1. Enjoyed the latest episode, although this David vs Goliath schtick is starting to wear me down a little.

    I know these themes were only introduced when they stopped filming in various locations but it’s painful listening to Probst belabour it when something happens.

    “Oh Pat, you’ve been injured and need to be medically evacuated? That’s exactly what a David goes through in their day to day life.” and “Bi, you’re quitting the game so you don’t jeopardise your career? That’s a David through and through.”

    I mean – what?

    • DITTO Peski. That metaphor was last seen being prosecuted for crimes against humanity in the Hague. I mean, really and truly – we GOT IT. Let it go now.
      And the damned clued in narrators, the ones I hate, always manage to get air time with a “that’s what a David does” type malarkey.

      • Yes! It’s like these players are so clued in about how to get air time, that they lean into it too much to give the producers what they want. Ugh

      • Shortly we will be seeing Survivor: Brunets v Blonds v Redheads and Probst will be giving interviews on how amazing it was that every castaway had brunet, blond or red hair.

  2. A few other random thoughts while I was watching:

    – I’m glad they finally showed Gabby doing something other than freaking out and crying. She did so well in that challenge guiding her team to victory.

    – Natalia did exactly what Jeremy did last episode so it was no surprise to see her go like that. I didn’t find her particularly likeable but I do appreciate that she was entertaining.

    – That being said, I think her blindside was more to do with Alec wanting to make a big move instead of just putting a target on her back with her paranoia and bossiness.

    – It was too soon for Alec to make his big move, especially one as stupid as this. The Goliaths lose their majority and there’s no guarantee that Davie and Elizabeth will work with him moving forward. Sure they finessed him before TC, but they were scrambling. He can’t count on anything they said because they were trying save themselves. And a Big Move pre-merge (no matter what Probst says) just doesn’t count for your resume for Final Tribal Council.

    – I like the look of this Idol Nullifier, I think it has the potential to make the game really interesting. It’ll take some informed guesswork, intelligence and timing to make it effective though and we haven’t seen enough of Carl yet to see if he’d be the one to pull it off.

    – And um, Natalie… good grief. Has this woman done anything around camp or at challenges except for bark orders and just be generally unpleasant?

    • Natalie and Natalia are/were both super annoying to me. If I was there (and this is the sole reason I’m not, nothing to do with obesity, cowardice, self-preservation, etc) Natalie would be found murdered. I can see some scenario involving a flame, a flint up the arse, a coconut to the head, a push off her seat into the fire, kindling scratches all over her lazy self, an infected fish hook rammed into her foot that turns septic, something like that. Nothing well developed – will keep you posted.
      I found Natalia’s intense paranoia really hard to watch – and the fact that the dominant numbers lost them because of it? All hail King Davie for subtle manipulation. Gets on the right side of the numbers AND doesn’t have to play an idol? WOW. I think if anyone should rightfully claim the Natalia boot as a Big Move it should be Davie.
      I must admit, as a spiteful person, her super-pissed off mien at TC was tv gold. Totally unable to hide her murderous dark outrage. Loved it. Accusing Kara of knowing, pointing the finger, snapping at Alec – wonderful moments. Must re-watch them actually! I know it was a dumb move to shaft numbers, but she really was intensely annoying to have around so I feel I’d have to boot her whatever the consequences. And her Off the Scale paranoia, as people have observed, really made her a very difficult ally anyway.

      I feel so shallow saying this, but does Angelina’s grey pants offend anyone else? She is a painful individual (IMO) but somehow the duds make her so, so much worse. It’s nearly manky orange bra level erkiness.

      • Hahaha, BS, you articulated my thoughts so well.

        If what we’re getting of Natalie in 5 minute instalments once a week is any indication, can you imagine actually not being able to escape her 24/7?

        Angelina comes across as so overconfident and aggressive. She needs to tone that down if she wants to get further. It’s lucky she’s with Natalie in that new tribe because she’ll at least avoid being the first boot from it.

