rose ceremony he was following her around like a puppy & she gave him her rose then the next day he just ignored her. Then Megan came in & he was all over her & gave her his rose. Can’t blame her for being pissed off.

    • Eden eyes look evil and Elora hasn’t even given him the rejection speech yet.

      Is this episode dragging on or what?

      Oh, what a turd Eden turned out to be. Anger issues. MKR next year for him.

  1. Can’t beieve I am saying this but it’s so great to see Tara and sam together, I do hope they have made it work beyond paradise.

    • Jarrod looks like he’s been sitting on a couch for ten years , watching television. The vineyard must be choking with weeds.

  2. Rachel has great eyes and a great sense of humour but I knew a girl who looked like her and she was volatile, crazy and mean so it affects my opinion of Rachel.

  3. I can’t blame Florence for banging on about Jake the jackal. He really did tell her that he was into her and was going to rose her. Instead he thorned her.

    • The producers need to tweak the show to stop this happening. It’s too easy for the rejected and broken hearted to leave. They may not have got their pound of flesh or stale bread, but the viewers want theirs.

      • Gee I’d be hanging around just for the free booze & free holiday. I’d just lay by the pool all day drinking cocktails till it finished.

    • If Appolo sobs over Simone, it won’t break my heart. He’s only just met her, and she’s not the cream of Australia’s dating talent.
      Maybe he get’s upset because a magic trip flops. Pulling a bunny from a hat.

  4. Final rose ceremony tonight and of course “something happens to stop it”

    My guess is Apollo has the last rose and he chooses Elora over Simone.

  5. Jake is no literary giant.

    A bit of a boring episode. Rachel comes across as very FAKE. That forced laugh is so annoying.
    Eden got a bad edit. He was the ‘villain ‘
    Leah got the indecisive edit. Another walkout in a fabulous summer outfit.

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