MasterChef Sun: supermarket challenge

This episode’s mystery box holds some of the best-selling ingredients from Coles and along with these, contestants must cook with some of Australia’s favourite ingredients: Vegemite, Milo and tomato sauce.
Tomorrow, Jock Zonfrillo is back (expect Twitter to light up with hearts and smiley faces)



  1. Even anushka did a pc. Luckily it didn’t set though so she may be deterred from trying again in the future..
    I have to say I thought Derek’s salmon dish looked way more complex and ready to eat than the salmon made by blondie girl Nicole (?) who won.
    But they are all hot to trot for Simon who made roast cauli – in a less favoured contestant this dish would have been blasted for not enough vegemite. I think the garlic would have knocked out the vegemite flavour.

  2. Could they scream ‘best of the best’ more? I only heard it 50 times.
    So it’s a dud week with no eliminations – and cook whatever you like, pretty much.

    The ‘blonde’ gets through on a simple piece of fish, drowning in a swamp – but apparently, the ‘flavours were there.’ I think other things were there.
    Then Soy Boy wins with his massive chunk of cauliflower and black stuff – purely due to vegan political correctness. Who wants to eat that much cauliflower, even if it tasted ok? Personally, I would’ve sent it for a biopsy.

    And didn’t he win something for serving up a pile of brussel sprouts, about the size of a block of flats? Ridiculous.
    Tati returns to the old faithful with her sparcy fiss. Token Bogan – ‘best of the best’ – makes something I wouldn’t give to my dog. Ugh.

    Only Larissa, Anushka and maybe Tessa seem to display any competence and imagination. Derek’s gone a bit fey.

      • I love cauliflower but I just could not get excited about this. Roasting some cauli doesn’t seem all that spesh to me.
        I still think Simon was very lucky to make it through the Sandeep elimination – it is was his stupid eton mess idea that landed them there in the first place and he got through with a dish that looked like blobs of nothing on a plate.
        So irrationally, I blame him for being there!
        i think he is getting a winner edit, which is depressing.
        They just like the IDEA of Simon making his vegan trendy stuff.

        • I don’t mind vegan “stuff” since I am a vegetarian but I found nothing spectacular about Simon’s cauliflower. I don’t like cauliflower but even if I did there was nothing amazing or clever about his dish.

          • Yep. I love vegetables, including cauliflower. But his huge mass of it looked incredibly ugly and unappetising.
            I thought presentation and elegant plating was supposed to be ‘impordant’ at this stage … especially for the best of the best.

  3. Best of the best. This season’s contestants are sadly not the best of the best. For the most part it’s been a VERY boring season.

  4. Had to laugh at Tati not liking vegemite or milo. I thought I hope she likes tomato sauce or she’s in trouble.
    Has anyone tried this confit salmon? It looks like it would be very oily. If I’m going to have food cooked in oil I’d prefer it deep fried so it is crispy. They seem to love confit on this show.
    I was expecting someone to do a vegemite ice cream.

    • I was surprised that Tati didn’t like Milo or that she spoke of it as something she only encountered in Australia. It’s hugely popular in most of South East Asia – we had no problem finding it in supermarkets in Malaysia and Thailand and that was years and years ago.

      I was taken aback that practically everyone doing salmon wanted to confit the damn thing. That’s a process to preserve the fish, so it can be kept a while. Since the Three Stooges are going to scoff it straight away, why bother. Except maybe to show off that you have that skill. Pity that 90% chose to show off on the same day 🙂

      I was also waiting for a Vegemite ice cream, though of course that exists so it’s not really that inventive. Nor is duck ragout with pasta – what a wally! Nor is “cauliflower steaks” with black garlic, a not unusual vegan dish, though I guess the stooges didn’t know that.

      All in all, a pretty boring episode, with Nicole breathlessly celebrating that she’s one of the best of the best providing the most eye rolling moment. The only bright spot was Tim showing that he’s way out of his culinary depth.

      • Surely an amata will think out of their comfort zone and attempt to deconstruct Vegemite…

      • I would have looked around and thought “I need to do something different because they aren’t going to taste all these confit salmon”. Now, who are all these people buying onion powder? Yes, I have a jar of it but I only use a few shakes a year. Nushi is doing quite well of late. I actually liked the sound of Simon’s cauliflower dish and vegetable “butchery” is hot right now (don’t blame me – I did not invent it!) but he is inconsistent and desserts are a weakness

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