      • I found her (Natalia’s) reaction hilarious, especially after she had set herself on the moral high ground of the honourable blindside, indicating that the “modern” Survivor player goes out with a smile and applauding the good play. As Alec said, with surprise, “it is a game!”.

  3. I don’t remember seeing Naralia before tonight. I was wondering why they were calling Natalie Natalia then realised it was a different person.
    I would really like to see Natalie have to do a fire challenge & fuck up totally. She site there barking orders at everyone how to do it. Can she actually make fire herself? I can’t believe no one’s screamed at her to do it herself if she’s such a fucking expert.
    Hilarious exit from Natalia. She was PISSED OFF!!!

    • Natalie at a fire-making challenge: “Jeff, hand me that flint. Now get me some coconut husk – I don’t have all day.”
      Alec flipping was dumb on his part but I was so glad Davie and Elizabeth made it through. I was glad poor, thin Carl found the advantage (although it seemed so complex it’s unlikely to be played effectively). Gabby was worrying me a lot with her crying but she did so well in the challenge.

      • You would think Alec might stick with his alliance knowing a David was the replacement, but really they weren’t Goliaths and Davids long enough for those original teams to matter imo.

      • Natalia at a fire challenge: ‘No, Jeff, don’t give the flint to that worthless lowlife. Give it to me and be quick about it.’

  4. Ha ha. That was a good result. I didn’t notice Natalia before tonight, but she was so intense, bossy and annoying that it was fun watching the vote swing against. And woh! did she handle it graciously? Not a bit.😂😂😂😂😂 If she could have slapped someone’s face before leaving, I think she would have. 😂😂😂😂 A fun exit. Silly Natalia shot herself in the foot with her paranoia and bossiness. Didn’t she tell her alliance to “shut up”? Yep; a shot to the foot.
    Oh and BTW…Windsong might agree that surfer Alex is pretty cute.

    Agree, Natalie is so painful that she is entertaining. Agree, sookie green girl did an excellent job of staying calm and steering the barrow.

    • Alec is pretty cute, isn’t he? Dumb move, I’m still a little flabbergasted about what he did, but I am enjoying the eye candy.

    • I think the “shut up” moment was the catalyst. Alec was uncertain before that, but that was so rude to your alleged friends, I think even Kara was doubting that she had picked the right ally.

  5. I’m loving Elizabeth the more I see of her. She comes across as warm and friendly, and she’s building bonds quickly across different personality types. She connected with Kara well with their shared upbringing with horses and God, and considering their widely different backgrounds, no wonder Natalia freaked out.

    She’s quite strategic too but it’s not in your face because she’s having those one on one conversations rather than trying to overrule the group decision like Angelina with the Jeremy vote and Natalia with this one. The way she flipped the vote off Lyrsa on to Jessica was brilliant.

    I’m crossing my fingers that she goes deep in this season.

    • I have a few that I like, but no clear favourite yet, except the obvious geeky guy with glasses. I’m not a fan of the blond girl who was Natalia’s mate at the last tribal. Was it her annoying eyebrows? Was it the fact that she thought she was beautiful, and I thought myeh? But I don’t have any I really like or dislike just those I prefer.
      On that note, mysteriously, habby is vacuuming the floor atm. He’ll be safe at the next tribal.

  6. I liked Alec’s play. The tribes are not set in stone yet and I’d think Natalia had already alienated other Goliaths. Given how tight Natalia was with Kara, once Davie and Elizabeth were gone Alec would have been next. But that could just be that I was pleased by the outcome.

    • Good insight Alan – I hadn’t thought of it that way. I hope you’re right as I was happy with outcome too and would like to think Alec had thought it through a bit.

    • I think also it was wise to eliminate her before the jury. Maybe that is only in hindsight, but she would be so toxic on the jury, Alec wouldn’t have had a chance. It is a tactic that has only just become reality to me – that you need to keep the balanced, fair ones who respect game play, until merge. You really need to get rid of anyone who is a little paranoid, biased, who holds a grudge, well before the chance of merging.

      As it stands, Natalia is gone without the chance to do any damage at all.

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