MasterChef Mon – Paella pressure test

Three contestants face a pressure test and will cook a paella based on an award-winning dish by Leno Lattarulo from Melbourne’s Simply Spanish. Simple, right? Wrong. It is Secrets Week, after all.



  1. No recipe.

    Watch these amatas crash and burn. Even with the recipe~ doomed.

    “This tastes like a paella of shit”

  2. Wouldn’t you think these amata would have cooked paella at home before. They seem to know every chef that walk through the door. Shouldnt they have tried to cook different cuisines

    • I thought their efforts to feign knowledge of Leno were pretty poor last night! Really don’t think ANY of them had heard of him. But he seemed like a genial dude.

  3. Usually, the decorum is for the judges to mention someone’s ‘highs’ on the show, but Leah immediately did it herself … ‘I did the best blah blah for some blah chef, so proud of myself.’
    Goodbye, Meryl – I expect she’ll be on Neighbours soon … as the serial paella-killer.

  4. I actually liked the challenge. It was way better than a recipe with insane number of stupid ingredients and dumb processes (I’m looking at you fake-dessert that no one would enjoy Clare). At least if they could actually cook and notice flavours they had a shot. I must say Anushka shone in this one and seemed to have it together. I noticed also (Lulu I’m with you!) that Leah immediately ran through her highlights in case the judges didn’t.
    I hope the Play School audition worked out.

    • Leah works as a theatre manager and graduate from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. The way she speaks is full on theatre.

      Also she likes to play with molecular cooking.

      In the invention test her so call secret is those strawberry caviar. It’s not a secret. She learned the technique of making those little balls from Heston.

  5. Abbey thinks she is an expert paella “chef”. Too bad she wasn’t in the elimination. She could show off her skills or lack thereof. Her narration was irritating.

    • Plus 40000 to this thought Smythe. I thought no one COULD be more annoying than Tim, obligingly vomiting out exactly what the producers want him to say in a “just a knockabout bloke” way. . . Then along come the smug and expert Abbey and knocked him out of the park on the Intensely Irritating Scale.

      • I also thought no one could be as annoying as Tim but Abbey has surpassed him in that area. I look forward to her elimination.

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